The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 25, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1895
Page 3
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3 BUTTON SACK WHICH ROLLS OR WtWHS AT PLBASURft TO SLBEVEfrARB FINISHED OFF WITH.THE tMBLE TO COMPETE RECEIVERS SAY THE NORTHERN PACIFIC IS IN POOR CONDITION. SILVfcft FORCfeS CONSOLIDATE. ;{nd*-f>enctcnt Candl- NEiW YORK CITY, MAD* O* FOREIGN WOO^^F^t^^m^^ ^^^^ S ENTIRE SUIT ARE FIRST-CLASS. VVARDKD UPON APPLICATION. I m Am n«a S Without cliange of oars.. All meals sei ved ing cars. Palace drawing-room sleep u« ^" n . tourist sleepers are ran through .to ban JliaivCisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los An geles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North - Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts of-the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed., .ormation can be obtained upon application . - " f?ent. ^CHICAGO ft' HG^H -WESTERN R'Y. GREAT VALUE FOR + + + + LITTLE MONEY. WEEKLY NEWS OF THE V/ORLD FOR A TRIFLE. Nine Million:* Need to UP Expended In tin? Next FH-o years—Kxpnnscn Have Hccti Cut I>own and the Earning* Have Increased. MILWAUKEE, Sept. 81.—The general report of the receivers of the Northern Pacific railroad showing the condition of the property, which was ordered by Judge Jenkins, was filed in the United States court late in the afternoon. The report is a voluminous document, comprising nearly 40 pages of printed matter, together with the trial balance sheets and the records from the comptroller's office. The report deals largely in generalities, as it would bo impossible, the receivers say, to present a detailed history of their administration in so brief a apace. Tables are adduced, however, to show that in the two years of the receivership, the operating expenses have been decreased. The troti bles of the receivership, embraced in the strike, the conflict with the Coxeyites. the floods and the endless litigation are pointed out. The receivers smy furthei that the condition of the road is not such as to enable it to compete on ai equal basis with its rivals and that to remedy this will require an expenditure of $9,000,000 in the next five years. Condition of the Uoail. At the outset the report states th condition of the road at the lime (he receivers took hold. The total indebt- uess, including the mortgages, was §21,077,725.78, and the annual fixed charges §10,421,025.90. For the years ending June 80, 189-4 and 1895, the rep :-t states that the expenditures under tin- Head of maintenance of way and structures were decrea-ed 10.27 per cent.while the main- tainance and equipment were increased but .06 per cent. The expense of conducting the transportation department has decreased 7.90 per cent. The operating expenses for the year ended June 80, 1894, decreased $230,404.99, against a decrease of $251,745.75 for 1895. The earnings for 1895 were $17,434,980,80, against $16,547,209.51 the year before. The operating expenses for 1895 were 811,319,682.41, against $11,816,120.17, while the net earnings for 1895 were $8,115,398.39, against $4,731,089.34, the net earnings per mile for 1895 being $1,360.32, against $1,052.26. Must Expend Millions. During the next five years the report states, it will be necessary to relay about 14,000 miles of steal rail at a cost of about $4,000,000. It would be also advisable to continue the replacing of temporary wooden structures with permanent earth fills or steel bridges. This would cost about $3,600,000. Summed up, the report continues, provision should be made for extraordinary expenditures in the next five years of $9,000,000, in order that the property may be placed on an equal footing with its rivals for economical operation. ASKS AN INJUNCT1ON. Nominate an date for .CHICAGO, Sept. 20.—The new consolidation of bimetallic leagues has perfected its organization and a committee of nine was appointed to take charge of affairs and to'keep tho hendquartc'rs in Uhica.go open. The committee promptly aunciiod a bomb in the shape of the fnl- owing resolution: 'That it is the sense of the c-jiiven- ion that an early conference of bi- tnetallists from all states which >lace the cause above party l:e called to neot and formulate a plan toward hold- ng a national convention to nominate candidates for president and vice president of the United States upon a platform with the sole plan savoring of independent bimetallism for tho United States." StJMflAUt Of WMBfc'S , Champion Coibeit ha?l;pgtm training for the DalL.!