The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 1, 1958 · Page 7
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 7

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1958
Page 7
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Wants Probe Of APs' Behavior At Crash Scene HENDERSON, Ky. Ill — Rep. Natcher (D-Ky) yesterday called or an investigation into behavior of air police at the scene of a nearby plane crash. Natcher, in a telegram to Ed Greenwald, managing editor of the H e n d e r s o n Gleaner- Jour nal said he Air Force Secretary Douglas for an explanation of alleged firing over the leads of bystanders and a ban of news photographe r s and reporters from the crash scene. REMEMBER WHEN you used to pull this whiskered April Fool's prank? Demonstrating the way it was done in grandpa's day are^Mike Schuitt, 113 Florida, (on end of string); Billy Ledford, 241 His Joke Backfires CHICAGO (ff—Ted Speros, owner of a candy shop, offered a variety of April Fool candy for sale today —creamy chocolates with such centers as garlic cloves, baby onions and Lomburger cheese. He packed an extra pound of the cheese centers for a regular annual customer who fooled Speros for several years. "I thought he was a big-time prankster," Speros said, ''until I found* out .last year he loves the stuff." * * * Baker, and Janice Mills, 909 W. South. In case you're too young to remember, the idea is to yank the string as the unsuspecting dupe stoops to pick up the wallet. (JOURNAL PHOTO) Could Have Beat Reds To The Punch A Day For N/fwits? Tuesday, April 1— LOS ANGELES Iff— April Fool's • Day is a day set aside not for •wits but for nitwits, says Dr. Herman Harvey. ; Dr. Harvey, a psychology professor at the University of California, says it's the day of "the annual outing for untalented, infirm and indigent humorists." ' The day is perpetuated, he "by and for people who can't! Apparently Didn't Learn Her Lesson FIVE CENTS THE HOME EDITION 87th YEAR No. 91 SALINA, KANSAS, TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1958 12 Pages had asked Col. Randolph Meanwhile, Col. Jack L. Randolph, commanding officer of the Ft. Campbell, (Ky.) "Air Force Base, said he too was investigating. Alcoholic Hamster Hits The Bottle In Name Of Science A 16-year-old Salina girl has a white hamster seeing pink elephants. She's "setting 'em up" for the little rat-like rodent. And the animal seems to love lit. Col. Randolph said he already j Dj ana McGee, Salina high had ordered the court-martial ofi sc hool sophomore, wanted to do an airman who said his weapon! something unusual as a biology discharged as he crossed a fence. The airman .was not named. An Air Force major was killed last Saturday night when his T33 jet trainer crashed near Poole, about 30 miles south of here. Natcher said he told Douglas, "Assuming this plane was classified or of secret design, it seems to me that necessary precautions could have been taken to restrain the people without firing over their heads even one time." Air police from Ft. Campbell were ordered to the crash scene early . Sunday. They remained there until Monday morning, when relief was sent from Seward Air Force Base, Nashville. * * * Colonel Randolph is a former base commander at Schilling Air DURHAM, England Iff - Mrs.jForce Base. He was transferred Louisa Adsett, 34, pleaded guilty to the Kentucky base after his to receiving stolen p roper tyitour here. found hidden in her cell at Dur-i .. . ... 1 ham Prison, where she has beeni/lO// WCCfC an inmate since 1954. A prosecutor said Mrs. Adsett, serving a sentence for forgery j and theft, had been allowed to (Related story on Page 2.) WASHINGTON, April 1 (AP)—Secretary of 'Statej leave the prison each day to look Dulles disclosed today that President Eisenhower hadjfor -work because her time was considered stealing a march on the Russians by an- ;about U P- She brou s ht back ™ nouncing a U. S. suspension of atomic tests but rejected the whole idea as a propaganda g^ur 6 - ._ Dulles conceded at a news conference that the Soviet govern Responsible officials said a net- lerence tuai urc ou»«f gw-m- • „.,•,. ,. . ,- ment had ,won a certain propa-jwk of AlUed detection stations ganda victory with yesterday's 1 ,» the rim of the Soviet Union; jewelry, a fur coat and a radio set stolen by an accompliace. The judge gave 'Mrs. Adsett eight more years in Durham. announcement of suspension Soviet nuclear tests. He labeled the gesture. O f! could provide a reasonable check 'on whether the Soviets are cheat- how-!