The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 23, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1895
Page 8
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of a War Veterah at Bancroft— Mote l)tecbvfe of Russiati Thistles Line of , AtGOM> IOWA, WifflWffiSDA* tXttOtt&tl 88, KM; Goods COUNTY. A Steam Thresher Goes Through a Bridge ttear Burt—Matters of Interest Told by Our Reporters. Just Received at LANGDON & HUDSON'S. Mike until the first We will sell goods for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS at prices never before heard of. All our large line of Crockery, Glassware, Lamps and Chamber Sets will be sold at almost cost. Now is your time to get a nice lot of dishes. Our canned goods must go. CALL AND GET OUR PRICES. .PATTERSON & SON, BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS,, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hntcliius, Wm. E. Ferguson. C. D. Smith, Vice-Pres. Cashier. Ass't. Cash. AL.GONA, IOWA. CAPITAL., $5O,OOO. "•'ttfoiiey on hand to loaii at reasouaMo rates to parties who furnish first-class security Directors—D. H. Hutching, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweilcr, JP. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, 11. H. Spencer, "Win. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—$50,000.00. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, ...JUJX Clarke, Pres.. O. C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. H. I/antry. Cashier, Geo. L Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Thos. F.Cooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for Time Deposits. W. H. President. Theo. Cliriscliilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice Presideiil. Cashier ALGONA, IOWA. " CAPITAL $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and •domestic exchange Sought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking busi- <ue«s transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—W. H. fngham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Ohrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Barnet Deviue. ..DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books arc thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever •written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed, -Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us aud you may be ••sure you get what yo\i pay for and tako no chances. ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY Opera House Block. &. RICE Algona, lov/a. Abstracts of Title > Real Estate, Loans, and Jnsuranee. P, L. SLAG-LE, Manufacturer of and dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA, IOWA. Wesenlw 1 AU5ONA. Bros., IOWA. lowyer MORTGAGE SAH WHKKEAS, J, W. Bagley, J. L. Hastings A. T. Bagley and A. Hastings on the Slst day of August, A. D. 1894, executed and delivered to the Aultman & Taylor machinery company, a chattel mortgage dated ou said day, upon, tho following described personal property: One Aultman Taylor separator complete with the straw stacker, celts and all fixtures with or belonging to the same, also one truck wagon under the same, also one wagon box elevator, ono gandy belt, also one Aultman & Taylor Eureka Jr. enerino complete and appurtenances thereunto belonging to secure the payment of the sum of One Thousand Four Hundred and Forty and Sixty-five One-Hundredths dollars, tho ton notes dating from July 17th, 1894, and running until the 1st day of January, 1898, and whereas default has boon made in the payment of tho money secured by said chattel mortgage. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that J, C. C. Samsoij, as the agent of the said Aultman Taylor machinery company aud in pursuance of the statutes in such cases made and provided will foreclose the said chattel mortgage by a sale of the property therein described, at public auction, at tho front door of the court house in Algona, in the county of Kossuth, an<J Stato of Ipwa,, ou the SCth day of October A. D.isps, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of said, day. or so much as mae be necessary, to satisfy tho said • sum of $1,440,05 with interest, costs and expenses of sale, unless tho be sooner paid, day «f OtSteF A.D- LOCALS. The case of the State of Iowa vs. Beimler has been posponed Monday in November. County Attorney Raymond and Attorney McMahon, of Algona, were in Bancroft on legal business last Monday. That popular pair of county officers, B. F. Grose and C. C. Samson