The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 25, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1895
Page 8
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££*, -'-•'"- -fa THE NEWS OF THE COUNTY. All Points of Kossuth arid Froitt Neighbor Counties. Fresh Line of Groceries, CANNED GOODS, DRIED FRtJITS, £TC*N* \VE HAVE JUST HECEIVED A New Pattern in Queensware"' 1 Vic's Gilt," We .also en; iy a Inll line of Glassware, Crockery, Etc. Try '. *•• -k of the best Flour in Algona—WHITE PFA tiL. Cn'l and be convinced that we sell goods as cheap as any firm in town. The Russian Thistle Is Frequently in Evidence — Neighborhood ttappen- ings Told oF by the Republican's Reporters. BUTTER AND EGGS WANTED. PATTERSON & SON. OW is the time to buy your hard and soft Coal. I am taking orders for immediate or future delivery. and the prices will be as low as any. Order your Leave orders down town at the office of F. G. Willson. Prompt delivery. [11 [own coal I have: Mystic, Bootic. What Cheer, and Suylnr. Also Illinois find Hocking Valley soft. Wesley* WESLKY, Sept. 23.—The Wesley correspondent to the Algona Courier seems to take exceptions to what wo said last week in regard to the sale of- the bonds on which to raise money to build a school house. We never intimated that the school board did not understand their business, as the correspondent of the A. C. would like to have his readers to Understand. A man who boasts of two college degrees should be able to understand the English language better than that. While it may not be necessary to advertise for bids on the bonds - yet it would give any one a chance to buy their.* and possibly they would sell for a better price and we believe the board looks at it in the same light, for they have ''advertised for bids on the bonds and will not sell them at private sale, as the A. C. correspondent told his readers. Again, we did not emphasize the fact that they -were not advertised for sale, butsim- ply gave it as an item af news. We stated nothing but the plain truth and we have not heard of the board doing any kicking either, for they are all honorable and upright men and are not afraid to have their olliciul acts scrutinized. Neither lire they men whose inlluence could be bought by some one endeavoring to defend them against what the A. C. C. in tin! moments of his (lights of irrational imagination deems a wrong to them. We have no quarrel with anyone in this mat- Order by Telephone after October 1. -A. H. Naudain. ««iMMi^^ T 1 a i iral y bright boy wants his shoes to be. O Are just that kind, style, good fit, everything— according to men's fashion plate, it you please. We al- - «o something in o 9 G That catch the eye of the little woman and nev- ev loses nsa sale. Very likely its beauty ot style; raavbe its fine fit; maybe price; probably all 11 nvt- " We can't keep them. We sell them. Brownell & Allied. 9 9 tor and hope tho A. C. C. will read our communication more carefully before ho rushes into print again. Bill Broin wont over to tho poor house last week and brought his wife home. Mrs. Mahara, of Beloit, Wis., returned home the latter part of last week, after spending some time visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred N. Rogers, of this place. _ G. \V. Eddy is not improving as fast as hoped for. His condition is still quite serious. A marriage license wore issued last week for Mr. John Doll, of Illinois, and Miss Aimie Lobock, of Wesley. Sign writers have been painting the switch bars and rolettering tho mile posts along the C. M. & til. P. in this vicinity. Tho Ford and Countryman families loft town Saturday night. We aro unable to learn where they wont to. John Duff, of Britt, was in town Monday in the Interest of tho Banker's .Life Insurance company, of Dos Moinos. Wesley Township. WKSI.KY Twi-., Sept, IS.