&£ on a test ban. Dear Sal: ever, as entirely propagandist^.] gut they said a halt in atomic Can't Operate Like Reds But the United States, Dulles said, cannot operate as the Soviet j Union can because it works in the production could not be verified from the outside. Reliable, unbiased inspectors wouH be needed inside Soviet arms plants. There are many fools who celebrate April Fool's Day all year long. Yours, Ina Why Did Christ Choose Judas! Why do you suppose Jesus chose such a character as Judas? The Rev. Vernon Johnson posed the question,Tuesday at the second noon-day Holy Week service at Evangelical Covenant Church About 300 persons attended. "We cannot say why Jesus chose Judas, but He had some eternal | purpose," said Mr. Johnson, "As we consider this person, we see not only what Judas was, but a picture of the human heart." Theservices, sponsored by the maintain an adequate standard of 1 of a free press, an alert! opposition, a properly! ..,,icnucai public opinion, and allied; quality for good intellectual wit I ^^ which are not just ! and "is the one day they are al- dummfes like the Soviet satellites.) lowed to indulge themselves in . what they think is funny and be) At this pontt to h,s news con assured that no one will criticize (Terence, Dulles voice rose them for their abysmal efforts." ^f ^ and h « dec ^ red l .^ God" that such conditions exist the American side. He added hej * * Jack A Dull Boy Indeed CHARLOTTE, N.C. (ff-Hearing that an antenna-sprouting cylinder would not change one of them, j 250,000 put on an April Fool's Day even though they make it difficult j tornado drill today that had its to compete with the Soviets in i chief weather man exclaiming at propaganda. Ithe finish: Dulles set forth his views as! "It's been wonderful." Tornado Drill A Big Success WICHITA W—This plains city of! through press, radio and television, did a marvelous job." 'Copter In Storm Bole Sighting of a helicopter about 25 project. Dr. Charles Olson, veterinarian, suggested an experiment with a oair of hamsters with the following in mind: 1. To compare the growth anc aabits of an anim J who "hits the bottle" with those of one who 1 'never touches the stuff". 2. To make a hamster an alcoholic, then to cure U of the disease. . . Diana, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James C. McGee, 400 Rabm, is in the first phase of the project. She's keeping "Alchy", a female, on a continued binge. And she's comparing her with "Nola" (meaning "no alcohol"), another female, who is on the wagon. Here's the difference now: Alchy is hard to get along with. She bites, keeps her cage "messy" and "raises Cain" if she isn't fed first. Nola is a lady. She doesn't bite and is tidy, slow-moving and qniet. Both hamsters get the same food rations in the same amounts. But Nola's 4-ounce bottle is filled only with water. Alchy's bottle contains one part of bourbon to three parts of water. And she drinks more of the mixture than Nola does water. Rlghtjsupper.' TIPSY HAMSTER—Alchy, who's on a bourbon and water diet, may make history as the first alcoholic hamster. Diana McGee holds her pet project. (JOURNAL PHOTO) of whiskey a month. Ordinarily, hamsters drink four ounces of watpr in three or four days. But on George Washington's birthday, 22 days after Diana started the experiment, Alchy killed the whole bottle of whiskey and water. She slept it off the next day, not even showing her face for now she's drinking about a pint) Then she started biting Diana and being obnoxious in general. One of these days, Diana going to cut Alchy off. And the hamster goes into a deepj shock, she'll be an alcoholic for sure, Diana says. Then Alchy will get the prescribed cure. And Diana will have done something unusual for biology. She may conduct a similar experiment for an exhibit in "next year's science fair. TODAY'S JOURNAL HELPS YOU n Ideas Parents call for united front to ombat juvenile delinquency; Letter to Editor, Pg. 4. Girls make good '-bankers; ylvia Porter's column, Pg. 4. n Knowing Polks Canada amazed by Diefenbak-; er's political triumph, Pg. 2. Today in' Salina,-Pg.'8. Births, 'g. 8. Parties & Clubs, Pg. 3. deaths & Funerals, Pg. 8. In Entertainment Movies, Pg. 5.