Salisbury Post from Salisbury, North Carolina on December 21, 1909 · Page 1
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Salisbury Post from Salisbury, North Carolina · Page 1

Salisbury, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1909
Page 1
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PUBLISHED TWICE-A WEtEK-TlIRnA v AND FRIDAY. Hi 5. No. 99 SALISBURY, N. C. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 190. f 1.00 a Year 1 PENDER'S FUNEBAl ESTRADA WANTING IN TRAGIC END OF BABES BIG STRIKE THAW'S HOPE BLASTED Stic TIVFII TR SUMTflV BACON GOES TO FRANCE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS. Several Rich Pluaa Fall Frost the HE REQUESTS RECOGNITION. SiysKeitfeer Matt aw Iviat . Ac. ' : r'- ' ceataUa. ISPOSSIBL M inl.ll IV MtiUIIUll RIEDTOBELPTREIRMOTBER APPEAL IS NOT CONSIDERED. SaaresM Ceart ef Uaittd States Gives : later t Hmh Fra OrlfjaStia aMyitery. Tke itockholder are u much j dirk today u - they were Urday morning as to the on- , d the disastrous ' fire that irtnj such da mi ga to the tock am'tiandine and building of L Empire. The work of tak- the inventory w seine punned y ererything will be in readi- L (or the insurance appraiser i short while. .;- hi remains of R. H. Pender. mm man who waa killed it Minting the' firemen were tto w jnston-Salem, hia old Mnndar morning. Mr. Mkr came over from Winston- a Saturday evening and ae- aimed the remain. Mr. Fen. u a nephew of th treat Tt Sfctnl Pender. ' Mr. Keeter at Horn. wr. Keeter, who waa injured lie time time and in the tame iv u Mr. Pender waa removed is home yeaterday morning l it is believed he will be out in days. Mr. Keeter it mar- H and has a family. Washington, Dee. 20. A formal request for the recognition of the revolutionary government of Nicaragua made by Eatrada it in the handa of the State Department today. The telegram i signed "Eatrada." He ays he will not accept any executive selected by Zelaya or the Nicaraguau ebngreia aud intimated that he will continue the war if Madrit or Irias are selected. - : S INS MRS. CREDO HIRE nra. From Their Honeymoon in tha South. r. ami Mrs. E. C. Crego, who e married in Concord : last radar afternoon, returned to bury Saturday night and hoarding temporarily at Dr. hit i Th.y gave been visiting Smirk? jjitiet since their -nife They will act up sleeping shortly. PATCH WIGHT 8ESVICX. t Methodist Church Prepar ing for it First Methodist church is bring to have a watch, night f the last night of the year. devotional services will be tld by a program including and refreshments. SETTER MAIL SERVICE. May Mail to be Given on the -,; Yadkin. Washington special to The Aitte Observer says that Rep Putative Cowles haa the prom- f Snnday mad from Salisbury rood. The service goes in fect soon. , BIO 'POSSUM DO? HER. Mr. 0. A. Hampton Entertain! Party of friends. Mr. I). A. Hampton, of Atwell, townahip, had a big 'poasum dinner at hia home last Thursday after his annual hog killing, at which twenty-six of bis friends were present. Four big o'possums had been prepared for the occasion and they were served with the usual trimmings. On that day Mr. Hampton killed two hogs just ten months and twenty days old that weighed 326 and 330 pounds respectively. PENSION MONEY HERE ROWAN GETS A GOOD SLICE. dark McCaMia Get Yeachen far CWrsWtte Pwsieaiirs. The money for Rowan's Con federate pensioner is in the hands of Clerk of the Court J. Frank McCubbins and is being distributed by him a called for by the pensioners. Rowan gets this year on account of pensions (8,050, divided a follow : One in first class, $72; Sve in second class, (60 each; eleven in third class at (48 each ; one hundred and forty-one in fourth class at (26 each ; one hundred and sixteen widows of veterans at (26 each. Many hearts will be gladdened by reason of this pension money, the greater part of which goes to veterans and widows of veterans in straitened circumstances. DEMAND IS MADE 75 ROADS ARE EFFECTED -.' -' 125,000 Trainmen Involved Id Notice of