The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1966 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1966
Page 6
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Algona Girl Recent Bride Nola Gatton and Arnold Eiten, pictured here, were married June 25 at 2 p. m. at the Trinity Lutheran church, Algona, with the Rev. G. J. C. Gerike performing the double ring ceremony. She is the daughter of the Ervin Gattons, rural Algona, and he is the son of the Fred Eitens, Wellsburg. Floyd Eiten, brother of the groom was the best man, and groomsman was Harold Eiten of Grand Rapids, Mich., also a brother of the groom. Matron of honor was Mrs. Howard Spence, Waseca, Minn., and the bridesmaid was Mrs. James Gatton, LuVerne. She is a 1959 graduate of the Algona high school, and a graduate of the State College of Iowa. She will teach again in the Wellsburg community school system. The bridegroom is engaged in farming near Wellsburg. IHIIIHIIIIHIIIIIIIIIItllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIItllllllllllUlllllllllllllllltlll! July 13 - Well, 13 may be considered unlucky, but after sweltering days and days, this gloriously cqojt morning is a LUCKY one. Such a nice cool breeze on my back from my northwest window, I put on a light sweater to guard against the possibility of having to use a handkerchief too frequently. I know a person who bought an air conditioner yesterday. Maybe that will prove to duplicate what mine did a few years ago. The weather changed and I didn't use it but a few times that year. But Pve sure had good use of it since then - and this person probably will, too. * * * Gwen Haas dropped in the other day for a brief visit. She was on her way for an appointment with the dentist. We agreed that the mere looks of the chair gives us the jitters - even if for only a check-up. * * * Another caller I had was Rex Post, who was here on an errand" for his father and stopped on his way back from the second floor. We had quite a chat and among the things he mentioned were that Ms Dad wants to quit the parakeet business. dirt were used to fill in the lot across from here, north, where the low, sloping lot was. It is now Oiled and the house that stood on the lot where the Council Oak store was has been moved to it. There is still a lot of work to be done, leveling the dirt and making a place for the garage which is on the parking for the time being. Personally, I'd have left the lot as was, had a walk-in basement door at the back, and kept it sloping like the Dr. Wallace place is. Oil, well, we can't all agree and I confess it's none of my business. * * * The Tietz house just south of Mrs. M. H. McEnroe's is going up quite rapidly. Cops !iad to be called the other night to check on some persons who were taking liberties they shouldn't - breaking a water bottle I heard, and breaking a tile in the foundation. After the library deal it behooves pranksters to get a hold on themselves and be the decent folk they probably are at heart. And the Garrigan affair adds another black mark. 'Tis said "Kids will be kids" but let's have it in innocent, non-destructive ways. There are so many nice ways of having fun - swimming, baseball, picnics, hikes, competitive races (foot), wrestling - and why become looked down-upon as a delinquent ? * * * It was interesting reading about the old chautauqua days. The tent was placed on the north side of the old Central school, the present high school site, and since the grounds sloped to the north - Nebraska street, the platform was to the north and the yard was sort of a natural ampitheatre. I well remember the Williams Jubilee Singers, a group of talented colored folk. Mrs. Williams was a fleshy woman with a lovely contralto voice. One year she wasn't with them and her husband announced she was not for two good reasons twins. And it was a big day when William Jennings Bryan was here. All the Democrats got out in full force, and of course, there were a goodly number of Republicans. In the picture in the magazine section of the Register last week, one man looked very mvch like E. J. Murtagh. I don't think it was, however. Yarda Nelson Ellis said she and Myrtle Bean were introduced to Bryan by Mr. Murtagh and they were so thrilled. * * * Even churches were unbearably hot Sunday morning, July 10. One man, a visitor from Dallas, Tex., was overcome with the heat and Alwin Huenhold came to his rescue. * * * There's never a dull moment around the Jim Kolp home what with music lessons on several noisy instruments, swimming lessons, golf lessons and what not, things are" in a tizzy. I often wonder how my mother stood my screeching oa a violin when I first began lessons. * * * Hazel Vera had a nice garden spot of string beans but during one of our heavy rain storms they were washed right out of the ground and landed in a neighbor's back yard. Now who will get the beans, if they should by some chance take root in the neighbor's land? Talk about "spilling the beans!' * * * I wonder how many loads of Mrs. Fred Wegener was in Tuesday, July 19, 1966 Algona, (la.) Upper Dei Maine* Evelyn He is too busy to attend the bird showings he used to and it's quite a chore to keep the cages clean. At one time he had 700 birds. He is down to 150 now. * * * When Mitch Miller was on last winter and gave his "firsts" it interfered with some other TV program I wanted to see, so I am glad to hear his re-runs. I do wish he'd chop off that