wore having a good time shaking hands with tho boys on Friday last. W. H. Nycum, of Algona, had business hero yesterday. Miss Cecil Clark is somewhat better after her recent severe illness. Now is the time to insure your property before you build up those big winter fires. Look up your old policy. May bo it has expired and if so get a good now ono of J. A. Freeh. We wish to acknowledge with thanks tho kind words spoken of us by tho different newspaper men ou our recent marriage. A nine-months-old baby of Olo Johanneson, who lives 4% miles west of Bancroft, died last Monday. The parents have flic sympathy of all. Grauville Dorty aud Miss Nannie Kerr of Seneca were married last week. We are sorry we did not learn tho time nor place but extend congratulations just the same. Rev. E. G. Vine is attending tho Baptist State Convention at Burlington this week. J. J. Kelly has on a new stock of solid gold watches. He also has some very line diamonds. His holiday stock will soon arrive also. If you want to sec a nice jewelery store go and see Jim. S. J. Kennedy, of Algona, is clerking for C. E. McLaughlin £ Co. He has clerked a good many years for Jno. Goed- ors of Algona, and Bancroft will gain a good young business man in him. B. F. Smith, of Germania, was over here yesterday. Editor Ralph Grow, of Germania, paid us a pleasant visit last Thursday. Subscribe for tho REPUBLICAN through J, A. Freeh. The racing matinee which was to have taken place here last Saturday was postponed until next summer on account _ of cold weather. Chas, Hawkes, of Burt township, died last Tuesday morning of typhoid fover. He lived on the Detrich farm and leaves a wifo and several children to mourn his loss. No, Editor Reagan, we have always carried accident insurance and plenty of it, but next time we meet you we are going to see that you are properly protected for we learn that you were also married recently. M. J. Walsh, of Burt, was in Bancroft yesterday. G. F. Holloway is agent for the Minnesota railroad lands handled by Garlock & Co. at Taunton and Canby, Minn. Notice his advertisement in this issue. His lands are cheap and near the market and can bo bought by easy payments. Daniel A. Neelings was born in Chester county, Pcnn., in 1830 aud he lived there all through his youth and in 1855 he with his parents came west and settled in Clayton county, Iowa, where he lived until the war,' when he enlisted as a volunteer from Iowa and enlisted for 3 years or during the war. He was honorably discharged by the Secretary of War ,in 1805. After the war, in 1867, ho with his parents removed to Kossuth county, Iowa, where he has lived ever since, a great sufferer from maladies contracted in the army, from which he died on Saturday, October 19, 1S95, at his home in Bancroft, Iowa, at the age of 05 yet,rs, 11 months and 5 days. His funeral was held from the M. E, church on Sunday last at 3 o'clock p. in. and the sermon was preached by Rev. W. W, Cook, pastor of said church after which tho Grand Army of the Republic took charge of the remains and interred them in the Bancroft cemetery after their beautiful and patriotic ritual. Peace to the ashes of the soldier dead. Buffalo Fovk. BUFFALO FORK, Oct. 21, 1895.—Miss Edith Davison began her school in Buffalo township this week, Mr. aud Mrs. Henry Bartlett spent a few days with relatives at Britt last week. Miss Laura Stow spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Chas, Phelps. E. B. Eddy returned from Missouri last Saturday. Mr, and Mrs, Tom Roibsamen spent tho Sabbath in Burt. Osmar Callahan is still very low with typhoid fever. G, F. Manley returned to his work in Missouri this week. Ho expects to remain until Dec. 1st. Mrs. Eddy has been quite sick tho past week. Miss Ada Jackson of Baft, also ChaS* Sroufeof Plum Creek, visited at B. F. Sroufe's Sunday. McDonald & Godden are kept busy every day threshing. We hear many words of praise of their work. Oscar Naudain is enlarging his cow barn and preparing generally for the winter in making his stock comfortable. The ladies in the neighborhood of A. D, Barr will have a serving bee there Wednesday to do up the fall sewing, as Mrs. Barr is still unable to attend to domestic matters. Mrs. J. B. Hoflns and Mrs. Schenck are the promoters of this good work. Union will have a uniformity of school books. Mr. Schenek has the now supply to exchange for the old ones. Mrs. Wm. Hall Will teach in the Her* man district, Claude Salisbury in the P. N. Sarchett school, Lutio Hart in Schenck's, Gco. Sarchett at Rice's, Florence Sarchett near Germania and Mrs. Dennison in Goddt3n's. Herman Bohn's new tip in fine shape. This edge of Plum Creek. -The bridges north of far as Union township goes are in rible condition. Miss Marie McDonald, of Burt, is giving music lessons to several in Union. Wo hear nor very highly spoken of as a teacher. place is looming however, is in the Mr. Wheeler's as a hor- Fentou. FJSNTOA-, Oct. 23, 1895.