The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1895
Page 5
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SHE 3A&, AL90NA WEM&SJDAt, AUGUST 28, 1895. M. P. HAGGAftU. G. F. PEEK. Maggai'tl & Peek* Successors to JONES & SMITH. AJ1STRACT8, REAL ESTATE, COLLECTIONS. A1.OONA, - --- IOWA. Ai t>. Clarke & Co., FARM LOANS. Rear Algona State BaBk. A1LGOKA, IA. Geo. C* Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. State street. AiooisrA, IOWA. OEO. B. CLARKE, OBAS. A.OOHENOUH Clarke & Colienotir, ATTORNEYS AT ALCtoNA, IOWA. Geo. R. Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. Al.GONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County StiU.o Ranlt, Sullivan & McMahoii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postolilcc Rlouk. AJLGONA, IOWA. E, V. Swelling', ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. AMSONA, IOWA. J. I,. UONAK. If. !J. FKU,OWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive prompt attention. Rooms 8 tind '.), Algona State Bank Ul'dg, ALGONA, IOWA. Branch office at Wesley, Iowa. Daiison & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. OiHce in Gardner Cowlcs' now building 1 . AX.GOXA, IOWA, S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrischilles' Store. ALGONA, IA. L. K. Garfleld, M D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. ALGONA, IOWA. M. J. Keiiefick, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, - - IOWA.. J. M. Pride, M. D., Over Postoffice. ALGONA, IOWA. Dr. L. A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals in Paints, Oils, Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Cor. State and Thorlngton. ALGONA, IA. DENTIST. A. I*. Bist, D. D. S., Local anaesthetic for deadening pain In gums when extracting teeth. ALGONA, IOWA. E. S, Glasier, D. D. S., DENTAL ROOMS. Over the Algona State Bank. Special attention given to saving th& natural teetli. The best of modern anaesthetics used to make operations as painless as possible. ALGONA, IOWA. E, E, Sayers, », V. M,, VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Hospital accommodations, pffloe we&t of Brown's Livery State street. , IOWA. t 1 ., t!K& ,V! " ' Pi f JffWf TOP WFi^fcllll T*™ flfeWlW^P^ 4Ud"Hraess D8BWALL, PAINTER 8PKRBBCK & LAMBERT • * We Have all the and Latest Patterns in Crockery and China, White Porcelain, Decorated Porcelain, White China, CALL AND LOOK THEM OVER,. Langdon & Hudsoi Out They Go. \V1wtisloflof 1 iff 111. mid medium troixUi will bo unmeri'illy shinfvht.ei'od this wcuk. \Vo wiuil. tin; I'oorii foroiir iminciiso Cull ami winter stouk. NKW BNOfjANI), LOCAL MENTIONS. The It stitute closed on last Thursday. The county fair comes October 1, 2 and 3. The county supervisors will meet in their Tegular September session next Monday. The town school begins Monday morning. Mrs. T. II. Conner is suffering from malarial fever. A valuable book to the best speller Friday evening. This is the best time for plowing that we have had for a good many years. Miss Laura Tennant entertained a large party of friends last Saturday evening. Spelling contest between the Methodists and Baptists Friday evening at the M. E. church. .Dr. .Walters was in, charge of Dr. Morse's practice during the Tatters' absence at Waverly. The morning passenger on theNorth- western road goes north at 8:13 instead of 8:18 as heretofore. Kossuth county has had such crops this year that we ought to have an unusual showing at the county fair, Lon Kennedy is under the weather this week and his marketing of "garden sass" is being done by Henry Michael. D. Manwaring, of Corwith, was up from that thriving town yesterday, calling on his old neighbors and friends. It is now only about a month to the county fair. So it is time to make our "callations" what premiums we want to take. The ladies aid society will give an ice cream and water melon social next Saturday evening. All are cordially invited. The Woodward Theatre Company will play at the Opera House the week of the .county fair. This is a good company. If you wish an evening of fun and enjoyment go to the spelling school at the M. E, church Friday night. Admission, lOc. , . The Swea City ball club will be down to play with the Algona club tomorrow afternoon. This club has a reputation' for good playing. The Courier is informed that the oats raised by A. H. Wiltse, on the S. Best place, measured 80 bushels and weighed 105 bushels to the acre. The Normal school opens its fall term next Tuesday. The prospect is good for a full school, and those who attend will have excellent instruction, Posters were up in Algona last week announcing a round trip over the Central Iowa railroad to St. Louis and re*turn for $5, The excursion left on Fri' day. The statement of the Deposit & Loan Association in this paper will attract the attention of the reader. This institution is in a healthy and prosperous condition, , J. jl, McMuyray has been working on a new book, case for the Normal scliool, and yesterday he put it in place, It is a handsome case and will bold about 80Q books, publication we mw8, Thursday t 'night ed' P7 inches, The democrats h^ve deeided toat isjptftswe.U to liave it over They Jwve pajjed their county conven $ep.temjjej.