The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 25, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1895
Page 5
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f Mfe IOWA} WKWsrJBfiOAIf, 25, 1895. v.~ t '" MOFESSiOftAU&MESS DIRECTOR!, M. V. HAGOATU). O. F. PEEK. Haggjml & Peek, Successors to JONES & SMITH. ABSTRACTS. HEAL ESTATE. AlOOXA, - --- IOWA. A. D« Clarke & Co., FARM LOANS. ftear AlffoiuiStnto Rnftk. ALGONA, IA. Geo, C, Call, HEAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For Infovtnntlon In rcpnrcl to lands in Northwestern lowii. write to him. State street. AI.GONA, JOtVA. OKO. H. CtARKE, CHAS. A.COBEtfOtJTt Clai'kc & Cohenoui', ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ALGOJfA, IOWA. Gco, K. Cloud, (Successor to W. H. Quurton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State linnk. Sullivan & McMulioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, PoHtoHluo Block. AI.GONA, IOAVA B. V. Swotting, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. ALGONA, IOWA. .T. T,. UONAK. H. II. FELLOWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will rocolvo prompt attention Itooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Ul'dg. lan Wesley, Iowa. AI.GONA, IOWA. Daiisoii & Butler, LA W. LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. • ALGONA, IOWA. S, S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans 'and'Insurance. Special attention g-ivesi to collections of nil kinds. Over Ohrischilles' Store. ALGONA, IA. L. -K. darrfielil, M Ity PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. ' ALGONA, IOWA M. J. Kenefick, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. ALGONA, - - IOWA. J. 11. Pride, M. D., Over Postofh'ce. ALGONA, IOWA. Dr. L. A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals in Paints, Oils Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Ccr. State ancTThorington. ALGONA, IA, DENTIST. A. L. Kist, D. D. S., Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in when extracting 1 teeth. ALGONA. IOWA. E. S. Glasier, D. D. S., DENTAL MOQMS, Over the Algona State Bank. Special attention given to saving Uie natural teeth, The best of modern anaesthetics used to make operations as painless as possible. ALGONA, IOWA, E, E, S overs, J), V. M,, VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Hospital accommodations. Office west of Brown's Livery Stable. State street. ifacturer of and dealer Jn and Harness jOSEWALL, PAINTER f. tetter ttte. Wafer ftater. r- ' , ,aM.£rwwyiii«j!pt WANTED < \ Every Man, Womem and Child Who attends The To Call and See our Line.of FANCY AND STAPLE ® « Langdon & Hudson, We will be able to save yon some money on underwear tills full tvswu bought it all In case lots. It won't do you any harm to coinu and see us. NEW ENGLAND, LOCAL, MENTIONS. Look for a great fair next week. E. P. Fuller, of Irvington, has had typhoid fever. The clearing bee comes off at the fair grounds today. J. E. Stacy raised a number of Longworth pears this season. The great clays of the fair next week will be Wednesday and Thursday. Rev. Kennedy goes to conference at Webster City Monday morning next. There ought to be a great show of farm products at the fair next week. Hon. J. J. llyan will speak at the democratic meeting next Monday evening. The county fair opens on Tuesday next and continues Wednesday and Thursday. E. C. 1 uttle went to Wesley this morning to take care of G.W.Eddy, who is very low. . . • Algona had electric lights Wednesday night.- They illuminated the northern heavens. The band boys went down to Eagle Grove this morning to take some prizes at the band carnival. The O. K. lunch room has found very desirable and accessible quarters in the Geo. C. Call basement. E. W. riackmau, alter a long illness from typhoid fever, got nut doors last week. He looks decidedly slim. Geo. Simpkins and M. V. Chapin have been putting in a couple of months making hay down in Cresco. The county fair opens next Tuesday. The board of supervisors will hold an adjourned meeting on the same day. The Woodward starts out Monday night with "The Private Secretary", which is a great play and will draw a great