The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 9, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1895
Page 2
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THE REPUBLICAN, AL(iONA, IOWA, WKDM-SDAY OCTOBKll », 1805. KG -FIGHT IN TEXAS !beeu a midwife for iiuiuy in each case where "MQTH- " tt-as used it afi66fflplished won- brtened labor nnd lessened pain. it - reined jr for lUSlNGOl? THE owhi n.ntl worth the price !r a J one. Tirewster, Mont.gomei-y, Ala. iy Kxpressof&itiil.ou receipt of price, * Imttlft. Book "To Mothers" mailed HfcGULAtOR OO., AtLAMtA. C3A. SO±,±> BT iJRDQSISTS. ABSOLUTELY FREE. Wo have contracted for two thousand G100 Bicycles which wo propose toKive FREE to some one person in every township in the State of Iowa. IJo SfOI/ wantonoV This Offer Open for Thirty Days Only, Full parti-.'ulavs upon application. Enclose l.wo cunt stamp for reply. Address THE WEP,HEReOiVIPANY,1GOA(lamsSt..Chicago, Reference, Any Commercial Agency. MONEY. 1 have unlimited money to on long or short time. 13. W. HAGGARD. ) 512 DAY NERVE RESTORER; OUT OF M GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY in tliiiS \ days by a new perfected scientific metho bat eamiot. fail unless the case is bed liJman iild You feel improved the first «»v ?5 - ffi'l a brneflt every day; soon know voiiiself a king HMIOIIK men in body, mind and heart. Drains and losses ended, every obstacle to happy married life removed. 3Se:rve force will, eneriiy, brain power, when failing are restored. If neglected such troubles result fatallv. Medical advice free. Mailed everywhere sealed for SI. Six boxes for 50. JAtiJt- BON T M'l£l)IC<U-CO. (Miiosuro, III., or our a- F HA NIC \V. l)IN01.EY,Alsona.Io\va. CULBERSON'S LEGISLATURE ACtS UPON HIS SUGGESTIONS Anrt i't-mnptly PnMus n IV.ITV to Prohibit Prize Figlit.ltiK in t1»e State-An Emergency Clause Attnrtirrt Wfi cii l'«t» the i.n-1* In Force Iintnecllately. AUSTIN, Tex., Oct. 5.—There will be iio prize fight- at, Dallas Oct. 81 between Corbett and Fitzshnmous. This fact was settled during the afternooii by the Texas legislature in exactly three hours. The two committees, one in the senate and the other in (he house, gave an audience to the Dallas attorneys all the morning to ascertain their objections and protests to the passage of the law* After hearing the gentlemen until noon the commit teen adjourned. When the two houses met at 3 o'clock both committees were ready to report and the senate bill was very promptly considered. From the time the till was placed before the senate until it finally passed was Bxnctly Fifty-five Minutes. _ During this time Senator Dean opposed the. bill and Senator Lasker spoke in its favor. These were the only two who spoke on the bill, the balance satisfying themselves by voting. The vote on the final passage of the bill was 27 ayes and 1 nay, Deau being the negative voter. The bill was immediately sent to the house and at 4 o'clock that body began discussion, substituting the senate bill for the house bill. After several gentlemen had spoken on the bill and the emergency feature pro and con u final vote was reached at (5 o'clock precisely and the bill passed the house by :i vote of 110 to 5. Thus within three hours did the Texas legislature forever put an end to prize fight ing in Texas. Absentees Arrive. There were only !):J members present Tuesday and of that number 15 were opposed to the emergency clause. It was necessary to have 86 votes to carry the emergency clause. The administration forces readily saw that the minority would do them if the matter came to a vote so they immediately wired all their friends to come here and then set about killing time until their forces could arrive. The fight management was confused at the way the solons came in Wednesday morning and practically Gave Up the Fight by 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It' was almost a certainty in the morning that the Populists would be called over to the Dallas side of the question, but a cog was slipped and on the vote they were with the administration forces, which cinched the matter. Governor Culberson's friends consider it a great victory for him. and lost no opportunity to congratulate his excellency on the outcome of one of the hottest and, it might be safely termed, one of the bitterest, as well as shortest political fights ever brought up in the Lone Star state on any one single man. HE FAVORS LINCOLN. oh'!