The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1953
Page 3
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TWELVE Both Russiaand West Yielded On Question of Big 4 Meeting By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — Use a magnifying glass to examine the fine print in the exchange of notes between the Big Four — the United Slates, Britain, France and Russia — on a foreign ministers meeting. Then, after translating the diplomatic talk, you find (his result: the West didn't get neither did Russia. Both sides yielded something. all it wanted; Summed up and simplified, this is what they said, demanded, \von, and surrendered: The West— In inviting Russia to a Big Pour foreign ministers talk, the West laid down strict conditions: (1> firm arrangements for free elections in all Germany, opening: the way for « free all- German, unified government and later, perhaps, a German peace treaty and (2) Western-Russian agreement on an Austrian peace treaty. Russia—Condemning the V* for having decided beforehand what must be discussed. Russia insisted CO first there must be Big Five conference, which would include Red China, on general •world tensions and (2) only after that could there be a Big Four meeting, without China, on Germany. In the end the West became less precise on what the Russians would have to discuss on Germany and Austria, although insisting they must be discussed first, and refused to let Red China sit in with the Big Four on that problem. Second Meeting: And in the end Russia agreed to meet first with the West, although declaring that at that first meeting it would talk about a second meeting to include China. Next question: Will the meeting between Russia and the West be held at all? Or will there be more note exchanging? The answer may not come for some days. When Russia's latest note arrived Nov. 26, agreeing to let Red China wait for another conference, the State Department's first reaction, which has been its reaction to previous Russian notes, was: "Disappointing." Almost at the same moment Britain's Foreign Minister Anthony Eden was talking confidently of a meeting now between the West and Russia. Whether this had any effect on Secretary of State Dulles Is not known. But yesterday Dulles befian to sound like n man more or less reconciled to meeting with the Russians. He didn't, however, say so positively. Decision Must Walt Any decision probably will have to wait until after the five-day Bermuda conference, starting Dec. 4. where President Eisenhower, Sir Winston Churchill, France's Premier Joseph Laniel, France's For elgn Minister Georges Bi'dault Dul< les and Eden will gather to discuss their problems and strategy. The Western foreign ministers suggested a meeting with Russia and laid down the conditions in n note July 15. Moscow replied Aug. 4, agreeing to talk on Germany, but wanting Red China in, The West replied Sept. 2, refusing to open the door to Red China nnd restricting the talks to Germany and Austria. Russia re- ieti to this Sept. 28, .repeating its demands for a conference seat for Red China, wanting to talk about world problems, agreeing to talk on the German problem, but excluding ihe subject of all-German elections. On Oct. 18 the West said there might be a chance to talk on wider problems if. first, the Big Four talks on Germany succeed- At this point the West practically gave Moscow n blank check Germany by saying Russia's Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov could talk on "any aspect" of the question. Stubbed Toe Moscow's Nov. 3 reply was hash: rambling, 18-page note which scorched the West for turning up "ts nose at the idea of meeting first with Red China, was very vague on Germany, and tore into he United States for having overseas bases and general defense preparations which Russia called 'aggressive." Russia stubbed Us toe with that iof.e. World reaction was bad. The West culled it a flat Soviet re- NOTICEOFSALE j Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as Commissioner Chancery, will on the 9th day of December, 1953 offer for sale at the south door of