The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 8
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f ME ALudMA, idWAt witMisM^ 'ii. im. fittKB, JBMftoCW, LAIN, tom ttft JtttfltiftGE Ambrose A. Call, President. 1). H. ttfttchiiis, Vlee-Pres. Win. K. Ferguson* cishier. C. D. Smith, Ass't.Cftsh. THE FIRST NATIONAL SANK, GREAT WEEKFOLACCtfiENTS AtGOSA, tOWA. y on hftnit t« loan ftt i-fttisiotifttilfi **t«« to i>a*tle&tHitt ---_---- -— d -,---- - bl«sct»r*-». H. ttfttchlfiS, S. A* Fei-gngon, f hlllp tootwellet, F* tt. Vedpef, Ambrose A. Call, ft. fit. §pence* ( Win. >c. fel-gttaon CAPITAL, $50,000. first-class secttrlty CASH CAP1TAL-$6O,OOO,00. 'OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke, Pres., 0.0. Chubb, Vice Pros., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Ueo. L Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Thos. F.Cooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults, Interest FaM fotTlrae Deposit. August Meyer, of Lbtts Fatally Mangled by a l"hf esh- er— A. S. Thdfnjpsoft So'cttford, 111., visited at P. tfofc's last Runaway Boy Hfeftdfcd dff at Wfesley— More Fine Improvettients in PlMtn Creek—fcussian Thistle fioba Up. W. H. Iiigham, Theo. President. Chriscliilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice President. Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. ALGONA, IOWA, CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreigni and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking busl- D6HS transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors-W. H. fngham, John «. Smith. .T. B. .Tones. T. Chrischllle.i, Lewis H. Smith,.!. W. Wadsworth. Bavnet Uevlne. ft. M. liicliinoiul, Pres. B. F. Smith, Vice Pres. A. I). Richmond, Cashier. 0..'. I-enancler, Ass't, Cash. Letts Creek. LOTTS CREEK, Sept. 10.—K. C. and Ernest Taylor are at work again. Thos. Rich has sold his Lotts Creek farm and bought In Illinois. Last Friday night Mr. Hyer was threshing, when a belt ran off, and in trying to replace it he stepped into the cylinder, crushing his knee. It was amputated about 9 o'clock and he died a few minutes afterwards. He leaves a wife and two children. The funeral took place at the Lutheran church on Sunday. He was well and favorably known,«as shown by the large crowd attending. E. C. Lashbrook has been visiting friends near Bancroft the last few days. Mr. Larson had a new harness stolen from his barn. We suppose he has no clue to the thief, as he has bought a new one. Mr. Larson was a sufferer financially in the cyclone last fall. The man who stole the harness was almost as mean as the man who stole the poor widow's chickens in Algona last winter. Miss Myra Chipman began her fall terfn of school in Buffalo township this week. Quite a number of Portlandltos are at ties Moihes attending the state fair this week. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State ol Iowa. None but home capital invented. Authorized capital, 350,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business!transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship '"^IKEoYoBs'-H. ^Mchroond. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Richmond. B. F. Smith. Samuel Mayne.C. E. Mallory, .T. N. Sheridan. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books art! thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you cot, what you pay for and take no chances. L ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WiLD LANDS. HAY Opera House Block. & RIQE Algona, Iowa. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. Not Necessary E can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Machine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, f or— W1NKEL PAYS THE FREIGHT. J. B. low is the Time to Insure! e « e o • BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by Tie Bancroft Insurance Agency-J, A, Freeh, Prop, HK OFKKKH THK KCK.T.OWING COMPANIES FOR OONSIPKKATION: Wesley. Contractor Treganza has the new State Hank building about completed. Ho will raise the Sherman house another story and then build the school nouse. All his work so far has given tho best of satisfaction. The Wesley delegates to tho republican county convention came home a little discouraged but still In the ring. L. A. Corey has moved his grocery stock from the post office building to the room recently occupied by Geo. Schneider and owned by Mrs. Gray. Mrs. .T. E. McMullin. wife of the, hustling editor of the Reporter, is visiting friends tit Red Oak. Mac. has a sort of a lonesome expression on his usually beaming countenance. .T. B. Stott has sold his farm to Illinois parties. The consideration was 837. per acre. Joe will now try to make his fortune in old Missouri. Attorney Welt Miller was in Algona last Friday on legal business. Rev. Plummer will attend the iinnual M. E. conference next month. Mrs. Matt McDermott lias been- very sick during