Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 2, 1960 · Page 16
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 16

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1960
Page 16
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1ft 2 - I960. Ufct Charter Amtricon Press Rf CORD REVIEWS New Album of x Don Giovanni' Top Example of Stereo Sound Golfer Jones Recalls Days Of Grand Slam MOZART: DON GIOVANNI — i usually hard Erie, GOtF IS Mt GAME. Iff R«t»- ' . i. J*f TylHS J0»ftS (I/CrnDWWny 4k CO., to cast ade-, soprano sensation of opera, is cast; WS — because of the wealth of Gianni * ~ fl ™ ' & KK , obb y Anna, and makes ani exciting thing of the role. Osarr Slef* i M° 7art wrotc for eacn mw - j Madame Nilsson's tremendous' ^^ Birtft Nilssan ThcrB j$ tca , ly no cmirt] char . | gifts have raised her to the peak g lona i aVcendemry. aclcr. as there Is most -* —" — ""*-- '- "•'- '-• The new RCA Victor set, .t«,. . * lwt y s . Leontyne .. t-'ejare Valletti Fernando Corrna Zerllna Efljreaia Batti \ ever, comes about as close as the --- Commeftdatore ..Arnold tan Mill • recording world has been able to! notes with (RCA Victor stereo, 4-12" rec •rt, LSC-Mlfl). ln thls cmmtry Any list of outstanding golfers. how-'* ince h * r M * tro PO IU » n debllt last ,nevertheless, generally starts off '* 6 * 50 "- Her volce takes tne hi * h wi 'h Jones. No man, in all prob- approach the ideal. In this instance, the side "Don Giovanni." as has been of the cast steals most of the pointed out many limps. is an un->'honors. Birjjlt Nilsson. the newest Popular Hit Tunes of 1930s And 1940s are Re-Issued THE ORTGINAT, HIT PER-'er Joe Heiehman is «n old-timer FORMANCES: THE THmTIES.| hirnselfi but ln thi , 6lbm hls Is strictly in the has issued three more albums in; 8 ^ vein. Reichman leads the Ho- its unique series of hit tunes res-'tel Adolphus orchestra through a surected from its files of past re-j collection of fox trots, cha chas, cordings. Ibcguines and waltzes, all designed "The Thirties" rep r e s e n t s^for dancing. The sound is clear some of the earliest of the label's : anc j brilliant. successes, including Bing Crosby's; "I'm an Old Cowhand," and "The; PARADISE ISLAND Decca «e- One Rose,' Bob Crosbys "South; reO ) — The Paradise Island trio Rampart Street Parade," Louis interprets a collection of popular Armstrong's "shadrark" 8nd,Hawaiian ditties. The trio uses and is flexible ability, has devotted more thought and colorful enough to produce j an<1 effort tf> the game, or has had Ithe right nuances to make (he! 8uch " n lrrfluen<!e upon lt " 'character alive and believable. In Ihis short account, Jones (recalls his remarkable career as Leontyne Price, the Negro sc-; a go \ ter< and recounts many of pram/ who has developed into a,the unusual feats of those years, singer of world-wide^reputation, 1s j Joncs . fnti fcat ag fi laycr equally at home in the role of El-, was the "Grand Slam" of 1930, vira. She sings the role with a j when he won the US Open and care and an artistry that adds sig-1 Amateur, and the British Open j nlflcantly to the part. | and Amateur championships. Eugenia Ratli, as Zerlina, dis-j No other player in golf, before plays a light, airy and perfectly j or since, has ever won ail four of feminine voke that is skillfully i those titles—much less In a sin- used. ' gle year. Connie Boswclls "Martha," The steel guitar, guitar, organ and! competence. Sound is worxk'ii and muddy in drums, \ppropriately dreamy' spots, at least to today's ears, treatment. Immaculate recording themselves are apt to awaken ajand sound. lot of old memories for some of „ our senior citizens. j NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY The male members of the cast The "Grand Slam," of all sports are capable, one and all, but are j feats, is the one most likely to re- left somewhat in the shade by the j sist all efforts of the future, be- ladies. Cesare Siepl, in the title cause today's field of