The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 18, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1895
Page 5
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ALGONA IOWA, WEDNBSDAt, SMTfcMBM* Is, 1895. M. r. HAGGARD. ftftggftl'cl & 4*eek, Successors to .TbSfiS & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, HEAL ESTATE, COLLECTIONS. ALGONA, --- - IOWA. A. D* Clrtfke & ^lEJi/ LOANS. Soft* Aitfotm State Baftk. AlOONA, 1A. Geo. 0, Call, MEAL ESTATE AND LOANS, 1?or information In regard to lands In Northwestern Iowa, write to him. State street. AlGONA, IOWA, GBO. B. CLARKE. C»AS. A.COHfiSOtjft Clarke & Coheiiotir, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Geo. R. Cloiul, (Successor to \V. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. AKiGONA, IO\VA. Office over Kossuth Ootinty State Bank. Sullivan & McMahoii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflce Block. AT.OONA, IOAVA. E. V. Swettiiig, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. ALOONA, IOWA. J.I,. nONAR. ' H. H. FELLOWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive prompt attention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'ag. ™ ;11 Wesley, Iowa. ALGONA, IOAVA. Daiisoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections 'a specialty. Office In Gardner Oowles 1 new building. A1GONA, IOWA. S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrlschilles'Store. AIGONA, IA. PHYSICIAN AND' SURGEONl State street. . ALGONA, IOWA. M. J. Keneflck, M. D , Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, - r IOWA. J. M, Pride, M. D., Over Postofflce. ALGONA, IOWA. Dr. L. A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals In Paints, Oils, Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Ocr. State and Thorington. AtGONA, IA. DENTIST. A. L. Rist, D. D. S., Local anaesthetic for geadenins pain in gums when extracting teeth. • ALGONA, IOWA. E. 8, Glasier, D, D, S,, DENTAL R&OMS. Over the Algona State Bank. Special attention given to saving the natural tvetty, • Th'e bej.t 9! 'modern'anaesthetics used to make operations as painless as possible, SL, IOWA. E. J3t layers, D, V. M,, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Hospital accommodations. Offlpe west-of Brown's Myery Stable, g^ftte street. IOWA, -f F, L, (SLAO-EiE, *3&' Harness and Harness Goods, • ^^ ^ *^ ^^ • ^' PAINTEI? WANTED Every Man, 1 Womem and Child Who attends The Fair——. To Call and See our Line of FANCY AND STAPLE Crockery and Langdon & Hudson. We will be able to*ave you .sonio money on underwear this fan as we bought it all in case lots. It won't do you any harm to come and see us. NEW ENGLAND. LOCAL MENTIONS. Bobt. Lane's auction sale comes off October 1st. The County fair comes October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Attend the spelling school at the Congregational church tomorrow night. There was a large aattendance of Algona people at the State Fair last week. Buying tomatoes at Mrs. M. J. Hawkes' is cheaper than begging them. Go a;pd see. Bey. C. E. Plummer, of Wesley, occupied the Methodist pulpit Sunday morning and evening. The next term of court begins October first, one week from next Tuesday. There will be a lengthy calendar. Algona's second nine met up with the Burt youngsters, in a base ball struggle, Saturday and were beaten on a score of 16 to 15. ; •.<... i A-lost hair pin is- not-'usually much sought after, but the one advertised in our local columns was a present as well as an elegant piece of head gear. Probably the . largest car load of wagons ever received in Algona is just in at the Wigwam. They are, of course, the justly celebrated Cooper wagons. There will be regular preaching ser- r vices at the Congregational church Sunday mornings. Mr. E. P. McElroy preached again last Sunday morning. The annual session of the Northwest loWa conference opens in two weeks. It will be held at Webster City and Bishop Isaac Joyce, of Chattanooga, will preside, Mr. Willard Thompson picked a tomato the ojher day out of his garden that measured 15 inches around and weighed 1 Ib. and 3 ounces. Who can beat that? ' Attend the spelling school at the Congregational churcn. Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Everyone is invited, A good time is assured. Admission 10 cents. There was a thunder shower Friday morning. It was well timed, as the hot weather had 1 given vegetation a dried up look, Another heavy rain came Saturday night. Lost, last Wednesday on State street between Moore street and Court House, a silver hair pin with pearl prong. Will tbe finder please leave same at tbe Intelligence Office, Work has been'begun on tbe .excavation of a basement on the Jot adjoining the Butherford sample room on the west. It is understood that the building will be moved over it when done. Joe Cordingly is making the changes in his meat market indicated in tbe BEPUBLICA'N last week, and everything old is being replaced with new. Tbe old ice box gives place to a new and larger one, Tbere was <iujte a spelling contest at tbe M, B. church Thursday evening, and so much interest bas been worked up that another is to come off at tbe Congregational church tomorrow even' ing, under tbe auspices of tbe Christ' ian Endeavor society* Tbe Algona M, E, eburcb bas manifested its appreciation of tbe sewing aoeiety adjunct by electing a woman to represent tbe cbursb at tbe annual coafereuce p a Jay delegate, Mrs, 0, 0, §aw8Qn, "wife of our sheriff is tbe }a.dy thus honored. The Eforthern, Iowa Normal a»d Commercjui §cbool bas just isjued a. ® m^catglogue '_wWgb ^tajng W Occasionally the editor is encouraged by a note of appreciation. Saturday last this came from a former subscriber: "You will please send me the Algona REPUBLICAN, until further notice. I consider your paper the best county paper that I have ever read." One of the big attractions of the Caunty Fair will be Major Hendershott, known as the "Drummer Boy of the Bappahannock," and his son. They will be present on the two main days of the fair, Wednesday -and Thursday, and will give a full musical program. It isn't grade and bridge business that occupies the,.mind of Chairman Chubb all the while, nor yet politics. Tlae Swea City Herald tells thus of his movements in that neighborhood: G. C, Chubb sold one hundred head of cattle for feeders and delivered them to the purchaser at this place for shipment yes'terday. , The sfchool'board held a meeting Monday night," whefi the. present ; officers were re-elected ' for the ensuing Jear, C. M. Doxsee for secretary and ohn Beed. for, treasurer. Prof. Gilchrist was "elected superintendent for the remainder of the present term. The meeting closed with ice cream "setup" by Treasurer Beed. Arrangements have been made to have a corn busker and shredder exhibited at the county fair. This ought to bring every farmer and every farmer's boy to the fair. The machine is brought here by Wilfrid P. Jones, and comes from the Keystone company of Sterling, 111, It was one of the chief attraction at the state fair. Wilfred P. Jones says he went to hear Bolland Beed play "The Politician" at the Grand while in Des Moines at the fair, and occupying a box were some of the famous politicians of the state, among .whom were Senators Allison and Gear, Col. and Mrs, F.M.Drake, and "Jim" Blythe. The play was a good one and one well suited toJts distinguished auditors. The West Bend Advance gives us tbe particulars, and all we have to do is just to guess the girl's name: "One of Algona's pretty Misses bas made quite a reputation in West Bend, While here last week she told one of OUB young men that his kisses were just too sweet for anything, and that she dearly loved to have him kiss her. Tbere are moments when we ought to b.e alone,"County Clerk Crose is getting ready for court, which opens October first, under not tbe most favorable circumstances. The office has been torn, up for tbe'past month owing to the vault building, and now tbe records are in process of shifting to the new vaults, the old ones having been emptied of their contents'and closed up, Like disorder and dirt reigns in the auditor's office, where tbe same tedious process is being undergone. Rev. W, B. Davidson was removed to Clear Lake yesterday, where be was received by bis. friend, Dr. CarJton. Mjss McGregori bis nurse, -went witb bin?, it is b9ped tbat bis change jnay signalise an improvement in bis condition, He went away in a cheerful and hopeful mood, He bas been able to sit UP occasionally, but is, quite belp^ less ana