The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 18, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1895
Page 8
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THE K^UfiMCAM, ALUCM* IOWA, WEMTEajUY, SMMMfifift it, l&g«. BffiS, IB&TfilCTC, LfifiDS, tOASS AID IffltmCE MHSEttttS, Ambrose A. Call. President. I). H. Hntchiiis, Vice-Pres. Wtn. K. Ferguson, C. D. Smith, CHshfer. Ass't.Cftsh. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGOSA, $gd,000« *t«nev on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties trho futnlsh OfSt-claSS security Directors—D. fit. Mutehlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip tootttrellef, *\ ti. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, R. H. Spencer, tfrteu K.. t"efga8on. CASH dAPITAL-$5O,OOCMDO. •OFFICERS AND A. D. Clarke, Pros., C.C. Chubb, VlcePres.. Thos. H. Lantry. Caslupr, Oeo. L Galbralth, Kred M. Miller. Myron Schenck, Xlios. F.CookP. fpottlt* Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for Ttine Deposits. W. H. lujjliam, President. Theo. Chrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice President. Cashier ALGONA, IOWA. " , CAPITAL »«O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Unposits received, money loaned, foielgn and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking ousi- ouss transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. „._..., T Directors—W. H. fngba.m, Jnlin G. Smith. J. H. .Tones, T. Oliriscliilles. Lewis H. Smith,.J. IV. Wadsworth. Harnet. Dovinp. H. M. Kiclnmiiiil. 11. K. Smith. Vice Pres. A. l'i. Kicinuond, r.jw tiler. 0. J. l.enanUer, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders 7 Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. • Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Inverted. Autnor- ixed capital, $50,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business] transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship ^fBVOTOBS-T.^Tclimond. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Klohmenit. B. F. Smith. Samuel 'Mayne.O. E Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. THE NEWS OF THE COUNT?. Bancroft Wants a Hew Gettstts —Fatal Accident Gefmattia, The Standard Oil Company Institutes a Boycott at Wesley—A Moss in the Kitchen—News All Round, hating the best players took the prize, the score standing 20 to 5. Chester ttable, of Burt township, was visiting his friends in these parts Sunday. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our ivok-i an- Miuronghly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever a word In thorn. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you MO more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be •-lire you si;\ what yoV. pay for and take no chances. JSTEEAL *:> : T.\TTC FOANS. FARMS AND WlLD LANDS. Opera House Block. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, . . , s and Insurance. • >';! „ can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Machine, at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may •not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT, J. B. low is the Time to Insure! • e • • o HI3KOKK THK LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-j. A, Freeh, Prop, J2VtH&*8. Some one filched some screw plates belonging to J. fi. Russell from his blacksmith shop between last Saturday and Monday and they also took some screw plates he had borrowed. Joe says If they will return the plates of the % size he will present them with a seven-sixteenth plate and thus make their set complete. Very liberal offer considering the cheapness of the first set. The wedding of Sebastian Mack and Miss Margaret Winder is announced for September 24 at the Catholic church at 9 o'clock a. m. These young people are the children of two of Greenwood's most prosperous farmers and the News wishes them joy. Father A. J. Schemmel leaves next Tuesday evening for New Vienna, Dubuque county, where he will attetid ttie celebration of the 50th anniversary of the starting of the town and the organization of tho" Catholic church there. He will visit old friends and relatives there for a few days as it is his old home. Bancroft has more big men in it than any town of its si/cm Iowa. Wo acknowledge the receipt of samples of corn from John Peterson and Rob. R. Gallion that is hard to beat and we also noticed some raised by Henry Warner, of Seneca, that was pretty good size and quality. Cliff Stockwell was clown from Armstrong last Monday. G. W. Skinner went to Dakota yesterday with some land men from Eagle Grove. What is to be known as the Greenwood Camp of Modern Woomen of America had their first meeting in the K. of P. Hall last Saturday evening. The charter had not yet arrived nor has the new Camp been adopted as yet, but the election of officers took place and those elected are as follows: Venerable Consul, Frank