Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society from Brooklyn, New York on February 19, 1927 · Page 27
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Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society from Brooklyn, New York · Page 27

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
Page 27
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BROOKLYN LIFE 27 On January 28th, the 38th country was added to Rotary Interantional family by the election to membership of the Rotary Club of Helsinki-Helsingfors, Finland club No. 2470. This week's list of members reported as visiting out of town Rotary Clubs to keep up attendance records are : Dr. Wm. C. Anderson at Covington, Ky. ; John F. Pearson at St. Petersburg, Fla.; Raymond H. Fiero at Passadena, Cal.; Paul M. Marko at Hot Springs, Ark.; Joe Wood at Long Beach, Cal.; and Ed. W. Irwin at Dayton, Ohio. LOGIC Policeman : Wot are yer standin' 'ere for? Loafer: Nuffink. Policeman: Well, just move on. If everybody was to stand in one place, 'ow would the rest get past? Montreal Daily Star. Maid (to employer) : Yes, sir, your suitcase looked so untidy with all those old labels on it from Japan and America and Egypt and Africa that I thought I'd clean them all off. Passing Show. He: "Please come out in the garden with me." Co-ed: "Oh, no; I mustn't go out without a chaperone." ' He: "But we don't need one." Co-ed : "Then I don't want to go." Between fifteen and twenty per cent of all industrial accidents in the United States are caused by inadequate lighting, which means that poor light in factories is costing the country hundreds of thousands of accidents and tens of millions of dollars in ruthers, editor of Safety Engineering. each line it says what the Standard wanted to say. Reprinted from Jersey City Ro-l tary Call. A SONNET LINCOLN! be firm and fear not; bigot men In vain assail thee with their senseless word: Nor heed the slaves to party and their lies Conveying censure. The historian's pen Oh, wand of magic! shall destroy the sneers, Laughter and carping of the would-be wise. Not in the future shall their voice be heard In making up its judgment on these years. r ' Second to few patriots in esteem, And sorer tried than many hast thou been. Now few the stars that through the darkness gleam And not as yet are signs of daylight seen. Soon stars shall come, and when these shall pass away, Shall gleam the light that marks thy coming, glorious day! S. Oldcheap. The above tribute to Abraham Lincoln appeared in the American Standard, a cop-' perhead newspaper published in Jersey City in 1864. Read from end to end it makes fine reading, but reading the first letter, of Make Wash-Day Your Play-Day Why have the blg wash" with Its troubles and burdens at home when oar modern nn-llgrht laundry can do the work Jnat aa well and quicker? It's the economical, practical, thrift? way I Pare white Ivory Soap exclusively used In oar Domestic Laundry. Do you net "The Golden Monday" It's yours for the asking. THE DOMESTIC LAUNDRY 131-135 Twelfth St. Brooklyn TELEPHONE SOUTH 5186 "A Wendell & Evans Laundry" Steno, hopefully: "No, not a thing!" "Then try to be at the office earlier on Monday morning, will you ?" Good Hardwire. DIAMONDS Diamonds are only chunks of coal i That stuck to their jobs, you see. If they'd petered out, as most of us do, ; Where would the diamond be? It isn't the fact of making a start, ' It's the sticking that counts, 111 say; It's the fellow that knows not the meaning of fail, But hammers and hammers away. Whenever you think you've come to the end, And you're beaten as bad as can be, Remember the diamonds are chunks of coal, That stuck to their jobs, you see. Reprinted from DeWitt Clintonian. The only stationery Dad needs for writing the children away at school is a checkbook. Joe has it from Henry direct that he intends to put whiskers on Fords. This, Henry says, will make them look like Lin-colns. Joe adds that Henry might as well take off the horns, they look like the devil, anyhow. We use to have a lot of "dutch" parties but now they're all Scotch. A good many of the girls are suffering with yellow-fever nowadays. They always want to take a yellow here and a yellow there. If a fellow has a girl so afflicted, he should check-er. We have noticed a lot of skaters this year who didn't have a leg to stand on. One can't tell in this day and age whether a young man is at home or not, by looking at the hat-rack. At any rate Science is maintaining its own. They get rid of one disease but in doing so discover another. If a hiccup is the return of the swallow, Walter wants to know the answer to this popular riddle : A bottle and a cork cost $2.10.. The bottle costs $2.00 more than the cork. What is the cost of each? We understand that Walter will fill the bottle for the one who solves it first. Most women smile at the jury until they bring in a verdict when they laugh. Many a gum-chewing stenographer is a firm believer in the truth of the statement : ''Keep everlastingly at it." At nineteen one knows everything and admits it. At forty one knows something and is grateful for it. At sixty one knows nothing and is resigned to it. There are a great many women in this world