-Sports, Pg. 7. TV News, Pg. 5. In PocUftthook Planning; Kansas farm prices highest since 1954, Pg. 2. Read the daily advertisements. In Better Living Josephine Lowman .gives you a coupfe of bargain exercises for a better figure, Pg. 3. Ann Landers advises woman who can't get away from her mother's apron strings, Pg. 3. In Religion Lenten Guideposts, Pg. 9. In Science Scientists can't find out what makes lowly sausage tick, Pg. 1. In Education English Lesson, Pg. 8. Second Shooting Victim Dies WOODWARD, Okla. Iff—Adrian Wilson, 22, grocery store clerk, j LAUGH IT OFF died in a hospital at midnight,: Salina Ministerial Association,:the second fatality of a holdup are being held from 12:05 to 12:40 j and shooting March 25 by brothers pm daily through Thursday. [aged 10 and 12. Good Friday services, also sponsored by the Association, will be from noon to 3 John's Lutheran pm at the Church. St. Mr. Johnson said there is nothing to gain for us just to consider the evil that was in Judas. Our purpose is not to defend or defame Judas. He shows the effect of compromise with sin. Judas commercialized Christ, Mr. Johnson said. Compromise and refusal of the grace of God Wilson's employer, Floyd Blair,'"I'm not supposed to play with 49, was fatally wounded when the two boys went into the store and fired weapons they had earlier from a sporting store. A customer was nicked by a bullet. The boys were captured soon after the shooting. Ship Burns Tuesday, April l— OSLO, Norway Iff—A Norwegian immigrant ship with more than 1,000 persons aboard burned in MOP Plans Reorganization ; Tuesday, April 1— ST. LOUIS Iff — The Missouri Pacific Railroad plans a reorganization or efficiency purposes but a railroad spokesman said few jobs will be affected. The reorganization, effective May l, includes a shift of division superintendents. The southern Kansas and central divisions which now are located in Coffeyville, Kan., will be consolidated with the Wichita, the Indian Ocean off Africa's east [ Kan., division. coast last night. All aboard were The Illinois division with its rescued but one German passen-| headquarters in St. Louis will conger died in a lifeboat of a heart solidate with the Missouri division at Poplar Bluff. stolen goods miles southwest of Wichita, head- produced the betrayal of Christ. northeastward- set off the j ues s g noreaswar- se o e other officials predicted Russiaj Throughout the drill, the under- | pract i ce a i ert Policet city and w th announced current was dead seriousness, that an antenna-sprOuuJig cyimaei outer umuuusi picuu.».u *»•*.>.>••• j nu^uou^-* .-..- ~* —, — ipracuce aien. rtmce, cny auu had fallen near here, police rushed I would follow up the announced j current was dead seriousness, j C0lmtv fire departments .highway to the scene. jban on tests by proclaiming an;Wichita is just 25 miles from!patrolmen, sheriff's/patrol, civil The -10-foot-long object theyj end to production of nuclear weap-jUdall, where 80 persons died in a defense and Red Cross workersj Edward G. Anderson presided ..._j ™,,>f«j innH hoonc inns itornado May 25. 1955. wpnf thrniieh the motions as if ^ sajd ^ spirit of Judas ]urfes in mel) , s s0uls today -Let us watch our attitudes, for outo f them come our actions." Typical Weather For April found emitted loud beeps. ions. They unscrewed its six bolts and found inside a bicycle horn, an Moscow probably already has made the decision, they said, in electric fence charger, some trash ii ne with a public hint to that ef- —and this note: feet which Soviet Premier Khrush-j "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. vApril Fool." i tornado May 25. 1955. Like Clockwork V. V. Phillips, chief meteorol- at the U.S. Weather Bureau .. the —the center of a 28-county "Tor- chev put out in Moscow nearly nado . AUey,;- declared. three weeks ago. But they said . . ; ing of CD sirens throughout the ^J3-£h, M ,, i. *iihpp.l "A" the pre-arranged reports * it were the real thing. read by Emice J. Dyck and Lt. Sirens wailing, police cars sped ico1 - John Gra y bi11 Ied the throughout the city in response'to] Music was P^vided by the Lin- coin junior high school .mixed short-blast warn-j choruSi direded by ftacy Dming Father, Daughters Crash Victims Tuesday. April 1— . ', JEFFERSONVILLE, Ga. (ff-Aj father and his two teen-age daugh-i ters were found dead late Monday in the wreckage of a private .plane about seven miles northeast of. here. . 'Searchers said the Piper Apache was found by a farmer, Aaron .Crocker. He notified his landlord, Mayor D. Y. Califf of Jeffersonville. who called authorities. The plane was piloted by an Indianapolis businessman, Alex Adomatis. en route to the Aero Club's national outing in Jacksonville, Fla. Also aboard the craft were his daughters, Rosemary. 15, and .Ruth. 19. With the plane running low on fuel, Adomatis radioed Cochran Field at Macon Sunday afternoon asking for landing instructions. Visibility was bad and the pilot made two approaches to the Held, about 20 miles northwest of the crash scene. Then the tower lost radio contact with the plane after it acknowledged landing clear.; ance. on "Pilate" E. Jones will Wednesday. ganda value from the singlehand- ed test ban. The Soviet Union, which just completed an extensive series i of nuclear tests, announced no sitting right in front of the office; with his mobile unit. He picked' jup about five reports from ham operators out in the area. "In addition to the pre-arranged reports — one from each partici Sneak Thief Swipes $22 From Church Choir Singer t | t[^Ul lv> ^^ Wl*t ** V14* >»V<\.