The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 21, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1895
Page 8
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REPUBLICAN, ALtiONA, IOWA WEDNESDAY, AtJGtfST 2l, IMS, urn in IHSUMHCE Ambrose A. Call, President. I). H. Hntchins, Vlce-Pres. Wm. K. Ferguson, Cashier. C. D. Srnith, Ass't. Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGOSA, IOWA. $50,000, Winner on lifetul to loan at reasonable rates to patties who fttthlsli flfst-elass Security Dlrec "'rs-D.H. Mntchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Rorwellei:,* Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, K. H. Spencer, Vfm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL-S50.0OO.OO. THE MWSOFtHE COUNT!, Plum Greek Comes to the with a Veracious Report of no Bushels of Oats to the Acre. Death of Oscar Hulterstfom at Bancroft —Russian Thistles Threaten—Condensed News of the Neighborhoods. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. I). Clarke, Pres.. Ci.C. Chubb, Vicel'res., Thos. H. Liintry, Cashier, (}eo. I, GiUbi-iiith, Fre<l M. Miller, Myron Schonck, Thos. K.Cooke. Algotm, lowti. GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest I'ald for Time Deposits. W. H. Iiitfham, President Theo. Chriscbilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice President. Cashier CAPITAL $5O,OOO. H. smith, a. W. Wartsworth. Uavnet Devlne. >.S. M. Richmond, Pres. P. Smith, Vice Pres. A. B, Kielimond, Cat) bier. 0. ,\. Iicnander, Ass't, Cash. Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Invented. Authorized capital 850 ooo. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking SisinWtranKioted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship tl EflBE t OT a OBS-u!^"!' 0 8.1olimond, N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Blohmenfl. B. F. Smith. Samuel Mayne.O. E. Mallory, - J llclimond, N. E. N. Sheridan. i*lum Creek. C. W. Hopkins threshed 5 acres or less of oats last week, lu 1% hours, ami tho yield was 110 bushels per acre. Lamuth & Riley did tho job, with their steam self-feod thresher. The machine measure was 328 bushels, but tho half-bushel trips automatically at 21 pounds, so that the actual excess of weight on every machine bushel is 22 pounds, and this gives 222 bushels to bo added, the corrected yield being 550 bushels. The ground is easily measured by anyone, who has any doubt, being in a square piece, but it will bo found to bo less rather than more than five acres. Last Friday Gottlieb Bonn had the misfortune to have throe large ricks of wheat consumed by (ire caused by a spark from a passing train, the 3 o'clock freight. It was quite a day for iires along tho Northwestern, four or five others being reported. Fred Miller (inds that he has raised a lot of Russian thistles this season, the seed coming in his 1lax. He is fearful that the thistles cannot all bo eradicated permanently. It is tho duty of tho township trustees to look after this matter. Fred Miller starts to-morrow for the east to see his lirst home in tho United States, near Utica, N. Y. Mrs. Grrnt Bcnschoter is going on an extended visit down east. Grant Benschoter and sisters returned home bringing tho good news that their father at Chain Lakes was much better, and was able to sit up. Manna. HANNA, Aug. 19. — threshing! 3,000 bushels of oats from 30 acres; 3,700 bushels of wheat from 02 acres: 1200 bushels of barley from 14 acres. Two farmers In Hiimboldt county, south of Hannn, report 120 bushels of oats to the acre. A great many of our farmers will cut their corn and thresh it, thus saving the fodder for feed. This will enable theni to sell more hay. A strong wind visited our town last Friday night. One young man took refuge in a cyclone cave. Miss Wills, from Irvingtoii, is visiting her cousins, at Hanna. Eighteen persons went to Minneapolis from here on tho excursion Sunday. of Richard & Wickham, the now real estate firm, the other will be built by Mr. Mousel and will be a two Story building: with store rootn below and hall above. Our school house will be enlarged to twice its present size and other improvements arc talked of. Death of a Baiici-oit IrToUilgr Mail* Another promising young man has passed away, Oscar Herman Hultcrstrom. He was sick but nine days, with malarial fever, and his death occurred on Friday at V) o'clock. On the day following, at 10:30, the funeral was held, from the Swedish Lutheran church, which was nicely decorated. The church waa over crowded, and luany who attended could not got in. Tho sermon was preached by the pastor of the deceased, Rev. E. Elfstrom, who took for his text Isaiah 3S, 12. Oscar was nearly. 