The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 2, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1895
Page 8
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HW, LlfiftS, LO&SS Affl) 1KSBMEE IS. PJ D. H, Mutehihs, >*>• vice-pfes. Wm. II. Fergtison, Cashier. C. D. Smith, Ass't.CRSh. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, i A* lOWAi OAPi'JtAtij $50jOOOi Sftfacl to> loan at reasonable fates to parties who furtttsh flfsi-clnsB sectttit? Btofa-.», n, Hwtclilns, S. Ai Ferguson, Philip »orweller, F. H. Vesper, Atnhrose A. Call, ft. Bt. spencer, IVtn. K.. fefgtison. CASH CAP1TAL-$50,000.00, NEWS OF HE COUNTY. Fatal Shooting of Jbfiri Qailioh at Eagle Lake— It Was aft Accident. Notable Items Wedding at Bancroft — News Gathered From All feints of Great Kossuth. There were qntte a, number of rjetv wind mills put up In these parts last wie'ok, and most of them wore put for in grinding. There are ft few weddings on the list again. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Jtltiss last Saturday a baby boy. LOCALS. £RS ANft DlR&CTORS, L. D. Ola*ke, fres.. 3.0. Chubb, Vice Pi-es., "Uos. H. I.,antry* Cashier, .leo. Ij CValbraU-h. Krcd M. Miller, MyronSehenck, Thos. P.Cooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for time Deposits. H. lugham, President. Theo* Chfiscbilles, Vice President. Lewis H. Smith, Cashier ossuth County State Bank. ALGONA, IOWA. J CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general la.vs of Iowa. Deposits received, money loane1rt< , I ° 1 £ l ! n *". a domestic exchange bought find sold. Collections made promptly and a general tanUlng Business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—\V. H. fngham, John G. Smith, .f. H. Jones, T. Chrischllles, Lewis H. Smith,,!. W. Wadsworth. Barnet Deviue. «. BI.Klchmond. Pves. U. F. Smith, Vice Prcs. A. H. Kiclimoutl. Casbter. 0. ,f. Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. , A ^ None but home capital inverted. Author- incorporated under the laws ot tne state 01 lowa. nuue uut uumc unim.™ •" *v'•£"•, tVMirtn.. tzed capital, 850,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a geneial banking hnshifisaifcrnnmAtori. Hnnr-ifii attp.ntion [riven to col ections. Insurance written. Steamship A Fatal Shot. A very sad accident occnred at the Capt. Jeansen place last Sunday morning about daylight. John Gallion and Oliver Trask were out in the gray dawn of morning hunting and the two men were walking side by side when Trask put a shell in his gun and went to lock the gun when the gun discharged and the charge went completely through Gallion's leg, cutting the large artery and shattering the bone. Trask asked Gallion what he should do and Gallion said to go and tell Bob (who Is his brother) and get some water which Trask did but when Bob arrived John was just gasping his last, having bled to death. The wound was of such a nature that even if a physician had been present with his Instruments it would have been very doubtful if his life could have been saved. The deceased was universally bo- loved and respected and a large number of teams went to the Jeansen place to escort the hearse bearing tho corpse. The body was placed in the Masonic Hall where it was viewed by hundreds of the friends of the deceased last Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Tho funeral was from tho M. E. church yesterday morning at 10 o'clock a. m. and the remains were taken lo the Portland cemetery and interred beside the remains of the father of the deceased. The family have tho sympathy of a large number of friends in their affliction. tickets to and from Europe. DIKEOXORS-n, H. Richmond. N. E. Sheridan, Mayne.C. E. Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. . ,, ,,. . „„ n w cmith A. B. Richmond, B. F. Smith. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. •• Our books tiro thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has evoi written a word In thorn Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good wo^'k will cost voii MO more than poor. "Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. E^-REAL ESTATE FOANS. FARMS AND WlLD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. ecessary A Successful Social Event. At- the M. E. church last Wednesday evening ocurred one of the most prominent social events of the season in the marriage of 0. L. Harper and Miss Ernma H. Smith. The church was beautifully decorated for the occasion. Rev. T. S. Cole, pastor of the INI. E. church, officiated. About 100 guests attended the reception at the residence of the bride's parents, welch took place immediately after the ceremony. After the reception ] the guests repaired to the Globe hotel, where the tables