—Many aro cutting corn for fodder, to piece out the short hay crop. It really requires a short crop to learn the farmers to cconomixo by savr ing their corn fodder. Tho annual mooting of tho district school directors was hold last Monday at tho Con tor school houso. Tho mooting was most enthusiastic and tho olllcors F. Kor- uan, treasurer; H. Fox, secretary; A. K. Konnody, president. Mr. and Mrs. Lobig are entertaining friends from the oast. Rumor has it that wedding will bo solemnixi.'d there in a 'o\v days. Mr. Hanson is building a now residence nd is busy with his men on the job. Mr. Nelson laid tho foundation. Mrs. Muds Christenson, who was inured about two months ago by her scis- ors falling on her foot, is some bettor nice she has boon trying homo remedies. A piece of bone was drawn from hor foot yesterday by the poultice which was ap- jlied. Mr. Bourcy and Mr. Anstretcher have each purchased corn binders this fall. Mr. Miner, of Algonft, will work the D. II. Hutching' farm and Roberts goes to theWm. Ward farm near Wesley, recently purchased by Jas. Andrews. Oscar ftaudaiii has built a fine granary on his place, which adds much to the appearance of his farm. Mr. and Mrs. Huston Peek drove through from Jessup on a visit to their daughter, Mrs. B. F. Sroufc. They will remain some time. There is a strong talk of a reunion of the Thompson family. The mother lives in Kansas City and is halo, and hearty, although over 90 years of age. Mrs. Dennison is teaching a very successful term at the Goddeli school. Moses Godclen is building a large granary. The people of Union watched with anxiety the clouds on the anniversary of the cyclone. The clouds looked very threat* cniniiig. ttaniia. HANNA, Sept. 24.—Frost Sept. 23, bnt no damage. Everything is lovely this morning. Sorghum making is now in vogue at C. ,7. Birkhofer's. Charley will invite the lads and lassies thero some night this week to cat taffy. Fred Will has gone to Chicago and Dame Rumor has it that ho will bring back a calico dress under his arm. All right, Fred, we will be glad to welcome her to llanna. Elva and Gertie Crose will visit their lyrandparonts in Bancroft the coming week and I lion A. A. will havo to koop batch. Buil'alo Fork. liUKFAIA) FOHK. Hopt. 24. -Till- L. M. S. will moot with Mrs. Manly this week Saturday. Win. Ilubbcll, of Chicago, visited at F. Fox's last week. The chicken pie social was a failure, owing to bad weather. Mrs. Eddy is again coniined to hor bed by sickness. Willie Grover has put up a line new barn on his farm, and contemplates building a house soon. l»lum Creek. PLUM CHEEK, Sept. 23!—Saturday was tho anniversary of the cyclone and it lacked but little 'of another. It rained and blow quite hard at times. It is reported that G. Bonn has an ap- plo tree in full bloom. D. Rice drilled in some corn in a Held where tho crop was injured by drouth and hot wind last Juno and will have four or five tons of fodder per aero. FURNITURE! WINDOW SHADES | PICTURE FRAMES! We have in stock some new — BOOK RACKS and WALL SHELVES; Just the thing for a cheap book case. Complete stock of UndertaUnff Goods always on hand — -%^_A, D County awcl Nciglibovhoocl News Edward J. Scully and Miss Anna Kor- rcet wore to be married yesterday at the Seneca Catholic Church. Henry and John Buss, from Illinoi*, have rented a German township section of land, belonging to Will Shaeffcr and .John Gray, for 81400 per year, cash. Frank P. Haber and Miss RoseM. Plaf- fer were married at the Wesley Catholic Church on the 17th. Frank Hedrick is building a drug store at Sexton. The Wesley Reporter says thai Nels Johnson and A. Eckstrom have each just bought a half section of land' in central Minnesota. The county is being played by an Uncle Tom's Cabin Company which the Lu Venus News man says gives thu poor- nst show In? has ever