The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 4, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1895
Page 5
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f fiM ttsWTfililCAIt, 4, 189S. M. P. 0. F. PfcBK. & Peek, Sueciessof s to SMITH. ABSTRACTS, .REALIST ATE, COLLECTIONS. A. t>« Clarke,;& Co*, JRA-Rtf LOANS. Meat Algorm State Baftk. ALooJ?A, IA. Geo, 0. Gati, ESTATE AND For infotrnation In regard to lands Iti Northwestern loway write to him. • State street. AtGOJJA, JOtvA, " OEO. E. CLARKE, 'OHA8. A. confiNotffi Clarke & Colieiioui', ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Geo. it. .Cloud, (Successor to W*''B. Quarton) ATiVRNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. i Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Sullivan & JVIcMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT JiAW, V.Postofflce Block. AtGONA, IOAVA, B. V. Swetting, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ., Money to loan. ALGONA, IOWA. J. I,. BONAK. H. Hi FELLOWS. Bonar <& Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT I LAW. Collections will receive prompt attention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algeria Sta»1ie;Bank Bl'dg. Ian Wesley! lowu. AJLGONA, IOWA Daiisoii & Butler, if!AW, LOANS AMD,LANDS. ( Collections a specialty. .Office in Gardner Cowles'new building. ALGONA, IOWA. S. S. Session. 1 ?, .ATTORNEY ATOLAW. Loans . and Insurance. QpeCdal attention gdven to collections'l.kinds. Over Ohrisohilles' Store. ALGONA, IA. L. K. Garfield, M. ID., PHYSICIAN AND .SmtG'EON, State street, • ALGONA ,'IOWA. M. J. Keiieflck, M. ID., -.'/Over Taylor's Store. AT.GONA, - - IOWA. J. M. Pride, M, ©.„ , Over Postofiiee. AC.GONA, IOWA. . Dr. .L. A. Sheets^, \ .DRUGGIST AND STAT3LQNMR. ' S-'frescriptions filled. Deals In Pwiabs,'Oils,' i Books; Perfumeries, Etc. r, State andTJaorington. AtGONA.IA. , DENTIST. A. L. Kist, D. O. S., uimestlietio tfor deaden! UK- i wheu*extraoting teeth. ALGONA, IOWA. ;Ui :OB. S, Glasier, D. D. S., DENTAL .ROOMS. .Over the AJgouji State Bank. SpesifA attention giveuiio,sa,vind tlia natural ttqth. best of modern anaesthetics used ,jTtftHo,.9iperations as pain Jess as possible. layers, nt, W, M,, SURGEON*. ao,QoromodatJpus. i Spawn's livery \vest of- IOWA. F. L, JQWA, pSEWALL, PAINTER UMJHBBt K/i" ^ We Have all the Patterns in (Mery and China, White Porcelain, Decorated Porcelain, While China, CALL AND LOOK THEM OVER. Hudson, Children's light weight -suits at almost ImWprlcoH for a'few days. . , NEW ENGLAND. LOCAL MENTIONS, the Evening service was resumed at Episcopal church Sunday evening. The Algona ball club will splay 33m- metsburg at the latter place 'tomorrow. Quarterly meeting at the OElree Meth- oeist church next Saturday and -Sunday. -.•'.'. : Alderman Magnusson hasibeeBiarsuf- ferer from typhoid fever for -several weeks. M. L. Clarke, of Pasadena, 'California, is visiting old neighbors and friends in Algona this we&k. On September 10th and '34th £Home- Seekers tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul -Railway Co. Mrs. Sueetz has received cheering news from the Doctor, whose health is improving rapidly at Hot -Springs, S. D. Mrs. W.. H. Conner ds recovering from an illness of several weeks. She was seriously threatened with 'typhoid fever. The Northwestern will run state fail- trains Tuesday, Wednesday ^and Thursday of next week, leaving Algona at 4:34 a. m. The Old Settlers' picnic comes off one week from today, September ill, at •Call's Park. Everybody is invited and a good time may saf elj be expected. •. Z. S. Barrett, of Wesley, is -putting. in the local telephone system,. and every office and home in Algona should have connection with the central-office. .Knoxvllle got ahead of Algona and secured Bert Barr to teach -in their school. The board received 'notice from Mr. Barr to that effect last Wednesday. .;Jas. MeGrlaugtolin is working >inBow- Ryan.playing ball with the real -estate men.' .Did he not play with the .printers? iHe is not an amateur, butapro- fessional." ' Mayor Haggard has received his coni- uiission as special aide on the staff of Commander Thompson, with the rank of-Golpnel. He leaves for the national encampment at Louisville, Saturday niflht. .Dr. McCoy leaves on Monday aadthere will probably be others. . ,J. .E.,Ray, of Eagle township, who was a delegate to the convention yesterday,, and who is one of the pixjmi- aent teachers of Kossuth has been elected principal of the Glenville; Minnesota, school, and will go there at once, with his wife, who is also a teacher. • • A.D. McGregor is cetting in furui- | The showing of business for the newspaper is a