The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
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ALGONA, KOSStfTH OOtttlTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. st&WEMBEH 11,1395. MO. 66. Is what we are all looking af ter,and with one .of thefciB; «at crops ever known, this Question comes to ever farmer. What shall I dp with all this grain, sell oats at 18o per bushel or build a granery ? And which will pay me the best? Oats can't Be raised at 13c per bushel, and when a thing is sold Mow cost of production it is reasonable to expect Ugher prices, Or in other words oats ought to bring 20c to 25c before spring, but if they are only ,20c you make 7c per bushel by holding them. Now, about $50 worth of lumber will build a granary that will hold 1200 bushels, and 7c profit on 1200 bushels is $84, or $34 profit and the' granarf Double the capacity of the granary at a cost of about $90 and the profit on $2,400 bushel is $168, or $78 and the granary. Conclusion: Build a granary, make yourself some money and buy your lumber ol ALGONA PLAYS GREAT BALL Two Best Games bf the Season Played this Week—Em* metsburg Laid Out On a Score of Eight to dfie—Algona and ClaHoft Played their Prettiest Yesterday and Closed One to One. F. S. Norton. that this play has not been made by a Blayer in any league game'this suin^ mer; Randall batted out, Brunsoii fanned, another fellow fell down, and then the sharks Went to bat. Pratt inade a two bagger on his hands and knees; Bailey puhched for a single and made a two bagger. Then came Grose; lie is built like a bloomer and waddles like a duck, but a fine swatter. He ;"touched it in the middle 1 ' and hied him three bags Worth. Then came .Dodge's dandy swat; Crose hied some more andtallied, but Dodge got in first. Side out. Samson swatted a three bag* ger, made a carom on the corner pocket, fouled on the home stretch, and came under the wire just in time to get side out. Call made a fine swat, sent Haggard home; Werner fumbled the pig skin, sacrificed on center field,swatted a grounder and died on first base. Eandall hit a corker, sliji to 2nd, rolled to third and waddled home fine play. Sharks "rat"-tled. The "cat"-cher for the "rats" was selected forhis brilliant appearance; is a remarkably well re(a)d man, and to an amateur pitcher his head presents a mark to throw at in no wise dimmed by the effulgence of the meridian sun. It acted to the rats as \ Halves If you intend saving money, go at it as if you meant it. You will leave a ifciB '"jtnnr Unturned," » if you don't get some of the .... .*»*—Bqots and Shoes Offered by THE BEST GAME YET. Probably the best ball game that has been seen in this section of Iowa was played yesterday afternoon between the Algona and Clarion teams at the latter town. Clarion has been winning everything in sight this year, and Algona's reputation has been the only thing in the way of the most sweeping claims. The two clubs met with a deeply interested crowd of onlookers, and the interest did not flag as the game went on. For the first five inn-. - ings neither side scored and the excite- g^inlhTf ace oTatYehfaged bovine, ment was great. In the sixth inning ^\ s wag a double play in itself, and Clarion some way got a man on third | very brilliant, and he scored on an error. This left the score 1 to 0 in favor of Clarion. In the 7th neither side scored. In the 8th for our side Swartz got first on a single hit. Then Scallen made a single and Swartz went to 3rd. Then Alf. May- turn made a nice one bagger and Swartz went home. In the ninth inning neither side scored, so this left the game a tie, 1 to 1. It was too dark to continue, so the umpire called the game a draw; although if our boys had played it out they surely would have won as our best batters were up. POINTS ON THE GAME. Our boys made a neat double play to second and from there to first. Scallen and Wilkinson both made extra good catches in the field. Just What You Want A LARGE LOT Of CHOICE. Plums! THIS WEEK AT THE. Opera House Grocery, ,,^^,~j an enjoyable affair. The score ran high and so did the fun. We are indebted to F. M. Taylor for a buggy ride behind his "trotter" from the down to the ground and return, i -will be reciprocated when he comes to the Hancock County Fair. The score in its finality aggregation IF YOU HAVE TO PUMP WATER, + BUY THE + SAYS IR LOOKS FISHY. Ledyard Leader: An Algona man stated in town the other day that on a I time some years ago he went on a raft from a point something like thirty miles north of