seen. R. S. Grubb, living three miles north of Lu Verne, had a stack of hay struck by lightning and burned up recently. Hrakenmu Ed Prehm fell while getting of! a C. & N. W. Engine at Elmore last week and a linger struck the end of a tie and was broken. Telephone connection has been made between Armstrong and Esthervillo. Bodc's city council has put in two public drinking fountains. . Of msby, awd the groom Is 'tho cashlef of the Mallard savings bank. A tabernacle for rmiofi relierloTis meetings will be erected at Emmetsburg, 00 by 120 feet, and planned to seat 1,200 people. Rev. Williams, who held very successful revival meetings at Fort Dodge, will begin at Emmetsbtirg, in the new building, October 3. Gen. James Rule of Mason City.whowas prevented from assuming command at the Wave-fly encampment by illness, has returned from Colfax Improved In health. Thos. Downey, living ? miles northwest of Fort Dodge, was robbed of a team, top buggy, two sots of harness, saddle and riding bridle, last Wednesday night. Robbers went north. The formal reopening of Hnmboldt co^ lege occurs next Monday. A large number of speakers are announced. A horse was traded off for a fiddle at McKnight's Point recently. The Swea City Herald and Buffalo Center Tribune are getting out boom editions for their papers. The Armstrong creamery paid 03 cents a hundred for milk during the month of August. Dunlap Bros, are loading five to eight cars of hay daily at Ledyard for shipment. The Ledyurd Leader tells that J. W Wakcfield carried a 78 pound sack of oats four blocks on a bicycle. Of course big granaries aro no\v the demand of tho hour. The Hurt Monitor says Myron Jordan and Frank Ringsclorf aro each building onu. M. J. Maun has bought the l~'c joining him on the south from Judge Crookham for 82;") per acre. E. B. Eddy has bills out for a big public sale next Thursday, Sept. 2(5. Helms a big sale, 47 head of cattle, 88 hogs, 5 horses, machinery till you can't rest, 75 acres of corn in the Held, and lots of household goods, etc. The Burt creamery for August bought 383,00(5 Ibs. of milk, and made 17,715 )bs. butter which sold at ISj^c per pound, the cost of making being 1% cents per pound. The creamery paid 70 cents. For the eight months of 1895 it bought as much milk and made as much butter as for- all of last year. Mr. Kiethe otters to soil the Lone Rock creamery for 82,000, and the farmers arc talking of buying it. A story is told by the Lone Rock correspondent of the Monitor that Edward Tuthill's father from Cedar Falls was visiting him and lust Saturday he took him to Bancroft to take tho freight. He was a gew minutes late and the train pulled out and they' wore loft. He whipped up and reached Burt' before the train was through work at that place. The Andrews opera company plays -at Emmetsburg next Monday evening. Armstrong lias put up an ?8,OUO school house, this year, and now several 65,000 residences are being built. The Iowa republican campaign will be opened by Gen. Drake at Orange City, October first. Northwestern Iowa thus is accorded a well deserved recognition.. COM IN SATURDAY, OCT. 12, FOR ONE DAY ONLY, AND WILL GIVE Welt Miller, ATTOENEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made, All business promptly iittciicleii to. WESLEY, IOWA. Wesenta ALGONA, IOWA. pnusmnqaaWjOK Harrison. HAKKISON, Sept. 19.