Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1965 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1965
Page 6
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6—AL66NA (low*) ADVANCE MONDAY, JAN. 18, 1965 Bulldog Saturday, Jan. 8 the entire debate class under the instruction of Mr. Vint participated in a speech tournament at Buena Vista college. Storm Lnko. Class members posted the following ratings in the areas in which they participated: Discussion — Karen Charles Ex- Tales BY SALLY BAY Rusk, excellent. ! Extemporaneous Speaking — | Gregg Buchanan. Karen Liorley, jPhil Taylor, suncrinr: Bnrrv iWatkins. pvccllonl- Mike Stillman and Glen Tschnttor. pood. i Oratorv — Barb Wicks. Man- r^on O'Brien, snnnrior: Karen IC h a r 1 e s, Gail Bartholomew, ° f " b " l ° cxwl " Interpretative Reading — Ann Bohannon, superior: Jo Cox, Mark Conn, Jane Raney, Cheryl KCEP YOUR DRUG & JEWELRY *• * * Big Things Coming Later This Month! ning rounds and nno round. Maureen O'Brien and Jackie Kinden held the nfflrma- tive .d.qnd while Mike St'llman and Grot"? Buchanan defended the negative position. —AHS— A cnreer film, mad"? available to our putdnnce denartmont from the Bell Telephone Com- panv. was shown during the nre- School activity period last week. The film dealt with female careers in the Bell Telephone Company. —AHS— The results of lost Tuesday's senior class meeting were the choosing of the class colors, emerald green and roval blue, their class flower, which is the white rose, and the choosing of their motto, "We're not afraid of tomorrow, for we have seen yesterday, and we love today." —AHS— The pleasant odor filling the building during the past week was not rotten eggs from the home economics department, but hydrogen sulfide gas from the chemistry labs. —AHS— Student Council members have been totaling up points for each class to determine the winner of the first semester's spirit cup. This gold cup was given by the Class of 1939 at their twentieth class reunion and has been in existence since the school year of 1960-61. Points are given to each class on the basis of the number of students Kossuth County Mental Health Assn., Inc. \ Annual Meeting TUESDAY, JANUARY 19,11965 7:30 P J. - SUPERVISOR'S ROOM KOSSUTH COUNTY COURTHOUSE All members of the association arc urged to attend. There will be election of officers and the presentation of annual reports. In p.irh. of fhp following: honor roll, athletics, cheerleading, ca- doltes, student council, mixed chonis. pen band, concert band, | Kirls' choruses, clubs, plus points for general spirit and for the fewest unexcusod absences. Ex- fra points nre rriven for club officers. Counril members hnve voted to purchase and establish a nermnnent nlantte containing 'engraved metal strins with the i t'radunUnrt years of the winning clnssos. The cup will be awarded nfter the announcement of the first semesters honor roll. —AHS— Mike Stilltmn, president of Camera Club, announced that at their meeting last Wednesday the club discussed financial mailers and the finishing of the distribution of individual pictures. —AHS— Rod Ricklpf«s presented some of his color slides from his summer stay in Chile at the January meeting of the Future Teachers of America. President Russell Rode anoointed committees to be in charge of the concession stand. —AHS— Bovs' Basketball Intramural standings as of Monday. Jan. 12 show the Lakers undefeated with 5-0, the Warriors and Bombers sharing the number two oosition with 3-2. next come the Hawks nostine 2-3, the Bullets with 1-4. and last but not least, the Pistons holding up the bottom with 0-5. —AHS— The pen skit at last Friday's pen meeting was a take-off on the popular new television show "The Munsters." A Student .Council project, the skit was ! written by senior member Jackie Kinden. AHS M'insters were David Agena, Rod Ricklefs, John Pratt, Barb Meclin, and Sue Moulton. Jackie, a