The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 4, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1895
Page 8
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8 OF THE flffllffi, Ambrose A. Cftll, President. I). H. Hntcfiins, Vice-Pres. Wtn. fc. Fetgftson, cashier. C. I). Smith, ASS't.Cftsh. Ill THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Wolves Shbtt tip Iti t»lttin t!teek -Wet Wenthei- i*nta flack Threshing amt Far in Work. tOWA. CAPITAL* $60,000, Ambrose Ferguson. CASH CAFMTAL-$6CM300.dO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS A.D.Clarke, Pres., 0. C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, (Jeo. L Galbralth, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schonck, Thos. K.Cooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for time Deposits. The Schools are Competing With fease Ball ttow.—The Week's Gathered tip. W. U, Iiigham, then. President. ChHscliilles, Vice President. Lewis H, Smith, Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. AT.GONA IOWA. CAPITAL $5O,OOO. ^icoi-pm'ated ttBtler general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domes c exe angp bough; and sold. Collections made prompt y and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors-W. H. fngham. John (1. Smith. J. H. .Tones. T. Chrischllleo, Lewis >i. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Harriet Devine. fl. M. Richmond. Pres, B. K. Smith, Vice Pres. A. U. Hichmond, CasMer. 0. .f. Letiander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. r me IH.WS ui uic ouaic ui «,»». None but home capital Invented. Author- Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking s*««n, R h!n Incorporated under the laws of the State ol Iowa. ized caultal. ?oo,ooo. Foreign and domestic exchange uuugm mm ouiu, »uu » gone. ---...,= businessltrauEacted.. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship tickets to and from Europe. DIREOTORS-11. M. Richmond. N. E. Sheridan. Mayne.C. E. iMnllory, J. N. Sheridan. A.. B. Rlchmencl. B. F. Smith. Samuel DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. be complete. None but experienced abstructers has ever written a word in them: Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may t~ stiro you sot what you pay for and take no chances. £^-RE~AL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WiLD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Io\va. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and l.nsuranee. EVENTS. the delegates selected from Greenwood township yesterday were with few exceptions the same as usual, as follows: B. F. Wickwtre, W. V. Wills, A. J. Borryman, W. F. Laidley, Jr., R. I. Brayton, A. Dinger, and C. J. Lenander. The caucus seemed to be unanimous for Barslou for Superintendent. Dr. West has moved his family up over the Exchange Bank. He has his office in the front part of the upper story and lives in tho back part. Rev. E. G. Vine was sick with malarial fever during last week, so that he wa^s unable to preach last Sunday, but he is up and around again and will preach at tho Baptist church next Sunday and evening. School began again last Monday with the same corps of teachers as last year with the exception of Miss Smith whose place is ably filled by Miss Thompson. Bancroft has tv first class system of schools. Editor Amburn, of the Germania Standard, made us a pleisant call yesterday. The Woman's Home Missionary Society meets at the M. B. church this afternoon. All ladies interested in Christian work are invited to attend. Ed Davison dug a well in Denmark township recently that was 273 feet deep and he has had to drill through GO feet of sand. On Wednesday last ho struck water and there is now 180 feet of water in the well. Henry Smith left for Arnboy, Minn., last Monday, where he will put in a system of water works for that city for the firm of Jackson & Moss of Des Moines. Henry is a hustler and understands all about water works and well business. John Peterson, who lives south of town, brought in a couple of ears of good hard well developed corn that measures 13 and 14 inches in length each They can be seen at J. A. Freeh's ollicc. Before you have any bad luck of any kind see J. A. Freeh and get an insurance policy that covers it. Mrs. Norman Collar who has been very ill is reported by Dr. Walters as getting along nicely. Mat Kramer, who lives four miles southwest of town, was reported yesterday as being so ill that he was not expected to live. There was a private ball at Jefferson Hall last evening. Axel Sundstrom and C. J. Lonander are to have a match shoot of 100 live birds and 100 targets in the near future. ttftttna. , Sept. 2.