- Jftb tp nommatp it & St. P. railroad, the position majpe vacant by the death of Judge Caifey last spring. Capt. Peck is an old (trig comrade of Dr. McCoy. Photographer Peterson went to Prairie's Catholic church last Sttfa- day to photograph the congregatio|, but owing to a misunderstanding of the hour of dismissal, he arrived tdb late. He will be on hand without fifll next Sunday. | Now it is measles. A case is reported on Call street, the afflicted juvenile being one of Miss Jennie Mclntyre'.?s neices. The idea of the medical world at present seems to be that it will he just as well for the little ones not to have it or them. Quarterly meeting at the Methodist church occurs next Sunday evening. The sermon will be by Elder Black, followed by the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Baptism for infants or adults will be administered by the pastor Sunday morning. , •Mr..Cowanis pushing the erection of the. Court Ho use vaults this week. The openings have been made from the 'offices, and the work will be closed up right away, it is presumed. Mr. Cowan is doing a very fine job, and the addition will be.a handsome one. The intelligent compositor neglected to notice the omission of mention of the office of surveyor in the "copy" for the republican convention call last week, and so he has had to be put to the bother of making the proper correction. We elect a surveyor this fall. Agent Vesper says that, as usual, the Northwestern will run trains to Des Moines daily during the state fair, leaving here early in the morning arid returning at night. The schedule will be announced later, but the time of departure from Algona will probably be about 4:40 a. m. Attorney Cloud has been threatened with an attack of malarial fever. Mrs. Cloud is visiting with her parents who have recently sold out their hotel business at Nevada, and Mr. Cloud has been staying at B. AY. Haggard's. Mr. White, Mrs. Cloud's father, thinks some of locating in Algona. List of Advertised Letters: Mrs. Nellie A. Blackburn, Mrs, J..T. Blackburn, Bertha E. Davis, Miss Edith Dita, Mrs. Nellie E. Heath, Miss Ellen Hoveland, Mrs. G-, P. Johnson, C. Sroff, A. B. Toft, Mr. M. E. Taylor, Mrs. I, Utley,Mrs. MackD. Young, 0. M. Young. The United Workmen lodges of Burt; and Algona are making preparations for a big picnic to come off at the 1 fair grounds next Wednesday. There will be a ball game between the Burt and Algona clubs, bicycle races and every kind of fun, Everv Workman should be United in this affair. Miss Coate writes to Secretary Doxsee that she will arrive in Algona tomorrow, ready to take up her school work, and she desires to have a teachers' meeting at the school building on Saturday afternoon, Miss Ooate is very capable, and there will be no doubt of her success as the temporary head of the school. We are to have some more Shakespearean drama, Manager Blossom having secured Walkey Whiteside for No-- yemberge, The Cincinnati Commer' eialsays of him, "{f h,e-is. not the greatest Hamlet our; stage-has ever .produced, lie, ——'-'- •- .HftmJe.t $ ;hjg/age This js high praise. Thos, A- "Way. of Britt, President of $he telephone Qowpany which has, cov« ago Friday night. No further serious damage was done, but the carpets were plentifully sprinkled with soot from the fireplace, and Mr. Ferguson was paralyzed by the shock for a few minutes. The manager of the bloomer base ball club was sued for wages by a member of his aggregation whom he discharged, and the hearing was set for last Saturday, when in default of the defendant's appearance judgement was taken by default before Justice Taylor, and Guy went over to Spencer with an execution. He succeeded in getting the money. llev. Clapp, evangelist of Bqone, Iowa, preached at the Swedish Methodist church Sunday and Monday evenings, to good congregations. Rev. Clapp is a son-in-law of Thos. llobinson and is quite well known in Algona. He was formerly a conductor on the Northwestern railroad, but has been preaching for the past six or eight years. He is a good speaker and a successful evangelist. Algona is now assured of another interesting ball game by amateur players. The court house