The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 4
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SUBSCRIPTION MfES; One Year, in Advance ............ St.fio Si* Months ........................ ?5 efe Months .................... 4° SEPTEMBER BOARD MEETING Lake massacre and keep it fresh and properly before the public. A great many things have happened since '50 to divert attention from the mawicre, and unless special exertions are put forth it, will cease to be an issue. THE JAIL QUESTION. At tbeir meeting last week the board of supervisors voted to again submit the jail question to a vote. It was defeated last fall on a very light vote, and with nobody hacking it, and very few realizing that the county needed a new jail. Now everybody knows that a new jail is a necessity if we are to keep men in jail who do not want to stay there. The basement jail has become a laughing stock, so many men have worked their way out with case knives and sticks. No desparate char* acter can he kept there over night. Besides its obligation to keep prisoners in custody until released by order of the court, the county is bound to give some heed to the health of prisoners, and it is known that the present jail is riot fit for anyone to he kept in. The grand jury has condemned it and public sentiment has done tbe same. The board would have done less than their duty had they neglected to submit the question. The amount proposed is 88,000, and it is estimated that a levy of H mills on the dollar will raise the amount. There Is a great gathering of war veterans at Louisville this week, and the southern city is extending a generous hospitality. A strong effort is being made to secure tho encampment for St. Paul for next year, and the prospects are that it will be successful. Thos. D. Healy, of Ft. Dodge, has been nominated for state senator by the republicans of Webster and Caihoun counties. Mr. Healy is a very able young man. the Board Subfriits tri6 Question Again at the vembet Election, il the Sum Proposed is $8,000—The Levy of taxes, the Laying of Mew Roads and Miscellaneous Business. to wake the same passable. Ad- dopted. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by fienry Strabel, et al be laid as petitioned for. Car tied. Moved arid seconded that the hoard acljufn until 1 p. rn. Carried. JO Kaym. e*p'en§69.... -•.. 0 & NorinweSteVn R'y , freight E Purtls, ttottt ofltower . F L Parisn* t E H Clarke, ,it9 m court house etc.. fees •- One of the very best nominations made by the Iowa republicans this year was that of Hon. G. S. Gilbertson, of Forest City, for state senator, Mr. Gilbertson served three terms as clerk of the courts of Winnebago county and is a very capable as well as a very popular man. Col. Buncombe's star is sinking, even so his friends are thinking. As they see him loosing prestige as he never loses gall; Though he is a premium beauty, tho COUT mission saw its duty Aud they voted all to turn him aud his picture to the wall. —Ft. Dodge Post. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, Sept. 2, 1895.— JBoart met in regular session with the following members present: Chubb) fiurton, Smith, Hollehbeck and Barton. The minutes of the proceeding meeting were read and approved as read. The balance of the forenoon was spent in auditing bills. Moved and seconded that the hoard adjourn until 1 o'clock p. ni. Carried. tHOUGHtS ON tHE MUM. [The mummy which was the Inspiration of this graceful verse can be seen for u few clays only In the show window of Browneil s far famed shoe store.! THE SALOON MUST GO. In spite of what may have been considered a reaction in favor of the saloon in this state during the past few years, the general course of events the world over indicates that there is an irrepressible conflict between it and the forces of civilization which is beginning to be recognized, and that the most indifferent hitherto are beginning to take a hand against the institution. Anyone who doubts this will do well to read the first paragraphs of "The Progress of the World" in the September number of the Review of Reviews, opening with an interesting sketch of the Catholic temperance movement, which has been brought into