The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1966 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1966
Page 19
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8-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moinej Thursday, July 7, 1966 A^^^H^ u 4^^k u ^^^ h __^«^._^^^ hu ^^^ ku ^^^ ku ^|^^.^^^k u ^Ht^.^^^ u ^H^k^fl NHI^^^I^^^HI^^H^HBl^^^fe^lHl^^Hl^l^liHH^H^MBHflllHIH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^H^^^ii^^^ii^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^ FROM THE ATTIC... ... TO THE VAULT (Your Hobby - And Your Neighbor's) By Dick Palmer Daytona is much liko ni'isl ocean resort are is. Tlio city is quite spre.vl out v,;th seven! business are;is several do/'-ii motels apart. Thr-rf' an.- ,s'/v- antique shops, at least "ii.> of which is c<mi'>iii'jd *ilh coiiis. Another coin nun is com'iin<'d witli a 'ie;icli'.vear stock. I-oi the general tourist, I)a\tona offers a very fine hard .sand !) 'ac'i (but tlie cars can not al\va\s drive on it at hi>;h tide) and an excellent surf, at least durini; our stay. The so-called boardwalk area, however, is a disappointment. I think honkey tonk would best describe it. What concerns me in Daytona and other Atlantic resort areas is the lack -if any real pi,iff -vlif i" te'-na^frs c.iii meet and . i.-t acquainted. I presume that fint'icial return is til'.' '.'lenient Lirkin;;, l.ut '.'.ith all till t'llli j.'it Ill'lll''\ C'lUl ;i|: r ijltll tlii' fitv, a c (i iit''r '.vniild irit !•'• ,iii inn f,ts"ii.ilil f .' tatl'.ii. Pi'i usual, tin. 1 board'.v.ilk sec- ti'ih has tv/ij auction lioascs ,nid there is amth'-r in the S':.(l>i'•>:'/.<' distii'.'t. Out- <ji is the typical "start with odd. 1 ; and ends and ; r '.'t to diamonds" variety. Tin.- othei offered assorted articles, r.em.s and junk, but then; STARLITE THURSDAY .THROUGH SATURDAY JULY 7-3-9 nif!ge> OVER HIS HEAP ./ /M LOVE, GIRLS, SOWGSAND . LAUGHS! /, ( ./ / \ PANAVlSlONJNd METROCOLOK SECOND FEATURE - The brave are never different-only different looking. Most pictures are rarely different but this one surely is. NONE BUT THE BRAVE FRANK SINATRA CLINT WALKER-TOMMY SANDS Co-siwngBRAD DEXTER -TONY BILL 'SAMMY JACKSON *,u,TATSUYA MIHASHI TAKESHI KATO £«cul« PMUCW HOWARD W KOCH Produced and Ducted Dy FRANK SINATRA R5SJ "SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SHOW - SAT., JULY 9 TWIST vs. SWING|| cool BOBBY HELEN NVEE'SHAPiROfURY THURSDAY NIGHT IS BUCK NIGHT -A CARLOAD FOR $1.00 BILLY V«* <? •AXTP some rather obvious plants in tho room so it is doubtful if any real bargains would be forthcoming at least in the antique and general art field. Trie Seabreeze gallery certainly had a magnificent dis.vlay arid the min on duty stated that anything would l;e offered on request. However, at the front I noted the usual collection of junk and appliances which are used as the road to the inevitable offering of diamonds. - o - The finest antique shopitiDay- t'UKi is located in the Seabreeze distiict. The title is Treasure ,md Heritage Gifts. The "heritage" covers items that come from estates, but are riot ni'cess.irily of antique vintage. Kvf.iythin: on display was top ri'ialitv and desirable. One most unusual offering was a full set of [,enox china with the American K;u;le in ;old. The pattern was never offered on the genera] maiket, but only to our foreign diplomatic posts an 1, I presume, some \\IK\I domestic officials. Sets com" on the market only il they wore bought personally by the official concerned. This particular set '.'.'as owned by John MorHiead, former envoy to Sweden. The price of $1,200 is artiially les.s than the original purchase price early in this century. Other items from this estate were also available. Collectors of anything in silver would certainly find a visit worthwhile. The assortment of commemorative spoons would find a very fine selection including several from Canada with enamel designs in part. Prices on these ranged from $6.50 up, which seemed high unless there has been a sudden surge of demuid. However, I have noted that only a small percent of the usual display of this typed, so supply would be quite limited. I didn't intend to purchase anything, but a carnival type compote in grape with a grape design caught my fancy, so that was that. A visit is always exposure to temptation. Seabreeze Antiques is just a short walk from Tlie Treasure House and this is the part coin shop with some very nice pieces offered. - o - We drove tlie short distance to St. Augustine one day. I still consider it to be one of America's most interesting cities. The famous Marineland of Florida is "AND NOW MIGUEL" NOW PLAYING ALGONA THEATRE MJ-.KTIM; — Sliccp crnwrr Miilmrl AIHIIIM introdiirrs liiin^idf to iirli-l (,ii\ StiM-kMrll us An*arn's son. I'm Canli. look-* on in tin- Uolicrl It. Hmlnit/ Trrlmirolor prodni lion. "And .Now Mi'iiiicl," n l'ni\rr«nl picliirr. Storv is bn-.