The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 2, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1895
Page 5
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.sf —. ALGONA ioWA s WEDNESDAY, OCTOM& 2, isos. Successors to JONES & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTATE*, COLLECTIONS. - - - - IOWA. A» B* Clarke & Co»j . FARM LOANS. Kent Alffona State Bnftk. AtGOSrA, iA. Geo. C, Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For Information in regard to laittte in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. State street. AlGOfcA, IOWA, QUO. B. CLARKE. CHAS. Clarke & Cohenour, ATTORNEYS AT LAW* AiGONA, IOWA. Geo. B« Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW* ALGOJfA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. Sullivan & McMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, AB.C.ONA, IOWA. WAN Every Man, Wometn and Child Who attends The Fair—. To Call and See our Line of FANCY AND STAPLE ® ® Crockery and Glassware Langdon & Hudson. Postofflce Block. / Money to loan E. V. Swetting, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ALGONA, IOWA. ,T. 1,. HONAH. H. H. FELLOWS. Bouar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. attention, Collections will receive prompt attentio! Booms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at Wesley, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA, Daiison & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. AtGONA, IOWA. We wiH be able to save you some money on underwear this fall as we bought it all in ease lots. It won't do you any harm to come and see us. * NEW ENGLAND. Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made. All business promptly attended to. WESI/EY, IOWA. \ S. S. Sessions, ' '-i ATTOR-NEY'AT^AW. -'• , Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrisohillos' Store. . • ALGONA, IA. L. K. Garfleld, M. D., PHYSICIAN^AND SURGEON, State street. -' AtGONA, IOWA. M. J. Keiieflck, M. D., Taylor's Store. At-GONA, - IOWA. J. M. Pride, M. D., Over Postoffice. ALGONA, IOWA. Dr. L. A. Slieetz, DRUGGIST ,AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals in Paints, Oils, i Books, Perfumeries, Etc, Cor. State and Thoring'ton. AtGONA,IA. DENTIST. A, !L. Rist, D. D. S., Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting' teeth. AtGONA, IOWA, E. S, Glasier, D, D, S,, DENTAL ROOMS, Over the Alsona State Bank, Special attention, gfuew to saving the natural teetli. TUe best of modern anaesthetics qsed to make operations as painless as possible. IOWA, E. {Ssvei'g,'», V, M,, PHYSICIAN AFP SURGEON. Hospital accommodations. Office \vest of Qwwn'3 JJtvery Stable, LOCAL MENTIONS. This is children's day at the fair. Fur Sale at Taylor's next Friday. There is a big fair crowd in town today. ^ county board has an adjourned me\ 'ng today. Si MalFur Sale in ladies' fine goods at JaJ. Taylor's, October 4th. The telephone poles were being distributed about town yesterday. Henry Durant was out on Monday exploring the sun with his telescope for spots. Charley Rosewall Is repainting H. F. Watson's residence. It is a clear white again. The ladies of the A. L. A. will meet at the Reading Room Oct. 4th at 3 o'clock p. m. A meeting of the Congregational church is called for next Monday afternoon at; 3 o'clock. . ; Anybody can get the REPUBLICAN and the Semi-Weekly Sioux City Journal for $2 a year. • The fur sale at Taylor's next Friday will be of great interest to the ladies of Algona and vicinity. The Northwestern makes a roundtrip rate of 65 cents to Bancroft people •who visit the county fair this week. Corwith Hustler: The Algona ball nine seems to be scooping everything in this part of the country this season. Mullica & Ohnstedt are doing a big business in making castings. They are getting quite a reputation for good work. The REPUBLICAN office is itself. again. Foreman Haggard returned from a two weeks' vacation Saturday night. Anton Anderson, who went from Algona and started a meat market at Bancroft, has discontinued the business there. Jas. Taylor will have a special fur sale October 4th. He will have a salesman here from one of the largest fur houses in the country. The Milwaukee will tickets to Minneapolis morrow on account of Episcopal convention, The original Tennessee Jubilee singers will present one of their fine concerts at the Congregational church on Monday the 14th instant, Mr. Samuels is home from a trip in the interest of the Normal. He informs us that