The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1966 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1966
Page 15
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6-A!gona (la.) Uppeir Des Maine* Thursday, July 14, 1966 Merry-Ge-Round iiiiininnmiiiiimiimwfflMiniflinw (mmmnmimfinnniimnnimii By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - President Johnson is making a determined drive to end the war in Viet Nam by mid-October. The date is not without domestic significance. U. S, Republicans are predicting LBJ will lose a minimum of 50 seats in the House of Representatives in the November elections. But if there is peace in Viet Nam ty October, these threatened losses could be turned into victories. • Furthermore, the -President is not unaware of the part v.-hich international events have played in previous elections. In 1956, Eisenhower turned the Israeli-Franco-British .idvir.ce on Suez to an over-A-helmir^p;!:- tical advantage at home v, v .~ demanded the invaders get ::; of Egypt. In October, 1962, Presicer.l Kennedy handled the C^ir. missile crisis Ln such 2 •••:•.•. \i to turn it into a greit pcliuri: asset which brought hlr. s;r.e new seats in the Senate. To achieve victory in Vie; :<a.~ during the monsoon seas;-., the President has escalated the '-ar around Hanoi and Haipfcor^, has also escalated his peace eficrts. This is the reason for Prime Minister Harold Wilson's sudden trip to Moscow, just before he comes to Washington. It had not been planned previously. It worked out over the long distance telephone between LBJ personally and the P. M. Britain and Russia are the two chief architects of the 1954 Geneva Treaty and have the power to call parties to that treaty back. So far Russia has been unwilling to move. But with the Far East facing the danger of American escalation, Wilson hopes he can persuade Brezhnev and Kosygin the time has come for negotiations. - o - —OPTIMISM IN VIET NAM— The optimism expressed by President Johnson and Acting Secretary of State George Ball over the war in Viet Nam is shared by other officials who have examined the reports coming back from Saigon. The reports state that the Viet Cong can no longer get replacements in the South, that villages all over South Viet Nam are tired of war and are turning against them. No longer can the Viet Cong hide in caves. They are bombed out by our B-52's. And while bombing alone will not win a war, it can be extremely effective, and apparently the American bombing is now having its effect. There have been previous optimistic forecasts predicting the end of the war, all of them proving wrong. So some officials still have their fingers crossed, but this time they advised President Johnson there was more reason to hope his optimism was justified. &;< the President has riven orders to sp?e\i ur the oCensive in :r.2er t: ce-t the v,-ir over V\ O;i;ber. N F.ED CHINA-- Prir;.;;: Jr. :>.; Er.-'.i: vi.$ ex- 1 rs r?.'i.l • irj^j. ; :.;s nsit ;,ii ^reiter.e-:: the- leadership in P~kir;t. This -"is an extreme id— issicn for him to make and he --ould not have made it if there «'ere not some serious problems in the Red Chinese leadership. Chou En-lai also unleashed some bitter words against Russia for collaboration with what he called "the U. S. imperalists' in trying to win peace in Viet Nam. Obviously the Chinese are still against peace, recognize that the war is extremely embarrassing to the United States. The longer they can keep us fighting, the more friends they believe we will alienate ' in Asia. Chou En-lai told the Albanians that there are only two pure communist countries left in the world - China and Albania. - o - -LBJ EMBARRASSMENT— The draft deferment of Hollywood actor George Hamilton, boy friend of Lynda Bird Johnson, is proving highly embarrassing to the President' on top of the plush treatment given Pat Nugent, fiance of Luci Baines, his other daughter. Actually, Hamilton's deferment was granted long before he was linked with Lynda Bird, on the grounds that he was supporting his mother, even though she has four sons, lives in a 32- room mansion, and is scarcely a hardship case. Nevertheless, the President has been criticized for the deferment. But unless the President wishes to intervene directly with Hamilton's local draft board in Los Angeles - action which any President would hesitate to take for or against any individual it's not likely that Hamilton's status will be changed. The local draft board does not have to reverse itself in this case or any other, whatever the criticism. The Hamilton deferment, however, does illustrate again that our draft system may not be fair. - o -. —BLACK POWER PROPAGANDA— Some of the leaders of CORE and SNCC, including John Lewis, were invited to Guinea, West Africa, by President Sekou Toure, all expenses paid, to be propagandized in favor of black power and Negro nationalism. Guinea is the chief remaining African republic which leans toward Chinese communism. It has 900 Chinese advisers, gave political refuge to President Nkrumah of Ghana, making him co-president, has