—The Fonton farmers all enjoy picking corn because tho weather is so fine. F. C. Newel is putting an addition to his barn which he wants to use for his cattle. H. J. Newel has hauled his lumber and intends to put up a house in the near future. I. C. Petti t is putting in a drilled well but hiis not yot found any water. Lewis Miller had his barn raised last week. It will be a nice building whon it is finished. Mr. Fuller and Mr. Gallion, both of Bancroft, were seen on our streets last week. Don't forgot tho auction next Tuesday at H. F. Dryer's. There was a watch maker around in these parts last week repairing watches. He seemed to be a good ono. thirds of a column td "fo'ply" io "ftothfftg of importance." Great man and an attof • neyaila^l Second', because he is not ambitious like ourselves to gain notoriety in that way. Everybody, we suppose, has his own methods of gaining the aforesaid notoriety, some by moving along in the even tenor of their way, others by splash and splutter, and others still by poking their noses into other, people's business or insulting a defenseless woman. So he thinks we i-afsed the cry of fraud. We know the members of tho board too well to think fot one moment that anyone could swerve them a particle from the line of their duty; as wo have said before, they are all upright and honorable men. And so he refrains from personal comment out Of professional courtesy! Well, if he has learned the meaning of the term by this time we are willing to forgive his past blunders, for wo always supposed they wore wilful and we are glad to learn that they Were made through ignorance. We would "suggest" that the attorney would read our items more carefully "before rushing into print and thus avoid all mistakes and embarrassments, F. A. Corey and Frank Bacon have purchased A. S. White's livery barn. frttfc in November, itbein - f aftei• hftmed.Vreloho .filled'," to-wlt7 tnonth, of tho Hundred and Haiina. HANNA, Oct. 31. -C. J. Birkhofer has finished sorghum making for this season. Ho will be prepared next season for all the buslnefa that may be brought to "him. Fred Will is home from Chicago and is gathering corn at a rapid rate. The young people of Hanna were entertained last Thursday evening at G. W. Grose's, and a merry time they had. ' [ This part of the county is in a prosperous condition if the building of granaries,! corn cribs and barns is an indication, for. they are springing up on every hand. Plum Creek. PLUM CHEEK, Oct. 13.—Fred Scholer, a young man working for E. McWhorter, while 2'iding one of Ellis' horses, had the misfortune to break his leg below the knee, the horse falling on it. It was just after the rain. , James Seelev came near being served the same way. Mrs. Iseuberger is able to be up again. Grandma Warner had six nice fat wild ducks presented to her by our local Nimrod, Norman Mayne. That was a fine treat. .... If tho Plum Creek news are. scarce please imagine, Mr. REPUBLICAN, that we are husking corn. ... G. Bonn is confined to his bed by rheumatism. W. L. Bohu says that he too had a sprinkle of Russian thistle in his flax seed, and therefore has some specimens to show, but not so large as those reported to have been found up. north. H. Warner got a letter' from his sister in southeastern Kansas saying that the apples aud peaches are so plentiful this year that they are lying on the ground. They have tho largest crop they'over raised. ChJpman's big sale in Portland township is the 30th of Oct. Plum Creek will by represented. D. A. Haggard is the auctioneer, Robert Kain's barn is up and about enclosed. The size is unknown to us, Swen, City. SWEA Cm-, Oct. 21.'