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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 11
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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 11

London, Greater London, England
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Daily Telegraph and Morning Poet Saturday February 24 19H2 Garden Calendar The Puzzle of Marienbad Settling in for Spring By GORDON FORSYTH FILMS By PATRICK GIBBS be clear of the soil otherwise the future growth of the tree may be thrown out of balance owing to the production of roots above the point of grafting The provision of adequate support especially for standard fruit and ornamental trees is another very important point as once they come into leaf they are easily rocked by the wind and their roots may be with fatal results Use Stages IN most parts of the country the soil is in ideal condition for planting so that the quicker we can get all kinds of trees and shrubs comfortably settled in the ground the better will they be able to face any setbacks that may occur as spring advances It is the possibility of these setbacks that we must guard against and the greatest of them is a spring or early-summer drought For this reason and especially when planting roses I always like to mix half a bucketful of peat with the top soil that is packed immediately about the roots of each plant But the peat must be moist To give full value in weight peat is delivered bone dry and the simplest way to moisten it is to spread it in a thin layer on a concrete or other solid base and alternately water and scuffle it with a rake until it is uniformly damp but not really wet lovely lady who is with a man who may be her husband and asks if he hasn't met her before last year perhaps at Marienbad or was it Frederiksbad or Karlsbad? So starts a prolonged siege of the lady's defences in which against her denials the man tries to force an admission that they did indeed meet last year when he insists they had fallen in love and agreed to elope at the end of a year Guilt Fantasy Did they really meet? Could it not be that their meetings which we see illustrated in many different versions exist only in the man's imagination? And when we are shown in an equally wide range of illustration scenes in the bedroom in which she appears sometimes to be welcoming her lover at other times to be fearing from him a brutal surely these are figments of her imagination which has been stimulated by the man's persistence so stimulated Indeed that she experiences the typical guilt fantasy of being shot dead by a jealous husband A puzzle to be sure and of the utmost polish the characters being posed with fastidious care against the rich rococo interiors or the classical background of the formal garden with its rows of statues obelisks and fountains But why is the lady who was wearing black lace a moment ago now in silver lame? Why by the same token has the suit REJECTED by the Cannes Festival last year winner of the first prize at Venice a few months later Last Year in Marienbad (Cameo-Poly will no doubt continue as it began leaving patrons either enraged or enraptured One is reminded that it is the fate of innovations in the arts to be both accepted and rejected tempestuously Something new then? Only if adaptation of the convoluted style of the French nouveau roman to the cinema can be so described For all this pictorial brilliance which redounds to the credit of the director Alain Resnais it seems to me to be an essentially literary achievement The novelty is in the script the author Alain Robbe-Grillet having chosen to study not patterns of behaviour with which most films and novels for that matter are concerned but processes of the mind A similar aim has been the preoccupation for several years now of the contemporary French novel or nouveau roman the term used to include a handful of authors such as Nathalie Sarraute Michel Butor and Robbe-Gnllet himself Maze of Dreams An original film script such as this was always likely to emerge from thus school which is greatly under the influence of the cinema in much the same way I would say as the French Impressionists were influenced by the photograph With the cinema these new French writers appear to be in a lose ha' relationship they are fascinated with the material objects which usually clutter up the screen ranging from match-boxes to motor-cars and delighted with the tricks a film can play with time but repelled by the false m-plicity of the cinema's view of fife which takes small account of mental processes Their concentration is on what people see and think rather than on what they do Other features of their novels are an air of mystification intensified by an absence of names for people and places a tendency to juggie with the chronology of