—Mr. J.Bonnolt and Mr. D. Sevoy, of Fowler, Incl., wore tho guests of F. M. Slyter Saturday and Sunday. We have heard of the sale of a number of farms in this vicinity. Mr. Orin Westfall has sold his farm of UK) acres to a party in Ledyard for §35 per acre. At about eight o'clock Monday evening tho young friends of Dor win Slytor, thought they would give him a grand surprise. This they did, it being his eighteenth birthday. Games and music were tho order of the evening. Refreshments wore served by the young ladies, and as the hour hand pointed to eleven the happy company took their departure for their respective homes, each wishing the young gentleman the return of many such happy birthdays, Miss Eftie Hartse! is at home after making a three weeks' visit with friends and school mates in R,adelUfi'. We need'not ask why tho price of oats is so low, but just look east, west, north and south. In ovory direction not one stack alone bin hundreds, The corn likewise promises to be ft SQod crop, so wo need not look for high pricus. Tho new school house in district No. 3 is rapidly progressing. Mr, Stolta of Elmore is the builder. It will be very neat when tinished. M''- Stoltz is a good workman and understands his business, Foundry and Machine Shop, MULUCA& QHNSTIDT, Props. [all kinds. Iron and brass iuvM.*JHK AND HINDERS 01? A Shop cast of Rutherford House, older* promptly attended. and boiler on are r, Bept. S3,— It Is cuvvently reported that Herman Pan has erected a . Mr. iniij Mrs.p, D. Klnyp.narorejpicJug over the .advent of ft Uttle daughter a,t their home. Mrs. A, Wlieeler Is espept^ home from pecorah th,ls weejj after an absence of ' The papers of'Humboldt and Hancock are noting the putting on of night triius by tho M. & St. L. between Minneapolis and Omaha. Harry Elder, who lias boon running a show in tho western counties, has landed in tho Emmetsburg jail. He got too mixed up with Madam La Vere. The Madam was arrested too bat was subsequently released. Tho Lake district fair was hold at Ruthven last week. Will Franklin, of Grove, Humboldt county, had his foot-crushed in a hay press. The Whittemore Champion is to. be congratulated upon completing its third year of publication. Russian thistles have been discovered in the neighborhood of Swea City. The New IJaptist Cluu'ch at vSsvca City was dedicated a week ago Sunday, Capt, Jeanson was up from Dos Moines to attend the service. The Buffalo Center Tribune says that the diphtheria "scare" at that place has subsided. . Rev. O, A- Landoll has severed his relations with tho Swea City Lutheran church and goes to Gowrjo, Iowa, He was a very popular pastor there, The JSrametsburg Democrat published a daily during tho county fair. The Democrat is an enterprising paper. Rev. Fuertenau, of Lotts Greek, is soon to dedicate a new German kutlwaa Church &t FaU'vlllo. The Webster county republicans bare nominated Jp&n $• Johnson, of Gowrle, for the legislature. The voters pjCPicking county wiH Y9fc> OH ft proposition to levy taxes to, build ft poor house, JJ- HiPiwds ftitf Miss p&Jsy ft On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON, WATEEOEO PAY, -DE 1 .. Artesian well contractor. I have the only cable steam drilling machine owned in the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities and railroads, Special attention -to farm well work, Estimates made, I employ only expert drillers. Address, A. I 1 . DAJWEY, A^GONA, low A, -1895, G. Q, SHELLEY, 0, P, PEFTJBOflE ALEENft MftRBLE WflRKS. The uudei'slgned are now prepared to fljl orders toy #&*&}?***• . Parroll has plaopd a Wl»4w o* 1 - of all kinds in Wftrbjo, Stone or QwuiUe: ivl- so Shelves. jKantols, Table Tops and i'J umber's Wwk Qt Jill kinds. When in need of. anything in onr line, fflve us a pall tind pe convinced tjurt we fftve you good mate ;al and good woi'ic. tmaatas reasonable }\ 'wes as cfnV>e found in tho country. SHELLEY & PETTIBQHE, Factory on 8tftte St., oust of J.-JJ, WlnUeJ'a OP * f Celebrated eye, vat, nose, throat, catarrh, chronic- and neivous disease , specialist, of the iauuma Southern Medical utul Surgical .ln.