The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 3
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OAN. AU.OKA. l». -""—"—• SEtttNAttt NEW St. PAUL TH60LbGICAt SCHOOL DEDICATED A BAD FtGHl' WITH \VttAll58 <:al-s. AU iSI^^eBpersS^n'tDl .to *™X WlUottt c&ge^itli annex B eepitiff ™* to I A* gefea, leaving Chicago daily via din- and meals nerved iti *ltu:iping fjal-s . iTrati Cisco An- SHE North-Western^ Line VERY LOW RATES. Detanea , formation can be obtained upoh application .A 'gent. CHIMO 4 tt« -TOtEM n With imposing Cfctemontes—. H,I 1 Many MigU Catholic DigtittaHo* t* Attemlftftfift—#t»6 c<Mt "* Construction, Otfef *r,60,00_, CofitHbutett by .}&m<* 8. Mill. ST. PAUI,, Sept. 7 -Regardless of the Sectarian aspect of the event, the formal dedication of the Hill seminary, so called, by a gathering of distinguished prelates, headed by a personage no less than the personal representative of the Papacy in this country, Archbishop Satolli, his grace of Lepante, was ft great occasion. Not only did it emphasize <he extreme liberality of the famous railway magnate, whose magnificent contribution made the occasion possible at this time; GREAT VALUE FOR + + + + LITTLE MONEY WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. TSIE Uie United , ioimuil. is the lending republican family P»per ^ t« It tau National Family Paper, and - , the general of tl,e United States. It gives the evonls ui. i.i". ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, [The CASH IN ADVANCE. subscription for tlie two papers is SUlJSCimTIONS MAY 15KOIN' AT ANY TtMK. A ' Wl " ssi " u "*' st ".THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN _»,.„».-, *,.— BidMmy. New YORK WEEKLY TJilB «Mf<x* on a postal «ml, M/u7 it to .f^,}}y j |g?J5 New York City, und sample copy oj 1 U& .AAM IJKE mil lie- m'ti.ilcil to ?/o?i. 3BUTTOM SACK FROCK WHICH ROLLS OR WTTOWS AT PLEASURE-, - 7 - ONg DOOR WEST OF NASSAU.^ COMPRISING THB LATEST CITY. _ FAMOUS MILLS OF LEEDS, HUD- BANNOCKBURN AND GALASHIELS, DESIGNS IN OI-Air DIAGONALS, i BEDFORD CORDS, TWEEDS, SCOTCH 1AND ALL OTHER FASHIONABLE GOODS. SEAMS SEWED WITH STITCH. OUR CELEBRATED ' WILL CONSTITUTE ONE OF . WARPKD UPON APPLICATION, THE INTER OCEAN —IS THE- Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West Awl Has the Largest Circulation. (VlthpHt Sunday) ,,,,,,. $6.00 per year PAIUY (with S»na&y).». .,,....-.* 8 ««o V& ?*** The Weekly Inter Ocean i $1.00 T^ER YEAR » M »t «it M« i *»» iftttt mm^***''* f TT ?***-*** • r" ri TERMS .BI MAIL A 1 The Weekly Inter Ocean AS A FAMILY PAPER IS NOTEMEaED BY ANY. AECIir.ISHOI' SATOLI.L not only did it accentuate the extent of the progress of the Catholic church in the Northwest; not only did it demonstrate the strength of the archepiscopal province of &t. Paul, but it udded to the fame rind character ot St Paul as an educational center; tor to the Saintly City's list of great educational institutions was tornially added Hnother, destined to take rank with tlie And the day, on it should have been, was perfect, making it entirely possible to carry out the plans which have been in process of incubation for weeks. The obiect of interest, of course, was Archbishop Satolli, who was invisible to the laity until the time tor the celebration of pontifical mass arrived, and then there was a general craning of necks to enable their owners to catch a glimpse of the papal ablegate. Escorted by Archbishop Ireland, the prelate whom St. Paul best knows, the representative of Rome entered and eel ebrnted the solemn rites of the churph, while tho multitude, numbering at that time in the neighborhood ot (,000, stood in humble attention. The ceremonial of the mass, which preceded while terming a part of the dedicatory exercises, was very imposing. Mgr Satolli sang the mass hunselt. H.e was arrayed"in the robes of his office in the church and was attended by deacons, sxibdeacous, a master of ceremonies and the usual attendants at sncn a function. The sermon was delivered by Dr. O' Gorman and following alter it all the clerics in attendance formed in procession and the various buildings 011 the grounds were visited separately and each dedicated. The mass began at 10 o'clock promptly and the exercises lasted until nearly 1 o'clock. The Evening'Exercises. The assembly hall in the chapel build- in" was crowded to witness the evening exercises. It was a remarkable gather- in" the majority of those present being in full evening dress. It was composed of the leading citizens of the city of all denominations, among the number being nearly all the army officers irom Fort Snelling, the judges of the district court, prominent railroad men, state officials and others, with their _wives and other members of their ^families. The THE NEW SEMINARY. ST. PAUL, Sept. 7.