—The school at ttantia was called to order by Miss Bifkofer, as teacher, Monday morning. As this is the central school in the township both patrons and teacher ought to put forth an effort to make it a model school. Haying, stacking and threshing afe progressing slowly on account of the wet weather. Loose hay is $3.50 per ton. Several parties from here drove over to the Des Molnes river last Friday for the purpose of gathering plums, but found it a very poor year for them. Charley Birkofer spent Sunday at Mr. Newcornb's, of Maiden Ridge, Irvtngtoii township, and In the afternoon the Haf^ ha photographer passed by. He says that Charley had a nice group arranged in. front of the house which captufedihls eye and would have captured his heart if he had not thought of "the girl I loft behind me," Al. Slaufacherj of Jordan, \Vis.,.is here buying hay atid grain to ship to thatstate, where they did not raise enough to do them. c'Offfelfi- pUte* building this fall and making this her IboWe. tfcdyard Leader: Swan Olson's smallest girl fell Into the new cistefn at the St&tc Bank Saturday afternoon. Mr. Olson, heard the yells following the fall and sbo'h rescued the little one uninjured. Had there teen water in the cistern the results might have been different. The Ledyard Leader says that B. D. Kellcy, of that neighborhood Will thresh 10,000 bushels of flax this year. 'That Will buy 400 acres of the best land in the World. Union. UNION, Sept. 2.— Mr. Boevcr's new house is enclosed. It will be very much like the one the cyclone took. How many of the reporters road the "Talk to Reporters" and how many of you saw something that exactly hit some of you brother reporter?. Did you take any of it home? We for one stand corrected. Thanks to the, editor for those timely hints and with Robt. Burns we say: Oh. wad same po'er the giftie gi us To sue oursel's as ithcrs see us. (Please Mr. Editor forgive this poetry.) Mrs. A. Wheeler Is soon to visit her son at Decol'ah. Mrs. August Trout is reported Very sick. Mrs. August Dau, of Burt, was a Union visitor the fore part of the week. The Union picnic passed otV very pleasantly, not as large a number were present as last year owing to the farmers being behind with work. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hauna, of Burt, spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Schenck. Sid Blossom's were out to Mr. Thompson's Sunday. Miss Amanda Dau goes to Algona to work at dress-making this week. Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon, of Sycamore, 111., are out on a visit to their son D. D-. Died: Frank, only son of Wm. and Gertie Harrison, Aug. 36, 1895, aged 3 years and 3 days. Frank was an uncommonly bright little fellow and his sudden death casts a gloom over the entire community. The little fellow had been complaining for a few days of not feeling well, when on Monday morning he was taken with a convulsion and died Monday night at about 12. Ho was the pride of his aged grandfather and nothing suited him better than to be with grandpa. They have the sincere sympathy of their numerous friends in their time of trouble. litti't Land Sales. Monitor: fi. J. Murtagh on Monday sold his 120 just southeast of town to Wil j Ham Markley, consideration $25 per acre- Only a few years ago this piece changed hands at $15 per acre, and this aboiit indi^ cates the rise of land generally in this part of Iowa.... Mrs. H. McDonald lias disposed of her quarter section farm northeast of town. BertMathews of Algona is the buyer, West Beiul Oats. Journal: Early this Week John Ish,Jr., threshed out thirty acres of oats that measured out by machine measured 2,650 bushels or eighty-five bushels per acre, and Tuesday Spencer & Ryan, on tho old Sibel farm, threshed 2,370 bushels from twenty-live acres, a little over ninety bushels per acre. There is no exageratlon about these statements, for they aro vouched for by men who helped to do tho threshing. Iowa farmers aro truly in tho swim this year. Swea City Tangle. Herald: N. Ganfield started out yesterday morning with a top buggy and when a mile out, one horse fell dowu, the other jumped over her, broke loose from the neck yoke and turned around and righted herself again. All this time Mr. G. was getting out and when