The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 16, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1895
Page 5
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ALOOlfA, IOWA, OCtOSfcK 16, M. P. HAGGAHti. G. fr. & Successors to JONES & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTATE, COLLECTIONS: AtGONA, - --- IOWA. A. t>. Clai'ke & FARM LOANS. * Rear Algona State Bank. AtXJONA, 1A. Geo, 0* Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For ihforhmtloti in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. State street. AI.GONA, IOWA. GEO. E. CLABKE, CHAS. A. COHBKOTJB Clarke & Colieiiotti'j ATTORNEYS AT LAW. AtGOSTA, IOWA. Geo. B. Cloiut, (Successor to W. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. Sullivan & McMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postoltice Block. A1GONA, IOWA, E. V. Swetting, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. ALGONA, IOWA. ,T. I,. BONAB. II. H. FELLOWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive prompt attention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at Wesley, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. Daiisoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles 1 new building. ALGONA, IOWA. Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made, All business promptly attended to. WESLEY, - IOWA. S, S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrischillos' Store. ALGONA, IA. L. K. 'Garfield,. M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. , ALGOKA, IOWA. M. J. Keuefick,. M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, - - IOWA. J. M. Pride, M. D., Over Postoffleo. AtGONA, IOWA. Dr. L. A. Slieetz, DRUGGIST. AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals in Paints, Oils, Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Ocr. State and-Thbrington. AtGOKA.IA, DENTIST. A. L. Rist, B. P. S,, Local anaesthetic for deadening pain In {yarns when extracting 1 teeth. ALGONA. IOWA. E. S. Glasier, D, J>, S., DENTAL ROOMS. Over the 'Algona State Bank, /Special attention given to savtno the natwa.1 teeth, The best of modern aba,esthetios used to — -'--) operations as painless as possible. , IOWA, NERT The Latest, The Cheapest The Finest Miss Bclnei Mclntyre liets charge of tine Department. Algona, Iowa. J SIS. 1 ciyi A lending citizen of tills place said the .other day: "1 have doubled the value of niy clothing mony since 1 began buying H. S. &M. clothes. They cost no more than others and wear longer, fit better, hold the shape and look well until worn out. To wear them is to wear the best." NEW ENGLAND CLOTHING HOUSE, J5, E, Sayers, P, Vt Bit, ® '•- ' VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, '' ' Hospital accommodations. Office iyest> of ga--! ' Brown's Livery Stable, |4V'gtate street. ' . AfcGOJJA, OSEWALL, PAINTER .MftMyng. weiiiajRff. gf^LiCf^Wjl LOCAL MENTIONS. The Henderson speech comes tor-rnor- row night ' Oyster supper at the Congregational church tomorrow night. • ... . Thos. Little is the father of another boy. It came Sunday night. Eev, Carter, of Clear Lake, preached at the, Congregational church last Sunday- ... .... The Ladies, of the. A. L. A.-.willmeet at the Beading Boom Oct. 18th, at. 8 o'clock.. -.-.. There will be oysters in the soup to morrow night at the Congregation a church..- . . . Harry Lantry has had .charge of th_ Western Union telegraph office for several .days. The Courier sent out Judge Babb's speech to.its readers in supplemen torm last week. : President A. D. Clarke has acted as cashier of the State Bank during th absence of T, H.,Lantry. , . .... Scott Johnson and' J (family, -of Led yard, have been visiting Algona f riendi and relatives the past week. Fred Foster is now running the Gal braith basement barber shop alone Carl Wauge having started a shop at Burt. The Grange store advertise a closing out of flannels, yarn and knitting worsted, underweai*, hosiery, etc. .See their ad. . John Grove is doing a great grocery business these days. He has eleven men on the road in Iowa and Minnesota. Mr. A. A. Butherford still carries his hand in a sling from his runaway of a few weeks ago, but will sustain no permanent injury. Art Allen, who has made a success of his O. K. lunch rooms, is in Chicago and it is hinted that he will bring back a wife when he returns. Auditor Calkins'is making arrangements for the printing of the ballots. It takes in the neighborhood of 10,000 to supply Kossuth connty. Jas, Orr will do the painting onThe Chirischilles block, Jim is generally kept pretty busy, as are all men who give good work for value received. The Bilsborough sale last Friday was well attended and everything brought good prices. The Bilsborough