Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 26, 1966 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 26, 1966
Page 4
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Nisi Auks •Mnurtport fjf «.T< t.\FH .. » f ' 't*^^ »•• •«IK«B*A*W v-**) L JL^,«aJIVIi. iVU P-'-l f of the timalta, Neb. 1m- migration and Maturalizatioti > 9$ttl«& as'reminding all alien* ' t their, addresses .during ' ( * * i I Is With which to jnajte , I 'Are available ,at' post iof' .and' offices of ttte lmmi< gritton and Naturalisation Sejrv- i<Je throughout the.cotiniry, The rtpbrts, • mitist, be submitted, to on.i Of those offices. - -"' ' ' Plaretifts • or^guardjiani submit imports for alien children under 14 years, of.'age. 24 FREE WHEN YOU BUY 100 "Your Algona RoxaU Stored M6M6AY,.Bi«. M, '' 1 am not Saying thai ALL Weft are ctetfrteYflfin ALL but I would much rather clean up after afi untidy man than an untidy, woman, Women tend to run to extremes, If a Wd'mJft 1$ rteat she is very, Vety heiat, but if she is! sloppy, she is dirtier" than ,a pig. SfcEM BOTH Troubled? Write Id Abby, Box 69700, Lot Altaic*, Calif. 90069. For * perional reply, inctos* f itampod, s«lf<address*d th< velope. ^ * * Ring Doesn't 'Make' a Marriage By Abigail Van Buron (Copyright 1,946 by Chicago Tribune - N. Y. News Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: I have been married for only 2 months and already I am writing^o DEAR ABBY. First l«t me My that I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more wonderful husband, but he {has prte .fault. He>s,an early, bird! Abby, if I don't get my .eight hours sleep, the next day I'm a dishrag. My husband can get along nicely, on, four or 'five hours. , If we'go to sleep at midnight, Old Bright Eyes is up at the crack of dawn like a rooster at 4:30 a.m. He showers, shaves, and dresses, and then I hear him in the kitchen banging the pots and pans around w,hile he fixes,hjnjself .breakfast. Then the odor of coffee perking and "bacon and eggs frying wafts into the bedroom, and who can sleep? " A ? 'Abby, he doesn't have to be at work until 8 a.m. and we live onlv 15 minutes from his office, so what's his big hurry? PJease; don't tell me it's a wife's duty to get up when her husband does. Any other advice will be appreciated. "SLEEPING BEAUTY" .DEAR "BEAUTY". Since there is no reason "for Old Bright Eyes to get up at that hour, ho should keep, the racket down; so you can sleep. Otherwise, oar plugs for your oars, and a clothespin for your nose is the word from here. J .'' ,4 ' ! ' , ' DEAR ABBY: Frank and I were married at a double- ring ceremonv, but Frank never seemed to enjoy wearing hi? ring much. He lost three wedding rings in 6 months: Then the finger on which he wore the wedding band broke out in tiny wa- ( ter^blister«, He blamed'it on the ring, so I went to a skin doctor wjth him. >',.,, , 'f ,j - ; The'doctor said it, could be due to a metal allergy; so'he taped Frank's wedding ring to his leg. The ring didn't bother his leg ; at all; but his, finger,healed up! Why thefi, Abby,' >i\rould a man >who has been married only 14 months, and claims to love his wife, be ashamed to wear a wedding ring and let the world know that he is married? ' FRANK'S WIFE r DEAR WIFE: Don't assume that your husband If "ashamed", to lot the world know that ho is married fust because fie does not want to wear a wedding ring. As long ft ho acts married, ho doesn't need the label. Accept him as he