—The new Catholic institution is a personal tribute to Archbishop Ireland from James «T. Hill, president of the Great Northern railway. He contributed every dollar of the cost of the construction (over §500,000), personally planned the buildings and superintended their construction. Henceforth this seminary will be the center of Catholocisin in the North' west It is situated on the banks of the Mississippi river, and the new buildings are admirably adapted to the work of instruction, Ten teachers will be employed, and they are among the best educated men in the church, An extensive library of theological works has been gathered, which has completed the equipments of the build' ings. In addition to the studies proper to the ministry, and which extend over six years, the cui-riculum will comprise a higher course in science, literature and political economy, The following chairs are endowed; Biology, physio* logical psychology, chemistry and pat» ural philosophy, logic and metaphysics, apologetics, ethics, dogmatic theology, moral theology, s&ored scripture, eccies* iastioftl history. Besides these maw studies, canon law, political economy, ohuroU music and the Jan^uages.inolud, ing Greek and Hehrew.vriH receive con* siderable Attention. Mya, Perkins »pun4 Over, Pe&diwlwafcpe'tt bcm»4 'qyerto await ajotiou 9f tfea gWid jjury op the oftarw of jnurdejy- Mrs, Hawfeini being MM victim, Judge JJolt arrived »t thajj de< ojs^oji alter listening to five flays or pes< de^ce pVt i» fey t^ e ^ e * e ose tWO tos, tfie'ftotiQft Wftj-^ I b-.vs n shocking memory. I brii'-'Va I fi-as "horn HO;" anyhow I snflVrcd :•. i:<.-< .1 flttil ;il-school in ti:i: pwwss of ^ :•:.!:-..: th; datu-i nf our fiMvi.-roigns shi'.v '' ;: " quivit. Kvn n.y.v 1 luivu to t:ii::k m-.-. . / bcforo I can ru::ir::i'itT my own diilt:. .'• to my wife's birthday—well, 1 don t jiix- tend to gnoss that within six months. My friends have often advised mo to etudv an artificial memory system. I did try one, or rather tried to try it. I bought B hiiiidhool-:, and by way of making n good Start forgot to pay for it. Then I forgot to road it, and whun my wife jogged my memory I couldn't for tho life of mo remember whore I had left the beastly thing. So that system was a failure , and I never had thu heart to try another. Of course it is quite useless to trust me trlth letter* for the post. I have patiently carried important missives in my pockets for weeks together and been heartily abu«i-l for my pains. As n rule, no one- dreams of asking me to do a shopping commission, but one day, my better half being laid up with a sprained ankle, I was sent Into our town to get u stock of household neeessaries. I was provided with three similar lists In case I lost or mislaid one anil fU-.-Uerud myself that I should eome out of the ordeal with flying colors. Just as I was starting my who sent out ft final message by the servant, tuul as 1 was too lazy to pull out all tho lists and make three'notes of it I tied n knot in my han-ikorchic-t' and forgot all about it. I got through my list of purchases brave ly, then I suddenly encountered the mne- monie knot. Did I remember whnt it mennt? Not a bit. I hadn't tho faintest kloa, At lirst 1 was sat her amused, then I grew angry and registered a mental oath that I wouldn't go home, without executing that mysterious commission. I returned to tlie George, whore horse was put up, mid smoked a, pipe to sharpen my wits. It was no use, sol walked out and stared into all tho shop windows, if haply the "thing" might meet my eye and enlighten my understanding. That plan failed. , I returned to tho Goorgo and thought over tho letters of tho alphabet, coming at last