good one, but for the fartn- J ers it is discouraging. The United Workman lodges of Algona and Burt are haying a big picnic at the fair grounds to-day. The pro- f ram includes a speech from Grand taster Workman Graham, of Cedar Falls, a picnic dinner at 12, a base ball game between the Burt and Algona lodges, football, bicycle faces, horse races and amusements in general. The Algona military band furnishes the music. R. A. Frise goes with his family to the new place in Pocahontas county next Week. The place is a few miles out of Rolfe, on the west branch of the Des Moines, and contains about 180 acres, thirty or more acres of which are covered with a fine growth of native timber. It is an excellent stock farm, and Mr. Frise is to be congratulated upon securing it. He is a good man and the people of this locality Will regret to see him go. Dr. Stull and family arrived home Friday, after an absence of several months, during which time they drove across the country to Wisconsin, then to southern Iowa, and other points, traveling about 700 miles and enjoying the trip all the way. They intended to spend a week camping on the Miss- issippijlriver, but the mosquitos were there in too great numbers and they shipped their tent home. The Dr. recommends that kind of a trip. A. M. & G. M. Johnson gave the Osborne Corn Binder a trial, yesterday afternoon, upoii Captain Ingham's farm west os town and it was witnessed by a large crowd and many farmers all of whom pronounced it a perfect success as a corn binder cutting around about an acre and one half during it without missing a bundle and even taking up the down row whicn they had run over leaving scarsely a stalk uncvt and unbound. Miss Ella Thompson has accepted the offer of the position ,of teacder of the highest grammar department of the Owatanna, Minnesota, school. After taking that position Miss Thompson was notified of her election as assistant principal of the Belle Plaine, Iowa, school, but of .course could not accept. She graduated from Iowa college, last June, with special honors > the car load these days. This has a very lasge selected stock enterprising dealer and -very •carefully yer's jewelery store. He came -BFOUI a iDeaMoines house., but his parents are residents of Kossonth and resafle .near iLuVerne. •Mr. E. P. McElioy will ©eeuipy '.the Congregational pulptt on Sunday,-and it ijg. expected that regular .Sunday moreing services will be mainfcai-ned , j at that-church. The- Forest City local nine defeated the^Emmetsburgballcluba week tigo Saturday. The latter club had one .of the -Mulroneys and two of the Foueat' -City;p20fessionals. Mr, A. Madetzka, of Hebron ship, .was a caller at the REPUBLICAN office 'While in town Monday. Mr, Madetzka reports that tbe crops in (his neighborhood are good. 'The state fair begins the day after ita-morrow but the big days will eoaae next-week. Kossuth usually sends a large <delegation to tbe fair and will probably do so this year. Tbe iKoss»th county populist convention will ,meet in Algona next Tuesday, The.eall lays-out the work of the convention, which is to nominate a candi" date ifor -the ile#is.lature and a full coun- The, action >ol the city council, Sat> »*» making a levy pf ten cjpai tax and teq mills tax will result in a large re* - indebtedness next Bey, 4, Elfstr%), of the Swedish , f erforwed tUe ^>'^^j%^j^^i^t^ ,- one of tbe scbopl hou,gej beji«g n new one in Sherman, lie hag a.|gQ<kfu} tjme to sell a carjoaa e| apriej ft .a barrels qf ' ^Bro'XT-..g|, goods* complete-in all lines, and giving buyers a great latitude of choice, ; from . the,plainest to the most: elegant articles.^ MissXolla Randall, daughter of Recorder M. :F. Randall; went to Swea Gity,."Saturday, to take the principal- ship of the school at that place. Miss Randall is an experienced teacher and one • of the most successful in the county, and there will be no doubt of her success. The vBritt Tribune affects to disbelieve our story of the 160 acre yield of oats at Germania, but we have no doubt but in his heart of hearts Bro. GBailey.knows that it must be true. Still^if ;he doubts it he is privileged to .measuresthe ground and then measure the.oats-.that grew on it. .MissJLuella Cleary is another who is having a^run of typhoid fever. The .number who have had,this disease this season .is jjrgater than ever before, but a good, observer tells us that he has known of .no case where the patient had used city .water. The shallow wells imay.have-some responsibility in the matter. aChere.was a total eclipse of the moon .last night, and the phonomenon was closely watched by Henry Durant, our local .astronomical observer. The false of'the.