Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1965 · Page 18
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1965
Page 18
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4-ALOONA (lew*) AbVANCl THURSDAY, JAN. ?, 1965 Seen at the ALGONA §y t. M. C, •4H-H 111 111 I 11 I I 111 i 111 At. this particular time of year, It's the custom of the various professional critics, to list the "ten \xsV for the previous twelve months. In view of the fact that many have not been j sho\vn at the local playhouse and | also that I could scarcely rate j as a "pro", 1 am forced to lake ALGONA SAT. MAT. ONLY SPECIAL SHOWING AT 1:30 TIM PICTURE mar UKES PEOPLE! PATTY McCORMACK MARY FICKETT -. S M IEVENE • MARY JANE CROFT * UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE 6 Color Cartoons ft list as given by one of the top critics and add a few words of my own. to his judgment. I've selected Boslcy Crowlhcr, talented critic for the New York Times, who gave his opinion in the DCS Moines Register and other syndicated newspapers, and who lisUs the ten best as follows: Dr. Strangclovc, or How 1 Learned To Slop Worrying and Love the Bomb, The Servant, That Man From Rio, One Potato, Two Potato, A Hard Days Work, Woman in the Dunes, Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, The Americanization of Emily. Marriage Italian Style. Of this list, only two, Dr. Strangclovc and Hard Day's Night, has been shown at the Algona, and that one, I'm forced to say. left me "cold". 1 saw it twice because 1 heard that it was a good show and again, I'm forced to admit that 1 could sec little of great merit. True, it was satire and well clone but 1 have yet to talk with anyone who would agree that it should be placed in the list of the "ten best." Here is Crowther's review of Dr. Strangelove: "As grotesque and "sick" as was the satire projected by this film — insane and incompetent Air Force generals and top government officials cause the destruction of the world by a nuclear bomb — it was an extraordinary cinematic creation, excitingly written, directed and played by Peter Sellers, Sterling Haydcn, George C. Scott, Kccnan Wynn and a large cast." I MADE a special effort to sec One Potato, Two Potato and again I must disagree with Bro. Crowther's judgment. I found it boring and utterly unsavory in theme, altho it showed clearly the racial problem. Here is Crowther's review: "By virtue of a clear and cogent screenplay and a business-like nautralistic style, this urgent drama of a white mother's anguish when she is faced with having to give up her child because she has married a Negro was the most forceful and impressive American- made drama of the year. Ends Wednesday - "Youngblood Hawke" THURS. Thru SAT. 1 • JAN.* 7- 9 ( ALGONA : TOGETHER I THE MOST RIB-TICKLING TEAM SINCEADAM AND EVEI SOPHIA LOREN MARCELO MASIROIAM •VITTORIODESICA's "MtM»l«'i Navy" open* Sunttoy menl on the tinsinkable Molly it thi Algdns Theatre Brown was not enthusiastic and a second viewing concurred with this judgment. 1 didn't enjoy it as much the second time as the first. Going back, 1 still say the Beckett is the best picture I've seen in years, with the exception of My Fair l^dy which was an entirely different type of picture. Well, there you have it. Take it for what's it worth and look over the January calendar again; there are some good shows coming up. 300 years of one family given at Bode Bode — Mrs. Viola Thompson had relatives as guests Dec. 29, clear case of monkey Mrs. Leona Daniels, Mrs. Henry shines when this trio gets to-iM, Olson, Mrs. Nissen, Linda nether. From bottom to top and Marlene, all of Humboldt, •re Tim Conway, Ernest Borg nine and Joe Flynn, the stars of Universal Pictures' "McHalc's Navy," first full-length motion Mrs. Donald Larson, Mrs. John Larson, Swea City, Mrs. Ralph