amateurs role, has an arduous task, and per-1 seldom produces a golfer capa- forms it well, being in fine voice, ^ble of competing with profession- with one or two minor exceptions.! a!s. In ^ is boolc ' Jones talks about man y aspects of the game he The others, too, fill their roles with commendable artistry and "The Forties" provides »ome 1 Stereo) (Coral Songstress Teresa The orchestral performance worth several huzzas, because the : to tell knows so well. He was a tourna ment golfer for 14 years, and has is, many exciting and amusing tales venerable Vienna Philharmonic! is one of the stars of the set, and) Eric Lelnsdorf, kinetic conducting keeps everything moving at I „„„:,„. " e glvcs a r Ume and my Doresey orchestra. 'Don't: Fence .Me In' by Bic and the An •. c .*^*" "*•"•• »•»•»» u& jiv. fc mvt.iiviv'i.i ivj e» ar collection of songs reminiscent of so-called "Gay Nineties." The of iVolcP ' and , lf "nlnhlbited ap- -. . drew Sisters, and Hoagy Carmi .iProach make for successful rcndl- chacl'i 'Old Buttermilk Sky." j ,°" s ° a . ot °. r ".>"« tha ,^ re joldics in Grandpas day— When "The Late Forties' marked thei Yo " Wore a Tulip," "Shine on, close of a whole chapter of popu- : Harvest Moon.' 'Be My Little lar music in the United States. |Baby Bumble Bee' and Uve Got ' and among the milestones werc', Rin g s on My Crosby's "Now is the Hour," Gtiyj Lombard" and "The Third Alan INTERMEZZO Fingers. (Brunswick Ste- ——-•HWU*V» • HULi J 1IC XlJliVl 4*1 til I —..——_ -^m^jm-f-^f Vf-rtUtlUIIlVfV U VVi Theme", Evel>Ti Knights "Pow- rco).— Dick Kesner has won a der Your Face With Sunshine" i 1 ? 1 of fans wit)l nls violin artistry and Louis Jordan's Calypso tune, !Sinco n 's f irst appearances with "Run Joe." I Lawrence Welk. In this album, he „,. . t i continues the mellow and roman•ii m!^ P .u O f thpsp " Or '- tic (and frankly sentimental) ap- ginal Hit albums, when finally prnacJi that has made his previ- released by Decca will provide a ous albums successful. This one history of pop music in the Unit-.consists of a battery of tested mol- ed Staes for the past three dec-!odies from the past, including' aflcs - j "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," MAY I HAVE THIf. (Decca Stereo) — Orchestra full account of his _ and the significant four big tournaments constituted the "Grand tempo. acoustics there must be admirable, because the clarity of the singing and orchestral playing is unusual. questions as gripping the club, addressing the ball .timing rhythm and other facets of the game. But the most fascinating parts the book remain those chap"* ***v «*»-v» * mttaiu WiUOC CJ-lcf \i rne RCA engineers also have ters dealing with his own play made good use of movement and i ing days. STAGEY. directionality in the stereo medi um, and the sound effects are deftly used. In a word, Mozart never had It so good. "Estrellita. Two Paperback Books Recall Restive History of Italy TIIE AGE OF THE DESPOTS, fore World War I brought the seeds by John Addington Symonds (Cap- of Fascism to blossom rlcorn Books) — John Addington Letters of General Lee Published composed in ihe so-called "early i period of Beethoven, yet it is ri< Albrecht-Carre's narrative, first, so far from the epochal Symonds was one of the outstand- , , — .»* ..«„» me i Ing historians of culture of the 9th i published In 1950 traces the de-! tlia t were to follow century, and his Renaissance Injvejopment of Italian Fascism from Italy was one of the literary mon-!,v, n , ,. . . ".. uments of his times. £ e e . ar ";V^", 3 J hrOU ,? h beyond the fall of Mussolini. of The author's conclusio, to which BEETHOVEN: PIANO CON- i. 2 & MOONLIGHT SO-i helm Backhaus, piano;! Vienna Philharmonic orchestra-1 ^ IY FATHER, GENERAL LEE. Hans Schmldt-Isserstedt, conduc-i edited h - v Ca P e - R - E - Lee Jr.; tor (London stereo, CS 6188). | introduction by Philip van Doren _. i Stern (Doubleday & Co., 453 The 'Moonlight" sonata, of pages). course, Is among the most