Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1965 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1965
Page 12
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HOLD INITIATION Eastern Star initiation \vas held Monday in Convith. The candidate was Mrs. l^oota Ann Vo$s Lin. Mrs. William Robert- Son, Gamer, was courtesy candidate. Mrs. Robertson was Lcota Ann's mother. Advisor in Hain- bow. VISIT The Gary WHtmetrs, Fort Dodge, left .January fi and flew by jet to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their three children are staying with (heir grandparents the Lee Wiltmeirs. LuVerne, while they are gone four weeks. FINANCIAL JUPORT OF tHt TOWN OF LU VCRNE. IOWA FOR YEAR ENDING DECEM6IR 31, m4 January 1, 1964 through December 31, 1964 fUCEIPTS TAX OFFICE RECEIPTS RECEIPTS 1. Gftnerol Government J 3fi<097 | 75841 2. Street ........... . . . 3.8831* ';31 Ih 3. Public Safety . .. . .. . I,2ft9l9 2,064 BO *. Sanitation ... 1.6.31 77 5000 5. Municipal Entnpnses . . ?.)06,.T> 13bOO 6. Recreation . . 1,053.27 11. Rood Use Tax . . . . 4 IOO8 13. Liquor Protil . 60? 7S GRAND TOTAL RECEIPTS $13.584.73 8,946.51 EXPENDITURES SAI.ARKS AND WAGl.S 1. Gonerol Government . _ . . . $ 3,451 38 2. Street . . 904 bJ 3. Public Sofet> . . 1 904 36 4. Sonitotion ..... . ... . 399 A7 5. Municipol Enterprise-- ... ... 192.47 6. Recreation 701.46 7. Debt Srrvicr (L\ceot Utilities) _ .... 10. Emergency (Evcrpl Utilities) .... 13. Liquor Profit _ ... .... GRAND TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS . .$ 7,553.86 OTHER EXPENDITURES 1,51 1.03 1,21 7.05 1,985.55 871.23 1,561.29 712.60 .68 2,674.12 904.07 11,437.62 TOTAL 5.399 40 4,1 14 29 3,33., 99 1,681.77 2,241.39 1,053.27 •«,IOi.J8 602 75 22,531.24 TOTAL 4,962.41 2,121.57 3,889.91 1,270.90 1,753.76 1,414.06 .68 2,674.12 904.07 18,991.48 Trib une 6—ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE PUBLISHED AS PART OP THE KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE THURSDAY, JAN, 14, IMS VALUATION OF PROPERTY SUBJECT TO TAXATION ON ASSESSMENT OF January 1, 1963 Class of Properly: Humholdt Co. Real Property . . J 36,004 Personal Property - ...... ... •- ,024 Railroad Propctty . . . * ,553 Telephone, Iclcoraph and and Express Companies . 6,056 Utilities, Including Transmission Lines and Pipe Lines ... 8,438 Total Except Monies and Credits Total Monies, and Credits .... ... Total Valuation of All Properly ... ..$1111,075 .. I 1,375 . .$145,450 Kossulh Co. $291,391 59,177 21,476 9,615 14,362 $396,021 100,034 Mnas Maas, $496,055 CASH STATEMENT City or Town Cicrk's ! (Do Not Include Utilities) ! Bolonce on Hond — Jonuory ' I, 1964 5 2,891.64 Tofol Receipts tor Yeor Ending December 31, 1964 22,531.24' Total to Account tor $25,42288 EXPENDITURES: Salaries and Wages $ 2,162.32 Operation , ... 755.06 Otncr txpenditures: Street Lights 1,724.71 Miscellaneous ........_.._ 3ti3.47 DistriDiition 433.42 Maintenance 2,369.7J Sales lax 82.33 Tofol Expenditures for Year Ending December 31, 1964 ...$18,991 48 Total $18,991.48 Total Deduction from Total to Account for ..$18,991.48 Balance on Hand — December il, 1964 „. $ 6,431.40 MEfORT OF MUNICIPAL INDtBT tONESS December 3), 1964 (Do Not Inclrvc Utilities) NONE REPORT OF UTILITIES 1964 MCIIF-TS: Water Works Sale of Water or Electricity .