Request For New Wage Scale. ' Pittsburg, Dec. 20. Notice will be served on every railroad east of the Mississippi river today that a demand will ba made before January 6th by the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen for a waff increase averaging over twenty per cent. About seventy-five roads and a hundred and twenty-five thousand trainmen are affected. President tee, of the Trainmen, say the men will Insist on the demands being granted and a general strike is a possibility. NOTICE TO NEW ENGLAND ROADS. Boston, Dec 20 Backed by seventy-five hundred members of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and Conductors, notice will be tent the Boston and Maine, New York and Hew Haven and Hartford railroads today demanding a wage revision. Three Little Oaes Bar' te Death Wkik Preaariag Breakfast Chicago, Dec. 20. The three children of John Paromia were burned to death today while at tempting to cook breakfast. The parents were in the yard and saw the flames. The mother rushed in and one of the little girls on the floor with her clothing aflame attempted to rise but fell back saying: "We were just trying to cook your breakfast, mama." ZELAYA STEPS DOWN Cable Transfer of Money. Puager Armstead. of the local of the 'Western Union, has notified that arrangements been made by which cable iters of money can be made Fen the office in America England and Ireland. The p York Time of the 10th had f London cable: I'w British Post Office Depart- N announced . today ' that it concluded eaoney transfer hement with the Western Un- Teleorranh Comnanv throueh fiek that company would be pitted to make cable traos- t of money between ita office t United States and point in ft Britain an dlreland, where order will be cashed through postal department. The tement ha the sanction of Rrit'sh Treasury and will be- f operative on Jan. 1, next. ; Sale a Soeceaa. E. P. Elliott who is here M" Chicago holding a cash rai-Mc for Mr. "W. B. Surameraett today that the sale is rt raceess aa la evidenced by t'irge number of. farm wagon l,0K at one time. Everything 11 be sold and Mr. Elliott ha r too price to the keenest. : A FIGHT FOR MILLIONS GRAB FOE LEOPOLD'S ESTATE Prevision May ks lade t Aveid Ex leiliag Deaa Monarch's Skaae. Brussels, Dec. 18. A bitter fiirht over King Leopold vast wealth is imminent. His mar riage with Baroness Vaughan is not recognized entirely as it omitted the civil, using only the religious , ceremony. The children Viv her therefore, have no po- sible claim to the throne and pl ainly not to hi many millions. The three older darighter were oivAn nnlv three millions. It 1 unofficially declared today that the government will support them against the Baroness- eiain of exploiting the deepest: scan dals of Leopold me. Mast Pol. rTallia Hartler. of Wina- r- visiting her friend. Mis p"ett Kesler, in this city. fh maat cole of the new gov ernment tuilding corner inniss DinnOi streets, was erected today. It is said to be slightly higher than the steel sky-scraper. - K irreat deed ia done by falt- erera who ask for ' etrtainty. George Eliot FROSTY RAILS. Central of Georgia Wreck Kills 3, Injure 7 Others. Macon, Ga., Dec. 17. Two per sons were killed, one fatally in jured and seven more or less hurt, when a Central of Georgia northbound passenger train this morn ing at 7:50 o'clock at Harris City, Ga., crashed into the combination second-class, baggage and bail car of train No. 42, eastbound, of the Macon and Birmingham road. SHIRTWAIST MAKERS OUT. Seven Thousand Go Out on Strike in Philadelphia. RESIGNS TRE PRESIDENCY. The Attired el the Uaitea States u Uachaagea. Managua,. Nicaragua, Dee. 16. Jose Sautoi Zelaya has resign ed from the presidency of Nicara gua. He placed his resignation in the hands of Congress this mom lnir. Apparently there was no other course for him to take. The people were at last arouaed. The irons of the revolutionists threat ened, The warships of the United States lav in Nicarairuan ports. Managua has been seething lor