the past few days but we are glad to note an Improvement in her condition. Dr. McCormick of your city made us a call last Monday. Albert Merritt, a boy 14 years old, and small for his uge, got oft' the noon freight, going west, Monday. He was making a tour iii company with two young men, aged IS and 30 years and had come from'"Do Kalb county, Illinois, since Saturday evening., They rode the blind baggage to Mason City and there took a freight. He was taken in charge and cured for by kind citix.ens hero who telegraphed to his grandfather with whom the boy had been staying, and from whom he had ran away. He did not know what he loft homo for unless it was because the other fellows wanted him to, neither could he tell where they intended to go. One thing was sure, however, he wanted to get back home. His experience thus far was enough to discourage him from bumming it any more. The other fellows went on and may find time to repent of their folly in tho near future. Young Merritt says he will never run away from home again. Ed. Adams has returned from his visit in Clay county. Representative S. S. Sessions was in town Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Welt Miller has been on tho sick list for a fow days. JMtttti Cfreek. PiUM CRfeEK, Sept. 9.—Fred Miller returned last Friday from his New Y.ork visit. He reports that he did hot find very many whom he knew there thirty-si* years ago. He said he enjoyed it very touch at Boston and would not have missed the sight at the Falls which he thinks is one of the seven wonders. J. tCroeger, of Whittemore, is. building Wai. C. Blake's hew barn and combiha* tioh granary and corn crib. The barn is about enclosed and the granary and crib are oh the point of being raised. The size of the barn is is x 32 feet, with 16 foot posts, and that of the combination building is 24 x 32, and 8 feet posts. The lum* ber bill for these improvements will bo $220 or thereabouts. When the buildings are completed Billy will have as heat alid as handy a set of farm buildings as any young farmer in the county. As this is his starting point wo approve his theory that good buildings improve a good farm. He is located on what used to bo-known as the Dtmton farm, and which later was the Styles farm, on the West side of tho river, north of D. Rice's. Bysou's large new barn is looming up. Although he is a Union township man. we cati't help notice the improvements. We understand that Herman Bohn intends to erect a new residence in the near future, Mr. Kroeger being the architect. While returning from a dance last Saturday night, Delbert Ferguson, Henry Smith and Gco. Benschoter had a little horse race, as they were all on horseback, and Dell's horse stumbling, he was thrown and had his left shoulder broken and thrown out of joint. Dr. Bean, of Burt, Is attending him. Dell is around visiting the neighbors now. Ronney Blake had an accident caused by trying to drive a team and lead another. The front team became startled and jumped, while the team in the rear stood still, and between the two his thumb was nearly torn from his hand, one of the lines being wrapped around It. He was near E. P. Keith's place, and he went there and washed tho blood from tho maimed member and had it done up, then with the aid of Lynn Keith he got home safe. John McWhorter got one of the now corn cutters and binders. He alms to test it soon. Fred Miller's tister-in-law, of East Du- buquo, Mrs. John Miller, with two children, is hero on a visit. While George Gimble was riding his nag jumped and he was seriously if not fatally hurt. He was ruptured. Farmers are nearly through haying. If frost holds ofT two weeks, look out for a booming corn croa. Already 70 per cent, is out of the way of damage. pinching 6ne Wot badly. Dr. Dttnlaf) dressed the wounds and reports them ffe't- ting along nicely.' Ro'dney Hill, of Brltt, Is about to open a bank at Whittemore. Mr. Hill is a, firitt banker and stock holder in tie Security Bank of Wesley. He is a brother of Dr. Hill and is a capital young man. Burt Monitor: Chas. Hanna is getting feady to put up a house on his own farm this fall, which is a 120 near A. H. Nafus* farm. He bought a few years ago and got It for ?io per acre. Hogs in the locality of Whittemore are dying of the cholera. Mr. LillibMdge has lost over ^00. .tanet, Oliver and others in the Vicinity have met with losses. Twelve members of the Isehberger family wore photographed in a group by Mrs. "Eddy at Wesley, and were then weighed, aggregating iSQO pounds. Wm. Kohlstaedt, of Floyd county, has bought 160 acres of Wm. Strickler, near Burt. So says the Monitor. Scott Johnson has taken possession of Jenks hotel at Ledyard. He Is an experienced hotel man. The Callahan lands in northern Kossuth have been advanced from one to two dol* lars an acre. Hardy Btiell has bought in with H. Gortner In the real nstate business at Burt. B F Wickwire, of Bancroft, has bought the Hackl farm southeast of Swea Cltv. Swea City has won three games on the diamond from Bancroft this year. 