The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1895
Page 8
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IMS, ioAS§ w Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutching. Vice-Pres. Wm. K. Ferguson, Cishier. C. D. Smith, ASs't. Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. ALGONA* tOWA. Itnmt to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish bh-ectoM—I), tt. Mntchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip fiflt^eiler, , B. ti.Sj Ambrose A. Call, $60»OOO* flrst-Class se<mrlty . F. H.V ipenccr, Win. K. J'ctguson. CASH CAPITAL-$50,OOO.OO. THE NEWS OP THE COUNTY, Farmers Have their Gfaiti Wet and their Stacking Put Back by Heavy Rains. Young Lady at Manna Goes to Sleep at a Dance with Unpleasant Results- Bancroft Deathf and Weddings. —tteighboi-hood OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A.D.Clarke, Pros.. 0. C. Chubb. Vice Pres., Thos. H. ban try. Cashier. «eo. L ualbralth, Fred M. Miller, Myron Scheiick, Thos. F. Cooko. Algona, lotrn. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest 1'nid for Time Deposits. W. H. Itigham, President. Tlit'o. Chriscliitles, Vice President. Letvis H. Smith, Cashier ALGONA, IOWA. " CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated imdnr i?en.<ral laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign ami domestic I'xcliangc^oiiKlit and sold. Collections made promptly and a general bunking business transartpd. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. tttreoiors- W. II. fnghain. John <i. Smith. .). R. Jones, T. Chrlschilles, Lewis H. Smith,,). W. W;i(ls\vorth. Haiti-.;!. Uevinc. S. M, Kichtnoiul. 1're < K. Smith, Vice Pres. A. 15. Richmond, Cashier. 0. ,f. Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Inveued. Authorized capital, Sflo.ono. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business] transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamsmp a DIKE0 0 TOB8 f -K. ""."Richmond. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Klchmend. B. F. Smith. Samuel Mayne.C. E. Mallory, ,T. N. Sheruuin. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever Britten a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you MO more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY Opera House Block. & RICE Algona, Iowa. Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. _£ can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Machine at $20, a still better one at §25, so it is .not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT. J. B. Cards are out announcing the wedding of N. M. Fehrm and Miss Amanda Johnson, at the Swedish Lutheran church Oh the evening of Wednesday, September 4, 1895. The ceremony will be performed by Rey. A. Elfstrom, of Algona, after which a reception will be given at the residence of the bride's parents. The groom is a prosperous young farmer who lives near the state line while tho bride is tho daughter of Swan Johnson nnd sister of August Johnson and is one of Bancroft's best girls. The News extends hearty congrat- tions. On Monday at 12:30 o'clock, August 20, 1805 at the residence of Geo. F. HolloWay, occurcd tho death of Miss Alice B. Chapin aged 21 years and 10 months. Tho deceased was born at Newark. N. J. In 1873. Botli of her parents died while she was quite young. For the past seven years she has made her home with her aunt, Mrs. G. F. Holloway. Last October she contracted a cold which culminated in consumption from which disease she died as above stated. She was a very popular young lady and had a host of friends here. The funeral will be from the Catholic church under the auspices of tho Young Ladies Society of said church. Rev. Father Schcmmcl will officiate. Dr. Walters was called to Armstrong last week to attend a couple of very serious cases of illness. Dr. West again hung out his shingle in Bancroft yesterday. His office will be over the Exchange Bank. Ho formerly had extensive practice here. R. I. Brayton had business in Minnesota last Monday. A. D. Clarke was in the city a few minutes last Monday. The republican caucus of Greenwood township will be held at the Register office next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. All republicans are invited. Dick Stenson, of Sheldon, stopped off here for a day's visit w.ith relatives on his way home from a business trip to Chicago. Misses Minna Bruer and Etta Johnson visited at Armstrong over Sunday and returned homo on Monday of this week. Milton Johnson rode down from Red Wing, Minn., one day last week. No