beard, however. * * * New things are always coming up and the latest Fve heard about is a MUST for babies. Blood is taken from a toe doesn't that sound crazy *? Anyhow I learned this from a new father and I said, "If Doc hurts your baby, give him a good punch in the jaw,J' to which this father doubled up his fist and said, "You bet I will." Well, here's to new methods to protect our young 1 from whatever it is supposed to do. Would that science come up with something to be done in infancy to make us immune to arthritis and all ailments that are so devastating. * * * Iowa City last April and was approached by a very personable middle-aged man who introduced himself as Pete Parks who asked about, me. He and his wife and infant son, Jerry, lived in our apartment years ago. He was a salesman for an oil company and was transferred to Cherokee. Then he went to Mason City and finally landed in Iowa City as a buyer of commodities. I was there several years ago and he saw me from a distance. He had an errand to do and expected to come and talk with me, but when he got back, I had checked out. A few years later; Hazel Lusby, Lizzie Post and I were enroute to Davenport and went via Iowa City and Muscatine. Lizzie tried to find Pete, but he had just left his office for a short time she was told. She waited awhile, then we went on and since their home was a considerable distance from our itinerary, we went on without seeing Kay, too. Though I have a phone, and so does Mrs. Wegener, it has taken her since April to tell me about seeing him. I wrote a letter last night getting him caught up on things to date. Mrs. W. was under the impression his wife had died. I hope this is not true. I think two other children have been added to the family, a boy and a girl. Kay always wanted a red haired, brown- eyed girl, Pete's coloring, and she got her. * * * Higher educations leave me bewildered and Pve been puzzled about what my cousin, Gayle Henderson's husband Herbert Kierulff's business was. I know he has so many degrees he almost uses up the alphabet. Gayle says it's over her head, too, but he is how director of business administration. He is abusiness economist and works in the economic research division of Security First National Bank. She sent me a copy of Disertation, the final step, and I salute him for his knowledge and ability. * * * The John Gischs have a grandson born June 26 to their daughter Rosemary and her husband, John Wibe, Ames. The infant was named Dominic John and at the baptismal rites the sponsors were his Aunt Virginia, Mrs. Dennis Guerdet, Swea City, and his Uncle Gerald Wibe, Chariton. The baptismal dress has been worn by three generations. * * * I had as callers yesterday Kermit Burtis, Waterloo, who had seen his mother here, and Mrs. Rea Hutchison, also of Waterloo, who visited the J. B. Asas and other relatives in the vicinity. She is the former Hazel Krantz of the Doanneighborhood. * * * In looking over some pictures taken a long time ago, Marg Dahl came across some she thought I might like. One she thought was me taken in the county recorder's office where I worked, but the calendar proved it couldn't have been me, for it was July, 1914, and I was going through a very trying time then with the beginning of arthritis. My last work there was finished Af.rU 30, 1914, and May 1 I was preparing to go to Chicago. It was Marg herself, but taken in almost profile, it is surprising is such a resemblance. Her slippers showed from under the desk, two strap, flat-heeled patent leather. The shine of them showed they were that kind of leather. Another picture was a Bancroft school group, six children, Marg among them, and she was Marguerite Laidley at the time. Amy Bergman, now Johnson, was in the front row and I was to give her the picture. * * * Another picture showed the courthouse "rats" - Blanche Grose, Lucille Grose, Ruth McClellan Raney, Bertha Johnson, Jake Freeh, William Shirley and others. One was of Claude Samson, his brother Leonard and sister Esther (Mrs. Karl Willason), Cora Frink, Maude Jones, Mabel Jacobson who married Earl Peterson, and others. It was such a good picture of Claude so I sent it to Mabel at the other rest home. Oh, the years and years I knew Claude to whom I was always "Toots." * * * Marg is moving into the downstairs apartment at the Harry Wards August 1 and is having "Christmas in July" when members of her family will gather and take what they want as she has a large house of things to dispose of and she is having fun making decisions. Ann Hanson, who has also sold her home, is taking the Esther Quinby apartment at Cooks. Miss Quinby, long-time teacher here, has retired. ; * * * The death of another friend, Elmer Kelley, leaves an empty spot, and I am glad I had such a nice visit with him only a few weeks ago. He had been ailing such a long time, poor fellow. * * * Something to think about "Know what's setting off this population explosion ? Matches." * * * And how about this - "Not many of us can move mountains; the best we can do is throw an occasional bluff." * * * This I really go for- "Beatnik- Buggy with the fringe on top." It takes 10 to 12 inches of snow to equal an inch of rain. Watch the CLASSIFIEDS TONIGHT & WED. Did I gets wrong 1 ,, OHOIbyOeUiie STARLITE DRIVE-IN ENDS TONIGHT JOSEPH E.LEVINE *,»„., CARROLL BAKER 'HARLOW MUWDM* ttftv.vrxntt SECOND FEATURE ROBiNBON

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