the prospects of the institution are encouraging, Miss Bamsey, of Cresco township, is very sick with typhoid fever. Miss Bamsey has many friends in Algona who will hope for her recovery, Dr. McCoy wishes us to announce that he has returned from his trip south and is ready for business, Office at his residence on McGregor street. There is to be a meeting of the Kos* siitb County Medical Sf rtety in Lu- Verne next Tuesday, The meeting opens at Dr. Laoy's office at JOo'clock, Business of importance demands the presence of every member of Algona Grange at the nexfc meeting Satwday, Oct. 5th. there he a full attend' days previous to the election. The nomination of township tickets should therefore be looked after in good season. The Elmore Eye says that S. C. Moore and others are endeavoring to make arrangements with the Mankato and Algona base ball clubs for a game at that place. J. D. Hamilton found a pair of baby shoes in front of his office Wednesday last. Having no baby that would lit them he would like to have the loser call and claim them. . Friday of next week, Oct. 11, is set apart and reserved for the auction sale of T. M. and W. L. Bilsborough, on the Dr. Barr farm in Union township, uee the list of articles in another col- Smn. Governor Jackson named Harvey Ingham as a delegate to the good roads convention to be held at Atlanta the 17th of this -month,- but Harvey says that important business will keep boiler grates and other staple goods in stock at the lowest prices, and are saving time and freight by patronizing them. 1%-cy Sweetnam, a stepson of John Switzer, of Plum Creek township, died oft Monday, after an illness extending over about eight weeks. He had typhoid fever, and getting up two soon he was taken with a relapse, which ended in death. He was between nineteen and twenty years old. The funeral takes place today. The district court convened yesterday, Judge Lot Thomas presiding, and F. M. Ely serving as reporter. There is a long docket, and a number of interesting and important cases will be up for trial. The suit for damages against the city of Algona, which has been so extensively advertised, has not materialized. It has been a case of the wind blowing through his whiskers. It is expected that the local telephone connections will be made soon, and perhaps this week. The delay is owing to the demands upon the wiremen at other points. When the tuen can be got here the phones will be very expeditiously connected to central. The job that .was undertaken by the telephone company was one of immense proportions, and considering the character of the work it has been pushed. Kossuth county people who listened to Victor Dolliver's Fourth of July address in Algona were anxious to hear him make a political speech in the present campaign, but he has been called to Ohio, where he will speak nightly until election. The Ft. Dodgs Messenger says he made a great hit in Ohio two years ago and there was a demand for a speech from him from every place where hs spoke before. Owing probably to the cold and boisterous weather that was prevailing, there was no audience out to hear the lecture advertised by the grange for Saturday afternoon. A good many grangers and others were in town, but the meeting could not come off on time, and it could not be held later without conflicting with the Blackford golden wedding, which all desired to assist in celebrating. The lecturer was present. D. A. Haggard cried E. B. Eddy's sale Thursday, and he reports that the property put up sold well, especially cattle and hogs. He says everything sells well this fall, and that even horses are coming up a little. The farmers have had splendid crops, the return of rain has given them new hope for the future, and they do not hesitate to buy what they need. Mr. Haggard holds an auction nearly every day of the week, and this year he keeps light On during fair week. The Algona newspapers will ,all be represented on the editorial excursion to Atlanta next week. Those who intend going are B. B. Warren and wife of the Upper Des Moines, Mrs. I. M. Finnell of the Courier, and M. Starr and wife of the REPUBLICAN. The excursion is timed to leave Des Moines on tlie morning of October 9 and to return ; on the 16th. Two days will be put, in at the Atlanta Exposition, and it is.proposed to spend a day at Lobk- out'Mountain. ' Better, weather for the fair could not the arrest and brought Scallon before Justice Clarke. Scallon had denied all knowledge