items appeared under this head last week because the writer was absent at Iowa Falls. Anew lodge of Modern Woodmen of America will likely be organized here next Saturday. Success to them. Bancroft aud Swea City expect to play ball hero next Friday. Fred Arnold, step-brother of the scribe, visited with us the first of the week. B. F. Wickwirc has sold out his general merchandise store to Joseph flackl who is now in possession. We understand that Mr. Wick'wire will remain in Bancroft. Will Richardson is putting up a large now residence for Christ Nelson southeast of town. Rev. E. G. Vine preaches at the Baptist church in Swr-a City each Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Fred Anderson and family are living in the Baptist parsonage. Dr's. Geo. Walters and O. H. Bemis will occupy the front rooms upstairs of the J. E. Hudson building. Dr. Bemis is reported as being much better since beginning treatment at Hot Springs, S. D. We hope that he may have a speedy recovery and that he may soon return to Bancroft. n S. S. Sfid a tfotfd iftfte is ' ! ^feather tfetfrf S6 bad" many wilt that would like to on account of their dng. But to those who do go a good 10 Is assured. ilrs. Hutchinson, of Algona, who has n staying with her daughter, Mrs. Me- thur, returned home and loft her ighter, Sola and Lottie in charge. :t. J. Reibhoff and wife took Grandma a' il Grandpa Reibhoff over to Alex Mc- Afthvir's Sunday to see their great grand- dftighter, this being Mrs. Relbhoff's first g <at grandchild. Iliss Ida Godden is home now the first tifje to stay since spring. Irs. Andrew Ban- is very much improv- ift sbwe ioeaflttes, Mofcaft ere'aiw&fy tn for its share, having SofBS 6? th'e iron roofing btotrn off the east side. At It Agalh, Mi? Standard: Deputy Sheriff Branson, of Algona, was a business caller in dermania Wednesday. Wheels. Leader: .Ledyard has more wheels than any town in the county With not over 500 population. They are not in the heads of our people, either. The to 1 sfteftffc'e tito o'aflet, ftfM the pas'tttre a chantfe to get K Start. stock was kept on the barley till 8th, he then turned them into the pasture again not having the slightest hopes of getting any barley from that fifteen acres. But he was doomed to be disappointed, for the crop came on and matured a yield of sevehtytwo bushels per acre of a very fine quality. cd her nelce, Miss Hattie Hindell, from' Oliwein, is out. V. F. Jonkinson's brother from Moline, flit, is out here for ah indefinite stay. iif. Sheiick and family spent Sunday at A L. Belton's, also quite a number of oth- ni|from Union. I Swea City. |\VEA. CITY, Aug. 20.—C. J. Brostod took hfs departure on Saturday for Linn Grove. M|$S Reka Brostod will attend to the store uritil his return. t'lie baby of Mr. and Mrs. Crane has beb quite ill with cholera infantum but is low much better. Jiiss Pierson and Miss Alice Johnson spoilt Wednesday and Thursday at Buffalo Center visiting their cousin, Mrs. J. Hoi us. B. M. Richmond has been under tho weather for the past few days. The Sivertsons restaurant narrowly escaped a conflagration tho iirst of tho week from a gasoline stove. It seems the stove began leaking and upon being lighted exploded and made things lively for a while until Mr. Stone with preat presence of mind seized an overcoat and smothered it out. Very little damage was done. Ransom Miller went down to Emmetsburg on Sunday to be in attendance on tho Institute now in session there. Miss Bruer and Miss Johnson, of Bancroft, stopped in town a short time on Saturday while waiting for the evening train to Armstrong. Miss Cora Packman is home from a visit with a sister at Webster City. Miss Maybello Johnson, of Bancroft, is spending the week with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Kain who live a mile east of town gave a party on Thursday evening in honor of their daughter who is them. Quite a number from town were invited and all report a delightful time. Satisfaction is Guaranteed . Sioux Baplds fieptiblican: Cotirt op^ ened last Monday at Storm Lake with Judge Quafton oh the bench. The Judge is a hew man to most of our people but is giving good satisfaction on the bench. Mart to call foi- Wesley Reporter: Fully fifteen thresh' ing machines have come into Kossuth county from Wisconsin and Illinois this season. These with what were formerly here will find more than they can do. JLaud Buyers are Many. Register: At no time since our residence here have so many land seekers crowded into Bancroft. Kossuth crops are