* tholes for PttMiiefit t» Mis Formti- Minister to England, YORK, Oct. 5. -The Herald prints (he following: In his recent Indianapolis interviw John G. New, ex- President Harrison's closest friend and political representative, made the statement that if Mr. Harrison wefa to give his support to any presidential candidate it would be neither to William McKinley nor Thomas Bracket t Reed, but to "some one else" — whom Mr. New did not say. The Herald has it from indisputable authority that the "some one else" is Robert T. Lincoln of Chicago. Mr. Harrison and the man whom he appointed minister to England have long been near friend?, and John G. New has also been a partner in this intimacy. In 1892, when Major McKinley refused to withdraw from the Minneapolis convention and kept the Ohio delegation in line for himself, Mr. Harrison conceived a dislike for the Ohio candidate, which Resulted in a Disruption of their former friendship. Since then a truce has been patched up, the reasons being their mutual opposition to Mr. Reed. In the Minneapolis convention Mr. Lincoln was, as he is now, the former president's first choice, and he it is whom the Harrison men vail support in case they see no chance to stampede the nomination into their own corral. The New York custodian of the Lincoln boom is ex-Postmaster General Thomas L. James, who is now in Europe. Mr. James states that before he sailed in July, that Mr. Lincoln would have the united support of the Tennessee, Alabama and Illinois delegations to the Republican national convention, r.nd dial- he would be the second choice of s:< v- eral Southern and a number of West* n\ states. BUSY At REVISION. He- liisliops and Deputies ftlsfcttss the port of the c'oiiiinlsftlott. MiNNEAi'oLis, Oct. 5.— Revision ^ the absorbing theme before the EpiScd* pal genera! convention during the day. The houso of deputies devoted the whele of their second day's session, with the exception of an hour spent in receiving the deputation from the Caixa- 1 dian provincial synod, to considering the report of the joint commission on revision of the constitution and canons of the church. The house sat in committee of the whole, to facilitate business, but so vast and far reaching were the questions involved, that only three points of importance were decided. The elaborate declaration framed by the commission to precede the coiistihv tiou, was stricken out entirely, and With little opposition. The title, "Constitution," by which the code has hitherto been known, was changed to "Constitutions," the term in vogue in the Anglican church, on the ground of conformity. This was not adopted without opposition, the vote standing 174 to 104. The third and last important change made in the work of the commission was in the title "General Synod" given by them to the two deliberate bodies now known as the "General Convention." The word "synod" awakened a storm of opposition and (he old name remained. ____ worm OF MISSIONS. OtJK NJEW GUNBOATS. Ohitiese tot Service Waters. More Aliens to lie Employed In this Construction iitparttncnt of Otir f— interesting Matters. YIELD OF WHEAT. The THE LATEST SCHEME. are the most Powerful, Safe, Prompt nm! ileliuulo of this kind mjhe market. _1lie_ or- riinrt oniv iiennino Woman''! Salvation Ask vo • drn-t'ist if he don't keep them. Write d-ectto"us mid we will send It direct unoii receipt of price, tfl. sealed by mail ine- paid Medical advice free. ICAL CO., Chicago. '- 1 ' A JAOlvSONMKI?- KKAN1C W. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! fe P FOR SALE BV ALL DRUGGISTS OR 0 i JACKSON MEDICAL CD. CHICABO ILL.' '= 260 £>O. CLARK 5T IMPERIAL B'LD'S. £ u-,,.A Don't any, substitute ^ S with the same name but different j I spelling on which your druggist o a makes twice as much <« BE.WAREOF IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley. Corbett Will Be Made a Member of the Choctnw Tribe. NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 5.—Information from a private source received in the city says that the Choctaw tribe in Ixx- dian Territory intended adopting Corbett as a xxxember of their tribe, in order that the fight can be brought off in their nation. When asked what he would do under the circuxxxstauces Corbett said that he woxxld accept the honor. He further said that he would paint his face red, wear an eagle feather in his hair and do anything to make hixxxself look like axx Indian, just so he could get a chance at Fit'/sixnxnoixs. Corbett and party have left for San Antonio. Does a Little Talking, CORPUS CHBISTI, Tex., Oct. 5.—Fitz- sixnmous goes right along with his training, notwithstanding the legisla- lature's actioxx at Austixx. He says he has an offer from responsible parties to pxxll the fight off should the Florida Athletic club fail to do so. He says he is determined to give Corbett no possible opportunity to escape him. PLATFORM COLLAPSED. Crop of the Entire Country Will Average 1S.(> ltnsltt'1* 1'er Acre. CHICAGO, Oct. 5.