general pubiioinotice by the recent twenty-fifth annual convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America. It is a significant fact of the times that tbe great Catholic church is beginning to take decided ground against saloon keeping as u an unbecoming business." The suppression of Sunday saloons in New York city has been a surprise to the city itself and to the whole country. In advance of the demonstration of its •. entire practicability it would have been believed iu by very few people anywhere, yet as surprising a thing as the actual doing of it, has been the cheerful acquiescence of the general public *in the new order of things. The southern anti-saloon movement is also noted, but the most significant events to which attention is called by the Review of Reviews, were those which spoke for a feeling of antagonism to the saloon system in European countries. In France a government bill is in course of passage providing initial measures which will result in the manufacture and supply of the stronger liquors by the government, witb a system of retail control after the Scandinavian plan. It is stated that most of the leading members of the French cabinet are total abstainers, and that the legislation proposed is intended to check the evils of the use of strong drinks. In Belgium a royal investigating commission is at work, and it is expected that their report will be followed by measures which will deal radically with the saloon evil. But, says the Review, "by far the most important evidence of this trend of public opinion is to be found in the action which Russia has now taken. In all the history of the modern temperance movement, no public law or decree has ever attempted a task so gigantic or of such far-reaching importance as that which Russia's new law has undertaken. For Russia has determined upon nothing less than a complete government monopoly of the manufacture and sale of the liquor supply for the e.itire empire." After 1898, under this law, saloon keeping as a private business will he a thing of the past. The movement in Europe seems to he generally in the direction of the driving out of the saloon as a moneymaking business. There is something in all this for those people to reflect upon who have pointed to European countries for evidence of the beneficence of the saloon •'.•;. system- Jn time the scales will fall - trorn the eyes of its defenders. Our mummey of Egyptian type Is far away from home, She's lately ushered into light, From some dark catacomb. A lady of the royal line, With tlesh as hard as horn; She may have lived in Joseph's time, When he was buying corn. Lost arts which baffled nature's law, And checks her in decay; The strange results are viewed with awe, Down to the present day. Perhaps she is that princess fair, In whom there seemed no guile; Who took young Moses neath her care, And saved him from the Nile. She shows no record of the past, Her life is veiled in gloom; She might remain while time doth last, In her Egyptian tomb. Tho' we may try, we'll ne'er divine The things concerning her; For yet in all the march of time. There's no interperter. She stands erect upon her feet, With teeth as white as snow: Embalmed with myrrh and spices sweet In ages long ago. Her head so well developed shows. The intellect was br.ght; Before the Roman empire rose. Her life had taken flight. 'Tis long since she beheld a rtiy. No sound salutes her ears; To her a century is a day, A day a hundred years. W. H. CAMPHKJ,],. OFFICE, 1 o'clock p. m.— Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Moved and seconded that Dr. Me- Cormack be allowed $11.00 for doctor* ing Yogel family. Carried. Moved and seconded that E. D. Park of LuVerne be allowed $10.00 per month out of the poor fund. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by N. Johnson be laid as petitioned for providing the petitioner pays all costs and damages of said road. Carried. Recorder's report from April 1st, 1895 to June 30th, 1895, showing amount of fees collected to ho $909.20. Approved. Report of treasurer showing fees collected from Jan. 1st, 1895, to June 1st, 1895, to he $24.35. Approved. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by B. F. Crose, G. A. Bronson and N. A. Martin, be established and vacated us petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by J. H. Kleist, August Leek, et al., be established as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that L. Barton be a committee to view the grade between sections 11 and 14, Irvington township. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by Godfreid Zingg, etal be laid as petitioned for, providing petitioner pay any claims for damages that may be made. Carried. Moved and seconded that the board adjourn until Tuesday morning, 8:30 a. in. Carried. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, i p. na.—Board met with ail tnenibefs pfeseat. Kesolved, That the poll tax of Kels Hatiseh for $2.50 be refuhded oh ac* count of his being over age. Adofcted. Resolved, That the auditor be in* stfacted to obtain ffoin the township clerks the names of the trustees of tha different towtishibs with a statement of their own politics, and in cases where they all belong to the satne political patty the clerk be requested to recommend ati assistant of the oppo^ site party. And tho trustees be re* quested to recommend otic of the op' posite political party to serve on the board, that there may be one of the clerks belonging to each political party. And the trustees to belong to different parties also. Adopted. Moved and seconded the school fund loans made by the auditor be approv* ed. Carried. »> » & >i ii » 14 35 30 13 12 80 13 OS 12 35 1 80 Albln & Hatch, pub dlpiherla notices, amount claimed $1 i not allowed Vault .......•.; ..: 60000 0 00 . t niiiuu, .icn.vw^ ... £;8*j$j'M t ..$ aSe *« „ amonnt claimed 47 w ( hot allowed J B Bengstoht trustee worfe 2 oo H u Razall Ml* oo, stationery so 40 Brick Strom, stone wofkonj.?"-: : ^ so 10 00 .ainonniciaiuieu <pi> uuu O,HW,TCI« - M.cowan, wotk oti vault ........; ... 600 J M tti-ay! trustee Work... « J.T Stafiebefget, cleaning chjmaey*..... H P Hatch, servicm in |ijj POOR TAX LEVY FOR 1895. The following tax levy for 1895 was made by the hoard: Alffona— Tea " A MIDSUMMER ROMANCE. John F. Buncombe is getting to be one of the best advertised men in the state. The monument commission deserve a little of the notoriety. It is amazing to see a lot of grown men commit such folly as to order the face of a rank copperhead chiselled upon a soldier's monument. The proposition now is to make Abbio (L Sharpe custodian of tho Spirit Lake monument with a salary for life, The impression seems to preyail that the monu^ ment will need no custodian after her de^ cease. It is to be hoped that the WQUVJ - mont has been so constructed and of such, iJajting materials, that it >ylll take care of g conflicts \yjth the .elements, In Which Congressman D-olliverand Miss Louise Pearsons are the Chief Figures, Fort Dodge Post: The announcement of the engagement of Congressman J. P. Dolliver aud Miss Louise Pearsons, daughter oi; Hon. George R. Pearsons of this city has been made public. The announcement came as a total and complete surprise to the people of Fort Dodge. Last spring there was a rumor current that Mr. Dolliver was to be wedded to an eastern lady of wealth. When the congressman began building a new borne in this city tbe current rumor was given additional credence; but nobody was ever able to absolutely corroborate the report. During the newspaper discussion of this report it was suggested by S9me of our leading papers that Mr. Dolliver was far too patriotic to pass by the beautiful girls of his own state in his search for a wife. The suggestion seems to have had its effect, for Mr. Dolliver has not only chosen an Iowa girl but he has chosen one from his own home, and he is to be congratulated upon his good taste and excellent judgment in the discrimination. Mr. Dolliver and Miss Pearsons have known each other for many years, and bave had abundant opportunity to discover the admirable qualities in each other. Their courtship, however, if the authority of their friends is to be credited, began only this summer. Its commencement dates from the time that both were spending a brief season at the lakes. From here came vague rumors of n courtship containg all the