The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 18, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1895
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• r-lif/** •> r i,*m '•" :• ~AI - Vi , -,<; ,: V 7, -*,*/•!» ' / f, " •*- ALGONA, ItOSStffH COtBTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18,1895. wnen a > Is what we ai-e all looking after, and with one of: thelarg- '. est crops ever known, . tlits question comes to ever fanner. What shall I do with all this *rftin, ' ?e l^fey 3c per - bushel or build a granery j Atete * . best « Oats can't be raised at IP lh ; -. ~ tEB* IsMd Wtow MstpfvroMttionji i Sect Make? prices. Or in other words oats oug ^t^SSSe^ttog. imt if they are only 20c you . make 7c per bushel by holding them, Now, about $50 worth of lumber will build a granary that will hold 1200 bushels, and to profit on 1200 bushels is $84, or $34 profit . and the granary. Double the capacity of the granny at ; a cost of about $90 and the profit on $2,400 bushel is $168, . or $78 and the granary. Conclusion: Build a granary, i make yourself some money and buy your lumber ol BOYS ARE GREAT BEATERS. The Algdfta Base Ball Team are Winning Every Game —Two Great Victories This Week. Algona feeats Clarion Eleven to Moth- ing—Yesterday's Picnic with Garner Was a Great foot Race Around the Bases. F. S.Norton. Do Nothing by Owing to tbe close game between Clarion and • Algona on tbe former club's grounds there was unusual interest in tbe game played here Friday last, and a large attendance was tbe result. Another thing justifying a good turnout was the sure knowledge that, whichever club might win, there. | would be a great game, which it would be everybody's pleasure to witness. I The game was played without the bois- Uerous demonstrations which have rendered some meetings this season a terror, and unbroken good nature and | courtesy prevailed all around. The Clarion boys played an even game with Algona on the Clarion grounds the | Tuesday previous, the score standing one to one, but Friday's game was a I one-sided affair. Clarion, played : well, but they were'"not in ifc " nere - Chine and after drinking he asked his brother to oil the mower for him. The boy took the oil cab and began the job and was in front of the machine when tbe horses became restless on account of the flies and started up. The boy was on the ground at the time and the sickle caught him just below the knee where it cut a deep hole into his leg, it then caught him above the knee and cut another Ugly Wound. In trying to save himself the boy threw out his hand and it went into the sickle cutting off all four of his ringers on his left hand. The boy was immediatly brought to town and Dr. Barthel dressed the wounds, and if his wounds do not take an unfavorable turn he will get along nicely. When such an accident as this occurs the first thought is that these accidents are very frequent, but when we stop to consider the amount of farm machinery being run on the farms in this county we may well wonder that there are not more accidents. Any machine is a dangerous thing if not properly handled, and all kinds of people are handling machinery. It is needless to give any advice about such things for the reckless man will generally say he knows more &boul it than anyone else and will continue to put his life and limbs in jeopardy. REPUBLICAN LEAGUE. Tenth District Mating of League Re ,'."( publicans at Fort Dodge Next Wednesday. There will be a meeting of the Republican League of the Tenth District • ---, of Iowa, at Ft. Dodge, Iowa, Wednes- Our day, Sept. 25,1895, at 10 o'clock a. m. .. - I; • A ii T r,r,«,iQ n.iiiViu in thft Dist.rict an If you intend saving money, go at it as if you meant it. You will leave a itMiiii Stone Unturned," if you don't get some of the ufcfc-L_Boots and Shoes Offered by ^w . kJC'Ml;* MIS* AWW^J i^w *« ** «-——— boys playefl .Mr best and *«>>^l^tffSiSSS^^SS. in making eleven runs, while Clarion vention. All members of the Republi- I didn't make any. Clarion has a nice can League are invited to be present, .lot of boys in its club, and they a re f^^^^^^XlJ^ good ball.players, as their unbroken Xg aniZ ed are invited, record of victory until they met the At the meeting to be held at Ft. Algona club amply testifies. Follow- Dodge, one vice president from each «* _ • I - J '_ •* i— *.!,£„ sli »*•*•! sit TtTtll r\Q <3P FUMTURE WINDOW s%-'i Here We Are I WITH A Fresh Line of Groceries, iQANNBD &QOD8, DRIED FRUITS, -' WE JJAVE, JUST BECKJYEP' A Pattern in Queeasw^rer^Yio's Gilt/' We also carry a full line of (Jlagsware, Crockery Try a sagk of to' bsst Flour m AlgoaayWl™-, PF ARk- • Call and be convinped tftat we sell goods, as cheap as any firm in town, y •. * ing is the score by innings: Algona .2 3122100 0-11 Olarlon 0000 0 .0 0 0 0- 0 , Batterlos-Mnytum anil Maytum; Pislior, | Goslin.nnclGoslln. Umpire, GosHn. YESTERDAY'S GAME. The game/^layed at the fair grounds^ yesterday afternoon between the Algona and Garner teams was too one sided and too* evidently Algona?s ^game faam the-start-to keep up infeeresror to ins'iife the best-playing. The ; score v of 26 to 5 in Algoua's favor showed'too much running around the bases due to a recklessness of grand .totals.. The attendance was