The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 2, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1895
Page 3
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STAND 'CUT IF THE LATEST THRSE BUTTON FR T*** hy~ SHOULDE j a •* if- IWHICH ¥BUTTON SACK FROCK ROLLS OR BVTTONS At PLEASUR&, OUT OF FllSHWOFFWlfflTHE LATEST I? "i»_ to^g&ktt&t & »~~ m JUCQC „ .MADE OF DER3FIELD, STITCH rpO SwTTESrTOTrar,, g_DOOR WEST 0> NASSAU* NEW YORK: CITY. Y.'S MILLS OF LEEDS, HUD- KCURK AND GALASHIELS, D-STC^o HI CLA.Y DIAGONALS, UQ DFORD C03DS, TWEEDS, SCOTCH VMD ALL OTHER FASHIONABLE GOODS. n'lTH SII K EDGES CORDED, FLAT BRAIDED OR CORD NDEIl-ITITTED TROUSERS, WHJCH IS ALSO THE KNES, WILL CONSTITUTE ONE OF ff SUIT. THE LININGS AND TRIMMINGS 5UI.T ARH. 7IKST-CLASS. !" .,., , vp ^ F.-VTEASUREMENT BLANK, EXPLAINING IN A ;v ; tA^I3ASU»E YCuitSBLK, TOGETHER WITH SAMPLES, FOK- \rn.K 1 A riov. -J3Vr-UXir:-_TTTT—~~"^"" J "° •"a"""""""" 1 an Jfij«n<-*< on Agnlntf Con- solldntion. ST. P.i.tJL, Sept. i'W.—Attorney General Cbilcls, in Hie Ramsey county district court, har, filed a motion for a writ of injunction restraining the Great Northern Railway company from proceeding with Iho Northr-rn Pacifio consolidation scheme until snch time as the suit now pending in thy state courts can be determined. The lime set for hearing the application for the injunction is Saturday, Oct. o. The motion of the atttrney general will come as a complete surprise to the Great Northern people, who have supposed that the case would be allowed to come up in regular order, and that pending its hearing they would be at, liberty to proceed With Their 1' for Consolidation. The attorney general, however, does not want the state's case to be handicapped in any way, i;nd is not sure but it might be handicapped if the road is allowed to proceed with its plans in advance of the settling of (he controversy. If the road had leen prompt in filing an answer to the attorney general's complaint probably the application for injunction would not have been made, but no answer has bean filed so far, or notice given when it would be filed. Mr Ohilds thinks that the motion, if granted, will amply protect the state, and that following it the road may take all of the time it wants for an answer and still not interfere with the state's position. TWO NEW RECEIVERS. Y< r's Oinmtjpr of Commf*ce Polls t!ic l-'rencMt ConRfrflR on Silver. ST. LOUT-;. Kept. £9.—The Republic's Nov.- York mi-respondent'says: Thra-e is no possibility of a free ecin- bill pa.-sin;r dilvr the ponate or hou.;e (:f the new conp^s-;. A t^e of tho ehrvmlcr <-'i' commerce has made in the Irtst six weeks n,careful canvas-; of senators and representative.?, with results gratifying to the friends of satin d money. According to the executive committee's canvass, the house will liavo 210 sound money men, 88 pronounced free silver men, and fi3 doubtful. The free silver men are divided among the parties, 30 being accredited Republicans, 51 Democrats, and 7 Populists. The pell of the senate shews 48 votes against free coinage. In addition, to this there are six senators, Bacou, Baker, Caffery, McBride, Martin and Wilsoii, whose position is somewhat in doubt, but who are believed to bo not unfavorable to sound money. The silver men can muster only 89 votes, but this number will doubtless be increased by tvro men when Utah comes into full statehood. According to the report of the chamber of commerce committee there will lie 89 free silver men in the senate. Utah., of com'fse, may add two, but against Ihesa there will probably be lapses from the ranks. Senator Mills of Texas, who was supposed to be tho Achilles of the sil- verites, ha", come cut on tho sound money side, and other desertions are expected. 