-silver>orb was obscwxed for nearly two hours, and the entire enailaated.frooi about 9 p. ,m. to about 3 a. m. The ttotal obcuration lasted •from iWuOG.p.iia, till 12:47 a. m. T;heo,-Stensland, a workman in'the jEr-viingtaai ; gravel pit, was struck by an engine yesterday morning and' injured so thatibO'died'of tbe shock at 2:50 p. m, Both lags >were broken. He Was twenty \years .old, unmarried jpaa>ents' Eagle Grove, ugbt'.to Algona, and Drs, and Keneflek'treated" him, 1 3?.ro;f, D, (B. Johnson was in town on Friday and Saturday last. He was beue'Cupping bis goods to Mason City wi*eve be .apaas .up ateommercialsehool this week. sRrof, Johqson has associated with him in the school's • management Mr. that place, and he experts i» bum up a successful school, The professor js^o able instructor a#d manager- Bert Matthew has beoome possessed of 1QO acres of Kossuth county soi^ which he purchased last week of Mrs, McPpnald, of Bart, He would u ! n- doubwdJy mdks $ good farmer but cannot be spared A'ot» the Shsete .drug * and bis He was £arflejd . i, where' he ja .the, b.e§f - pan -that ' teot-waajn^e n^WMrh^M^rCW or-^W'pappte, Tfie?lwte':wiw m caug^i gnej f,uijy sftgtaipjng \ Us «epw ttW&Pft0$tt.9*ft^O»V) •'»'. '•'.' 'm ^.i'_ v ^ ">**•&*, i - f>i -. * m i i '^ ™ . * t * V D^1 ' • w * u v -V'UAAVj IIAWU Dj^/CwlCil. IJUUV/XO) and is one the most finely educated young ladies of Algona. : : Weisenberg Brothers, of Dows, Iowa, have located in Algona and expect to become permanent residents. These gentlemen conducted a boot and shoe business in Algona about seven years ago. Since leaving here they have been engaged in running a general store at Dows, in Wright -county. They will do a real estate business here. They are already established in the Theo. Chrischilles residence, and their father, John Weisenberg, is with them. The latter will make his home here. State Auditor McCarthy completed the annual apportionment of the permanent School fund on Monday. He found 6,251 children of school age in Kossuth county and apportioned -SI,•056.34;as the sum they should have the benefit of. The amount of permanent sphoolifuhd held by this county is $9! 963.69.; ' The total school fund of the state of Iowa is $4,707,608.70, and the apportionment to the several counties is 16 9ilO cents for each youth. It is interesting to know that there 'are" 697,228 children of school age in the state. In Ladendorf's window is a bottle containing a cucumber which completely fills it, and attached to it is a card bearing this announcement: "I am a cucumber. Bottle's full. How came,! here?" A very wise person informs the REPUBLICAN that the cucumber, with the end of the vine on which dt grows, is introduced into the bottle when it—the cucumber—is small. It :grows inside the bottle, and when the full, up speaks the innocent looking cucumber with the smart question before quoted. This is the only imposition upon the public that a cucumber has been known to attempt, but .it is allowed to be a very afflictive vegetable when the human stomach in plaoetbf the unimpressible bottle is full of encumber^ Earners are greatly encouraged because of the upward turn of the mercury/Sunday and Monday. Frost was seriously threatened Saturday night but none materialized, and on Sunday and Monday a decided change for the warjaaer took place. Some fields of corn are ready now for any frost that may",<jo i me, but others are not, and an imnjediate frost would mean considerable .soft corn. TUe'prospect now is favorable to a week's warm weather or more, .vwd. tbe complete ripening of the crop.. Tbe damage that frost would infliejt on the ears if it came now would be equalled by the damage to the fodder. A great many farmers are adopt' ing the,use of corn harvesters, and they, injure tbe grain and fodder crop against injury by early frost. When once in the shock the ears are ripened anktlie stalks are cured in nearly as fine 'condition for feeding as wben green. The corn crop has always been our sfcapje crop, but the farmers are likely" to double its value by tne new methods of harvesting which the new machinery makes possible. Chase' & Sanborn's famous Boston Coffees and, |Sea,l Brand Tea for salei on* ' *^ W",|p- 'O^'V^^^v^^'^m x .- - ; • > ,-v.. .f A jt§w 'ling of potted and salt roeftto just re6^ye,d.^at the Opera Hpu|3§ THE SCHOOLS IRE AT tOM Our Schools Opened with a Fine Corps of Teachers—A Qood Word from the Pulpit. Successful Opening of the Fall Term of the Normal School Yesterday .—A University Extension Lecture Course. The public schools opened on Mob- day motning with an able and well organized corps of instructors* Prof. J. C. Gilcbrist being at the bead as principal, and teachers in charge of robins as follows: 10—Miss Minnie Coate. 