to the conclusion that tho article began with M. That was tho nearest I could get to it. Then Jones ciimo into the smoking room. "Jonos," I said, "you know what an awful memory I have. Well, my wife asked me to get her something, and I can t remember what it was, but I believe it bo- gins with M. I wish you'd suggest some thing." vt 'i "Money," said Jones promptly. "No; it wasn't that today, for a won der." Then Jones waxed facetious and wroiO mo out ti list of M's—machine guns, metronomes, mangles, matrimonial news, mechanical monkeys and so on. I left him chuckling over his own idiotic feebleness. "It wasn't a. megatherium, was it?" he inquired as a parting shot. "No," said I, "nor a-meddlesome magpie." Ho had riled mo rather; but, after all, ho had given mo n hint. I was pretty sure of tho M, and by consulting a price list I might arrive at a solution of my enigma. I was prepared to swear that the "something" was neither medicine, nor music nor .millinery, nor muffins (including all sorts of pastry), nor melons, as typical o£ green stuff, so that my inquiries seemed limited to groceries, hardware and butcher's meat. . •• • , .. I wasn't quite certain about the last item, so I wont to our shop and feebly asked tho butcher if ho thought I wanted any meat. I expect ho thought I was certainly in no need of drink, but ho urbanely informed me that he-had sent us out a joint that morning. So I thanked him and re- CAPtAlN MITCHELL'S STORY OF PERIL FROM THE HUGE ANIV.ALS. Tlie Monstr*-.'. TH«M to Stvnmp HI* fns by Blowing VoS«r;rs nf V/atpr Aboard. Old Salts Tliink Soir.f> Great I)is:»stfer ti WELL AND MILLING. \\> tuivo machinery of all sixes for boring of f!riilin«r wells. Water e-iianmteea or no pay. Call on or slnal-css. GALLION BROS.* Bancroft, Ift* Captain Mitchell of the steamer tug Thoinns .T. Smith, which arrived at Philadelphia recently from se:v, having in tow the Irono laden Italian bark Orel), from Buenos Ayres, which she picked up to the southward of Fenwick's island, reports having been attacked by a tremcudou? school of whales at 11 o'clock one morning while cruising 40 miles southeast of Cape Henlopen. The whales surrounded the tus for a period of four hours, blowing large streams of water into the air, which completely shut out all view of the sur- foundings. it was a peculiar experience, ana Lap- tain Mitchell says that in 30 years' service at sea on tugs he never before saw such large whalss, nor were they ever known tu congregate in such numbers so close to the land. , .. In •pcokins of the experience on the floors of the Maritime Exchange the weather bmton ekipp"f bad soon dr.iwn about him a largo number of old saitc, Mini it was generally agreed that it was the fore- ruimer of some grave marine disaster tc see whales in such numbers along the coast. . , ., It was a serious time on board tho frail tug and all hands wire badly seared, as those- monsters seemed infuriated and dashed in and along the sides of the boat with great force. Captain Mitchell ran the engines up full speed ahead and attempted to get clear o£ the school, but the huge marine animals followed tho tug, almost swamping her with the immense vol- Uires of water threw on board. Finding that any attempt to get away from them was futile, Captain Mltehell loaded up a large horse pistol lie had on board and begun firing into them, but the bullets took no effect. One monster he put six shots into, but it only infuriated tho animal still more. It was about 8 o'clock in the afternoon when the loader of tho school headed offshore, and soon the whole number followed in that direction and disappeared. "I have at times seen one or two whales off tho capes," said Captain Mitchell, "but this is tho first time I ever beheld such a sight as this school presented." Captain Mitchell says it is an experience ho will never forget. Soon afterward ho kept down to tho southward and picked up the rdj^n bnr!£ Q'-'? 