events the conjuring up of an atmosphere of foreboding as in a dream or nightmare and the adoption of a maze-like setting through which the characters not to mention the readers battle their way like blind men Purpose: to depict life not as orderly and logical as we would like to believe it is but as strange unpredictable and menacing as perhaps it really is Such exactly is the style of Last Year in though softened and sugared somewhat for popular consumption excessively 1 would say the result resembling confectionery rather than life Even so this remains a brave experiment 1 can recall no film that has given so much prominence to the part played in lives by reveries and memories So frequently illustrated indeed are these mental pictures by means of flashes backwards and forwards that there is no separating events of the present from those remembered or imagined The scene is a vast Baroque building (recognisably the palace of Nymphenburg though Schliessheim is also used I am told) described as an hotel but resembling no earthly establishment in which the elegant guests appear to be som-nambulant moving and talking without animation and freezing every now and then into the attitude of figures in a waxworks out of boredom one presumes Two Lovers A leisurely conducted tour by the camera of the empty couloirs and salons with organ music in the background and a voce apostrophising lugubriously and repetitively the rococo decoration serves as a suitably atmospheric introduction to both place and people who are eventually discovered listening to a play in which the cnaracte-rs are significantly two lovers the man pleading the lady resistant I am she says suddenly Down goes the curtain the film starts Among the guests is a young man who seems a little more lively than the others He approaches a Richer Quality Pelphine Sevriq in Marienbad" Sacha Pitoff is suitably sinister as the husband-figure whose pastimes are tantalising parlour games relieved by revolver practice and Delphine Seyrig combines the talents of an emotional actress of reasonable range with the studied MR WEEKLY GARDEN TALK COMING TO Tf RMS A a one roi oldar and more matura thcr vomaa a ume a-hen a liui telf anxixi ia a good and enlightening thing A tort i personal stock-taking wt trend a great deai of our me ask ng other peopse Question bus can he vary revealing to pose Qocauona to oure Poteeaiooa and aeal'h art unimportant in the mjutor of elf-inqmr otmously should ask oursc vea flratly have achieved hapr Do enjoy the simple flung life? Doea our concern for ouraelvra ovrrthadow our feeling for others' Ara me content with our lot or do me ry for the moon Horn do our friends regard as objects of ptty or at per or mho deserve praise and affection? nit ia a proves which me eventually must all faca ur are to some to term mth ourselves The reiogn tion of our faults and short comma the self-appraoa of our real worth and tnc knowledge of our imperfections can bring a peace of mmj and contentment srirh of our true character Coming to terms wnh oneself is better than all ihc doctors mcdivinc for it promote a tranquil mind and spirit and enab'es to see and appreciate th good in others and trachea us to count our blessing And talking of bletana there la no better plav than a garden lor providing the pe-fect conditions lor coming to terms viiA THIS WEEK'S GARDEN HINT You will want to etari cutting the law very soon make sure that the mower is in good condition and ready for use keer Utc guv free from worm-cavta by a stiff brushing an remove all weeda before they realty ges oiaMahr SPRING PLANTING BARGAINS All irctMMv an b'ned to produce some real offers of Ana quality stock moet reaaoo she prices Take your pick from iha following and send your ardor now THE WEEK BEST BARGAIN REGAL STRAIN BEGONIAS Being so easy to grow out of door her a flower whh is be (owing a great favourite wuh amateur gardeners Keqtanng ao spccjal cultivation thev produce iruty ama ng blooms often ax inches scrota beautifully formed exotic flower a wide range of brilliant colour fully double overlapping petata resembling giant camellias Can also be grown in pot for indoor grow ng You really must have some of tbeac and to make run that you get the ben 1 can offer he fohow ng excess turn ly Ane vanG whcta I strongly rw- 00 amend LAV A 1 1ER glowing rad SNOftV (il BAM pur whit 1 ANOO rich orange SL IK TtS -clear goiden yellow bkiDLvM AU -lusaota pink FLR I coppery flame ROSY IJAWN warm sa mon ATADOR ecmre Top aiae tuberous corn of show ejected 6 a5 6 OICJTT DO VKIM IXOWUD HIMAR1ATA BEGONIAS Wonderful fe)rid KKntlcal mtm Won Cl itxrr tritiiai but (1mm attractm Crimed peril ITT-tod Among and oO-tropio iopmimm 1 MM now Urge-fir tuber ou 6 ax oatovre cnouoa orn yefieMf Mliaoa W-W eopper cartel 126 dot fo- S- 466 faf 50 90- foe 100 ASPARAGUS