—The October crop report of the Orange Judd Farmer, basing its estimate xxpoxx county returns and threshing results, estimates the rate of yield of wheat at 12.6 bushels, and the total crop at 459,589,000 bxxshels, divided into 260,000,000 winter and 199,000,000 spring. Threshing shows the winter wheat yields larger tlxaxx were expected, but the quality is poor, and a considerable part of the crop will never enter commercial channels. The yield of oats is phenomenal, exceeding all expectations, and nxiiking new records in Iowa and the Northwest. The nxeasure from the machine has beeix a constant surprise since threshing began. The crop is estimated at 904,000,000 bushels or 210,000,000 bushels larger than last year with 30 bushels to the acre. Iowa alone has over 200,000,000, with nearly 47 bushels to the acre. Quality is not in keeping with the size of the crop, much grain beixxg stained. Coxxditioix of corn Oct. 1, 92.5, a high average. It is matured, safe from frost, and drying rapidly. There is every iixdicatioxx of a rate of yield larger than has beeix anticipated, necessitating a final xxpward revision of all estimates of the crop. OF SCIENTIFIC VALUE. The Topic <;f Discussion in the Episcopal Convention. MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. o. —Almost the entire day was devoted by the Episcopal .-invention to the opening session of the board < f missions. The two houses sat together uixder the presidency of Bishop "Whipi'le, the bishops occupying seats outherostruxn, as at the opening service. They took an active part ixx the proceedings of the day, and the spectators who thronged the gallery for the first tixixe saw tixe dignitaries of the church xneas- uring swords in forensic contest. The proceedings consisted in the main of reports of the work iix the different mission fields, which were briefly and eloquently presented by the bishop in charge of each field, or by prominent divines who had particular knowledge of the sxxbject. The proceedings were conducted with considerably less formality than the business sessioxxs of the two houses, and were in the xxature of a mass ixxeetiug. IT MEANS A CRISIS. Completion of an Accurate Survey of the 30th Parallel. "WASHINGTON, Oct. 7.—The scientific measurement by the United States coast and geodetic survey of the distaixce from the Golden Gate of San Francisco to the mouth of the Chesapeake along the 89th parallel has been completed. The news that the last lixxe of the last triangle had beeix taken in this great work, has been received by General Duffield, the superintendent of the survey, iix a dispatch from Mr. William Eiubeck, who has been iix charge of the uixdertakiug since its inception in 1873. Every sciexxtist in the world has beeix waiting axxxiously for this news. It3 importance may be judged froixx the fact that upon this east and west line depends the determina- tioxx of the precise shape of the earth axid the accurate laying of lines of longitude ixxstead of the approximate ones that are xxow in use. This line will he the basis for a revision of all astronomical work in which accxxracy is desired. WAS ONLY A BLUFF. Venezuelan Question Promises to Cause Trouble for John Bull. CHICAGO, Oct. 5.—A special to The Times-Herald from Washington says: Secretary Olney has prepared a dispatch to Ambassador Bayard which will soon brixxg to an issxxe the long xxxooted question of the boundary between Venezxx- ela aixd British Guiana. The dispatch is of such a positive and uneqxxivocal nature that it threatens disruption of the harmonious relations between the two great English speaking countries. As sooxx as it shall have beeix placed before the British goverunxeut, it will raise an issue which caix be settled only by the retreat of one or the other, or by the severance of friendly relations— perhaps by war. Secretaxy Oluey's dispatch is a declaration in the most positive language that the United States will never consent to British occupation of the disputed territory in Venezuela, unless that nation's right thereto is first determined by arbitration. CHURCHES ARE CROWDED. While pleased with the turn that our diplomatic relations in China have taken, and satisfied with the present representation of oitr tiavy in the waters of that country* the naval authorities here are still looking forward with eager interest to the completion of the three oliglxt-draught gunboats now itt process of construction at Newport News, Va. The naines as selected for the boats are as follows; No. 7 will be called the Nashville, after Nashville, Tenn.; No. 8, the Wilmington, after Wilmington, Del., and No. 9, the Helena, after Helena, Mont. These vessels are designed especially for Chinese service, and are expected to be of great value in coast navigation ami in ascending the Chinese rivers. It is felt that with so many interests centering in China as at present it is important that the United States should be prepared not only to protect Amer* ican citizens, but, if the