35 years old, having been born at llammar, Sweden, September 1,1870. With his parents ho came to this country in 1891, settling in Algona. In 1880 tho family moved to their present home at Bancroft. Tho deceased was in Ottumwa from 1891 to 1894. It is said that he was to havo been married in a short time. He had been working on the homo farm and running a thresher. lie was hard working and honest and had tho respect and good will of everyone who knew him. He had been a member of the Swedish Lutheran church for six years. Besides his parents ho leaves ten brothers and sisters. Meiitioii. Emmetsbnrg Reporter: .Toe Grose celebrate-d his third birthday last Thursday afternoon by having a large number of his little friends with him. Of course several of their mammas were present to take, care of the little folks and'.a' nice time was had by all. Refreshments and sweetmeats were furnished for tho little ones. Monitor: Mrs. A. W. Blanchard is again very sick. Mrs. Andrew Barr, north of Algona, is also down, and has boeu for some time. Child the Dttnlaps Take I'ossessiou. Leclyard Loader: Dmilap Brothers' Bank is moving today Into their new building. It is splendidly planned and elegantly furnished and equal to the finest banking rooms that are found in the county. Counters are of the, best that could be had and their rooms finished in hard wood to match, and everything up to the standard of lirst class. In occupying Its now quarters this banking concern is entering on a newly prosperous era. The loader registers its congratulationsi on tho elegance and adaptation of Dunlap Bros.' new rooms to their purposes. Mulvoney Laves in a House. West Ucsiid Advance: .To. Mulrqney was in town Tuesday and bought a nice lot of furniture for his new house.' Jo. deserves tho best that's going. Was a Regulation Tramp. Whitteniore Champion: Mike Hayes had a little experience with a specimen of the tramp species, which removed all his sympathy for that class. He hired one who was nearly naked and brought:him to town to get him some clothes; after working a day or two the owner of the new clothes got tired and hid 'in the corn DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON<s|=t- Abstracts of Title. • Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has over written a word in them". Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you uo more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. E can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Machine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine tnat when you get you will never know at what tactory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W2NKJSL PAYS THE FREIGHT. j. B. BEFORE THE LIGHTNING All kinds of Insurance sold by 0 © C ffl AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS The Bancroft Insurance Agency-], A, Freeh, Prop, Hi; UKKJOKS T1IK FOLLOWING COMl'ANIKS FOll CONSIDKliATION! Company. Aetna, Hartford umorci 2,000,000.00 Continental AT Y 1,000,000,00 Vh A *,Vl'.'iirm Phii'i 500,000.00 H-i novoi N Y .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 1,000,000,00 lliUIUMM , 1>. I • • • • • •••••• f,v\ nnA nn Northwestern National, Milwaukee Rockford, Rockford Statt' Dos Moinos LIFE. Cash Capital. Assets §4,000,000.00 §10,847,810.36 5,588,058.00 0,754,908.00 5,101,055.00 3,345,353.00 1,803,097.00 500,000.00 •joo'ooo.oo 1,031,537.00 403,214.00 «;iod,iMb; cplus, SK.,150,000, paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co Assets, ^3,977,580.08 Wo believe- this is us good a statement us can be made by any agency in the land and wo solicit your patronage. Swea City. SWKA CITY, Aug. 30.—Mark Kelly's sis- tor was u]) from Bancroft and spent Sunday with him. Thos. Norton and John Bonder left, Monday morning for an overland trip to N. D., where they will engage in farming. Hf.rlandPcet returned, the first of the week from Walker, Iowa, where he had been the greater part of tho summer. His many friends were delighted to welcome him back. Several loads of our young people attended the ball given by Mr. Nutt, who lives eight miles north of town. Mr. Nutt had just finished a very large barn and kindly gave the young people permission to dedicate itiin that manner. All report a delightful time. Mrs. J. B. Johnson and Rome are over from Bancroft visiting with Mrs. Olof Pierson. 