popular i The collected letters of Genof Beethoven's works, but the Sec-' oral Lee were first published by ond piano concerto is among the ; Doubleday in 3904. In 1924 a re- lesser known of the composer's; vised edition of the book appeared ' and was greeted with enthusiasm by Civil war scholars. With the revived interest in the struRcle brought about by the approaching centennial celebration, a new edition of the work is presented. It has been said that the Second' T ' iese letters, written by the concerto was half-way between Confedcrato 8 eneral to members Haydn and the Beethoven that was' of his family - were selected and to be. and not yet at the water '• oditcd by the general's son, R. E. ;Lce Jr., who also contributed a pieces in that form. in ., ,. s ' s a . Paperback edition « M tllK «u;iior~s conciusto, to which "V ~ VI "" u " Ul > L ' 1 a i me water-i T , ~" '"," the first volume in Symonds' sur-; a ll may not agree is that Fas-' shcd that was tho Third concerto • Jr - wh vey of Renaissance Italy, and con-Tism. while not inevitable was a 1 *, 'commentary, cerna itself chiefly with the politi-; logical outcome of modern itali-in 1 , • any , ra e ' U is wcl1 worth i The letters cover the periods of cal situation in the Italian penin-'history ' " nioaern "«»««, pJaym? for its own sake, and Wil-i Lee's service in the United States cuir, f^r,, .i,™ «r ^__^.__i:—,. ' jnelm Backhaus, who is recording' ar my and during the existence of I all five of the concertl for the Lon-! tne Confederacy, as well as the cal situation in the Italian penin-'history sula from the fall of Constantinople to the battle of Forriovo. i T HED RED BADGE OF COUR. Jt was a time of political un-' AGE » rest and turmoil, the result of ^° ks) which- was the rise of the despots, /x "'"' leaders of powerful families who imposed order and peace by exercise of S! «'Phen Crane (DelJ A paperback reprint of Cralne's famous Civil war story; ,> lluThe Paperback edition also in, the clud es four Crane short stories, — .. r 'The Open Boat," "The Bride This porlon, of all S y ra o n d s' , , es to Yejlow Sky> " " Th » Mon ' work, has become the most dated !„? an< { The Blue Hotel >" Ral P h through new discoveries and new £" lfion ha * «'"'ten the introduc- —__., .,„„ IJIUM.UWCU oinj ot inej* *^ H H«;i4uu wiicu lie gervea utstanding performances availa-i 3 * 'president of Washington col- >le In the stereo idiom. '"" Backhaus and the Vienna Philharmonic have achieved a remarkably coehslon and unity of effort, and the result Is marvelous Beet. historical research. While is particular interpretation of many events may today be brought into serious queston, his book still presents a fascinating over-all view of Italy during the coming of the Renaissance. ITALY FROM NAPOLEON TO MUSSOLINI, by Rene Albrecht- Carre (Columbia University Press) — Another paperback history of Italy, this one lakes up the story of the struggles for political unity in the peninsula. By 1870, the goal of political unity has been achieved, but scarcely another generation had passed be"CROSSWORD PUZZLE VESTERDAif'S SOLUTION ACROSS 1. Armed strife <. B* nrlred at I. Off 12. gkatln* necejulty IS. Motor vehicle (colloq.) , I)i|put« 10. Conjunction 11. Word of agreement 16. ('a n van 17. Thin inetftl m*mi . ...i i .... i thread* 3. Causes SO. Hcpreeenta. i. f(»8«on tlvs» 6. Failure to get *!• Dlrecti th» t. Klalr 24. JmulJIa 7. KlRH of th» 25. llrUtle Inflnltiv* 'it. KK-hauge *. Makes (colloq.) 27. Relaxation 29. Knock sharply 32. Lose Itft fluid 83. Set free 35. Thorogghfar* 3». harge 33. circularly . 4 S. Vttnt hurriedly 4<. Couriway , 18. 19; f!r*at car« or «ffort ti. Single thlnei J3. \Vtloomes ft TriHiirntlttd tH. Oorn«r» (Colloq.) (0. Ournelve* tl. Had b*1n« |I2. VeK»l*bl«c |3. Maka »lower 'music ab.) H Whtl* 15 ^lumbtred (6. The choeU 17. Vex $1 41 . 