9—Mrs. L. M. Horton. 8—Miss Nettie Durant. 7—Miss Cora Hibbard. : '. R—Miss Teha Wallace. 5—Miss Birdie Hotelling. 4—Miss Willie Campbell. 1 3—Miss Hattie Stephens. 2—Miss Gertrude Clarke. 1—Miss Tillie Cramer. Miss Lillie Banks has charge of musical instruction and Miss Jessamine Jones has the drawing. Miss Jennie Thompson, daughter of Joseph Thompcon of tTnson township, has been employed by the board as teacher of the depot school. Rev. Kennedy, of the Methodist Episcopal church, set a good example for the clergy, Sunday morning, in making an earnest and strong plea for the support of the public schools. His remarks were in'the form of a prelude to the sermon, and were well timed in view of the opening of the school year on the following day. Mr. Kennedy said he favored the complete divorcement of the church from the public school system, but he urged that it was the duty of every citizen in his individual capacity to dr> all possible to build up the schools and make them successful. ,He mentioned several particulars in which this support might be given, and one of them was in visiting the schools as an encouragement to teacher and pupil, Another way in which the schools might be supported was in upholding their discipline and endeavoring to make the pupils respect their teachers. If ministers would more frequently pay needed attention to the every day duties of life thoy would be of greater use to the world. THE NORMAL OPENS. The Northern Iowa Normal and Commercial School organized yesterday with a large number of new students and with fine prospects for the year. The management have been fortunate in secbring Miss Laura Taylor, of Jackson Mineeasota as a member of the faculty.. Miss Taylor is a graduate of the Boston School of Oratory and has had several years experience as a teaceer in normal schools. A great attraction has been arranged for in the shape of a full course of twelve University extension lectures on history, literature and mechanic arts, which are to run from October first to April ISthi The gentlemen who are to deliver these lectures are Prof.WV C. Webster, of Cornell College and Messrs. G. O. Virtue and Hervey Whice, of Harvard University. The lectures will be open to the public and popular prices will prevail, course tickets being $1.75. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. ALGONA, IA., Aug. 31. 1895.—The city council met in regular session, Mayor Haggard in tbe chair; members present—Vesper, Ferguson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers; absent— Wadsworth, Pettibone and Magnusson. Minutes of last regular meeting read and approved. It was moved and seconded that the following bills audited and approved by the finance committee be allowed and warrants drawn for the same; ASandstrom.labor.... $ 3 75 Joseph Flanders, labor a 75 J B Willey, salary and cash paid 40 50 John Flanders, laoor.... 2 85 Len Weaver, labor (5 25 Globe Light and Heat Company, supplies. 9 53 W H Horan, salary and cash paid 40 85 Ferguson Supply Company, supplies... 14 61 WFMullica, injector....... ..... 5 00 M Starr, Printing 4 25 Alg-ona Courier, printing and publishing-proceedings of council ..,..., 1000 A H'Allen, meals for prisoners,..,..... 13 95 AH Naudain, coal and freight,;.,,,.... 22 62 Willard Stebblns, meals for prisoners.. 110 W E Naudain.freight,.,....,.. 2 05 J A Hamilton & Co., lumber 54 24 AT MoDonald & Morrison Manufacturing Op., supplies.....,., ., 25 05 John Paul Lumber Co,, lumber..., 57 81 F S Norton, lumber 1959 AVm Miller, lighting lamps , 15 00 BJGilmore, supplies., 840 Alpheus Johnson, use of wheelers,,,,,, l 25 J w Sampson, street work 09 00 Luidlaw-Bunn-Gordon Co., bal. on aco't 211 87 ' Ayes, Vesper, Ferguson, Nicoulin and Sayers; noes, pone. Carried. Moved and seconded that the levy of taxes for the next year be made at ten mills on the dollar for the geperal fund and ten mills on the dollar for the water fund, Carried, Moved and seconded that tbe night watch be required to give bond in tbe sum of 81,000 to be approved by the finance committee. Carried, Moved and seconded that the council adjqurn. Carried. CHAS, A, COHENOOB, ' • • City Clerk, At StudJey's Pharmacy you can see an elegant new line of Wan Paper. Bowles BlQQfc, Algona. mandintf the attention of tbe - siofiefs as to whether or not the medallion figure representing lo'wa sfrall Bife clothed, we are pleased to note thai Mr. Merry stands on the right opinion of the subject, The figure of Iowa, as devised and inspired by the sculptor^ acknowledged to be a work of art and a most sublime and beautiful study. To drape it entirely with a semblance of clothing would be to destroy the effect of the production of the artist's gefaius and to submit to the demands of a few overprddish sentimentalists Would be an insinuation against the tnofals and cultivated instincts of a more than ordinarily enlightened people. Mr. Merry will use his persuasiveness and energy to prevent the desecration of the representative figure of "Iowa." A CORRECRiON. TUB WIGWAM, ALGONA, IOAVA, SEPT. 2, 1895.