habitues have challenged the abstractors to a trial of skill on the diamond, and the latter have indicated the pleasure it will afford them to extend the accommodation. The rules will exclude everybody not strictly classed with the respective sides. It is expected that the game will come off with great eclat this week. Shoernan Brownell has a couple of Chinese Dream Fowls in his show window, and they naturally are attracting a great deal of attention. Their plumage is said to be more brilliant than that of the Bird of Paradise, and the birds are held as sacred by the superstitious natives, so that it is an offense punishable by heavy penalties to tako or send one of them beyond the Chinese boundaries. Everybody should see these rare birds. The sight oi' them is worth money. The Upper DCS Moines announce;-; that hereafter it will charge, for notices of pay entertainments, while notices of free meetings of public interest will be published free. Th«; rule laid down is just and proper. It is so plainly correct that no argument need be made in its behalf. The REPUKUCAN adopts the rule as its own; and after this week ail enterprises of whatever nature conducted to make money, will be on the same level, and will pay for any notices they may run. Prof. Swift, who lectured at the Institute last week, is a thorough scientist, and he has explored everything that could be brought within the field of his miscroscope, and he says that the water of eight out of every ten surface wells, especially in gravelly towns, is contaminated and dangerous to drink. He likes to see a stand pipe in every town, indicating deep water supply, and says they are more important to have than electric lights. railroad company. He came to this county some twelve years ago. He leaves a wife and a child, and his father is living here. The deceased was a man of kindly disposition, honorable in his dealings, and a good citizen. The first jury panel under the new law was drawn Thursday, the following being the names: John Jacobs, Bancroft, Geo. Stein, Whittemore. C. L. Murray, Bancroft. P. Strandberg, Swea City. F. N. Rogers, Wesley. Chas. Reibsamen, Wesley. John Mathias, Wesley. Andrew Miller, West Bend. L. Helmers. Buffalo Center. Robert Weller, Wesley. John Longbottom, Wesley. James Godden, Burt. C. F. Pitcher, Elmore, Minn. Geo. A man, Sexton. Wm. Henderson, Algona. Thos. Juchen, Bode. E. L. Meyers, Algona. A. Clapsaddle, Corwith. Jacob Altwegg, Algona. John Kenning, Burt. F. C. Groneman, Whittemore. .1. L. Clave, Bode. Zerus Tryan, Wesley. John Larson, .Swea City. $55 CASH will buy a warranted $100 Bicycle, ; 9o model, nearly new. 48 Address A., Box G23, West Liberty, la. Attend the novel and exciting spelling contest Friday evening at the M. K. church. lOc admission. CO. F BACK FROM WATffltlf. Both Trophies Won by Otfl Rifle Team—A Good Carrtp Record Generally. Royally Welcomed Home—A Profitable Week Spent in Camp—The Makeup of the Company. A valuable book will be given to the best speller tit the contest Friday night. A good reliable man can Oml steady employment on my farm, one mile east of Algona. Apply to Win. Nelson on the farm. 48 0. L. Luxn. Do you want a nico dinm-r with tie cost of time and lireV Call at Opera Ilou2(3 Grocery. lit- t'ne WK make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. :>t' collections. PERSONAL MENTION. her mother at , western Iowa country with its t.elepbonewires, was in.Algona Maon City Cluis. Wiukie has sold out his dray business to his brother Ed. who will continue the business. Charley will be kept constantly on the road for the Standard Oil Company, making periodical trips to Burt, Bancroft, Whittemore, West Bend, LuVerne and Wes- Jey. He has full charge of ,the ; Company's business in these towns and will deliver the oil with a tank wagon, Ed. gets one of the large teams, Charley retaining the other for his oil business. While walking down the hill by Ambrose A. Call's residence, Sunday afternoon, Miss Nellie Wallace was struck by a shot from a gun discharged somewhere in the neighborhood. The shot lodged just below the inner corner of the eye, barely missing the eyeball. Miss Wallace was affected with dizziness and had only strength enough to make her way back up the hill to Mr. Call's, where she was cared for, and the vagrant shot was taken out. She had started to go to the Chubb place. It is not learned from whence the shot came. The Upper Des Moines says: A telegram Saturday announced to Daniel Rice and Mrs. Ingham the death of their oldest brother, Eleazer C. Rice, at his home in Fairfield, N. Y. They would have gone to the funeral but were unable to leave Algona in time to arrive. Mr. Rice was 