* light. He put in three hours work, and weighed 187 pounds stripped. The 72d unuvf-rsaiy of Kicarngita's independenct! was tu.ehrated Monuay by numerous processions, orations, fireworks, etc. Ex-President Harrison has left for Philadelphia. He will remain there _ a few days before going to his home in Indianapolis. Eastbound shipments from Chicago were 00,000 tons, against 57,232 for tue preceding week and 51,528 for the corresponding week last year. Comte cle Foras, son of the grand marshal of the court of Prince Ferdi- of Bulgaria, has become betrothert . -, i i _ n TT —« \\fl r\<nf\r\ 1 T n Subset ness IS iff s ty thnrt been made t# payments cm m«y be made at h\jt mimed —F <& ERWIN'S BRIEF FILED. Argument on Kaoli of Thirty-seven Assignments of iSrror. ST. PAUL, Sept. 20.—Attorneys Envin and Schnmaker, for Harry Hayward, have furnished to the supreme court "appellant's brief." It is a printed book of 57 pages. There are 37 assignments of error, and then follows argument on each alleged error, with copious references to authorities and decisions. Counselor Erwin's peculiar bent of mind dominates the argument all through. It is not verbose on any point, and yet every point is seemingly well covered. Special stress is, of course, laid on the allegation of Adry Hayward's insanity and on the exclusion of the testimony of his father and mother to prove insanity had existed among ancestors. Blixt's testimony is also called in question, and allusion is made to the prejudicial effect of improper corroborative testimony that as alleged, clef en cl- wa.i not allowed to refute. WILL IGNORE THE OPINION. niUlU Ul JDUlgiU. It!,, iii" uv,v.v»"« ~~ -. to Marie, daughter of Hon. Meredith - -— •• - States inimstei I«<•Ii•»- . i i»JF* BirK flrfrtfc' , _ llK J3i«rte LEDVAttB-8tHtC QgRMANftA-SWle SWEA GitV— Swea Gitj has been have Keys, eTIESIIE] a twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper ot ! the United States. .It is a National Family Paper, and gives vll the Teneral news of the United States. It gives the events ot foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the country. Its "Mrket Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics, Its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTEACT —*• enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE UEPUKLICAN tor ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.5().'j SUI5SCHtrrj()]SfS MAY IJEG1N AT ANY TIME. ALQONA REPUBLICAN. name and address on.a postal card, nehd it to GEO, W,HES2\ eJWmw, New York tity,and sample copy 0} THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE will le mailed to yon. THE INTER OCEAN -is Most Popular Repuilican Newspaper of ttie West And Has the Largest Circulation. BY MAIL (without $un(l0y), .............. $ 6 - 00 P er PAILY (with Sunday) ,.;,.,,, .......... §8,00 per The Weaiy Inter Ocean •"'• The Weekly inter Qeean Attorney General Chllds Brings Snit Against the Great Northern Hallway. ST. PAUL, Sept. 21.— Attorney General' Childs has begun an action on behalf of the state, in the Ramsey county district court, the object of which is to restrain the Great Northern and Northern Pacific from entering into their proposed agreement for consolidation. The action is brought for the same purpose as the Pearsall case, tried a few weeks ago before Judge Sanboru in the United States circuit court, and in which Judge Sanborn held that the two companies could enter into the agreement if they chose. That case was brought by one of the stockholders of the Great Northern company; the present action is brought by the state to prevent the agreement on account of the damages it is alleged the people of the state will suffer if the deal is consummated. __ OFFERS $4,000,000. C. D. Sinitu Wants to Buy the Wisconsin Central Kallroad. MILWAUKEE, Sept. 21.— A special to The Wisconsin from New York city says: George Capelle, chairman of the bondholders' committee of the Wisconsin Central railroad, has received a proposition from, Charles D, Smith of Fond duLac, in effect that if the Wisconsin Central Railroad company is reorganized on a basis that will place the bonded indebtedness at $18,000 per mile and the stock debt at $16,000 a mile, he will undertake to raise |4,000,000 to purchase the entire stock issue of the Wisconsin Central road with the view of consolidating the company with the Chicago and Old Colony Railway company, which was organized in Wisconsin as an operating company last winter, Mr, Smith's offer is under consideration. TP Stir Up Officials, Poo Cpow, Sept, 18,— It haying beeu reported that the Chinese officiate at Ku, Ch-eug were not pushing t& e H«iwry into the massacre of missionaries, Aug, 1. with the zeal that the occasion 4e. nwnds, two foreign gunboats are said to have been dispatched up the river to Stir up tfee officials to greater aotmty. Qp top Hablws' TwMJ. M.ILWAWIW, Sept. 33."