'The telephone wires reached Swea City last week. be worth a position. And wlilfs' we arc on the Missouri fruit question w6 want to mention the scrawny peaclra sent up here by ft. R. Radway. The MonJ itof man was in receipt of a small cfato,- for which we extend thanks because of the absence of a bill (except a TO-cent Express bill) but these were a little betted than some others sent here. We saw ft few crates sent to Schnlts & Smith that were very Inferior and exceedingly scrawny, its a disgrace to any country to send out stich stuff, ftow thot may false passibly decent fruit down there, and they have a little warmer climate in the wlnter ( but when it comes to comparing Missouri with Iowa as ah all-round state, she simply isn't in it. Her past and present record don't begin to come up with ours. The man who disposes of Iowa land now and goes to Missouri will some day regret it. The Farms Ate Going, Wesley Reporter: Thos. Gray last week dlspjsed of the Watte farm, jhst north of the town limits, consisting of SCO acres to Powelson Bros., of Oxford. The farm Is one of tho best in the county. Messrs. Powelson are young Americans who have the capitpl, nerve and push to make their purchase a realistic success. Last year they farmed the place and liked it so well that they decided to purchase. They will enlarge the house and make other substantial improvements. NEWS OF OUR NEIGHBORS. Prof. H. H. Davidson, of Esthervillii, is a candidate for superintendent of schools In Emmet county. He filled that office In Floyd county four years and has boon at tho head of tho Esthcrvllle schools nine years. E. J. Campbell, of Armstrong, is another seeker for public promotion In our neighbor county. He would bo satisfied with the office of sheriff. 'The Lake ' district fair at Ruthvon comes Sept. 16 to 30, with a drawing program, of which political speeches are a feature. A populist Is to speak Tuesday, the 17th, Horace Boies the 18th and Mr. Dolliver tho 19th. There will bo base ball and horse racing. Miss Isabel Younie, daughter of Alex Yotinie of West Bend, was married last week, at tho home of her parents, to Edwin M. Kennedy, of the same place. The Journal says it was the most brilliant wedding ever soon in West Bend. .The dates for the Hancock county fair, which will be held at Britt, are Sept. 17-10. Tho M. & St. L. will sell tickets at one and one-third faro for the round trip. Uncle James Fletcher. Ledyard Leader:. Uncle 1 James Fletcher, who came out from Marshal county early in April to visit his son, Will Fletcher and his daughter Mrs. Garrett, Is still visiting among us. He is past seventy-six years old and ha* stacked ono hundred and thirty ucrus of very heavy grain for tho boys this harvest. In six hours ho also cut ton acres of grass that made slx- teon tons of hay, A very sprightly man for his age. Ho was recently matched to walk two miles against a man of forty for §100, and the other fellow backed out. Mr. Fletcher then offered to walk ono fourth of tho distance backwards. Undo Fletcher resists the encroachments grandly and Is as jovial as the jolliest Englishman that ever crossed the big pond. Eagle. EAGI,E TOWNSHII-, Sept. '.).—The Russian thistle is putting in an appearance on nearly every farm in this section. Farmers should do something at once to get'rid of it. The high wind with Sunday's storm did some damage to hay. Tho straw carrier was blown oil' the thresher owned by Nichols & Fuller and badly broken Sunday evening. Grain is yielding well but farmers feel like feeding it on account of low prices. D. G. Ray will visit his old home in Mitchell Co. this week. Kelly and Scott are threshing their big crop of flax this week. StitzePs Wedding Anniversary. Wesley Reporter: Wednesday evening a few of the intimate friends of Mr. and Mrs. Stitzel X Way gave them a complete surprise by entering their house in their absense. The occasion being their 'second wedding anniversary. A most delightful evening was enjoyed by all and excellent refreshments served. When Al Adams Kan a Minstrel Shoxv. Humboldt Independent: Mr. Waren was a well known character in the early days of this country. Ho assisted the other good men who settled there to make Algona a place on tho map. Tho first job work that the editor of the Independent ever ordered was gotten out in the Upper Dos Moines office under the supervision of J. H. Waren. It was a hand bill for a minstrel show and tho returns of the show did not pay for the bills and tho excise tax that was then collected on shows. The manager worked it out however In a saw mill, afterwards. Champion Fish Story. LuVerne News Correspondence: It is reported that a son of Ole Olson, while iishlng in the Boone river last week, caught a lish