second to none, and prospective purchasers consider it tho best place to invest their money. Grave stisiiicioit at Whitteiitore. Whittcmofe Champion: In the normal school recently a young lady was assisting in a primary illustration and said, "Torn has seven childferi in the house," arid then she te-he-d* .after which the whole class te-he*d' { and finally a hearty ha-ha Was the result. The ladies' name has not been revealed but it seems probable that she must have a sweet-heart whose name is Tom, and thus this merriment Would be explained, A grave suspicion flits across the minds of some people, that the Tom who caused all this trouble, is our Tom, the Tom with curly hair; the Fourth of July orator, who runs a law-bottling establishment in tho Blue Front. What an absurd idea; Impossible! On the Hello Line. German fa Standard: The telephone poles have been set to this city and are rapidly on their way to Buffalo Center. The wire will be put up a week later, then the word "Hello" will echo and re-echo over the wires. Kyau Speaks tlie Truth. Ft. Dodge Messenger: J. J. Ryan of Algona, is looking after his Webster county business affairs. He says that the rumors of a crop failure in Kossuth county are totally without foundation, that they have had as much rain and prospects are as good as here. Plum Creek. PLUM CKKKK. Aug. 22.—Mrs. P. T. Ferguson, Mrs. Grant Benchoter aud Mrs. John Weaver are going to take a much needed vacation and likewise make a visit buck to Ohio and New York. Mrs. Weaver intends to stop at their old home in Ohio, and Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Benschoter are going to Fulton county, N. Y. Gloversville is their destination. They will most likely be gone a month or six weeks. New York will have a goolc representation from Kossuth. Tho down- casters may be somewhat surprised, too, when they hear of the garden 'spot of towa, Kossuth county. Mrs. D. Rice contemplates a trip to her old hjmo in Herkimer county, N. Y. Miss Luella Cleary went home last Wednesday. Dr. Pride said she had a touch of typhoid fever. Hopes are entertained that she may speedily recover. Mr. Seelcy informs us that Oliyer Benschoter has so far recovered as to be able to walk down to his son Frank's place one day this week. D. Rico has inclosed his yard with a quite ornamental as well as useful woven wire fence. The Frost Record. Bancroft Register: The temperature in this part of the U. S. went so low the first of the week as to cause apprehension on account of frost. The earliest recorded killing frost, reported from the Bancroft signal service station, was on September 28,183(3. The average date of killing frosts here is October 4. A Safe Speculation. Monitor: T. H. Connor on Monday bought a drove of 50 young porkers from Wm. Cooper and sent them up to his big farm in Se'ncca to be fed. He paid 82.50 a head for them and they will make him good money. The hog brings the farmers bigger money than anything else. Looks Like a Whopper, But— Burt Monitor; Big yields of grain aro rife in this county and this part of Iowa this season, and we have all read of some extraordinary big yields, but we have one to report that knocks the spots off of anything yet reported. It will at least come up to that report over at Geruiania in which a man was given 100 bushels of oats per acre. Mr. Peterson, who lives north of Frank Stewart's, northeast of Burt, has just threshed out some wheat that went 04 bushels to the acre, machine measure, and which weighed out 03 bushels. This would soem to be a whopper, but it is vouched for by parties who disbelieved the report and went and seen tho ground measured. Our yield of grain this year surprises the natives. Skeletons From way Back. It is not generally known that the former city burial ground, before Oakland was laid out, was in tho north part of town, north of the Catholic church. About 1850 and 18(50 this was used and when the cemetery was changed a number of the bodies of unknown persons were left where they had been placed. Today the men in tho employ of the city, while cutting down north Lemp street in front of Wm. Robinson's house dug up four skeletons, all in what medical men would call "a good state of preservation." The laborers were considerably startled at their Iirst find and had visions of the solving of a mysterious murder but when they learned they were working on an old cemetery they soon grew so familiar with tho idea that they would pull out bones and grinning skulls as coolly as so many clods of earth. Bloomers Sized Up by Bailey. Britt Tribune: The bloomer so much talked of is a fact. We saw 'em bloom; He Will Move to Algona. E. R. Cook has invested in Algona property. He has bouglit the D. S. Miller property near ths fair grounds, which comprises about ton acres and goes by the faciiiating name of "Idle-wild." Mr. Cook has a choice half-section farm just northwest of town, and as to whether or not he intends to quit farming we are not informed. Most likejy though he has a selling price on the farm. BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency- J, A, Freeh, Prop, Haima. HANNA, Aug. 3d.