The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1895
Page 2
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'-. 8BEW NO* ENGLAND RUSSIA'S LAtESt MOVE FAR EAST ROUSES fHE THB JJRPUBUOAIC AtfiOSA tOWA LION. IT IS ft SUPERB e&etts & wonderful influence in strengthening to system by dfivifig tiltottgH ttoe f«ropef diati* net ati iffiimtities. health and strength are ouanasteefl id mult from its use. My wife was bedfiddeftiafrelthteen months, litter lifting BRADFIBLD'S FEMALE REQU- IiATOR tot t«* tnontbs. is getting *ell. T , J. M. JOHNSON, Malvefn, Ark. BBflCLlTOE CO., ATLANTA, GA. SUMMARY OF WfcEK f S ASHLARS J*HW «B*6. (Bit* fn«m You Need ..a Desk WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — OF — Desks and all kinds .of Office Furniture. SEND FOR CIRCULAR. We want your Builnei*. The Hamilton Mfg. Co. TWO IflYERS, WIS. MONEY. I hiive unlimited money to loan on long or short time. Alarm b* the Mottient— Greatest Hjf Displayed Atnonfc ttae •< Official*. 1/osfoofc, Oct. 26.-The foreign office declatestha- it has no confirmation of the news repotted in the Hong Kong flispatoh to ihe the.effect thftt Russia has obtained the right to atichot hef fleet at PorfcAitnur and to construct railroads on the Liao Tuttg .f n ™*; It is admitted here that the situation is so grave that should the news prove true it will ptob'ably cause a wft* m* volving several nations. Thef e is every reason to believe that the story ffonl Hong Kong is authentic, and all tinoffl* oial sources of information agree that the power* interested .in the far East will find themselves confronted by a condition of seriousness .which cannot be overestimated. The impression is general in the offi* cial world, and it is re-echoed by the press, that neither America nor Germany can allow the -Pacific to become a "Franco-Russian lake," as The Globe puts it, and it is generally thought that the diplomats Nwill be sufficiently strong to combine to Resist Busstan Aggression. The Pall Mall Gazette sums up the Btartling news from the far East with the statement that "Russia has annexed China," and in the course of a long article on the subject says: it this treaty is to stand, roll up the map of Asia " TheJPall Mall Gazette urges the reocoupation of Port Hamilton by the British, andrthe immediate strengthening of the British fleet in Chinese waters, "lest Japan losejher fleet at the first blow." The greatest activity is displayed m the government offices here, and the coming and going of messengers was continuous throughout the morning and afternoon. At the different clubs the "war scare" was ithoroughly discussed, the grave situation of affairs in Venezuela having almost completely dropped out of sight in the .alarnvof the moment. , Oct. 23. J. J. Wrenn, ex-champion cross- country tunner of America, is dead. Cashier Van Bokkein of a Chicago bank returned $5,000 of the $86,000 he stole. An abtive volcano has been found in the Olympic mountains, Washington state. DonM. Dickinson was defeated for nomination for mayor of Detroit in the Democratic city convention. William Millet, a well known St. Paul newsdealer, died suddenly at an early houi Tueseay morning. A dispatch from Vienna says that field Marshal DUnsfcAdelsholm and his wife committed suicide. Their self destruction is attributed to financial troubles. Eastbound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 86,038 tons against 88,898 fof the previous Week and 46,694 tons for the corresponding week of last year. Wednesday, Oot« 28. Pierre's cattle shipments this year amounted to 18,000 head. The house of bishops at Minneapolis presented a handsome silver vase to Bishop Whipple of Minnesota. Near Lidgerwood, N. D., three teams of horses were burned to death by prairie fires while hitched to plows in the field. Miss Jean Miner's bronze statue representing the motto of the Badger state was unveiled at Madison, Wis., Tuesday. Superior, Wis., has secured an injunction to prevent the La Belle w; works removing to Clinton, Ia. Ihe concern had been given a bonus to lo oate at Superior. A recent hearing before the Minnesota railroad commissioner at Duluth developed the fact that the Duluth, Missabe and Northern railroad had run its passenger trains the past year at an actual loss of $17,000. let Whlotr Direct tlfle t6 the ASttbASO, Wis., Oct. afi.