Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1966
Page 6
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"%.4I ittA AMH*iit •_ iv.iit.ti A Uft n I.A AIM STEM •Y p* *&,f JULIAN CHRlicHIUlf "T*. v thetffc basketball coaches (or football fo? that maiterK . . on his,jtaim§ofr'Af>hed family Christmas,m.cwage('3x-Alg,onia coach' George Duvall, now head truan at fAmes high^h'OioVlpennedCthis message in longhand, "We've got a 4 LOtfSY bask&ball"teatn this year" ... a few nigtot§ fetor, Gjorgb's lousy teaSft beat Des Moines Roosevelt, ranked 'No,,l in the state, 6ST-56 . . . eithfrr^George is a fibber or else his'fcftlMniplovccl an awful lot in the past week! (',"' '• s-r ,.,«' •$* A FRIEND past middflslige described the three ages of man thusly: Youth, Middle Aga and "Go»h, you're look* ing good!" •' , ' ' '' ' ^ ' * " ' * * WE'VE ALWAYS been curious why a good high school free thrower will suddenly see his percentage drop sharply when he plays college ball . . . pressure we figured was the major factor. But not so says Algona's all-stater, Dale Teeter, now a firs! string freshman at Drake University. "It's practice," he reports. "In high school we'd shoot maybe 200 or 300 frae throws a night^ ;ln college, we never practice free throws. The ipnly time I you might get any practice oh free throws is before or after the reg- " drills." .' \ ,,. ., -v'*V"••.- .'V •'*'"•' .'• • '••.-Teeter averaged isorh£y^ere?ail>ove,/TO school but currently at Drake; he ; reports he's a shade lurider •50" per-.cent. Quite n change and who says practice doesn't make perfect! ' WHITTEMORE'SfLyle Looboeh returned for the holidays after spending the) past fall With >the San'Francisco 49'er. "Taxi Squad" . . . this-is'a team, thial" practices regularly but' whose, players never, play in a regular season game unless they're called up to the parent team because of injuries to key players or outstoiiding improvement on their part. Their, lot is probably nol the, most exciting but'Uheir pay runs around $300 weekly! THE HAPPIEST days of your Bf* are school days — provided your child 1 is old enough to attend! ALERT GLEN JENKINSON 'joshed our nev/s staff about the recent State Bank of Ledyard burglary story . . . the loss, as released 'iy Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst, was $4,624.68 and it was reported thiat fl nio pennies,^ only t silver was stolen . . . and Glen couldn't figure out how, the 68 cents was taken with no pennies included. Good question! ^ BARRING A complete late season collapse, an Algona victory 'over Clarion here -Tuesday night would just about, c wrap up the Norl^ Central Conference title for the Bull--* , dogs . . . Clarion is the only teajn besides Algona with less (than .three losses and a \yin would mean Algona could still ,lose,at least three of its remaining eight conference games. , 3 anid,still tie for ,tlia.title ejven if one of the conference clubs; wins all the,rest of tUeir games, which is unlikely! ,U i DON ,POTTHOFF, 1 Garrigan's fine forward ,of last year,! is currently third in individual,scoring in the Iowa Junior College circles'. . . Don has hit 102,points in four games<for> a 25.5 average, i . , ! '• •' ; NORTH DES MOINES, the team Garrigan beat by nine! points in i the Des Moines Coaches'Clinic .two weeks ago, is currently 6-0 for the season. < ,',.