fairly groaned with the good things provided by the landlord. The social feature of the evening was also very lively and pleasant. The groom is one of Bancroft's best young business men,-and ho bears the reputation of being an honest, careful and Christian' man. The bride has been reared in this neighborhood and is a product of Kossuth county and the people of Bancroft hold her In high esteem and wish the young conp)e all the'joy and happiness possible. tcem of Bancroft people was proven, by the large number of beautiful and costly presents which were presented the young couple, and we join in wishing them prosperity. J. A. Campbell's new store building is W E can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing M a chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is .not nee essary to send your money east to get a machine that when vou get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT. J. B. "WIDSTECEL. BEFORE THE o o e o ® LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-J. A, Freeh, Prop, HK OFFKRS THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOR CONSIDERATION: .Aetna 1 , Phoenix, Hartfoid ............................. Continental, N. Y- —••• ........................ 'Fire Association, I hila ......................... •Hanover, 3S- y ^ •:,•; ",,'1' 'Mii-V-ii'ii- Northwestern ational, Mil * duk Cash Capital. Assets , §4,000,000.00 $10,847,816.36 , 3,000,000.00 . 1,000,000,00 . 500,000.00 . 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 300,000.00 5.588,058.00 0,754,908.00 5,191,055,00 2,245,353.00 1,862,697.00 1,021,537.00 463,214.00 ^ ^10,150,000, paid in death losses. ^ ^^^ Life & Accident Insurance Co - - ..'. : Assets, ^3,977,580.08 We believe this is as good a we solicit your patronage. statement as can be made by any agency in tho land Republican Club & nearly completed. The C. & N-W. makes a 05 cent rate for the round trip to the Fair. With their two trains a day each way, and other accommodations the Northwestern deserves tho praise and patronage of tho people. A. Wilmes is laying tho foundation for a fine new residence opposite tho Baptist church. Everyone seems to be sorry that W. V. Wills and family will move on a farm near Scranton, Iowa. He was to have moved yesterday. N. D. Sutherland and Miss Elmira March, of Eldora, wore married at the latter place last week and are now keeping house on the groom's farm in Seneca township. Dentist Beinis and Dr. Walters are cov.i- ly located in their now rooms in tho J. E. Hudson building. Tho Grand Army of the Republic will give a bean supper and a program of exercises at Jefferson Hall, Wednesday evening, Oct. 9. Menu: Baked beans, cream, milk, meat, cake, fried cakes, salad, pickles, pie—pumpkin and apple, tomatoes, baked applos. The ladies of the Relief Corps ask donations of any of tho above articles by our citizens. Rev. T. S. Cole preached his farewell sermon at the M. E. church last Sunday evening to a large audience who all seem ed to regret his leaving. W. V. Wills also made some remarks and bade goodbye, as he is soon to leave. Dr. Cutler and family also leave in a very short time and there was a. general leave-taking and the service was very touching. The many friends of those who are leaving say goodbye and God speed. Peter Ewen expects to take an oceai: trip to Europe for his health. Ho wil start about October 15, and will visit in Germany before he returns, Rufus E. Pavison of the southern part of the state, and J. P, Pavison, of this county, visited relatives and friends in Bancroft last week, Wo are in receipt of m invitation and program of a shooting tournament to be given by the Bancroft Gun Club which will take place on Tuesday, October 8, 1895. Quite a number of prpwinent shots are invited from abroad and a good at? tendance and plenty Of sport are expected. WESLEV, Oei. 1.—Obed Robinson Is erecting a root house. He will be a full fledged gardener yet. The public school, under Prof* Ehlers ably assisted by Miss Pettibone and Mrs. Plerson, Is doing good work, although somewhat crowded. With a red-hot republican corresponding for the Courier and the only populist In town writing for the Republican these two Algona papers had better keep a weather eye open on their politics.