unable to walls-or to groove biffiseJf, He bas nee» but a very few persons besides his nurse, and physi pjanfluring his illness, A, p, giarfce bas come to tbe end of bis bean pgUtogv'.Se&afLflfty, acres a^d tbe arduous t af k recalled b;s. . e thirty been kfe ffpening. The crop itself, taken as a ^hole, is the finest, probably, that the cotinty ever produced. The fields almost uniformly show a.heavy stand and the ears are big and hard. Prof. A. A. Sifert left for Buffalo Center on Friday to take up his year's Work as principal of the public school of that thriving place. A part of Prof. Slfert's vacation tvas given to politics, and while he failed of securing the object of his laudable ambition, he Won the admiration and good will of many delegates and others who supported other candidates. Mr. Sifert is l young man of ample qualifications [or any position in our public school system, and his ability is recognized fittingly in the steady employment that is given him and the always good Wages which he receives. The officer's of the County Agricultural Society have decided to have a bee at the grounds on Wednesday next to clear out the underbrush on the newly added land. This new area is coveted with Well grown oak trees, and Will be an attractive portion of the grounds when placed in order, and the Work can be done now as Well as later, so that what has beetl acquired may be used and enjoyed. Too much atten* bion cannot be paid to the care of the fine grounds—as fine as any society can boast of. The officers have done well In.callingthebee, and now every able bodied man in the neighborhood who can do so should turn out on next v> ednesday and do his share of the good work. Capt. Dodge says, bring your hatchets and brush scythes. Sheriff Samson found a thrifty patch of Eussian thistles in Greenwood township last week,and Judge Cook writes to Supervisor Chubb that he has discovered enough near his farm in the Ledyard neighborhood to seed the entire county. Mr. Chubb says that the Eus- sian thistle must be kept before the public, and that is just what the EE- PUBLTCAN is trying hard to do. The time has come now when the work of private destruction of the thistle is not to'be depended on. While it is still everybody's duty to destroy the thistle, and especially the duty of every farmer to look after his own farm, it is incumbent upon anyone who discovers thistles to notify the township clerk, who should report it to the board for extermination. There was a successful meeting of the Kossuth County Editorial Association at Bancroft last Saturday, six of the eleven newspapers in the county being represented, or a clear majority. Those present were W.F. Laidley of the Bancroft Eegister, B. H. Hallock of the Burt Monitor, Messrs. Grow and Amburu of the Germania Standard, Harvey Ingham of the Upper Des Moines, I. M. Finnell of the Courier and M. Starr and wife of the EEPUB- LICAN. The discussions were mainly informal and covered various subjects important to the newspaper business. There was just enough failure of the program to insure a plentiful supply of watermelon. A fine dinner was served by landlord Byrne of the Traveling Man's Hotel, and the occasion was made pleasant as well as profitable. The next session will be in Algona in January, and will be so timed that the editors,,after the severe brain work of their meeting, may see some fine play at the Opera House. It is hoped ! that every editor and every editor's' - wife will bevpresent at that time. Algoha will do well by the journalists on that occasion. Bro. Ingham is the committee on: arrangements, while President Laidley is responsible for the program. QUESTIONS ANSWERED. An ; .inquiry comes to the editor whether a housekeeping department, teaching the theory and practice of domestic arts, is maintained at the Iowa Agricultural College, at Ames. Such a department has been kept up contin- upusly-since the founding of the institution. The experimental kitchen is at present under the charge of Mrs. Eliza Owens, of Charles City. The girls get in a good deal of practice there^and when they succeed in making anything that can be masticated and digested without endangering life it is apt to go on the table at the students' boarding hall and there undergo liberal