—There was no preaching at the Baptist church on Sunday on account of Rev. Vine's being away at the state convention which is in session at Burlington. Mr. and M^-s. White, of Rolfe, ore here visiting their daughter, Mrs. G. F. Thomas. A brother of Mrs. Thomas from Arizona is also hero. Harlan Pcct took his departure Saturday for Cedar Rapids and after a short visit with friends in that city intends going to California for the winter. Jas. Taylor was up from Algona Saturday with a fine line of cloaks for sale. The day being so disagreeable kept some people from coming that otherwise would have been in from tho country. Andrew Crane has disposed of his livery outfit to a Mr. Clemiug. Wo have not learned what Mr. Crane will engage in., A great joke is told on an old bachelor farmer who lives some miles out and who is evidently not used to the prevailing fash ions. A lady came into one. of tho stores a few days ago with a bright plaid waist on, with the immense sleeves now making people's life a burden, and the old farmer, gazing at them for some time, with growing wonder, walked up anditouchingthem said, "Is that what they call bloomers?" which, of course, convulsed the spectators though the old man couldn't see what they were laughing at. A queer story is told of a pug dog which belongs to Dan Bartholomew, who .lives south of town. The dog suddenly disappeared and for a month they could find no trace of-it. Then the family left for a visit to Cedar Falls. After they had been there some time the pug appeared at the house of the friend where they were staying aud in his frantic barkings and caper- ings testified his delight at once more haying found, them. The funny part of it is that it had never been in that town before, and how ft had found them is a mystery. A great deal of typhoid fever is reported in tho surrounding country, in one family alone four being down with it. A PROCLAMATION Pot a General Election to be Meld 1Siedday,'tf6Vi g, 1895. Pursuant to law, J. Frank D. Jackson, governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim that at thtfgefietal election to be held on the Tuesday next after the first Monday it being the fifth day ofjihftt 3 year One Thousand Eight Ninety-five, the offices hcroin- — ire to bo filled, to-wlt: By voteof all the electors of the state: The office of Governor of the state. The office of Lieutenant Governor. The Office of Judge of the Supreme Court. Tho office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. . The office of Railroad Commissioner By vote of the electors of the Several Scna- atorlal Districts designated below : The office of Senator In the General Assembly from each of said districts, to^wlt- ^"" iy The Second District* composed of tho counties of Jefferson and Van Btiren The Third District, composed of the counties of Appanpose and Davis. Tho Fourth District, composed of the counties of Wayne and Lucus. The Fifth District, composed of the counties of Rlnggold, Decatur and Union. The Sixth District, composed of the counties of Taylor and Adams. Tho Eighth Dislrlct, composed of the counties of Mills and Montgomery. -The Eleventh District, composed of the counties of Warren and Clarke. The Fourteenth District, com Dosed of the county of Mahaska. • The iriftReiithfDistrict. composed of the counties of Marion and Monroe. The Sixteenth District, composed of the coilntics of Madison and Adair. Tho Seventeenth District, composed of the counties of Audubon, Dallas and Guthrie. Tho Nineteenth District, composed of the county of J'ottawattamio. composed of of of of Tho'Twonty-third District, the county of Jackson. The Twenty-fourth District, composed the counties of Jpncsand Ccdiir. Tho Twenty-fifth District, composed the comities ol Johnson and lown. The Twenty-sixth District, composed the county of Llnu, The Twenty-Seventh District, composed of the counties of Webster and Calhoun. Tho Twenty-eighth District, composed of tho county of Marshall. Tho Thirty-first District, composed of tho counties of Story and Boonc. Tho Thirty-second District, - - — „ -------- „ the county of Woodbury. irty- composed of of of of the Opt. 31,—The Salisbury boys have bought the McCain 80, north of Frank Sroufe's at 135 per acre. The boys, Grant and kynn, art> getting to the front, this making them owners of 340 acres of the best laud Union affords. Presley Sa.rcb.ett is very low at this writing of typhoid feyer. The fever will reach the crisis in a few days. AH hope to see him around ftgain SQOU. lYljss ,Grotia Tjadem js ftjso yery sick with ;>l«iJ8(p$ shill haye ' Wesley. Guy M. Butts returned Saturday from a visit to his parents in Chicago, G. F. Barslou and family will move to Whittemore next week. Frank has secured the position of land agent for. the new bank that has been organized there, We are sorry to lose .such good citizens