0. D. Ranks went down to Rodman on Friday to look alter business interests at that place. G. F. Thomas and wife drove down,to Bradgate the iirst of the week to bo .present at the golden wedding of the latter's father and mother, which will be celebrated in the near future. Mrs. V. S. Ellis spout Tuesday at Forest City, visiting with friends and viewing the city. Mrs. Hogan and daughter, of Armstrong, were over on Thursday, visiting friends. A wandering rariety company stopped here oyer Wednesday night and played to a very small and unappreciativo audience. The day set for the ball game with Armstrong has come and gone, but not so the Armstrong nine. They didn't even come, and so far have failed to explain the cause of their nonappearauce. It is supposed, however, that not liking the idea of a second defeat they wisely stayed at home, , ; Harrison. HAKIUSON, August 10.—The two-year' old son of A, Biglow is quite sick with stomach trouble. F. Hartzel and family spent a few days at Clear Lako last week. They report a pleasant time. Miss Lizzie Hastings is attending the Normal at Algona. Louis Brown, of Hebron township, will deliver cheese, to the farmers of this vicinity every two weeks. His cheese is of tho best quality. Mr. Fist, of Minnesota, is'looking after the rent of his land. Mr. Fist is tho father of Mrs. Casper Lang. Tho little son of James Bagley was taken very sick about midnight of. last Saturday. Dr, Dunlap was called. The child is better. Threshing continues and the, turnout of grain is good. Outsiders Arc Anxious. Gennania Standard: Our county scat is talking electric light. , Algona being an old and well established place .it would bo well for them insisting on tho same. Build up as you are in the swim. (told, with the intention of skipping out at night. Mike missed him soon after he' left and mounted a horse to find him, which ho did,;aud"after removing tho new clbthes told him to begone. Tho- country is full of men of,this class who are looking anxiously for work and awful afraid they will find it.' Mike will hire men after this who hayo clothes of their own. The Miraculous Escape of a Litile From t>eath. Fort Dodge Messenger: The passen* gers on the M. &St. L. train north wero startled Monday when about thirty miles south of Fort Dodge by the sudden application of the air brakes which brought the train to an unceremonious halt with many bumps and jolts. Engineer Shields and liis fireman came running back, the former saying that they had run over a baby. A hasty examination showed no signs of the body but the engineer was sure H.was there as it had been on the track and had just started to crawl oil as the engine approached; cutting oil its legs. Just then a small object in the weeds back aways, attracted attention and hurrying to it they foil fid a four year old child which proved to be unharmed, but on the tips of each of its shoes were the marks of the wheels which had missed the baby by that narrow margin. The baby seemed rather embarassed by the attention of so maiiy people and would not tell its name, so after safely placing it In. the cafe of friendly sti'angera the train Started on again carrying as thankful a lot of people as ever witnessed an escape out of tho very jaws of death. Sunday Night Hobbery. Leader: Sunday night after the doors had closed and tho family and guests had retired for tho night, tho proprietor of LcdyarcVs popular restaurant had his early slumbers broken by a noise which unmistakably told that some one was in the rooms below, and, as everything had been locked before retiring, there was but one conclusion and that was that a burglar had gained an entrance; Summoning his trusty and nervy clerk "Chuck" Livingston, and armed to the teeth, this plucky brace 'Of fellows descended the stairway with the velvety steps of footpads'. On reaching the foot of tho stairs a Scrub Clubs Should Keep Shy. Gormania Standard: The game of ball Tuesday between Algona and Woodward from near DCS Moincs was played and won by our county seat boys. Algona has a good nine and these scrub, traveling teams lind it a task to do them up. 