The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1966 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1966
Page 12
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6-Algona (la.) Upper Dei Molnei Thursday, July 21, 1966 ^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^•^••^^IW FROM THE ATTIC... ... TO THE VAULT (Your Hobby - And Your Ntlghbor'i) By Dick Palmer I had resolved on the Florida trip not to add anything in the antique line but good intentions often do not correspond with reality. In the fine Seabreeze area shop in Daytona, my eye was caught by a heavy compote piece with very light luster. The basic glass is deep amethyst with a grape pattern. The wear marks suggest that the piece also served when inverted as a stand for a large bowl. Perhaps that was the main purpose. A rather unusual addition to my somewhat slender collection. It was the only piece I saw that merited a second look in the shops I visited. - o - A recent ad in Linn's again points up the perils of hoarding. The ad is entitled Investors' Special but An Investor Unloading would be more to the point. 100 sheets of the 3 cent commemorative issued in 1939 for the San Francisco World's Fair with a total face value of $150.00 is offered for $165.00. That would not be a very attractive rate of return and there is no particular reason to believe that the future is very bright for this stamp. You can buy $107 worth of 3 cent commemoratives in full sheets for $100 and, if the plate block is of no particular interest, $100 will buy $110 in scrap stamps. Here is a 10% saving in the postal bill for anyone who has use for great quantities of 3 cent value. C38, the 5 cent airmail commemorative for New York City was a highly regarded investment item and speculation drove the price up as high as $12.50 a sheet, face value $5. I note that Stanley Gibbons, the retail guide for the hobby, lists it now at $10. However, here 50 sheets are offered at $300 or $6 a sheet. If the $10 retail figure was really in tune with demand, this lot should be bought by the trade. Actually, sheets often are sold at auction for $6.50. I wonder if the holder bought at face or loaded up at the higher level? Here again, the money invested in these sheets would have earned much more in a conventional saving institution. Turning a hobby into a business is a risky affair. The key is always who is buying and for what purpose. Evidence is mounting that several of the high flying UN issues of the past few months are about ready to take a crash landing. - o - Collector approval and that of the general public as well, I believe, will be overwhelming for the decision to use a religious theme for the annual Christmas stamp. None of the previous efforts have merited We invite you to compare with any competition! PUT CORN UP FAST in ANY BUILDING or CRIB Stan-Hoist's big, full, 21-inch cnrry-u-way makes short work of all your elevating jobs. Ear corn, shelled corn, small grains ... even baled hay . . . you put all material up quickly . . . into any building 1 or bin with Stan-Hoist. Deep flights, wide flared hopper. Spillage is minimum. MOVE FROM BARN TO CRIB TO BIN! Yes, Stan-Hoist is "mobile". Versatile PTO or hydraulic raise and lower allows you to move a Stan-Hoist elevator around ^yith ease. Tru-balanced undercarriage. Big 10-foot hopper is easily raised and lowered. Put your materials up with Stan-Hoist . . . YOU CAN'T BUY A BETTER ELEVATORI JOE BRADLEY EQUIP. So. pf Algona Hotel — Algona, la, Visit our store todayl much enthusiasm but those of many foreign countrieshavebeen outstanding productions. I recently say two the special air letter sheets issued for the season by Australia. Certainly they were most appropriate for sending greetings abroad. Not all of our people are. Christians to be sure but no one is forced to use the stamps so no one would have any real cause for complaint yet I wouldn't be surprised at some legal challenge on the church-state question. - o - I recently received from Ida Larson for the Historical Society another World War 1 souvenir. It is the program for Victory Concert Tour of the 168th Infantry Regimental