WITHOUT TEARS Na longer te tt necessary to go through the laborious business of making an 'orat asparagus bed if you wish to grow th succulent vegetable The professions grower have evolved a new technique whereby epee aH g'own 1 3-j and prepared 3-year crowns arc planted in row just tike any other vegerah and a good crop can he harvested the flri eaon can thereafter be eft to bed or f'rxh crowns can be planted each year It amusing and decorative to plant some of three epociai crown in the her-brteou border where thev wtll give both crop for eating and a display of Asparagus fern for xmg with cut flower Plant now for harvesting th i mover A unique offer of giant year 4RGFN-TErUL aaper gua crowns 23 226 poet 26 30 40- on 3- 100 73- poet FIRST GRADE ROSES Cuthbert'a WORLD AMOUR ROSES are great demand and sales one he past few months have been truly prodigious nmg stock is rapidlv comma to an end and in order to plan further plant -ina I have decidad to clea the P7RST-(RaDT ROSES which ar 1 eft at a pree I know will quickly be rscogmsed as a great bargain Tne varieUes ar al m'den many in fact winners of tha highest award hut do pieaae eave the selection to me and I know that you will be del ghted with th glorious blooms you wHl get summer You can have rhese Ane quality hush rose trees ft for 22 ftd or 12 for 4 'ftd brvh carr pad Remember the roses carry the uua OUTHBFRT GUARANTEE FRFE REPLACEMENT tf they fail to hIeom CHINESE PAEONIES Here ts probably one of the An eel of all garden flower and fia hermore one whuh needs ao 1 it 1 1 cere or artentioa Paeon are abao utely Amt and when on panted come up every year productni masses of loveh double blooms often 6 Inch a In diameter many acenied The co out too are truly magntAcont including mam shades of cense crimson pink and white Of he many vunoties available I hav selected of the The usual prue for these an i 4 each but you can have the following collection of 6 varieties for 20 Send now while the stock la' I he collection comprise A barrota- very large or earn -white Albert Croueee salmon pink Ooeen Hone nee -hydrangea rank 0-n Wilheltnina rivtd rose red Sarah Hernnardt apria Moaaom pnk Lady Aiaxander IXjfr--french pink Mitad Varieties 6 for 176 GLORIOUS GLADIOLI Ifrawy garden need these love Aowan Ao easy to grow thetc mw flower ap ke ar withoui equal whether for ia den adorn-mem or home decoration Humbert GOLD ad toll are world famotu and I am pleated to again be able to offer uch wonderfu4 exhibition vartatie ch hav won high awards First -oiass top at 1214 cm corma providing enormous bioonw many 4 inches across These are for the real connonseur the gardener who need the beat 1 hi co lection conatkis of 20 each following outstanding varieties FLOWER SONG -Golden yellow PRINCESS Scarlm orang PICARDY SaJoion pink WINS I ON CHURCHILL Blood rad MI KKY WIDOW Royal purple 20 fine 1214 cm -orm eah of above 100 in all separately packed and labelled for 40- Half coiiaction 10 of each 21- OALAXY OLADJOLf Now a avx'ure of many of the flneat of these lovely flower At such a peclai low price these are ideal for growing for cut flowers in fact they are much cheaper than you will pay the florist for the bionmi Excellent fuli flowering 810 cm sice corra 100 for 21a 200 40a 300 57 ftd A GREAT BARGAIN THIS BLT1TERFL GLADIOLI A recent tnarodui fton by Iredmg Dutch hybr dtsu and breeder medium flower with dainty waved and ruffled pet4lt Fach spike ewrnca seven or eight flower resembling exotic orchids Fta corn of thti ou andng new variety meted coiousa 26a 50 50 100 LILY OF THE VALLEY fboukl have a place in every garden absolutely ldal for abady parts FioticaUy perfumed they are flrt clav for indoor dccoratloo and of course make a charming buttoohoe 1 un offering excehent crowns of a large flowering variety I heat will Quickly mutiny and form Quit Urge chimp producing masses jf bloom 25 or owns 12a 6d 50 20 LOVELY LILIES Among the rooei beautiful and n'nemen-tnl of aH bulb nianr quite hardy rbe vnnei ea I am offering will thnvr out of door Every gardener ahoiud grow these CHINESE RNOAJL U1Y RFGAL1 a greet favourite with many breathtaking wh te timpee4(ke bloom bneed nk end carried on et ff stem itp 6ft tall heavily perfumed for Oc JAPANFSR LAY afMRPLL ATUMV rare beauty producing a Ane display of magnificent -ed flowers suffused with orange 6 for 10a TIGFR -n firm favour He August flowering deep salmon witft purple spots idea) for flower bordar 6 SpadeU collection offer six tear lfl afl Aar 2fte FLORIST HYDRANGEAS wMctl ar wn frtlr from th nrrtn TIwm FIoHm irulr )Mda Jp mna mlM ictoh Th 1on a oomretHv (O nwt rrtaa BiaiMd tltert ct lort'xi Mnm Th oo too or really love dtBlino r0 Mk (xnka and many ahde at eTiM at I un nttar'ng enreilnt rown panu for frOrn nr indoor rrowia i6d eih 3 for 17M FAVOURITE FLOWERS Have you seen some