opportunity offers, to promote American commerce. These vessels are provided with "overhangs" for the protection of their propellers against the driftwood and snags in the Chinese rivers, and it is believed will be f ouxxd to be especially adapted for serving- both these purposes. They will also enjoy the ad- va.ntage of being moved more economically than the larger vessels, and^ of being more easily protected during storms niiu in winter seasons. About the middle oC September hsis been sot as tho dnlv for their launching. After they tiro launched from six to nine mouths will elapse before they arc- completed. It develops that the x-eai x'cason why the torpedo boats constructed for the battleships Maine and Texas will not be used as such is that they are too heavy for the purpose, nnd cannot be carried on the ships. The lines of the boat have been changed, being- made shorter'and wider than originally intended, and will be put to soxne use at tho naval academy. Measures arc being quietly taken for tho removal of all loreigners from ^the construction department of the United States navy. Hitherto the government has been unique in (he fact that it permitted the employment of aliens in positions of trust as regards national secrets, and more particularly where plans and designs of naval and military Anffman i'.-,-,f'\r mirr'it. lif' f»nrri(.'d and sent will do if used as a, wash according, to directions- prevent transmission of blood diseases. skin diseases, acute and el.ronic ulcers, stnct- m-e llssure ot the hands and feet, ISufi""- ct- ter'saU Kneumattsm. liiflamation ot the Bladder Diseases of the bonus,-joints and nuisolus, Rviiiiiletio Insanity, Seiu vy,. Scrofula in many fonnaTUeabove and a Hundred other forms of disease are traceable directly orinclireotly to SvSuiW*o Hioort I'oisou for which the Or. lacks")i's English Safety Tablets is a suro pro- vJmtlt've a G is a safe (Jerm Killer, rendeiiivK X£ SnuVion' hardy possible, lienco its value. If cago, ID Furniture, We mint m* Bwtaw«. Serious Accident During the Laying of a Cornerstone at JLovain, O. JLiORAiN, O., Oct. 7.—While a great crowd of people were assembled to witness the laying of the cornerstone of the new St. Mary's Catholic church, a temporary floor oxx which nxany of the people were standing sxxddenly 'gave way, precipitating maiiy men, women and children into the hasexixent. One was killed outright, 10 were fatally injured, and between 30 and 40 others were badly hurt. GreenUalge Beuominateci, BOSTON, Oct. .— Governor Greenhalge was rexxonxinated on first ballot by the Republican convention. Hoxx. Rog' er Wolcott of Boston was nominated f or lieutenant governor, ajxd Williaxn G. Olin for secretaxy of state; Edward B. Shaw, Newbuxyport, treasurer, and General John M. Kimball, Fitclxburg, auditor. Minister Received, WASHINGTON, Oct. 7.—Mr. Castle, the newly appointed minister fyom Hawaii, has beexx informally received by Secretary Olney for the transaction of all routine diplomatic business between the two republics, pending his formal official reception by the president. Miles Acumen Conunaud. WASHX-NGTOJJ, Oct. 5.—Secretary ka- mont has issued an order detailing Genera! Miles to 4uty m Washington as general oj the army, and Genera] &uger, UQW 0ix special duty iix Wash. Jngton, to pQmniatJjd of the 4ep.aj-tme«fc ultheKast with hea4q%arters jn New York. M»U«fte'9 Hollow Horn IJeai-s Threat of an Uprising Does Not Occur. ROSEBUD AGENCY, S. D,, Oct. 5, — No uprising of Incliaxxs has occurred 011 the reservation, though the 21 days givexx by Hollow Horxx Bear for the agent to abdicate and for the whites to leave, has expired. Hollow Horn Bear is now iix the lookup axxd his confinement may have a good effect on him. It will do xnxxch to break down his influeixce with the Indians. His record has shown hixn to be a schemer of the worst kind and ixx most cases he has been able to cover up his schemes or to get some ope else punished. The regular quarterly pay day passed off qxxietly, though over },000 Indians wera at the agency. Armenians Still Ta.lng Rcfngo In Them at Constantinople. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 5.—The Armenian church at Constantinople and the other churches situated in differeut parts of the Tiirlcish capital are still crowded with refugees. There are nearly 500 Armenians in the Patriarch- ate church alone. The scenes in the churches are heartrending in the extreme. M:.ny women and children are bewailing the loss of their husbands and fathers. The Armenians declare that the Turkish mob committed the most terrible excesses in the Karaghiomkuk quarter of Constantinople dux-ing the night ot Monday last, the date when the rioting first broke out. According to the Armenians, abou 200 persons have been killed dux-ing the rioting. NO DIVORCES THERE. Trail qnllity for Two WASHINGTON, Oct. 5.