he got the horses by the heads one was still down where she fell and the other was lying on top of her. He succeeded in unhitching the traces but the lines were twisted together and held so firmly that he had to cut the lines to get them loose. Considering that one horse was a new one he had just traded for and very excitable, he got out pretty lucky—with two or three cuts in the lines. of Be'toei StfBJffitt &ft§ Bogus. Slate Superintendent Sabin Ms §efit the following circuit to everv count* superintendent in the state. Ifc is selfexplanatory: , , It is not the custom of this department to commend officially, or to recommend the purchase of any particular maps, charts of pieces of appo-rtus for use in the public schools.- Whenever any parties claim that their, article has the endorsement of the superintendent of publi6 instruction, you .may, without hesitation, pronounce the claim a fraud. While the purchase of such supplfes and appartus is entirely within the discretionary powers of boards of directors, they should be can 1 tioiied to comply strictly with the provisions of the law of seetleh 172d 4 as defined by the Supreme Court. This matter will be more fully referred to in our letter of instructions tO'be read-at the September , meeting of the boards. In the meantime you \Vill give this letter as wide circulation as possible through the press of your court ty. ALLISON IS AVAILABLE. Times-Hep.: Quay's great Victory.hi Pe nsylvania is generally regarded as meaning that Harrison cannot be a candidate next year, Quay, in his present position, could and would prevent Harrison Retting Pennsylvania, and without that state or New York his chance of nomination would be small. There is no other, candidate from Indiana in sight. Allison still continues to present all the elements of availability and fitness better than any other man. MONEY. I have unlimited monby to loan on long or short time. ]{. W. IlAGOAllD. THE NEW WOMAN. "What does'this here 'New Woman' talk mean, John?" "Hit means, Maria," replied the old , farmer "that women air a-takin' the places what men-occupied. You'll find the plow right where I left it; an' when you sharpen the-ax you can sail into a dozen cords o' wood; an' per a-bilin' when you git lanta Constitution. ' I'll haye sup- homel"— At- T Necessary! _ can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Machine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is .not necessary to send your money east to get a rnacnme that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may riot be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, f or— W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT. J. B. "W © ® O © O HEFORF. THE LUillTNINCI AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-], A, Freeh, Prop, UK OKFKKS TJIK FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOR CONSIDKUA.TION: Cash Capital. 84,000,000.00 3,000,000.00 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 800,000.00 300,000.00 Assets i?10,847,81G.30 5,588,058.00 0,754,908.00 5,191,055.00 2,245,353.00 1,803,097.00 1,021,527.00 403,214.00 Company- Aetna, Hartford Phoenix, Hart ford Continental, N. Y.' Fire Association, IMiila Hanover. N. Y • Northwestern National, Milwaukee llockford, Rockforcl .State., Dus M'uine.-'. LIFE. BENEFIT LIFE ••• 107,000.00 ., Si'.i.oiX); Policy holders, §1,100,000; Cash surplus, $10,150,000, paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurant Co Assets, *43,077,586.08 We believts this is as good a statement as can be made by any agency in the land and we solicit your patronage. Feutoit. FENTON, Sept. 3.—C. Rusk has put up another granary to make room for his oats. J. Light is putting up a new hog stable. Bourne & Wander have the job. D. A. Buell, of Minneapolis, was in these parts last week, looking after his farms. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weisbrod left last Thursday for a visit in Illinois. Mrs. F. C. Beaver also went with them. Miss Lena Light and Miss Annie Wicl- dle were visiting relatives near Bancroft last Sunday. Miss Emma Weisbrod intends to leave, Monday, for Charles City, where she wil 1 attend the college for tho fall term. Our Fenton second nine went over to Depew again the first of the week, where they had a game of base ball. Tho score stood 15 to 11 in favor of our nine. Swea City. SWKA CITY, Sept. 2.