boys leave for Missouri in a few days. Miss Zoa Wartman will return from Chicago N9vember 1st, and will begin her class in music. Her recognized musical talents insure her many pupils, Connections are being made between the local telephones and the central office, In a few days Mr. Bailey will be kept busy answering the call "Hello Central," Mr. and Mrs, Jno. Switzer wish to express their sincere thanks to their friends for their sympathy and assistance during the sickness and death of their son. You will notice from an inspection of the statement of the First National Bank, elsewhere in this issue, that the deficit in the TJ, S, treasury makes no difference with them, We understand that Hon, 0, L, Lund will build cribs and intends to buy and store an immense quantity of corn. He thinks that the price of corn is not as high as it should be. W/p. Groesbecjs, representing the Sioux City Tribune,, was a caller yesterday, The Tribune has a good piv* eulation in this vicinity among the ad' Bennett Mitchell yisjjigd, in' town sev aay awatafr and evenin fwe^oli aoa The band boys are raffling their sil ver mounted cornet which was received as a prize at the Eagle Grove carnival They have no use for it, and expect to realize $100 out of it, which they can use. The BEPUBLICAN oflice has a dead beet in its front window. . Some papers have dead beats on their subscription lists, but we havn't. This beet was brought in by P. L. Slagle and it is the largest vegetable of this kind we have seen. Haggard & Peek sold the Fred Wat- erhotise eighty,, one mile south of Sexton, last week, to M. Bolger, of Wright county, for $2000 cash. Mr. Bolger will erect buildings on the place immediately and move his family as soon as it is possible. Surveyor Tellier finds no time to spare from his work as county surveyor, and frequently receives calls to go to other counties. We never had a better man in the surveyor's office, anc it is likely he will be kept there for some time to come, Dick Palmer is assisting in Call & Cowles' oflice. They do an immense amount of clerical work in their mail route business, and it is sometimes found necessarry to put on extra office force. It is understood that S. P. Christenson and 3. J. Wilkinson, democratic candidates for the offices of sheriff and superintendent, are making a personal canvas of the county. It is too bad for them to waste their time. According to the Bancroft Begister, Geo. Hohn, who was figuring on opening a restaurant in Algona, November 1st, has decided to remain in Bancroft. George has a good business in Bancroft and cannot afford to make the change. The Panama Medicine and Comedy Company are at Clarke's hall for the week. They give with each bottle of their medicine a check on the Algona State Bank for the price of a bottle of the stuff, in case it proves unsatisrac- tory. This is a new scheme. Attorney McMahon was at Bancroft yesterday defending Mike Beimler for assault with intent to commit murder. The assault was made on S. Mack, his brother-in-law, last week, with a shoemaker's awl. Mr. Mack received two quite severe wounds in the breast, but is getting along all right. The case was before Justice Barge. The daily newspapers last Friday were full of startling headlines to the effect that President Cleveland had been assassinated at Buzzard's Bay. It proved to be a canard. The president is enjoying good health and will live till long after he has retired to private life, The Tennesseeans at the Congregational church Monday evening sang to a large audience. They are mostly people who have been here before with ;he same organization and are as gpod singers as ever- While colored Jubilee singers may not sing classical music, it is generally noticeable that they )lease an audience, Chairman Sullivan advertised Ex- Gov, Bojes for a speech in Algona Friday. the day after the Henderson speech, but received word yesterday that owing to some mistake in malting dates it would be impossible for him to be here, The democrats had figured on his taking the sting out of Henderson's speech, and the intelligence made them feel gad, A, W. Sterzbach has reorganised, the Algona orchestra, and it has never )e0n in better shape to furnish good dance music, They played- for a dance at Clarke's hall last F44ay ey and although the- attendance small* everyone pronQuneeatbe . . Saturday njgkt another arty was, helfl -at urmg - tub expected, to gej ft-muiufeo* ttofi Ut&_WOHl4 'fee gf towp, worth considerable to farmers if it proves 1 to be a success, says the Emmetsburg Beporter. It is in the form of a single shovel with a mold-board turning to each side. Back of the moldboard are iron rods which have a wheel to shake them so that