weighing near iiftcen pounds which had a perfect head on each end, ono head being that of a pickerel while the other was that of an ordinary, sucker. Your scribe did not see this fish but being a man of great credulity he has no doubt in regard to the truth of the matter. Death of George Helfrich. Wesley Reporter: At six o'clock p. m. Wednesday, ~ George Helfrich, one of the most widely'known residents of Prairie township, breathed his last. He had been sick for some time. He was about 65 years of age and had lived in Prairie about 17 years. Being administrator for a large estate for many years, and being a good financier, he possibly controlled as much money as any ono man in the county. Ho was a devout Catholic and did much toward the Rham church, from which ho will be buried tomorrow, Saturday morning. Mr. Helfrich was a bachelor and lived with his four sisters. . Cash Capital. Assets ^10,847,810.30 5,588,058,00 (i.754,908.00 5,191,055,00 3,345,353.00 1,8(53,697.00 1,031,537.00 403,314.00 Company. Aetna, Hartford ............................................. 84,000,000.00 Phoenix, Hartford .......................................... 3,000,000.00 Continental, N. Y ........................................... 1,000,000.00 Fire Association, Phihi ..................................... 500,000.00 Hanover, N. Y. . . ........................................... 1,000,000.00 Northwestern National, Milwaukee ........................ 500,000.00 Rockford, Roekford ........................................ 300,000.00 State, Dei .......................................... 300,000.00 LIFE. MASSACHTHETTS BENEFIT LIFE .................. 107,000.00 Insurance in foreo, S39.000; Policy holders, $1,100,000; Cash surplus, ^10,150,000, paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co ......................... , ..... Assets, $43,977,586.08 We believe this is as good a statement as can bo made by any agency In the land .and we solicit your patronage. Republican Club Rates Swea City. SWIOA CITY, Sept. 9.—C. C. Chubb was up from Algona the last of tho week looking aftor cattle interests at this point. Mrs. E. S. Poet returned Saturday ovoii- ing from an extended visit at Troy Mills and other points. Mrs. C. J. Johnson has boon quite ill tho past week. Considerable interest is being elicited over municipal affairs here. A petition was circulated on Tuesday asking for a street to be opened between the town plat and Cook's addition on the south, and presented to the council which ordered the opening of the street. R. M. Rich« mond, owning the piece of debatable ground, was allowed to choose his own appraisers whereupon he chose throe of the councilman, who aftor appraising the land were much astonished to have Mr. Richmond object to the whole proceeding as being illegal on account of the apprais* ors being members of the council; accordr ingly three new ones were chosen in hopes of the matter being amicably settled. A letter received from Ole Peterson, who is near Mitchell, S, D., states that the crops are not at all what they were whon he was there a month ago. Tho wheat crop is quite good but the corn is pretty well dried up, Iowa may not be tho nicV est pi ace on earth to live in but beside some of the surrounding states It is a par* adiso. The Republican and State Register, , $1 The Republican and Inter Ocean,., , $. £ • t « <- . * V „ *•(**. ^|. »n •• •.',,.,*» *•*»,,•' v<1 \, .'• ^A-^hii'KTlM^Wft^^^f ^ilftl§W r $1 ,85 , Sept. lo.-^-Miss Helen J3ddy b'ega.njw fall terra of school at Buf» faio Fork this week Monday. Mrs, W- A. -Chipman has been quito sick but Is somewhnt improved at tho present writing. Mrs, W, A. kadendorff and son, of A> gona, are yisiting friends and relatives in. Miss KdliU Pavjson, pf Burt, is ,1 _ _•»_ 11.1. \. n u .*tn4nM ii/r.iri m COUNTY NEWS AT LARGE. August Hoyor, a thresher met with a terrible death last Thursday. Ho was cleaning up a job of threshing on a place about four miles north of Whlttemoro and was standing on top of tho separator, whon his feet slipped and one leg went into the cylinder. Before he could be got out tho leg was ground to a jolly. He died in two hours. Mr. Heycr leaves an invalid mother, a wife and three children. Last season H. O. Peters bought the Keller farm, four miles north of Wesley, and enough adjoining land to make 400 acres. It is in one of the best locations in Kossuth and is an extra desirable body of land, and this year Mr. Peters ha& put up a large barn and outbuildings and a dwelling said to be tho finest farm residence in the county. It is 30 by 34, two stories, with kitchen addition, and well and handsomely built. Mr. Peters came Illinois last year, Ambrose S. Thompson, a.n old and popular resident, died of Brigbt's disease at ,hls home in Whittemore on Thursday af. ternoon. He had been seriously 111 for only about ten days, though his health had not been good for