•* '."*-' ' i1 «. '( ,' ' / v, , . I- i Pairings for girls sectionals released Pairings for the ' girls , high school sectional basketball tournament were_relea'sj§d last week. The, meets, j^egjn Feb. •> 11 an'd coVtinue' through 'Feb/1^. •*, ' Theire' will be 'only ,330 schools 'competing "this year' as the list grows smaller eiach campaign because of consolidations, etc, Ev- *erly is the defending champion. ) Pairings for the two idistiricts InvolvJng'Kossuth county schools follows: • DISTRICT 11 At Ayrshire — West Bend — Fenton : , Firit Round — Havelock-Plo 1 yer vs.. Ayrshire, Feb. 11 at Ayr- :shjre;' Ringsted vs. Mallard, Feb. U'att Ayrshire. . • ' Second Round.— Senitral' (Fw» ton) vs. Ro-lfe, Feb. 13 at Fen : ton; Haveliick-Plover - Ayrshire ^xyinner vs. West Bend, Feb. J3 j| V{$st Bend; Armstrong vs. Rings^ted - Mallard winner Feb. 13 ft* Fenton; Twin Rivers vs. Ijaurens, Feb. 13 at West Bend; Semi-finals at Fenton Feb. 14, finals Fab. 16 at Fenton. DISTRICT 17 At Corwith -~ First, Round -^ Corwjth-Wes- }ey vs.. Burt, Fejb, 11 at Corwith; yifeota vs. ftanawha, Feb. 11 at Corwith; Woden-CiTStal Lake vs. Thompson, Feb. 11 at Corwitih. Round — Lu Verne at Feb. 13 at LuVerne; Biirt wjnpfir vs. Feb. 13 at Titonka; Valley vs. Lakota-I^ina- winner, Feb. 13 at LuVerne; Woden-Crystal Lake - Thompson winner vs. Goldfied, Feb. 13 at .Tjtpnka. Semi-fuials at LuVerne, Feb.- 14, finals at LuVerne Feb. if- Wesley Viola SNder cna Smith's-In Kfthawha. had a coffee Monday morning and guests w£fe Mrs. (Shirley), trwin Martin, Carol Root, 'Mrs. Charles Webef, and Mrs. Steve Aagard, Cor with, and Maxifie Dormbier, Des Moines. Don ma and Joan Plathe, employed in Wa&hihgton, D. „€•, spent the holiday weekend*at the parental, Art flathe's. They came by oar Saturday and left Monday morning. The Art Plath- es, Victor Youngwirths and Mrs. Helen Youngwirth attended a Christmas party at Bill McGuire's in West Bend Sunday. Guests at Ben J. Studer's Dec. 25 were her mother, Mrs. Ce^ celia Berger; and her sisters, the Matt Erdmans and Melvin Blberts, all of Whittemore. AftVAHCl A."" of Lois Mi IFfankl, Aigofta, imperial. ,- , i. v ,»(' V Ottosen Charles Welter, son of Che Charles Welters;" Sf,, f was dis- oharged the nilddle-of December after four months training in the National Guard, at Forl Leonard Wood. He^wiuVgo to his job With the LehilioX company at Marshalltowh. ^ ,,.. 4 Christmas guests at Charles Welter's, Sr., home were the Ghavles,; Welters, Marsihilttown, Ms. LMMjhorsen, Clafa/'Merm- The Martin Hamilton^, .Nancy arid Jimmy attended a Christmas family gathering at his mothers, Mrs.' Gertrude Hamiltons, Bancroft, Dec. 25, , ( Joyce Paulson, employed in Waterloo,, spent the Christmas weekend with her parents, the John Paulsons. They joined a group of relatives at a Chrisi- mas night party at David Legt- meyer's in Btitt. Ohristnias Eve they joined other relatives at Mrs, Paulson's mother, Mrs. Lor- •'^tevff'iiK'^ •"'•'•:K'jfti.-; -*^.?i"'|.»*5\« : ',f ,--?