1895 OCTOBER 1895 Si!. 6 13 20 27 fflo. 7 14 21 28 Til, | 8 15 22 29 Via t J Uf| 0 Al 9 16 23 30 Th. 3 10 17 24 31 Fri. <!11 18 25 Sat, 5 12 19 26 SUMMARY OF WEEK'S NEWS and Without r-lumge of oars. All meals served ing cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping m dm. ai* and tourist sleepers are run through .to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to .Los An geles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North -Western Line Variable tout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts ot the south, on sale At VERY LOW RATES. Detailed .o-->-na.tion can be obtained upon application . «?ent. ^CHICAGO & KCiTH --WESTERN R'Y. Ertwnrrt W. MoHcnry of St. I ri-nnU O. Bigolow Appointc-il. MILWAUKEE, Sept, 28.—Edward W. McHenry of St. Paul, chief engineer of the Northern Pacific railway,and Trunk G. Bigelow, banker cf Ihis city, were appointed receivers of the Northern Pacific road by Judge Jenkins, in place of Messrs Oakes, Payne and Rouse, who lesigned a few days ago. Disregarded, the Factions. In making the appointments Judge Jenkins disregarded the wishes of the trustee and the different stockholders. He said that the history of receiverships demonstrated tho iuadvisability of ap> pointing receivers connected with ecu- tending factious. Receivers were officers of the courts and not agents of the parties interested in the property, and for this reason they should have but one single object—to subserve the interests of the property intrusted to them, and should hold no other allegiance than to the court. When Judge Jenkins concluded his remarks, Herbert E. Turner, attorney for the Farmers Loan and Trust company, expressed his satisfaction at the wisdom displayed in the appointment, and which, he stated, would be most satisfactory to the interest he represented. PAJJTUER IS DEAD. Tuesday, St-j't. 34-. Frost occurred in Kansus and Missouri Sunday night. Bartola Masso has been chosen president of the Cuban republic. The trial of H. H. Holmes i'cr the murder of B. F. Pjet/ol has been set down for trial Oct. 28, at Philadelphia. The strike of finishers at tho Oliver Iron and Steel company's mill Jit Pitts- bur;,' has been declared off, tho men notifying the firm oi Iheir to return at the company's terms. The congregation of the Fir.-t Presbyterian chnrcli'at Washington ha< voted to extend a call to Kev. T. De Witt Tal- nuige to be co-pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland are members of this church. ifss \* in some otfel y tli,iii AltfoiTH. H! been tnatlf by pMjnif ills on may '•'(• fmiflp at any'' inn named Imnks: BANCROFT—Farm* t^a villas Bank. BURT—T!iH Hurt Hull WHITTEMOfcE — M,mk. WESLEY— \Wsley LEDYARD-—Stittt - GERMANIA—StHtfi 1$ SWEA CITY—gwea ELMORE—fciltnore Etfl Subscribers iiayinjz : jiJvance cat! uvail tU lowest clubbing fates, This til-ran gt j me fit i view to 11 ml it moi-f subscription at their ItOtJ business corn i (IK lliroutflf will lie umn prompt Itll. Inig'' out, YOU CAI GREAT VALUE FOR + + + • + + LITTLE MONEY. WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. jr • /. a twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of the United States. It is a National Family Paper, and gives fll the o-eneral news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the country. Its "Mrket Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics, Its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTRACT —-a*enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE UEI>UHLICAN for ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50.] sunscpaPTioxs MAY NEGUS' AT ANY TIME. .. dress all orders to THE ALQO.NA REPUBLICAN. • Write your name and address on a postal card, sekd it to GEO.W.BEST, Rooms, yrtbum Building, New York City, and sample copy .oj THb NEW YOUK WEEKLY TRIBUNE will l)e mailed to you. The Eminent Bacteriologist a Victim of Paralysis. PARIS, Sept. SO.