not so large asjit other times, when harrowing doubts regarding the outcome plagued the friends of the Algona champions. The Algona club left for Clarion last evening to play two games--with the home club at the Wright' county fair. On Saturday the Mason City team will play Algona at the fair grounds at this place for the championship of northern Iowa. This is the Algona club's busy week. THE EMMETSBURG GAME. .Following is the Reporter's account of the game at that place last week: The Algona hall team, accompanied by about thirty-five ball cranks and sporting men of the town, came over last Thursday morning and went home ,n the evening feeling happy, having come out victorious. The Algona boys brought with them a battery from Cherokee, but we understand that they played with tbe Terre Haute team the fore part of the season. They are good ball players and the home team found the pitcher's curves a little bard to solve. He did not fan so many out, but somehow very few safe hits were obtained from him. A fellow from Mason City went into the box for tbe home team, but the hired men of tbe Algona team batted him out of tbe boy in three innings. The Algona fellows though bad the game won, as they bad seven scores to. tbeir credit. Schrimer then pitched an inning and did good work, but the, visiting team managed to get! in another score, bu^ Stopped short P they ran against a snftg In tbe shape of Baker, who pitched tbe last four innings played, in bis usual floe rounner. Emmetsburg got her lone score 'some' wbere along about the fiftb inning, but somehow tbeir bits were not bunched and several men died on bases, OCbe principal feature of tbe game wag tbe amount of kicking done, AI- gona's pitcher was a:chronic kicker ana labored under tbe impression that no one knew anything about tbe rules and regulations of tbe game except btoseJi. Tbe umpires .were .square and gave tbeir decision to tbe best of tbeir ability and/ therf was no just Son for tbe kicking on tbeir deojs- ians, bat tben we guesg so much kjc> lug baa to-be done in a- bail game to -mine it interesting to tbe two sides, county in this district will be selected whose duty it will be to organize a County League in his county. All county and township committeemen are requested to see to it at once that their precincts are represented by active and energetic workers from the ranks ot the republican party. . If there is no League Club in your precinct, proceed to organize one at once and elect delegates to this convention. ; '• ., ; ' „ HonvF. B. Conaway, President of the I&wa'State League, will ber in at- man of the Bepublican state ''cefitral; committee, will also be in attendance, as well as the "chairman of the county central csmrnittee'of the various counties of the district. _ r , Hon. J. P. Dolliver, Hon. M. D. OConnell, and other noted orators will address the convention. . Correspond with the undersigned for any information desired. Please send me the names of all delegates and members of the League who will attend as soon as possible, so that their names may be properly registered. CARL F. KUEHNLE, Pres. 10th Dis. .Bepunlican League, Denison, Iowa. + BUY THE + ELGIN MILL -OFA. M.& G.M.Johnson f A partial list of names, for reference, of those who have the Elgin Mill: C.L. Lund, Wadsworth -Bros., W. K. Ferguson, J. E. Stacy, W. L.,,Jpslyn, Robt. Wright,K. Kohlhouse, Henry Kohlhouse, P. Borman, TOT 13svnvin o r\ Cfr*v*-m n t-i T?" no fiaa J 'T,aV»/"vV\>»TWa t«lrl liv <T! "Rail*! .'' Beavers. Henry Kamfoert, Willis Me W norter, 'Jb'.'T^ Ferguson, Mel. Furgeson, Mell Mann, Ed Keith, Tom Burt, Thos. McAithur, Eli-jah Hulburt, JnoReibhoff, P. Nelson, R. Gardner, John Gilbricle, Wm: D,odd, Geo. TJrch, Win. Martin, M. Owens, and Scores of others if we had the space. WE ARE SO CLOSE TO BURG. EMMETS- — ----- - r ± i \ . i i^^We can furnish you with the most complete outfit in Northwest Iowa—either geared or s pumping, steel ,,6^ wood wheels. ? f can do your work Towers and Tanks on hand; at one day's notice. Des Moines Register: The Algona Republican says that the jail m that, city is so weak that the average prisoner can work his way out in one night by using an ordinary case knife. But as the people of Kossuth are all good people, why have a jail at all? WAS A GREAT THING FOR MAYNE. West Bend Advance: The Algona REPUBLICAN andEmmetsburg Reporter are quoting scripture and discussing religious questions by the, column. Tbe editors, no doubt, are studying tbe bible more frequently than they have for vears. And herein has the senatorial convention, with its straw pulling tactics, been of incalculable benefit? Try our Club House corn and toma' #VJ f-|l»V* HW f w»* i-von "*" *•"••"• •nr*'*?* $* i-ITTTkCnW_ Schrimer then °«L what we have to offer you in Pumps, Tanks'arid",,-"fl Windmills. . j -*.*.$ We allow thirty days for approval upon all our jobs- i I. Sc ,G. M: Real Estate, Bros., gUTTER AND ' WANTED, IOWA. Finest Woe aijflj; :*y in(the MONEY! Qn Real Estate. HOXIB * BRUNSQN. Once, tasted will cause you^it our tain often. W, A, Ladendoj;{f -The MULU1CA& WQBB , weeks ago y the to J« WATER QB W 1890.•< Oi 8HEI ToJobn H. You are da of Ar, :js dons m We j$ 9 ilSgii -WHS ,'. ./Ivl ;j&^

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