crowd. The speaking ad. appearing on our flrst page discounts the base ball report in lasting interest. Mr. Goeders has the goods. All parties indebted to the firm of Weitgenant Bros. will save costs by settling their bills by Oct. 3, Office at the Hotel Tenant. Hard coal In Algona is quoted in the neighborhood of $8.50 per. ton. This necessity went up 50 cents a ton in Chicago last week, • . . S. D, Patterson has recently bought the Stewart residence and bis son A. E. has bought the Lars Anderson place, on the same street, Mr. Poxsee has taken a school census which shows that there are 806, about evenly divided as to sex, there being 392 girls and 414 boys. Mrs. Sarah Mitchell, of Garfield township, had a span of horses killed by lightning Jast Saturday, They had just been turned out to pasture. The democrats are to have a meeting in AJgopa next Monday evening. L, B. Paishall, their candidate for state superintendent, will speak, The Mitchell Congregational association, which includes Algona as its western limit, holds its annual meet< ing at Osage, beginning next Tuesday The diphtheria scare at Buffalo Cen ter having subsided, Mr, Sifert re turned t9 his school there on Saturday The disease did not materialize as wp ' '.Pavid'MiUejf will have*a vevy hand '.sQi»e building s-pQt jujt eonth of • the Pr. Reed PlajHR. south Algona. The is coye,r§a, with a fine The gchopj feoard held a meeting at the s9b,P-Pi tipuje Saturday afternoon, mi 1 — I 1 J W gg ^Q jj(JOpt ft 55 rT^p rTf ^i fttfniTf ^tf^p^-^n-af^nryif^fy -st T*?T * V*« V«W **«» ,JE*1 JT Upper flows ~ - - - - have a .at M)§ TJ t 3?V?T'ET.Ifl .fWf f * "^^WFT W*<*'™-^% ^ v " T . j"**f^,^?'" £ei both the hard and and the soft article, as their ad will indicate. The Woodward Company plays all next week at the Opera House. This company is rated a good one for fail- week. Mr. McGregor is still getting in goods. The splendid trade he has had justifies the extensive buying he has done for the fall and winter demand. To all persons buying Five Pollars' worth of groceries on Oct. 1, 2 or 3, ;Fair days) I will give one ticket of admission to the fair grounds. James Patterson. J. E. Blackford and wife have issued invitations to a reception at their residence Saturday afternoon, the occasion being the fiftieth -anniversary of their wedding. Vernon Tubbs, whose place is in the Hobart neighborhood, raised half an acre of melons this season, and they were fine ones, as the editor was favored with specimen melons and knows. E. C. Tuttle and A. P. Fern were down at Irvington, last week, putting some very handsome paper on the walls of the Presbyterian church. It made a decided improvement in its appearance. A. P. McGregor got in three carloads of new i'urnitiu'e last week. His stock is very complete, and being judiciously selected to meet the demands of all buyers, he is bound to please. County Chairman und County Clerk B. F. Grose and candidate for Representative Samuel Mayne of Bancroft, will represent Kossuth today at the republican league convention at Fort Podge. The comic opera of Said Pasha was played at the Opera House last week night to a small but respectable audience. The efforts of the artists were greeted frequently by great demonstrations of enthusiasm. James Taylor has a very fine stock of capes and jackets, which the ladies are admiring very much. Like all the rest of his big stock, these goods are the latest make and the best material and Mr. Taylor's ad says they fit. Mrs. J. B. Winkel returned home Monday from Stratford, Hamilton county, where she had been with her daughter two weeks, getting acquainted with her granddaughter, whose advent was. on the llth, Mrs. Miller is quite sick, The residence of J, T, Chrischilles on Thorington street, was struck by lightning Friday night, but only a corner of the chimney was knocked off The iron roof and iron ornaments are believed to have saved the building by scattering the electric charge. The Methodist and Baptist gations were consolidated Sunday Rev. Kennedy preached at the Baptist church in the morning and Bev, Stevens returned the visit and preached for the Methodists in the evening. The experiment was