—Professor Louis Pasteur, the eminent bacteriologist, is dead, a victim of paralysis. For several months he had been practically without the use of his legs and the spread of the disease was so steady that hope of saving his life was given up last Monday. The end was absolutely without pain. Work of IncemliarleSt DEADWOOD, S. D., Sept. a?.—The business part of the town of Belle Fourche was wiped out by fire during the day. Loss §80,000; partly insured. Thirty business houses were destroyed. Incendiarism is suspected. LATEST MARKET REPORT. TO ENLIGHTEN WOMEN. Object of a Series of Magazine Article/; by lis-1'rcMident Harrison. INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 2!).—General Benjamin Harrison in devoting himself daily to an important series of literary articlfs which he contracted for while in the East last spring. Tho work is to take the shape of magazine articles which will have for their aim the enlightening of women upon national questions, and giving them a clearer conception of government affairs. Its scope will be wide enough to touch upon all national questions of general interest. It now appears that General Harrison gave all his time between deer hunts while in the Adirondacks to this wcrk, and that he is still busy and will be for some weeks with his secretary in getting materials ready for a Philadelphia publishing hou^e. Goes to a Seattle Flrui. WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. — Secretary Herbert has given to Moran Brothers & Co. of Seattle, Wash., the contract for the building of a new torpedo boat. The contract price, $160,000, is §4,000 less than was bid. The award was given conditionally, awaiting the decision from the chief engineer at Fire Island as to whether the firm is responsible and capable of performing the contract obligat ions. Milwaukee Gr&lh. MILWAUKEE, Sept. 28, 1805. FLOUR—Firm. ' WHEAT—No. S spring, 81c; No. 1 Northern, 63c; December, 62c. CORN—No. 3, 81o. OATS—No. 2 white, 83c; No. 3 white, BARLEY—NO. 8, 41c; sample on track, 80@UJ.ic. Duluth Grain. DULUTO, Sept. 28. 1S95, WHEAT— Cash No. 1 hard, 61>ic; No. i Northern, 59 ^o; September No.l Northera, 59«^c; December No. 1 Northern, ; May 'No. 1 Northern, THE INTER OCEAN BllnneapoUs Grain. MINNEAPOLIS. Sept. 28, 189 >. WHEAT— September, £6^(c; December, 58 •; May, 63s. On Tra^-No. 1 hard, No, 1 Northern, 5T:%o; No. 3 Noroh- —13 THE- Most Popular RtpuUicafl Newspaper of the West And Has the Largest Circulation, TERMS BY MAIL (without Sunday) $6,00 per year (with Spnday) , $a,QQ per year The Weekly Inter Ocean | $1,00 „ PBHyBAR ••»" ' *T*— § A N6W0PAPPR THS OGBAN ttesps neither palna nor PS 6UHRENT A S A NBW0P ______ Th$ Weekly Inter Ocean . AS A FAMILY PAPER 18 NOT EXCELLED BY ANY, It has sometUlu ITS YOUTH'S ' * of interest to »member of the lay ~§t W ifg; 1$ A TWEUYI-PAdE PAPER. *— - • "pspwiwi St, Paul Union Stock Var«U. SOUTH ST, PAUI,, Sept. as, 1895, HOGS— Market strong; quality fair; choice light bogs bring >t, Range of prices, *a,£0@4,00. CATTJjE— Market quiet but steady, SHEEP— Market steady on good sheep and lambs; common very dull. Receipts: Bogs, 800; cattle, 160; sheep, 50; calves, 0, _ , Chicago Valon Stock YarOs. CHICAGO, Sept. 88, }895, HOGS-Mwfcet active at 5@10o advance. Sales rangecl at 18,8034,30 for light; *3,80@4,30 fop mixed; |S,80@i35 for heavy packing Wd shippiPS lots; $3.05@3.80fop rough, OATTJ^E—Mftrket? slow, prtpes. weak at recent decline. Beeves, *3.80@5,3J; opws and stews, stookeF8 ana Catholic Priest Excommui 'cated. CHICAGO, Oct. 1.