the dirt sifts through and the potatoes are left on top of the ground. The plow is being manufactured by I. Morris, of Curlew. Jake Winkel and Miss Mamie Zanke will be married this morning at the Catholic church. Mr. Winkel has been a well known resident of Algona for many years, and has many friends who will be pleased to learn that he has secured a matrimonial prize. Miss Zanke is a daughter of a leading farmer of Union township and is a very charming and companionable young lady* The BEPUBLICAN extends congratulations. Mayor Haggard has received a circular signed by representatives of a committee of one hundred, of Chicago, requesting him to call a mass meeting about Oct. 3lst to express sympathy for the Cuban revolutionists. Chicago held a meeting S6pt. 30th and expressed their sympathy for the revolutionists, and appointed a committee to agitate the matter among the towns of the United States. The object of this agitation being to get our government to take a hand in the matter. It is not likely any such meeting will be held in Algona. Frank Weimer, of Ledyard, has been put in nomination for the oflice of representative by the chairman and secretary of the lute democratic county convention, which gave them the power so to do. This fills the vacancy occasioned by the the refusal of Hon. J. J. Byan to run for that office. Mr, Weimer is cashier of the State Bank of Ledyard, and ranks among the good business men of the county. It will be too bad for the voters to take him away from his business and.send him to Des Moines this winter, and when the situation is thoroughly understood we think that will ba the opinion of the majority. Mr. Fred Minger, of West Bend, was in Algona yesterday for the first time in four years, and was very enthusiastic in his praise of the extensive improv- ments made in that time. Mr. Minger came to'this county twenty-six years ago and owns a farm in Garfield township, two miles east of West Bend. He has retired from farm work and lives in town. He has watched the growth of Algomi from a few stores to its present metropolitan appearance and can appreciate the business blocks and handsome residences. One of the bright spots in the annals of the present season at the Call opera bouse will be the appearance there of the Andrews Opera Co. on . Friday, Nov. 1, when they will presentthe comic opera The Pretty Persian. In this company is found a corps of artists -fitted by genius and training, fully capable of interpreting any score that'they may undertake. With'their new costumes and their own orchestra, the opera lovers of our city may rest assured of a very pleasant evening. Mr.' Frank Smith and Miss Clara Lillie-Jacoby will be married at the home ot the bride's parents at Indian- dla, Iowa, next Wednesday, Oct. 23rd. They ^11 be at home after Nov. IQth at 1808',Fjlev'ehth street, Des Moines. Frank's numerous Algona friends will be pleased to learn of this happy event. Miss Jacoby is understood to be a charming and accomplished young lady and comes from one of the leading families of Indianola. Mr. Smith is making a great success of his business in Des Moines, and it seems has been equally successful in other ways, and the couple are to be congratulated on their prospects for a useful and happy life. The'Algona water works under Superintendent Horan are now running very smoothly,;and the huge pump easily supplies water for the city in eight hours pumping each day, leaving the standpipe full every night. ' Thesuper- intendent'informs us that they have made eighteen taps this season, eleven aeing made during the month of July, During the summer months when all ihe lawn sprinklers were in use and .he street sprinkler was using large quantifies of water, it kept the pump going almost night and day to supply water. A visit to the pump house will demonstrate to anyone that Mr. Horah is the right man for superintendent, and that the water works affairs are ing administered in a highly satisfactory manner. The Boston Block is nearing completion, and is an ornament to State treet as well as being one of the most roomy and substantial structures in his part of the state. Chrischilles & Herbst expect to move into their new store room in about two weeks> and it s understood the Shadie&L9ng butcher shop will go into the Purvis room in a short time. The Call*ChrischilJes double front in the center of the ,new jjock would make as fine and as large a store room as there is in the state without a partition, and Mr, Durdall had thought some of using it as a wholesale and retail clothing house, but for some reason the deal has fallen hrough- BrownelJ & Allred will oc- upy one of the fronts with their up to- date shoe store, Patterson $ Son will ake the old Chrisohilles storeroom vith their grocery. • A 000D TBIW TO HAVE- Spurbeek & Lambert will furnish ou a cistern so aheap that you cannot fjord, to be without one, Put' it in now n time for the tali - J — ""• Livery barn fcawn p the Cfrove arn, south prTenpojt Konie* The est Jiyery site in this,»the best' county eat in northern Jo,wa< >, Stalls for '4§ jorgee, besides shading, Tbi§ barn las been thoroughly - repaired from oujidfl,tipn,toro.Q& '£ity imler piped n, f here nejep ^as ^ b^ttey ttoe to .ngage m this A BIG SHOE f AMY M AtGOli Algona's Chance fot an IflnfSottAftt ufacturing institution. A gentleman will be in Algona today to make a proposition to the Busi' ness Men's Association regarding the establishment of a large shoe factory's It is understood that the shoe cofri* pany would remove theii' plant from Davenport, in case Algona citifcena would subscribe for from $20,000 to $25^ 000 worth of the capital stock. The company is said to be well rated in commercial reports and have ah established business and good paying stock. They would employ about three hundred people and need a large building, it would be a manufactur-* ing institution of great importance, and the citizens of Algona should not let this opportunity go by, of securing an industry of such value to the town. HENDERSON TO-MORROW The Third District Congressman to Speak in Algona.—Ex-Gov. St. John Next Week. Col. D. B. Henderson, congressman from the Third Iowa district, Will speak in Algona tomorrow evening >at the Court House. Mr. Henderson is one of the ablest and most popular speakers in Iowa, and he is in great demand in every campaign. It is a piece of good luck to have secured a date, and now that his coming is assured there will be a great audience out to hear him, representative of the whole county. Ex-Governor John P. St. John, of Kansas, the great prohibition orator will speak at the Court House hall in Algona on the evening of October 23rd —next Wednesday—at 8 p. m., on the political issues of the day, particularly touching on the money and liquor questions. Mr. St. John is known all over the country as a brilliant speaker and will probably be listened to by 11 large audience in Algona. PERSONAL MENTION. T. II. Lantry ia expected home from Strong City, Kan., today. E. O. Fitz, the Germania bunker, was an Algona visitor last Wednesday. Jno. G. Smith and Guy Taylor attended the' shooting tournament at Bancroft last week. Mrs. Sam. Hutchinson and Mrs. Beuttie, of Whittemore, visited Algona friends last-week. Miss Harris, of'Waukesha, Wis., is visiting in Algona. She is related to the Chubb and Wallace families. Kev. Kennedy went to Spencer last Saturday and will take charge of his pastorate at that place immediately. Mrs. Geo. B. Cloud returned last week from Nevada,.Iowa, where she had been ; for.some weeks. FrankJsVartman has gone to Des Moines to:take a course in 'the 'High-' land Park Normal College. Ed Mantor has been in ^charge of the Hall & Vesper drug store at Burt during Mr. Hall's absence in Chicago, W. P. Wesenberg, of the • new • real estate firm of Wesenberg Bros., went to Dows last Thursday on a,, business trip. A. K. Clapsaddle, of Corwith, was a caller at the REPUBLICAN office last Wednesday. He was one of the regular panel jurors. Mr. B. M- Seeley, visited his Algona friends Monday. He is on the road for a Des Moines house, and makes his headquarters there. Mrs. A. L. Peterson and son Balph arrived home this afternoon from their southern Iowa visit. Mr. Peterson says six weeks of "baching" is enough for him. Col. T. F. Cooke and wife are expected home from Europe next week. They have had a delightful summer tour, of, England, Ireland, Scotland and the continent. . John Switzer has rented his farm in Union township for one year and with his wife will visit in Germany for that length of time, He has an auction sale on Monday, Oct. 28, Mr. and Mrs, Will F, Walker are out from Chicago for a visit with their parents and.many Algona friends. Mr, Walker is now a partner ,of Jos; W. Hays in the brokerage business, Mrs. Vic Stougb and children, Mrs, Brad Means and Mrs. Maggie Waldo are down from Minneapolis foi a visit with their many-Algona friends, They will make an extended stay, Mr, 0, F, Pitcher, of Hebron township, was a caller at the BEPUKUQAN. office Monday. He had been in' attendance upon the District Court as a juror, and was on his way home. Mr, M, W, Atwood, of EsthervilJe, was in Algona Monday making Arrangements for the $t> John> speech, He is secretary of the State Tender. ance Alliance, and is a real estate man, ' • ' Gco, E, plarfee is back from week's attendance on the TJ County ^is&'iot; Court. Judge of Des^oineB, hat been assistin ' i/Mtt fifil 1 @f_f IflS-F*»Hraa»y evening. la Mt IfSfe»|lt« last wee$ ftl&iSSw* Mrt-lttla fttt&er notice SSfflMk^KBffifi^lsra $iithoid as the •** . north of . McGregor. lain Dodds , and the tfhteen mem itifeh starts Wl ml tfctfhteen mem- fiSP & SRfe Iff yffl 8 Tr! y the cntireh as MsWfttff & lp&. A hearty aSd cordift! ih«ttffO« -Is extended to ftlLand Ml Wltt.M M&de welcome- -wffiJ^^M4MWfficome.'' Services for H0*iSabbdfcfe:J Preaching at 2 pTffl. atid ?