-— United States Minister Terrell has cabled Secretary of the Navy Herbert fronxRapia as follows: « There has been tranqxxility for the last 48 hours. Kiamil Pasha is appointed grand vizier. Dreading the influence in distant provinces of i-eceiit events, I have renewed my demand for efficient protection of missionaries. South Carolina Neither Grants Them liecojjnlzes Those of Other States. COLUMBIA, S, C,, Oct. 5.—South Carolina occupies the unique position among the-states of the Union of being the only one which has no divorce law, nor ever has had. The constitutional convention, after a hard fight, by a vote of 86 to 49, has adopted a section of the constitution forbidding the granting of divorces fox- any cause whatever, and not allowing recognition of divorces granted in othex- states, r KENT'S LEASE OF MFE, or mg-a be copied and sent to cr.hcr governments. Several removals have been made, and it is tm- erstoocl that all new appointments in- •olving a knowledge of the construc- ion of our warships, ordnance, xna#a- ines and projectiles will only be given o native Americans, and that the departments will be weeded of all for- ngners as rapidly ns possible. In connection with information coa- jerning 1 our own navy it will bo interesting to note that the xiew navy estimates of Great Britain provide for 88.330 men, which is axi increase of 5.540 over the estimate of last year. Bo- sides the Bxpemliturcs under the provisions of the naval defense act it is proposed to lay out £5,303,043 on the construction of ships and £730,000 on armaments. Japan is alivo to the value of a strong navy and has contracted with a Glaslow firm of sliip-buildcrs for five warships, the cost of which will be nearly £5,000,000. AN \C~. GAVS WOOING. Romance Burro.untllna »• Mount Tacoma GaUlo unil a, Schoolmistress. Miss Cora Beachmau, the belle of Lake Park, a suburb of Tacoma.Wash., and principal of the school there, will marry Henry Garter, the best-known of all the Mount Tacoma guides. Miss Beachmau was a member of a mountain climbing party recently for which Carter was the guide. Through accidents and exhaustion all turned baek before reaching . the summit except Miss Beachman, who had determined at all hazards to see the top. With Carter's assistance she reached the summit at six o'clock, too late to attempt to retux-n that night. The twain remained all nightman ice cave. They talked all night. In the course of conversation Carter proposed and was duly accepted. The thermometer registered twenty degrees below zero while Carter spoke his word pf love. N£JW td KILL Method ol fcsteruntnatlng th« blscovercd bfr n Spokane Sinn. A. T. Church, of Spokane, has disn ' ebtefeda sure way of exterminating the arch enemy of the Washington farmer—the ground squirrel. Mr. Church's method of extermination, says the Tribune of that city* comes under three important discoveries which he has made by a close observation of the ground squirrel's habits. L He has discovered that a squirrel Won't dig out of a hole if any obstruction is in the way, so he won't have to dig through Solid ground. 2. A squirrel will not dig into a hole if it is obstructed so as to make his entrance difficult. 3. A squirrel will not traverse any extent of territory if he is not sure that there are plenty of holes in which he can hide if he. is pxirsued. In the vicinity of Mr. Church'a place he has filled all the squirrel holes with briar bushes, and for a distance of ten rods the squirrels have entirely disappeared. If briar bushes are not handy, > Mr. Church says a wad Of paper will answer the purpose just as well. Mr. Church has examined the' results of killing squirrels with powder, sulphur and other materials now in use in the surrounding country. He is firmly convinced that, while the Weapons used will kill the squirrels, they will be just as bad or worse the coming summer, because a home is already in readiness for them. If the holes are stopped up the squirrels do not seem to thrive and spread over the country. "The experiment, moreover, will cost nothing, and I advise the farmers to try it," said Mr. Church. WHAT WE DO WITH OUR FEET. A Feminine Critic Who Took Dellcrht In Observing: Men's 1' What do men do with their feet and legs :it dinner? Same tiling they do at breakfast and luncheon—\vincl them about the limbs of their chair and hook on by their toes. She sat in a well-known Broadway restaurant the other evening, says the New York World, and amused herself, after she had appeased her hunger, by watching the men's pedal extremities. Some who had feet of generous length caught the heels of their boots on the lower front rung of the chair, and hung their feet up, as it were, while they dined. Two men with short legs and feet to