Echelbarger; Worthy Advisor, Carl McClellan; Clerk, Alfred P. Cronk; Hanker, S. W. Callauan; Escort, Alva L. Hunt; Watchman, John Clement; Managers, S. W. Callanan, H. C. Utley, A. Anderson. They have IS members to begin with and good prospects for a good sized Camp. Prof. Barslou was in Bancroft one day last week on a land deal. . Rev. E. G. Vine and a number of others attended the' dedication of the new Baptist church at Swea City which waa,Dedi- cated free of debt. J. P. Westenhaver, of Hastings, Minn., arrived last Monday evening for a short stay. J. J. Kelley will open up a new stock of jewelery in the Furstenberg building as soon as the building is in shape, which will be in a short'time. The goods have already arrived and Jim says he will be soon ready for business. Success to him. There will be preaching services in the Baptist church both next Sunday morning and evening. Dr. Cutter returned last Saturday from his visit, to Chicago. N. E. Sheridan is putting up a fine addition to the front of the former Laura E. Searles residence and is otherwise improving the property and when finished it will present a-much better appearance. . The telephone line is nearly completed to Buffalo Center. Westenhaver Bros, have moved their stock of goods into the new J. E. Hudson building which by the way is lono of the- finest store buildings in town. Sarchett & Leonard will hereafter occupy the whole of the corner building, the front of which was lefl vacant by Wostenhaver Bros. This will give them much more- room and will be better for both firms. J. A. Campbell will put up a new building on the Duckmanton lot and will conduct a racket store therein. Success to Josh. Mrs, C, H, Johnson has been in St. Paul buying a full stock of millinery during;the past week. Wesley* WESLEY, Sept. 17.—Drayman Benson has his dray wagon repainted and now it is a daisy. Fred Rogers' new house is hear completion. He will move his family into it as soon as it is finished. Ed. Kunz, one of our wide awake merchants, has been on the sick list for a few days. Col. G. W. Eddy intended to attend 'the national encampment of the G. 'A. R. at Louisville, but was taken sick and was unable to go. Goo. R. Cloud, of Algona, was in town last Wednesday. Andrew Extrotn departed last week for the "wild and wooly west." He may return to spend the winter. The M. E. Basket sociable, last Thursday evening, was not very well attended. Mrs*. Peterson gave a 4 o'clock tea last Friday afternoon. C. A. Bogardus, the champion rffle shot of the world, gave an exhibition of his wonderful skill in the use. of fire arms, north of town Friday afternoon. Joe Roberts has moved his family from Buffalo Center to Wesley. Friday and Saturday were busy days for our merchants, traveling room on Main street being at an option. At the democratic caucus held Saturday afternoon the following delegates to, the county convention wore selected: Guy M. Butts, Welt Miller, Mclvin Seafelt and Herman Ferrich. We understand alternates were chosun but wo did not learn their names. The Catholic school opened with a good attendance. The Sisters give music lessons in addition to the regular school work. Rev. Pybus, of Corwith, preached at the M. E. church Sunday and Rev. Plumm'er of this place, filled the M. E. pulpit at Algona. There has been a Minneapolis life insurance agent in town for the past week, have not learned what success he had. Attorney Kelly, of Emmctsburg, was in town last week. The school board, from some cause or other, has failed to advertise for sale the bonds on which they expect to raise the money to build the new school house. This oversight may cause some delay. Mrs. Matt McDermott, whom we reported last week as being very sick, is not improving as fast as was expected. paper four years ago and went into the feal estate business. He was a man of sound principles and a good citizen. Elmote's how census snows up a population of 901. Tho town has made a growth of 413 in population since the census of 1990, Sunday's Register states that on the day previous a letter Was received from fiumbptdi stating that Mr. Frank W. Bicknen, of that city, was much worse, and that in addition to typhoid fever, he how has typhoid pneumonia. An eminent specialist from Chicago has been sent fof. Acaf of hay in att extra freight on the Burliiigtoii a few- days ago caught fire when near Bode. It was f tin oh a side track hut was burned up., The responsibility is laid tipon & hot box. There was an earthquake lasting three of four seconds at, Dubuque last Friday. It occurred during a severe electric storm. Ex*auditor Van Auken, of Mason City, was tried for forgery in changing county records last week and was found guilty. The Burt Monitor reports thounpreced- ent yield of 480 bushels of flax from 11 acres. Joseph Mai-Ida, southeast of that place' raisdd'the crop. .Clel Gtlchrist, son of