elements of a I9th century romance, but few of us took the matter seriously. This, however, did not prevent it being serious. And through tbe long days of the glorious summer, by the shores of the dreamy and romantic Okoboji, these two young people, ever together, grew into each others lives until one day beneath the spreading tree branches, while the wild flowers smiled and the bappy birds whispered their secrets to each other, the gallant congressman told the old sw.eet story in the old fond way, and tiae f .aiy girl answered as fair girjs have; answered ever, since the world began- The engagement was kept a secret until last Sunday, when Mr. Dolliver and Miss Pearsons together called upon a number of their nearest friends and neighbors and made their confession. The wedding is 'announced, to occur in the brown October days, and when the brilliant young congressman returns to his seat in congress next December it will be to receive the coiigrat' ulations of his colleagues upon a greater achievement than he has evev won upon any political battle-field. Thousands of children die annually that might be saved if properly treated jn time, QhoJera infantrim, diarrhoea; and disentery ave the most fatal d> peases. Pr, T, W« Wood's Blackberry Carminative is a certain in such cases. Bo]d by all druggists. AUDITOU'S OFFICE, Tuesday- morning, 8:30.—Board met pursuant to ad-- journment with all members present.; Moved and seconded that C. C. Chubb be a committee to build a bridge on the half section line near sections 17 aud 18-95-28, same not to exceed 875. Carried. Moved and seconded that B. F. Smith be a committee to expend not to exceed 8150 on bridges in locality of sections 5-9S-29, 32-99-29, 29-99-29 and 24-99-30. Carried. Moved and seconded that Chubb be a committee to build a gradeabetween sections 7 and 8-97-30. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by J. H. Miller be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Resolved, That a highway 40 feet in width be established on the south line of the south-west quarter of section 31, township 94, range 27, and the highway commencing at the southeast corner of south-west quarter of section 31-94-27, running thence north 40 rods, thence westerly and south-westerly around the slough be vacated, Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by W. R, Pest, L. C. Barber, et al., be laid as petitioned for and |Jthe diagonal road be vacated when the road on section line be made good, county to pay expense of location. Carried, Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by Niles Anderson, L. C, Barber, et al,, be laid as petitioned for, and the 80 rod road be vacated, county to pay expense of location. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by A. J, Dunlap, et al., be laid as petitioned for provided petitioners pay damages allowed by appraisors; county to pay cost of location. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by A. J. Dunlap, et al., be laid as petitioned for; county to pay costs of location. Carried. Moved and seconded to purchase two "maps of the- city of Algona from ipo'xsee & Shaw at a cost of $12.00 Carried. Moved and seconded that the report of the soldiers relief committee be approved. Carried. Resolved, That the taxes of John UeHners on the north half 15-97-29, be refunded on a valuation of $640.00 on account of erroneous assessment- Ad- dopted. Resolved, That Smith and Hullen- beck he a committee to view and locate a road beginning at the nortlv west quarter corner 34-98-27, and run* ning thence south as near as pra.otable on section line to tUe sov|vh'west corn< er of s'ata section aod buH<3 such grade and, bridges on the roajj aa are, neces. .-achers fund 014 Contingent fund 005 School House fund 001 Cityfund 01 Water fund 01 Teachersfund Oil Contingent fund 002 Hurt Inc.— Teachers fund 017 Contingent fund 007 Cityfund 005 Buffalo Twp.- Teachers fund 007 Continget fund 004 School House fund 005 Bancroft Inc.— Bondtax 005 City fund.... ' 01 Teachers f u nd 004 Contingent fund 008 School House fund OOii Cresco— Teachers fund OU8 Contingent fund -003 Board of Health fund OOOo Corwith Ind.