the latest varieties of the popular flower on wuslly sees growing In eubirben garden Some of th new ttraiha I offer era really moat outstanding kUSflflLL LUPINg re -ec lac ted ttra as ta a ranbow mixture of lovely colour onenson flame orange yellow maroon and rny bi-ooiiue effects 10 ftd dotan for ft bd A1LI-AH I LA -wonderful new hybrtdf la many bnlhanc cotour comb net tone foe 4 ftd 6 for 8 rnjYwxxv Fror ground to border DouMe flowering ea'ietea 3 for 4 ftd 6 for 8 SHASTA double marguerite modem strain ot old favourite 3 for 4 ftd ft fr' 8 nORTOPhlN -kouble nch golden blontm long item excellent for cutting for 4 rvl 6 or 8 VEEBASCXJM 1 1 ipkM rUUm krottt flower 3 foe 4a 6d ft for 8 CARRIAGE CHARGES Blase add 2a ftd on order up to SO 3 ftd from 30 to 60 4 order ftOa to 80 to 1 00t add 3a ftd Over 100 carriage paid SUMMER PAGEANT flend now for your FRFE copy of thi exciting new hook which contain a wra th of information and details of th beet of the lovely flower which can planted thi aprma to make a daxgltng duplav right through the summer until winter Hosts of hint and adnee illustrated is full colour this book ia your guide to a SUMMER PAGEANT of glortce flowers PLAN FOR PLENTY Th Nt crop at CUTHII PUT'S XPFDS la now oo at all WOOL-WORTHS STORFS Pot rnf-w inning vegetable of Ane flavour and a garden fun of delightful flower make sure that you sow CUTHBF SFPD4 tha aation'a choice for over a century CUTHBERT 5 OOPF-S OAK WALTHAM fROSt hFRTX The Nurserymen sine 3 797 suddenly changed? And Wt raC a amorouS To avoid any damage to the roots it is best to drive stakes of adequate height and thickness into the planting holes before the trees are put in With all woody subjects firm planting is essential though personally I prefer to use my feet or to be more precise heels for this rather than a rammer treading the soil down layer by layer as filling-in proceeds Finally comes the question of pruning With bush roses there is no doubt at all that really hard pruning is best The hybrid teas can be pruned as planting proceeds by first removing completely any spindly growths then cutting the remaining stems back to two or three buds from the base This may appear drastic when viewing what is left of the bush you have just bought but to spare the secateurs may well spoil the bush With newly planted floribunda roses the pruning is the same except that very strong growths can be pruned to about 6in The rambler roses after removing weak or damaged shoots should be shortened by one-third to half their length according to their vigour but the climbing roses especially sports of hybrid teas are best left unpruned for the first season The Exceptions Apple pear and plum trees planted at this time should on no account be allowed to fruit in their first season and on balance I think it is probably best to allow them to go unpruned for a season even although some experienced growers may favour pruning them as growth is becoming active to encourage branch formation Gooseberry bushes and red currants can be pruned as they are planted by spurring back unwanted side shoots to an inch or so and shortening those needed for branch formation by about half but black currants and raspberries should be pruned to within a few inches of the ground Little pruning if any will be required by the general run of ornamental shrubs until they have had a season in which to become established The exceptions are those which will flower on the new season's shoots like Buddleia davidii varieties Caryopteris and Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora which should be cut hard hack furniture in the bed-room different when we saw it last? And the formal garden itself that changed a little as well? Perplexing undoubtedly: but It is not as a problem picture with eventual aolutions that thi film will he found most rewarding rather as a realisation to be accepted not analysed of some romantic states of mind In this state mixed with good top soil the peat will encourage the production of fibrous roots on which the future well-being of the plant depends Good garden compost is of course even better than peat for mixing with the planting soil being richer in plant foods and equally retentive of moisture Whether you are planting roses fruit trees or any other plants however the provision of ideal soil conditions will be of little benefit unless the roots themselves are taken good care of throughout the operation No matter how well they have been packed by the nurseryman there is the danger that they may have become dry in transit in which case it is sound practice to wet them thoroughly by standing them in water for an hour or two Thereafter they must not be allowed to become dry again and to prevent this especially if the weather is windy it is a good idea to have a few wet sacks or other material