'Rah. Better Acquaintance Desired. Buffalo Center Tribune: Hon. S. S. Sessions, of Algona, was a business visitor to our town Wednesday. It was his first visit here and he expressed himself as surprised to find so busy and thriving a town, Come again Colonel and get better acquainted. What! 16O Bushels? Gennania Standard: .C. C. Rosenau living a mile southwest of'town had, a patch of 31>£ rods of ground in oats which yielded strong 21% bushels by weight.. This is a rate of ICO bushels per acre. Any one doubting the figures are invited to investigate. JLdatlertllevolvcr, Careless' Youth. ' Ft. Dodge Messenger: A revolver \n> the hands of a careless youth is responsible for a bullet lodging in the foot of Carl : Roper, the little son of Mr. and Sirs. W. A. Roper. Carl, with a party of boys, went swimming Saturday and was sitting on the bank of tho river when a bullet fired from a revolver in the hands of Willie Norton, on the opposite side of Mie river, lodged in his foot. According lo-th'6 story of the other boys, Willie said, "'See me hit that boy on the other side: of the river," at the same time pulling the trigger. And sure enough ho did hit'him. The bullet was extracted by a physican and there is expected nothing serious to result. Whether in fun or not it is rather a serious jo-ko and a good moral which every youth should not fail to heed. There is no use for boys of that age to carry a revolver and parents should be more careful. . council of war was held as to which should Icad-Ahc charge on tho intruder. Hanna led the" march and in peremptory tones demanded tho full name and.address of the porson' : thus bent on pilfering his honest ducats. It was dark and they could not .see. "Chuck" was flanking Hanna and managed to keep his employer between him and the burglar. "Chuck" had a revolver in each hand so lie supposed, and thought ho would take a shot into the dark to see what effect it would have on the burglar. Ho pulled the trigger to. thp right-hand Weapon and found it a large brass faucet. In tin attempt to discharge the other weapon it was found to be a lemon squeezer. At this Juncture tho burglar began to .weaken, so he obeyed the command given by Hanna early in tho melee. H.o said, "My name is Prod Freeman, ray address is Ledyard, my hands arc up. I am onO'Of your boarders. : I got in late, borrowed-a key to get a bite to oat, am through my. meal and wo will all go to bod." George and "Chuck" could have been bought for peanut prices. Prostrated by- Lightning. Wesley Reporter: During the stona last Friday as A. G. Welch was loading hay on the bottom south of town a bolt of lightning struck tho ground a few feet from him, the shock being so great that fora short time it prostrated both him and his team. Time Drags When They Linger. Jiurt Monitor: It is no doubt a good thing that tho teachers' institute don't hold forth at Algona the year round. Only at the close of the first week we heard one of our young men say with a deep, heavy sigh, that "this week had seemed a month to him." The Orleaiis.Closed. A Spirit Lake special of the 15thsays: The prohibitionists.of Spirit Lake had the wine rooms of the Hotel Orleans searched and, Abel Brothers, thepropriet-. ors, closed tho hotel, to-night. Seventy- five guests will leave immediately. United States Senator Gear and family left for Burlington last night. Ho intended to remain until tho last of September. Congressman Henderson and family are among tho guests who were compelled:to go elsewhere. Great indignation prevails. The hotel-will not bo opened again this, season and never again until there is some protection. : The-Beacon speaks reservedly concerning the abrupt closing of the hotel. It says: . The Hotel OiOeans closed yesterday morning. The season has boon measurably successful, though financial returns are not what they should be . in view of the excellent record of the management. Th& Messrs, Abell have exceeded all previous endeavors at that point in giving the public a lakeside resort where the catering -was above reasonable- criticism, and the conditions generally afeovo reproach. OHUEOHLAHD OTHEB NOTICES. All are cordially invited to attend the necktie social at M. I 1 -:;Randall's Monday evening, August 26th. Light refreshments will be served'. : The Junior Baptist Union will serve ice cream and cake qn the-lawn of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Conner, Ely-day, evening. ;•... • . ; •The-ladies of the M. E,. church will. serve ice* cream and cake Thursday evenings the lawn of John Grove. The .AIL. A. will meet at the Bead- ing'Room Ang; 23,at3 p. nV. All. are invited'. Some-of the most reliable people in Iowa have used and recommend,others tousaDi'.T, -W. Wood's Blackberry Carminative in bad case bowel com- plaintSi there is not much risk in trying a bottle at 25c, then it will only add- now testimonials to the list. Sold; by all di'uggists. 