—An order from Archbishop Feehan excommunicating Bev. Anthony Koalowski from the Bornaii Catholic church was promulgated in all the Polish aud Bohemian churches in this archdiocese Sunday. The order of excommunication recites the offending priest's violation of church discipline by contumacy and schism. Killing Frosts Prevailed. CHICAGO, Oct. 1.—Blighting frosts swept over Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and portions of Western Michigan during the night. Fruit growers and celery pickers in these regions were warneu 24 hours in advance, but it is improbable that they were able fully to protect themselves. Russian Thistle In Wisconsin. PALMYBA, Wis., Oct. 1.—The Bussian thistle, which is giving so much trouble in the Dakotas, seems to be gaining a foothold in Wisconsin. Well developed.plauts.have been found growing along the railroad track at Palmyra and Hartland, aud they are pronouced the genuine pest by a leading botanist of the state. Hostler Burned to Death. GBEAT FALLS, Mon., Oct. 1.—The Eclipse stables burned at daylight. Marshall Novins, a hostler sleeping in the building, was burned to a crisp. Twenty-two horses, a large amount of hay and a number of carriages were destroyed, ' Manitoba Farmers Xost Heavily. WINNIPEG, Sept, 29,—Manitoba farmers lost heavily by prairie fires during the high wind storm, Telegraph advices from Morris and Boisevain state that several farmers lost all crops and b\iild- ings, while nearly every farmer of the district lost stacks of hay, Wisconsin FisH Hatpliery Located MAPISON, Wis,, Oct, 1,—The state fish commissioners have decided to locate the new fish hatchery on a tract of land Donated by Bayfteld, The looa.tipu is said to be a» ideal one for, the propagation of fish, A number of pities in the northern portion of the state have been competing for the priz,e. Sept. 3r,. The widow of General Crooks, the famous Indian fighter, i* dead. An iiivent?.i?n, J don pi chargus of bribery and corruption, against police has begun at Pittsburg. A rebellion has broken out among natives in the Portuguese portion of the Island of Timor. Eddie Malcuey, 4 year-! old, was btirut'd to death at St. 1-anl while playing with lire. 1 The Northern State bank at Washburn, Wis., has opened for busiuesa.with a capital of §125,000. Among 1 he arrivals 011 the Teutonic at New Ycrk' Wednesday was Hull Cnine, author of "The Manxman." Frank Began, a brakemau, was seriously injured iu a collision on the Northern Pacific near Muskoda, N. D. Senator Allison aud ex-Senator Washburn had a long conference at Chicago. It was said to be oi: no political interest. It is announced that, with the sanction of the czar, a Russian bank with very large capital will be opened for business soon at Pekin, with a branch at Shanghai. Thursday, Sept. 3CS. AllertLea, Minn., will have an electric street railway. Oscar Wilde's debts amount to £3,591, with no assets. A Bussiau bank with a large capital is to be established in Pekin. Sir Herbert Murray has been appointed governor of Newfoundland. Dr.'Henri Adolf Bardelebeii, chief; of surgical staff in the wars of 1866 and 1870, died in Berlin. ' The Episcopal Church of Kentucky has voted to divide the state into two dioceses. ! . A banquet was given at Davenport, la., to Bishop Cosgrove by tho priests of the diocese. By availing \oiirsell' <>!' t| I I'll u ami f n'.")' " Stafi' " ?s. Y. Pioneer P. Cliicuiro Tim N.nvYork, New York Sffl Ifonu^tead Orange Juddf| mcr ..... •• •• i."'"' Harper's Wt Cosmopolitaii^ Mc'ClurosM.ft'ig N. Y. Indnpe|id Review of RoV Dccoi-nli Poster The iMnil.ind. .',,,. SciciHilicAinoricf Centnrv ........ A St. Nicholas.... : Sorihner-i ....... 'M Youth's Conipal; ion .............. V- Harper'.- \ouili AND DRILLING We havoniaoljfn.ery of all sixes for, d i-i HI rig wells. -.Water ffiianmteed' nb pay. Call on or address, > GALLION BROS., Bancrpft( Sixty per cent of the greenbacks and gold-demand paper, it is estimated, is held by the banks. A steamer carrying 250 men and arms and ammunition has succeeded in getting away for Cuba. Friday, Sept. 37. Ten thousand diamond cutters are on strike in Amsterdam. South Dakota Christian Endeavorers are in session at Redfield. The McKiimon carriage factory at Crookstou, Minn., was totally destroyed by fire Friday. Alix dislocated a bone while going against the record at Springfield, Dls., and may not race again this year. / ' The Mexican Minister has complained that a filibustering expedition is being organized to seize property iu Lower California. The report that President Jeffrey of the Denver & Bio Grande is to be made president of the Santa Fe has again gained currency. \ Saturday, Septt 38, i Gunmaker Wiard has made a proposition to make all Uncle Sam's smooth-, 1 bore cannons into rifles, S. B. Colloway, general manager the Nickel Plate line, has been offered the management of the Grand Trunk system and declined the same. j Net earnings of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul foy the last two months show an increase of $556,000 o.Ver the corresponding period of last yea^, A petition for tJie removal of Ajwiu kathrop, superintendent of prison!, naa been presented to Governor A The charges are, substantially. United States Marshal G , Secretary of State W, U. OWey Virginia, were badly Irorfc in Ol near Wheeling, Garfle^ will SALESMEN "-.-..vilfe Pushing'? trustworthy men to rop in tlio sale of our Choice Nurs, n Specialties controlled by us. liiffhe ury or commission paid weekly . Ste ployment the year round. Outfit f elusive territory; experience not nee, big' pny tirsijrcd workers; special?! me'nts to bcjjhiners. Write ut oneojf tlculurs to \ • • ,i| AIlen\ Nursery Cj ROCHESTER, N. Y., WANTED i-SALESM; J A good chance^ Don't iniss it! no •'capital to represent a reliable \7avvants nui-seryi stock ilvst cluss ,to invino; AVOKK ALT.. TJtiK Yl good pay weekly. '5 Our famous Mil Apple'is ^warranted- until it" prc busliol of 1'rul t. Our Seed Potatde ei'ywhere. (State age. U. L. iyiAY<_ Niirseiy on, JPlorUts St. Paul, " Secdsineii. Wanted Salesmen 1 MEN In each oounty to tako orc Choice line of NUWSKRY STOCK roTAiOKS. Stock and seed s**t We can give you Steady Employme} Good Pay. It will oosf you nothing 1 ! It a trial. State when writing " prefer to sell. Address ' The Hawks .Nursery Milwaukee, Wig., '1 AGENT^ Salary or Commission to gaort; Fnst seljliifj; Imported l,W\ Jp Favor of the . It*. OROSSE, Wis, , Oct, I , Wisconsin conference at Sparta, by a YPte that lacked but three pf being unanimous, adopted the so-called BsMi* more amendment, whipb, confirms the right of women to seats as delegates to' the general conference. Sept, SO Forty-one fourtii-Ql»ss , begom§ presidential omces Failing to sell onjy Pyre «*"'B, D, LDTCIFUffl 1 ! TtfTT'Mfi!"HmTPnW'K*"W r i *'• • t t ..-.f^^f \ RuPi * \f * i '' , imw»m>«^>mr^i*.^-mm «i^^^^^y^i|WMW, M '^^?!7ffl^r^'^!|-,I' :' *T? > t V4«6'p.*n'. v ,; >, tj»«» \ beenVoaUed. 4^nt Cleveland, Nellie W- Opt, 1.--A AssassiRs attempted tP tike we rt Ewdflwrt Quito, Eowdor, The president vrp W9 PAUvce at the time the wxtettW at m? JWP^sdWi Ben.* persons we H»p9Jats4 - IB

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