from our town as they, Mrs. Fred French is visiting in Algona. The Wesley attorney who writes for the Courier from this place endeavored to crush us out of existence last week by de- votiiig almost two-thirds of a column to our special benefit, but we are here yet, and intend to stay, But we wj|l not use as much space as did the attorney, One thing we observed, however, is that tho correspondent cannot or will not quote even his own items correctly. But tho point that seems to hurt biro the most is that he thinks we are also an attorney. The first item we wrote to which the legal light took exception was something like this, "Tho school board has neglected to advertise for bids on the school bonds on which to raiso the money for the new schopl house. ThJs oversight may cause some delay." We knew that Jt wa,s not necessary to advertise for bids but it was generally understood that the bonds would be advertised and since tho board has done so wo can't see what reaspn, the attorney has tp make such spasmodic ef» forts to hold us up as having ma'p,e an un» pardonable blunder, unless he (iocs so with, the expectation of making capital for JUmself. There is «p JegaJ potat raised in this item as the attorney 'wou.ld. have his readers und,ersta.n,cl, feyt t }n this regard is 9,8 others he kas JB.W&, Jfj» r County and Neighborhood News. Miss Lizzie Bamsoy; who had typhoid fever, is getting well and is able to bo up. Thoro is an abatement of this fever generally in the county and few now cases ate reported. The announcement of the marriage of Congressman Dolliver to Miss Pearson has been followed by the notice that his brother, Victor B. Dolliver, will soon wed one of the daughters of Gov. Larrabee. Win. B. Leslie, whose farm is near Lod- yard, raised 3,000 bushels of flax this season. Mr. Amburn has retired from the Germania Standard, and Mr, Grow is now the sole proprietor. John Hunt, aged eighty, and Mrs. D. Carpenter, aged seventy, were united in wedlock at Hurt. The Whittemore correspondent of the Courier understands that Prank Barslou will be the real estate agent, for the new bank at that place. , Peter Lawler sold his farm three miles west of Whitteraore for !§40 per acre. It was a farm of 188 acres. Emmetsburg voted down the electric light proposition. Wm. Streicher marketed 45 hogs at West Bond last week, that weighed 10,040 pounds, or over 330 pounds apiece. Burt creamery patrons received 84 cents for their milk for the mouth of September, Tho receipts of milk show an increase of 83,389 pounds over the corresponding period last year, The butter made was 14,- 044'pounds, an increase of 4,331 pounds. Goo. E. Marble took tho school census qf Burt recently and found a population of 390. The Burt Monitor says that Mr. Shir* mer's • steam thresher engine broke through the north end of the 48-foot bridge north of .Walter Henderson's last week, They had jjust got the engine on when the hind ond wont down, the front end remaining on the e'dge of the bridge. It was a narrow ospapo for the engineer. The engine was damaged considerably. Rev. B, C. Glass, having stayed oat his terra a,t Spencer, will preach ftt Mo,nson the coming yea,r The.famtly are already located there, The now census pf Clay county shows a,n increase pvev the enumeration, of 1890 Qf 1908, vnost ol which was }n the t,o\vns, Spencer a}o»e accounting for 7Q0 of it,. ^he new bridge over the DOS Monies ^ St. Joe, ike tuVorue jjfews reports, will soon be 4o«e. T)>e Iron work Thirty-third District, composed the counties of Huchunuri and Delaware. Tho Thirty-sixth District, composed the county of ulayton. Tho Thirty-ninth District;, composed tho counties of Jiutlor and Br omor, The Fortieth District, composed of counties of Allaraakee and Fayctto. The Forty-first District, composed of tho counties of Mitchell, Worth and Wlnuebago The Forty-thlrd District, composed of the counties of Oerro Gordo, Franklin and Hancook, Tho Forty-sixth District, composed of the counties ol Ida. Cherokee and Plymouth. • Tho Forty-seventh District, composed of the counties of Kossuth. Emmet, Dickinson, Clay and Palo Alto. The Forty-ninth District, composed of tho counties of O'Brien, Oscoola, Lyori and Sioux. By vote of the electors of tho several Representative Districts: The offlco of Representative In the General Assembly, tho apportionment being as follows: For the First (LceV Twenty-first (Des Moines). Thirty-first (Pottawattamio). Thirty-seventh (Poik). Forty-third (Scott). Forty-fifth (Clinton), Forty-eighth (Linn), Fifty-eighth (Woodbury). and the Sixty-ninth (Dubuque), Districts, two Representatives each. For the Second (Van Bttren). Third (Davis), Fourth (Appanoose). Fifth (AVayno), Sixth (Decatur), sevonthXRinggold), Eighth (Taylor). Ninth (Pago), Tenth (Freemont), Eleventh (Mills). Twelfth (Montgomery). Thirteenth (Adams). Fourteenth (Union), Fifteenth (Clarke), Sixteenth (Lucas), Seventeenth (Monroe), Eighteenth (Wapello), Nineteenth (Jetterson), Twentieth (Henry), Twenty-second (Louisa), Twenty-third (Wash- ingtoiH, Twenty-fourth (ICeoUulc), Twenty-fifth (Alahaska), Twenty-sixth .