Band, Rainbow Division. Most of the members were listed with Iowa addresses tho none were from this , county. The concert was given in Algona on July 29,1919. - o - An item of interest to some collectors in the St. Augustine Ripley museum is a rather extensive display of wooden nickels. These items in round or square shape have been produced for years as advertising promotions and for celebrations and exhibitions as well. Many have a limited redemption time but some, if a store is involved, are always good in exchange for goods and services. Editions are limited and distribution is usually confined to the area involved. Not many of the older pieces would have survived. While not particularly valuable, a comprehensive collection would not be easy to build and it represents quite a challenge. Displays have often won awards including the best of show. If you find any in the odds and ends portions of the shops you visit, chances are you will run across a collecting friend sometime who would be very pleased to receive them. - o - The latest auction results from Herman Herst shows a strong market strength for encased postage stamps and paper fractional currency, items in demand by both coin and stamp collectors. U. S. proofs in very fine condition brought high percentages of catalog value as did most U. S. postal items. Prices were poor on many recent foreign items, including Vatican. 'GIT" IS PERFECT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT NOW AT THE ALGONA THEATRE Paul Bancroft K.C's Grand Knight BANCROFT - The Bancroft Knights of Columbus held their regular meeting on July 13, at 8:00 p.m. , in the Legion Club rooms. The new officers for the coming year were installed by Harlan Hutchison, district deputy. They are as follows: Grand Knight, Paul Bernhard; Deputy Grand Knight; Ed Schiltz; Chancellor, Jim Hatten; Recording Secretary, Frank Kramer; Financial Secretary, Joe Kramer; Warden Ed Richter; Treasurer, James Oliver; Advocate, Ray Ditsworth; Inside Guard, Alphonse Weber; Outside Guard, James Coady; Trustees. Clarance Miller, Gene Lampe and Harlan Hutchinson. - o - BANCROFT 4-H Bancroft Busy Bees 4-H club met July 9, at the home of Susan Delperdang. Kathleen Becker presented a talk on "Safety in the Home". Demonstrations MRS. HOUSEWIFE: Sav« yourself the time and bother by letting us provide you with FREE GROCERY DELIVERY TWICE DAILY ICall 5-3762 ************ * * **%******»* EAST END GROCERY ALGONA ft Jack Chaplain and Heather North, youthful co-stars of Joseph E. Lcvlnc's heartwarming adventure-drama "Git!," are pictured above with Seldom-Seen Sioux, a champion English setter who also shares starring honors in the Embassy Pictures release which opens Tonight at the Algona Theatre in wide-screen and Technicolor. were given by Jane Becker on "Making an Apron" and Jeanette Goche on "Storing Clothes". Helene Wolf demonstrated "Making a Belt". - o - POST NUPTIAL SHOWER Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Evans, the former Marilyn Farrow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Farrow of Bancroft, were honored at a post-nuptual shower in the Legion club rooms in Bancroft on Sunday July 10, with 75 guests attending. Eileen Farrow, sister of the bride, was in charge of the guest book. Gifts were opend by Mrs. David Nolton of Forest 'City, and Barbara Farrow. Mrs. Julius Cink of Algona cut the cake and coffee was poured by Mrs. Bess Connelly of Bancroft. - o - Weekend guests at the Lamont Jansen home included Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ostwinkle and family of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jansen of Gibbon, Minn. On Sunday July 10, a get together was held at the Albert Deitering home. Guests included, Mr. and Mrs. Ostwinkle of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Jansen of Gibbon, Minn., and Messrs and "Mesdames Lamont jJansen, Thomas; Deitering, Lefty Walsh, and families all of Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Farrow of Bancroft had as guests from July 9 to July 11, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Evans of Minneapolis and Mr. and Mrs. David Nolton and Laurie of Forest City. On Sunday, July 10 a dinner was held at Leona's Cafe in Bancroft in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Evans, with 30 guests attending. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goche, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Elsbecker and Mr. and Mrs. David Schiltz all of Bancroft, spent last week vacationing at the Alan Murphey cottage in Winthrop, la. '•• Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hatten visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Goche of Bancroft from ' July 7 to July 10. They were returning to their home in Hopkins, Minn, after a vacation of 10 days in the Black Hills, S. Dakota. Their two sons, Pat and Mike had been visiting at the Goche home, and returned with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Arndorfer had as house guests from July 10 till July 12 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weber and Mrs. Mada Bailing, all of Watertown, Wis- sonsin. Mr. Arndorfer and the two ladies are cousins. While in Bancroft they also visited Mr. and Mrs. Donald Arndorfer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Art Menke and family and other relatives and friends. P. H. McNertney was admitted to Holy Family hospital in Estherville on Saturday evening, July 9, for medical treatment. The Bancroft Altar Society held their monthly meeting on July 19 in St. John's hall. Co-chairladies were Mrs. William Hellman and Mrs. Eddie Menke. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lampe and family and Mrs. Ben Lampe, all of Bancroft, attended the funeral of Mrs. Gene Lampe's father, Mr. Martin Berens at Buffalo Center on Friday, July 15. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lampe visited at the home of Mr, Lame's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Lampe of Milwaukee, Wise, on July 2 and 3. While there, they also visited Mr. and Mrs. Glen Stark and family. Miss Rita Antone of Iowa City was a house guest at the George Diers home in Bancroft last weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Doocy spent July 10,11 and 12 in Minneapolis, Minn., on a buying trip for Keri- edy's Department Store of Bancroft. The Bancroft Legion Auxiliary met Tuesday, July 12, at the Legion club rooms. After the meeting, the ladies adjuourned to Jo's Cafe where lunch was served, and then to Mrs. Chris Welp's home where 500 was played. Both hi prize and attendance prize went to Mrs. Fernanda VonBank, and low prize was won by Mrs. Oda Dudding. There will be no August meeting. Roger Uhlenhake and family of Evansdale, la. and Mrs. Bertha Uhlenhake of Whittemore visited at the Arthur Mulligan home on Thursday, July 7. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mulligan and family visited friends and relatives in Whittemore on July 9 and also attended a carnival. Mr. and Mrs. Don Behnkendorf of Bancroft, visited Mrs. Dora Johnson at St. Ann's hospital on Sunday afternoon, July 10. They then traveled to Bradgate and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting Mr. Behnkendorf s cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Behnkendorf, Mrs. Don Behnkendorf attended the funeral of Mrs. William Gifford, Sr. of Burt. The North Kossuth Golf Club ladies held their semi-monthly bridge afternoon on July 13. Due to high temperature the party was held at the home of Mrs. Flora Bradley. Mrs. Bradley and Miss Catherine Rahe served as co- hostesses with 16 ladies attending. Hostesses for July 27, will be Mrs. Hazel Welp and Mrs. Bernard Meister. The North Kossuth Golf Club held a couple's cook-out on Saturday evening, July 16. Members of the committee included, Mrs. Flora Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Berens, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Nemmers, Lawrence and Collette Kockler. The North Kossuth Golf club ladies held their regular ladies day on Wednesday morning, July 13. Hostesses for coffee and rolls were Mrs. Francis Foth and Mrs. Dick Elsbecker. Hostesses for Wednesday July 20 are Mis. Leander Vaske and Mrs. Marvin Vaske. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Rusher of Bancroft visited Mrs. Rusher's mother, Mrs. Leona Hinz a.t her home in LuVerne on Sunday, July 10. Other guests were Mrs. Rusher's sister and family, Mr. MOVIE CLOCK THURSDAY and FRIDAY "Git" - 7:00 - 10:14. "Kid Rodello" - 8:40. SATURDAY - "Git 1 - 1:33 7:00 - 10:14. "Kid Rodello" 3:10 - 8:40. SUNDAY - "Darling" - 1:303:59 - 6:28 - 8:57. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "Darling" - 7:00 - 9:29. SUNDAY MONDAY-TUESDAY JULY 24 - 25 - 26 WINNER 3 ACADEMY AWARDS! including M BEST ACTRESS" JOSEPH E. LEVINE PRESENT? LAURENCE HARVEY-DIRK BOGARDE IUIIE CHRISTIE a powerful and bold motion picture.. made by adults... with adults... for adults! A JOSEPH JANNI PRODUCTION • AN EMBASSY PICTURES RELEASE CONTINUOUS SHOWS SUNDAY - 1:30 P.M. NIGHTS - 7 and 9 P.M. THURSDAY FRIDAY - SATURDAY JULY 21 - 22 - 23 COOL, COMFORTABLE A RUNAWAY BOY AND A RENEGADE HOUND! ...and the girl who loved them both! ] JACK CHAPLAIN • HEATHER NORTH • SELDOM-SEN SIOUX "•«-». ELLIS KADISON • *~, HOMER McCOY l-Cine ,„«., ,.»,, „. „ Embassy Pictures TECHNICOLOR' - SECOND FEATURE YOU JUST DON'T MESS AROUND WITH A MAN LIKE KIDRODILO and Mrs. Leonard Wood of Morris, Minnesota. Miss Pam Rusher, student at Hamilton Business College in Mason City spent this weekend at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Rusher, Bancroft. The North Kossuth Golf club held its weekly men's stag on Thursday, July 14 with 50 present. Serving on the dinner committee were Ed Schiltz and Tony Schiltz, Guests at the Don Arndorfer home in Bancroft from July 10 thru July 13 were Mr. and Mrs. John Niemi and family of Buffalo, South Dakota. The Bancroft Public Library which is housed in the Bancroft Public School is closed this week in order that extensive painting and cleaning of the school may be done. Mr. and Mrs. William McNertney' and family of Novato, California have returned to their home following a 2 1/2 week visit at the P. H. McNertney, Chuck McNertney and H. J. McNertney homes in Bancroft. Dog Tricks A U-Go-I-Go 4-H dog meeting was held at the Roland Bode farm. Five members and three dogs were present. The dogs were inspected by Mr. Bode. Then the dogs did their tricks. Lunch was served. Jap Student Is Drawing Winner Yamauchi Katsuo, of Amori, Japan, won a transistor radio in a drawing at Diamond's Monday. Yamauchi is an exchange farm trainee at the Johri Ruger farm in Fenton. The radio was the first of the prizes being given away in Diamond's Wln- a- Honda contest. Plan Style Show The UfGo-I-Go 4-H Club held a meeting at Mary Helen Besten- lehners. The pledge of allegiance was led by Cynthia Winter. Roll call was a safety slogan or jingle. Our achievement show was discussed. County demonstrations were discussed, also. 4-H pledge was led by Sherry Bulten. Illustrated talks were given by Marsha Winter, Debbie Bulten and Jean Abbott. Demonstrations were by Susan Bullock, Lee Ann Schenck and Diane Winter. Everyone practiced modeling for the style show. Rural Phones Two million consumers in rural areas and small communities now have modern dial telephone service, reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is the result of loans from the Department to telephone borrowers. Now 79 percent of the nation's farms have telephone service and most of it is dial. SUNDAY MON. - TUES. - WED. JULY 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 STARLITi JERRY LEWIS SEVEN TIMES NUTTIER ""FAMILY JEWELS (A JERRY ItWIS PRODUCTION) TKHNKOtOR' PioducM md DincM by JERRV LEWIS- WiiNin by.JERRY LEWIS ml BILL RICHMOND SECOND FEATURE - FATE IS THE HUNTER C1EKUCOPE ELL. WEDNESDAY THURS. - FRI. - SAT JULY 20 - 21 • 22 - 23 STARLIT! IVE did 600 Allied prisoners hate the man they called Von Ryan more than they hated Hitler? SECOND FEATURE - A Steve Parker-J. Lee Thompson Production Co-starring JIM BACKUS • SCOTT BRADY FRED CLARK • WILFRID HYDE-WHITE HARRY MORGAN -ho** STEVE Miwu D««cW t* 1. UE THOMPSON Written bj WUUM FETE* BUTTY THURSDAY IS BUCK NIGHT A CARLOAD FOR JUST $1.00 SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SHOW - SATURDAY, JULY 23 PAUL ANKA-K'UIM kOMAf LOOK IN ANY WINDOW

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