— Bondtax 008 Teachers fund VIAI Contingent fund 00!) School House fund 01 Eagle Twp.— Teachers fund oil Contingent fund 002 School House fund .005 Libray. Text Books OOOn Feuton Twp.— nin Tcachersfund 010 Contingent fund OOo School House fund .oj» Board of Health fund C003 Cemetery fund 0008 Greenwood— Teachers fund 014 Contingent fund ous School House fund 000 German Twp.— Teuchersfund oio Contingent fund 004 School House fund .000 Board of Health fund 0003 Garfleld— nm Teuchersfund OU7 Contingent fund 002 School House fund 003 Grant— Teachers fund OLJ Contingent fund 004 School House fund .001) Irvington— • . •• Teachersfund 009 Contingent fund C02 Ledyard— Teachersfund Old Contingent fund 004 School House fund Oil Board of Health fund 0003 Lcdyard Ind.— Teachersfund 000 Contingent fund 005 School House fund 005 Lotts Creek- Teachers fund 00!) Contingent fund 004 School House fund COn Lu Verne Inc.— ; Teachers 01° Contingent fund U» City fund 005 Lincoln Twp.— Teachers fund oiu Contingent fund OU4 School House fund -007 Board of Health fund 0003 Portland— Teachersfund OUi) Contingent fund 005 Plum Creek- Teachers fund , ^08 Contingent fund 003 School House fund 003 Prarle—. Teachers fund 000 Contingent fund 004 School House fund 001 Ramsey— Teachers fund Olb Contingent fund 005 School House fund -007 RIverdale— Teachersfund 010 Contingent fund -003 Board of Health fund 0003 Sherman- Teachers fund 010 Contingent fund 003 School House fund 004 Springfield— -.„ Teachersfund 007 Contingent fund 003 Seneca- Teachers fund.. 012 Contingent fund 005 School House fund 005 Teachers fund 012 Contingent fund 007 School House fund .008 Union— -.„ Teachers fund 008 Contingent fund 003 School House fund 014 Whlttemore Inc.— Teuohersfund •-OCB .Contingent fund... Oto School House fund -009. 6 00 ^^^^^S^i^-: ?! n \VEH°Morse, inquest on body of Ne'ls Kelson .••••••••• •• ] !°& W J Btudiey, medicine... f 30 E E Sayers, Visit to poor farm.,.. ....... 3 60 FD Calkins, fare paid for pauper to Mason Olty i 58 GBLudwig*care ChasGorman,.. ...... 2 60 O B Durdan & Co, Mdse tot j»oor farm.. 11 Cole & Johnson, meatfor Vogel family.. 13 32 DrMcCormaeki doctoring Vogel family claimed .Ml so, allowed. * • » oo John sharp, repairing shoes ••••;•• P J Johnson, fepairslor poor farm 8atn Wheeter, work on " " Frank Donovan, " " P J Johnson, repairs for Cook Bros, mdse " DBAvey, repairs etc." claimed SO 00, allowed Frank Donovan, work on poor farm... .. John Sehifmer " " " " •••••• 0 M Doxsee, mdse for poor farm Frank Donovan, work on poor farm.. .-.. HEckart, rent for Jones claimed $16 iO allowed • •• . „, Frank Hume, mdse for poor farm 5 05 HMcOntchen " " " " fo 79 Frank Winkle, meat for poor » 20 E J Ollmore, mdse for poor lo 40 JasPattersou " " }3 J8 W 1 Stndlpv. " 1840 L V Beattle, mdse for Vogel family 4 58 A. H Dorweiier, mdse............. •:•••:.•• 24 °° SarchettS Leonard, mdse for Austin family • ' ' Bhadle &Long, flsh for poor 40 AHNaudain, coal for poor o oo Walker Bros, mdse for p.oor. 8 " we'etta |>flof td said eiecttofi ftftd 6itfs» & tfopy oi said fesointlon to be posted at each f>olHrijt f>ift6'e in said eoantfr on the day of election. Carfied. . . Moted and secotided that the tneti- bets of this bodrd be entitled to the several attioiihts set opposite theft respective names per diem and mileage itt attendance upon this meeting. Cat* fied. 0.-0. Chubb 2days and 2 miles.. J 8.24 It, C. ttolleubeck 2 da. and 12 mi. 9.44 W. ,t» Burton 2 days atid 29 mi... 11.48 S. f, Smith 2 da. attd 28 mi...... 11/26 lu Sartott 2 da* and 14 toi........ 9.68 Moved arid seconded that the fttidi* to? be instructed to issue warrants ftit all bills audited at this meeting* Cat* tied. MoVed arid secdhded to adjourri Until Wednesday, October 2Bd, 1895. P, D. CALKINS, County Auditor. 70 l 60 BOO 12 co i 10 10 oo 5 00 100 45 o oo oo a oo s oo 7 IS . M Welsbrod, attending dlptheria cases John Kinnev M D, attending Mrs Breen. Geo W Eddy, attending poor BRIDGE FUND. John Wood, work on bridges f 60 Nllson Swelgert. work on grades.. ....;••• $ 00 : 2 2100 go <5 600 JO Hatch. -_. „ ^ ,., .... „ John Wood, building bridges......... ^ ^ S E Brusou, hauling Ibr for bridges 3 00 J O Hatch, grading ••• F Hume, Ibr :or bridge W W Smith, hauling tiling, etc R M Carpenter, p^ib notices «m G E Healey, grading. John Wood, repairing bridges..... A Johnson, repairs on bridges etc. Bruer Bros Lbr Co, cedar posts 24 00 30 76 50 76 , l 00 Whyerhauser & Co, Ibr for bridges....... 