former student of Mr. Sonksen, also type-casts? —AHS— Student Council members also sponsored a sock hop Saturday night after the wrestling meet. —AHS— Juniors who ordered their class rings through the school received them last Monday. —AHS— National Honor Society met briefly Monday after school. Tlie club decided to purchase a National Honor Society Banner and discussed the possibility of sponsoring a sock hop some weekend after semester tests. —AHS— Play crew members working on the costume committee for the one-act plays began designing and sewing the twenty-odd costumes needed. Sharon Sundet, chairman of the committee, along with Sandi Haag, Linda Meehlhause, Jane Raney, Shirley Ringsdorf, Sue Moulton, and Cheryl Rusk, under the supervision of Mr. Sonksen have been working on the costumes. —AHS— The Executive officers of the Future Homemakers of America met briefly Wednesday after school. —AHS— The chemistry department re; grots to announce the loss of an I experimental hamster. The ro- !dent was never located by the ' seven thirty searching party I and is now thought to be trap- jped in the lab sink's draining system. Rumor has it that Jim animal Whittemore couple have 40th wedding Whittemore — Jan. 7 Chas. I Bormanns had their 40th wed- 'dine with mass in the morning jsaid bv their son. Rev. Chas. Bormann. Pocnhontis. Breakfast was served in the Bormann i home to the immediate famllv. Dinner was .at Van's Cafe, Children attending were. Rev. Charles Bormann, Pocahontas. the .Maurice Bormanns. LeMars. Richard Bormanns. West Bend, Jerrv Bormnnns and Verne Bor- manns. Onon ho"se was held in St. Michael's hall. The evening was spent at cards. Clarence Kemna, n"ar Rodman, is a K"rqical ns«lient in a Mrs. Marion Hyink had the 7- un Hub Mondnv. * ' The John Martos had the Pi- i norrhl" club Mond n v. Wm. Fan- j del. Mrs. Henry Mueller, Joh'n I Martc and Mrs. Gertrude Kollasch and Leo Walters \tfbn prizes. ; The Reuben Butzkes had their j Pinochle .club Sundav. Vic najLi. : Mrs. Herb 7/nmaeh. Louis Grei- i nert, and Mrs. Vic Dau won pri/"s. ' ; Mrs. Elizabeth Lmhach. Affnes and M^rv. had th°'r. pinochle club Monday. Mrs. Henrv Mueller and Mrs. Joe Prieslcr \Von prizes. ' \ The J.-jmes Geelans had the .Scatter Club Sunday.-,, J Joe H i Robert Walker, Mrs. Owen Johh- i son and Mrs. Leo Kollasch won prizes. , The Sterling Simonsons had their card club Sundav. Gerald Elbert. Mrs. Arnold Kollasch, Elliott Waldschrrtidt, Mrs. Edmond Berte and Mrs. Bernard Thilges won prizes. The 18-month old baby of the Dwight Deckers is a medical pa- j lient in . the Emmetsburg hospital. . ' Mrs. Gertrude Kollasch was a guest Friday at Mark Kollasch's,' Britt. .' : The Leo Walters returned .Monday from Park Forrest, 111., after the holidays at Gene Harig's. . • ..-'' : 1 Darlene Womach, Eagle Grove, is visiting at Virgil Elbert's. i The. Virgil' Elberts \ycre Sunday visitors with her;-parents, the P. E. Womachs, Cresco, ], 'j c The"'Don Cowrads, fJake City, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Jane s Sunday. Monday gtiests were Mrs. Joe Wollner and Jean, Bancroft. The Legion Auxiliary will meet Jaft. 19. Servers will be Mrs. Grace Piekarski, Mrs. Emma Knecht and Mrs. Anna Mueller. The Gerald Oltoms, Mgona, Harry Scelys, Milton Espes, Wm. Ostwalds and Dale Bells visited Bert Seely for his birthday Sunday. Sunday guests at Henry Haag's were the Lowell Shimons.. Pocahontas, Bill Kemnas, Rolfe, and Harold Roths, Algona. The Robert Maahses went to Watertown, Wis., Monday for the funeral of a 12-year old cousin who was accidentally shot by a rifle. 