$0 fa HM &bbath school afc 8 ' m< --...^.^.. A NAfcttOW Dinglet, Br.j jiad quite an ex- perietiee oh the Blackfcird grade west of town last Saturday; flight. n e j s building a bai'fi aft bis farm five miles west of town atid bad beett put there and was feturrHHjr after dark with John Eamsey and Mr, Darr, with another teatt a short distance in front of them. When they weld well onto the grade the first team Met a team coming from town, and the team going west had to get off onto the steep side of the grade. In getting them back on they became frightened and ran away, just grazing the Dingley rig, which had been partly gotten off the grade in the meantime. Mr, Dingley says it was as close a call as lie cares to; experience. This grade is perhaps the worst in the county for passing, it being so high and narrow, that the only safe place for passing is on the bridges. It seems to us that this grade should be remedied in some manner. MEETS WITH GREAT FAVOR. Algona young people are up-to-date in most things, and will no doubt recognize fashion's decree in the following, Which We take from an exchange: The girls who indulge in the dizzy waltz will hear with interest that the heads of Washington and New York have decided that sitting out a waltz next winter will be more ' fashionable than dancing— the only < difference is you sit instead of dance. The man's right arm is around .the girl's waist, while his left hand holds her right; her left hand, is placed lovingly on his shoulder, and all you have to do is to listen to the music. It's always a npi- sance "to have to galop a mile or two to , get a hug or two. A room full of people sitting around on sofas 4 hugging to music without violent effort is much our notion. • ,iM THE BICYCLE BEATS THE HORSE: Fred > Corey, the Wesley man with his running horse beat mounted on a bicycle, at our fair, in five-mile race, lost a like race last week. A report in the Wesley Beporter is as, follows: In the mile race ' between Vicke on- the wheel and .Corey's hjorss, Yickerman came under the wire ; but has, as yet, nbt.wonsthe race account'of his trickery, which wa follows:,., Yiickerman jiad,-a ^horsdt cart for a pace makerjjo his"wheel, followed .the • cart; and nine of tht-nt rounds of the race the driver of the horse and cart held his whip behind the cart and Yickermac would take hold of it with his teeth and' let tlie horse pull him. 'Of course this was a very smart'trick in the estimation of Yickerman and his fooHriends, but he will hardly make any cash out of it, and that was his only object-.. The better element of the people of Britt would never countenance any action on the part of one of her citf zens, and consequently Yick's supporters are not to be found among the best people of Britt. The Emmetsburg Beporter says that J. B. Swan has grown a potato wei/jl-; ing 86 pounds, and wants to know Kossuth pan beat it. The Beporter probably noticed a picture intheSciengjoap tific American in which Swan a] With the 86 pound potato resting heavily upon his shoulder, and t it would be as smart as it would be easy to impose upon the simple minih ed people of Kossuth and make! it appear that J. B, Swan and his IpotaJO' were both Palo Alto county n: The BEPUBLICAN will say in' „ .„ the Beporter's inquiry that it has, been found over here that ordinary sizw po? >*' tatoes are easier to handle andbe$terto eat, and we have never tried to in,size-so much as in quality, but any Palo Alto county farmer will, an evidence of good i'aith, raise an pound potato, we will guarantee raise one that will weigh iOO without any lead in it, of rante , W .'-'I • w," «? J 'r "*!"* *•#$ - ; w SP for, two yeam jj f " > ' House eroQBry,\ ^ ,, ; . ^. .9.Wldjenyi5nS5&pysi Mr> and J&rg' tew^ jy'gnjij^wh.Q. have been absent in the west IPS'gome, weeks, are. expee.^ kopje, phpytly/ They have visited Jft §jM$atfe, ge,attJe: Tacoma $nd., pther'POMS' a.n.4. tog 'inea,p}epant.5iffiV ' ' ,V ,. -, r ™ '<MS wMm &«*$& at the Jwme ftf to fetifer* Hop;'4?. pg;e,,a»ij witthKe^jpny 4130.04 i. fPMjtofe fcUgfu ,*$_. ,, w ilU' - ', ..>4'.y4«wW' '** Better bread, ib$tt§jrj^$f/- i ^^*^,«¥^^ r: J "' < flhRrifl 5 ' 2 ^'HioSS^in! 2$WB

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