is. DEAR ABBY: An interesting question came up in your column: Are men and boys cleaner than women ahd girls? For whatever this is worth, I have been a custodian in a public school for many years, and I have found that the boys use about three times as much soap and paper towels as the girls. , PASSAIC, N.J. „ ( DEAR ABBY: Are men cleaner than women? I know it's a dangerous generalization, but after renting out rooms for over •35 'years, I can tell you that I would much rather rent tp,,a man. than a'woman.' ~ ' swimmer ->i v t ,f,'O '<-> MOTHIR ISDCAD Mrs. Martin Griese received Word that her mbther Mrs, MA' ry Dundfis, 80, in Armstrong died Wetlhesday. Hie late Dale bundas was her son, S V /AY' > 'I (',•'!} ."; v M §efl is the- fofffief Maty Ann Smith. MM* With special mUsic ! t 7 p.m. Dec. 24 at Burt and at ; p.m, lit Good Hope church. Ha liMaujiiaa guana INCONTMT Winners in the.Burt Home Decorating contest were F//C, Soderberg, 1st, ?10; J, L Miller, 2nd, $5; Arvin Eilders, 3rd, $3; LeRoy Davis, 4th, '$2. ' A pre-Christmas dinner was held Dec. 18. at Mrs/ Harm Gfp- en's with 50 present including all the. children and families, ,al» so Bill Groen, Elmore, and the Ben Greenland Linda, Swea City. The- .wedding rehearsal dinner was held Dec. 17 at Mrs. Harm Groen's with 15 present. Guests Dec. 21 of Mrs. Elsie Winter were Evelyn Mack, Pearl Lockwood and Alma Pugftley, all of Hardy. There was a gift {exchange. . ' , i ' . i • The .Dennis Johnsons, Lincoln; Neb., are' holiday .guests at the parental Charles Curtis'*. '>,> N The K[. J. Smiths ar.e spending the holidays at ' the Robert .Jen-, sen's in Minneapolis., Mrs. Jen- Monarch ,\ vV^'*"< holiday glitter, haveto packages an Bnd all the, pretty wrappings'discarded.^ will yotf need a loan to pay for the fun? Uepay^jng jhat loan will cost you a prettyj>enny _^J|jn interest charges.1^^ "*" But if you make the habit of saving, 'you will have the money when you need it) The difference between borrowing to pay the Nils next Christmas and saving ahead and getting earnings on your savings can make a big difference in your holiday enjoyment Saving makes the difference, Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Aff9Vntf Fully ln*ured to $15,000 Save Frpm Tbe 15th — Earo Frpm The Jst SINCi 1917 - AI.GONA, IOWA ON PASSBOOK SAVINGS AND o-MONTH INVESTMENT CERTIFJCATgjS Accounts insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurant* Corporation , P. C. --.-..... i«» ....r_ COMPETING in the 50 - 200 yd. free style events for the Cornell College varsity, swimming team this year is John, Schuittef,' son of Dr. and Mrs. John Schutter, Algona. A senior, Sohutiter is one of nine returning Ram letter men. He is also co-captain of the 1966-67 squad. The, Rams opened their consecutive season as the fending JttdweetlooL champions .wiJIfr'H 58-37 victory over Grinnell on December 9th. This was Cornell's 17th consecutive dual meet win in a string which began in 1964. Cornell's chances for retaining - the conference title this year are bol-" stered by the good overall depth- and ability of the' 19-member team; and by some strong com.:' petitors in the breaststroke, relay, sprinting, and backstroke e- yents. The Rams will face Knox in their next dual meet test on Jan. 21, ' , MONDAY HOLIDAY Most Algona businesses wiU; be closed all day Monday over frihe Christmas holiday. All law offices and courthouse offtces, will also be closed Monday. TRUCKERS We have the Truck Operator^ Triplicate Freight Receipt Books to comply with Rule MT-54 of the Iowa State Commerce Commission. - BOLD BT— < ADVANCE PUBLISHING CO. * « / t , Algona, Iowa Traveling to St. PAUL? MINNEAPOLIS? t! tTAY IH THI MIDWAY fwie Cities Meet 'idllMU MOTOR LODGE Oft .TtuinsinotorHotel coamut UUMn-MR.JOC'S M t^OFTHESUCH MIU^« t MMpWM NOU-lWtw NMM PMl/Uft« ! &iitdMf PM! M< PtM • X* UOWMOUS WIST MOM M» Ak-C*Mlti«M4 • IMto 4 W. Sh|lN»S9.75 ClilHhW: Doabtes-$12.7S I UndwU 1Mns-$14.7l I FR££ , It HiniM ••< IMQUIT ROOM me: USE COUPON nw rouowma MIDWAY loocnew _ •IS75 UNIVERSITY WEHUE ST. PAUL. MINNESOTA 5510S tttflUtntns PtMM MM| ttw D W*W Motor LWp D Tirint Motor Httil Sractan D IntarmUM M tttnn to * «•!••• MerCMw Ad*OM SUt* r M»-«U) MMIII MM M* MM • pita S StrM. HIM i, .^ T, by Home cooking is what ev ery man would get if every' woman were. ^ * # Traffic is getting worse •nd I worry about whit would happen if I should bo responiibU for a terioui accident. Whit would you suggest? Answer; It costs less than $3 per year to increase you? $10,000 liability to $25,000. It's a bargain. Passing on curves is best left to bathing beauty judges. .. . Whether it is bs4 luck to meet a bl&efc sat you are a * ALWAYS PIRST QUALITY Only after Christmes can you get values like these. Fabulous cleseovt prices t\\ through the store . . . plus brand new, special purchases at exciting savings. Come early! Bring your Penney Charge Card- . Year-End BARGAIN DAYS Bohannon INSURANCE AGENCY Iowa SWEATERS Cardigan and slipover stylos JACKETS Many stylos includod aro suedes with knit trims Quilted Nylons, Corduroys Zipout Lined ALL WEATHER COATS Reg. Reg. 12.98Now9.M «eg. 10.93 Now 7.M Reg. 8.96 Now 6.M Reg. 19.98 Now M.M Reg. 13.88 Now 9,|| Reg. 16.98 Now 13.00 35,00 Now 19.11 COTTON FLANNEL ROBES COTTON FLANNEL P«j«ma* Wool NECK SCARFS KNIT DRIVING GLOVES ALL JACKETS Many stylos in corduroys and qyiltod nylons, long •nd short SWEATERS In cardigan and slipevtr COTTON FLANNf L SHIRTS WINTER PAJAMAS Cotton flannel and knits JR. BOYS COTTON FIANNIL SHIRTS AND PAJAMAS CONViRTA |Ali Reg. 4.98 Now 3,S« Jteg. ?.WNow 2.50 Reg. 1.00 Now .50 -Reg, 3.00 Now l,9f Reg. 14.98 Now 9J| Reg. 12.98 Now Ml Reg. 15.88 Now 9,l| Reg. 7.98 Now 4.00 Reg. 2.49 Now l.o« 2,69 Now Reg. 1.98 Now 1.3| ILANKiT StlEPfR WINTIRCAPS Reg. 10.9SNtw Mi ReJ. 498 Ntw 3,01 mm* WARM JACKETS — including corduroys, wool plaids, fur trimmed and many othors MANY COATS • • •,'' inclucling fur trimmod, totf trimmod in solids Zip-out linod All Wothtr Coatf WOOL SKIRTS in many differont , stylo* and colors SWEATERS Mostly cardigan itylt* in a variety of colors WINTER SLEIPWEAR all ono prico Reg. 25.00 Now 21.88 Reg. 21.00 Now 14.88 Reg. 35.00 Now 26.88 Reg. 40.00 Now 30.88 Reg. 25.00V Now 20.88 Reg. 30.00 Now 25.88 Reg. 35.00 Now 30.88 Reg. 40.00 Now 30.88 Now only 8.88 Reg, 9.98 Now 6.88 Reg, 6.98 Now 4.88 Reg. 5.98 Now 3.88 Reg. 10.98 Now 7.88 Reg. 8.98 Now 5.81 Reg, 5.98 Now 3.88 _______ Now 1.99 WARM JACKETS Many stylos and pattern* LONG COATS Several style* loft WOOL SKIRTS CARWaANSWEATIRS Mtny cfftri tf «h«««o f r«m SCHOOL DRfJJfJ Many Oylw tM f«br«i * i i SKIRT § SWEATER «T Reg. 10.98 Now 7.8| Reg. 8.98 Now. 6.8| Reg. 12.98 Now 8.8| Reg. 17.98 Now 12-M V Reg. 4.98 Now 3.50 Reg. 3.98 Now 2,50 4.98 Now 3-00 Reg. 3.98 Now 2.|| Reg. 4.98Now l.|| Reg. 5.R8N9W l.|| SLACK SfTf KNJTHiAPWEAi Reg. 10.00 Now WAIT! ., .for Penneyli Wtto Qoofe Eviiti

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