$ 4,52i.ld Taxes 2,/98.65 Total Expenditures 1964 ..$ 7,911.84 REPORT OF UTILITIES CASH SlATEMtNT Balance on Hand — January I, 1964 $ 3,649.21 Total Receipts for Year Ending December 31, 1964 7,319.73 Total Receipts, 1964 $ 7,319.73 Total to Account for 10,968.94 Total Expenditures tor Year Ending December Jl, 1964 7,911.84 Total $ 7,911.84 Total Deductions from Total to Account for ..$ 7,911.84 Balance on Hand — December 31, 1964 ...$ 3,057.10 REPORT OF U1ILITIES REPORT OF INDEBTEDNESS NONE QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT ~AND SUMMARY~oT~pYbc~EWINGS ~ School District LuVerne Community Township LuVerne County Kossuth-Humboldt I do hereby certify that this report is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to the financial matters of the board of said district for th« quarter ending December 31, 1964. Rose Patterson Secretary. FINANCIAL STATEMENT SCHOOLHOUSE FUND Balance from Previous Quarter 5,610.88 Total Receipts for Quarter .* 6,513.44 Total to Account for Total Warrants Drown During Quarter Balance at End of Quarter 12,124.32 11,656.25 468.07 GENERAL FUND Balance from Previous Quarter 24,753.62 Total Receipts for Quarter 64,601.50 Total to Account for 89,355.12 EXPENDITURES Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter 33,587.19 (Teachers, Janitors, Ofticers, etc., giouped) Other Warrants Issued — amount 10,591.10 Total Expenditures Balance at End of Quarter LuVerne girl to make trip to Europe LuVerne — LaVon daughter of Mrs. Marie a junior at Cedar Falls, is one of a group of students planning a trip to tiurope next summer. The Rev. Donald lies, pastor of the K.U.B. church, Cedar Falls, with his wife, will chaper- onc the group, and plan the schedule. The group plans to leave by plane from Chicago June 7. The itinerary will include London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Heidelberg, Munich, Salzbury, Innsbruck, Lucerne, Dejon and 1'aris. Almost all of the travel in Europe will be surface. They will be gone three weeks. The cost is approximately $500 each and many of the students have been working for months in spare time Lo raise extra money. PROMOTED TO MAJOR Gerald Schipull, son of A. A. Schipull, has been promoted to major. He is stationed in Colorado Springs. OFFICERS INSTALLED Installation of officers was held Monday evening at the Masonic Lodge. Thurman Gaskill was Worshipful Master, A. A. Schipull was installing officer and G. M. Will was installing Marshall. BROTHER IS DEAD Fayc Harmon received a call Sunday his brother, Guy Harmon, had died at the Veteran's hospital in DCS- Moines. BROTHER INJURED Mrs. Richard Nielson received word Sunday her brother Kenneth Durant, stationed in Germany, was injured when run over by a hit-and-run motorcycle. ,178.29 •15,176.83 Balance from Previous SPECIAL Quarter COURSES FUND 6.36 Total Receipts lor Quarter Total to Account (or Balance at End of Quarter 505.70 505.70 LIST OF WARRANTS (except salaries) SCHOOLHOUSE FUND Person, Firm or Corp. To Whom Paid For What Amount Payment on principal _ 1000000 Interest on bonds ~~ 1'656 25 Total Schoolhouse Exp. __ ||,656.?5 FUND For