—TTie tso.a*d of directof i of tht> Minneapolis^ Si ?aul and Ashland railroad hate dosed & contract fot the completion of & trunk lino tlifottgh to the f wift CifcieTi and aft bufc let to the Southwest. fh.6 entire contract bia been let t« the Standard Consttuction company, which Will hate a fofce of 666 ffiett at Wofk Within the ne*t week. Engineers Will at onoe begin to drive the c6nsttu6« tion stakes and complete 36 miles of the new road .this fall, so that trains will be running into Ashland oil the new toad before Jan. 1, The rolling stock and steel have already beeii purchased, including 16 heavy and 10 light locomotive!, and 660 Cats, so ithat the trunk line Will be thot* oughly equipped at .the start fot next year. "She toad will start at the head of Fish creek and tun into the valley, tipping the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic neat Mason, &nd it is likely that the traok will be leased to that company, to give .them a line into Ash* land, so that the one track virtually means two mote railroads fot Ashland. THTSIGNOF THE FOUR . ttftggard & Suce sofs to S*tl*H, is a omibtntttea sf words tfcfti will be sure ta it* rest your attention* Itiseaiy tfee title 6f a most interesttfig Story by - « * « * • Dr. ft. GOWN DOYLE Everybody lias heard of the famous FARM LOANS Jtettt Algo&a State &a*k, C* Call, BBVAfti AND LOANS* t ittfotttlfttloft ih tegatd^to. iahds Itt Northwestefn Iowa, Write to him. IOWA* SHERIFF'S 'SffilT QUICKLV. THOROUGHLY FOREVER CURED. NCRVt RE5TORER© CHAMBERLAIN SAT ON. The Secretary'* 3Polloy Rejected by the High Council of British vGulona. WASHINGTON., Oct. 26.— The state department is in possession of ithe full text of the dispatches sent by Joseph Chamberlain, aecsetary of .state for the colonies in the British cabinet, to Sir Charles Lees, governor general of British Guiana, concerning the strengthening of the frontier, the increase of police, and the purchase of Maxim guns in the British Guiana territory. The department has been furnished also with the detailed action of the high council of British Guiana upon the « w ,,««~.«~-*— fesolution, offered by the governor general, for the purchase of a Maxim gun and ammunition, uniform, arms and accoutrements. They also make the surprising disclosure that the high council of British Guiana, after its members SON MBDrOA"r7do. Ohlemio, 111., or our agent. FUANK W. DINGLEY. Algmia. Iowa. in thirty days by a new perfected scientific method time cannot fall unless the case is he- voncl human aid You feel improved the first 'day; feel a benefit every day; soon know yourself a king among men In body, mind and heart. Drains and losses ended, every obstacle to happy married life removed. Nerve I force will, energy, brain power, when failing I had are restored. If neglected such troubles result I severely Arraigned where.'s_e_al_ed for jn. Six boxes for $5. JACJt- j or nig p reo i p itate action in recommending Maxin guns, defeated the resolution for their purchase by a vote of 10 to 8, thus rejecting the policy laid down by the British cabinet. The state department was put in possession of this information on Wednesday last in an official communication from a high member of the diplomatic corps, who regarded the subject as of such importance that Secretary Olney should be in possession of the facts. Besides the foregoing important developments translations from the Venezuelan yellow book were made public, covering the demand of Great Britain upon Venezuela one year ago. These have already been given in substance, and in view of the much more interesting dispatches of Minister Chamberlain during the present month, the events of a year ago received little attention. MISS WILLARD RE-ELECTED. Thursday, Oct. 84. The entire holdings of the Western Land and Horse company were sold at auction at Rapid City, S. D. At Tiffin, O., City Marshal August Shultz was shot and killed by a farmer named Lee Martin, whom he was trying 'to arrest. A fire originating in the Grand Central hotel at Ceres, Pa., destroyed that structure and the entire business por tion of the town. The death of H. B. Cotton, president of the Oxford University Boatydub and bow of the university eight for the last six years, is announced. Two freight trains on the Wabash railroad collided at Martinsburg, Mo. killing Dan Kehoe, pump foreman, and Edward Thompson of Tulip, Mo. Judge Vinje has appointed Robert, Kellyjas_reoeiy,er_of the W^;^^* 0 ^ 1 of the Central Trust company of Ne\v- York, which holds a mortgage of 41,300,000. WISCONSIN SOPHOMORES HOT. Ask the Fneulty to Suspend More or Reinstate Those Already Suspended. MADISON, Wis., Oct. 26.