available on the planting site with which to cover the roots until you are actually ready to set the plants in the ground The planting holes should be dug wide and deep enough to take the roots at full length and at their natural levels after any damaged ones have been trimmed back So far as depth is concerned with the majority of ornamental trees and shrubs the soil mark at which they were previously growing is a safe guide With hybrid tea florihunda and other budded roses I make a point of just burying the point of budding (the junction of rootstock and stem) an inch or so deep but with fruit trees the point of union should War and Peace HMS Defiant (Odeon Leicester Square is a Forrcs-ter-type Naval yarn time of the Napoleonic wars with much of the authentic atmosphere to be found in that author but lacking the depth of his characterisation The rough spirit of the times is illustrated at some length what with bloody battles at sea and the odd beating and flogging Small wonder that the crew mutinies under the lash of the sadistic lieutenant (Dirk Bogarde) Spell-binding Stylistically and technically it is a tour de force setting and actors being perfectly integrated and da ring devices both literary and cinematic used with imagination ony to he brought back to loyalty and economy to achieve a single the bringing of the audience under a sort of spell The use of over- and underexposure to underline as it were the mood of a scene is extraordinarily effective: so is the employment at one stage of a visual image by the humane captain (Alec Guinness) What these actors saw in their parts goodness knows The musical Flower Drum Song (Leicester Square finds the usually reliable Rodgers and Ham-merstein uninspired by a setting in San Francisco's Chinatown and a ei ast sow eon fakiy FLOwtntsc' okdkhs sfst nr Kerens 6 FLORIBUNDA or BUSH ROSES 12- Thtr fw iirtrw have wrn specially vhnen from the moat popular different coloured vanrtie available Ail will give long flowering wee' enied throughout this Summer enhan mg hc harm of your garden Remember Now the time to plant and theta buhe are ready pruned foe your imme ate planting- go he gure to order your requirements now flashed briefly on to the screen at machine-made plot about 15 DOUBLE DAHLIA TUBERS 26 short intervals giving the impres sion of an accelerated heart beat Pahi a I uber ojtnew (mt 21 an arranged marriage that blossoms in due course A compensating per-The actors with little dialogue to formance comes from Miyoshi deliver do all that is required of Umeki who brings to the rather them Giorgio Albertazzi is all laborious proceedings a very per-ardour and elegancs at the lover tonal sense of humour 13 1ngi ft Cacfua 6 FLOWERING SHRUBS 46 aft di ffeeent named A labelled varieties Iml Fnegthta Deutzia ngetia Cyttoma etc CWMBIAO NHRI RS diff 3fbr36 DRANG! AN owe pink white foe 2 6 rnFFPiNG Wn LOW 4 each 3 GIANT PAEONIES 26 you choice of red pmh white or mixed CLFMATTS blue or whue elimh'g 3 for 2 ft N4 'w ciUBtcg MONKEY PI IE IKIfc 7 hoi BUSH ALMOND flowering 66 each Decorative rge Hytirid Tuber 1 V20 b'wym 3ft Dahlia Tuber 8 ft 6 Pomnonr Dahlia A 6 2 CLIMBING ROSES 6- Ideal for training around rustic fencing pillars etc Red allow orange or pink STANDARD ROSES all cola 2 for 1 6 MONTBRITIA xed shade 2 5 for 2 ft ASTJlm muted colour 2 eah 25 EVERGREEN PRIVET 5 '6 L-SROFR PRIVET 1R-24' MW 2 for 7 Ql UK I HORN HI Olil SC 2' for 5' (RIIN HI t(H HFPfINO 'for 4 BOXWOOD miniature hedge 1 2 for 12 2') foe 10- Belligerent Ballet Prospect 50 NAMED GIANT GLADIOLI 96 trer nm mended colic non of larae and long flower ta bulb Ten eah rl Pink Lilac Wonder Red Hawaii Snow Prnien and (old Duel ilO of one World of Music By PETER STADLEN 50 DUTCH Show GLADIOLI 5- 10rm huf rhateg of: red yellow rink white mauve or mixed Or 23 for 2 '6 ifutr GLADIOLI 1 ftem 23 for 3 ft wet I FLY orange Mr amt 6 for 3 -Regal LILY white lilac atnpe ft for 4- 12 DOUBLE BEGONIAS 3- 18 SWISS GIANT PANSY 2- FSTHT AD down white 12 for 2-FS1E1IR RFAD double yellow 12 for V-PYRFTHRIM rM rnk mxd I 3 for 2 St XRHH mixed Mue 1 2 for 2 CHRISTMAS ROSFS whlta 4 for 2- 25 SWEET WILLIAMS 2- A LIT PI A SHPD-S mxd col 100foc2 I AXfcN NS Si I A next 7b fvf 27 ft CL PR i S6L 4' each FI RNS root flump 4 for 2 Rl A( KBF RRY RUSHES 3 for 4- 25 STRAWBERRY PLANTS 3- CLIMSINO SIRAWBF RRY 3 for 3 ft ooifbftrv Ruxitex eat or roolr for ft RID or Rl ACKCURRANTS 3 for 2 ft VSPRIRRY ANKS wet 12 for 2 ft NAMED AND LABELLED ROSES 6 BUSH ROSES 15- Specially choen First Grade varieties to give the finest dnplmy of different colours and lonq-flowering blooms Our Fick-of -the-field collection omprues one each of: red yellow orange pink or mixed OlIILE ANPMONH mid 1QQ for 2- jui 106 for 1 ft 30 for 2 Jtngi AN MONKS NCVLLV dhl flow GLOXINIAS tnurd shale 6 for 25 LILY OF VALLEY 26 