103 25 Falrbault Co Minn, V t expense of bridge onstatellne ..... . ........ • ..... ........ '750 Bruxer&Ekstrom, spikes etc... .......... 5 57 1 50 8 50 2 60 2 50 2 50 5 CO P E Bailey building W U W d Haigiit& F'E Bailey '. bidg ' bridge', amt clmd Sio oo ••• ;••,•.•••• W W Haight & F E Bailey, bidg bridge, W !V W iShf&K K Bttiley, 1 bidg 'bridge. amt clmd SH oo .............. W W rlHight & F E Bailey, bidg bridge, amt clmd S3 00 •.••,•;••• W W Halglit & F E Bailey, bidg bridge, amt clmd SO 00 ,••••,• ;; • • • W W Haight &F E Bailey, bidg bridge, amt clmd 86 00... ....-•• 500 N Swelgart, road work with team -2 50 F H Ford, bridge work 14 25 i. Barton, bridge and com work 20 30 Bruer Bros Lbr Co 6355 »* *» *' ( - *AU»7 Ol C M Doxsee, mdse .••••• 505 EdPiOsenau, post auger and spikes o 50 John Wc,0d, work.on, bridges.....;..- . 30 25 J O Hal eh, grading........-..-. o» 57 ..'.'....'......•...-••.• 8407 07 27 07 50 74 85 58 87 F H Ford, work on bridges 10 75 AABrunson • ,f 80 ThotfHanna, com on road 3 90 J B J ohnson, com on road... 3 40 J W Koblrsou, nails, spikes, etc o 95 C A Tellier, measuring grades...... 48 50 M F Smith, work on Bradford bridge... 11 50 W W Haight & F E Bailey, grading W W Haight & P E Baiiey. grading.. . UNITED WORKMEN UNITE And Take A Day Off—A Successful Picnic at the Paif GtoUnds. The A, O. U, W. picnic last Wed* nesday came off not wholly according to program, but in a way enjoyable to those present. The procession, headed by the Algona Military band and S. P. Christensen's big picnic wagon,with the ladles of the Algona and Burt lodges, formed at Odd Fellows hall about 10:30 and proceeded to the fair, grounds where some scattering teams bad already gathered and many more came a little later. On account of the inability of Grand Master Graham to be present, the oratorical part of the program was dispensed with, and after caring for the teams, swinging the hammocks and a few selections by the band, the whole party proceeded to do ample justice to a genuine picnic dinner. As soon as practicable after this most interesting feature, the contests aud the fun began. These consisted of a foot race and throwing of the 60 pound weight by the men, throwing a base ball by the ladies, a couple of half mile horse races 'and a ball game and a tug of war between Algona and Burt lodges. In the first three named there were many contestants for the honors, and after all had tried for them that wanted to, the prizes were awarded to Geo. Campbell of the Algona lodge for the weight throw. Jas. Stowe of the Burt lodge in the foot race and Mrs. L. P. Ward for throwing the ball. After four hard fought innings, in which running around the bases was the chief feature, the ball game was called for lack of time to play longer, and the game awarded to Bnrt lodge. The tug of war, in which Algona lodge won on account of the superior weight, closed the' program for the day, and the pic- nicibroke up, with every one voting it a great event, and expressing the hope that it would be made an annual feature. Battle Creek Sanitarium goods at LANGDON & HUDSON'S. 86 02 98 85 84 03 30 30 Look for plums this week at the era House Grocery. Op- Wesley Twp.— • Teaphersfund ....................... ,..,. .013 Contingent fund .......................... 003 School House fund .......... ..... ...... , -010 Wesley Ind,— Teachers fund ............... , ............. 012 Contingent fund...... ...... , .............. 005 SchooVBouse fund.. ..................... 009 Germania— Cltytax ............ . ..... ........ . ........ 008 Teachers f und ............................ Oou Contingent fund .......................... 013 School House fund ........................ 