—Wisconsin'i administration honored Miss Jean Miner, whose bronze statue representing the motto of the Badger state, "Forward," which, with the statue designed by Mary Meara of Oshkosh, were among the features of the Wisconsin building at the world's fair, by formally unveiling the statue in the capital park. The statue occupies a prominent position on the east side of Capitol park, and Mrs. John B. Winans, a member of the Wisconsin world's fair committee, made the presentation speech. Governor Upham received the statue on behalf of the State of Wisconsin in a short address, in which he declared that the statnes erected by both Miss Miner and Miss Mears were leading works of art upon the world's fair grounds. Notice is hereby given, thfci i bj 'Virtue of a special execution to me directed iby the of the District Court oi .Kossuth Co. 1895. d the town of Algona, county Iowa, on the 16th day of November, between the hours of 9 o'clock, a. m, and 4 o'clock p. m., on said day, all of said K3«o. A. Hodgman, Caroline Hodgman, J. w. Anna Hodgman, Naomia nn , J. D. Fell's right, title and In tores flu and to the following described situated. in Kossuth county s *" By W. J, b'l'AMSOS, Sheriff Kossuth Co., Iowa. BBUKSON, Deputy^ FOUR WERE KILLED. In DRJACKSDN'S ENGLISH FEMALE REGULATING TABLETS are the most Powerful, Safe, Prompt and Reliable of this kind in the market. The original and only genuine Woman's Salvation. Ask your drumiist U he don't keep them. Write direct to us add we will send It direct upon receipt of price, $1. sealed by mall prepaid. Medical advice free. JAOK8ON MEDICAL CO., Chicago. FRANK W. DINGLEl. Quartette of Children Murdered Moose River Country. DEVILS LAKE, N. D., Oct. 26.—Dr. W. E. Swanson has returned from a trip 20 miles north of Tower, on Moose river, where he was called to testify before a coroner's jury. The family of William Burmeister, consisting of Lena, William, Otto and Gustav, were killed by an unknown fiend Saturday morning. The skulls of all were crushed by a blunt tool. The house was burned to conceal the crime. The father was absent threshing. Sheriff Pitts and State's Attorney Thorsen are working up the,case, and there will be a lynching here as soon as suspicions are verified. : East Horses Injured. "'"'"• MICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OF IOWA, Kossuth county, Iowa, To All Whom it may Concern: The Commissioner appointed to view a highway, commencing at the nortttwcst cofner <ff the southwest quarter of section 21-96-28 and running thence south on section lino to southwest corner of section 21- 96-S8 has reported in favor of the establishment thereof, and all objections thereto or claims for damages must be filed In the .county Auditor's office on or before noon of the 20th day of December, A. D., 1895, or such highway will be established without reference thereto. Witness my hand and seal, this l|th day of October, 4.7 F. D. CALKINo, County Auditor. Clatke AT LAW. AfcGOKA, IOWA* Geo. B. Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Kossutb County State Bank. _ Sullivan & McMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, PoBtofflco Block. AI.OONA, IOWA. E. V. Swotting, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. AMOKA, IOWA. J.L.BONAB. H.H..FJBLLOW8. Bonar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. BraP We°8k. C y°lowa. . IOWA. MORTGAGE SALE, WHBKKAS, J. W. Bagley, J. L. Hastings A T Jiagley und A. Hastings on the 21st day «f August, A. D. 1894, executed and delivered to the Aultman & Taylor machinery company, a chattel mortgage dated on said day, upon the following described personal property: One Aultman Taylor separator complete with the straw stacker, belts and all fixtures with or belonging to the same, also one trucK under the soine, also one wagon .BEWARE Or P FOR SALE BV ALL DRUOOI4T5 ~"=. i JACKSON MEDICAL CO. 01ICA60IIIP? fe 360 SO, CLARK ST. IMPERIAL B'tD'S. „__, Z u N.B. Donl take^nv substitute 2 5 with the same name but different H * spelling on which your druggist o a makes Iwice as much ••••?