Prof. Gilchrist, is serving his second term as superintendent ofPocahontas county, and the'Record pays him a high compliment on the strength of his success in the position. In speaking of the short term rule the Record Very sensibly says: In this county but little attention has been paid to the short term plan in vogue in some other counties but on tho contrary where a capable official has been serving one or two terms and has managed the affairs of the office'in a creditable manner we have been slow to make a change. And there are good grounds for taking this view of the matter. When a farmer or merchant secures a good man they try to keep himi as long as possible and there is no good' reason why a county should not look at the matter in tho same light. John Anderson, of Burt, and Miss Clara» Gilbertson, of Emmetsburp, were married at the latter place last week. Swea City Herald: R. M. Richmond has eight teams and thirteen menemploy- od this week, grading his new streets, plowing and seeding, digging wells and cellars, and mechanics erecting a building, and all are at work within the limits of the town site. Mr. R. expects to erect two other new houses for rent, in his new additions. Diptheria has become so prevalent at Buffalo Center that tho schools have closed temporarily. will soon arrive. No,work lifts been done on the)me between Teffi) and RnthVdrt since the tax was defeated. Snake Gtot Him. A Center ville special says that while ex- li'biting some rattle and black snakes afc ihe county fair in that city William Primmer, a snake charmer, was bitten by & •ftttler in the tongue and died late that evening. Primmer was a new hand at the business and had failed to have the venomous fangs of the reptile removed- When he fearlessly put the head of tho fattier in his mouth the reptile bilried its poisonous fangs into' his tongue. Within thirty minuter Primmcr's tott- ifue and throat were swollen so largB that irftcheotomy was necessary to allow res- piratioh, but death "finally, qhs'ued. . Al Adams Oii Bloomers. It interesting to know what Al Adams of Humboldt thinks of bloomers.— Ibwa State Capital. Well, if you think it would, you can toll yoiir folks that bloomers are ; just the thing. You,can't make tho undersigned mad any quicker than to make aslighting remark about bloomers in his presence and hearing. He.thinks that bloomers will iind their level all right enough although they be a little on the bias jiist now. We. are for bloomers' or kinckers -. or anything else a Woman wants. Now you have it.—Independent. Emmetslmi'g Liglit Question. Reporter: The question of clectrfc lights is now before the people of Emmetsburg for discussion and decision. During tho past sveck E. C. Walsh, of Clinton, was looking into, the prospect of putting in an-electric plant, and, Monday evening, lie went before the city council and asked that body to grant him a. ten year franchise. His proposition to the city is that it grant him the desired franchise, and that.he will furnish ton arc lights to the city for £7 per month each, and ho to run tho risk whether he gets any business from tho business men or not. He also offers to pump the water for $400.per year less than it now costs, providing he can get the ground 1 for his eleo- tric plant close-to-the water works. Harrison. HAIUUSOX, Sept. 12.—Corn in this locality is maturing very fast. It is almost out »f danger of frost. An insane man passed through this community Monday nourishing a club and declaring that he was starving. An ice cream social was held 'at the home of F. M. Slyter's on .last Saturday evening for the benefit of the M. E.' and W. B. societies. It was a success. A large number of people wore present and. all had a pleasant time. Land seekers and prairie chicken h.umt- crs are still drifting in. Mr. W. W. Yager, of Bento'n county, Indiana, is the guest of Mr. Owen Westfall and family. The now school house in district No.. 3 is progressing and will bo ready for use by the first of November. Hamia. HANNA, Sepf 10.—School boards over the entire state are in session today. "C. J. Birkofer has purchased 1 a new sorghum mill and evaparator and is now prepared to manufacture syrup for any who may desire it. Tho writer just returned from a trip to Buffalo Center and found crops looking well, except a strip along thn Buffalo creek, where corn is not up to the average. Haying is nearly done and: corn cuttiing Is the fashion. G. W. Crose was aroused last night by an "unknown tramp" in the house whlbh seemed to be in the kitchen, to>'whJ'oh George, with lamp in hand', preceded: with caution, when lo! he found a- full girown; horse standing in the kitchen. Fred Will is in Chicago for a few days.. Plenty of rain and warnvweather. Why Boycott McPliersou.. Wesley Reporter: The Standard Oil Company refuse to sell oil or gasoline to G. S. McPherson for some reason which