The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1895
Page 1
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ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA WEDNESDAY. AUGUST as, 1395. NO. 48. «—,.-,—.... J --»,,,... FURNITURE ! WINDOW SHADES 1 PICTURE FRAMES! We have in stock some new BOOK RACKS and WALL SHELVES; Just tyie tiling for a cheap book case. Goods ; D. MCGREGOR. Here We Are! WITH A .... Fresh Line of Groceries, 0-AOTED GOODS, DRIED FRUITS, WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A ' New Pattern in Queensware~"Vic's Gilt/' We also carry a full line of .Glassware, Crockery, Etc. Try a sack of the best Flour in Algona—WHITE PFARL. Call and be convinced that we sell goods as cheap as : any,firm-iniiown.,% •„•,'», ,- . .• -> - . BUTTER AND EGGS WANTED. ,-V Every Horse Owner Should Have One,. It will Pay for Itself in a Short Time In-the-Saving of-Grain,- It can be put up anywhere; It is indestructible; Can be used for any kind of grain; can be used for water; prevents horse from eating faster than it can masticate; it saves one- third of the grain. If you use one once you will use it always. It costs you nothing to see it at the Hardware store of, . 13OXSBK. vs. Leather. JOHNNY—Mamma, my toes are not as hard as leather, are tb«y? MAMMA—No, Johnny. . JOHNNY—Then mainma, how do they wear themselves through my shoes?—Courier'Journal. STATE FAIR NEXT WEEK. >< SI»QHB will wear out, but when you buy, buy of flTO * A.ULRBD and get the b&t, Everybody's Duty to See It- Iowa's Corn Gfop Worth $100,000,000. wear are guaranteed to give satisfaction and to rowneli & Allred, i MHnnai • JKwtwe* *i"' iii r - *r T ' ^ i ^M fl^^'tPF-spip -», y . ,V/ il '- *J's ' '; Ei\V tif.Jttr.J- j_ ..^^. MULUQA & OHNSTSDT, , ^ ? - -' •• Iowa Farmers Don't Take to Mississippi —The Palo Alto County Democrats Have a Miserable Run of Luck. SHOULD SEE THE STATE FAIR. iState Kegister: There is some complaint about the extent to which the State Fair has been advertised. One traveling man says that he has seen lithographs in but few of the many towns which he visits. We call attention to this not to liud fault for we believe that the management this year has been industrious in making the great Iowa event known to the people of the state. We speak of it merely to emphasize the fact that success consists in letting the people know thut this is going to be an old time fair with many new time attractions. The outlook is the best in the history of the state. The people of Iowa have been recovering from a series of bad years and they will manifest their enthusiasm at the state fair which is a state gathering of people for the exchange of ideas, social entertainment and industrial and art instruction. The people of Iowa, the women and children as well as the men, have been hard at work during the season,they are entitled to a few days' outing and their is no better place to spend it than Des Moines state fair week. Get away from your homes for a few days and forget your labors by coming to Des Moines, with its parks, its state house, its great Soldiers and Sailors Monument in course of construction and its many other attractions for the people of the state. a tenet of the Iowa democracy, s again did the democracy of Palo , ,!,.„;., n,,, „.,* „* disappointment I drain the cup of lie bitter dregs. MEANING PARAGRAPHS. je New Yoik Herald has found by Jal count that those who rode bi- les in that city on a recent {Sunday lumbered the persons who drove i by rive to one. :ie Inter Ocean thinks that oats are the cheapest ieed that can be It takes 624 bushels to make a iYt 19c per bushel they are worth r. while hay is selling at $13 to per ton for No. 1 timothy, and bran "" per ton. he department of agriculture at \V shington has received samples of cc n from Peru with grains four times tli \ size of the ordinary kind. It is vay prolific and bears very large ears. Tfe species is distinct