•'• fc BEWARE OF IMITATIONS Frank W- DIngley. will do if used as a wash according to direc- tionsT 'pmenUrans'mTssio^-of blood 'diseases, skin diseases acute and chronic ulcers, strlot- ure?flssure ol tlie hafids and feet, Eczema. Tetter Salt Bbeurnattsin. inflanwtlon of theBlad- Ser Diseases ot the bopes, joints and muscles, gypliiletlc insanity, Scurvy. Bcroiula in many o? r d1sease h a e re l trp[ceable a directly or indirectly to Svplulitic Biood Folson for whieH the Dr, Taekaon's EnEllsh Safety Tftb ets Js a sure pre- ventltive, an! ta o s&e perm Killer, rendering contagion hardly possible, lience its value. If cago, JJI-, or our agent.F. W She Had No Opposition for President of the W. C. T. TJ. BALTIMORE, Oct. 25.—Miss Frances Willard was again elected president of the W. O, T. U. at the annual election with practically no opposition, although complimentary votes were cast for several other prominent workers. Other officers were elected as follows; Vice president at large, Mrs. L. M. N. Stevens; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Katharine Lente Stevenson of Massachusetts; recording secretary, Mrs.Glara C, Hoffman of Kansas City; assistant recording secretary, Mrs. F, J. Beachamp, Kentucky; treasurer, Mrs. Helen |d. Barker, FOUNP TWO BOMBS. Resident* of Mftdlson Given a Scare by Unknown Anarchists. MAPISON, Wis., Oct. go.—MHdison is excited over the discovery of twp bombs of glycerine, one in tbe capitol yard used by the public, and one in the yard of H, J. Veerhusen, of the tailoring firm of Olsen & Veerhusen, whose employes went on strike recently. 9?he police officials say that there aye three or four pronounced anarchists in the city, who have since the strike made murderous threats against tailor manu» faptwers, , • Spaniib G«nbo»t Sunk. HAY4S4, Qoti, 88««Th.e Sptraiph nas, province of Matanaan. The crew escaped j» the bojajs., The gllRhoat will tie floated as |QQ» as the necessary --'-" pan h£ sent tQ u "~ Frlday, Oct. 25. Lieutenant Governor Millard of California is dead at Los Angeled The striking miners in! the Fort Dodge (Ia.) district have 'returned to work. ' \ Fi'ye persons who took part in a charivari at Wacouta, Minn., (have been arrested. i Henry of Navarre captured the Municipal handicap at Morris Park Thursday. Rey El Santa Anita vras second and Clifford third. Fully 400,000 bushels of potatoes have been frozen in the ground in the vicinity of Plainfield, Wis., by the sharp frosts of the past few nights.: Elmer Waldron, aged" 20, was sentenced to 15 years at Me Arthur, O., for horsestealing. Six months ago he was sent to the penitentiary for life for killing his uncle, but was granted a new trial. Saturday, Oct. 36, Sir Joseph Renals, lord mayor of London, has been made a baronet. Oklahoma's banks have an average reserve of 48 per cent of liabilities. The Australian ballot law has been upheld by a .Massachusetts court, The treasury statement shows available cash balance, $183,188,698; gold, reserve, $98,891,087. The Chickasaw legislature appointed five delegates to confer with the Dawes commission on allotment. • Advices to the Cuban junta at New York state that 1,600 Spaniards in Uru. guay have volunteered for service in Cuba. The United States steamer Marble* head has arrived at Marsina, Asia Minor, to protect the missionaries of that district, The president has appointed Yaaoey Lewis of Ajfdmore, I. T,, Untied States judge of the Central district of that territory, to svicceed Judge Stuart, Hon. John Little of Xenia, member of the state board of arbitratipn, has been selected to arbitrate the differences between the Ohio miners and operators on the wage question. ~v™ ~ — _.nd Tableau, two faat horses owned by B. G. Wallace, while being driven together became frightened and ran away. Tableau zan against a projecting limb of a tree, which pierced his heart and caused his immediate death. Phallmont stumbled, driving a splintered piece of the neokyoke into her breast. She is valued at $1,000 and her life can probably be saved. FAIRCHILD'S FIRE, Danson & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. . 0-ll^tlon^^W^^^.^r AI.GONA, IOWA. 1 Welt Miller, | ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made. All ftusiues* promptly attended to. WESI-ET IOWA. Monday, Oct. 38. Samoan public £ onds are low, as both rebels and the loyal part7 refuse to pay Two persona were fettled and two injured, one fatally, i» a nwaway accident near Trey, MO- Fpa.u4 orders have been issued against the Kujeka Endowment company pj Baster Springs, Kan, Owiag te tr§a.ty obligations Secretary Herbert refutes to aHw the building pf Q» the gwt lakej. s &BnewQ.e4 tbat Bw W Sajita d. by feu^y Mawi», teen sold to Riobftrd Qroker for f25, A dettiruQUYO Q, Business Portion of a Wisconsin Town Destroyed. FAIRCHILD, JVis., Oct. 26.