The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1966 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1966
Page 6
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Evelyn Again, I have to report the death of a friend - a talented and much - admired woman, Margaret Durant. She has favored me with her booklet of poems, I have had many conversations with her and a few calls when she was able. Culturally she was far above the average and I always rate her works with those of the late Ray Kresensky. They spoke the same "language". My sincere sympathy goes to her sister, Carrie. They have been constant companions over the years. The only other relative 1 know they have is Nan Wooster Ward, a cousin. * * * With two Good Samaritan homes in town, out-of-town callers get a little confused. Aug. 2 Mrs. Anna Krause and Mrs. Elizabeth Klassl of Renwick came to call on Mrs. Mary Sorensen. 1 directed them to the new horn e where she is a resident. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Louis McEnroe and family vacationed at Okoboji and attended the Arnolds Park Gaslight Theatre, finding it most amusing. After a week at the lakes, they went to Minneapolis where Louis and the older sons saw a baseball game and Mrs. McEnroe and the smaller ones went on a sight-seeing, shopping tour. In one store she browsed through , there was a children's parking area. There she left the little folks in good hands and could enjoy looking at things that struck her fancy without the worry of watching youngsters. A fine tiling, this parking idea, for both moms and kiddies who are harrassed by kiddies and kiddies are bored by looking. * * * A. thank you card from Mike Johnson for the graduation from high school gift was accompanied by a letter from his mother. Mike has a good job for the summer - a job of a mechanical sort which he likes so much and is adept. In the fall, he will enter college. It seems so few years ago he was such a little fellow, and the apple of the eyes of his aunt and uncle, George and Frannie'Lee - great-aunt and uncle to be exact, but the relationship was so close and they adored him as did his mother Peggy. Many will remember his grandparents, Dore and Lennice Freeh. Lennice has been deceased for some time. Dore" has settled in the west, has remarried and has been properous. * * * Esther Barton was visited briefly recently by cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mohart and three daughters of Nauvoo, m, who were enroute on a vacation in the west, going to Montana and Yellowstone National Park. * * * Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beardsley, who observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary Aug. 3. An estimable couple who have a fine family of sons and grandchildren. Good health to you both and many more years together. * * * Mrs. Earl Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller have had a wonderful vacation. They first went to Clinton and Kenney, HI. where they visited relatives and friends and took Mrs. Jessie Florey of Kenney with them to Canada, Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York, the trip covering two weeks. Mrs. Earl Miller and Mrs. Florey were classmates many years ago. * * * "Grace" says she is often tempted to write a book and I have ever so many people say to me "You ought to write a book". Well, the idea never quite catches on, but I am sure it would make interesting reading - for mel But who else? I wonder what Grace and I would come up with if we collaborated? Pll bet it would be a humdinger, if not a best seller. * * * rd liked to have been with Inez Wolfe when she went through the Kentucky ante-bellum mansion. I love things like that and in magazine section of the July 31 Sunday Register, I thought "Hum-m-ml I have chairs of the same period right here in my room, only I've had mine redone in tapestry which I like much better than the red plush of the pictured furniture. I have an arm chair and small cn air and the center table which belonged to the set grandma Cady had, platform rocker, davenport and three small chairs like mine. Dr. Jerry Cady has one of the small chairs, Pat Cady another, and Jean Cady Lawson of Mason City the third. Their mother Julia (Mrs. Gerald Cady) made needle point for each of them. I also have the family album of mother's given her years ago by her brothers Lute and Frank Henderson. There was a melodion in the Cady family years ago, too - but after I couldn't play it and mother didn't care to, it was sold. It has quite a history but after we sold it to the late Mrs. Brown whose husband was Kossuth County Extension Agent here, when she died, Roy gave it to Evalyn McDougall, a close friend of Mrs. Brown. It needed some repairs and was taken to the Glenn Grahams and he has done a marvelous job of restoration. And he assures me it is POSITIVELY NOT for sale, for which I am glad. It was a beautiful instrument and I am glad it is where it is loved. * * * The story in the Lake Mills Graphic about the $30 that paid so many people and landed back in