-d on tin- book iiwiinlrrl ill.- Jolm Nrwlicry Mr.liil by Ihc Aincririni |.i|irnr> AiMiriiilion »<. 1111 Ont- *t<imlifie cliil(lrcn'« liook. on the way. Certainly, this is a most interesting and remarkable exhibit and show, but 1 would not put it on a "must see" list, due to the admission price. Perhaps the upkeep is more than I realize, but the attraction is a strong drawing card and the crowds are large. There are at least six shows daily. The show as such lasts about 45 minutes. $2.40 for all over 11 strikes me as rather expensive family entertainment, I think it unfortunate that merit has to be so expensive. I have written about St. Augustine before but it didn't take me long to discover that there was certainly a lot that I didn't cover on my previous visit. A lot of plans are being made to do more with the old parts of the city. This trip included a revisit to the interesting old fort and a very worthwhile visit to the Ripley Museum. More on this later. Student Counselor IOWA CITY, IOWA — Terry Powell of Algona, student at the University of Iowa, is among some 300 students chosen leaders for the orientation of new students in September. "Kosauth County's Favorite Newspaper" THURSDAY THROUGH SATURDAY I JULY 7-8-9 ALGONA YOUVE -HEARD ABOUT' IT ON TV} "-'. : 1.SEE ANt> ENJOY IT IN ITS; .ENTIRETY 6lM OUR BJ& SCREEN I ONE OF THE MOST IN THE WONDERLAND OF JM ADVENTURES LITERATURE! A ROBERT B. RADNITZ PRODUCTION M/guei NEWBERY AWARD WINNER For Best Children's Book 1 CO SIARHJNC GUY STOCK WELL- CLU GULAGER -MICHAEL ANSARA- PAT CARDI - JOE DeSANTIS • PILAR DEL REY • Saeenpb, by TfO SHCRDFMAN and JANE KtOVE ,vedt>, JAMfSB CtARK • P-OC^CD, ROBERT B RAONIT/ • A UNIVERSAL piciuwt SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY, JULY 10-11-12-13 CONTINUOUS SHOWS SUNDAY 1:30 P.M. - ALGONA redheads -wild and exciting! CHAD EVERETT Hes no secret agent.. he's a crook/ ROBERT TAYLOR/ (iERALOINtBROOKS Wild One! ...too tough to tame! COLUMBIA PICTURES presents HORST BUCHOLZ with i;i '-''I .V'A ?'••- • •• .':>v- ?N •>; Its'WAY-OUT* ADVENTURE. 1 Sf. Joe 4-H On Project Tour Of Members ST. JOE - St. Joe Trojans 4-H club held their tour last week starting at 2:30 p.m. at the farm home of Tom Mo- Guire and visiting all the members to view this years projects. At the end of the tour at 6:30 a picnic supper was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas and family. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Galen DeValois and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cumberland and families of the members. - o - Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner were guests on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Doerning at Mallard and attended the Ham and Beef supper at St. Mary's Parish Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Kayser drove to Dubuque on Saturday to visit with relatives and to bring Herb's mother, Mrs. Mary Kayser, Algona, home after visiting with relatives the past week. Sandy O'Brien, SouxCity, spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert O'Brien and other relatives and friends. Sandy, a 1965 Garrigan graduate and Nettleton Business College is employed in Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hejlik, Emmetsburgj were weekend visitors here in the home of Mr. Hejlik's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert O'Brien. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brofer and grandchildren, Fort Dodge and Major Duane R. Brofer and family were visitors here in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner, Wednesday. Major Brofer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brofer, brother of Don Brofer, son- in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Wagner. Major Brofer holds the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism while participating in flight operations in Viet Nam, and is a. veteran of Army service since 1948. Following his leave he will be stationed at the Army's primary helicopter school at Fort Walters, Texas. Patricia and Eileen Wagner returned home on Tuesday after a 10 days trip to Colorado where they visited with Carol Erpelding at Denver, Colorado and with Mr. an Mrs. Dan Gidley