they refuse to divulge. Mr. McPfoerson is in nowise daunted, but says ho will' get oil to sell regardless of the Standard Co. GiUlersleeve's. Good Work. (Sermania Standard: The noted horse Gildersleeve is doing good work at cliffei;- ent points in this part of the state. He easily won at Garner and shut the entire field out at Forest City ..breaking: the track record at the latter place. He also attends the county fair at Algona. Germania has some good horses. Han.iia.oii Venezuela. Corwith Hustler: Hon. Phil. C. Hauna of Livei'more'Cx-lF. S. Consul to Venezuela, South America gave a lecture in the-M. E. church on that country Tuesday evening, describing its rescourccs, tho customs and manners .of the people and' reviewing revolution in which he pl'a'yed a jrominent part, of which most of our •eadora havo heard. The lecture was very interesting- throughout although somewhat tedious, because of fcts length and delivered, in . Mr. Hanna's unique manner. He told 1 many romantic incidents with tragic effect and his narrations of thrilling, events, were of the highest order.' The- VoiiQzuelan Republic has employed MrijHanna to lecture in> the U. S. on the advantages of that country. The Unearned Increment. West Bend Advance: Geo. R. Bookman and J. S. Williams'bought the northwest quarter of 15, Nevada township, week before last, for ?17 per acre, and last week sold it to a man' from Stony county for §27.50 per aero. Comment is unnoccos- sary. Company Saves the Barrels. Bancroft Begister: The new oil tank wagon put on the road by the Algona branch of the Standard Oil: company is now making,the rounds of the towns in reasonable distance and. will visit oacl town once a, week. The company claim it is cheaper to deliver that, way than to barrel the oilt Sad Death at West Bend. Journal: Last Sunday evening, just after .the benediction had been, pronounced by presiding elder Black, at the Methodist church Mrs.. Abe Post was stricken in her seat with paralysis. She was carried home at onco and a physician was summoned, but she never regained consciousness and died at 12:50 o'clock Monday morning. During the past year Mrs. Post has complained of having numb spells but nothing serious enough to ex- cito uneasiness. She was 58 years old and leaves a husband, four sons and four daughters to mourn hen loss. The family havo the sympathy of a large-circle of friends both in town and' in the country.' Funeral services were held in the M, E. church Tuesday at 10:30 a. m., conducted by tbe pastor, Rev,. C..E. Stevens. UK OFKKHS THK KOf.I.OWIJfG COMPANIES FOR CONSIDERATION: Cash Capital. Assets $10,847,816.36 5,588,058.00 0,754,908,00 5,191,055,00 3,345,353.00 1,863,697.00 1,031,537.00 403,314.00 Company. Hartford $4,000,000.00 - iitii LIUI u * o YvwYu"\T\ rm Phoenix, Hartford Continental, N. Y Fire Association, 1'hila Hanover, N. Y Northwostprn National, Milwaukee 'Rockford, Rockford mnmm State, DCS Moinns 300,000.00 LIFE. cS^Slus,, paid in death lossos. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. •Aetmi Lllo & Ardent Insurance Co.., Assets, $43,977,586,08 Wo buliuvo this is us good u statement as can be made by any agency in the land and wn solicit your patronage. lepublican Club Rates! A ?»' if The Republican and State Register, The Republican and Inter Ocean, , Tie Republican and 11 Tribune, $1,85 $1,85 11,85 Feiiton. FENTON, Sept, 14.—Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weisbrod, Sr,, havo come back from their visit to Illinois, They likod it there* very well. Quite a number of our young people went to Seneca to attend the dedication of the Presbyterian church. They report that tho meeting was very good. Arthur Wndsey Is working with iy threshing machine east of Burt. Miss Stella Hayno, of Hobart, was vis* Itlng old friends In this neighborhood last Sunday. Bmil ftuskamp, of Forsythe, was also a visitor. While all the surrounding townships are tolling how many bushels they got to the acre, Fonton will give some of its reasons why it cannot brag. It Is on account of the hall striking tho roost of our fields, But of that which was not struck by the hail, tho oats goes 50 to 60 bushels to the acre, and wheat is first class, better than wo have ever had It boforo. FENTON, Sept. 17.