Jacobson, Ottosen, Mrs. Ronald Olson and Mrs, Marian Berge. picture in color of the zany PTiMrs. Conrad Johnson, Ottosen, 73 nautical crew. Academy A- and Mrs. Carl Olson, Livermore, ward winner Borgnine heads could not attend. The family the cast in the title role, as he'history, dating back 300 years does in the popular television to 1664, that was researched by comedy show. —Thursday thru Saturday "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" 7:00 and 9:15 —Saturday Matinee at 1:30 "Kathy '0" plus 6 Color Cartoons —Sunday "McHale's Navy" 1:30 -3:35 - 5:40 - 7:45 - 9:50 —Monday thru Wednesday "McHale's Navy" 7:25 - 9:30 Erik Gronnerod, of Skjeberg, Norway and brought to America by Mrs. Thompson, shown and discussed. was SISTER IS DEAD Mrs. Harold Berge received Barbara Barrie was most moving as the mother." a message her sister, Mrs. Edgar Showers, died in Pocahontas, Christmas day. Mrs. Berge was at the funeral parlors that Sunday, but was too ill with the flu to attend the funeral. Harold and Marian Berge attended the service Dec. 28. Mrs. Gertrude Coddington, Crystal Lake, had a real Christmas when all her children were home for the first time in 18 years. There were over 70 present and they met in the Legion building. Marilee Coddington, California, has been visiting her Corwith Mrs. Henry Maw THE THIRD choice, was A sistcr > Mrs ' Kelth Holland, and Hard Days Night. I'll have to the y drove to Crystal Lake. agree that this production was j a surprise to me since I'm not a lover of The Beatles. But I'd scarcely put it on a list of the ten best. It'was a good show but didn't merit that distinction. Here are Crowther's comments: "The big surprise of the year, was this rambunctious and wildly free-wheeling comedy presenting the mop- haired Beatles, the Liverpool rock-and-roll quartet. It was farce in the old Marx Brothers manner—that is, extravagantly eccentric action, blended with a clatter 01 crazy dialog—giving an illusion of complete spon- aneity. The Uoys were charming and disarming, abetted of the fcldott fteddcte, ftictville. The Elmer Glawes and Mrs. Kathryn Hansen visited At Raymond Hahsen's, Wesley, Dec. 27. The George Gucnthers, Myron Crams, Carrol Crams, Mrs. C. E, Cram, and Mfs. Kathryn Hansen were recent guests at Elmer Olawe's. The Elmer Livingstons visited recently with her parents, the Vernon Lantzes, Redding. The Fred Wills and LaVoy Dawsons were recent guests at Harold Neilsott's, LtiVerne. Carol and Skip Fish, DCS Moines, Robert Smith of Em- mctsburg, Sally Skola, Algona, were guests Thursday at Albert fish's. Carol and Skip spent the weekend. The Floyd Armstrongs, Vincent Fish and Mrs. Louise Fish, Wesley, visited recently at Albert Fish's. The Albert Fishes were recent guests of the Arlo Stewards, Ft. Dodge. Mrs. Fish entered the Lutheran hospital in Ft. Dodge for surgery Dec. 28. The Lyle Gourleys, Lake City, visited recently with her father, Louis Schaller. The Kenneth Williams, St. Paul, spent Christmas weekend at Phil Puffer's. The Elmer Krausses were recent guests at Howard Champion's, Britt. The Adrain DeWaards attended the wedding of Adrian Ploeg- stra, Kanawha, and Shirley Sande at Roland recently. The Richard Nails spent over the holidays with her sister, the Richard Giffords, Dallas, Tex. Mary Johnson and her roommate Lynda King, Mountain View, Mo., spent the Christmas holidays at Ralph Johnson's. The Cecil Glawes had as guests for Debbie's 4th birthday the Charles Nygaards, Wesley, George Glawes, Dennis Glawes and the Robert Chambers. Recent guests at George Glawe's were the Glen Sloans, Marvin Sloans, Cecil Glawes and Dennis Glawes. The John Mullins visited his sister, the Coe Sayres, Blairsburg, recently. Rick Hauswirth was released Wednesday from the hospital in Britt. The Art Krafts, Renwick, Mrs. Gary