—Farmers have nog JIK OKKKKH TIIK FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOH CONSIDERATION: Assets £10,847,810.30 5,588,058.00 (5,754,908.00 oim 463,214.00 Company. Cash Capital Aetna, Hartford ^'Mn'm Phoenix, Hartford ffi'ffin Continoutftlf N. Y - i,uiju,uuu.uu Fire Association, i'hila ,™'™ i ™ Hanover, N. Y 1,000,000.00 Northwestern National, Milwaukee 500,000.00 Rockford, Pockford wR'rmm State, Des Moinos 200,000.00 LIFE. MASSACHTSETTS BENEFIT LIFE 107,000.00 Insurance in force, $39,000; Policy holders, 81,100,000; Cash surplus, paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co Assets, §43,977,586.08 We believe this is as good a statement as can be made by any agency in the land and we solicit your patronage. lected stacking so long that the wet weather has damaged grain very much. Threshing is progressing slowly on account of wet weather. Potato digging time is almost here; early digging is all right if the potatoes are dry when dug. Beans seem to be struck with blight and there will not be more than a half crop. Haying is not nearly done and farmers are realizing the fact that they have more work on their hands than they can do. There was a pleasant dance at F. R. Bunkofske's new barn last Wednesday night. All enjoyed themselves till the wee small hours when one young lady went to sleep and walked off down stairs without taking "the trouble of following the stairway. A bruised face and a skinned ear is the result. Cyclone Charley (better known as C. A. Olson) was out to singing school last Tuesday night and we think he did not go straight home from the school for ho did not get up next morning in time for breakfast. Quarterly meeting at Corwith and Lu- Verne last Suuday. C. A, Olson was at LuVerne Friday and is there again today. Fred Will was at LuVerne on Monday. The coon became an elephant last June when the frost cut the corn. We heard a farmer say that he guessed it was a coon case with the corn, and now ho says that the farmers' have an elephant on their hands, the crops are so large. Lotts Creek. LorrsCHKEK, Aug. 20.—N. C. Taylor is very sick with tho quinsy, and his sou Earnest has had the typhoid fever for about six weeks. Theirs, is an afflicted family. Fred Thorno, Mrs. Matt Dal/iel and Mrs. Wm. Strang were called to Waukegan, Illinois, by a telegram saying their sister was dying. They went last Friday. Thos. Rich arrived home, Monday, from a visit to Illinois. Mr. Meine has built a new granary, and John Markgraff and John Vigdal have put up now windmills. Lotts Creek crops are a match for anything in the county. Oats generally goes 00 to 70 bushels to the aero and wheat 40 bushels. Liberal Contributions. Advance: They say that the young man who passes the contribution box in one of the churches in Fort Dodge, took from his pocket as he thought a quarter to start the ball rolling. But it wasn't. It was a lozenge with, "Will you marry meV" in great big letters. And as he stuck the plate under tho noses of tho people, a young lady dropped in another, but smaller-lozenge, also in pink trimming, which read "Name the day." of this The Republican and State Register, The Republican and Inter Ocean, , The Republican and 1.1 Tribune, $1,85 $1,85 $1,85 UNIQN, Aug. 27,—Herman Pau has a now windmill up, Johnson being the man. thskt put it up- Wm. Harrispn's little boy is very low at this writing. He is three years old. T. M. BjUsborough is home from Missouri. & ^c»ic at toe Rob&v* Wi for the Her* Fenton. FKNTON, Aug. 30.—Charley Bronson, Bancroft, has been buyinpr cattle neighborhood. Geo. E. Boyle and son. of Whittemoro, were in Fenton the fore part of the weak. A.. Moore has been making improver ments on his place. , Miss Mary Weisbrod is home r.gain from Algona, where she was attending the Institute. Ed. Chrischilles Jr., the Lotts Creek butter maker, AY as visiting hero the iirst of the week. Adam Beck, of Burt, has boon visiting Fenton friends. Hrtmsoji. HABWISON, Aug. 26.