the courthouse. Blytbeville, Arkansas, at public auction to the highest bidder, upon n credit of three months, and subject to the approval of the Court, the following lands belonging to the Estate of C. A. Bakes, deceased, to-wlt: The West 9 feet of Lot 7, and all of Lots 8, 9 and 10, Block 2 of the Beckman Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. The sale will be made subject to the present balance on loan made by Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan Association, present balance' being less than $1.600.00. Also Lots II and 12, Block 6 of the W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Also Lot 16, Block 3 , of tin Pol ice Stop 'Runaway' Father ROMEO. Mich. tf» — When state police stopped Russell L. Gokel in Romeo, he couldn't imagine what was wrong. "Aren't you missing something?" they said. He looked around and saw that his 11-year-old Karen, who had' been asleep in the back sent, win; gone. The officers told him she had gotten out 17 miles bnc'; wlicn Go- kcl stopped for gns. He returned to jection. Russia .had put itself in the position of not wanting to talk peace. Nevertheless, on Nov. 13 Molotov told a news conference in Moscow Red China had to be included in a conference with the West on general world trouble, a conference which would have to precede Russian talks with the W^st on Germany. Then Russia backed flown in a note Nov. 26, agreeing to a meeting with Russia and the first, but, warning it wanted China in on a later conference. 'McCarthyism' NotYetln Dictionary SPRINGFIELD, Mass. I/P> — Dr. Philip B. Gove, general editor of the Merriam-Wetaster dictionary, says the word "McCarthyism" will not get Into the dictionary "for a few years, perhaps even a decade." He said last night: "As lonff as McCarthy is a senator and is in the news, the meaning of MnCnrthyism may change from week to week, preventing the settling and stabilizing phase a word must go through before it gains dictionary status." Greece Hit By New Tremor ATHENS, Greece I/Pi — A new earthquake terrorized Greece last night, collapsing 90 houses and damaging 300 others In the south- -entral part of the country. Press accounts made no mention of casualties. The quake also rocked the na- .ion's west coast and was felt in the Ionian Islands, where thousands were killed or left homeless ast summer by the worst such disaster in modern Greek history. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Two buildiilg permits were issued by the office of the City Engineer last week for the construction of a residence and a two-rom addition to a residence. Quentns McCray obtained a permit for construction of a five- room frame residence valued at $2,000 at 216 West Cleveland. V. D. Haley received a permit for the construction of a $700, two-room addition on his residence at 1713 Jackson street. Real estate transfers recorded in the office of the Circuit Clerk last week were: Ruby and Imo Blankenship to Jerry Frankum, Jr., for S8.COO, 39 acres. N half, W half, SW quarter, and N half, Lot 3, SW quarter, Sec. 8-T15N-R10E. H. E and Bessis Long to Vance and Loretta Dixon, for $10, w half, NE quarter Sec. 10-TI4N-R11E. Harold and Marie Wright to Max and Annie Logan, for $1 and other consideration, half interest in. Lot 1, Block 5. Highland Place Addition. Max and Annie Logan to Harold and Marie Wright, for $1 and other consideration, half interest,. Lot 3, 6. 8. 12, 17. 18, Block 3, Parkview Addition. Max and Annie Logan to Harold \ and Marie Wright, for $1 and other f. It's later than you think, So get out your list Of gifts you mean to buy Then no one will be missed consideration, half interest, Lot 100 x 150 ft., NW quarter Sec. 14- T15N- RUE. Harold and Marie Wright to Max and Annie Logan, for $1 and other consideration, half interest. Lot 4. 3. 10. 11. 