AL3TR pr At fti I Ml AC Hi SHF HONTX SUCK I I 1-mMni DFNfFRlA orange 1 for Of'K Rt HUM hi col our fi 3 fr 3 I DELPHINIUMS Hie Queen of cummer border flowers peed liulx introduction Spring is quite the bent planting eeavon and we offer a aciccuon of flt-(Javx varieties of proven merit and vigour CINDERELLA clear heliotrope dwarf habit EVA GOWER fuU blue shade FATHER THAMES rosy purp and bright icntMm blue GARTER knight heliotrope and oobaJt-Mue Ml'KRY ENGLAND sky -blue and pale rosy purple Nk RICHARDS electric blue ahada Single plant 6e each 3 plant for lfls 6 plant for 30 12 plants for 55 If any tock become exhausted will substitute to equivalent value MIXED un named Not je than 3 pMmte auppned for 10a ft for 17 ftd 1 2 for 30 Carnage paid for cash with order HARDY PLANT CAT ALOOUE on requext povagf 4d 2 ft ft By A COTON the 16 performances by the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden in March all but three will consist of full-length ballets the others will show Giselle" supported by Danses Rudolf Nurevev will appear twice partnering Fonteyn in (March 1 and 6) and she will dance three times later in the month Frik Bruhn makes his first guest appearance on the 27th when he will partner Nadia Nerina in Swan Beriosova will be seen in Swan Lake" Giselle and The Sleeping each time partnered by Donald Macleary And Antoinette six programmes include two occasions as ballerina: in The Sleeping ENA HARKNFSS deep cnmon scarlet MPEKS YELLOW vvjd golden yellow VIRGO the purest of white Mdm DIEUDONNE red with yellow heart I Hi DOCTOR lovely ruh pink GRANDMLRh JENNY yellow flushed pink 6 FLORIBUNDA Roses 15- Finest cluster flowering First-Grade varieties tha will give immense pleasure and add that mag it al tout of colour to your garden FASHION deiuate compact sAimon YELLONk PINOCCHIO vivacJ gold I I-Ns HAM lively bright crimson i llIARFTH lovely rich pink I HI 11 OPL I bright fiery red MASQUE RADI yellow and pink bloom more poetical and more musical than cannons and rifles (though Stravinsky may yet make brilliant use of these! But does this altogether explain the paradoxical fact that the composer who introduced the idea of victorious struggle into the world of symphonic music 1'Empereur! Vive 1'Empereur!" shouted an officer during the Paris premiere of the Fifth) should have failed in the very instance where he explicitly advertised his purpose? Strangely enough musical conflagrations are more readily synchronised with spiritual struggles thar with the military ones to which rash parlance is apt to liken them For true symphonic thought and development cannot do without constant oscillation between tension and relaxation between positive and negative sentiments And in fact not one of Beethoven's characteristically per ardua ad astra works contains the four minutes or so ot unrelieved and crudely sustained frenzy that were needed to depict the battle in the Wellington piece IF you were to sk Beethoven how many symphonies he wrote the chances are he would say ten Certainly the fee he demanded for his Battle Symphony which will be given an airing on Monday at the Royal Festival Hall was nearly twice that for the Eighth when he offered these works to an English publisher only attempt to capture the entertainment market originated with the shrewd showman and inventor Maelzel of later metronome fame) who decided to cash in on the patriotic feelings that Wellington's victory over Napoleon at Vittoria had aroused both in Vienna and in London He commissioned Beethoven to write a piece for his Panharmoni-kon a glorified hurdy-gurdy he was exhibiting at the time -and he mapped out its special features drum rolls and bugle calls simulating the approaching English and French armies the strains of Rule Britannia and Malbrouck ushering in the battle scene and finally English victory celebrations centring on the national anthem Flense en lose IF adding 1 ft towards car age and packing COWBIT ROAD NURSERIES (DEPT 15) SPALDING LINCS rxe Horn ot he KrtU ah Intiuttry WALLACE St BARR I STANDARD Roses 276 L-17 voniii wn i 25 DUTCH SHOW GLADIOLI 12 6 lOcm Yoor rhour Red Ye Pink Maue Whtr Ver ruled or nmed Giant GLADIOLI 10-1 100ANFMONFS2 100 SWEPT PEAS 5n for 9 A to each Red Gold 2 TIGER lllirs Pud Mehel Violet -note Prlnrn Dr 1 tl ITS 2 A Pcmtn wek 2 tl of Vllr 2 A Slhe Dell A 6 HARDY ESSEX BUSH ROSES 12- ae 2 l'rrFer ft Clema': 2 ft Red yellow pink orne 3 Sfindxrd Rne 18 ft 4 Heather 2 CTmhini conductor simply omitted it and substituted a straightforward rendering of the melody by chorus and audience Agreeable to the ears of an Englishman declared the critic of the Morning Post while his colleague from the Times thought that as a work of mere musical combination this piece shows excellence hut as a work of imitation it fails we in particular observed no attempt at the