The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 5
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fttl TOtJfcLlCA& AlMOftA, liOWA, WEDNESDAY, \ SB ii, im. M. r. HAOOAftt). G. F. PEEK. Haggard & Peek, Successors to .ToSES & SMITH, ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTATE, COLLECTIONS. - - - - IOWA. A* t>« Clarke & FARM LOANS. ttettf Algeria State Bafck. AtoOSfA, tA, Geo* C» Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. We Mav§ nil the t and Latest Patterns in State street. AlGONA, IOWA. dfio. a. CLARKE, OHAS. A.OOHESOtJB Ciai'ke & Coiienonr, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. B. Cloud, (Successor'to W. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. AXGONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. Crockery and China, White Porcelain, Decorated Porcelain, White China, GALL AND .LOOK THEM OVER.. Sullivan & McMahoii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, PostoIHce Block. ALGONA, IOWA. B. V. Swettiug, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. ALGONA, IOWA. Langdon & Hudson, Children's 1 li#bt weight suits at almost half prlocH for a few days. NEW ENGLAND. ,T. T,. BONAK. H. H. FKLI-OW8. Bouar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive prompt attention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at -„„,. Wesley, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. Dausoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. ALGONA, IOWA. S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ghrlschilles' Store. ALGONA, IA. L. K. Garneld, M. p., PHYSICIAN AND 'SURGEON, State street.' ALGONA, IOWA. M. J. Keiieflck, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. ALGONA, - - IOWA. J. M. Pride, M. D., Over Postoffice. ALGONA, IOWA. Dr. L.. A. Sheets, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals in Paints, Oils, , Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Ocr. State and Thorington, ALGONA, IA. A. DENTIST. Kist, D. ». Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth. 1 ALGONA. IOWA. E. S, Glasier, D. D. S,, , DENTAL ROOMS. Over the Algona State Bank. H / Special attention giwn to savino Htc natural ' teetn, The best of modern anaesthetics used to make operations as painless as possible. ALGONA, IOWA, \ E, Sayers, Dt V. M»» VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Hospital accommodations. Office west of Brown's Livery Stable, State street. AEGPffA, IOWA. P. L, SLAGKLE, LOCAL MENTIONS. The old settlers' picnic is in progress to-day at Call's Park. Mr. Cowan is finishing up the vault addition to the court house. The Kossuth county fair comes on the first three days of October. The populists had their eyes on Burt yesterday, and their eyes evidently were "sot." A car of new furniture is being unloaded at the popular furniture store of A. D. McGregor, today. Dr. Tribon is so far recovered from his illness as to be able to sit up. Bev. Davidson is sitting up some. Kossuth is a bard county to match on apples. That is what people say who have seen crack specimens from other states. Fred B. Anderson, one of Bancroft's best young men, has moved with his family to Algona and will find employment at the Wigwam. The Northwestern special for the state fair leaves Algona to-morrow morning at 4:34. This is understood to be the last special that will be run to the fair. The REPUBLICAN office telephone was installed this morning, and when local connections are made this office will be connected with all the towns of the county. The corn binder is coming rapidly into vogue. T. J. Julian and Arthur Gilmour each have one, and C. E. Walker and B. W. Barrett have one in partnership. The Congegational pulpit was ably filled, Sunday, by Mr. E. P. McElroy. It is understood that on next Sunday Bev. C. P. Boardman, of Humboldt, will preach in that church. A little girl is reported at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Am. Paine. She came last week and will make her home with them. She is about 11 years old and is the orphan daughter of Jas. Means. G. W. Lambert, of the firm of Spurbeck & Lambert, has been very sick with typhoid fever on his farm north of Waverly for the past four weeks. He is reported to be much improved now. Geo. E. Clarke has placed in the reading room a fine case of birds. They are birds which in life made their home in this region. They are well mounted, and make an attractive and interesting exhibit. Reporter: Mr. WUber, one of Algona's tonsorial artists, was an Emmetsburg visitor, Friday last. He has not been in Emmetsburg for quite a number of years and was surprised at its improvements. Attorney Miller was up from Wesley on Friday to defend Robinson & Adams, a well contracting firm of that place, in