—Several from Swea City took in the ball game at Algona on Thursday and all come back with their hearing more or loss impaired from the yells of tho Algona populace. We have heard the war whoops of Buffalo Bill's iu- clians and wo have heard tho Mulroneys, and in onr innocence thought nothing could be worse, but after half an hour at the fair grounds Thursday wo concluded that there wore depths, we had not fathomed. Wo likewise were given to understand that their best howlers were out of town. What it would have been had they been there is something too awful to think about. However, all enjoyed tho game, Hari^sou. HARUISOX, Aug. 3, 95.—Farmers have neglected stacking so long that the wet weather has done great damage to some of the oats. Threshing is very much delayed on account of so much rain. Rev. Walker preached a very good sermon in tho HarUel school house on last Sabbath. • ' ' Mr. F. Hartsel sold his farm consisting of three hundred and twenty acres to Algona real estate dealers for $25 per aero. . Miss Lizzie Hastings opened her school for the fall term on Monday last. Miss Hastings is one of Harrison's best teachers. Wo hoar tho f armors' wives saying frujt canning time is here, and no fruit to can; oven apples aro scarce at one dollar 'a bushel. Mrs. Nellie Wosti'all and Miss Kate visited Mrs. F. M. vSlyter on Monday afternoon. Miss Eirio Hartsel has gone to Radclifl'o to visit. She will be there about six 'weeks. Some of tho farmers have begun cutting flax. It is hoped that this crop may turn out well. Prices seem very low for all kinds of grain, with but little prospects of a raise. Potatoes aro not turning out as good as was expected. Kailroart Tax Defeated. Estherville Vindicator: Tho three townships in tho east end of Dickinson county, through which the prospective new road was to pass, voted this week on tho .question of levying a tax to assist in building the road. The measure was defeated in every township,—iir Superior by one vote. This probably knocks in tho head all present prospects of the road's being built. Populist Senatorial Nominee. The populists held their senatorial convention yesterday iu tho ollice of .T. C. Baker. Palo Alto, Clay and Dickinson were the counties represented. Mr. Flemming, of Dickinspii, was v and Geo. Baker secretary. There was no contest for senator. T. .7. Hughes, of Highland township, was nominated f jr the position without opposition. No resolutions were adopted. The nomination is certainly an excellent one. Mr. Hughes is a thorough gentleman and an honor to his party. He commands the respect of. all. parties and he "deserves it,—Emmotsburg Democrat. Xi»\r-ltiite Kxuursioiis to tlm West, Northwest. On August 29,'.Sept. 10 and 24. 1S95, .tho Nortli-rWestern-Lino will sell homo-seekers' excursioniti»kets, with favorable time limits, to a largii number of points in' tho west;and northwest at very low rates. For • tickets and full information apply to' agents Chicago it-North-Western R'y. 48-50 - Inter Stut« Sfalr lit Sioux City. For. the above occasion the North- Western Line will tell excursion tick-- ets to Sioux City, la., and return atone- i'are for the' round trip. Tickets on> ; sule from September 19 to 29, inclusive, good for. rutiirn passage to October IH 1895. For tickets and full information* : apply to.age'pts C. &N. W. R'y. ESS THAJ,' HALF KATES TO -LOUIS" ' '' On,account of tile National Encampment, &;. A'l E., the North western Line [will on September 8, 9 and 1.0, sell excursion tickets to Louisville, Ky., and return a<t Jess than one fare for the roimdi trip. Tickets limited to return- leavins Chicago not later than October 6,1895. For tickets and full information apply to agents C. & N. W. ll'y. 49. MASSACHTSKTTS The Republican and State Register, The Republican and Inter Ocean, , The Republican and 1 1 Tribune, $1,85 $1.85 $1,85 though the championship of tho county i| still undecided. Mrs. J. A. Cronhohn visited in Algona with friends the greater part of the week past. The marriage of C. J. Johnson to Miss Marguerite Nilson took place at Algona on Wednesday, August 38th. The young people are well and favorably known, Mr, Johnson having lived here since the town started and Miss Niolson for a year past, May all happiness bo theirs. N, Ganiield and wifound O. P. Hanks and wife drove to Algona on Thursday return ing the same day. C. F. Buker and Mrs. Bukor spoilt tho past week in Emmotsburg visiting with friends. Tho ball gamo with Bancroft on Friday was a lizzie, only live innings being played thegameatthatpolnt'breakingup in ti row, tho score standing 7 to 15 in favor of BweaCity... Mrs. garrison was called to Bancroft on Tuesday on account of tho serious UN ness of her daughter who is suffering from an attack of peritonitis. From last reports she was decidedly better. School began on Monday with Miss Lolla Randall, of AJgoua, as teachor of the high room and Miss Gertie Nickison in the primary department. Mrs. C, J, Anderson WHS tv Bancroft viS' itor on Friday. 