davn. The spirit of revolt has oread even to the gates ol tee palace. Zelaya aurrounded him- elf with an armed guard. Un checked, the populace '". have ,narehed through the streets, cry ing for tnc ena oi me oia, pro claiming the new regime. Who will take up the reigns no one knows nor cares. It is sufficient that Zelaya as dictator will be known no more. There is no doubt that Congress will act nnicklv on hia resignation, for the people bsve demanded it. Rlnefields. Dec. 17. According to a semi-official statement today Estrada has agreed with the gov ernment at Rama and tireytown not to fight in Blueflelds. He is expected to hold off until congress act on Zelaya a successor, Governments Attitude Unchanged Washington, Dec 17. There is little change in the State ueparx munt's attitude toward the Nica raguan situation today despite Zclaya'a resignation, it wui m-.i.f that he be detained in Nica- nntil a final settlement and will not demand w wiai ior me mnrder of Groee and Cannon un til Niearagnan court are proper ly constituted. . - He that knowa meat, grieves most for wasted time. Dante. Political Tree Washington, Dec. 20. Presi dent Taft sent the following nom inations to the Senate today: Robert Bacon, ambassador to France. Richard Kerens, to Austria-Hungary. Henry Wilson to Mexico. William Calhoun to China. H Short Shift Washington, Dec. 20. Harry Thaw's appeal from the New York court's decision committing nun to Matteawan will not be considered by the Supreme court of the United States. Justico Mc- Kenna today denied a petition to review the case. Philadelphia, Dec. 20, Seven thousand shirtwaist operators here struck today and five thous and more are expected to join the movement. The leaders declare the strike is not sympathetic with the New York strike, in which forty thousand were origin-Ux involved. , , LOOKS BAD FOR COOK. ADYERSE DECISION LIKELY. Sdeatitti Give Uaftverible f ftliMary Report t Uaivenity CoaaciL Copenhagen, Deo. 18. A decis ion against Dr. Cook's North Pole discovery claims by the committee of Danish scientists examining bis data was foreshadowed today in the preliminary report to the University Council on the first stages of the investigation. It ia authoritatively reported that the committee has found the data so far examined insufficient to support his claims. A public verdict by the committoe is not ex pected before the end of next week. POLITICS AT BURIAL. Democrat Wanted No Republican a a Pall-Bearer. Kingston, . Y., Dec. 19. Henry Braunen. of Sanisonville, tried to carry his political beliefs and prejudices beyond the grave, and, although he directed that no republican should be allowed to have anything to do with his fun eral yesterday, by mistake one pall bearer turned out to be a member of the party he hated. "No republican shall have anything to do with my funeral," he said frequently during his lifetime, and in bis last -sickness he impressed upon his family and friends that they were to be particular to select a democratic un dertaker, democratic dominie and democratic pall bearers. In selecting the pall bearers the bereaved family chose men they thought were true blue dem ocrats. When the mourners as sembled for the funeral they rec ognized among the bearers one man who was as strong a republican as the deceased had been a democrat'. The situation was explained to the republican, who quietly with drew. Another friend was selected to fill his place. After the bur ial it was learned that the sub stitute was a strong republican, too, but his republicanism was un known because he never discussed politics. 