of the pocket book when Maytum mentioned to him the matter of his loss, but he "coughed it up" when the inquisition assumed its more serious phase. He broke down and blubbered and protested that he only meant it in fun. Justice Clarke allowed him to enter a plea of guilty to the charge of petit larcency and imposed a fine of $5 and costs, which Scallen paid, and then left for Minneapolis. The,boys were to separate on that day, theMaylum boys returning to their school work, and it is supposed that Scallen thought the opportunity a favorable one to commit the theft. The record as to the season of 1895 can be made up now—the crop season. It can be put down in the diary that the season extended to the very close of September, the first killing frost coming on the morning of the 30th. It can be jotted down in this connection that the frost found nothing to kill except tomatoes. Everything else had ripened into glorious harvest. The season of 1895, it can be noted, was deserving of rank among the most favorable this zone has seen. It was cool all summer, so that there was little suffering from heat, and little call for thrashing around resorts, but at the same titne it was all the while good for crops. We have the crops to show for this. The fall, however, has been warmer than normal by rnauv degrees. There was rain when it was .needed, without any deluge, or any lengthy interference with farm work. The only criticism of the weather this season that will stand is that it was all the while so good that the natural born croaker declared it could not last. The calamity howler has lost his job, and now the democrats claim two crops in one year under Cleveland's administration. The fall has been very favorable to stock. The pastures have been continuously green, and second crops of hay have been harvested. Corn and hay have been saved that has usually gone to supplement frost-bitten grass. The season of outdoor life, during which the pure Iowa air could be breathed, has been extended. The woods have hardly begun to put on their fall tints, and the grass underthe trees yet retains a midseason freshness and color. We cannot expect such an all around good year every time. It may be long before we shall look upon its like again. Do not fail to take a drink out of my barrel during the Fair. James Patterson. C O M1 ALQONA, Hotel Tenni SATURDAY, OCT| POP! ONE DAY 01 AND WILL FREE TREATM sell excursion today and to- the Protestant OSEWALL, PAINTER Marriage licenses have been issued tp G, 0, Worster and Martha 1. Hm* us, John Eden and Gertie Weigaad., apa Hanko Freerks and, JJUpa, Pet" tew-,'". ' • . i: t '..(- x ' The - ladies will he Interested is knQwjjjg that the moon has reached that interesting, phase^wheu a of the Belief Corps, .is in - cpmes, tQflftprrpw mgl CUubj) ailed Mr. *_ _ the Burt BanJ,., •fae, tetter wa.8 on a visit ta 9jt of -the « r into its taaftamg him at home. Miss Francis Yeomaus will speak in the Congregational church next Sunday morning and evening on the subject of the freedmen. Miss Yeomans is a teacher in Fisk University, at Nashville, Tennessee. The cornet won by the Algona band has been on exhibition since Friday in the window of the Walker Bros, store. It is a beatiful instrument, a b flat solo, of gold and silver, and handsomely engraved and inscribed. County Chairman Grose attended the republican meeting at Ft. Dodge last Wednesday. He says that the speaking program for this county has not been decided on, but Congressman Dolliver says that he is going to make a speech a,t Burt anyway. Letters are advertised for Harley G. Busbnell, Fred K. Butler, Frank H. Jones, Annie Kressner, Glen Lancaster, Miss Larvina LarSon, James Marsh, Francis Ni Miller, G. N. Olson, J. B. Vitte, W. A. Wallace, Ora Williamson. V-.•••, Occasionally the REPUBLICAN makes a mistake in the use of names, and it did so last'week in saying that Hiram Norton was selling out. Mr. Norton says he has been offered $40 nn acre, but does not want to sell. That is where he is sensible. An exhibition of fruits will be found at tfte fair contributed by C. Gr, Patten's Charles-'City Nursery, which is personally represented bo T. I. Patten. The fruit, however, is mainly the product of trees grown in this county sold eighteen years ago by the exhibitor, Armstrong Journal: Algona has been playing great ball lately, In a game with Clarion one day last week they shut the Clarion boys out and sent them home without a score,' We would like to see them arrange a game with forest City. Miss Eva Lantry, who has for several years been the popular telegraph operator in Algona, has taken charge of the Sheldow office, That is a repeating office and does a great busi* ness, Mr, Crimp is in charge here for the present. , . . , . A, H, LangAon has deen placed m charge of the construction of a branch of the Wisconsin Central railroad as chief engineer, with headquarters, at Manitowoc, Mr, Langdon is at the head of his professipn, and is, ?».