the hands of the first payer is an "oldie" except that my story was about a woman at a boarding house and the debt she owed went around the table as each paid a bill and the money got back to her. * * * A chat with Mrs. Don Meyer revealed that she likes lizards about as much as I like that green monstrosity Web Orton has -, a huge lizard - like thing that I would send to Des Moines to the zoo - or else give it an overdose of strychnine. She had a harrowing experience when she was living in California. She was in the basement doing the laundry and an ordinary lizard got too friendly and she took a whack at it, but the wrong end. The tail being severed didn't bother,it all, but I believe it was Don who saw to it that it was killed and then the basement was avoided like the plague. * * * What loathsome creatures there are in the world - put here for WHY? I saw a furry- like thing scooting from my bathroom and hoped to hit him with my crutch. He was too swift for me and went behind the bureau. One of the girls came with an insecticide and sprayed back of it, but that night, up in a corner in the alcove in which my bed sets, there was Mr. Something or Other. Well, the aide got a floor mop, knocked him to the floor and then made sure he was done for. I have seen only one since, and he was soon "laid to rest". I am told they are centipedes and Amy Johnson found one in her basement recently. I am told they are harmless, but that doesn't add to their charm. Also I am told they like damp places, but the ones in my room were off beat - headed for water somewhere maybe, but a constant watch is kept here on all insects and whatever this thing could be classified. At home one. time we had ants to battle and discovered a huge hill near the steps leading to the back door. It didn't take mother very long to pour kerosene on the hill and we had no more troubles. Once we had the tiny .variety and I happened to see them on top of the kitchen baseboard. Powdered cloves vanquished them in a hurry and with no return calls. Algono, (la.) Upper DM Mo!n«« Tuesday, August 9, 1966 of said corporation at Wanton, Allamakee County, Iowa, on the 1st day of July, 1966, the follow* ing amendments to the Articles of Incorporation were adopted: 1. The name of the corporation shall be LUDLOW COMMUNITY DAIRY, INC. n. The principal place of business of said corporation shall be Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa, m. That the corporation adopt a seal containing the corporate name as here amended, together with the word "Iowa" and the words "corporate seal." Notice is hereby further given that the general nature of the business transacted by this corporation is the production, purchase, manufacture, sale, trade and dealership in manufactured forms of milk and ownership, leasing, sale and other disposition of real and personal property, particularly in connection with the manufacture of various products from milk; the amount of capital stock authorized by the Articles is 250 shares of no par value issuable only when fully paid for in money or property and the same are non-assessable; the corporation commenced business August 21, 1959; its corporate existence Is perpetual; the affairs of the corporation are conducted by a Board of Directors of not less than one nor more than three in number; the directors are elected annually by the stockholders and hold office until their successors are elected and qualify; the officers of the corporation are a President, a VIce-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer and such other officers as to the Board of Directors may seem fit or as may be provided by the By-Laws of the corporation; the annual meeting of the stockholders is held on the 1st day of April each year; the private property of the stockholders is exempt from corporate debts or liabilities. * LUDLOW COMMUNITY DAIRY, INC. (formerly Kossuth County Cheese Corporation) /s/ By Doris Johnson Secretary (Published 4 times in Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines newspaper). (58-60-62-64) NOTICE OF AMENDMENTS TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to resolutions duly adopted at a special meeting of the stockholders of KOSSUTH COUNTY CHEESE CORPORATION, an Iowa corporation, Burt, Iowa, which special meeting was held at the place of business MR. FARMER! CALL OR SEE US HOW FOR YOUR GRAIN DRYING EQUIPMENT WIRING ... WHILE THERE IS TIME TO DO SO, AND WHILE MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE. EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL TO HELP YOU PLAN YOUR LAYOUT UTT ELECTRIC ALGONA 295-2223 When it's TToutside... this is the COOL way to shop! If you'd rather stay home than go shopping .. .doboth with a few fast phone calls! Just check the newspaper ads, consult the Yellow Pages, then tour, the stores by phone! It's the modern way to shop - no worries about baby sitters or parking. Your telephone is a handy servant in so many ways... put it to work doing your shopping too! Northwestern Bell

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