discussion. Another query comes to us from a lady who desires to be informed whether women are going to have the legal right to vote on the jail tax proposition at the coming election. The answer is in' the negative. The extension of the suffrage to women is limited to elections "held in any city, incorporated town or school district." Chapters- of the.laws of the last general assem bly, the 25th, is brief and explicit. OPERATIC ATTRACTION. The Oriole Opera Company, carrying thirty people, will present their program^ at the Opera House next JTues- day evening. The Lincoln, 111., News says of this company: Tbe ' Oriole Opera Company of twentyau'tists'began an engagement Monday night at Gillett's hall under favorable circumstances, Tbe attendance was'large and ''Said Pasha" was presented, wjth * a' whirl and a rush wbicb proved tbe company to be an exceptional one^superior in fact as many present expressed it, to tbe An* drews Qpera Company. Seats for sale atDingley's drug store Saturday next. Curtain rises at 8:15, prompt. KQQD FOR REFLECTION, lo^k Qity Oittwn: ^ Tbe city of Sp«ngfi.e,Jd, m s ,, bas been paying a private corporation W8 a year per lamp fop Ugbting tbe city witb electrie* ity s $b§ city 4e,bt being already up to tbe epnitituwonai limit it was ifflpoj* Bible KT the wwiQipalityko put in a ' aa4 t$ operate it to the. advan> «m:e£iinguSfb fte: COOPER A carload of thai© celebrated wagons has just bean received at THE WIGWAM. Call and get a new Cooper Wagon. ,f P2 Wilfrid P. Jones, The Wigwam, Algona, Iowa,. Ji Iowa City pays $90 per lamp, and ac- ording to the estimated expense fore this year given in the council's last financial statement, the city will pay $6,000 this year for lighting its streets with electricity. If the work can be done at a.profit at $60 per lamp it will be seen that it would be to the great advantage of the tax payers of the city to furnish their own lights, and to go into the business as a municipality as a plant would cost about $26,000. What is true of street lighting is also true of fire protection. The city will pay the water company $6,500 this year for the rental of fire hydrants. It will not be long before the fire protection and street lighting will cost $15,000 per year. The saving of this would make a paying investment of considerable capital. Our city government should strive to save money for the tax payer, instead of holding extra sessions of the council to devise ways to increase the burden of taxation; Municipal ownership of waterworks and light arid power plants would be a step in the right direction. WE SHOULD HAVE A JAIL. Burt Monitor: The question of a new county jail will be up again this fall. It is very evident it is wanted badly, the matter coming up again so soon. This business of a cob pen for a jail is getting monotonous; this breaking out with soft wood broom handles and woodon-handled case knives is getting to be a chestnut. Putting Da scoundrel in such a place is considered only a joke, and is about the same as giving him his liberty. Its about time for a change. The biggest and best county in the state ought to have a good jail, but in the event of the proposition carrying, it is to "be hoped that the.execqtive ability that bought those ;pewter cages will at least profit by their expensive experience. PERSONAL MENTION. Cashier Wm. K. Ferguson, of the First National Bank, visited the state fair last week. Dr. Tribon was so far recovered last week that he was able to make the trip to his home near Waterloo, .where he will spend the days of his convalescence. Ernest Bacon, of Burt, Avas visiting in Algona Thursday. He had just returned from a two weeks' drive through the counties of southern Minnesota without finding any such crops as those of Kossuth. Misses Lida and Ethel Cowles, of Burlington, sister and neice of Gardner Cowles, are visiting the latter. " : Dr, Sheetz arrived home from Hot Springs, S. D., last week. The Doctor is himself again. Will Haggard, the EEPUBLICAN'S foreman, is taking his brief annual vacation. He left here Friday evening, going over the Milwaukee. His program included visits to Milwaukee, Chicago and Des Moines. His vacation is well earned, Will is one of the solid boys of the craft, whose work is always the