from any known inffiTorth America. «v WORTH $100,000,000. Hamilton Freeman: J. R. Sage, director of the Iowa weather and crop service, says we have .7,500,000 acres in corn in Iowa this year. .If the yield should average 50 bushels to the acre we will-have a harvest of 375,000,000 "bushels; .Many Hamilton comity far- naers : estimate the yield for this.year at from 60 to 70 bushels to' ;the acre. At all events,.judging from present indications, Iowa will probably not raise less than 400,000,000 bushels of corn in this good year of 1895, which will be worth to the farmers of the state not less than one hundred millions of dollars. Now if the farmers : could get the government to declare that every bushel of corn produced should be worth the price of two bushels, (as the silver mine owners and bullion dealers are trying to have it do with silver), the Iowa farmer would be strictly in it this year, and have "boodle" enough to easily last him through the balance of Grover's administration.. INGERSOLL IS ORTHODOX, e says: \Yhiskey is the lifeblood gambler, the element of the bttglar, the prop of the highwaymen '" supports tiie midnight incendiary. ItKountenanees the liar, respects the tlntef, esteems the blasphemer. It violates obligations, reverences fraud and hqfiors infamy. It defames benevo- lefibe, bates love, scorns virtue and slanders innocence. It incites the father to butcher his helpless offspring, ' |ps the husband to massacre his wite ' the child to grind the parricidal It burns up men, cansumes worn,'detests life, curses God. despises he kyen. VOTERS WILL LAY HIM OUT. iubuque Telegraph, (Dem.): Some v e dailies of the state are discussing alleged blunder involved in the tpcratic nomination for railroad issioner as earnestly as if Mr. [kins had a shadow's shadow of elec- tibffi Mr. Jenkins is a genial gentle- meif, but if the Marshalltown conven- tio'fhad had the faintest expectation of electing its ticket he would not have confe within 050 votes of the nomination. Hams and smoked don-& Hudson's. meats at Lang- MONEY. I'havo unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD, . Yankee Rolled Wheat at the ^0'iaera House'G-Tocery. - ^ -** r> ** Ohase & Sanborn's famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by Walker Bros.—18tf' Frujts of all kinds at LANGDOK & HUDSON'S. "'Wall Paper, the best on earth, at Stiulley's Pharmacy, Cpwles Block, Algona, Iowa. A new line of potted and salt meats just received at the Opera House Grocery. IOWANS AND MISSISSIPPI. Des Moines Register: Last fall, and again last spring, there .was a heavy emigration from some parts of the state, especially from Marion county, to certain parts of Mississippi, where some enterprising real estate speculators had found a new garden of Eden. Fruits and grains from those wonderful lands excited the interest of many looking for new lands to till. But the movement has already collapsed.. It has been dry in Iowa, but Iowa is a, garden compared with Mississippi. The latter is wet enough, too wet, in fact. The principal ingredient in the soil seems to have been water, and mud, while it is yearned for some times, is hardly good as a steady crop diet. The country was filled with malaria and other diseases, and the schools and churches and the neighborly spirit, which is the country substitute for society, were all so lacking that the people from intelligent Iowa soon got discouraged. The Register has a platform in regard to these emigrants which it never forsakes, It is, stay in Iowa. There }g room in this state for many more people, jpd not leave what is the best agricultural state in the union and permit others to come and take your places. There are failures and discouragements to overtake people in all places, putlopg experience has convinced us that tney are as few and far between in Iowa as anywhere in tbis country, IN HARP L/ycK, Reporter: T&e Reporter with tiUe Pal? Alto democracy's , twoat$ position in the past two years, Jjast year tney met and adopted a stir* ring rjsgjution supporting toe presi» dent? jn bis opposition to that measure vof "perfidy find disJiqnpr" wbien wa,s then, befpr.0 the democratic congress for adqptiQRas, $ha revere }a.w of tfce, Jand, Inter State I'uir at Sioux City. For the above occasion the North- Western Line will sell excursion tickets lo Sioux City, la., and return atone fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale from September 19 to 29, inclusive, good for return passage to October 1, 1895. For tickets and full information apply to agents 0. & N". W. E'y. E, G, Bowyer, -^•Dealer in— Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and Clocks,- Finest Jjine and Largest Stock. Repair- ihg a Specialty. We employ only competent workmen. Gall at our new quarters in the Oowles' Block. E, ft, BOWYER, Alpna, low a, had, their 'reverberating , * resolutions the , e^re rjceiv. Q| a atHBopgAfee W i aud Gypyer- aijQY?ea it to become, to' WB f$i& R t tke WATER OE NO PAY, Artesian well conftaotov. I bavo the onl cable s|e&m 4rilJHng wftobjlne owned Jn ibe county} sink wplls for water supply for towns, e tention railroads. at- made, J employ only exper ' well ^YO? k • Estimates •k ,'¥. uWS.- TSj^a 51 ;\i TOTED, »x - ™ "'*- A * us. 'VS.: You can have a nice one, easy, if yoti call at the . . and learn how. IF YOU HAVE TO PUMP WATER, BUY THE + ILL &G. M.Johnson A. partial list of names, for. reference, of those who have the Elgin Mill: O.L.Lund, Wadsworth Bros., W. K. Ferguson, J. E. Stacy, W. L. Joslyn, Robt. Wright,K. Kohlhonse, Henry Kohlhouse, P. Borman, N. Borman. Herman Krause, Jacob Markley, C. Beir- stedt, Chris Bell, A. Belton, Jerome Finnegan, Jerry ^Qrover, W. B. Pratt, Wes. Stott, Geo. Stone, Geo. Beayers. -Henry Eambert, Willis McWhorter, P. T. x Fergus6n,*Mel.-Fui?geson, MellMann; Ed Keith, Torn' Burt^Thos. McArthur, Elijah Hulburt, JnoEeibhoff, P. Nelson, E. Gardner, John Gilbride, Wm. Dodd, Geo. Urch, Wm. Martin, M. Owens, and scores of others if we had the space. "We can furnish you with the most complete outfit in Northwest Iowa—eithers geared or pumping, steel or wood wheels. \ Towers and Tanljs on hand; can do your work at one day's notice. e what we have to offer you in Pumps, Tanks and Windmills. We allow thirty days for approval upon all our jobs. .A.M.&G.M: OUR- Ul Once tasted will cause you to visit our fountain often, W. A. Ladendorff -The Confectioner, 1890.- 1895, THIRD SEffll-ANNU&L STATEMENT OF THE Deposit apd Coai) ^ssoeiatior;, v >£ 1 '«x. t l *i ?l\ •y *i & AUGONA, IOWA. f :'& » xi ASSETS. MARBLE .< ar§ n'pw prepared, to flll • , . orders for Hgjifiliijpg Work f Mortg-ago loans.,..,.-, 827,645.00 Stock loans , ., 80,(W Interest and premium, delinquent [secured] , , 184.10 Cash ' 323,10 Furniture and fixtures, 161,04 Expenses advanced 49(5,59 Total $88,789.78 LIABILITIES. Net dues, Class A stock 3ia,T33.05 OlstssBstook 8,833,00 Glass0 stock...,, 4,040,00 Class D stock 3,400,00, Profits , , , l,W,5L, Bills payable ,..,..,,.,,,,, .. 879,90 Sundry stockholders' credits, 020,00 Total ,,.', ,,, v |g8,mw * Capital stock sold to June 89,1893, $(303400,99 ' . To secure the mortg-ftgre loaps ' ' « [$37,545] the Association-holEs -; ; r ,^; property the swprn appraised. - -^ ,, value of which is , ..,.„,., .08,488,00' N Prepaid insurance assigned wttlj ' ^ ' ' " loans, in addition to Number of loans made < >T" J have, this iSWi day of Aujru examination of the Alt'ona. yei Assooiatipn to July 1,1895, and; ,_ . and liabilities ft%sj;pwn by,^h.e si»tft» ment. • Its 'loans are aU^sraall—averaging four .hundred and five 4oUaj« eaob-jftWl ftj,-|> > f in splendid ponditioo, The ftpoUs ape -yery,.» ^ ooinpl§^ ftn4,weU kept, I find, none pf ta&-'!' o^qet'S pr 4lEeotflJ'S InlebSel tQSMJ"" 4 d.iyld,en41 >eenma.d»{Qi Y.m tSl'f S¥< m $!&,»t''i *n>».' ^»4 ;£S

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