several years, He .was a single man thirty five years old, and lived with his aged mother, He had quite a number of relatives in Whittemore, among whom were Mrs. J. J3. Beatty, Two of his sisters are teachers in the county. The deceased was a jeweler and kept a store. The funeral was held on Saturday, 1 from the Baptist church, Mr. Thompson was very highly respected and his death is deeply mourned, The Germania State Bank building has been moved Into the street to glvo place to a new building, This bank recently pur* chased the Germania town site from John ppws. Robt. Lane, proprietor of the Lake View creamery, portland township, has rented his farm aM will hold an auction ^ale on the 30th of this month. Mr. Lane has bought a house and a hay barn, in jjuvt, and Jt is understepd that ho will gq there to live. Lfidyard Deader; While stacking hay last Saturday af wrjopn, J B spme way the stacker ropes became tangled Jotting the full weight of the stacker &QWR on Chrushed By An Engine. Germania Standard: Thomas Falknor, who recently brought a threshing outlit from Illinois which he has boon running in this vicinity, mot with an accident Wednesday evening which came near ending his life. He was backing his engine to hitch on to thosoperator and not checking it soon enough was caught between the self feeder and engine, crushing his chest and breaking two ribs. Ho is a very strong man and tho force of tho compression backed the thresher several inches. Dr. Dunlap was called to attend him and says ho will bo out again In a".couple of weeks. Rice from Jennings. Ledyard Leader; This office is in receipt of a letter from an old acquaintance at Jennings, La,, who enclosed a head of rice, on the stock, which Is now being harvested there and the yield from the rice fields are wonderful, averaging near* jy forty bushels per acre. This Js qulto a curiosity for northern Iowa people, not many of them over saw it growing, He also states that they have just finished gathering their corn crop which was, an exceptional large crop for that state and yielded something like fifteen bushels per acre, _ ' Found a Wussiau Thistle. I Wesley Reporter; Nate Studer discovered a largo Russian thistle Jn his flax fleld last Tuesday and lost no time in pulling It up bodily, Mr. Studer thinks every farmer should look over his fields for this weed, which U allpwed to spread, will bo about impossible tp eradicate, Train Load of Oat Meal. Ft. Dodge Messenger: Wednesday morning there loft Fort Dodge one of the largest train loads of oat meal over sent out by any simlliar house in the United States. This may seem a broad assertion but it is a fact nevertheless. The special train of fifteen loaded cars is chaptered by the oat meal firm of Heath & Sous, one of the largest in operation in the west, and will be run over the M. & St. L. joad .to Minneapolis and from there on the Sioux Lino and Canadian Pacific to.'Seattle, Wash., Its destination. At that place it will be taken in charge by the ft'rm's agent, Frank T. Way, who has sold tho entire train load. MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B, W. The suggestion is a good be acted on at onco, one and should Excursions to the West mid Northwest. On August 39, Sept. 10 and 34, 18{)5, the Nprth'Western Line will sell hom,e-seek,- ers' excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to a largo number of points, in the west and northwest at very low rates, For tickets and full Information apply to agents Chicago & North-Western R'y, 48*50 TAX SALE NOTICE, . To John H. Pearson. You are hereby notiiled that on the 7th day of pecember ism, the fpllowing described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth, and state of Iowa, east bf> of the south east qr. of sec, No, th>rty*six(30) twp. niuety'ftve (05) north range J<P. twenty-eight (38) west pf 5th p, m>, was so,l(J by the treasurer pf said county to G. 0awlejt whp is npw the lawful holder pf the certJT T ' flcate pf purchase therepf, Tb,at the right* • pf redemption will expire an4'iv de.e$ for said land be made unless redem,ptipn. from su,ch sale be made w|tbiH ninety (Jays fi-qro, Nice State, But Not In it Witli Io\ya, Burt Monitor: R. B, Bddy is hpme frpm Missouri and is than pleased with the cpuntry in which he bought Jan4 t Be thinks that country now js jiust where fowawas a few years ago. But tep to, one, so far a? stability of spji m( In the pjicfl pf laqd, is gpQcern.ed., fee be sadly disappointed. He brought * a sample pf apples au4 pea,cjkes 4 a,edi it is ~ Ma* Ue teufM :«8 TAX SAW, PTICI.. ,-t. IT , t • ,, ^ f f ! ^ ' S± >',:..'. ! v!o!,,"/^>'i*ifi^*».^.M] V'''V4; f ^V^ : ^K s - : To thu ., You are hereby notifled that m tJw day pf pecombiev! iSQi, the following W'ibadfipaUgtatfi, >Uuated 111 tM M «t Kossuth, and stat§ ol tP.wa, fcc$, eght n backup. (4Ho' '' "

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