1 'She, like man'Tof tho other bone ladeu vessels that have visited Philadelphia of late, is filled with vermin. Captain Mitchell says, when they anchored at the quarantine, bavins been unable to got a visit from tho doctor till sunrise, ho heard frantic cries from sonio. persons on boarcj the bark. She v?as anchored just below where tho tug had been lying, and in going alongside ho found that tho pilot, Jacob Tool, had been bitten by one of these insects, fool got Captain Mitchell to take him on board tho tug, whero he spent the night. The crew of tho Oreb seem unconscious of their surroundings.—Philadelphia Press. Steel SailinK Vessels osi thn Lakes. Tho first steel sailing vessel ever built WANTED SALESMEN* j.ociM sitnl tvnvfellhg ,^ P itl?^^,I^\^!?^c ftS H ri'-^ff^w^^VS L?)oi5mtV weekly. Our funion* Minnetonka A i V- ft warranter! < until it produces ft btUliei of rrult^ .°» r £•*£ P M AY C & CO, .„. .„ nMlfriorut* ' st. PAUL MIUM. hurt .SePdiMnpii. •'•'"*" You Need ..a Desk! WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — ox Desks and all kinds of Office Furniture. SEND FOR CIRCULAR. We want your Business. The Hamilton Mfg. Co. TWO RIVERS, WIS. SIMPLIFIED ELOOOTi-U, A new book, hearing the above title, by 13dwin Gordon Lawrenci-. teacher of elo- •iitlon and diroctorof the Lti\vrencebchool of Acting, 1m* just boe:i issued, himpliti- ed Elocution Is a comproliensive system ot vocal and physical gymnastics: it contains explicit Instructions lor the cultivation of the ?i c.ildng voice and gesture.; directions for the production of breath, sound and «uw:li, and n thorough expluniition of the nuncios and organs employed: .rulos for articulation, modulation, enipluv*i< and delivery: postures nnd movumoius or tne feel, bo'clv. arms. head, eyes, etc. To the treatise i> added a Complete Speaker, consisting Of selections in poetry, ii id nro>c suitable for rocilation, ill.'author says in his in trod net ion, "are not choH'ii on iiecount ot ihcir newness, but. from theh Intrinsic ^lorit tuul their adnptabilit.y as f-xovelsiv.'. The. work is deHgiwl MY the fi.-^eciai u«n of toae-hor*. nctors. -tudoiits, colleges, ••••hool? and all those who wish to perfect (iH-mpelvfis in-tho noble art of.cxpressio n. I Th<> book-, which contains 23;i pages, is handsomely bound in cloth and gold, and tired hastily. Then I procured an ironmonger s catalogue and studied it in vain. There was nothing at all feasible under " M." As a last resource, I returned to the grocer s, where I had already made extensive purchases, and asked to see bis price list. Even then I couldn't spot the thing, but on tho off chanco of making a lucky shot I invested heavily in macaroni, mustard, matches, marmalade, pickled mushrooms and tinned milk. Then I cudgeled my brains till I felt quite stupid and finally gave it up as a bad job. I drove home in disgust with enough parcels of food to victual a polar expedition. "Nellie," I said tho moment I got indoors, "you sent mo a message just as I was starting"— "Yes, and didn't you"— '' Stop a moment! Didn't it begin with " More or less." "There! I know it did. But I'm very sorry, dear, I couldn't remember what it was. I sat in tho George nearly two hours trying to think of it." "Then out of the house you go this instant! I particularly told you not to go near the place, as they'd had a case of measles there." , It all came back to me in a moment, that was her parting injunction! She turned me out into the garden—I felt too crushed to resist—and insisted on my standing in tho filthy smoke of a bonfire till she thought I was sufficiently disinfected, I wasn't allowed to kiss tho children for a week. Catch me going on any more errands 1— New Budget, on tho great lakes was launched some weeks ago at the yards of the Chicago Shipbuilding company, on tho Calumet river, at Chicago. The new boat is owned by the Minnesota Steamship company and is named Malta. The Malta is 303 feet keel, 320 feet over all, 40 feet beam and 24 feet deep. On a draft of 14M foot it,will carry 3,000 tons, and when tho 20 foot channel is completed its carrying capacity will exceed 4.000 tons. Tho now boat has three masts and sails, but will bo used as a tow barge behind the dozen big steel steamers of tho company. It will bo pulled, however, by a steel tow lino drawn over a patent steam drumhead, which acts automatically in giving out more lino under great strain, and then in taking in tho slack. This is tho first time the new invention has been placed on a lake boat. Tho cost of tho Malta is 8100,000.