—High winds and rains visited this section on the night of the 21st but did no damage. Frank Jenero's dog went mad last wfeek, He had a number of iits before his condition was discovered. <J?he U, B, ladies of Ledyard gave an ice cream supper in the now implement building for the beneiit of the society Jf any of the farmers wish to ship poultry this fall it will benefit them to write for prices to Jiarnet Bros., J59 South Wq,ter street, Chicago. Bloomers Heard From. Reporter: The bloomer base ball nine were at Emmetsburg on Tuesday and played against a picked up.nine. The game drew a crowd but according to report was not "good ball." Some of the members of tho nine got a little loud during the evening. Elmoro Eye: Tho so-called Boston Bloomer sherbase ball team, who showed off at the county seat recently, played at Algona last Monday. They make a fine object for comment, The Telephone at JLetlyarfl, Leader; "Hello!"' - "What?" "Who is it?" "Well!" "Exactly!" "Oh!" "How is Ledyard?" "Lively!" "What Is it?" It is a telephone and Ledyard is in it. The poles were set last -Thursday. The office will be at Dr. Dimlap's drug store— a very convenient place— and the public will find it a great convenience. We are not advised as to just how soon connections will be made so we can chin the brethren of neighboring towns over the wire, but it will not bo long, Ledyard corrals every desirable thing that comes aipng. striped and bifurcated like thunder. From thekhees up the'skirts are twins until they reach the balloon. When they cease to be divorced tho wideness of the whiCh- ness excites much admiration from the voluminosity of their muchness. It is then attached- to a belt encircling tho waist and the thing is done. There were curly headed blondes with 25c gate receipt smiles, dark haired brunettes with givea- dam beau-catchers fluttering in the breeze. Petites and Jumbos. The pitcher could throw a ball where she had a mind to, and did it twice. Sho could also catch a ball without an apron. Several really good plays were made, and they spit on their hands and rubbed sand on them like an amateur who . has fanned out. It was pleasant to see her twirl the pig skin with a faraway look In her eyes that plainly said look out everybody. She is a Norman about 13 hands high, blocky, arched ed neck, short in the back, reached mane, and wide between the names'; sired by Goldsmith Maid, out of Wedlock, iirst dam the Umpire, and went at a 2:10 gate at an early age without' urging. The shortstop was piquant. We don't know what that means but are confident that's tho word. She did some good work when long steps were requisite. The iirst base woman did effective work for a cross-eyed lady aud stopped several balls while looking over her shoulder. The fielding was exceptionally good but would have been much more effective if viewed through an opera glass. The score stood 99 to 100 in favor of Algona. The boys would have madi, another score but none of them had ever ran from a girl before and looking backward whilej-unning made them dixxy. Low-Hate Excursions to the Wet,t ii|»U Northwest. , On August 39, Sept. 10 and 34, 1895, the North-Western Line will sell homo-seekers' excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to a large number of points in the west and northwest at very low rates. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & North-Western R'y, 48'50 At Studley's Phm-maoy you cap an elegant new line of Wall Paper- ' Cowles We wave a nice line of Toilet :D,ANGJ>ON & Soaps, Still m , Aug. ?A'~Hobart Qfeamwy in, in the mpntU of July, 8SJ,553 ppands oi milk, w* «9a4P U.W1 JWHWfe gf butter, for which It got the tygtort $ey J-J m . .. rni_ _ at f-kMTn "IJ^ 1 "'*' r. «• miAtflnrw ' Should Close Their Wine Spencer Reporter: A desperate and brutal tight t6 a Unlsh, is said to have tak* en place at Arnold's Park yesterday between Yilfts Arnold and a brother-in-law named Beebo, as the result of a long standing family feud. The men are both powerfully bujlt and very stubborn, and, after a bloody fight of tlfty minutes, the only way they could be separated was to, chloroform them. Retails aro meager, but it is reported that one lost an eye the other m ear, «nwl that both were ly disfigured otherwise. VftFll ftWH J, perlment fate se^o, tine result of be of interest tp s.ome pt guy farmers. a C Parties wanting to buy a f i. Qase Agitator 0r PI, -..V \ it is lt «nJy thit'Wlf! and make r> JJe

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