67 years of age and had visited Algona several times. He was a farmer, and had accumulated a substantial property. He was at one time a member of the New York legislature and always a prominent re publican in the central portion of the state. His death resulted from kidney trouble. The other day a few neighbors of Fred Miller, of Plum Creek, went through his flax field and pulled about 200 Russian thistles— all they found. Mr, Miller is on a visit to the east at present, but will soon be at home, and it is understood he intends to plough the fields where the thistles grew. His thistle seed came in his flax seed, and it will be strange if his turns out to be the only field that got seed from the same sourqe. It behooves every farmer to look sharply for the thistle. The great danger is in places where the thistle grows and seeds down land where its presence is unsuspected, Director J.R. Sage's August report of average condition and yield of crops gives Kossuth county credit for 110 per cent of a crop of corn, 102 of millet, 105 of flax. 103 of potatoes and 120 of sorghum, T h e grain yields are given ai-i 25 bushels of wheat per acre, 60 bushels of oats, go bushels of rye, and 45 bushels of barley, Only one county in the state is credited with » bet- tey yield of wheat, and that is Henry, for- win' Qb 30 bushels -an acre IB esti* ,«,$uojboiat is the only «ejgh; ty'that shows « 'a 'lifce fOTo^ condition, and that condition" is Kggsuth's. The same contrast noticeable j as {; year, There are $ few counties iniow^ that have shewn iuQh a uniformly high per cent. average of props as those of KOS,- Mrs. Lilly is visiting Lanark, 111. Miss Jordan is home from her visit at Minneapolis. Mrs. Benjamin visited friends in Minneapolis' last week. . I'ro . Lilly was down in Hancock county surveying last week. Ed. Eist fished at Okoboji Monday, but says the lish didn't bite. J. W. Sullivan and wife returned yesterday from their Iowa City visit. II. J. llessigue was in. Wisconsin last week. lie was called there by the death of his father. Misses Eve and Kate Lantry are spending two weeks with the Hack family at Iluinboldt. Miss Lulu Richardson is back from several weeks' vacation, mostly spent visiting friends at West Bend. Dr. L. A. Sheetz left for Hot Springs, South Dakota, on Monday. He will take treatment at the Springs. Mrs. Dr. McCoy and daughter Louise visited tup family of Rev. R. C. Glass, at Spencer, last week, returning home Saturday evening. Lieut. A. W. Daugherfcy returned to Algona with company F Saturday. He went to 'West Union, Monday, where he is employed in a drug store. A. B. Taff, of Plum Creek township, is having a visit from Willie Bode, of McClain county, 111, The Bode family owns considerable land in Plum Greek. A. W. Moffatt came in from Chicago on Wednesday morning q_f last week, and stayed over Sunday. He was attending to unfinished business in Kossuth. Alderman S, H. Pettibone left for his old home in Connecticut last Friday. He will have a good time telling the Yankees about the big crops in Kossuth. Geo. Kennedy, of Maquoketa, is visiting his brother, Rev. Kennedy, this week. He is a sergeant in the Maquoketa company, of the first regiment, and came up from camp at Waverly. Editors Bookman and Williams, of the West Bend Advance, and their wives, drove across the country to this place last Wednesday. The REPUBLICAN was favored with a pleasant call from the men folks. The name of Mrs. Gertrude H. Wood worth appears in the list of matriculates of the Hahnemann Medical college at Chicago for 1894-5, Mrs. Woodworth has been a student of the college for some time. Mrs, J.' TV Huston, of San Francisco, California, is visiting her sister, Mrs, Wm. Dodds, of Union township, and will spend six weeks in the county. Mrs- Huston's husband is a printer on the San Francisco Examiner. Wm. Kenefick, a toother of our popular doctor, is visiting in Algoqa this week. He has recently sold out his interest in the Keneflck drug store at Belmond and contemplates buying Kossuth county real estate as an investment- Miss Hilda Anderson took her departure op Saturday for Boston to be gone a month ov more. Miss Anderson Has been very delicate for the greater part of the summer and is trying quango of aw and rest in hopes of an improvement in health. Miss jessamine Jones, is bacfc from the Qhioago Art; Institute, ready to tafce up bey duties M;M$ : uwfcwzlw-. m Company F returned to Algona Saturday afternoon from the week's brigade encampment at Waverly, where they shared in all the honors going. They were met at the depot by the Al^ gona Military Band and a large concourse of citizens who welcomed them home in a royal svay and escorted