today who have a delicatessen complex. Junior Partner, to pretty stenographer: "Are you doing anything on- Sunday evening, Miss Dale?" Call on a man in business hours. State you business in a business way. When done with business matters go about your business. Leave the business man to attend to his business. SPEAKING OF "BOOTS" We're sight sight sight sight-seeing in America; Sight sight sight sight-seeing in America Knees knees knees knees bending back and forth again! There's no accounting for styles! Sixteen, twenty-three or sixty-two years .old- ' . Two-by-two-parade the girls' patellas now; Knees knees knees knees bending back and forth again ! There's no accounting for shapes! "Don't don't don't don't look at what's in front of you!" There's no accounting for thoughts! "Try try try try to think of something different," "Oh my eyes keep me from going lunatic" "Knees knees knees knees bending back and forth again r There's nothing else in the world 1" CAUGHT WITH THE GOODS "Hello, my dear fellow, how different you look without a beard or mustache. I wouldn't have recognized you if you hadn't my umbrella." Clipped by Bill Stewart of Rock Island. WHO SAYS ROTARY CLUB NO. 3 IS NOT UP TO PATE? As for news of big business and industry, I gathered more from my morning paper. I see where they are having an early fruit season back East. BROWNING has started to CAN "Peaches" already. Al Saroni in Live Oak, Oakland, Calif. HERE'S ONE FOR DAD A Challenge Face It By J. A. Wolf in The Rotator. A successful father regularly "takes account of stock." He analyzes HIMSELF. This simple operation reveals certain facts which enable him to increase his effectiveness with his own son 100. The wideawake Dad looks upon his son as his greatest investment. The boyhood days are his golden opportunity. Once lost they are gone forever; used to advantage, they are a constant blessing. Dad is an asset or a liability in the life of his boy. What sort of a father are you to'your boy? Do you know if your standing is good? Do you ever take stock of yourself and check up Your account with your boy as you should? .-. Strictly Confidential Fill in ; tear out and keep in your wallet ; check up regularly. Grade yourself from 0-10 on each question. If you are doing everything possible, grade 10; if one-half of what you should, grade 5; if nothing, grade 0. Be fair ! 1. Your boy is filled with power for good or evil. Are you studying him so that you can wisely direct, it ? 2. Your boy's chums help mould his character. Do you know them well enough to judge their influence? 3. It is your privilege to help solve your boy's problems. Does he bring them to you? If not, why not? 4. How much time do you spend with your boy ? Standard, 10 hours per week : 1 hour equals 1 point, 5. Do you participate in your boy's recreation: hikes, outings, athletics, etc.? 6. Good books are a blessing ; others are a curse. Do you direct your boy's readings? Ever read with him? 7. Do you have a plan for training your boy in self-reliance and self-confidence? 8. Are you teaching your boy to earn, save and spend wisely? FLATBUSH SAVINGS BANK Mala Offices 010 Flattrash Avenue - Flatlands Branch t 1540 Flatbush Avenue Interest 4 Resources Over $15,000,000.00 -One Dollar Starts An Account- Tel., Stagff 7060, 7061 Jenkins & Kaiser United States Government s Bonds INVESTMENT SECURITIES Mechanics Rank Building 134 Broadway Brooklyn JOSEPH TIGHE Bail, Surety and Fidelity Bonds Representing1 DETROIT FIDELITY AND SURETY COMPANY 186 JORALEMON STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. ' CENTRAL MULTIGEAPH LETTER SERVICE Tel. CUMberland 3393 191 Joralcmon Street Multlgraphlng, Faeilmlle Typewritten Letter, Ml mo igraphing, Addretilng, Filling In, Folding, Inserting, Sealing, 8tamplng, Mailing. Faetlmlle Signature from Plate. Rush work tame day. Lit u quota you an your : "Direct by Mall Advertlilng Campaign." 9. The Problem of Discipline, unless properly handled, often leaves a trail of regret Do you have a. plan ? 10. Have you observed any special unusual ability which indicates a fitness for any special line of life work? FIFTY YEARS AGO Folks boiled coffee and settled it with an egg. : Ladies rode side-saddles. Little Johnny wore brass-toed boots and daddy wore brogans. When the preacher told the truth the people said amen. Left-over food from dinner was finished at supper time. Neighbors asked about your family and really meant it. Merry-Go-Rounds were called flying jennies. It took twentv tnintitM in shin fihnet with Mason's blacking. Ladies' dresses reached from their necks to their heels. People served potlicker instead of canned soup. - The only crooks on record were the lightning rod agents. . The neighbors got fresh meat at hog-killing time. r Cotton seed was considered good fertilizer. ' . . And men made the same wife do a lifetime. Exchange. 2 THE MOHAWK 0 APARTMENT HOTEL 379 WASHINGTON AVE., BROOKLYN Unfurniahed, by Year Do you realize that you can get accommodations in a refined Homelike Family Hotel with full Hotel service for the price of an ordinary apartment? Also furniahed, by day, week or year. Restaurant very moderate Phone Prospect 1900.

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