match actually kept on tiptoe through the meal. A few wreathed their legs around those of the table. One laid his left foot flat on the floor sideways, and stood the right one upon it, changing base from time to time. Several hoisted their hoofs on the chair rung, which brought their knees so high their owners had to sit on the bias to avoid raising the table from thu floor; a few scattered their pedal belongings under the entire width of the mahogany, tangling them up with the trotters of their vis-a-vls to such an extent that she wondered it wasn't as common to walk off with another man's legs as with his hat. In the whole, cafe there were not three men who placed their feet flat upon the floor and kept them there. She couldn't help thanking fate for her petticoats, for who knows what antics girls may go through while satisfying thoir birdlike appetites? „ TIio Earth's flloael. Four leading French scientists—Villard, Cotard,-Seyrig and Tissandier— have succeeded in making a wonderful model of the earth. It is a huge sphere, forty-two feet in diameter, and has painted upon its outside all details of the earth's geography. At Paris, where the pygmy world is being exhibited, an iron and glass dome has been erected over the globe. The building- is eight-sided, and is well provided with elevators and stairways, which makes it an easy task for the visitor to examine "all pax-ts of the world." The globe weighs eighteen tons, but i s so nicely balanced that it can. easily be rotated by a small handwheel. The en- ti-.-e surface area is five hundred and twenty-five feet, which is sufficient to exhibit all the mountains, rivers, islands and cities, even to the principal thoroughfares of the latter. f abes PflTect. WASHINGTON, Oct. 7.— The»Wana- contract for carrying foreign mails by American steamships under what is generally known as the "subs;. dy ftct" goes into effwt 'on Oct. J3, and final arrangements jo that being made. __ 8u|irem« Courf; Will Take No Action OH thp Case at, 1.'M» Terin, PAKQO, N, J3., Oct. d.-^Attorneys fpr the defense in the Rent case seeni to have succee<lecj fa getting action of the supreme coujt on, the mattey postponed till April, It will ttotbo heard, at the present terpa a$ Grwd Forks, and the execution, set for Got. ?5, will Jx^ye to be postponed indefinitely, tfcu 8 granting the prisoner an extended lease ol life, Baylor Wtoy QO fres, 8- »., Opt. <J.—Aygiwente closet on fte writ of error in the Taylor case at npo«. T>e attorney for Taylor ol&iwed that Ms plieut guilty to iwTw**ieweix,t; tb aity ft$<4 for fee crimp was twe three Oft pswtef through fee §y§ PftV itsejf js drive.9 fey in holes* a % p.erfeojjy like that iQ| A Jeadwer trio th*w t* w* -cheaper much more or its absence, is hi^e, a from, view by thy? mass o Was Q0t, S.^Major J. 0. Q, defeats Thorny ft? cpngress in wiwtfytf is wte *he 7931 ofth.e car ugarJy Op ACalrs la That is a queer state of things down in Louisiana where a colored murderer, condemned to bo hanged, lias secured a itay of proceedings from the highest coxirt on the ground that no negro xs by law allowed to servo on a jury in Orleans, and as thex-o was a negro on the jury that convicted him it is held that ho tlicl not have a trial by a jury of his peers. It is a remarkable state of things whexx a negro juryman js held not to be the peer of a negro murderer, _ _ 'fi\a Inventor of the Safety, The Cyc'list is amused, it declares, to hear of the many people who have invented the safety bicycle. The papex' says: "The other day a banquet was given to the English inventor, France lias lately put up n.mpvminent at Barle* Due to the Mjchaux who claimed the invention for Fx-ance, and ROW the 'D, R. B.' assures us that the invention is duo to a German named Philip Morits Fischer, • of Schweini'urt-on-Main, who between 1850 and 1855 built a wooden safety, which is yet seen in the muse. HUX of that town. The pedals ore on the front wheel, the size of which is 95) centimeters (80 inches), that of the back wheel GO centimeters (30 inches), axxd the length of tho machine is 470 centimeters (57 inches), It has a spring , saddle, luggago carrier, a brake, acts on the baok wheel, a lamp, and even small mudguards, The latest reliable statistics are said to shpw^tijat Russia has now in Europe about ?.5»6.QQ ?nilos of navigable rivers and' canals, that is to say, 0,000 miles more than all the rest of Europe, that her river flotilla using these terways ls quite double ^nat of many and Austria combined, and en* abled her to wry during .the, ias| si? months £0,000,000 tons more ffQQdi Py water 4 funeral 'car in BQ,Uan.d est, most medieval looking 'pf yeyanees, Jmagine the, ' hidden xxnder long, sweeping drap,epjes of black ejothi Ufee the steeds W to » the.

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