*i" [-*»• v->-date for the start of its ban on patjng agency _ we had one man further tests. It also left the wayj open to resume the tests after the first of a series the United States has planned this spring and summer in the Pacific testing ground. U.S. officials said this country's tests will go forward as scheduled. kept continuously, busy on the telephone taking reports from the public at large. "We must have had about 45 of them. And we didn't have a single call from the public inquiring about what was going on, or why. The advance publicity. Sausage Baffles Sfirewd Scientists By Hal Cooper LONDON Iff — A government spokesman says modern, science, [which has plumbed the innards of the atom,, has been stopped cold by the British sausage. John Hare, minister of agriculture, told a stunned House of Commons yesterday: "There is no known method oLdetermlnihg the proportions of pork or beef and other meats in a sausage." British sausages are familiarly known" as banger*. ThU ic because when fried they frequently burst, showering bystanders with bits of pork, beef, hot fat. powdered milk, bread filling and the Lord only knows what else. • The persistent mystery of its contents has Iwg distressed even the banger's staonch- est admirers. There Mght, they said, t* be a law. By 1955 the clamor has reached such a pitch that the government took action. It asked the officially sponwrcd Food Standards Comi TOPEKA OV-April is starting went through the motions as if a t the service. The Scripture was off in Kansas with "typical spring — • - - • - - • weather," Forecaster Richard Garrett said today. He said- temperatures are representative of the season and typical spring showers and thunderstorms developed in the west last night and proceeded to move eastward across the state. Only small amounts of precipitation were reported, with 1.10 of an inch at Topeka the heaviest. Garrett said radar reports indicated there may have been some heavier amounts in areas not making reports. V Skies cleared rapidly over the west but remained cloudy over the east this morning. * * * Lots Of Noise But Little Rain Bright skies and warm temperatures soothed Salina Tuesday. An isolated thunderstorm late Monday night brought no more than a trace of moisture It was a short-lived storm with many Salinans reporting a single loud clap just before 11 pm. The CAA weather station reported an isolated thunderstorm What's worse than taking candy from a baby? How about the theft of $22 from a choir singer's purse during the .noon-day Holy Week service? Annabel Hoelscher, Chase, is a member of the Kansas Wesleyan University Philharmonic Choir. While the choir sang at the service Monday 'in the Evangelical Covenant church, $22 was taken from -Miss Hoelscher's purse. The purse had been left downstairs. She had saved the money for her trip with the choir on its eastern tour. mittee to decide what a banger's insides should consist of, with a view to fixing a legal standard for same. In May 1956 the committee came forth with its findings. As a starter on standardization, it held that a pork sausage should than 20 per beef sausage more than 20 per cent pork. Since then, there had been nothing from the government but a long, embarrassed silence. Hare's confession, prompted by * not contain more cent beef, nor a (Detailed Forecast on Page 2.) question from Conservative Col. R. B. Glyn of Dorset, explains why. ' "I could not agree to establish a standard for sausages that .cannot be enforced," said Hare. . "There is, therefore, .no action moving from the northwest to the which it can take on the com-' east and a trace of rain about mittee's report." midnight. Laborite Somerville Hastings "Nothing freakish about it," a expressed nope that scientists weather observer said "just .a may at some future time leave! thundercloud which ritoved in off dissecting the nucleus of <teu- quickly and moved out again." terium long enough to have Tuesday afternoon temperature! another go at tnt banger. climbed Into -the tO't. V 20212223242526 27 2tf29 30 RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY-^Chartotte Whelchel, The Journal's April Cdm* dar Girl, is ready for month's traditional showers, although she hopes then won't be too many. Charlotte lives at 513 Park. (JOURNAL PHOTO by Wfl. bur Hess) .

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