—Hardware. t ' May Have a Negro Chaplain. It may bo that the next bouse of representatives will have a colored man for chaplain. Representative Walter Evans of tho Fifth Kentucky district is holding out that promise to tho colored people who woro instrumental in his election. He has among tho colored people there a good many followers who are ministers of colored churches, and he has declared his bo lief that the Fifty-fourth congress, being Republican, should recognize the colored race by having a colored man from the south as its chaplain. It is understood that all of tho five Republican representatives elected to the next congress from Kentuok} concur with Mr. Evans in this view.—Chi oago Times-Herald. Briefs From BlHville. This is hot weather. Wo can cook tougl beefsteak in tho sun and boil eggs b> moonlight. , We »ro glad to hear from Chicago tha tho war is over. But, as we intended to b veteran, it sorter breaks in on pur calculations. , , , A.S tho citizens have threatened to tar and feather us, we are determined to poso at the International exposition as a pew ansomey ,, will be sent securely packed on recent of si. postal frw«. (New York: published ' . po . by the author. lOii West -K'd street.) Publisher's Notice. ,-,", V POMTICAUY IT,™ -'ducwiJMi «»»W the J wwe to B.I9* US ffftto tyfUPXlYtt PA0I P^FIB* Jtt»»»e'i» »»lies Jn ttoe Woods In 1679 James Adams of York became affronted with one of his neighbors, Henry Simpson, and determined to avenge hiw self upon twopf Simpson's phHdron, whose ages Wo 0 ancj 9 years. Jn a solitary place four OP five miles from tho dwelling hpusos of the inhabitants he built 9? logs besido a ledge of perpendicular ropfeaaper OP povw4 several feet high, with walla in olinea. inward from bottom to top. Am he had built this he deooyecl the ohjlqren into the woods, under a pretense of search jngfo* pirds' nests, spa paused them fc enter within the ppuwd, where, he jets thwj 'opnflnecj to perish. The place has «wft been'pftUecl the Pevil's Jnventipn, The children wore soon missed, a^q alarmed inhabitants soaveheS fp? t K thftS 48 hou f . The boys ti BWfli'Q of theiP wretehed sitwatiion, u yariQus attempts to get out, an^ OT Jen y^wOTvwvw ^ thejj .' han4l thj) v*«y eayth uudo?neath one of logs, effected their WF- -M rt thewoQds tin&ftofitl «bjyftpte4 fcP W " WhQre For the convenience of subscribers whose place of-doinp business is in some other town in the county than AlRona, an arrangement has been made by the publisher whereby payments on subscription to the paper may be made at any one of. the following named banks: BANCROFT—Farmers' and Traders' Savings Batik. BURT—The Burt Bank. WHITTEMORE — Whitteuioiv State Bank. WESLEY—Wesley State Bank. LEDYARD—State Bank of- Ledyurd. GERMANIA—State Bank of Geruiania SWEA CITY—Swea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmore Exchange Bank. ; Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of our^j lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. ^» This arrangement is made with a-I; view to accommodating any who may;^ find it more convenient to pay 1" subscription at their home bank. ^ business coming through these bj wto||; will be given prompt attention, ', ,/,,>*4 phase of tho race problem in the south,— Atlanta Copstltutlop. tne „„_- J»p»pese Chwob In The first Japanese Christian ohqroh in Ajneripa was dedicated in San Jfraneisoo last week. It belongs to the Methodist««' Homination and has about 8QO jnempers, whP ppntrlbwtQd largely toward the building of the edifice, The assistant roini^tej and the organist are Japanese, anq the ohureh organization will pe 1 manageijby th^" Japanese members, with vejy little <t.i 1 jptoyferenaoiby Caucaslan^-'-'.New Hy availing yourself of the low < quoted in tWa' , CLUBBI^ MSP "T^ '•$*t * •'(('Fi-t jn 4 Its 'mW9gWP&*]iX9i TfWgWtWH JWft. ^iypiiBlijy'»i»k& i ' JflMl StfWPKl** V :toteYf,8Qitej; t HOTV 1 **' TWV *fan^9 ™^TF»^ps*i<i 9 rimiwl was swftd^nta ,oi iSnglisbi whiP^f fe prssopifee4 tef years, -phst i§ a« e«asipie that i»ay Advantage be ioiitst>s4 olsgwhSFfi' ©llBgW J ""^m9fi^»W'^ ***$«**£ 8 she M&wbmM « on. V4y*V »m»»««»Y* ; wMUfiwawi '49 H -1 a tfi»

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