0!e Petorspn left-oil Monday for Mitch' ell, Dakota, where lie will put up build* Plum Creek, PMJM CKKKK, Aug. 23.—Tho rain put ,a period to threshing. Tho rains we have been getting of lato havo improved tlie quantity and likewise the quality of wild hay. i Wo understand that Mrs. D, liico has reconsidered tho matter and has decided not to go to York state at present. Miss Louise Gilbert intends to maku 'a visit down to Chattanooga, Tennosso, to visit friends and relatives. Emil Haag says ho saw an old wolf and five or six young ones one day last week. Tho whelps were about half grown. Orje largo grown wolforan Harrison Warner's Emmet County's Dead Pair Officials. Republican: There .will be no fair, or races on tho Estherville grounds this fall. Our fair promoters are evidently dead, in the shell. They need elixir of life'or aswift kick of some kind to wake them up. A. fair won't run itself and a few old Rip Van Winkles can't run anything. Let's have- a fair next year, but in order to do so lot's first get somebody who will work, or gjve tho whole thing up as another failure.. A Koad Through Medium Lake. Emmetsburg Reporter: A petition is being circulated addressed to tho mayor and city council asking them: to open up Broadway directly north, through Lake Medium, or rather where i.t has been, to tho road on tho township.line. It is being largely signed, and to our notion would be a good thing. The dirt that is used to make the grade-through the lake bed could all be taken from one side of tho road, and this would leave a large basin that would make quite a lake. leisenberg Bros, ALGONA, IOWA. shepherd dog up close to the house this morning. Mr. Warner said ho had no gun and his corn knife was not loaded, so tho wolf escaped with his life. Tho dog got a wolf bite. , ytill reports of unprecedented yields are coming in. Kossuth will compare grajn yields with any county iu the U. S. , The late rains have improved tho plowing greatly. Tho soil turns ovov very nicely. Conujfr A convention of the editors of this coun? ty will bo hold at. Bancroft on Saturday pf week, the 14th. A largo attendance js expected. Topics tor discussion been distributed to a number of the a.pd ull tho rest arc expected to join in \vith expressions of opinion, jjurt Monitor: A. C. Cady on Mondiy evening had the M lack to fall from d \yhile at work on Bruer Uros. o and sprained h}s anteio severely. If e n crutches t&o n.exfc 4ay ov two • v , Wesley's New Scliaol Building. Reporter; Tho contract for the election of Wesley's now school building was lot last Friday to Troganza Bros., contractors of Brltt, for ?0,031, their bid being some $120 loss than all others, Tho heating and closet work was lot to Peck, Williamson & Co., of Webster City, their bid being §1,630, thus the building completed will cost £8,501. Work ou tho foundation will bo commenced in a few days. The build- 'ing will have six rooms and will bo ready for occupancy about November 1(5. The design is very handsome and will present an appearance equal to any school house in the county. Architect W. A, Fulker- sou, of Ccdur RupUls, will oversee the consumption of tho building. School will begin next Monday for the fall term. Tho new principal, Prof. Ehlers, will be present and with his abb assistants, Mrs, IMerson and Miss Pettibone, tho school will bo iu bettor shape than ever. Until tho now building is completed Vho tencho.-o will work tu some disadvantage tvs tho present quarters, avo altogether too small. Parties wanting to buy a J. B. Case Agitator should write or call on Wilfrid P, Jones, at The Wigwam, Algona, Iowa, it is th© only machine that will pay for itself and make big prof its for Its owner In one Epson's work* big money In this year, There is Uie stuto above occasion Western Wne will sejl s to JJes Moines w$ .vetwn ufc p fpr tbe rouna trip,, Tickets sale from September § to is passage to WATER OB HO 3? 1 , !SR^>sXXrfS*S ls s i Uaye, the ftfiUine QV«9fl r. water

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