—People say It was a nice rain we had last week. The farmers say it was good for plowing. Miss Mawie Wagner, of Burt, was vis* itlng her sister, Mrs \Y. J. Weisbrod, the first of tho week. Our township is having a few big grades put through a few big sloughs. The county graders are putting it through. Mr. and Mrs. 0, Barquist and Mr. and Mrs. JJike JJayenga were visiting friend,* Saturday Plum CTreek. One of Fred Milter's children/, while playing around the barn-, fell down, firom the hay now and dislocated her elbow, but it is all straight and doing nicely now. Charles Fogle, from Ogle ccm-nty, Illinois, is visiting with Plum Cree-k and Burt township acquaintances, Mr. Fogle has been through a good portion, of South Pa- kota, and he says that Kossutfe shows up better than any place he has seen so far, Ho leaves here- for Illinois on Friday, Another dispatch was received from old Uncle Benschoter saying that ho was •vvorse again. . Grant Benschoter, Mrs, goo, Holman and roost likely Mrs. Jas, Ferguson wont up to soe tholr father. Mrs, Seoley could not leave home at the time but may go later. The isth of September is past, and. for a wonder wo havo had no frost, Corn is virtually out of its way now, County and tfeigWwUootl News •A. little daughter of Fred Miller's, of Plum Creek township, fell out of the hay mgw of his barn and dislocated her arm. gh.e Is doing well. Supervisor B, F. Smith is budding a iauc* office in Germtinia. Ho will do a land office business, A hoodlum traveling company stole a buifalQ robe ancl some blankets from Pep* ijty Sheriff Brayton.of Bancroft. Mr, Bravson and Marshal Whalen wont after them and it cost the band ?35. The death of Mr. F. M. Barnard., of S,p.en.per, removes an honored and useful " ,. e"iii?eu at the age of W, Mr- Bar* tiarsi was one pf the pwbJlshers of the Aclsley $Jnte,rpi'ise for geyen, ye,ap, ftn.d,'for „««» -..An no i-irt ««rl V\la V\i*nf Vioi» * mi hi IfiVmri -V'» J , l Apple Blossoms I». September. West Bend: Advance:. A visit to Mr, Cllno's Thursday fui-nlsfcfid! the editor a chance to;see what he-bas read about, but never seen before,, aa a-pplle tree In full, bloom. Stature seems to. b& doing her loveli best this season- tQ'furnish man with plenr- ty of the com'forts.of Hlov and If sho can't doit M* the proper season she' 11 try som& other way.. Great fe the Iowa climate and soil. • Fatal lt«wtv\vay. Gertaaala Standard; F, Brakenhoflf an eighteen year old boy who has been working for Heye Sehleifor, south of towo,, was tilled la u runaway Tuesday, H> had been hauling raannro and a line was caught under the tongue as tlw> team started town, Finding'that he could not bold the horses he attempted to jump from the wagon but fell under the wheels which run across his body q,ncl he only lived two hours. HO was a German boy who had beon in America about a year, jt is aiCryowiwg' Town. * l^oglstor; The school census ;just takenj shows Bancroft to have 370 children of school age residing inside the Bancroft corporation. According to the approved method of reckoning this would indicate a population of U25, and there are many who believe that a census carefully taken now would give Bancroft that number of inhabitants, It is probable the Register wll} have a nose-count taken within u short time to see If tho figures will hear out the number which, tho school census indicates as to<HU' population. Hew Uoftrt in Dickinson. Spirit fcaUo Beacon: The now raJU'oa4 will cross tfee Burlington a mile gajd, half yvest o| the town o,f Superior, on Uae hotvyopKj s^ctlop as- ^nd He It. . TThe Dos Moines News contains this notice of the new maw,:: As a suburb, of, Des Mollies' the State Agricultural college town has been treated as a prospective heir to- the glories of the, capital city. I* is all very well for ,!Amos' to send down hop traveling men, Iteachers, pretty giirls,. Sn« fruits, etc., but a lino is- drown, on the specimen of college farming which appeared at Foster's last night. It oeeitpied a front seat in the dress circle, Its side partner was an: Ames lady eadet and! Itself was taken by: many for a college cadet. It was attired! In seml-iiffliforca. Its-brown hair, rather.' long, was held back in fluffy rolls from Its. forehead by two. tortoise shell coojos, which gifctened 1 in tho light of the Incandescent globes and caught the eyes of. .scores c£ people who kept wonderingiwhafc PCS Moinos had done to be so afflicted by Ames, .. . MORTGAGE J, " \YKKftRA8. A.T Bagley, J, L, Hastings and A, Hastlpgs, on the 17th day of July, A, P, im, executed and delivered vo the Aultman & -Taylor ma." cblnery company -a .chattel, mortgage, dated on s»jd day, upon theJc4l9- w |nff #0* scribed personal property! One Aultman.* Baylor separator complete* w.Hh.w straw stacker, Kelts, a«4 ftll ,..._ sum of one thousand four hundred forty dollars aud sixty! \w cents, (?, es), on ten notes dating from Key. i, Wi, r and running until Jw,i t 1898, a»d \rtow» - as default has boon wadv> in the ,puym»at • of the'money sw>Hj»pd by sftja pUftMuj* age. "Now, thw'ejorp, notice, is hure.,.. 6l\ tha.t I, 0, C, Samson, a» JbR\ of the said AulHiUHi & Vw\gr m* ; _.^..,^;.... . n .^-1 in uni'cn a lion t\ tntx lu P pases ma4 mortgage by given ftgOilt Of ouluory statutes ..»,,„.,,„ „„,.—.,. will foro9)Qso the said by ttSftloojth« u »'°i>P^y at public auction, At VUo.- court house in Aljffou^in Kossuth, and Staje.ft day of &eptofljhej'i.,&- J nt<heaf C

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