032 Teachers fund ........................... oos aoptlngentfund.. ..... t j ................. Q04 School Upusotf up4 ..... -V • .......... '"'• - m A Godfrey, work on grades 5 00 Win Tiperman, work ou grades 14 oo 0 O Chubb, building bridges 39 50 F H Ford, building bridges 52 00 Warren Laird, work on bridges 9 10 0 J siattery, work on bridges 1650 J S Stoddard. work on bridges 1425 E W Ford, work on bridges 10 50 Swea City Herald, pub notices 15 30 W H Ranny, work on bridges 17 75 Northern Lbr Co, Ibr for bridges 144 74 Peter Ewen, bridge work 5 50 W W Haight & P E Bailey, grading 70 oo >i •< » " » " 69 14 » " " " " " ...... 02 43 O A Tellier, surveying and measuring grade 74 50 JO Hatch, grading 102 82 J A Campbell, hardware :'",v 7 so B F Smith, building 32ft bridge hauling material and grading.., 10 00 H G Hollenbeck, com work • 21 50 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND. H P Larsln, l sheep killed by dogs, amount claimed $3, not allowed MikeHnbbard, cleaning vault 5 oo Jowa Hospital for Insane, care of patients ....... ; ;•"• «227 John Scheimer, one sheep, a»t clmcl 55. not allowed. . , T M Bilsborough, one sheep ; arnt .clmd $5; not allowed. INSANE FUND. B F Orose, insanity John Jugem. • IB oo State... - 8 •ops'/s Poor °° l Insane ,» •• -0000 Road • ••'•• -001 Poll , , 50 county • 0035 Bridge • .003 School. •• 'got Dog male. -80 Dog female. !••••• •:• li00 ; Moved and seconded that the tax levj for 1895 be made according to tbe statement marked exbibit,"A" Carried, ( First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON ] 2nd mortgages, ( Collateral. GEO. C. CALL. Hams and smoked don & Hudson's. meats at Lang- Try it. If you don't like it get your money back. Anti wash board soap. Opera House Grocery. Chase & Sanborn's famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by Walker Bros.—18tf QUICKLY,-^ THOROUGHLY, FOREVER CURED. ENGLISH QUICK THE 55 oo Egbert Fidlars & Chambers , Stationery... 0 & Northwestern K'y , Freight ........ Pau\ Fecliner, J V Fees ................. 4 so vm't oo, stationery ............ » oo Bd' Eq «ai..::::: I il B F Reed Bup't Salary ............... W oo Jas A Orv, Gilding W\ etc ..... ......... 13 ?5 MUt«n StW Pvlnlinjt and Bl anks ..... 80 00 Matt : PWBtt & Son.srB.Qok8, Stationery . C 35 Upper pes MoHies. Jury notices, bltinfcs. 28 25 Doxsee^ Slfaw, two maps ............ 18 op E ^Cfcrk, JusUee Fees ...... ..•.•••. w 50 0 D Sftmscm, poanjtag p\is,bners'et0'.','.'.' 250 25 LftldlfyBros, FubUsJUTugnottoW ........ WOO J If Cowan, wpik O n vault .......... 500 00 00«U»bb,coaimlttee\vovl$. ..... ...... 050 B F SptU, « days committee WPJ fc ..... « «P oone BUwfc sjtattQBery..-.. ... 535 T , f agflQUfies, 1160 a&touwjrt....,...<.... «i| THE JAIL QUESTION, Kesolved, That tke following proposition be submitted to the people of KossutU county at tbe next general election, Shall the sum of $3,000 be raided by a special fax to buUd a jail in^ and tov said county; tliaj'^i $ax of on£ --and on>balf »Hte W ^e 1 dollar sh.all b§ levied upon-- -toe^ twble- pi'ope/ty - Qf said county f ov 1896. All tne legal voters of KossutU county WUQ shall be in favor of the foregoing proposition shall deposit ballots having written or print' ed thereon, ,tue fQllowing word, towt: "For jail tax", and all legal voters who shall be opposed to said proppsition shall deposit ballots having written or printed on tUe fQllowing words towit: "Against jail tax," It is further resoled that Ww clerk of said bgard of swperyjsors is hereby ordered $o cw&e d^e and. legaj cations an4 postage 9f the f eso]ution PUT OF M6 DAY GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY In thirty days by a new perfected scleptmg method that cannot fal} unless the case Is beyond human aid You feel improve'4 the first day; feel a benefit every day; spon know yourself a, King among men In body, mind ana heai'F, Drains and losses ended, every obsta. cle to happy married life removed, Nerve force will, energy, brain power, when falling, are restored, Jf neglected such troubles result fatally, Medical advice free. Mailed everywhere, sealed for $i. 81* boxes for $5, JAOK- $QN MEPIOAL CO, Chicago, Jll,, or ovjr a- geut, PWANK w. DR JACKSON'S ENGLISH FEMALE to, be putytRbfift Jfe«»fi)l 9* $0 Iglnal apd only genuine Wonum's &rtyj|tlQH " Ask youv druggist if lie don't M<?ep them eip Mefli PO,, M<?ep we \v 11 sen<j it , $1, sealed by mai nre-

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