movement of Such matter-of-course acquiescence in the representational escapades incensed the German critic Gottfried Weber who attacked the Battle on the grounds of its realism All tone painting he claimed is inferior to absolute music hut in this work Beethoven did not rest content with expressing extramusical events and concepts by means of musical equivalents he degraded the art by resorting to take-offs from real life like a painter who makes a hole in his canvas for the real sun to shine on his landscape Here it is only fair to remember that the noises derived from drums and rattles are not after all entirely realistic It was left to a recent commercial recording (Mercury) to go the whole hog and incorporate a soundtrack of real gunfire expertly produced by the United States Army at West Point from 18th-century howitzers But admittedly the Battle Symphony does go a step beyond say the which we are unlikely ever to hear in a version complete with live cuckoos and nignt-ingales Besides there is no denying that ids and brooks are both HT or FLORIBUNDA Your ctio 4 Vmei Boere 2 2 lrtetn Conifer! A Den Oraas Seed I lb 2lbe 5 A 15 DAHLIA TUBERS 2- Col'nr rrrn Dwarf Rnrr mid col (ANTEKBIRX RL I IS 2- RFD HOT POKERS 21- 18 RUSSELL LUPINS 2- ftrLFHINIl ft 2 13 AR Rift 25 SWEET WILLIAMS 2- Ml I low IRS red eold SO for 2-1H POIVAN1HUS 4 PANSIES 21- is Atihrietie 1 Telloer AIlKum 2- 25 PRIVET HEDGE 56 ROSE BUSHES HALF PRICE SPLENDID OFFER As one of Rotato's leading Rose growe I we et ourselves a vrry high andard of quality To achieve this we grade our -rwea i into two grade namely super quality Grade I I and average quality Grade II Grade Tl ae all respects excellent 'ose huhe which will thrive and flower abundantly this summer and are covered by our uual free replacement guaramee if they fail to satisfy Once a year only we make this apectaJ half price offer of Grade II Rose All re var etie including newer and popular ortv individually labelled and ready for prr-aen plant ng Ouanutie a'c hmited ORDl NOW Do not sa thi wonderful bargain Bush Rose named vanene in excellent xed colours to our selection ft for 15 12 for 30- usual price 5- each Rth Fkvrtbuoda Rose named mixed varieties at ame price Under £1 please dd 2 carriage arc 2fV- to 40- add 3 ftd over C2 care paid Also available Grade 11 S'andard Tree Ror 2 for 18- carr A packing 3- 4 for 32- carr etc 4- ft for 42- varr etc 5- Mace colours required WOOD INGRAM LTD Krmt tromtn fo ortr 200 y(' T4i Vi BKXVLFION NUUSFRTRI HUN ns GOON 23 for 7 'ft Ouukihorn 2ft Blue Wtewte 3- Tertrren I arer i treen Reeuh 4 ft 3 Berber 2 ft 2 13 Pvrethrum FINKS ARN ATION3 2 6 FLOWERING TREES 17 6 May 1 I jhurmim 1 Lilac 1 Red Berry Aah i FLOWERING SHRVBI 4 ft ft Selected flrrent named A tihelled ft 4 Rhodvdrndron 2' ft ludtn 1 Almond 1 hem 1 Red i piNO BILLOWS 4 ft ea 1 IMRING MONT YftLX'KLE 3 'r 2 3 HXDRANtLAS 2 ft 3 PTONIK8 2 BUSH APPLE TREES 12 Faretnont Riwnet Bremlri ete Rl SH PTRS or PI I MS A fecit RASPR1RR1 ANTS 12 for aA (WO Add 1 A Poet Pk Choi a Pritro CoV re to urn OR Rl (-K( RRNTS for A GlsMRl GOtSl RIRR Hunhr fo A i he or Loiinhrrree 1 A reh 1 for all its weaknesses -due 1 also to haste that always proved fatal to a composer whose greatness lies in his second thoughts the Battle Symphony is unmistakably Beethovenian Studded with references to earlier symphonic glories and indeed to the Ninth that was still to come it vindicates an impatient remark with which Beethoven restored the balance between genius and critic In his own copy of the Cecilia a journal published by Schotts who display this relic in their showrooms at Mainz he wrote with his thick pencil on the margin of Gottfried aggressive essay: you impudent assl What I spit is better than what you ever CLAREMONT NURSERIES 16 Bowers Gifford Essex XNE certainly writes much better if one writes fast and for the Beethoven jotted down in his sketchbook And indeed Wellington's Victory" rescored for full orchestra more than held its own against the Seventh Symphony when both were first performed at a concert in Vienna that became historic The most celebrated musicians of the day humbly sersed under the composer's baton Spohr sat among the fiddles while on the gallery Saiieri conducted the outsize drums and hand-rattles with which Moscheles and Meyerbeer modestly united behind the same music-stand and competing with Hummel on the opposite side the 188 cannon shots and the 25 volleys of small arms fire At Drury Lane too the work was rapturously received But Beethoven need not have gone to so much trouble showing those Britons what riches there are in God save the King' For his treatment of the venerable tune as a fugato in fast triple time was i considered so shocking that the NFW GARDEN PROTECTION NETS Rirdproof Frotp-ooi Vcm Tarred Spccitl Oulv Fully lortr re nnwd No Shrink Lully prrrir Nud F-uit Wik 1-inch iirc mch 9d qurr yard 'nch mh qm-( yd Mo NY I ON fl DL NETTING UNRREAKYBLt ROTPROOF 1 -krvh U'r rTXh 1 TtpiarT vwd -lBrh 1 6d gurc yrd Any tonrh bmy width nr unmedlwely A ho NFW ILFMP RP AN Mid PPA TRAIN 1NG NF TS Htm Grwcm 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Sport Nen ng Supplier 1825 PHONF 2134 GASSON3 LTD fD RYE SUSSEX LLL1K catalogue of ROSES SHRUBS HEDCrNG PTAVT3 FHUTT A PER LN MaLS containing many colour i ustraons and cultural hint sent FREE on request A good variety of top quality roae Mill in s'Otk also good ae nd qua tty buh rose aval able f-om 32 per dozen jarnaxe paid WILIIK BROS (DT) SYS! 