% s H : The Cl.r.nc. M.t,g.rs, Sr., had av .,„ guesjte. Monday, '•'•'•their! children and families, the Robert Matzgers; Belvidere, HI., and the Clarence Metzgers, Jr., Algona. Gary Naylor who attends the Simpson college at Ihdianole was homie for the holidays ind his sister;;:Jiidy ; who \ woriks. •> at Ames in the : National Animal Diseases laboratories on campus was also here. •. They are son and daughter of Mr! and Mrs. G; W,. •Naylor; t v; . ''-.'•• . '"•. ; •'.'"•'." Dora .MitcheM was dinner guest Friday at the Johnson House of her brother-in-law and sister Mr. arid Mrs.,Arthur Mai- lory, of Hampton,'who are leaving for Cbllidge, Ariz./ ?fdr;i fye winter. They left Saturday^ and enroute stopped at Ames to visit with Mrs. Fre v d Wolfe. Sunday, Dec. ,25, they were at "Deis Moi? nes with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Randall and they will visit with Mr. and Mrs, Don Krahier at Omaha. Neb. Their nephew Mai- lory;, ;Wolfe :Will. drive; theriv'.-*tp, Arizona. . .• ' ;•' •: , For a few days Prank Hagg. was not quite so well at Mason City;where ^he is;hospitalized at Park Memorilar hospital, & but when he showed improvement; his parents Mr. and Mrs/Albert Hagg who had come from Monrovia, Calif, to be with him, left for home Tuesday. They were accompanied by Albert's brother Ed and wife who will spend a few. weeks .with them.,, During their absence the, Hagg's home will be taken care of .by friends. i AAr, and 'Mrs. Oran Hudson, Larry and .Inei/''Jarte .weriti,,fo Janesville, Minn! Dec.; 18 tp see Mrs. Hudson's SlO-year old aunt Mrs. Gretchen Buesing, ^who makes ,her home in a rest home. Mrs/' Buesing is a 'Sister ,of the late Mrs. Charles Egel, mother of Mrs. Hudson. , . Mr. and Mrs. Milton Norton drove to Minnesota Saturday arid returned Tuesday for the Christmas holidays. Mrs, Norton stopped at Mankato to visit a son arid his family, the Charles Boevers. Mr, Norton continued • to Minneapolis to visit a daughter Marian and her family, the Walter Seidlitz's; • : ''• ; ' : ••;'.•? ^-V •'•''':"•'-' • t ,, f Stihnftjlti were Christriias fguests of her; mother, Mrs. Adam Lauberiihal fitt West Bend. 4 Ann Ludwigj Des 'Molne. spent the weekend with her parents, the Clem Ludwigs. and family. Monday all were Christmas guests, at Michael Scotts at - •" • ' -Christmas guests at Hermit Fowlfer's were tHe Edgar Meyers, Algona, Mrs/Mark Fowler, Eana. ,;and ^diiUJy/ Humbicj:,dit, *-«VMIIM, i •••••%• • *hs'VMB«aw^ } A AMIJII wii^tiiuii'} andSth0;Janie'sf Foolers. Christinas-EJye '/guests-' at Car- roil Olsons were the Earl Olsons and Jon and Bruce Osborns, Cylinder, Tom Olsons and Nels Olson, West Bend. •"'The'/.Ivan Evensons visited Theadore Evenson /and Thora ^Algona^; Christmas^iafterriib'oh.. The Carroll Olsons were Monday Christmas guests at Earl Osborn's at Cylinder. ,, The; ;Ra;ymorid WehrspanniS wefeVCnjiisthias "guests at Ray Campbell's at Ogden. |The Ed VonBanks, Rolfe, were Christmas guests at Roy Tel- fords. , The Gary Coopers and Mike •Houses, Fort, Dodge, and; Mrs. Essie;, Cooper were Christmas Eve;;guests at Donald .Cooper's. . Christmas supper guests at Fred Kampen's were the Gerald Shifletts, Humboldt, Merel Ludwigs, Rutland, Paul Hampers and Mrs. Annie-Leist. , , The j Roy 'Enockson^ : .were Christmas Eve guests & 'Mjerlih Anderson's, FOrt.Dodge. I ' - Tlie-Doniald Coopers and v Mrs. Essie Cooper -were Christinas guests ^of .Mrs. Robert House, Fort Dodge/: ; •" :; ;"';,:. '. : ' ; The :E. Q.; Koehls arid Douglas; Hancock,: Minn, -Arnold' ,K^hl, Minneapolis, .and the Waitit Wer- 1 pyis, .Morris, Minn.