—We&ley Reporter. Now Mac. this has gone just far enough. Simply because we are timid and small is no sign that wo will allow anyone to libel tis in that way. If you don't want a mammoth law suit on your hands and our prayer for eternal Vohgence on your head, you had better not insert another Item like the above. We let the Courier man speak for himself. Mr. and Mrs. John Doll departed for their home, in Illinois, last Friday. Hollenbeck and Thomas have begun to buy hogs. Last Thursday two emigrant families were in town tho greater part of the afternoon trying to iind a house to move into but were not able to do so. Every house in town Is occupied or contracted for in the near future. John Ward is having the property recently vacalocl by Mrs. Ford, improved to quite an extent. Our accomodatlng post master is putting in a stock of groceries. Obed Robinson and wife are enjoying' a visit from their daughter, Mrs. Donalson, from Britt. On October 15th will occur tho anniversary of the mother of Father II. C. Eckhart of the Catholic church. The Wesley correspondent to. the Courier would undoubtedly make a good politician for he is excellent on the dodge. He refused to make any reply to us last weok in regard to the sale of the school bonds but satisfied himself by asking himself "Who is that go-off-half-cocked-correspondent of the REPUBLICAN anyway?" Well, whoever we may be we never had a woman to call us "An old rod horse." Wo are glad to note that G. W. Eddy will soon bo able to come up town. The furniture for the new State Bank building arrived last week. Tho bank vill be moved to its now quarters some imoduring,, the first days of October. Stits intends to treat everybody when ho ;cts into the new building. The "povurtie soshol" gived in Gidd- ng's Hall Wednesday evening was well attended and everybody expressed themselves as having a good time. It was a financial success. The Ladies' Aid Society have succeeded in raising the 875.00 they pledged towards Rev. Plummer's salary. The ladies have been faithful in their undertaking. •"> The cold wave struck us Saturday. Attorneys Welt Miller and H. II. Fellows are in attendance at the District Court this week. G. F. Barslou and family visited at Bancroft the later part of last week. Rev. C. E. Plnmraer departed Monday to attend the annual M. E. conference at Webster City. We arc sorry to note some of our people do as much work on Sunday as on any other day of tho week. Will Kennedy is driving tho dray for F. N. Rogers while Fred serves his country as juror in the district court. Pete Bostrack, like Grover, says three of a kind beats two pair, therefore ho is smiling all over about that little 10 pound lady that come to his house Sunday night to take up her abode with him and Mrs. Bostrack for some years to come. Mother vnd child are doing well. Harrison. HAKKISON, Sept. 30—High wind and very heavy rain visited this section on tho night of the twenty-first but did no damage other than to scatter boards, hay and straw. Jack frost has made a visit in our vicin- ty and laid his icoy finger on vegetables and vinos. Some of tho farmers are threshing their flax. It is somewhat damaged by the recent wet weather and wind. Farmers who have no corn cribs on their farms will soon iind it necessary to build as wo see the corn will soon be fit to crib. S. H, Grannis, of Ledyard, is taking in largo amounts of grain in his new elevator. He pays the highest prices for grain and gives correct weights Republican and State Register, he Republican and Inter Ocean, , and 1 1 Tribune, $1,85 $1,85 Hog cholera is raging again and a great many dollars will be lost'thereby. The atcplievson Boycott. WESLEY, Sept. 2.3,—Dear RKPVBWCAN; Two weeks ago you wondered why the Standard QJ1 Company boycotted G. 8. MePherson and would not sell him any oil. The facts are that the oil company was not so inuph to blame as some of the dealers In Wesley who reported that I was not a dealer JuoU but wanted it for iny private use. I have sold since the first of test May over fifty barrels of oil, thanks to the Letts, Spencer & Hoffman Co, for the oil to sell Truly yours, U. S. tibtihty and Rev. P. Almgren is the successor to Rev. O. A. Lahdell at Swea City. ReV. Almgren is from Fargo, 1ST. D. Building operations are so brisk at Wesley that Mr. Hume complains of not being able to get lumber in fast enough to supply the demand. Mrs. Hoyer, o-f Whittemore, the moth i er of the man who was killed recently by a threshing machine, died last Wednesday. The grade of the B. C. R. & N. is completed to Forest City now and the company is waiting for steel to lay the trftck. Trains will probably be running- over the new road about October 15, says tho Armstrong Journal. Tom Carmody's little dog at Whittemore suicided last week by placing, its head on tho rail In time to have the train wheels pass over I*. Or was it accideatal? Tho Wesley Reporter tells tho yarn that a farmer up north had a field of oats knocked by the hail and he thinking it only fit for feed cut It down* and from the seed a second crop of oats grew up which he just harvested;a few days ago. J. M. Statiffacher and Miss Lena Butts, of