considered a success, Advertised letters; Frank Becker Mary Buckley, E, G. Butler, John F Guillos, J, W. Hogan, Mattie Johnson H, F >( Jones, Mr, 0. S, Kortz, Sornen Nelson, Mike Pray, James Richards Trace Taylor, A, B, Taft, N. S, Swan .son, , . Gotten states and international ex position at Atlanta, Ga, , Tickets wil be sold September, J5th to Pecej&be Sfito I^incjuiiye, ~ $SXSL Algpna to and return via the Oiueago Paul railway will be .. Mm Wijaon, living on a farm s,orae two wiles, north of whitteajoi'e, died on Sunday, aaatfteflinwjl ,WM ducted, on Tuesday fey $e AJgona p«&ti fte being a ystgran, Mr R use, 4 to Hyfi on miles TOgtoJAjgO-njii § was ^^ra^^^aleywfiEAledii to & Jievions at the place of J. R. Kruse. L'here was found to be no mystery tiiTounding liis demise and the case vas decided to be one for the town- liip trustees. llirarn Norton, of Poi timid town- hip, was in town Monday. He was legotwting the sale of liis fine farm ienr Biirt, preparatory to a trip to tlie Id home in England which is taken for he benefit of Mrs. Norton's health, vlr. Norton was offering his place for 30 an acre, which lacks $5 an acre of jeing what it is worth. lion. F. A. Dei thick, deputy lectnr- - of-tlie National Grange, P. of II., will speak at the Grange Hall, in Al- -;pna, next Saturday^ Sept. 28, at 1 /clock in the afternoon, his subject jeing the benefits of organization as •iewed from the farmers' standpoint, dr. Dei thick is the treasurer of the Ohio state board of agriculture. We are all invited. 8. D. Dingmati and Bill Adams met at the foot of the hill beyond the north one day hist week for a neigbor- y chut and while so engaged Adams iccidentaily discharged his gun into one of Dingman's horses. It was sup- >osed at the time that Mr. Dingman Vould have no further use for the lorsc, but it seoins to have survived he dose. F. L. McComb has made a trade of lis 240 acre farm in Clay county to El iVright of this place, securing tlie l;it- er's residence property in Algona, formerly the Moffatt place, and a smaller 'ann near Wesley. Mr. McComb will occupy his newly acquired residence. It is to be hoped that this will not take Mr. Wright away. lie is too good a iti/.en to be spared. Will Purvis has been putting in some of his vacation decorating the leilingpf Geo. Galbraith's conservatory with cupids frollicking in the jlue sky. A couple of the faces, at east, are painted from life. The work s well done, if an editor knows a good piece of art when he sees it, and creditable to the artist. Mr. Purvis retuvns to hicago to begin his third year at the Art Institute. Andrew Hanson, Mr. Parish's man, was down at Slater, near Des Moines, for a couple of weeks, putting in a furnace and doing a big job of plumbing for J. S. Kennison, who is finishing up one of the most elegant and costly country mansions in the state. Mr. Parish went down there on Monday to see that everything was right and close the the business. Mr. Kennison is the father of Mrs. A. L. Frise. Mr. Hanson came home Friday. W. A. Ladendorf last week sold his restuanint business to A. Ilulburt, of Clear Lake, who took immediate charge and began the work of repainting and brightening up the premises and putting in new shelving. The transfer created considerable surprise, as it was known that Mr. Ladendorf was doing a very profitable business, but he says the work was too confining and he had to seek a change. He has not given evidence of any intention to leave Algona, and it is to be hoped that he will continue with us. The West Bend Journal is laboring undes a misapprehension when it says: "We give it up, Kossuth county editors can have the cake, pan and gasoline stove'for their grain stories. Only hundred and sixty-eight bushels of oats to the acre is beyond our limit. Our conscience is elaotic in cases of this kind but this last report is like Kossuth county, it is too big." The Kossuth county papers have not claimed a yield of 168 bushels of oats to the acre. It was 160. We do not want any mistake about this. A..N. Stacy, of Dubuque, has been spending the week with his father and brother east of town. He is one of the managers of the B. F. llichardson & Co. shoe factory, which is the largest in the state, employing 150 to200 workmen. This factory was established in 1854, and the back of the firm's card shows a facsimile of a bill of goods bought of J. B. Grant, of Galena, June 14,1861, a date when U. S. was still in his father's store. The firm's ledger of '59 and thereabouts shows accounts with U. S. and Orville Grant, and these were settled by the father, J. B. Grant. Saturday was the first anniversary of the cyclone which swept across northern Iowa one year ago on September 21st and made the day memorable by its wholesale destruction of life and property. There were many who remembered the scenes of the day with sorrow, and the weather itself was a reminder of them. It was much the same kind of a day as that which clos- ek with the cyclone, and as night came it looked as though the clouds might be harboring another twister. The wind was strong for a time, but finally a heavy, steady rain set in and continued during most of the night. Mr, and Mrs. G. D. Bowe last week received word of the death of their daughter, Mrs, Lula Sheu-ett, at Delta, Colorado, and with Charley and George, they went to Dysait on Saturday to attend the funeral, the remains being conveyed to that point, where the xamily had resided for many years, The funeral was on Monday, the religions services being conducted by Bev, Calien at Dysait, The burial was at Hudson, Jowa. the home of the hus-- band, Mrs. Sher.ett was only 20 years of age and had been mauled two years, whieh time she spent with her husband in Colorado in the hope of recovering her failing health, due to lung trouble, The news of her death was a serious blow tp her family here, who did not anticipate the sad result at this time* Oariu'U. Davenport was husy.alJ }a§t, w|ek ''ftgfating pJf a matr.imoiual rum, QT^." as'llr, Pojliver put it,'but with ill suQcesg, in view of loads of flue turni* ture passing down Dpdge street, with My, Weupprt seemingly directing their prpgress. He gave up the fight " * ' and went down to was booked $P be at nopn, to Mis§ p, whose family is F-ff«"5<»7l * ft V*? T^t^f -^•'* « '. * ~^ *. -Jl^i vl ^.. ^^ qggeilbe^mQs^ prominent ijj that pity* in Mar&h.a,UtQWH ; ' Ajgoug. COOPER --rl $»i A carload of these celebfafi wagons has just beenreoeiirsa^ at THE WIGWAM. Call get a new Cooper Wagon* Wilfrid P. Jottes : iSf The Wigwam, Algona, Iowa.. A Good Investment! Is what we are all looking after, and with one of the largest crops ever known, this question comes to ever farmer:; What shall I do with all this grain, sell oats at 13c per bushel or build a granery? And which will pay me the best? Oats can't be raised at I8c per bushel, and when a^ thing is sold below cost of production it is reasonable to ^expect higher prices. Or in other words oats ought to bring;-' 20c to 2oc before spring, but if they are ondy 20c, you> make 7c per bushel by holding them. Now, about $50;' worth of lumber will build a granary that will hold 1200; bushels, and 7c profit on 1200 bushels is $84, or $34 profit', and the granary. Double the capacity of the granary at' a cost of about $90 and the profit on $2,400 bushel is $168 T \. or $78 and the granary. Conclusion: Build a granajry^ < make yourself some money and buy your lumber of • ; •<?',& fjf .f) ft m F. S: Nort6ri« Mrs. A. H. Purant, in Algona, last Saturday afternoon. The day had threatened rain, which came with considerable wind and a threatening sky about nightfall, and this likely lessened the number who would have been present, but about forty guests enjoyed the occasion. Mrs. L. F. Robinson and Mr. Pancoast, of Pes Moines, and Will Worster and Mr. Fuller, of West Bend, were the guests i'rom u distance. A number of appropriate gifts, including a gold headed cane and a pair of gold rimmed spectacles, were received by the venerable couple, and the gath- ing was a pleasant one. Abel Worster was born in Swanzey, N. H., 1819, and Harriett Beals was born at Chesterfield, in the same neighborhood, in 1825. On Sept. 22, 1845, they were ; married. For gixteen years they lived on the farm Where Mr. Worster was born, and then came to Iowa and settled in Jones county in 