them to the armory. The welcome they received was partly owing to the fact that they won both of the trophys in the rifle contest Tuesday. Our citizens have always shown their appreciation of the company and the warmth of their reception is very pleasing to the soldier boys. Every member of the company looked tanned and hearty after their week of camp life, and, not a case of sickness was reported in company F. The boys were very much pleased with Waverly as an encampment town. They had a good camp ground and the citi/.eiis did everything possible to make their stay pleasant. Waverly is about the siz« 01' Algona,, is light by electric lights and has seven saloons running. No disturbance was caused by the soldier boys except on the Saturday night ui' their arrival. Two of the First regiment boys got into an altercation down town that resulted in somewhat of a general row, but which was Hpet:dil> .squelched.. The rain Thursday and Krjday caused very little discomfort as tho ground was sandy and drained the water about as quickly as it fell. The Company F rille (earn, composed ol:M. J. Walsh. Chas. Witliam, Walter Ward, Jesse Stuphenson and Eli Bur- batik, distinguished itself by winuhig both prizes in the rille contest Tuesday. Their score was exactly tlm same as that made by them last year, when the Webster City company carried oil the prizes. The trophies won are known as the "Beck trophy' 7 and "Co. II. trophy," and have been contested for for four years. They have ,to be won three years in succession in order to be retained. Our team were the winners for two years in succession, but last year they were wrested away from them by the Webster City company. They are handsome silver vases about twelve inches high, and are now on exhibition, at Diugley & Piigh's jewelry store. The Algona company stand high ia the regiment as is shown by their being put forward on every possible occasion. Lieut. Chubb tilled the position of bat- alion adjutant during the entire time, leaving Lieut. Daiigherty in command of the company, as Captain Haggard acted as Batalion Major in place of Maj.Kirk a good share of the time. The Captain made as good a Major as he is a Captain and Lieut. Chubb won the 'good Opinion of all as ^adjutant. Maj. Kirk, who lives at Mason City and is very popular with his batalion, the third, to which Company F .belongs; was presented with an elegant silver tray by the officers of the batalion, in token of the high appreciation in which he is held. COMPANY K MUSTEK. 11OLL. The officers and men who went to camp this year numbered thirty-six, as follows: Capt. M. P. Haggard, Lieuts. C. T. Chubb, A. E. Daugherty, Sergts. Walter » ard, M. J. Walsh, Mart Weaver, Geo. Bailey; Corporals Wm. B. McMurray, Chas. S. Reed, Chas. Taylor, Jes^e Step'henson; musician, Jas. Randall; privates, Chas. Barnhart, A, W. Burbank, Henry Carpenter, Roy Carpenter, Fred Cronan, Wm. Flanders, Wm. Gilbride, Wm. Hall, Will Harvey, Hugh Hedrick, John Johnson, Walter Jones, Dave Miller, Wm. E. McMurray, Will Parsons, Earnest Raymond, W. H. Riley, Earl Robispn, E. C. Tuttle, Eli Burbank, L. F. Boals.L. F. Hudson, Lloyd Shadle, Chas. Witham. Besides these Eugene Tellier and Art Allen went as company cooks. Dr. W. E. II. Morse was present as chief of the regiment hospital staff, but his assistant Bert Matthews didn't go this year. Those who have recently been given an honorable discharge at the expiration of five years' service are: Alfie. Chapin, Milo Chapin, EllDalton, S. M. Ferris, Lewis Hudson, Ackley Hubbard, Leon McCall. Jas. Randall, Lloyd. Shadle, Guy Taylor, Earl Tennant, C. E. Witbam. Some of these have reenlisted, cjop . pleased" with tb§ Chicago • institute, Carl Setebell, who has teen working f ov the Trotnanbause? Bros- JO that Wfep during jp vacation, returned w«)b,bei% , m 'tit'i-' m'MlM'i - w - Tfeat JOQ table, of eanaed goods fe the THE RIGHT TO THE ROAP. Armstrong Journal: When you are driving along and a team comes up be,* hind, don't imagine that it has no right to go ahead without your permission is asked, and don't imagine that you are justified in whipping up and crowding the team attempting to -ga around out on the rough or into the ditch, You perhaps have the right to race with the party attempting to go around, but you must give half of the road, or you will have to pay the data* age in case of an accident. £be md does not belong to any one man, < an4 the man who comes up behind you p,er* haps fcnows the gait he wants to' .drjYg. as well,as you do, ' W be waB el fsster tbWyou da be has , to go ahead, and it 'you yo\ *„;* > »*J m v * ,A V % '< ^ r iv! *M '•'!k'

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