a garnishment case. Mr. Miller is one of the prominent young lawyers of the county, The local telephones are being put'in by F. W, George, of New Hampton,and bis son Dowe, The local telephones are of the Standard manufacture and are such as are used on long distance Hnes. They are up*to-date jnstru* ments, , The Wesley Reporter says; Charley Walker who has bad charge of the Frink'stook closed the store yesterday as his own business is in, need of bis personal supervision a.t Algona, Char; ley has w^de mw frien,d>;h,ere ana we are ^— i -' 1 — u: ~ - • • • Algona's delegation at the University of Minneasota the coming year will consist of Miss Louise McCoy who takes a post graduate course, George Horton, who is a Junior, Mabel and Bubie Smith, Allie Wadsworth, Lulu Clarke, Howard Wallace, Claude Nicoulin and Harry Moore. Mr. Brownell has secured for his front window an attraction of the first magnitude in the shape of a genuine Egyptian mummy. There is no doubt of its genuineness, and people who have never seen a mummy will do well to take advantage of this present opportunity. It is not every day that a mummy comes to town. W. J. Stevens has about two acres of watermelons and musk melons on the A. D, Clarke farm, between Algona and Sexton. He expects to harvest over a thousand melons if the frost holds off long enough. He and his wife have staying there night and day lately, and keep a shotgun and bull-dog. The melons are fully as large as Georgia melons and better flavored than those shipped in. Joe Cordingley will soon have one of the most complete as well as one of the sQSEWALL, PAINTER largest meatmarkets in this neighborhood. Having extended his building to the depth of 65 feet and veneered it with brick, he will move his middle partition back ten feet, and the icebox with it. He will still have a fine large rear room for work. He has a very fine basement and is well prepared to do. the extensive business that is coming to him. The Presbyterian meetings which have been held in the Swedish Methodist church during the past two weeks closed last Sabbath evening. A Sabbath school was organized of forty- eight scholars and six teachers, which will inett in the Swedish Methodist church every Sabbath at 3 p. m. All interested in the work of bringing the children and young people under the influence of the gospel are urged to come and help. Everybody is welcome, says Mr. Clapp. The Carroll Sentinel says of the Woodward Theatre Company, which will play at the Opera House during the week of the county fair: ''The Woodward Theatre company presented "The Golden Giant" at the Germania opera house Friday evening to another good crowd. The play was presented in the same excellent manner that has been seen in their other productions during the week. The members o'f this company have made many friends in Carroll who will be glad to welcome them back at some future time," Friends of Bev, Wm, Wbitfleld, formerly pastor of the Algona M, E. church, will be interested in this piece of news, from the Ida Grove Pioneer: The son'of Rev, Wm. Wbitnejd of Od- ebodt, a young man of about 82 years of age, who is engaged in farming near Algona, met with an accident a few days ago by which be lost the sight of one of bis eyes. He ran against the branch of a tree in such a way that it penetrated the eyeball. The many Ida Grove friends of the young man will regret to bear of his misfortune, The spelling contest which was to come off at the M. E. church last week Tuesday evening was posponed on ao* count of the wbeatber till Thursday evening, when the Attendance was small owing to the notice not having been, very well circulated,;- does not make the Algona band .... feel jealous to see the attention that is being paid the Cedar Fails band, but if our boys had pushed their chlnces at the right time they might Mf e had the glory and celebrity of the occasion themselves. Yesterday's Inter Ocean had a double column cut of the band as it discoursed war melodies at the Palmer House while enroute to Louisville, accompanied by a descriptive sketch of the band and a eompli- irieMary mention of their fine concert. The Cedar Falls organization makes a fifie appearance and furnishes good music, but Algona might have been as creditably represented. It is not often that we have a hotter stfeak of weather than that of this week so far. The days have been torrid and the nights have been plagued with that variety of wind which brings no refreshment, because it is very hot itself- Anxiety in regard to the corn has about disappeared from the ordih* ary mind, and in fact the occasion is also rapidly vanishing, as the ripening is much accelerated by the extreme heftt, and the last contingency of possible partial failure