What GENERAL Person, Firm or Corp. -,, To Whom Paid Allyn & Bacon . Americana Interstate Corp. — American Educ. Publ. Anderson Motor Co. Advance Publishing Co. American Std., Inc. Accounting Supplies & Sys. — Al«m* Pfbg. 8. Htg. American School Bd. Journal _ Burgess Publishing Co. Lewis Block Mark L. Brandsgoard ._ Detain Bluiner _. Ball Pen Co. Bock Bros. Welding Bureau of Audio-Visual Bruce Publishing Co. -Carroll Garoge Corwith Imp!, Co. __-_.,. . Howard Cronk, Jr. _... Grouse Cartage Co. Clinton Misco Co. __ Chopin Shoe Repair Central Univ. of la. Press _. The Country Store Children's Press. Inc. Dictation Disc Co. _. Harry Dasen .. . . Decker Bros. . Division of Surveys . Doubleday and Co. The Decor Shoppe Denoyer-Geppert Co . Educational Mus:c Bureau . Educator's Progress Service Edmund Scientific Co Foir-Play Scoreboard Co Film Strip of the Mourn . . Firmey Company ...... Horcourt, Brace 8. World Hauff Sporting Goods Co. . . . Hogon's . _. Huntingdon Laborotor.es Holt, Rinehorl & Winston . Hommond & Stephens . . D. C. Heath t. Co Hjelmeland Home Buiiclers Alice Hinz . C. S. Hammond & Co. . . Iowa Public Service Iowa Emp. Security Comm la. Public Emp. Retirement IBM Corporation . . International Bus. Mach ... Ideal Chemical Co ... Iowa Testing Program __ Johnson's Inc Koutzky Sporting Gooas . . . Donald Kruse Neil A. Kios Music Co (Cossuth County ...__. J. S. Lotto i Sons I, Rose Patterson. Sc-crcior certify that this report, pages the proceedings pertaining to t the quarter ending December . 827.42 1535 12.00 3.50 49.79 1.50 5.40 6.44 1 1.96 8.62 95.00 33.60 2.00 23.15 17.91 ' 71 27 395 28.70 5.00 21.00 33.00 11300 665 15? 95 104 10 I I I 60 75.69 63.54 49 H4 24.94 2.89 40 10 476 46 91710 646 00 202 10 563 00 25 00 39 61 fc 75 71 65 b 00 2.36 495 JI9.06 Ct tr, c 1964. I Laidlaw Bros., Inc. iLife World Library Amount LuVerne Building Co. 3.51 LuVerne Insurance Agency 6.40 Lyons & Cornahan Co. 142.30 H. W. Lowson Hdwe. J 7.30 LuVerne Pharmacy 70.43 , Listening Library 8.79 A. C. McClurg Co S.IO McGraw Hill Book Co. . 15.00 The Miller Co. 4.50 Metropolitan Supply Co. 4.35 M & M Sales Co. 11.70 Mid-Bell Music Co. 270.18 Midwest Shop Supplies 14.00! Hubert L. Moeller ... 15.48 | Misco Biological 23,41 iMorshall S. Swift 7.55 ! Montgomery Ward 1.55 (Narcotics Education, Inc. Nature & Science .-, Nortnwcstern Bell ._ Nielsen's DX Service National Education Assoc News Mop ol the Week The Nations Schools Duane Neal . Off to College . ~, A. N. Palmer Co. ._ Patterson Elec. Service Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Pratt Paper Co. Patterson Trucking Peter Pauper Press Petty Cash J. SV. Pepper & Son . Powers Regulator Co. Public Attairs Comm. ._ George E Powell Bert komus, Postmaster Readers Digest L. B. Sheltun, Exp. Silver Burdctt Co. Southwestern Publ. Co. Scott, Foicsmon & Co. Santord Plbg 4, Htg. Co. Scholastic Magazines Schooltwund Books . -. '.. L. H. Schnedler Simplicity Pattern Co Siou* City Music Supply . Standaid Fluorescent Co. . Swea City Community School . Sun Ra> DX Oil Co. 1 own of LuVeine - . Tfauger's Store Upper DCS Moines Pub. Co. B A Wickctt, txp. Wick Mus.c Publishers Welch Scientific Co. . ... . 