-..titute, Louisville Ky. JJr. KV'ii will have an assistant with him, and will be prepared to perform :.uo surgical operation, no matter lum 1 difficult. lie has all bis portal).e instruments, apparatus, etc.', including om< of i he improved Baltimore. Chloride of. Silver Dry Cell Galvano-Tlii-rapeutio Batteries and an electric apparatus for examining, the tbYoat, nosn and ivcr.nm. It is a small incandescent Hectr'u; light, the most wonderl'iil discovei y of the aK« and the only one in use in tin; si an-.. There is a class of sufferers that he wishes his electrical treatment, to reach, particularly those, who live at a distance, as they can come in. and be treated, .returning home pefnuuitly cured. With this treatment there is but litile pain, • no .soreness, no sloping IVom business nor interference .whatever with-regular habits. The Southern Medical and Surgical Institute of Louisville, Ky., formerly of the old class school of medicine, was one of the ilrst' to embrace the new theories of modern medical science. It is today, one of th« stand-, , ard systems uf medicine- and manual healing in the cuuntiy, with a practice extending' to almost every state in the Union- They now have under treatment more than six thousand patients. JJr. Kea is one of the principal • managers of this Institution, and applies his practice to the treatment and cure of ail diseases of the Eye, Ear, Noso' Throat. Catarrhal, Lung disease, Early Consumption, Bronchitis, Bronchial Catarrh, Constitutional Catarrh, Dyspepsia,.Sick Headache, Stomach and Bowel troubles. Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Sciatica,-Bright.'s disease. Diabetes. Kidney, Liver, Bladder. Prostatic and 1'Ynvale diseases, Nervous Debility Seminal Weakness, Lost Manhood, Dizziness, Nervousness; Indigestion, Obesity, Interrupted NutrituUun, Slow gixnUli in Children, and all wasting diseases in adults. Many cases of Deafness, Kinging in the Ears, loss of Eyesight, Cataract, Cross-ej<-,<-!, etc., that have been improperly treated or neglected, can be easily restored. Deformities, Club feet, Curvature of the Spine, Disease of the Brain, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Heart disease, Dropsy, Swelling of the LimbP, etc.. properly treated. Blood and skin diseases. Eczema, Varicose Veins, Varicocele. St i icture, Open Soies, pain in the boms. Glandular enlargements and all acute and long standing diseases, Dr. Ilea devotes special interest to the removal, with electricity, of Cancers, Tumors, Moles, Warts, Wens, Birthmarks, Granulated sore eyes, Facial blotches, Bed nose, Pimples and Supeiftour hair on the face or neck. Dr. Rea holds diplomas from some of the best colleges in America and has practiced his profession in some of the largest institutions in the .world, He undertakes no incurable cases and will say frankly what chances, if there are any, to be cured, Remember the date, Out this out and send it to your sick-neighbor or relative, Consultation, es&mil- natjon Hn4 treatment free, except for medicine only, which in PQ case exceeds five dollars for a; month's treat' raent. WHAT THB PRESS SAYS QF HIM The wonderful be-iwJUs of the new jn,o|,hQds of treatment practiced by JJr, Weiv five attractT ing rauph attenUou among the suffering j« this city ana vicinity, The ^tiifieHul success of Ms methods, which have boon discovered jute? veav& of patient study and obseyY&tlon, »r""" him one of the ino^t noted sp^laiists of 4fty,-yl,qiusvllleOouunei'ciai, , • He is a skUKul surgeon aswell as. of hi itlon. ^, . „ .............. ...... IMPROVED .FARMS IN QENTRAk MlNNi§QTA« ""' to the uew aiscfjvovles itt jswr^eij 1 , ilsviUe, »s fti)l»tt»' iJPifoj'ja: ,. jd JQU'iQMe surgical opei'^tl that l«l ali&ast nalnlcHs, j^' t L (£ty>y «-^ %yn MW . >TJ( , ^^>.^^. i-r-.-v, WSSL 1M-JT ,t»«*,»T f dlsflttsfs he nsfa au ImnroyeiJ ejecfl fappHl^tiwtWUso OsY!sefl;Uja* fbe m% »t|c»s dlrepl tu Jh« s^ac o| toemaiMy, jsfeuiQYt»g,iU<Mio|> t! tb| l J»ijvi,*^ oi.tttp .dfipf* MBLw/>yMJ 6 I; SS^BJ* i.a.ase.8, ', •« ' '^1 •:^ ^' , ,_*,&.-

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