LuVerne, were married at Humboldt last VVednesday. Work is just beginning on tho new iron bridge across the Dos Moincs river at St. Joe. The Methodist ladies .at LuVeKnu will hold a camp flro Friday evening, and Major Hendershot will furnish the music. A fine now Congregational c-hurch Is about to be erected at Eagle Grove A shooting tournament comes oft' at Bancroft next Tuesday. Julius Ploth", of Ledyard, has accepted a position with tho Gorman Land Company, of Carroll. A young child of manager Berlin, of tho Seneca store, drank some benzine last week. It was very sick but recovered. Another child, in the O'Doll family at Bancrolt, drank fly poison and was saved by antidotes administered by Dr. Cutler. Lute Fairbanks, of Portland township, and H. J. Newell, of Feuton, are among those who are to build dwellings this fall. N. D. Sutherland, of Seneca, and Miss Elmira March, of Decorah, wore married at the latter place last Wednesday. They begin housekeeping on the groom's Seneca farm. A hunter by the name of Kroeger accidentally shot himself while out hunting west of Whittemoro Wednesday, dying a few hours later. Walter McFarland, of West Bend, has invented a clever device for handling eggs, and has now so far perfected it that he has made a contract with Frank Dorwoil- er for their manufacture. * Those who have seen the invention and its work, pronounce it a good thing and something every merchant who buys eggs will want. The Humboldt Republican says an organized band of thieves is operating in Humboldt, Pocahontas and Webster counties. Fort Dodge subscribed 835,000 of stock and gave 810,000 bonus and secured a big shoe factory. The institution came from Dos Moiues. Tho people of Lone Rock are excited over the closing of the creamery which has been run there several years. The farmers are trying to arrange for the purchase and operation of the creamery on the cooperative plan. Joseph Markla is building a barn 48 x 60 on bis farm near Burt. E. J. Murtagh, cashier of the Burt bank visited his mother in Shell Rock., Iowa, last week. Hog cholera is prevalent in various parts of Kossuth. Geo. E. Marble has taken the census of the town of Burt and finds the population to be 396, against 341 last spring, says tho Monitor. The school census showed up 155 children of school age. The Ledyard Leader says that W. Seifart pressed 435 bales of hay last Wednesday in nine hours and states this was the largest quantity ever pressed in the county in that length of time, Tho Leader says that Ledyard paid the Northwestern railroad company $1,000 for the month of August, Burglars made an unsuccessful attempt to rob the Farmers' Exchange bank at Steamboat Rock Friday evening, The noise of the explosion of tho safe called the president to the scene and tho burglars fled without, having obtained any money. An attempt to rob the Hancock county treasurer's office was made on the same night, but without success, Tho safe was blown open and everything in the office was wrecked, A like attempt to rob the United States Express Company at Heath of Solon Wilson. J. B. Wilson died Sunday morning at 6:§0. aged 51 years, S months arid 13 days. Hef was born Nov. 10, 1S43 in Washington Go.j Ohio, and enlisted December 1st, 1803, as & private in Co. F. 17th Illinois Calvary, afterwards belnjr promoted to corporal. This regiment was organized, at St. Charles and soon in the field engaged in severe conflict with the rebels in Missouri. After having traveled by rail, st&amboat and marches about 15,000 miles they Were mustered out December 18. 18R5. Mr. Wilson has lived in the vicinity of Whittemore for 25 years. During the last four years.he has been a sufferer from an affection of the head. He leaves a widow, and four children to mourn.his death. The funeral services wore conducted by Rev. Imley at the Baptist church, the G. A. R. performing the last rites at the grave. The G. A. R. Posts of Algona and West Bend were represented by a large delegation. Deceased was a quiet highly respected citizen. Having served his country with honor in wat'i ho won the respect of all who knew him by his conduct in peace.