• " for. the' IS A HERCULES JOB. Emrnetsburg Reportei: The Algona Courier is always a hopeful organ when it comes to politics. In writing up the Democratic convention of last week it cheers the drooping spirits of the Kossuth county democracy by gravely remarking "At least part of the ticket will be elected." Seeincthat it hasbad a divine revelation on the subject, won't it tell its readers just which part is to be elected, "if theDemocracy does its duty." The duty before the Kossuth democracy is greater than the seven toils of Hercules and the democrats of Isossuth county, have not Eercules' strength to perform it. be than what we have. Today aud^ tomorrow will be great days to be out doors, and all should see the fair. The-'REPUBLicAN cannot tell all about the fair until next week, but the stock and farm produce and machinery departments will be well represented. There' will doubtless be good races today and to-morrow. The new ground found Lto be very attractive. This is children's day, and the children themselves will be an interesting exhibit. The- Algona ball club were crippled at Eagle Grove last week when they played their fifth game with Clarion at their lightning pitcher, Maytum, refusing to pitch on account of a lame arm.' The first notice of his being dis abled was given them on the ground, when. it was too late to .throw up the game, and the Clarion club 'having been in the mean time recruited by a number or' professionals, were able to defeat our club. Algona, however, got ; tweuty scores to Clarion's thirty. • The, Woodward Theatre Company who are playing at the Opera House this week are well known and liked in Algona. They played here last year during the fair to large audiences and the. company has been improved since. Mrs. Woodward, Blanche Hall and J. F. Kirk shared the- honors last night in "The Golden Giant." The play for tonight is "The Old Homestead," which everyone wants to see the second time, having seen it once, They will have crowded houses during the rest of the week, Bert Matthews has made arrangements to engage in the druer business at Spencer about Nov. 1, He goes in partnership- with one of the leading business men of Spencer and the firm name will be F, A. Matthews & Co, They have secured a building and are fitting it up in elegant shape and will carry a good stock, Mr. Matthews has been in the employ of Dr, Sbeetz fpr five years and has gained the enduring friendship of everyone whom he has met in business or society. The Spen* cer people will soon recognise his sterling merits, Henry C< Adams, a Spencer pharmacist and a pleasant appear* ing young wan, takes bis place with Battle Creek Sanitarium goods, at LANGDON & HUDSON'S. • •* OKLAHOMA SAL. Register: Bancroft will be well represented in the county fair races this fall by Higley and Anderson's 3-year- old mare, Oklahoma Sal. She is rather young but has made an excellent snowing this season and with an equal chance will give the famous Gildersleeve a chase he will long remember. Celebrated eye, ear, uose, throat, tarrh, chronic and nervous diseas^ specialist, of the famous Southern! Medical and Surgical Institute, LouiSr villeKy. Dr. Rea will have an assist/-:/; ant with him, and will be prepared to perform any surgical operation, matter bow difficult. He has all portable instruments, apparatus. < including one of the improved Balti-S more, Chloride of Silver Dry Galvano-Therapeutic Batteries and electric apparatus for examining throat, nose and recUiui. It is a srnallf incandescent electric light, the wonderful discovery of the age and the} only one in use in the state. There is a class of sufferers that he wishes his .., electrical treatment to reach, paftic~-|j ularly those who live at a distance, •asV" they can come in, and be treated, re^ v turning home permantly c,ured. With- this treatment there is but., little pain, no spreness, no stoping from, business nor interference whatever with regular^ habits. The Southern Medical