of our greatest crop is eliminated. It is getting very dry again and this itself is favorable to a standing off of frost when it comes near next time. There have been rumors of late of a suit for damages to be begun against the city for unwarranted imprison* ment, but no action had been begun in the district court up to yesterday. The Elmore Eye, of last week, however, has a column and a half in regard- to the matter, from which it appears'that the plaintiff is Adam Huser, of Elmore, and that the suit is to be pushed by the Kniehts of Pythiaa of Blue Earth, of which order Mr. Huser is a member. According to the Eye account, Huser rode down here on his wheel, arriving about 2 o'clock, intending to take an early Milwaukee train for Sac City, but was jailed on suspicion and was not released until the next day. He claims $3,000. A harvest ball was given on Wednesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lund at their "Oakview" home east of town, upwards of one hundred guest being present. The grounds were beautifully illuminated, several hundred Chinese lanterns and locomotive headlights, being employed. The residence was made beautiful with elaborate floral decorations. Mrs. F. B. Hederick, Mrs. Amy Seeley and Miss Bertha Hancock assisted the host and hostess in receiving their guests. The dancing platform was erected west of the bouse. The music was supplied by the Algona Military band. The night was one of the most beautiful of the season, with a full moon shining with unclouded splendor upon the gay scene. There was great excitement in Union township last Friday night among the neighbors and friends ot Wm. Dodds, occasioned by the unaccountable disappearance of bis twelve-year-old son. Walter. He disappeared about supper time, when he was sent to call his father, and no clue as to his whereabouts could be obtained that night. A search was kept up till midnight, many sympathizing neighbors joining in, but without result. Several reports came in next morning of boys seen on the road, and answering the general description, but Mr. Dodds feared the worst and dragged all tbeoldvvells and deep holes in .the creek, while Mrs. intentions. He accepts the result of the convention as the will of the republican patty of Kossuth and lets the matter drop there. Mr. Barslou has no intention of returning to the school room as his health will not admit of it. He will follow the real estate business and make twice the money that he would in the superintendent's office. BtIRT POPS HAD THE PEL, Dodds was prostrated as a result of her . 0eRCE.rp.wn, Jobn'4- Gaunt, uUlos,'ObW Hansen, Emma jaokopsen, Mrs, KU»a Jams, CWjst NttBQn, Minnie Peck, Fredrick Behind- eroji§ky» Uriah Bpeavman, 1 J- B, wilr Hams. ' Monday mornjog the express on-ita train, vhieft mtim hejesaa, Th gerfiee hitfee^tg ha§ been, only nra OOu anxiety. About noon the boy was found, sitting beside the road near his home. Geo. Helfrick, who died in Prairie township last Thursday, was a member of a little community which possessed all things in common, and the real estate and at least a portion of the personal property was in his name. On the day before his death he conveyed about a section of land in sections 7 and 20 of that township, to the other members of the communnity, whose names are given as follows: Henry Bepper, Maria Ann Lickteig, Maria Ann Weber, Maria Ann Becker, Maria A. Schneider and Elizabeth Klein. Along with this was a bill of sale of personal property. The consideration named in the deed was $23,100, and in the bill of sale $3,500. Mr. Helfrick was well aware of the approach of death, and his transfer was made none too soon. John Reed and wife attended the reunion of the Thirty-second Iowa at Eagle Grove, last Friday and Saturday. Mr. Reed reports that about 120 survivors of the regiment were present. Col. Scott, who led the regiment in the field, was there, as were Cbas, Aldrich, the regiment's first Adjutant, and Farmer Coffin, its first Chaplain. Capt. Raymond, of Charles City, Capt. Brockway, of Concord and Capt. Ackerman, of watson, S. D., were also present. Three survivors of the company to which Algona contributed twelve men in 1863 were on hand, with their wives. They were John Beed, J. 0, Heekart, of Eagle Grove and M. I. Sample, of Dakota City, a brother of the late D, W. Sample, These bad a reunion of their own at the residence of J. 0. Heckart. The next reunion of the leg* iment will be held at Shell Bock in 1897, The Eagle Grove meeting was a great success. Charley Winkie drove over to Forrest City Friday and returned the following day, bringing with him a flam* ing rea taflk wagon with which he will conduct the ojl and gasoline trafoc for the standard Oil monopoly. Mr, Win* kie will