108.1 1 3.25 328.43 711.05 17.15 84.05 24.16 6.20 18.16 12.26 21.45 15.12 29.86 82.03 89.67 13.62 47.87 62.25 35.00 70.72 932.98 9.00 19.75 4.00 5.20| 5.00 17.23; 20.30 19.63 16.73 70.00 1.00 38.20 18.83 22.05 3.15 34.00 89.55 2.74 102.37 21.29 8.21 35.07 133.50 4.00 I 1.47 30.00 6.00 14.75 3600 500 686.85 19.96 53.61 4.00 5.04 8.02 115.30 Guests of the Alfred Fetts Monday wore the Grid Stewarts, Duncom.be. A. A. Schipull loft Sunday for Omaha and returned Monday evening. The Everett Schipulls visited in Humboldt Sunday with hoi- parents the A. C, Summers. Guests at Albert Gonrich's for his birthday Sunday were the Stanley Genriches and Everett Stevens. Guests for Mark Barber's 12 birthday Tuesday were the boys in his school class, Galen Cronk, Randy Thomas, Tim Bristow, Allan Fell, Roger Faulslick, Randy Will, Dana Selby and Thomas Mirriam, Guests Sunday for the 10th birthday of Curlis Barber were his grandparents the A. A. Schi- pulls. The Bill Meyers family, Whittemore, visited the Robert Barbers Sunday. Junior high played Kanawha Saturday and won both games, Jack Guy returned home last week following surgery in the Britt hospital. Eileen Moading entered the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge for surgery. Alice Hinz and Lester were Sunday guests at Eldo Beckman's, St. James, Minn. Other guests were the Lee Rosenbergs and Louis Warners, Fairmont, Minn. The women are all nieces of Alice Hinz. Richard Wagner visited Charlie Hinz Sunday. The John Vosses Jr. visited in Des Moines Sunday with their daughter and son-in-law the Rex Lltis. Mrs. John Blumer and Mrt. John Voss Jr. attended an all day 4-H meeting in Algona Monday. The Eugene Casey* visited in Algona Sunday for the birthday of his mother Mrs. Robert Casey. Other guests were the Clarence Cascys and Marion Caseys. Evening Star met Jan. 7 at Thclma Trauger's. Devotions were by Ardis llockwood, lesson by Vcra Thorn. Mrs. Evelyn Sorenson, Mason City, visited the Jes$ Lindebaks Sunday. Weekend guest of Mrs. Faye Lichly was Mrs. Nettie Robinson, North Platte, Neb. J.J. club met at Faye Lichty's Friday. Presiding was Bernie Cox. The lesson was by Mrs. Laurinc Jcrgenson who also showed pictures of her trip to Florida. New member is Mrs. Fern Neal. Lunch was served by the hostess. The Lutheran Aid met Jan. 7. At their next meeting they plan to hold an auction. Circle I met at' Anna Bjustrom's Wednesday. Devotions were by Mrs. Marvel Eggleston, and lesson by Donna Nelson. Lunch, was served by the hostess. Circle II met at Minnie Hen- |dcrson's Wednesday. Devotions were by Yulahmae Voss, and lesson by Eunice Blake. Lunch was served by the hostess. Circle III met at Myrtle Jordon's Wednesday. Devotions were by Anne Smith, and lesson by Minnie Davidson. Roll call was a verse from Hebrews. Lunch was served by the hostesses Myrtle Jordon and Gladys Genrich. The Everett Schipulls visited Carl Schipull at the hospital in Fort Dodge Monday. The Albert Schneiders went to Fort Wayne, Ind. Their son Merlin Schneider, Reno, Nov., accompanied them. They visited at Harlan Schneider's. The Albert Schneiders and Harlan visited the Elmer Richardsons in Slater. They attended the baptism of their baby, Tina, Sunday. Sponsors were the Don Richardsons. Merlin