** visited' 5 the Victor iBanwarts^!James iBan- warts and: the. Wayne Fehrs at WWttembre .Thursday to Monday. .They went to ; Kansas to'vis- it relatives before, returning eirS Mi tMMi, I long ; lifc *» Mrs. KStie -M. Lilley, 'Ciarino% ificltfdiflg eniigra> tiofl from the Netherlands, rearing a family of seven step-sis* tcM 'artid brothers and then a fmniily of sevfrt of her own, Mrs, Lilteyjcelebrited her, 98tih day December 10th. before fetuftiihg Id tfoelr The William 'S. Ssgei* family of Maquokela have been treated to a triple yolk egg every morn* ing" recently, This is th£ first time since they had pullets that triple yolks haVe occured. ' * ' i FleOr Sack. ^ , t rf f Mrs. Gretchen Bond, i* restor* ing and remodeling an old home in DeSoto and found some flour sacks dated 1865.J Mrs. Bond has restored several old'homes in Wyoming. • * . «_ V < Lone Rock Abick A , % * * , New Hampton, Bob Marlows and the Jim Marlows were Christmas guests of thelf father, Dell Mar < tow. the ,Mer)irt Bausmans, Dubuque, arttMftpending a fett| visitin; :/Mrtr 'Bausman's , e row, e Rt'bett 'Mirlows spent y . NMth Mrs Marlow's ier, the-FtAnkOhrtmaltt, Pomeroy. The Roy Ohrtmans Ringsted, and Dale Ohrtmans, Ashlttnd,, ,'Nebr., were > also Mvr»w« ] . ( i _ vTlie.E. A. tees had several members 6f their family over »"-• • «, , ' -,) ' • weekend. Pre*> ertt were the Ronald Christen- ieM, Bslgrad, Minn., \Vilti«ni CnfisteHseiri; 'Lone Roc*, Mfs. Pauline McGuire, Atgotia, Kerm^ ft Krueger, St. Paul, Bunny Thonftias, ^rest Lake, Minn., The Raymond Neswalds, Britt, and A. A. Kruegers. '/dli'is^s day. the fbtfui Blatichafds called at \VaVrt2 •RiioltmioiAdl's, .'ftl ,^d, and ,«it the hospital in Estherville to Visit Ralph Riedel who is hospital-, ized there. . The Gordon OhttBj Avooa, spent Monday at Bd ohms, Lone Rock. , ' The Curtis ' Olsons spent ^itit Mrs. dtlwi's par 4 ,, . .They visited the Ronnie Olsons, fiode, Ohristmas evening Th« Art PefsoflS «i)eftt Chfist- mas at Mllo Bonebrtkes, Winnebago, Minn., ind Mondiy \v1th Mrs, Person's brother, the Jack , r , Everett Householder wis a aA guest *i the Wood- titS. Afglle Pettit son of the Woodrow Pettits, left Dec. 21 for England, He is planning an extended visit and .will revisit different places in England Where he was stationed while serving In the air towe. 1 • > - - •' • The .Willis Cottons spent the Christmas weekend at their son., the John Cottons, Spencer. The Lyle .Marlows had as guests Saturday, the John, Bell- ingers, Fenitpn, v and Eugene Marlows. The Walter Sorensons, Burt were supper'guests Satur day. Mrs. Georgia Marlow had several members of her family Christmas day for dinner and supper. Present were the Marvin; Marlows and Kern, the Mer- wiU Marlows, Omaha, George Kissners, Jack Hendricksons, Bancroft, the Harlan Marlows, William Marlows and Viciki Eiim : ers, Fen ton, the Lyle Marlows and the John Bellingers, Fenton. , The Jim Codys were guests Thursday evening at Bud Millers. '• •', • The Lawrence Newbroughs, Janell and David, and Mrs. Art Priebe left Dec. 22 for a Christinas visit with the rjohn