Reynolds, Fort Dodge, the Keith Gregorys and Mrs. Elmer Ha mm family, Eagle Grove, were ot the Charles guests of the Arnold Heises. Wilfrid Brambell their japes." , I'LL GO "all out" for My j Fair Lady which is one of the! Tllc A. E. Spanglers, Eagle , best pictures I've ever seen and Grove, Marvin Spanglers, Gold- enjoyed. Don't ever miss it al- lield - Jean Ann Lien and Todd, tho I'm afraid it won't get 'Cedar Falls, and Gary Schichtls, recent guests Hamms. The Steve Devines and Mrs. Ethel Beer were recent guests of the Morris Devines. The Cecil Nails, Mrs. Bertha Nail, Mrs. Sam Nail and daugh- ^k^wei^rgu^ w^rt^ at Mrs. Jonn Oxley's for the birthday of Gary Oxley. The John Babcocks, Don Dun- fees, and Lloyd Babcock, Waterloo, spent a recent weekend in Chicago at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Babcock and family. The Keith Cockrells, Chicago, 111., Larry Cockrells, Britt, and Archie Cockrells were recent Plus Color Cartoon Sunday Thru Wednesday, Jan. 10-13 IN COLOR; It's McHale and his Entire Crew ...kidnapping race horses ...ramming subs on their V. Maddest » Tf t' V Adventure! :::: !!*! ::::: ••;;; StVfHlf >::> < ••• ::: ; :l HP ERNEST "^ BORGNINE JOEFLYNN-TIMCONWAY CAIL IAUJWTINE • GUY VINSOU IIUY SAMPS - WSW STROLL GAVIN MacUOO* JOHN WRIGHT YWHOYQPA-IOi HASTINGS ftJUWNE IWCCT-JEAN WILLES *$«f CDAUk'mi ID ** •""•"-"*""•" ** * '• lua A UNIVEfiSAl PIClgR£ Plys Color Cartoon and Sporting Courage around to the small theatres lor sometime, "Superlatives are in order for this brilliant cinematic rendering of the Lerner- Loewe musical about the Covent Garden flower girl who is made into a tme lady. Audrey Hepburn as Eliza is the sensation. Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway and many more acquit themselves in the fashion that the production demands." AMONG THE The World of runners-up, is Britt, were recent guests at Bernard Spanglers. The Herbert Webners, Mason City, and Linda Stevensen, Belmond, were Dec. 27 guests of Mrs. Laura Brockman. Tom Veldhouse, Clarion, visited recently with his grandmother, Mrs. Laura Veldhouse, and at James Veldhouse's. The Kermit Enghs, Boulder, Colo,, spent Christmas with her mother, Mrs. Viola Brown. The Eugene Marrs, Ka la ma- zoo, Mich., spent the holidays with his parents, the Elmer Marrs. Another son, the Richard .which I praised last week and 'which is coming up locally 'soon. I'm sorry that local corn- Henry Orient'Marrs, Knoxville, spent several days here. The Harold Browns and Warren Lenzes were recent guests i $50 • $100 ^ $?00 - $300 $400 . $500 $600 - $800 $1000 Up To $5000 Prepare NOW for the coming months! • Repair Your Home 9 Consolidate Your Debts 9 Winter Needs 9 Buy A Better Car • Pay Tixef 9 Any Purpose Payments extended in event of unemployment or sickness. Borrow from one of Iowa's Oldest Co. Wo understand your problems. Let us help you NOW—serving Iowa faithfully since 1909. AMERICAN ACCiPTANCg CORP. 112 No. Moore Phone: 295.3507 fhe John banids wefe guests at Jim Daniel's, Kanau-ha. The Albert Slobcs, Algona, and John Dfthiels, Jf i( Bfitt, were also guests. The Harold Fatkas were recent guests of her sister, Alta Bonker, Mason City. Mrs. Mowatd Settle and fattv ily, Carroll, is visiting her father, Ernest Widen. Mrs. Doris Tebben, Mike and Robert, Milo, Mo., spent several days with her sons, the Richard, Russell and Leonard Tebbens. i Recent guests at Albert John-' son's were the Floyd Johnsons,' Somers, Glen Johnson, Rockwell City, Gary Johnson, Oscelo, Marilyn Johnson, Fort bodge, the Marvin Johnsons, Farnhamville, and bale Johnsons. Duane and Terry Johnson phoned from California. The bale Johnsons visited her parents the Walter Barrs, Algona, bee. 27. The Jim Siebrands, Ackley, bale Yeomans, Robert Mitchells, Ben Widens and Maynard Yeoman were recent guests