best, and who can always be relied on with entire safety for any,thing inhjs 'department. He is expected home next week, H. F, Watson returned borne Thursday from a visit to New York, Capt, Wm, H, Inghara arrived home from Wisconsin Saturday. He was tbere on a fishing expedition, • Miss Jennie Simpson, of Cleveland, is again in Algona, where she made many friends during an extended stay several years ago, Miss Simpson has found the Iowa climate beneficial to her health, and it is to be hoped she may avail herself of its advantage? by a lengthened visit, • • , Pr; 0, B, Paul returned, Friday, from Missouri, where he spent several months, a 'good share of toe tinae being employed in taking a special course, in surgery in the. St« Louis bojpital, Pr» Paul will leave in a lew days for .Tayjpr county, Iowa, wher& be, w_iii jg. cate an4 practice bis profession, Mrs. EH?a Warren Watertjouse re* turned to ber borne in MJpnejpQiis yes,- terday. Mrs. P. S. Ford has received, a lettej from. Aunt Bary Gartw wbo bag returned ftpm tliswps tee borne j bw Beic§» Mra Mrs* Carte's W. J. Smith, assistant cashier^ Dunlap Bros, bank, of Ledyard, in town Saturday. Germania Standard: Dr. Fry wife returned home Monday after a few days visit witn parents 'south of Algona. The Dr. reports a pleasant time and says he saw stalks in his father's corn field higher than he comq< reach. Lewis H. Smith and wife started on their annual trip to Tacoma and coast points on Saturday. Their intention was to be absent about six weeks. E. J. Murtagh, of Burt, was a visitor % in Algona the first of the week. J. B, Cork visited Algona Monday. J. E. Blossom and his bride, of^tbo^ of Spencer, visited relatives and friend! ^ in Algona over Sunday. Philip S. Holland, a wholesale confectioner of Des Moines, and Misses- May and Anna Holland, brother and _ sisters of Mrs. Dixson, came up frona their home at Des Moines to be pres- '* ent at the bedside and funeral of Prof- ' Dixson. Miss Josie Pettibone left for the easfc 1i Thursday.and Miss Ella M. Coan took her departure on Saturday morning. • They were to meet in Chicago and goon to Brooklyn. They will spend the- year in the art department of 'Pratt Institute.' Miss Coan will take clay modeling under St. Gaudens, the eminent' sculptor "whose work in the colossal- statute of Lincoln is the artistic feature of Lincoln Park, Chicago. " She* will take water colors and painting, and so will be very busy. Miss Coan" spent last year'at this institution, but- Miss Pettibone goes there as' a new' c student, who bas. made good- progress- ? under home instructors. , - f ••< 'v Sanitarium J coffee';at Langdon.;-• Hudson. , " MONEY, I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGAKB.- Look for plums this week at the Opera House Grocery. OLD,SETTLERS' PICNIC. There was an interesting though not a large meeting of old settlers at Call's Park last Wednesday, and besides enjoying a basket picnic dinner speeches were made by several, and officers were elected. C. D. Pettibone was elected president, E. Blackford secretary, and John Eeed treasurer. Vice presidents to represent the several townships of the couuty'were named-as follows: J, E. Blackford, Algona; L. Witham Cresco; Jno. Ward; Greenwood: Mrs. H. P. Hatch, Whittemor'e;Mrs. Schrir- er, Union; M. Hays, Garfield; G. S. McPherson,'Wesley; D, Bice, Plum Creek; Dr. Armstrong, Irvington: Of. C.Taylor, Lotts Creek; H, ]STorton r Burt; Frank'Pierce, Lincoln; A. W, Blancbard, Portland; M, Stephens/ Ledyard; C. O. Fish, Seneca; M, WeiS" brod, ; Fenton; 2ST. Collar,Bamsay; Mrs. G. M. Parsons, Sherman; 'Addjso» ( Fisher, Biverdale; C, A, Olson, Harrison; V, Zoelle, Lu, Verne, All vacancies will be mied by tbe executive, con^ v . , :t mittee, A committee was appointed^' T: to buy tbe logs' of Father Taylor's' '\C $ house erected in 1856, wbicb was >re5'"^' M '' 1 cently pulled down, and the suggestion, 'f isrna4e to build tbe house —^-- ** -**• fair grounds at tbe next j ^^^•Wfrstas th,ey first building, Tbe bouse to be used as ft museum " early settlement, and an institution appreciated tbe •'jj'irfi •v#J officers to waki nWyearf notable evey. £« >r?l!/?Ja HQHEtmoMJ||l •' ' te .-ib.X)! >:*$$!& "" I-Kv ti, irt«

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