and Surgical Institute of .Louisville, .Ky., form erly; of; tb e >oJ d <cl aSs-schooI of'medE^ icine, was one of the first to embrace** the new theories of modern medical', science. It is today, one o£ the stand- r ard systems of medicine and manual;?, healing in the country, with a practice^',, extending to almost every state in the;/?, FTnirm 'Pliov nnw havp nrirtfiv t-.rfln.t>»^ Better bread, better health, life results from using Wheat pbate. better Phos- FEEDING OATS. Union. They now have under ment more than six thousand patients-'' 1 !! Dr. Rea is one of the principal gers of this Institution, and applies^ his practice to the treatment and Rural Life: Considering the abundant yield oi oats and their low market value the crop should be as nearly fed out on the farm as possible, There is no discount On good oats as a feed for stock. It is true that oats contain only about 60 pounds . of digestible matter in 100, while corn, barley, wheat and rye contain a'bout 75, but on account of the protein and ash constituents oats are more nearly a complete ration for the growing animal than any other grain crop that we raise, The market value of the crop usually prevents extensive feeding, but now that they are so cheap they should be liberally used. They furnish just what the growing colt, calf and pig need, only do not compel the young pig to eat too much with the hulls on. Then again the oats furnish just what the brood sow, the brood mare and the daix ; y cow are in need of. The crop at present .prices may well take the place of the more expensive byproducts that we usually buy to balance the corn • crop. Feed oats generously to all young and growing stock and to breeding animals. Grapes and all kinds of fresh' fruits this week at the Opera House Grocery. . A Mam Kus^r te'bwwftw to free pas^ ^hi'Q«gbthe streets of jnade-bia isay tbrougb few days sjnpe, saysthe ana that paper np^a There was a blare Q£ band music »t E^gle Grove last week, some £fteen bauds participating in the eai'Rival held, there Wednesday and Thursday, The contest fpr the .pweg tools -Rifles day arid wp tbe.CjmtelSe.t jff>. TJie bands i • oonteattng -were ' < FLORIDA ANP If you have any intention of going to the southeast this fall or winter, you should advise yourself of the best route from the JSTortU and West. This is the KouisviUe & NasUville Railroad, wbicn is running double daily trains from St, Louis, EvansviUe, Louisville and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Cbatta* pooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Mont" gomery, TbomasviUe, Pensaoola, Mo of all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose 4M Throat, Catarrhal, Lung disease, Early Vjf| Consumption, Bronchitis. Bronchial i™« Catarrh, Constitutional Catarrh, Dys—•' g spsia, Sick Headache, Stomach and/,;-, owel troubles, Rheumatism, Neural- " gia. Sciatica, Bright's disease. Diabetes, Kidney, Liver, Bladder, Prostatie and Female diseases, Nervous Debility Seminal Weakness, Lost Manhood, Dizziness, Nervousness, Indigestion,-*? Obesity, Interrupted Nutritutioa, Slow ^ growth in Children, and all wasting-, diseases in adults. Many cases, o£Deafness, Ringing in the Ears, loss Eyesight, Cataract, Cross-eyes, etc. that have been improperly treated_o neglected, can be easily restored, fortuities, Club feet, Curvature of Spine, Disease of the Brain, Paralysis,"!?! Epilepsy, Heart disease, Dropsy, SwelM'' ; ing of the Limbs, etc., properly tre»tj-| ed, Blood and skin diseases, "" Varicose Veins, Varicocele, Open Soies, pain in the bones, ular enlargements und all acute long standing diseases. Dr, votes special interest to the with electricity, of Cancers, Moles,' Waits, Wens, Birthmarks, Granulated sore eyes, Facial blQtc' Red nose, Pimples and Superflpv^y; on the faqe or neck, Dr. ™~~ ' diplomas from some of the leges in America and has profession in some of the stitutions in the world." takes no incurable eases frankly what chances if to be cured. Remem] this out and send jt to bor or relative, nation and treatment- medicine only, which ceeds five dollars for a ment. WHAT ile, Jacksonville 'and all .._.. Pullman Sleeping Car. Service .. aU'points in Florida anO, resorts dming ttw season, to rates aec w,rit,a Geo, ty Bwww LOUIS, Pa'ss, Agent, , Atmore, Gen'i J« A.g9At ora jacuea' hand first prize,of 1100 J TO the roarings Q| IJdora bys woe 9uthflritieV' . Mate baaing ^ been working to t

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