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ara HEAT THERAPY PLANTS emu ring hcaiffiy vigorous growth Page of CULTURAL HINTS witJh asep by stag ctM T1GN and bend tamos WELLS OF MERSTHAM Dere 15 Rrdhtll Surrey Smr lain i Growrn lor nvrr 85 vrari NURSERIES LTD DEPT DT MAIL-SHAM SUSSEX TN 454 STAMP COLLECTING By IT FIT PORT A POPULAR collecting theme is stamps showing musician and musical instruments I knew- a philatelist who used to display such a collection to philatelic societies and accompany them with recorded music of the Great Masters so combining two hobbies Most great musicians have been portrayed on stamps Beethoven Bich Handel Haydn Spohr and Mendelssohn on Orman issues Mozart on Austrian Belgian French Czech German Bulgarian Rumanian and Russian issues Among the great musicians of the French school featured on the stamps of their own country are LuUy Rameau Bizet Chabrier Gounod D'lndy Berlwz Debussy and Saint-Saens Poland has featured Paderewski the Finns Sibelius the Czechs Smetana and Benda the Russians Rimsky-Korsakov and Tchaikovsky and the Hungarians Bartok and Kodaly among others Almost every musical instrument from the piano and violin to the strange and exotic instruments of Africa and Asia has been dep eted on a stamp Instruments of Biblical rimes are featured on the stamps of Greece and Israel Musical scores and national anihems are well represented and the music of the church forms an extensive section One of the largest stamp groups is that featuring folk dances of many countries A new book Stamps and by James Watson (Faber 15s) brings together all the stamps illustrating the world of music and will be of great help to anyone wishing to form such a collection BUSH ROSES SPECIAL SPRING OFFER AT 42 PER DOZEN 'roni Hybrid Taa and Fioribundh O'jt eie -ion omy of do wki rariatiaa Carriajr for CWO NATURE NOTES: MAURICE A CLOD of earth turned out by the spade contained a mass of ants several Layers deep and 3 to 4 ins across So this is how they spend the winter To one side of the mass was a patch like white-looking eggs closer inspection showed it to be ant grubs partly rolled up Either because they had been disturbed or because the air was warmer at the surface a few of the ants soon started to move slowly and lethargically Those still in the mass were also stretching their legs a little in very slow motion Their bodies were numbed and their senses clogged by winter sleep Those that had detached themselves from the compact mass began to wander about slowly and erratically But instinct will out and very soon each picked up one of the white grubs in its mouth A colony of ants is practically PELL-O SLED th rvolunonr' bet dvelopment of th centurv Each tel ii coated with funaiod and oil conditioner roiled into a handy hall Pell-o-Seed gets a wonde-fu! Hart in life! Pell-o-Seed can be sown separately! Sovith Sed no thinnina better crops! atronxer aeedling Per packet 1 SPRING SALE FehruaryMarcli 1962 Mrrhaenu 4 Rck kery PUntv Roaea Sh-uba eu Large ye tenant ara offered al rcAued preen our tpectai Sal Cataioaua A pow --rd wiU eoiure ihM rbia interaatlne lm nanehea you by return JOHN WTI KER SONS CRISP LTD The Fiora: MiIarord Be-ki NOELfTE NON-SLIP Paln for tp terra ei In fle eotour 12tn i 9in I dab deal emaiier aandm pathi 2tn tlak Ub In Random or Oid Jlytt few farter arena Economical A aay to lay Pnrtictilara from NO E-LITE Ltd iDT) Borough Grern Ken: Borough Grren 2Mth ARDFV SEATS tahte thaira flower and shruh bone aate interwoeen fencing A Hpxhu'e from Manufaturera ROWLAND BROTHERS (Dep( Dl Bletchlag ILVFR H1XCH TREES Fne healb SIL i i pec me ru 4 to 6ft Sik for 296d Fd 6 Taller tree nailable Litt F-ea Redd klade Rot 2V Oiled Surrey At layer branches of Boots leerdnj stores eveywhert I OSES Bex earner varnile 12 Hybrid 12F1o-r Teat 50- lS FlO'ibundat 50f-l 12 murd type 50- Pruned ready to rUw Real yiue in well-rooted tret Poet free for cwo Dept DT ChapcJoM NurMriea ehin HerU Alio Yilmorin nntinental Sd funch Gr I i Pol Sea Maxir Foliar Plant 1 no I I id I- (ladinluv Nnrthrup Kin? Freefe Vegetable and QR I ompoM Actuator.

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