supply Algona, Burt, Bancroft and Whittewore through this tank wa* gop, and pobody cap get anything vi ' through' his .red PERSONAL MENTION, Landlord Tennaht is off with his gun for the big woods of Wisconsin. Gardner Cowles arrived home yesterday afternoon from Des Moines. He spent several days in that and other cities on business. Mrs. Frank Nicoulin and daughter, Mrs. Quinlan, accompanied Claude to Minneapolis, Saturday, where he enters the University. Z. L. Wheeler and wife and little girl of Albion, Iowa, were visiting Mr. and Mrs, Guy Grove last week. Mr. Wheeler, who is a traveling agent for Burnell's Commercial Agency, is Mrs. Grove's brother. Geo. M. Johnson and son. Charley, went to Des Moines yesterday to attend the state fair and see thp trial of corn harvesters. Bobt. Naudain was one of the pilgrims to Des Moines yesterday morn ing. Frank Tellier left for Grinnell yes* terdaytotake up the studies of the sophomore year at Iowa College. Misses Carabel and Alma Ramsay intend to leave for Mt. Vernon, Iowa, next Monday, to enter Cornell College. C. B. Matson returned to Bolla, Missouri, yesterday. Wilfrid P, Jones and FredB. Anderson, of the Wigwam, left for Des Moines to visit the State Fair, this morning. Auditor Calkins went to Callender Iowa, Monday on a business trip. He is president of the Callender bank. G. S. Steele, of that hustling town of Swea City, was a caller at the BEPUB LICAN office last Friday. A. L. Peterson and wife and young sou, Balph, went to Des Moines Satur day to visit friends and take in the State Fair. They will go from there to Fail-field, Iowa, where Mr. Peterson's parent's live. Mr. Peterson returns Friday but his wife and son will make a six week's visit. J. W. Hay was called to Iowa Falls Sarurday, on account of the sickness of his brother, who had typhoid fever The latter is improving. T. J. Julian, D. B. Avey, J. W. Spur beck and John Hanna left for the State fair yesterday morning. Mr Avey takes his family. Lucius Adam takes the place of John Hanna as man ager of the Algona creamery during the iatter's absence. Wm. Joslyn returned last Thursday from his summer vacation, looking as healthy and pleasant as ever. He visited at his old home at Sycamore, Ills., and also took an extended trip on the great lakes. LuVerne Beview: Miss Bertha Tellier, of Algona, spent a few hours last Saturday with her friend Pearl Lovell. Fred Paine, who is traveling for a machine company, came in from the west Friday. Independent: Mrs/'Jurie'Walters,of Algona. one of the oldest settlers of Dakota and Humboldt, was a very agreeable caller some days last week among many friends she has here. Mrs. Walters was one to whom many people were in the early days indebted for home.comforts. Her hotel or boarding house never turned anyone away hungry, andher motherly kindness was known far and wide. W. B. Carey is being visited by his son Marion, of Kansas, with his wife and daughter. T. J. Julian and Will left for Des Moines Wednesday morning, to be absent three days at the fair. Guy Taylor has been fishing at the lakes for a few days. He sent down a fine lot of fish to his father. Charley Cohenour is being visited by a brother from Pana, Ills. Miss Annie Bichmond, a former teacher in our public schools, visited friends in Algona on her way home from Des Moines to Armstrong. She left for home yesterday morning. Thos. Hanna for the Legislature, Wffl. Strickler for Superintendent, and A. B. Sheldon for Supervise*. 'he t*6f)tiH§t Gounty tidii, Yesterday, Nominated Three iJttrt Men. There were perhaps a dozen popu- ists assembled in the court house yes- erday afternoon in mass convention, or the purpose of nominating a county and legislative ticket. S. 11. MdSfutt, f Hobart, was made chairman of the convention and Wm. Strickler, of Burt, was chosen secretary. There was a iberal exchange of views, which were not altogether harmonious, and the convention gave up the job before it was half done. Whether this was be- ause the Burt candidates gave out is only conjectural, but nobody Avho Was not from Burt had any pull in the convention. The candidates put up were Thos. Hanna, of Burt, for representative, Wm. Strickler, of Burt, for superintendent, and A. B. Sheldon, of Burt, for supervisor. Mr. Hanna was not present and his acceptance is uncertain. It seems a little unjust that Mr. McNutt, who called the convention, who has stood on the Ocalu and Omaha platforms for several years, and who is understood to have thought that he would be a good man either for superintendent or a legislative career, was not nominated for anything. WIND MILL AT WORK. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. Go to the Opera House Grocery for butter, MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time, B, W. HAGGAKD. CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR MEETINGS Miss M. Catherine Jones, of New York, who is on her way *to the/State Christian Endeavor conventipn of Nebraska, will speak Friday evening, Sept. 13, at the Presbyterian church at Burt, Sunday at 3 p, m. at Seneca, Sunday evening at Armstrong,;'Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings of next week at LuVerne, Livermore and West Bend, Admission free, Collection, D. WILWAMS, Bancroft, It Gets A Breeze From Johnson. -» KKOM. UNION COHUESl'ONDENT. Herman Dau has a new windmill up, Johnson being the man that put it up. A COHKEOTIOX'IIY JONES. THK W.-GWAM, ALGOXA, IOWA, Sept" »* 1895.—Editor RKPUHLICAN: I notice in the last issue of your paper that your Union township correspondent makes mention of on elegant Monitor windmill erected by that wide awake young farmer Herman Dau, and gives credit to "Johnson" for doing the work. "Johnson did not do this work, Jones did it, and Jones always does the best work. In order that your correspondent may not be mistaken in the future J would like to state that the Johnson mills may be known by a sad looking spring chicken perched on a wood arm somewhere about the mill. The Jones mills may be known by a massive ball of steel which taken to- gother with the name of the mill, Monitor, always brings to mind that historical and most decisive event in our national history which has always made the name Monitor a synonim of power and reliability. Thus a farmer shows his wisdom in selecting the Monitor windmill. Its ball of steel is piercing and silencing all competition. Jones pays the freight and sells Monitor windmills. Respectfully yours. WIKFIUD P. JONKS. A FEW WORDS FROM .JOHNSON 1 . "It is always the wounded bird that flutters;"-'anyone can see from reading the above. Our bigoted competitor- Jones would not, perhaps, have occasion to feel so hurt if he would attend more strictly to his business, instead of running over the country calling on Johnson's customers, trying to gain favor with the "women folks" by picking flaws upon Johnson's work, thereby receiving the deserved ill contempt of the whole neighborhood. But "it is always the wounded bird that flutters" as it is always Johnson's work and Johnson's mills that speak for themselves, as hundreds of patrons will testify. Putting up as we do, two-thirds of the mills that go out from Algona, and eight out of ten put up in Union township, it is not to be wondered at that the Union correspondent got our name mixed with this job which was put up for a few dollars less money than our bid. Had he seen the Herman Dau mill with its many wearing joints, solid cast box for main shaft,, and shapeless hollow cast iron balance weight, set upon a poor tower with a square platform put up on the tower slanting, he would have known* that the work was Jones' best, and not one of Johnson's Elgin Booster mills with its babbited boxes and few working, everlasting ball bearing joints, resting on ball bearings and able to ride the fiercest storms and do its own work and crow over all sore competitors. • Yours respectfully, A, M, & G. M, ocgw 'at _, _..„ ..___ -,,.^-~ evening, •when, • 0. M, ft nd Gardner Cowles will chgoge sides. Next to the gafcewalk this is believed to'be the- . . amusing form of entertainment thaj; has been invented. Frank Pome^ywas, on/ft a. s inge of venue t'ftflpurti.ati ._ , i.iOtewdtotevsJssB- L\ Fruits of all kinds HUDSON'S, at & Wall Paper, the best on earth, at Studjey's pharmAcy, Cowles B.}ook, Al« ' Plums this week at the Opera House- Grocery, EDITORIAL MEETING. <f 4 The Editors of Kossvnb tP Meet at • pjoft next Saturday, The editors of the county are to at Bancroft next Saturday to .questions Of. mutual interest oj IT' )B9FliaJWe uinary man j*f7t t eWJ a position of , trrn the bead of an Quinary man,'but Mr, WlnWe speaks to his neighbors just the same as he did before he was placed m charge of the business of the standard Oil Company, The only change in Charley that, is BOticeabieis, that be don't swokp,, whjie driving the wagon or white iwiijy? their goods. Franj^B^i'gUju has been in town . vJ^^WwJ C We«Af .JW g? ~ u " r^ye^ a g » candidate ifo? P-*' about JfO'To*'«ac, tlie havmles,s, guaranteed tobacco hatit cure, that braces im pi- eptinl&ed. nerves, eliminates, the nipot|i«e poison, maHes, weak men gain sU-ength, vigor aj)d manhood. You r&n no physical or financial riPk, K No'Ta*JJao j p m \$ h y BpawtY uudw .ft Independent Journalism; g, £f gore-Oft)?- u,ter. Is a Uniform yubscriptiaw $ate in th,/* County Practicable? a.W.MoMBUeni A Uniform C}u gping with Fore diQaJs, Agree A scale 9f nel!,

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