47-48 Do you want a nice dinner with life- tie cost of time and fiire? Call at tbe Opera House Grocery. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. , On a Vegetable Diet. Estherville Republican: Bro. Platt, of the Iowa Falls Sentinel, has suddenly become a vegetarian, through no wish, however,'of his own. Ho has been waging war on the butchers for having slaughter houses within the corporate limits of that town and in retaliation tljoy refuse to soil him any meat, Bro, Platt is in tho right and wi'll win. The Republican and State Register, Inter Ocean, . $1,85 $185 l?eutou« FEKTON, Aug. 30.—J. Ii. Davis Ifas been looking after his farms here. David Browser is homo from a ivisit to his folks in Clermont. L. J, Newell threshed 300 bushels of barley from 10 acres. This piece was struck by the hail, and ho says that it was more than he expected. L. Vogol, qf'Mason City, has been looking after his farm. Andrew jjayensa has built an addition to-his bai'n- Mr, L.Qhso lias drilled a well and furnished it with a windmill, Ifeury Jjras.8 has got him a well auger and is sinking a, well, and J, Jfaaso has given bis bain a. second coat of paint. So Fenton J, li, Neve)} and r f\\w llaase are sic^, a wind storm passed through «ight. leveling a number of grain aud hay stacks. phjijp Wa^aef slid off J. Wage's w^ile p^intiug but wa.s not wuch l WP* ¥ftfl4t's tWft tea»r -' w^^'»*w^tor'«B4 w^ *« * _«vir ir__i *jai . /^m-. ••.Vi/xrti T\noooH nvfil* ffltfkt-. Almost a Wesley Reporter: As tho west bovujd passenger train was pulling out Wednesday morning an empty beer keg was thrown into the express car and striking something it bounded out, falling on tho ties. It was caught by tho car truck and crushed into the tie, causing two spikes to bo pulled out. I-Jad the train been going fast the empty keg might have caused a wreck as many u full one lias. A Successful West Bend Advance: Marshall Hays, an old settlor of Garfleld township, dropped iu last Saturday for.a little chat with tho editor, Mr, Hays said that ho had $ piece of grain last spring that uncovered by high, winds, aud Jio tried the experiment of running a cultivator through it and leaving the ground rough. people told him that ho had spoiled the crop, but ho said that ho nevov had a hot' t*J' QUO. JEehoesi From The Threshes 1 . L.UVerne News; Mr. Calisspn," living south of town, threshed 374 bush&Ls o; wheat from 9 acres of land. His oats averaged 07 bushels por acre by measuro.and over run 40 per cent, by weight, maklag an average yjeld of over 90 bushels per acre, Comparing these fields with others before they wore harvested Kossuth county will have an average of W bushels per acre of oats and 35 to 40 bushels of wheat, Where is there a. better investment than Kossuth county land John Benka threshed BO acres of oats which wont over 100 bushels to tho acre, and 25 acres of which threshed out 3000, or 120 bushels to tho acre. Wo don't brag much on our oats but who can peat this? Wesley Reporter: Jack Nonert informs us that Rosonfeldt & Stanton ran a threshing machino with a Star engine from Algona to Sexton in an hour and a half; and in tho afternoon threshed 1000 bushels of grain. How is that for a starter? Ledyard Leader: From Wednesday last-sycels until last evening Poyjand's machine with tho large engine had thresh' od nearly 14,000 bushels pf grain- Under favoyable egnditions this machine \v»s timed and thrashed seven bushels per minute & H- Granuis' elevator te n o\v In perfect running order ,aud !•? to handleI'romiaoo tp ?QOQ hour. $rain has boon .earning in pMew W Parties wanting to buy a J. B. Case Agitator should write or eall on Wilfrid p, 4ones, at The Wigwam, Algona, !owa. It Is the only machine that will pay for Itself and make foig prof its for Its owner In one 809' son's work* There If big money in threshing this vear, >»' I ' v'S G, C, SHELLEY J MM Qprjuauta, Standard : which oi}t- city has Wid gl'OYY th sia<?e its ^ ^^T TW- Marble M$*$&m A (

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