1861. Four years later they, moved to Kossuth and settled on the farm in Cresco township where they have lived for thirty years. They have six children, two girls and four boys. Gottlieb Schnerle is a young German who is wanted in Algona, not for any offense he has committed, but because he has fallen heir to three or four thousand marks in the Fatherland, and Mr. Chrischilles has the money in the bank here in Algona awaiting his draft. Schnerle was in the county last spring, working as a farm hand and frequently shifting from place to place. He worked near Fairville, then at Wesley, then at Burt, then at Germania, at which latter place he was last heard of. It may be that by this time he has drifted out of the county into Minnesota or elsewhere. He was aware of the fact that money was coming to him, and that it would come through Mr, Cbrischilles, the agent of his father's estate, and so he will probably drift back to Algona, If he is still in the county he will hear of his good fortune through the REPUBLICAN, which goes in force into every neighborhood of Kossuth, and will come to Algona and get his money, and not let it be sent back to Germany. The State Register has an Algona special which puts the amount of the young man's portion at $10,000, which is about ten times the actual sum* However, if young Schnerle will come and get his money and put it into Kos- sutb county land and work the land a? many a young German has done, the $10,000 will materialize in due time. Xf! • • ;• K J. L. Hastings, of Ledyard, was»sa*''*'4 ! visitor in Algona yesterday. Mr Hast-' T°te ings is one of the new settlers of Kos-'-O «f| Mrs. C. H, Beynolds, who had ' »,».„„.,„< visiting her brother, Bey. Geo. H. Is en-; v nedy,lerifor her home in Dubuquejf! Monday. , ,, ..^w C. B. Matbon, of Bolla, Miss., spent' 1 , 1 "! Sunday at his home in Biverdale t'owri-^'" ship. He reports the sale of a* farm last week. • * - * \\ Miss Nettie Edmunds went to Iowa, last week, to visit the Brunei'^ families of that city. She will be ab- ! .i sent a couple of weeks. O truer Bossingham, who graduated,from the veterinary course of the Iowa , Agricultural college last year, has' gone to the State university . to take '', a two years' medical course. W. B. Hutchinson and wife and their four children visited with Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Lantry and other rela-, tives over Sunday, departing for their , home in Nashville on Monday evening. ' Mr.and Mrs.L.F.Bobinson came from Dea Moines, Friday night to attend "* the Worster golden wedding which came off on Saturday. Jack Paacoast' of the same city, rode'up on his wheel to enjoy the same event. He is a nephew of the Durants. ' Photos, cabinet size, only $2 per doz- 1 ' en at the photo car east of Wigwam. .,; Grapes and peaches this week at the •%! Opera House Grocery. ' .<">-*•'-« Mr. A, Vogel, of the firm of A, e l £ Sons, Dubuque, Iowa, in: of Dr, T. W; Wood's Worm, pwmjywrTAffi says he has used it m his family for tbe$Ss» past seven years and recommends-it J&&$& everj family as the best, This is valuable stomach and liver as well as a vermifuge. Make my store ^your during the Fair, James MENTION, Hardy BuelJ was in Algona Monday. Miss Agnes Gilbert is very muph in> proved in health, Joseph Mathers, of Blmore, was in Algona last w^fo ' r ; ; ", ; $jVB,."Bushhell has been down i'rgjn. Minnesota; for a few days. ' • Rome Woodworth is in town visiting friends. He resides at Madison, Wis> Mrs, H, j, Winkie, of Waukon, has been visiting friends and relatives here, "I$i88 Ilia P,ur&nt is soon to go to, her studies at tb.e Mr«" ana Mrs,, J, 0« H§ekart were up Eagle Grove Hast ' • M0 v Tfiuii&iyrpq¥i84$ JieydaMgtyffTj JftWlft- PQJBSWB 6 * , V ' W' AErt£)eBUBfipi Q| SopT%i $&& «**».» ll^ AdftSiaa if?* Po not fail to take a barrel during the Fair, son, Battle Creek' Sanitarium. .goMr'M LAKGPQN& HUDSON'S, **^Vv8w« > ' ' ' -1 'u u t. Lf£. .' "L ^»"»vJi« Better bread, hnhtav MiuoHi^i^iufcs Better bread, life results from phate, &S&S MV **:?$m ^ ., u.i,'i , u ^4^ That JQo table 1 of ^n'4edi| attraction at Wftl^ir- T |iS«S J?to9$

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