'The Ed. Kenyons visited the Robert Gappas, Ayrshire, Sunday. The Ed. Maahses and Eldon Maahses went to Ames Sunday for the baptism of Sheryl Lynn, daughter of the Earl Maahses. Sponsors were the Eldon Maahs- es. The Win. Meyers II were guests Sunday at Henry Lauck's Sr. Sunday guests at Alfred Meyer's were the Leonard Mevers, Algona, Ernest Meyers, Elvin Meyers and Tom Meyers. Sunday visitors at Herb Potratz's for Edward's birthday were the Wilmer Wichtendahls, Lotts Creek, Ernie Meyers, Chas. Schultzes, Norman Schultzes, Mrs. Ruth Schultz and the Deb Wichtendahls. The.Vincent Salzes were Sunday visitors with her mother, Mrs. George Bescti .. §f., West Bend, and at Ronald MeyefV^ From here at a shpwef^fof Joafl Beckef in Algbna Wete Mesdames Vincent Salz, Edmund Berte, Albert Kramer, and Lawrence Kitsch. Mrs. Marie Schrrteling and El< da Baas were Sunday visitors at Harold Baas's, West Bend. Mrs. Herman Kollasch had the Jolly 500 club Tuesday. Mrs. Herman Voigt, Dora Besch, and Mrs. Merle Laubenthal won prizes. Mrs. Wm. Meyer 11 will have club in February. South Side Club met Tuesday with Mrs. Anna Wehrspann. Mrs. Emma Knecht, Mrs. P, W. lasch and Mrs. Deb Wichtend won prizes. The Ed. Kenyons had thi 500 club Tuesday. Jim DahlhaU< ser, Mrs. Elmer Elbert. Nfck Hoak, and Mrs. Wayne Schuller won prizes. The Arnold Heldts (Arlene Struecker), Mallard, have a boy, born Jan. 3, 7'lbs. 14 oz., named Niel Martin. He has two broth- ers. Bob fiwpldt fiBceiUty. returned to mftfitie )^a|e'al fweAty Ni|ie Palms, , , his nvothef, Mrs. ' ' after a leave with o1dt. 6? eONCItlpN of "THE SECURITY STATE BANK' at Aj«6fl« IA tiMt »»•»• •» **• *• MM tje*e 6f builMM on 1. Cosh, balances with other bonks, and dash items in process ot coll«cf|oh ,.,:.... L'.......l... ...... ____ ..... - ...... - ..... . 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed ---- l 3. Obligations • ot States find political subdivisions . ............... 6. L6ans and discounts. (Including $1832.61 overdrafts) -.-..-----7. Bonk premises owned $4600.00, furniture and fixtures $55,332.19 -9. Investments and other ' assets indireetly representing bank premises ,. or other real estote ................................ - ..... 5' 11. Other assets ..... -I...* ____ . ....... ---<- ............... - 59,932.19 12. TOTAL ASSETS , - - 5,593,669.69 L I A B t L I T I t S n ... 13. Demond deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations .- 3,320,375.34 [,14. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, ond corpor- ,*..,. nn •' '-' ' ntlrtri* •' *" "' :''.."'• * ______-.— O/U.Z4I.LHJ 5. Deposits of~~Unfted~Sfates~GovernmenM~including postal savings) .- 'lt'°Z2'?§ .6. Deposits of States and politicdl'Vubdivislons - 76 l'o?? 4 li 17. Deposits'of banks :.---- —-- « 071^1 18. Certified and officers' checks, etc. -^ 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES - 5,133,030.28 25. Capital: (a) Common stock, total par value $200,000.00 -- ?°,° : ' 0 , 0 , 0 ,'n° 26. Surplus -----i-L_--- :.- : 27. Undivided profits .. - 28. Reserves (ond retirement account for preferred capital) MUSCULAR ACHES • PAINS Take PROVO tablets when you want temporary relief from minor aches and pains and body stiffness often associated with Arthritis, Rheumatism, Bursitis, Lumbago, Backache and Painful Muscular aches. Lose these discomforts or your money back. At all'drug counters. Honsbruch Drug • Algona 29. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ........................... ---- - 460,639.41 so. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ............... - 5,593,669.69 MIMORANOA 31. Assets pledged or assigned 1 to- sect/re liabilities and for other purposes (including notes and bills rediscounted ond securities sold with agreement to repurchase) ......... J_--'- ........ - ..... 175,000.uu 32. (a) Loans as shown above are after deduction of valuation reserves - O f _L ______ ;.;; ___ _-_' ___ '.'...-I. ___ ;•___• _________ •_._•- '. _____ r ---- 37,075.00 We C. W. Conn and Fred A.