— Editor REPUBLICAN: I notice in the last issue of your paper that your Union township correspondent makes mention of an elegant Monitor windmill erected by that wide awake young farmer Herman Dau, and gives credit to "Johnson" for doing the work. J' Johnson. did not do this Work, Jones did it, and Jones always does the best work. In oader that your correspondent may not be mistaken in the future 1 would like to state that the Johnson mills may be known by a sad looking spring chicken perched on a wood arm somewhere about the mill* The Jones mills moy be known by a massive ball of steel which taken together with the name of the mill. Monitor, always brings to mind that hiS*- torical and most desisive event in our national history which has always made the name Monitor a synonim of power and reliability. Thus a farmer shows his wisdom in selecting the Monitor wind mill. Its hall of steel is piercing and silencing all competition. Jones pays the freight and sells Monitor wind mills. Kespectfully yours, WlLKUID P. JONEH. LAW NOT KEPT. Last week a committee of the Algona Christian Endeavor Society had printed a bill on which was printed in large type Chapter 61 of tbe laws of the last general assembly, which reads as follows: BE IT ENACTED BY THK GKXEHAL ASSEMBLY OF THK STATK OF IOAYA: SECTION 1.—From and after the passage of this act it, shall be unlawful for any person, directly or Indirectly, by himself or agent to sell, barter or give to any minor under 10 years of ago within this state any cigars, cigarettes or tobacco in any form whatever, except upon the written order of his parent or guardian. SKCTJON 2.—Any person violating the foregoing section shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and lined not less than live dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, and stand committed until line and costs of prosecution are paid. Approved March'3,1894. No doubt the law has been violated in Algona by parties who were not aware of the existence of any such statute. Publicity is a good thing in such matters. , ^{J •,'' r ^i .-Try QUr,Glub House, corn. Standard; Tfte Misses ana Biwyn returned home aa,y from Algapa where they have been. amending tbejeaoherf iJUfHtntp. They a YprnMtroehve an& success. Thousands of children die annually that might be saved if properly treated in time. Cholera iufantum, diarrhoea anddisentery are the most fatal diseases. Dr. T. W. Wood's Blackberry Carminative is a certain cure in such cases. Sold by all druggists. SETTLED IN ROLLA. Rolla New Era: The new real estate firm of Adams, Matson & Co., have opened out an office in the west ground floor room of the Powell building on Eighth street. The firm is composed of Mr. J. Q. Adams, of Spencer, Iowa, Mr. C. B. Matson, who will be the traveling man of the concern, and Mr. D. M. Evans, who will be the office man here at Holla. Their idea is to bring Iowa farmers here and sell them Phelps county's best farms, and also deal in large ranch properties. OLD SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION. The Old Settlers^will celebrate their annual reunion by a basket picnic at Call's Park on Wednesday, September 11.1895 at 11 o'clock a.m. After election of officers and reports .of committees the day will be spent in music, short speeches and incidents of early days as told by those who participated in them. Everybody is invited and all' will be welcome. E. BLACKFOBD, Sec'y, NEWSPAPER MEN AND HOLY WRIT, Ledyard Leader; Bro. Starr of the Algona Republican gives copious extracts from the bibje to justify the pol' itical raffle between Funk and Clarke for the senatorial nomination. In com* piling these quotations Bro, Starr probably got a stand-in with bis pastpr, pr used a good concordance. No newspath er man is thus familiar,with holy-writ. H nothing occurs during ithe campaign« that is worse tUap-tjip Jittle gawe/ pf "draw" between Funk and Clarfce may iQoklor the winding up of alj fairs earthly, /• ' ' " ' lay wUl not cowe off until >$$$$. to'fet put up m ,wpf |p|p pjRny,, 'tfaaraep BIQBKBMR '

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