been bitterly critical of the USA. Guinea still receives substantial foreign aid from the State Department, presumably to protect the big bauxite concession given to Harvey Aluminum. This aid has aroused resentment by African friends of the West and nearby states, but is continued by the State Department nonetheless. The SNCC leaders who returned from Guinea were not entirely sold on black nationalism. John Lewis refused to go along with -the radicals and was thrown out as president, being replaced by Stokely Carmichael. Wliile this radical leadership represents a definite .minority among Negroes, it has a real potential for trouble. - o - —DDT IN ANTARCTIC— The Public Health Service is convinced there is' more and more food poisoning as a result of pesticides, especially DDT. DDT spray has done a great service in combating mosquitoes, but when used on fruits and vegetables it may get into body tissues and remain there for years. Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin is going to alert the public regarding this danger. Among other things he will reveal the amazing fact that DDT has turned up in the tissues of Antarctic penguins. There is no possible way DDT could have got to the Antarctic except through ocean currents. This will demonstrate how harmful DDT can be. - o - —VEEP CANDIDATES— Never before in history have two candidates definitely run for Vice President of the United States. Customarily they run for President - with of course the private resolve that they will settle for Vice President. For bargaining reasons, however, they don't announce this in advance. In the up-coming Presidential election, despite the fact that it is two years off, two men are f^ABIKMM^^^ SAVE BY JULY 15th! Earn a full six months return next December 21st on the Greatest thing growing- Passbook-Handy Savings Meet this deadline! Add extra earnings to your savings. We compute earnings from July 1. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Insured to $10,000 Save from the 15th—Earn from the 1st SINCE 1917 —ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Ac-counts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Innirpnce Corporation of "Washington, D. C. definitely running for Vice President. They are: 1. Hubert Humphrey, Democrat, who is running for re- nomination because he can't and won't try to shove out LBJ for top place. 2. Sen. Jacob Javits, the New York Republican whose name is frequently linked with that of Gov. George Romney of Michigan. Javits is the most prominent Jew in Republican politics and would like to be the first member of his faith to become Vice President. Both Humphrey and Javits have had flne records in the Senate. Both are liberals, both are somewhat garrulous, sometimes considered softies, and both have been hurt by the recent Dodd- Klein investigation. When all the facts are out their wounds may prove mortal. When Sen. Wallace Bennett, R-Utah, insisted on reading into the record the Senatorial letters written to Gen. Julius Klein, the registered West German agent and Chicago public relations wire-puller, it turned out that among the most verbose letter-writers were Humphrey and Javits. They gushed. They gushed so vociferously that either they were inexcusably naive, or else they must have been hand- in-glove with a man whose promotion of Gen. Douglas MacArthur for President and whose espousal of other right-wing causes was directly opposite to their avowed liberalism. PRINTING THAT PULLS and does Justice to your business, fairly priced. Upper Des Moines Republicans Plan Pot Luck With Guest Speakers The Republican Women s Club of Kossuth County will have a Family Pot Luck' Picnic Supper at Call State park in Algona, on Tuesday July 19, 1966 at 6 p.m. Republicans and their friends are welcomed. Guests speakers will be candidate for Republican Representative from the 6th District Wiley Mayne and Republican Candidate for Governor^ Robert Beck. Mr. Murray unable to Attend. Coffee and punch will be served by the club. Entertainment will be provided by the dance students of Mrs. Leila Coleman. Local Candidates will be intru- duced. Entertain For Calif. Guests In Cylinder Home Pot luck- dinner was enjoyed by a group of relatives at the Loyd Johnson home on July 3 near Cylinder in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Mueller and Michelle of Merced, Calif. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs Louie Mueller of Whittemore, Merrill Mueller's family of Algona, Mrs. Wilfred Mueller and family of Ringsted, Mrs. Rose Borchardt of Badger, la., Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Borchardt and family, Fenton, la., Bryon Menz of Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore and Gerhardt Klott, Sir. and Mrs. Roger Moore and Sharon of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schmidt of Lone Rock. Afternoon callers, were - Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mueller family, Mrs. Will Mueller all of Fenton, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Henrickson and family of Cylinder and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Flint and family of Ringsted. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Mueller, and Michelle of Merced Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Louie Mueller of Whittemore, were Wednesday. evening guests in the Loyd Johnson home. Moines, Lewlne Kunz of Knoxville, the Frank Materns and Jule Matern of Britt, Mark Studers, LeRoy Rickes, Denny Wests and Billy Kunz. Wm. Goetz and L. L. Lease attended the funeral of V. C. Stueland, 69, at the Lutheran church in Kanawha, Wednesday. Mr. Stueland was a member of the Iowa legislature from Hancock county and was up for re- election. He was a veteran of World War I, serving in the' payroll division and serf ecf with the military police during World War n. Mr. Stueland was a life-time member of the Forest City Legion post and held fnariy offices in the American Legion, including vice commander. -• TYPING PAPER, Office Sfipply Dept., Upper fa* Moines Fob, Co., Algona. WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Studer I The George Hirner's spent July 4th with Mrs. Charlene Hirner and 2 daughters at Emmetsburg. The two granddaughters, Christ!. and Michele returned with the Hirners for a weeks visit. The George Hirners and Mrs. Alice Hirner and Roland joined a large group of relatives at a Willger-Krebsbach family reunion Sunday, July 3 at Swea City. Mrs. Justine Becker will entertain her bridge clubs Thursday, July 14 instead of July 13 as formerly reported. 4th of July picnickers at the J. M. Kunz home included Dr. Primisings, West Bend, Mrs. Emma Sherman, Bloomington, HI., Mrs. Ann Kunz of Des NOW IN MINNEAPOLIS .*•" Nationally Famous HYATT lOO Where Old-World Innkeeping Hospitality is Revived !-!ver>thini: \ou c\cr iniiijiined. Kverylhing you expect is provklcil for \our complete enjoyment iind comfort at ihc M W Hy;iit l.oiluc — I.iirj!e Decorator-Designed I.usury Rooms. King-Size Beds. Individually Room- Controlled Ye;u-Around "as you like it" Temperature. Direct-Dialing Telephones. Newest TV and Radio. Excellent Hood. Coffee Shop. Restaurant. Cocktail Lounge, Northwest's Finest Automatic Bowling (32 lanes), Billiard Lounge. Near Shopping Centers. Sports Attractions and Theaters. Minutes to Downtown — liasily Accessible to International Airport and Metropolitan Stadium. For Reservation!, Wire, Write or Phone 612-544-3601 or Contact Your Nearett Hyatt Lodge, Hyatt Chalet Motel, or Hyatt Houtt Hotel. HYATT the HYATT LODGE 8625 Wayzata Blvd. (Hwy. 12) Minneapolis, Minn. 55426 Acrosi from GENERAL MILLS .MAIN OFFICES FREE tu tor Color Brochure and "Things to Do and See m Minneapolis." I NAME. !ADDRESS. . STATE. GOOD NEIGHBORS AROUND THE TOWN & COUNTRY Meet Allwin Lockwood, Lone Rock This week's Country Neighbor is Allwin Lockwood, 45, who has lived since 1940 on the farm he works a mile south and three- fourths of a mile west of Lone Rock. Mr. Lockwood farms 320 acres, with 107 acres of corn, 15 oats, 124 beans and 15 pasture. He also raises dairy and beef cattle and hogs and says working with corn is his favorite task on the farm. .Son of Dale and Hazel Lock- ' wood of Swea City, Allwin was born in 1921 at Winfred, So. Dak. He is a member of the Presbyterian church and the Farm Bureau, and enjoys fishing and hunting and watching baseball games as hobbies. Mrs. Lockwood is the former Margie Be saw. She was born in 1926 at Maple Hill and was married to Allwin in 1944. Margie is a member of the Sentral Band Mothers and Presbyterian Women organizations. The Lockwoods have three children, Gene, 21, Linda, 18, and Paula, 12. Allwin has three brothers, Merle, Swea City, Everett, Algona, and Orville, California, and a sister, Irene, Washington. Robinson Construction Co. Sioux Steel Building* Building Construction Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Alfoia Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tirei AllU-Chilmti* Oliver CMC Truck! ru*ilen* TlrM Phone 295-2421 A1|MB Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service Phone 285-3MI ALGONA i H JOHN DEERE ... a most trusted name in farm equipment . . . located on U.S. Highway 18. just at the east edge of Algona. "Service that Satisfies" is not just our slogan, it's a guarantee. For tractors, implements or parts, we can assure you of the finest. You're welcome to drop in anytime. We'll be glad to demonstrate our equipment, and we'll be more than glad to answer any questions you may have. T^^^o DEERE. > " Y ° u ' re a neighbor, not a stranger" at ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan - Papec New Idea Farm Machinery • felM N. Mate ft. Phone m-9Ul Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUALITY A SERVICE Located east of Algona ou highway 18. 1 n 1 . ^ssssa L , ,1, rons Heating & Plumbing "Completely- Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing • Ht«tlng Sh»«l Mtttl GBI or Oil Uaiti Pumpi W»:er Sytltmi Compltt, Phono 295-3640 ALGONA Upptr Dts Moln«s Publishing Co. PRINTING AT IT'S HIT - WITH QUALITY AND ICONQMY Phi If Mill

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