New- brpughs, Phoenix,- Ariz. Mrs. Priebe will visit:her daughters who live in the area. • The Dick O'Donnells had guests over the Christmas weekend, their daughters and families, the Henry Storjhanns, Mankato, Gerald Smiths, Omaha and son, the Bill O'Donnells., Christmas Eve Tom Goche of Bancroft was also a guest. The Leonard Warners, Algona were Monday evening guests, and Christmas day the Walter Sor- ensons were guests. The four Smithr children -are spending"^ week with their grandparents >w tire re B.F.QOODRICH TRAILMAKER ALL SIZES, , — "• PRICEI forMtopmnd go... In lc» mnd snowl • iE8$C08T PER SAFE MILE NO MONEY DOWN JACK'S "OK No Trade-In Needed! AftAl/l! TIRE The Straight-Talk ' Tire People »u,>~~f!u A ;..t, v> r " Corner of State A, Minnesota, SERVICE ALGONA (Continued from Page 1) . . * Chrysler. • Elmer Leon Hinz, LuVerne, Dodge; Dale Brandt,' Ledyard, Chev.; Wayne Alfred or Louis Leon Gaedke, Swea City, Chev,; Ben Gregory Studer, Wesley, Cad,; Stephen Loren, or VirgSe E, Loss, Algona, Pont,; Harold Clinton or Bertha Lucille Siuu det, Algona, Ford; Wm. Royal or Edith Pearl Noland, Algona, Ford; Kossuth Mtr. Co., Algona, Chev.; Wayne or Hazel Mann, Burt, Dodge; frvin E, Wortman, Lakota, Ford; Mathias or Mary S. Weydert, Algona, Pont; Lena L. or Roy C. Kenne, Algona, Rain- bier; Leo & Ronald Leininger, Bancroft, Chev.; Richard Donald Palmer, Algona, Ford; Elmer William Boyken, Buffalo Center, Ford; Odey T. or Luella Cherland. Lone Rock, Ford; Bernard . v ,:, •,.•,.....,/,.. .; ; .Christmas,, guests ait i !6lvih Haiigs were Mrs. ..Elaine Kirifeth and Children, Algona, the 'Jerry tfinseths, 'Jacksonville," ! 111!, James' Barbers, West * Bend, OUver Kinseths and Richard Kinsetlis. "•••,'!.:^/'' "- '"'•".• /; v . ! * Weekend' guests ! at Antone Speich's" were the Norman Speichs and jMichelle, Hahiiptdh, Arland Speich and' David, Ceda^- Rapids,., Ruth Speich, Ahves, and the Eiigeine Walstons; and Chuck, Gladbrook. Other Clirisi. mas .guests were the Pay! Bern- ihghau^es, Fort Dodge, anh Riab- ert. Speichs, Algona, .i'.' ! •Mrs. ••• W; E. Hundertnjark, .West Bend, and Mrs. Albert Thorsen left Friday for a 'few days at.Dr. Ernest Boron's'"at Springfield,yMo. • ' 5-Generatioris There was a reunion in Wilton Junction recently of ftve generations, Great-great-grandmother is; Mrs. Roena Gill; grea.^ grandmother, Mrs. Howard Leni Jeer; .Mrs,, Albert.Gregory, gr«n^ mother; Mrs. Jack Vincent, mo| ther ol' th^ fifth, generation to rfpres?nt the family, a son, Da4 vid Ray Vincent. Advertise* in the Advance ' i.tro«ft PAID circulation ST. PAUL? MINNEAPOLIS? ITAY MIDWAY t FiMOU$ BMIUMIIIJt lOUt*6£*-MR. JP^'5 tod IrtN Of THE iUQK KNIGHT t I VfUtHm MQW-l«!te»f Hwted foel/lir«« Outdoor Po^ wd p*U« < m iwuiioui van WMMM «w »UII»-AU AJr-C^OtUw^ i fMH « 1^ ilnd«r f«EE. l>l»UTI»6«o< lAHQUEf a • «^^^^ ^L-^ J ^^^*ji^^^^^^^ j ^^yi m ^^^ m j^^^ The Security State Bank ANNOUNCES ITS HEW SAVINGS CERTIFICATES 0 01 W.OOO OR MORE ON $1,000 TO W.OOO v FOB 3 WNTHS UP TO 1 YEM PASSBMK SAVIInlS HITEBIST OREOITED TO SAVHW8 ACOOUNTS •'***$*•:: . "fl• - -. ..-i,^.J^r "Algona's Friendly Bank" .... ...... j •v«^i«*i. '•*• IWw it trim*, inn PEPOSITSINSUBEPUPTO$J5.9«OI3YTHB F.D.I.C. .......

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