Ledyard to Algona. To look at the grand farms of this section groaning under their wealth of crops it looks "fishy", but it is vouched for as true. Gus Erengren relates that in ELGIN -OF- FURNITURE WINDOW stock some new Swartz made a good fly catch and we 11880 it was an easy thing to go from couldn't have better men on 3rd and i Ledyard to Algopa by water, short stop than Chas. Palmer and Dell, Covell, while Williama played first like a veteran. Nothing need be-said of our battery Iowa State Fair. For the above occasion the North-1 Western Line will sell excursion tick- 3 to Des Moines and return at one . . //t"u5£4 ry timer^ „ Clarion plays here next Friday. EMMETSBLfRG OUTCLASSED. The Emmetsburg base ball club have come to the conclusion that Algona can play ball as well as yell. A short time ago they came over to Algona and defeated our club on our own grounds, and they have been jubilant ever since, until last Thursday when our club went over to play a return game. About fifty Avent from here on a special car and when they returned they carried the scalps of the Emmetsburgers. The game was the best ever played in northern Iowa, Emmetsburg securing only one score to Algona's eight. Our club had a battery, from Cherokee, which they have secured for the rest of the season. The Emmetsburg club had their renowned Minneapolis pitcher, Baker in the box. It is said that during the game there was a deathlike stillness among the crowd of Emmetsburg sports who had come put to see the defeat and discomforture of the Algerians, although our fellows kept up their record for good healthy lungs. This makes a game won by each club, and the suggestion has been made that the decisive game be played atfbeKos- suth County Fair. It is a good idea and would be a drawing card for the Fair. sa'l&irom-oeptefftDer o to i0 f luu-iupixo, good for return passage to September 14.1895. For tickets and full information, apply to agents C. & N. W. E'y. 49-50 leisenberg Bros., Real Estate, ALGONA, IOWA. A. M.& G.M.Johnson A. partial list of.names, for reference, of those who have the Elgin Mill: 0. L. Lund, Wadsworth Bros., W.'K. Ferguson, J. E. Stacy, W. L. Joslyn, Eobt. Wright,K. Kohlhouse, Henry Kohlhouse, P. Borinan, N.Bormaii. Herman Krause, Jacob Markley, 0. Beir- stedt, Chris Bell, A-',Belton, Jerome Finnegan, Jerry trover, W£ B: J Bratt^We!S. St&tfi?- ^Gepd^w4^g§ Beavers. Henry Rambert, Willis "Me Whortef;^ Ferguson, Mel. Furgeson, Mell Mann, Ed Keith, Tom Burt, Thos. McAithur, Elijah Hulburt, JnoReibhoff, P. Nel&on, R. Gardner, John Grilbride, Wm. Dodd, Geo. Urch, Wm. Martin, M. Owens, and scores of others if we had the space. . can furnish you with the most complete outfit in Northwest Iowa— either geared or pumping, steel or wood wheels. , < jgir'Pamted Towers and Tanks on hand; can do your work at one day's notice. 'OS Parties wanting to buy a J. I. Case Agitator should write or call on Wilfrid P. Jones, at The Wigwam, Algona, Iowa. It Is the only machine that will pay for Itself and make big prof its for Its owner In one season's work- There is big money In threshing this year. what we have to offer you in Pumps, Tanks Windmills. We allow thirty days for approval upon all our jobs- and 1.M.&G. M: OUR- KG. Here We Are! WITH A Fresh Line of Groceries, CANNED GOODS, DEIBD FEUITS, \V$ RAVIS JUST RBqfilYBD A New Pao in Uiw.of a sack of the l^est Flour, in Call and be oonYineed.that we sail goods as -•••••• THE OFFICIAL REPORT, The players of the -celebrated- game of the office holders and the land men agreed upon Bailey, of the Britt Tribune, as their official reporter. The brief account of the g&me appearing in the HBPFBWCAN last week was of course intended to satisfy flrst curiosity until Bailey could be' heard from. JJere 19 how itlooke^ to Mr, Bailey; The court bpuie "nrts." of Kossuth county, challenged the lan,4 "abwlWj of. Algona, Friaay to play base ball MONEY! On Real Estate. HOXIB * BRUNSON, IS WATEBQBNO PAY, Oiaoe tasted will cause you to visit our fouii- tain often. W. A. Ladendorif •The Confectioner, —J)oiUer in— "ewelry, Silverware; 1 ^ Watches and Clocks,- Finest Line and Largest Stock. Repair\ Ihg a Specialty, We employ only com/ petent workmen. Call at our new quarters }n the Oowles' Block. , • E, I BOWYER, « , Alpa, Iowa. SAiESMp WANTED, Pushing, trustworthy men 'to represent u», In the sale of 'OUT, Oholee Nursery, Stgek, -' , Specialties controlled by- -.- ary o? oomnjiaslow Pftl4 ^eekly . Allen. Nursery VQq

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