13. H view Addition. Harold and Marie Wright to Max and Annie Logan, for $1 annd other consideration, half interest, Lot 2, Block C, Replate Westgate Addition. Francis Levee Board, for $534, 2.67 acres, SE quarter, Sec. 32-T16N R13E. John R. and Myrna Stevenson, to General Motors Corporation, for S1CO and other consideration, W half. Lot 2. and all Lot 3, Block 3, Country Club Heights Addition. Magnolia Courts Inc. to Raymond and Juanita Dickinson, for $1, Lot 6. Block A, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. Joseph and Elsie Fulgham to S. P. and Napoleon Burris, for $2.173, Lot 12. Block 2, Fulgham Addition. St Francis Levee Board to Sidney Craig, for $184. Lot 64, and 65, Original Survey of Blyiheville. Albert and Isabel Taylor to Russell K. Man-, for $1 and exchange of properties. E 4 ft. Lot 6. and W 64 ft. of Lot 7, Block F, Richards Addition. , Magnolia Courts Inc. to Francis and Muriel Hall, for $1, Lot 16, Bock E, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. Susan Moore to James R. Taylor, for $200 and other consideration. Lot 17. Block 10. W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition. George and Deloma Wiggs to Roy and Bertha Thigpin, for $250, Lot 14, Block 12, Elliott Addition. Ruby C. Perkins to H. C. 15, Block 3 Park- Weathers for -12.000. SW quarter, NE quarter. Sec- 15-T14N-R11E. Louis Collins to H. C. Weathers, for S24.000. 80 acres. E half, NW quarter, Sec. 15-T14N- R11E. B. and Pearl Perkins to Viola Barnes, for $800, Lot 10, Block 8, College Gets Grant from Immigrant MEDFORD, Mass. «1—Tufts College has received a pledge of $1,086,000 from a Medford Industrialist and his wife In "part payment of the debt we owe to this land of freedom ..." The gift was pledged by Harry Posner, president of the Worcester Paper Box Corp., and his wife, Hannah. Posner became a U. S. citizen Protect Your Room Air Conditioner with a FORD'S Air Conditioner Cover—Seals out rain, snow, soot & cold air—Avoids expense of seasonal dismounting and reinstalling. only ?C-25 8 5 Installed FORD AWNING CO. 113 S. First St. Blytheville Phone 2972—Night 4616 Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH. a pleasant nlkaline dton-ocld) po'A'clcr. holds false teeth more firmly. To eat and talk In mbre comfort. Just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETH on vour pistes. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks •plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug counter. Free Hunting for Blind BOSTON M'i—The Massachusetts Legislature will consider a measure next month which will allmv Ihr state to issue free hunting for the blind. The propp.'ta! rinns n-t explain how blind people would go about hunting. Hie filling up. station and picked her Noted Author HI ARLINGTON. Vt, MV-Friends of 1 author Dorothy Canrelri Fishrr. T4. ' rf'nr!, 1 : hi' >v;; stric'?'i lart, Kalrr- Police Used as Stall All red- GOLDSBORO. N. C. Ml — irate cnb driver and some faced policemen are looking for a nervy character who used the police station to beat a taxi fare. Kenneth Wheeler told police he W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition ; day and is ill nt her home. They say runcle. drove the man Ironi Clinton to Goldsboro. When th*\v arrived here, the passenger told Wheeler to pull tin in front of the -stntion while he! Clara 'borrowed some money from my! Max and Annie Logan to Harold and Marie Wright, for $1 and other consideration, half interest, Lot 14. Block 1. Parkview Addition. Harold and Marie Wright to Max and Annie Logan, for $1 and other consideration. Lot 9. Block 3, Willlam Lee Walker Second Subdivision, Harold and Marie Wright to Max and Annie Logan, for $1 and other consideration, hall interest, Lot 8. Block G, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. Harold and Marie Wright to Max, and Annie Logan, for $1 and other j consideration, half interest. Lot 5,! Block 4. Davis Third Addition. j Harold and Marie Wright to Max! and Annie Lopan. for $1 and other consideration, half interest. Lot l:, Block 3. William Lee Walker Second Subdivision. H.irnld and Marie Wright to "<-x, find Annie LORIUI, for $1 and other rnns!drrn!'rn. half interest, Lot 12, Block 1. Parkview Addition. Harold nnd Marie Wright to Max and Annie Li"an for $' and other consideration, ha'f interest. Lit 13. Block G, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. i Mary