and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Erpelding and family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Intersections Now Dangerous; Watch Driving Sheriff Ralph Ldndhorst, somewhat worried by the driving habits of many motorists (whether in autos, trucks or on motorbikes) undoubtedly thinking about the large number of mishaps on roads, streets and highways in Kossuth county during the first six months of the year, stated this week it was time once again to give some thought to hazardous intersections. It won't be long and the corn will be tall enough to at least partially block visibility at intersections - and foliage ot'trees and larger shrubs has already cut down considerably on just w'aat a driver may see as !r- approaches a cross road. Alertness is a virtue at all times - and it is more important at some times of year than at others. He urges all drivers to enter intersections with caution - and avoid high speeds on loose road surfaces. Five persons have al- ready died in highway mishaps in Kossuth during 1966. Drive carefully and help control the toll. Minor Crash A minor mishap on North Hall ,,,.street here at 1:57 p.m. June 29 resulted in damage to two autos. Driver of one car was Luvern A. Wiskus, Algona. The auto was headed south and struck a parked car owned by Marcella M. Zittritsch, which was headed north on the west side of the street. Damage was slight and possible charges were pending further investigation by police. At insurance Meet District Agent John T. Tiele- bein, 114 South Main, Algona, has just returned from a three- day Midwest-Mideast Regional Convention of Lutheran Mutual agents. The convention at the Lodge of The Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, Missouri, was devoted to new developments in sales techniques. Over 100 agents, and their wives, attended. Titonkans Move TITONKA - The Russel Fisher family has moved to Sioux Falls, S. D. Mr. Fisher is employed there now. He has been a mechanic at the Fisher Garage in Titonka for several years. Algono Girl To Wed In East In August Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Ewen of Algona announce t)iF; engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Marianne, above, to Larry A. Daidy, son of Mrs. G. A. Daidy and the late George Daidy of Washington, D. C. The wedding will be Aug. 23 in Washington D.C. where Mr. Daidy is employed with an insurance firm and Miss Ewen is a L.P.N. at the Suburban hospital. BLACK BASS Nine-year old Julie Munden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Munden of Emmetsburg, can prove the fishing is good in Five Island Lake. Julie recently caught a two and three-quarter pound black bass using a black leadhead for a lure. A satisified customer is the one best sales argument. SUNDAY THROUGH TUESDAY JULY 10-11-12 Now the mightiest true adventure of all! JOHN FORD'S THURSDAY and FRIDAY "And Now Miguel" - 7:00 9:08. SATURDAY - "And Now Miguel" - 1:30 - 7:00 - 9:08. SUNDAY - "Johnny Tiger" 1:33 - 5:19 - 9:05. "That Man In Instanbul" - 3:19 - 7:05 10:44. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "Johnny Tiger" - 7:00 - 10:46. "That Man In Instanbul" - 8:49. „,„-". jam WIDMARK - CftfiBOLl BAKER • KARL MAIDEN • SAL MINED RICARDO MONTALBAN DOLORES DEL RIO 6ILBERT ROLAND. ARIKOR KENNEDY JAMES SICMIT.Mu.aiHlHi - SECOND FEATURE - lf» Strain (in* WTO HOTTEST QUESTION OF TH TECHNICOLOR* PANAVISION « JACK ROSE P.M«M "•--ELIZABETH MARTIN JILL ( MONTGOMERY BALSAM ST.JOHN 1 / 1 fltCHARQ ,0.* j*; t wif-i *0«0 0»s« fuon in* CAROL / /COWreWE-SOO-MERILTANI FOSTER KID BURNETT „-*" J ,0«KI[IM>NN •-. J«C» «OS< » UUUOUNI MUUf BV*>I>E I I We're stuffing pockets again with earnings from the Greatest thing growing- Passbook-Handy Savings! The dollars to be paid out on June 30th are proof that our savers possess the key to the gratification of any desire that money can buy. By opening your savings account here by July 11th, you can learn that there is no limit to what can be accomplished through saving. And you will enjoy factor of being paid handsome earnings for your thrift. Whatever your goal, you can reach it sooner through saving here. You will widen your financial horizon with the greatest thing growing-passbook-handy savings. ANTICIPATED EARNING RATE EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 1966 Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Account* Fully Injured to $10,000 Save From The 15th — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 — ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C.

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