^ Superintend dent Marsh, telegraphs frojnWaupaoa thjat upwards of }QQ pen are now eoouj, ing the country foj? the, Wftupaoa tr&tn. Governor Culburoim Will Do Ills Host to 1'rcveiit the Flglit. AUSTIN, Tex., Sept. 20.—Govcruoi Culberaon was seen in reference to Judge Hurt's opinion at Dallas favorable to prize fighting. He refused to express himself, but it is evident he will ignore the opinion and prevent the fight. To bo prepared for an adverse opinion he has been looking up Governoi Ross' action on the Sullivan-Kilraii fight, which he prevented from cominf off in Texas, and his order to the sheriff, wherein he cites the laws still in force and commands him to enforce them. Governor Culberson has several copies of the order and it is certain he intends to prevent the fight. Texas has a ranger force controlled and governed by special laws and they can be ordered anywhere in the state by the governor without military red tape regulations, and their special province is to prevent infractions of laws. Culberson will probably use this force. INTERNATIONAL ATHLETICS. Americans Capture livery Kvcnt on the Programme. NEW YORK, Sept. 21.—The international athletic contests between the London Athletic club and the New York Athletic club at Manhattan field Saturday resulted in a complete victory for the Americans. Of the 11 events on the programme the English failed to carry off first honors in a single ono and in several instances even failed to get second place. New world's records were made in the 880-yard run, the 100-yard dash, the running high jump, the 220- yard run and the hurdle contest. Read, formerly United to Greece. Wednesday, Sefit, 18. A new army retiring board appointed at Chicago. Yellow fever and black vomit appeared at Cordoba, Mex. Filibusters arrested at Cedar Fla., were released upon trial, The big battleship Maine has been ut in commission at the Brooklon navy -ards. Diiluth is already preparing for the bonspiel of the Northwestern curlers lext winter. Secretary Oluey has returned to "Washington, and it is expected President Cleveland will follow soon. Marie, daughter of Meredith Y. Read, ex-United States minister to Greece, is betrothed to Comte Max de Foras. Emperor William is drawing an alle- eorical picture illustrating the intervention of tin? powers to make peace between Chiir.r and Japan. The collateral securities of the Georgia Central railway, advertised to be sold at public auction at New York, were purchased by Messrs. Thomas and for §1,000,000. steamer Santa Barbara hao arrived at Havana with 1,000 soldier.-) luul 37 officers from Tetuan, Morocco, iha troops were given a splendid reception by the citizens of Havana. Subscribers t»»J' )lff lor nclvtince drtii avail lowest cltibl.iutf ratM* jfiVeti Tins iirnihjrertieht is tmm? view to Hccomm'xlrttiJif? (iiid it more convenient subscription at thei business enmity UivoUpl) will tie given ftfoibpt ntfi «.-s P,y IL >oiinw;lC of the 16W quoted in this- I - and Inter OcPiiii .,. " sitit<! Jt''gi"tcr 11 K, V. Tribune. To Build Japanese Ships. YOKOHAMA, Sept. 81.—The Japanese parliament has voted a credit of 200,000,000 yen for the building of four ironclad ships, ten coast defense vessels and fifty torpedo boats. : LATEST MARKET REPORT. Blllivaxilcoe Grain. MILWAUKEE, Sept. 31, 1895. FLOUR— Steady. WHEAT— No, a spring, 57c; No. 1 Northern, 58o; December, 58c. CORN-NO. s,s\xo. OATS— No. 3 white, 833; No. 8 white, Thursday, Sept. 10. California s capmakers have combined to keep up prices. • President Cleveland is to make a speech at Atlanta about Oct. 20. There is renewed agitation at Washington of recognizing Cuban belligerency. Consul General Morse and Ambassador Eustis are said to be on bad terms with each other. Mrs. G. E. Sweeney, wife of one and mother of four preachers, is dead at Newman, Ills. The latest about the third term is that President Cleveland allowed the bocin to start to see how the people liked the idea. The "Washington hop crop will not be more than half an average. That of Oregon will be about three-fourths the usual amount. The report that the St. Louis Car company and the American Car company will consolidate has been confirmed by the officers of both companies. The consolidated concern will be known as the St. Louis-American Car company. Friday, Sept. 30. The true amount of gold reserve at the close of business was §95,948,875. • At Napa, Cal., Walter Foster rode a half mile paced in 50 4-5 sees., a new world's record. Charles Le Clercq, the actor, died' in the New York hospital, where he has been since the 16th of this month suffering from typhoid fever. The. dowager princess of Battenburg, whose son, Prince Henry of Battenburg, is the husband of Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice, is dead. The treasury department is advised of the deposit of §100,000 in gold in exchange for currency by the National Bank of Commerce of St. Louis, through its New York correspondent. ClilcaKoTimos... New York World New York Sun. ., Homestead ........ Orangf Judd Far- j " ... Harper's M agazluea 4,60 Cosmopolllan ...... J '.2- Mc'C'Iui'cs Maga/.'n &( N. Y. IncU'pcndPnb ;»: Chaiitaiiqnnn....:. .i?»60, Review of Reviews Docorah Posten ..-,' Tlio Midland ...... Soientilic American ?4.10 Conlnrv ........... /' St. Nicholas ....... '. ion Harper's Conipan- ' «?wjt .-^3':30 Young Week's Current.. AND DRILLIINJGJ Wi> lui vc mncililneTy of nil sixes fOT^Qrin^^ drilling wells.' Water, ffiiaranteecl^'pr* GALLION BROS.,'Bancroyt^I SALESMEN WASTED. liife', trtistwoi-tliy mon to ropre&erit "us**J e sale ol 1 our Ohoteo Nursery Stocking al-fe Spccinltleh oonlrollod toy us Highest Sal-la ary or commission paid weekly. Steudy ( epi- '' ployment the yciiv round. Outfit I'rec; ex-> , elusive territory; cxyevienco not noces>sary s ;.|j tolgpuy ui'siiTod woi'kors; special induce—' ment.s to toe-innoiN. Write ut onifo for par»^ ticuliirs to " 7t,] Allen Nursery Co., v ROCHESTER, N. Y. ' f r SALESMEN^ . , . , BARLEY— No. 2, lie; sample on track, Dulnth Grain. DULUTH, Sept. 21, lt-95, WHEAT—Cash No. 1 hard, 56^c; No. 1 Nortbera, 54%c; September No.l North- erii, 54%°: December No. 1 Northern, 'Wo; May No. 1 Northern. 60>jo. Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. si, 1895. WHEAT—September, £3^q; December, May, 58o. On Track—No,! bard, No. I Northern, 53%c; No, 3 North, . St. J?aul UnlQB Stock Yards. • SOUTH ST. PAUL, Sept, 81, 1893, HOGS— Market 5@loo lower; more light and medium weights are in the best de* maud, Baoge ot prices, *3.75@3,60. OATTLB — Market steady; receipts mostly gomroon; good demand for fat Wttle and good butcher stuff; heavy fee4" era and cann?rs etrong and active. §IJEEp-Gooa sheep and lambs strong. pwmo»gtuf£ nob wanted. • Receipts; Bogs. 400; cattle, 2o, CHlc»B° U»l°» Stock Yftrflfc CHICAGO, Sept. ?l, active at )Q@l5o for Satm-aay, Sept. SI, Several cases of cholera have been reported at Constantinople and one of them lias resulted fatally. The United States steamer Ranger has sailed from Guayaquil for Panama. She will be succeeded at Guayaquil by the Alert. As the result of a trivial dispute, Peter Kenizel, a farmer living near Arapahoe, Neb., shot and killed his wife and then blew out his brains, At Denver, Millie Merz, aged 9, endeavored to kindle a fire by using kerosene. The cau exploded and the girl and her baby brother, aged 3 years, were burned to death, Advices from Antananarivo, Mada* gascar, are to the effect that a condition bordering on anarchy prevails in the district of Horina, where everyone is fighting for power. The hearing before Attorney General Hancock in the action brought against the American Tobacco company, to restrain the trust from doing business in York state, hag .begun. A goodclianeo! Pon't misrf it! You need" ,U no capital to represent a reliable firm tbat'.ylfi wan-ants nursery stock flvst class and true , <JS to nnmo. AVQRK AXL THjq "VlSATt, and' good pay weekly. Our famous Mlnnetonhia Apple is warranted until it produces, H bushel of i'rul t. Our Seed Potatoes sel' erywbere. State age. U. J-. MAY & Nnrseiy 011, Florets S^. P^ul, Hiul Seertsmejj', Wanted Salesmen MEN In ea«h county io take' orders', forl? Choice line of NUKSKKY STOCK, oi' SBJBJ POTA.1OK$. Stock and Wo can give yon Stendy Gport Pay, It will co&t you itatvlaj, StatoAvJion writing profov to sol}. Address? i ' The QF te»OM, Be , been paokgd. Q towA that w» e* HP ^ wbw ft wste , MUl shipping lots; $3.«)5@3,8D Native §teep. OPVY. l^m\, <?sfc«e, Pr»»8 aft* AS A FAMILY PAPER JS NOTPCELLID BY ANY. - Hawks ' A S~* V*i Tk T P»W"I AGEN;T 8M Fallini Wp sell only Also Pure Seed Ml 6. D WTO. Acting Comptroller that »otbjing oa the government fop its Sept, 4wv, w - Mup*uli»ans have feee» opv rested lot-RttftoWug tjie Amwo«a Coi? Jege at TftTSftS. M attempt vr»s wrie ty ^glanto rpl> the fca»k at SaWww, Ka«- The burglfWfl were 4iscove£eappfpre they got ji^to the safe. The race fer the Qeyw-a Nwgejy bw« ifo pqf 8W pQYeyeigw\ft»3'7egp r Qj48, m; 4ap,phe§ter, was VTD»V

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