—This town was visited by a most destructive fire during the day, causing a loss of over $300,000. The entire business portion of the town, with the exception of one store, was wiped out. It is thought the fire is of incendiary origin. , ' Dempsey I* Dying. PORTLAND, Or., Oct. 28.—Jack Demp- aey is dying. Within the past few days' he has been rapidly sinking, and it is announced that his hours arp numbered. He has tried a change to country air, but with little apparent benefit. Dempsey realizes his condition, and says it is due to the blow he received at the hands of Fitzsimmons four years ago, but his friends say it is consumption, Minneapolis Man Chairman. VICKSBUKQ, Miss., Oct. 28.—The national Waterways convention met here with 500 delegates in attendance, The convention was called to order by Hon, B. P, Wood, chairman of the Western Waterways executive committe. Hon, A. L. Crocker of Minneapolis was chosen temporary chairman, after which committees were appointed and the convention took a recess. Not on the Variety Stage. Los ANGELES, Cal., Got, 28,—Lady Sholto Douglass, daughter^ Jaw of the Marquis of Queensbvuy, has forsaken the variety stage and has accepted an engagement with the Frawley Dramatic company, She will make her first ap* pearanoe here Thursday night and he- salary will be $800 a week, Bobbers ?lead Guilty, GREHN BAY, Qgt. 33.*~Conduotor Ed. ward B. Richardson and Brakeman John Moffat, the' last of the gang of railway men who robbed th? uhteago, Milwaukee and St, Paul railroad caw of $5,QQQ to IQ.QQQ worth of merchandise, plead guilty* and on ft eprnpromise, re a jail sentence pg an & Taylor Eureka Jr. ensrine complete and appurtenances thereunto belonging to secure the payment of the sum of One Thousand Four Hundred and Forty and Sixty-five One-Hundredths dollars, the ten notes dating from July 17th, 1894,and running until Ihe 1st day of January, 1898, and whereas default has been made in the payment of the money secured by said chattel mortgage. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that I, C. C. Samson, as the agent of the said Aultman Taylor machinery company and in pursuance of the statutes In such cases made and provided will foreclose the said chattel mortgage by a sale of the property therein described, at public auction, at the front door of the court house In Algona, in the county of Kossuth, and State of Iowa, on the 30th day of October A. D. 1895, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said day. or so much as mae be necessary, to.satis'y the said sum of 51,440.65 with Interest, costs and expenses of sale, unless the same shall be sooner paid. „ Dated this 4th day of October A. D. 1895. C.C.SAMSON, Sheriff Kossuth County, Iowa. Loans and Insurance. Special atte, given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrlschllles' Store. AXGONJ L. K. Garfleld, M. Dl, PHYSICIAN AND SURGED State street. ALGONA, I< M. J. Keiieflck, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, - - IOWA. J. M. Pride, M. D., Over Poatofflce. AI.GONA', IOWA. Ames Pe»«J. EASTON, Mp.s,, Oct. g§, „ .„,• -Oliver Ames died ^t bis ivt 8U4 a. m,, tvfter a long penoa of \g health, ajthpwgb de_ath at the resulted from heart disease, He H y§arg o£age. ^ Pbrt»M«MU „„„,„„.„,„„.__„., Jsfc receivea here frQBi' Isold FOR OUR Fall I Catalogue —the finest we have yet published— 100 pages, profusely * illustrated, It will tell you all about ithe new Fall and Winter Styles in Men's and Boy's Clothing, Hats, Furnishing . Goods, Shoes and Ladies' Cloaks, and will be sent free of charge. THE HUB* The WwU'i UrsgH Mine Dr. It. A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONED Prescriptions filled. Deals in Paints, Oils, Books, Perfumeries, l?tc, Ocr. State and Thorlngton. A. DENTIST, 1118^0. », S., Local anaesthetic for deadening; pain gums -when extracting teeth. AI-GONA, IOWA, E. S, Glasier, D, D. S,, DENTAL ROOMS, Over the Algona State Bank. i» Special attention given to saving (h* natural teeth, The best of modern anaesthetics used t mafte operations us paiuless as possible, AI-GONA, IOWA, E, Et layers, l>. Y» M, f VETERINARY PMYWOUN ANJ). s SURGMON, Hosplta} aocprnmodfttipng. Office vf§ s t Of r Brown's Mvepy 8t»b,}e, Stftte street. PAINTER SPU RBECK & LAM BERT

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