K. and J. R. Marr. Jr., to Glenn and Louis Teague, for $ 0 and other consideration. Lot 2. Wilson's First Addition. Eddie to J. L. D. and Jessie Ashbinder and Geneva Pleeman. for . $800 and assumption of indebtedness, Lot 3, Wright's Addition to Manila. A. J. and Elizabeth Day to Cecil Bunn. for $300. one acre. SW quarter NE quarter, Sec. 27-T15N- RUE. Polar bears have been known to drift from Greenland to Iceland nn huge cakes of ice. THEN IT'S M.4YTAG FOR roui 129.95 Adam, Appliance Co. Inc. This Christmas select an Acrosonic piano from the most striking array of styles and finishes you have ever seen. Only in the exquisite Acrosonic by Baldwin will you find all of the qualities you want in a piano for your home. Adams Appliance Co. Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. 206-08 W. Main Phone 2071 Block 3, Country Club Area Addi- to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said sale is made for the purpose of providing funds to pay debts in said Enkes' estate, and for the purpose of partitioning said property between the heirs and interested persons in said estate lands. The purchaser at said sale will be required to give notes with approved security and a lien will be retained on the property sold. The sale is made subejct to the order of the Chancery Joilrt and subject to the approval of said court in the case of Evelyn Eakes. et al., Vs., Vester Bakes Jenkins, et al Chancery case No. 12.241. Dated this 16th day of November. 1953. HARVEY MORRIS. Commissioner in Chancery. 11/17-24-12/1 she Is not in s'rions rendition. W A H N I N. O O li I) E It IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DIS" - TT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. S. Pickens, Pltf. vs. No. 12,561 Minnie Lee Pickens, Dft. The defendant, Minnie Lee Pickens, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in tile cour named in the caption hereof nnd answer the complaint of the plaintiff. S. Pickens. Dated this 30th day of November, 1953. T. J. Crowder, Ally, for Pltf. GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk. By VIRGINIA WALTERS, D.C. 12/1-8-15-22 usie for less Money I'"->-2&s ; -t^?.'•'.,.".- ..•..'••'-'••' :*' >'<2tf Victrola45 Nou}emom& 'Extra' „, New "Victrola45 automatic table phonograph $52.95 * Rick a button onco—and you can automatically play up to H Extended Play recordi—for nearly 2 hours of continuous imnitl HUNfl-N-GvON'S tlMMJUNSTRHT CAU MAIN *WI Adams Appliance Co., Inc. • SALES J. W. Adams, Mgr. • SERVICE 206-208 \V. Main Phone 2071 tlon. F.innie and Mabel Conway and C. Wieland to St Francis I \j vi>e B.iard for $5,860. 30 acre:i NE quarter. Sec. 19. NW quarter The man strolled casually into ; • Sw - 20 ' sw quarter Sec. 20-T16N- f'c station, ducked out the buck! R " E - , door and disappeared. I W. E- ajid Mary Hagen to SI ecia (traction WIDE-ANGlt SUCTION! orward itifrkr] r*p-down dirl, l -no roar • No leaking duttl THIS WEEK ONLY! HURRY-SAVE $24.95! Adams Appliance Co., inc. 2flfi-flS W. Main .1. W. ADAMS, Mitf. I'h. 2071 at Tne First Methodist Church of Kennetr, Missouri ON DECEMBER 6, 1953 Sponsored by the Kenned, Missouri Bootheel Group in cooperation wilh the groups of Maiden, Missouri; Blyiheville, Arkansas; and Joneshoro, Arkansas. PROGRAM 11:00 A.M. (in fhe Church Sanctuary) BURTON C., Kilgore, Texas 1:30 p.m. (Closed meeting in the Church for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and their families). M. C.—BOB C, Maiden, Mo. Short Talk by Representatives of Kenned Group— Short Talk by Representatives of Blyiheville Group —Main Speaking (,'ifl minutes) Speaker will be one of reputation, sponsored by .loncsborp Group. - Open to the Public - 3:00 p.m. (Church Sanctuary) Dr. Will M. of Corsicana, Texas, Sponsored by Blytheville, Arkansas Group. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Club Room over Hardy Furniture Co. Closed Meetings Tuesdays 8:30 p.m. Members Only Meeting Kvery Friday 8:30 p.m. Open to Public \ Ministers and Civic Leaders Invited soon otter coming from Russia at the turn of the century. 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