Schneider returned to Reno, Nov., Wednesday. Guests Friday for the second birthday of Lori Nielson, daugh- ter of the Richard Nielsons, were the Harold Nlclsons, Sr., Harold Nielsons Jr., Fred Wills, Bud Davvsons, John Stills, Milo Durants, Algona. LuVerne Township Homemek- crs club will meet Friday at 2 p.m. at Robert Hardcopf's. Holiday guests at Thee* Seh- nakenbcrg's were the Mrs. Robert Mueller family, Cedar Rapids. They also visited the Adolph j Koesters. Mark Mawdsley, Burt, spent the holidays at Henry Schnakenberg's. Sunday guests at Thees Sen- nakenberg's for Clara's 18th birthday were the John Schnak- en bergs and grandmother, Mrs. Adeheid. Guests New Years day at Roscoe Mawdsley's, Jr. were the Thees Schnakenbergs. It was Mrs. Mawdsley's birthday. A pizza party was held at Linda Daley's for the senior girls Saturday. The John Schnakenberg's guests Sunday were the Bill Heedys, Thees Schnakenbergs and Mrs. Sophia Lenz. Guests for the holidays at Frank Gronbach's were the Dale Braytons, Sheffield, Willy Blairs, Superior, Wis., and Richard (Jronbachs. The Willy Blairs left Sunday for their home in Superior, Wis. They were guests several days at i<rank Gronbach's. The George Wolfs, Algona, and Debra Wolf, LuVerne, visited in Mason City Saturday at Willard Lockwood's. Canasta Club met at Mrs. Melvin Kubly's Thursday. Guests were Sheryl Hefty and Alvina Bager. Htgn prize went to Clara McClellau and low to Alvina Bager. Auxiliary met Monday in the city hall. Entertainment was by Mrs. Marie Jackson. Lunch was served by the hostesses Mrs. Norma Vvatts and Mrs. Darlene Curry. Mrs. Alfred Fett attended the funeral of her father's brother, James Albright, Dayton, Wed- daughter's^fesday at Fort Dodge. ' 0 : The LuVerne Junior high teams played Kanawha Saturday winning both games. 1 The Allan Croonquists, Moorland, were Sunday guests at Alired Fetts'. Total Salaries for Quarter . . . 10.591.10 . . 33,587.19 Totol E»pencJitures for Quarter ,44,178.29 above non.cd School District, do hereby I £. b ii a true and ccwiect statement of • lam-is ot the' Board of said District tori Rose Subscribed and sworn to Dcioie n.e this 4th do> ot January E. Patterson Secretary D. 1965. Lindebak Notary. Published in the Algeria Kosiuin Coarit> Advance, Algona, Iowa, Jan. 14, 1965 ^H^I^MlHMUMHHMMMMBi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H LUVIRNE CLINIC DR. R. D. BRAINERD OFFICE HQURS Week Days Saturdays 8:30 19 12=00 1:00 to 5:00 8:30 to 12=00 1:00 to 5:90 Closed all day Wednesday , Jpwa p he ne T IF NO ANSWER, Call TU 3-3304 NOTICE Garbage and tin cans will be picked up each Wednesday Afternoon 1 P.M. beginning Wednesday, Jan. 13. All garbage must be wrapped and kept separate from the cans. Any wet garbage that is frozen in the can will be left. Town of LuVerne LuVerne, Iowa TRAUGER'S FOOD MARKET WE GIVE S&H GREEN STAMPS PRICES GOOD THURS., FRI. A SAT, JAN. 14, 15 A 16 First Lady BREAD 5 LOAVES $1.00 Orange, Apple or Pineapple - Grapefruit NI-C DRINK Bango POPCORN 3 CANS 89" 4 Lb. Bag 49 e 3 CANS PEARS, PEACHES, or APRICOTS $1.00 First Lady ICE CREAM Jack Sprat , OLEOMARGARINE 5Lhs. sj.oo Folger's COFFEE 1 2 Gal. 59e Dutch Maid COOKIES Del Monte PUMPKIN 2Lb.Can $1,49 3 33c Pkgs. $1.00 Can Texas GRAPEFRUIT 10 '" 49' FRESH OYSTERS PM 98' Big Bologna LUNCHEON MEAT U- 4$ PIONEER CHEESE Lb. 49< Brown CHORE GLOVES 2 *• 79* """" ' "•••-•"""— ---------- -~ •• • -~_ - ,-, ----- ™~- ^-™™«r=.