— Whtttemoro Champion. Lakes Going: Dry. Esthervllle Democrats: For , the first time in the country's history, Ryan Lake is completely dry. There is not a spoon* ful of water in it and it is claimed that a team could be driven anywhere over its bed. All the eastern portion of Swati Lake is also dry and it is said the water In the deepest place is not over three feet.. Another season of drouth will dry up every lake in the country. Scully-Correct Marriage. Armstrong Journal: Mr. Ed. Scully and Miss Anna Correct., both of Seneca, Iowa, wore united In marriage at tho Catholic church In this city on Tuesday morning, Rev. Father Taken, of Forest City, officiating. A reception was given at the homo of the bride in the evening and all who were so fortunate as to geb a "bid" report a right royal time. Tho Journal joins with the rest of their many friends in wishing them much happiness. We have received .a copy of a unique publication called M. H. Greene & Co.'s "History of Grain and tho Grain Trade of tho World." It is printed in colors and is illustrated with a picture some 4,000 years old, from the tombs of Thebes, representing the ancient Egyptians elevating their wheat into granaries. There is also a threshing song in hieroglyphics, with tho translation of each character. Tho book covers tho prehistoric chapters of thesub- ject. Egyptian, Chaldean, Assyrian,. Babylonian, ' Persian, Indian, Chinese, Phoenician and Carthagenian historians are quoted. There is a very rare description of land caravans and sea caravans. The history of wheat in Greece, Rome,, Antioch, and among the Scythians, Celts, Gauls, Germans, Goths, Scots, Britons, Irish, Africans, Mound Builders, Peruvians and-Ameriian,Indians, finishes tho first part or Ancient History of Grain. Tho part ..called Modern History deals with Venice, the Arabs, carrying of wheat to the New World, the Philippines, the Dutch, Antwerp, and the great modern Europe and American cities. There is an index covering all the matters contained in the book. It is the publishers' desire to present a copy of the work to every miller, grain dealer and interested party in the United States, and all such wishing a free copy should address H. M. Greene & Co., Rialto Building, Chicago, III. One pound, of Dunn's Wheat Phosphate represents the Nutritious Phos- puatic substance of the ginmmm an innesting coats of 125 pounds of grain, the product of 25 pounds of bran and shorts tin amount sufficient to enrich 100 pounds of bolted flour. Public Sale. The undersigned will sell at public auction two miles north of Algona, on the Dr. Barr farm, on Friday, Oct. 11, 1895 the following property to-wit: Twelve milk cows, 3 yearling heifefs, 2 yearling steers, 8 spring calves, about thirty shoats, 1 yearling boar, fine flock of. SUvopsUire sheep, 1 yearling colt, 1 2-year-old colt, 2 3-year-old colts and 2 work, horses, Machinery: One six-foot Stundavd mower, 112-foot hay rake, 1 Walter A. Wood binder,! riding corn plow, 1 walking corn plow, 1 16>incb stubble ylow, 214-incli stubWe plows, l steel lever harrow, 1 set of bob sleds, a-seated buggy, single seated top buggy, set double harness, feed grinder, broadcast seeder, about fifty cliickens apd numerous articles not mentioned, Sale begws at 10 o,elock, Free luqch at noon- Terms: All sums of $5 and under, cash; sums over $5, twelve months time with approved security. Five per cent discount for cash, T. M, & W, k, BILSBOKOUGH, D, A- HAaaABP, Auctioneer, FKNTON, Sept. 30,-~John badly hurt by being thrown from his buggy. His horse became frightened and ran. Philip Wander a«4 Pavld, Bourne have just finished a bar« for Mr. WWW anc Ii3\v tj»ey are^ulldiiiK QnefP-F Mj'< Weu&e, A few of the pojin Meads aM relates at The Fenton correspondent of tft." Monitor says tbirttowe ts some talk of getting a telephone line tluwgh. Fenton from WWttemore to Faivyillp. J* }s a sure thing, ao4 if Feptoa $w i'& tbey will run It over here, pr it wew<J about the same ftp* Burt, It e would give a Urtte we «»W WOT Ian the night previous, which was a fail' uro like the others elsewhere from a money point of view, would seem to indicate that the burglars have inaugurated a campaign. ' T'.' M. TV.. ', '-.-• ' •'•'••• '- - • '•' -' ! '"' ' * $8,500 WwtU of Timothy. Sibley Gazette; The most valuable cotu signwent of grain, so far as we pan learn, that has been marketed at o«ce and by one farmer in Slbley, was the wagon train of timothy brought in last Friday by 0, B. Harding, There were eighteen loads, containing about 1,500 bushels, and as the' wagons tUed into town Q»e after another they presented an imposing aspect. A- W. Karris was the successful buyer who bid |n this fine lot of grain, and, Mr. Harding j-eceiyed the handsome sum. of $3,500 for it, These figures will doubtless ina^e many wish to engage in. farming, but op the farm, as elsewhere those results pap QB ' y be obtained, by the best of nja»aj;epieot. Mr. A, Vogel, of tbe firm of A. Vogel & Sons, Dubuque, Iowa, in speaking of Dy, T. W. Wood's Worm Destroyer, says be has used it jn bis family for the past seven years and recommends it to even family as the best, This is a valuable stomach ap4 liver regulator as weil as a 0, 8ISLl«E¥, 0, », PEITJBOWE MftHiU WI1RRS,

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