at George Yeoman's, Britt. The Richard Youngwirths and Robert Oxleys were recent guests at Ed Hauptman's. The Marvin Scheiflemans were recent guests of the Dennis Schefflemans, Mason City. The Gene Wagners were recent guests at buane Wagner's, Mason City. The Kichard Youngwirths were recent guests of his mother, Mrs. Helen Youngwirth, at Wesley. The, barwin Kawlens, Eagle Grove,' were recent guests of her mother Mrs. Gertrude Thron- bury. The bavid Hankins, Algona, Bert Meyers and Ann, the Roland Hankins, C. B. Meyers, and Betty Umsbee, Britt,. were recent guests at Harvey Hankin's. Recent guests of the Max Sloans were the Paul Carlsons, Algona, Jim Sloans, Burt, Robert Schallers, Renwick, Robert Sloans, Louis Schaller, John Sloan and Helen. Clifford Moldenhauer, Britt, the Ernest Cramers, Paul Kirch- gatterm, Mrs. Francis Moldenhauer, Mrs. Hanna Smith, Clinton Moldenhauer, and Madaline Kearney, Britt, were recent guests of Mrs. Marie Moldenhauer: The Earl Gjersteds, Mrs. Mae Riggle, and Cindy Bilbrey, Fort bodge, were recent guests of the Leo Frankls, Algona. The Vic Fishers were recent guests at Ted Fisher's, Algona. The Frank Rockwoods were recent guests at Charles Wei- marth's, Belmond. The Gail Slacks, bes Moines, »p«nt (he weekend it Harry Maw's. IOWA HISTORY — An outstanding book on Iowa and Iowa history written by Mrs Margaret Posten, Viliisca teacher, will be published by the Iowa State University Press early ttt*( year. WALLEVI - Bryon Olingcr caught a 12-pound, 4-ounce walleye on the Mississippi river It Guttenberg. It is believed to be the biggest walleye caught in Iowa this yeah t«e»»eeeeee»«eeeeee»eee»eeeee»+«»»+»+»»»e«»eee»»» CALL... 5-3234 FOR EXPERT AND EFFICIENT ' Plumbing & Heating • Past Service •Competitive Rates • Dependable ; FUNK Plumbing & Heating ; South Dodge Algeria ADDED-NEWS-DEPTH PULSEBEAT NEWS NOW HEARD DAILY ON THE STATION THAT KEEPS YOU INFORMED KLGA RADIO THE BIG VOICE test The V. £ Auto Club certified the mult*; tlie 1965 Ford than a Rolls-Royce! ...and now let's talk about some other Ford surprises... Test-drive § Ford—and you're • for some surprises. Leading acoustical consultants conducted tests in which 1969 Fords (Galaxie 500 Sedan, XL and LTD Hardtops) with 2W-cu. in, V-8 engines rode quieter than a Rolis-Roycc. These tests were certified by the L. S, Auto Club, » hen you feel • 1965 Ford in aclion-with the strong^ Ford body ever ... a revolutiowiry new frame ttwt "»une« out" vibration .,, new ultrasoft coil spring su»prnsion«*y0u're pound (Q be impressed. But the rW« i« only one of Ford's surprises,,, • New swept-back instnu>ent panel adds five inches extra knee room. 1 Tnmsiwssioji tunnel is lower for extra foot room. • Trunk has nwre space than ever—holds four 2-suiters standing upright. • Handy new "reversWe" icnition key—works either side up. • Hot. but hushed, 2M-cu. in. >'•• is standard equipment in XL and LTD models. • Smooth, thrifty all-new Bix Six in other models—the most powerful standard Six offered by any car in Ford's class. • V-» options to 425 hp. . • All Ford automatic transmissions have three speeds, not two'as in some competing cars. Result: you pass faster, shift smoother, save on gas. i Fully synchronized manual transmissions—you pan even shift down to first without plashing gears. • New Ford LTD 4-door hardtops have 10 courtesy lights, 5 ash trays. Upholstery treated to keep its beauty with Scotchgard* stain repellent- • Luxuries you'd expect only in the highest pficed cars. Surprised? You will be ... when you visit your f prd Dealer and test-drive the Quiet Ooe. Up it soon! •IM 314 co. MOWCOUftkMT FORD MllSTAItf ULCM1 U1WAMF E^U VWHWCMMK Test driveTotal Performance'CSM.best year yet to go TAYLOR MOTOR CO. iA$T ITATi ITlliT ALGONA, IOWA

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