1$ . js. Direction Of bU " Ot | Boolf Ol tbt W 41 Definite, article 47. Turmerlo 49. Measure of II. Jap. drama nr IT ion label, has produced one P° s $ war Period when he served lege. To many who have followed the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia in the history books. Lee may have appeared an aloof, self-contained and etern man, always concise and correct. The letters reveal another aide of his nature, his "private" side that was often humorous and gay, sometimes a little caustic, always eager to tell a joke or to hear one. The result is a picture of a man felt « nd "i« there also ap. traces of the grief that he after the defeat of the South and the prostrate condition cf the .country, conditions which he en dured without complaint, and which he labored greatly, as presi. dent of Washington college, to mitigate or to correct. This edition Also includes a useful chronology of the general's life. This is the Hth In Doubleday's "Mainstream of America" series. —STACEY. »oven. There are perhaps two dozen •erslon of the "Moonlight" sons- a available, but certainly listeners will find the Backhaus edition among the most rewarding This pianist's Beethoven series is undoubtedly a stereo landmark • < . .,. — _ r _. „ *....„ . ' who «-as warm and jolly and intiBEETHOVEN: SYMPHONY NO J 08 ^, witl i , U ? e member8 of h I • l-Berlln Philharmonic ore.Ka i i ^L^ ™ ° Wn drde of close Ferenc I-rlcsay, conductor (Deut- •cne Grammophon, LPM 18576). Fricsay is one of the most gift- a of continental conductors, and is version of the Beethoven Third 1 top-drawer, aong the better recorded accounts of the scare. Fricsay avoids the ponderous approach of some of the Germanic conductors. His is a light, but far from frivolous reading, agile in pace and fast-moving in comparison wiUi some other versions. Only the monaural version was •ubmitted for review, and In some passages, the microphones seem a bit distant. Otherwise, Class A. m »t " " . I ' " *"" * " ** * **** ** v *^» » NO. 7-New York Philharnjiwie orcbei, tra; Leonard Bernstein, conductor (Columbia, tyL sjjg), This is Bernstein's first recorded Beethoven, 'and perhaps it eoroes a bit too soon. His hand items too heavy, and his approach lacks the jmbtlely that the score demands. In addition, his treatment seems to l*ck continuity, «nd generally •ouodi episodic in some parts and w»*«erated in others. The recorded *ound is good iu the monaural version. —JMMMB^MM^g ED EC ~ w ^ 1 I'lio'o llbuu). rUSfc To fliti 40 ('u«iom«r< FRfi ^"Sv w< A***<MH FINANCE PB ^ lloufl* &««» 8lfl Blrb|r MAC'S CAMfRA SHOP John TWwell, U.*i> GET CHRISTMAS Have PLENTY OF MONEY to do your shopping ... and PLENTY OP TIME to repay it. Just one Small check a month to Allied (instead of lots of ChrUlmsi bills). FOR THE BEST OF HOLIDAY SPIRITS, SHOP OVR WIDE SELECTION OF BRANDS FOOD STORES NATIONAL YOUR FRIEND OF THE FAMILY FOOD STORE DID CROW 86 PROOF STRAIGHT BOURBON? CASE OF 12 BOTTLES 45 45 MV FIFTH STRAIGHT BOURBONS Asit, Pariy Favorite! HIRAM WALKER WHITE OR GREEN 75 7-YEAR-OLD ADD SPIRIT TO YOUR GUCKENHEIMER 5th 2" Oc ,7 2 HOLIDAY PARTIES "S.PROOF TOW MOORE 5 «H3 39 o Cf 'Y 2 40' 5 FOUR HOSES ANTIQUE 51k 3" 86-PROOF OLD TAYLOR !lh 4* WALKER DE LUXE ,,„ 3"J-;; 47" HIRAMWALKER 86.PROOF • *M • •• 145 CREME DE MENTHE .99 5th 2 80-PROOF PRINCE OF NELSON.... » fr" .?,", BOTTLED IN BOND RED OR WHITE ANISETTE .99 FOR REAL HOLIDAY FLAVOR 100-PROOP TOM MOORE 100-PROOF OLD GRAND DAD, 100-Proof ._., »« T «"» »*»- c 7,W«Sk W*** 3 .79 C... of 12 C.29 C«.e JMV4B .Sth U of 12 DO 5 .39 C.M of 12 OLD FORESTER EARLY 1 86-PROOF STRAIGHT BOURBON FOR HOLIDAY GIVING CASE OF 12 BOTTLES 47 65 BLENDED WHISKEY OLD THOMPSON NEW YORK STATE PREMIUM FINGER LAKES FIFTH CHAMPAGNE 2 .99 Ca«» of 12 88 S» BLENDED WHISKEY ^ SEAGRAM 7 GROWN ..»* BLENDED WHISKEY 5th 3 .89 of 12 2 .98 Whin or Pink SEAGRAM'S VO =,„ B 29 .?r 2 63" IMPORTED SCOTCH BUCK ft WHITE *,„ 5 BCTQRTED SCOTCH WHITE HORSE 8lk 5 39 ,?7 2 64 60 09 .ftv 81 OQ WAI-KEB'S DRY GIN BURTON'S GIN GQRDt DR\ GtBNh STOOK UP NOW y° DKfl . 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