-Dlekmann, Jr. of the above-nmed bank do solemnly swear that this report of condition is true and correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief. ' . ' C.W. Conn (President) '•'•••• Fred A. Dlekmonn, Jr. (Cashier) Correct—Attest: H. R. Hauser E. 1. Lindebak ) ' B. A. Frankl L. 0. Miller ) Directors. A. A. Schipull ) (SEAL) Stote of Iowa, County of Kossuth, ss: - Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of January, 1965, and I horeby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. : My commission expires July 4, 1966 Ann E. Kelley, Notary Public. , The Ralph Walkers had a|s guests Sunday the Floyd Vaders, Tony Coles, Havelock, ;Bob Stovers, Laurens, Mrs. Adolph De- Inch, Emmetsburg, toe Arlo, iStoltenbergs, Belmond, and Mair i vin Steinberger, Fenton. ! • The Elmer Anlikers were Sunday guests at Eddie Anliker's, West Bend. : Mrs; Evelyn Fitzgerald, Sac City, and Joan Constantino, Baton Rouge, La., were guests Mori- day at James B. Geelan's. Pete Dahlhauser took his Another, Mrs. Josephine Dalil- jhauser, to Algona Sunday, to visit her sister, Mrs. Tillie Waldschmidt, i The Tony Waechters, West Bend, were Monday visitors with .Mrs. Josephine Dalhauser. Don' Mesdames W. F. Dau, Herb The first type-revolving press Zumach, Vic Dau, Wilbur Roebqr was constructed by Hoe and i and Hugo Meyer attended open Company and was installed in' 1 »»__..-- -_ - .L.-- T . • the office of the Philadelphia Public Ledger in 1846. Need Printing? Call the ADVANCEI FUEL OIL Compare our prices — you get the FINEST QUALITY fuel oils for less money at Viking Oil Co. Give gs a call for your next fill! Viking Oil Co. "gold Pond & King Korn Stamps" §•374° liousc Monday for the John Campbells, Denver, Cqlo. Mrp. Campbell is the former Twyla. Jergens, daughter of the Frank' Jergens, West Bend, They left Tuesday for North • Carolina where he is in service, The Herb Zumachs gave a farewell party Sunday for the Hugo Meyers, who are spending six weeks in Florida. Guests were the Frank Jergens, West Bend, Mrs. W. F. Dau, the Lawrence Meyers, Wilbur Roebers, Melvin Roebers and Vic Dans. The Bill Ristaus, Eagle Grove, visited her parents, the George 800 ROOMS WI1H A VS'.W • SO LUXURIOUS SUIHS INCLUDING 15 PENlHOUStS VMlH PAIICS • SIX DINING AND WINING ROOVS • WE PARKING • PLANNING • tiiet meel.ni 01 con.enl.on> Om ~<f! Mttt.nf inc Uh'bitioa lowmi »ccommod*:e up 10 6.000 lei nwel.nji-4,000 foi Iwulutli. JhOIH U»MiNGION |M.t,MSO!»' -i . • , • ' ..- . ti •,, Heat that added room or closed-in porch...the r^ - .;• ;••' ' * -••"•• • • EASY economical way! SAVE Up to 30% on Fuel ,!.-•. ;•; ,_;.,:..• <,,| •.,.!',, .. _ . ,..; ,,.,':,;•:.:: ..,.., r ..,.,-r;.V,.."'., .^ ... • costs with Monogram Vent-O-magic and Warm morning space Heaters. INSTALL IN WINDOW OR WALL (lik. .n air conditioner) HAVE ALL these money-saving, space-saving features: SAFE — sealed combustion chamber* burn n* room air • Fully POWER- VENTED — NEED NO FLUI OR CHIMNEY • Take up no floor space — largest units extend only 8 W into rpom • Automatic with ehoic* of builh in or wall thermot»at • EXCLUSIVE builf-in forced warm iir ctrculatipn systems given CENTRAL HEATING COMFORT « Quickly heat floors firft — where heat ic needed most * Distribute heat evenly ffor to ceiling —' wall to wall 9 Draw preheated air from wiling for ECONOMICAL reheating, Available in three models, for ALL GASES — 3Q,QqO BTU -*, 35,00p 45,000 BTU — Approved by Americap Gas Association!, panadian Gas tiofl, Canadian Standards Association, Le'adipg Utilities a!nd ' Ideal for... Added room? Apartments Attic* Chilly rooms CIp.sed-in Porches Cottages Garages Greenhouses Mobile Homes Multiple dwellings Offices Playrooms Workshops fcONJfi HEATING of multiple units and rambling homes Slop h This Wiek Mi Ul Us Show YN The Latest Spot Realm! IQ.% OFF for 9 limited time only Yes, * special 1Q% djfc 9 unt «« on all smajl h«tt*rf at N«fth Central Public $frv|cf ONLY. If you need a new space heater ?r i r«p||c«nient, itpp in this Wftk. FOR 4 LIMITED TIMJ NORTH CENTRAL Public Service Company 6§f Isnriw"

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