-=.J_ J__ J_^, _i,U|l We reserve the right te limit quantities. STRIKES 'N SPARES Monday night High Team Series Corner Store 2682 High Tom Oam* Corner Store 965 High Individual Series G. Schnetzer 594 High Individual Game G. Schnetzer 225 Tuesday night High Team Series Burgess Tav. '__ 2264 High Team Game Burgess Tav. 839 High Individual Series Marlys Stille 536 High Individual Game Marlys Stille 194 Wednesday night High Team ieriM Blakcs I" _: 2744 High Team Game Blakes 979 High Individual Series R. Barber ___ 564 High Individual Game Jack McClellan :____ 233 High Team Series Humboldt 2146 High Team Game Corwith 770 High Individual Series J. Henderson 544 K. Henderson 531 High Individual Game J. Henderson 203 K. Henderson . 1% Saturday night Saturday Night Team Standings W L 29 31 34 44 42 44 Blake's _ 47 Goetsch 45 Nielson's DX 42 Minulax 32 Pioneer Cheese 30 Lawson Hardware 28 High Team Series Goetsch ; 2208 High Team Game Goetsch 769 High Individual Series C. Watts 505 Martha Wolf 494 High Individual Game C. Watts 190 Norma Watts ± 173 tuVerne Insurance Agency Per All Your Insurance Nted», Stop and See Your Friendly Insurance Agent, Ed Lindebak* This year the bowling results will be sponsored each week by the Need Printing? AT THE ADVANCE PRIZE TRIP — Mrs Joe Fran ken of Lebanon won an all' expense-paid trip to Hawaii for her recipe for marmalade bread in a national contest. The Frankens joined the other 14 winners in Portland and spent a full week in Honolulu. ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR BEARINGS CAPACITORS BRUSHES COMMUTATORS TURNED PATTERSON ELECTRIC TU 2-3341 LuVerne, low* iI03«^"T?H!S«»3];;3S»*W3-»S~3<»^ra NOTICE To Customers Of — FORMER — LuVerne Pharmacy It was Hugh Shirk's wish that his LuVerne Pharmacy prescription records remain in this county. Therefore, he has turnad them over to us and you may now refill any of your re-fillable prescriptions with us. And 1st us take this opportunity to welcome you to Honsbruch's Drug in Algona for all your drug and prescription needs. We will be most happy to serve you. Honsbruch Drug ALGONA, IOWA 3-4 Good Luck to the LuVerne Boys and Girls Basketball teams INTNE North Star Tournaments Next Week The undersigned LuVerne merchant* take this opportunity to wish the LuVerne boy* ' and girl* basketball teams the best of luck in tournament games this week end next. Just as we have backed you all season long, we are behind you 100% again in your big games neat week, Let's bring rwme two championship trophies to LuVerne, THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED BY: CORNER STORE HUFF'S CAFE IWtWSON HARDWARE RICHARD GRONIUCH IV VERNE JiUIUHNG CO, UJ VERNE CUNIC VERNE LANES VILLAGE PUMP NIELSEN'S SANFORI) Plumbing & Heating BLAKE FUNERAL HOME LOWELL'S STANDARD Service LU VERNE OFFICE OF THE SECURITY STATE BANK LU VERNE CO-OP, ELEVATOR LU VERNE INSURANCE Agen^v PATTERSON ELECTRIC TRAUGER'S JACK SPRAT ZENTNER LIVESTOCK

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