(J/arlon), !E:—---seventh (Warren), Twenty-eigtli (Kla Twentv-mnth (Adair), Thirtieth (Oass), ThirV, -• ^ second (Harrison), Thirty-third (Shdlby), Th*r*.the fourth (Audubon), Thirty-fifth—i-Mithrie,- Tlur- p, ty-sixth—Dallas, Thirty-eighth—Jasper, Thirty-ninth—Poweshiek, Fortieth—Iowa, Forty- first—Johnson, Forty-second—Muscatine, Forty-fourth—Cedar, Forty-sixth—Jackson, Forty-seventh—Jones, Forty-ninth—Benton, Fiftieth—Tama, Fifty-first—Marshall, Fifty-second—Story, Fifty-third-Boone, Fifty-fourth— Greene, Fifty-fifth—Carroll, Fifty-sixth- Crawford, Fifty-seventh—Monona and Ida, Fifty-ninth—Cherokee, Sixtieth—Sac, Sixty T first—Ualhonn, Sixty-second—Webster, Sixty^ third—Hamilton, Sixty-fourth—llai'cliu, Sixty* fifth—Grundy, Sixty-sixth—Black Hawk, Sixl ty-seventh—Buchanan, Sixty-eighth—Dele? ware, Seventieth—Clayton, Seventy-first—Fay-, ette, Seventy-second—Uremer, Seventy-third— Butler, Seventy-fourth—Franklin, Seventy- fifth—Wright aud Hancock, Seventy-sixth— Humholdt and Pocahontas. Seventy-seven— Bueua Vista, -Seventy-eiRht-Plymouth, Seventy-ninth—Sioux, Eightieth—O'Brien and Ly- pn, Eighty-first—Osceola, Emmet and Dickin- eh son. Eighty'-second— Palo Alto and Olay, Eigh- hty-f , Eig saw, KiKlity-seventh—AlIamakee, igh ty-third— Kossuth, Eighty-fourth— Oerro Gor- clo, Eighty-filth—Floyd, Eighty-sixth -Chickasaw, KiKlity-seventh—AlIamakee, Eighty- eighth— Wlnneshiak, Eighty-ninth- Howard. Ninetieth-Mitchell, Niuety-lirst-Worth and Winnehago, Districts, one Representative each. . By vote of the electors of the First Judicial District, composed of the counties ot- Lee and DesMoines ;> The office of District Judge in said district. to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of J, Mi Casey, and now temporarily filled by A . J, McOrary. By vote of the electors of the Thhty-flth Senatorial District, composed of the county of Dubuque : The offlco of Senator from said District, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of 1, W . Baldwin . By the vote of the electors of the Thhty- oightli Senatorial District, composed of the bounties of Black Hawk and Grundy : The ottice of Senator from said District, to fill the vacancy occasion by the death of ,T; til, Rea. WHEREOF, All electors throughout the state wilt take due notice and the sheriffs of the several counties will take official notice and be governed accordingly. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Iowa. Done at Des Homes, this sesoud day of Oct. in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and nine-five, of the independence of the United states the one hundred and twentieth, and of tUe State of Iowa the forty-ninth. By tUe Governor ; * FRANK D. JAOKPON, - W. M. MoFAHLAtfD, Secretary of state, SHERIFF'S PROCLAMATION. ov, by To the electors of Kossuth county : At general election, to he held on Tuesday. M 5, J895, the following offices are to he fijiecl the electors of said county : The offloe of Treasurer. The ottice pfSUwlff. TheoJJlce of Oo. Superintendent O f { The oBlce of County Surveyor. The office of Coroner, The office of pne Supervisor. Whereof, ail the aualitlecl electors of oounfy will taUe clue pptloe and govejn them selves accordingly, Pone at my office lw 4lgpun, tuts *»<L48 Oct. ,1895, Q. 0. SAMSO , Sheriff of }£ossu$li coum,)-, mm TO VOIBRS, At the regular Sept. 18?5 session of t,h» Board of Supervisors it was decided tQ submit tUe following question to ft votw of the people at the next general election 4 -Shall tUe sum, of eight tUouaaart" 4Q1* Iftrs ($8,000) be,raised iy a saecjfll > tax, t$> buikU jail in and fprsald conuty^ 1 ,' ThftS a tux of ono^nd pn,e hjlf milieu the dpi- lai slmll bo lovjed uuop the>apblf W erty oi said, connj'y foj 1 :'" "" <J pose,' All legal shall fee| to.fevwafj sitiou Shall depogft or pri i)tad thereon. ¥ *m

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