8 DIE IN EXPLOSION. An Explosive Factory Blow Up, Pive Die. Naples. Dec. 19. A manufac- tury of explosives near Caaerta exploded today, five persons w ing killed and live injured. BIG SNOWS IN SOUTHWEST. BLASPHEMOUS SERMON BY NEW ENGLAND MUCK RAKER Mauaclnattti PreacWi Topic "Wl ia the HeU is Leopold ?" North Battleboro, ' Mass., Dec. 20. "Who in the Hell is Leo pold," was the title of a ermon by Rev, Haven Conklin here yesterday which is today causing a sensation. The preacher pictured Leopold's trinmphal entry into hell and said Satan must envy Leopold' wickedness. THE COTTON GINNED BIG SHORTAGE STILL SHOWN The Crop Over Twa4 Half MaiUe Bale Short. Washington, Dee. 20. The Census Bureau's estimate today of cotton ginned to December 15 is 9,362,222 bale. Last year at the same time it wa 11,900,565. Fall is General in Central Wyom ing, New Mexico and Texas. Denver, Dee. 19. The west slope of the Rocky Mountains, from Central Wyoming down in to New Mexico, is in the grasp of a cold wave of almost unprecedented bitterness for this sea son. At Denver 13 below was record ed. This morning the temperature began gradually rising. At El Paso a temperature of 18 above zero prevailed and water pipes were frozen. There has been a general snowfall over West Texas, New Mexico and Northern Mexico. It is the most extensive that has occurred in years in this region, and following a long drought it is exceedingly beneficial The snow is four inches deer, and still falling. SAVED HUNDREDS. Report Prom Life Saving Service Shows a Great Work. Washington. Dec. 19. Aside fronisayint: hundreds of lives and millions of dollars' worth, of property involved in marine disasters, the United States life saving service managed to render assistance to many unfortunate persona in distress. The annual report of the superintendent of the service shows that a woman about to be hurled over a bluff" was rescued by a life guard, while an intoxicated man about to fall off a dock, a man who had lost his way in a marsh, another who had broken through the ice, two others who had climbed 100 feet up the face of a liff and were unable to descend, and still another who tried to commit suicide came within the vision of the vigilant guards. were saved. Five automobiles imperilled in marshes or quick sands were reached. During the last fiscal year there were 1.37B marine disaster, involving th itTe of 8,900 persons that called the life saving service into activitv. Seventy- two vessels were totally lost, although only thirty people gave up their lives in consequence. NEGRO AND WHITE IN DUEL The Former is Dead and the Lat ter Dying. Clarksdale, Miss., Dec. 19. Walter McEachcrn, manager of a plantation store 18 miles from Clarksdale, and a negro tenant, Charles Brazzel, are dead as the result of a pistol duel which took place in the store at 2 o clocK this afternoon. The negro fired first on McEachern, it is said, following an altercation over a trivial matter. Further trouble is feared as feeling against the negroes is running high in that community. 300 NEGROES JAILED. All are Suspected of Highway Robbery. East St. Louis, 11!., Dee. 19. Three hundred negroes each answering in some particular the description of a highwayman who shot and killed Motorman Eu gene V. Goudey and probnhly fa tally wounded Conductor M. Y- O'Brien on a street ear ini nigim are held at pol'fe headquarter tonight. Faith Cure for Frozen Pace. Kansas City, Dec. 17. V. S. Apple, a Christian Scientist of Winfleld, Kas., sat in the Union depot here today Buffering agony, but he refused every offer of med ical assistance because he said he felt the power of prayer, offered up hundreds of miles away, working a cure for his frozen face. With hi eyes almost dosed, hi face swollen and one ear withered from the blast of a Nebraska blizaard, Mr. Apple arrived here today. He had been traveling in Nebraska with the mercury fifteen degree below ero and his face wa frozen last Tuesday. r- Korean Missionary Here. Rev. Lewis Tate, a Presbyterian missionary at ('I n T Kore spent last mghl in M guest of his ineni! Deeds E- H. Mili ' in America on a vn return to Korea it. He will spend !i his vacation at i i--Ircdell con"tv. the of Then welenm" That turns rough. Each stine -t!'.l .!' --V- stand b"l if" ; Be our joy ttrco tin .--.. Strive and hn chiH ;br Learn, nor aeeount tlw dare, ". v.-,- : " v, v

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