The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 14, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1895
Page 5
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!^ AlAJOft A, WWA WED&ESJDAf, AtlOtTST 14 r i89§, ^* ; JijMl .j^jt ^ragfe, JMp. • j|| £M| ^g^|^^^^ ^ ale of Wall Paper I tlie IMIontli. of We will offer our entire stock of Wall Paper at 0EEATLY REDUCED PEICES. It will pay you to investigate. We are actually almost giving away our entire line. Eemember ours is the largest stock from which to select, and we are going to CLOSE IT OUT AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. We have* some papers as low as 8c per roll. Every roil of paper in the house will be sold at a bargain. CALL EARLY. PROFESSIOBUSINESCTORI, M. P. G. P. PEEK.. Haggard & Peek, Successors to JONES & .SMITH. ABSTRACTS, REAL -ES r l COLLECTIONS. ALGONA, - - <• * IOWA. A* D. Clarke & Co., FARM LOANS. ; , '. Hear Algona State Bank. ALGONA, IA, Geo. C.- REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For Information In regard to lands IK Northwestern jf.owa, wjlte tpjjim... • '• 1 State street.. • / •; '• AIj!GO»A| los <JHO. B. CLARK*, Clarke (S? Coheiiour,, Geo. K ^Successor to W. P,- Quarton), ; ,. ATTORNEY 'AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. . • ALGONA,-IOWA'; '••'"••'• '•"'•'•'' Office over Kossuth County State Banhr. Sullivan & McMaboii, •ATTORNEYS AT LAW, '.. ' Postoffice <Bloek. ••• ALGONA, IOWA; Money. to.loari. " •''••• '-'••''' ! .A: J. IV. BONAR. ' H. H. -FELLOWS. •ATTORN'EYS: AT SLA.W.- •:••"'• Collections' will reeeive'i>r'6mpt % atte > ntion. Booms 8 anfl 0, Algona State,Bank Bl'dg.., Branch office at, . .. ^^wv-i)',«*... Wesley, Iowa. -. AXGOyA,.lOWA. • •- Daiison ,"&,.Btttter; ;_/ '; ^ '' LAW, LOANS' A Collections, a specialty . • Office* in y i&ardner . Cow les'ne>y', building. Lr.v: •:.' '. Si"*iSi. Sessions^ 1 ATT0BNEY AT LAW. ', Loans and Insurance. Special aUeat given to collections -of Jill kinds.. Over ObrisohiUes' Store.' ^Al.apNA,,IA. L. K. Gfurfteld, 1$. P., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. AI.GQSA, M, J, Reneflck, M. IX, Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, - - IOWA.. J, M, Pride,-Jtf. D,, Ove-r Postbffice, •'" ' *>' . , i * Dr. Ik?, A, Sheetz, ; AND S 1 . Presoriptions filled. Deftls ia Paints', Oils, ^ooks, Perfuroerles Ofcr. " saiiMiiMmOjriMr. ^ Hi n . t .) .i wnaestbetie fpr deadening; pain tn ^rums whep extracting teet? , JOWA, , s, Glasier, P. D, s,, Over the of mpdern, used tQ »«'•" U u; ' ' Save this Coupon, it is Good for Ten Cents On a Purchase.of $1.OO,' IF PRESENTED.' Lanfedon & Hudson. We want to see If you read this corner Will |[egm ,^g .Tenth fear, .Sept, ^1895, I with Revised Oou(rises :pf : a •-: J. Thorough InEfferaetion'--^il by given^in the folowing OourBes! ; J ".--.. .. • . •; ;v , • '^ ^ • • .; •'- j ;•.,-..-.'4^ ;••/• •-•-':•• . ^ '' Preparatoryj STormal. Sciieiitlfic, ' Business, Surveying, ''. Pen Art, ', V ^ ''N ' ' '•-,*' Brownie Overalls at the New Enfflaoa. Theivery latest fad." ". • " '• ' •T TO.V^«^ .^. T ^ QQ "i LOCAL MENTIONS, The ea th was soaked witb a very heavy rain Friday evening, The annual Clear Lake eamp meeting is in progress this week. 'One of the twins born <to Mr. and Mrs, John Altwegg <Ued tfee last of the week, • The August meeting of the school board baa beeo adjourned to Friday evening, , It is expected that Prof, Giicbrist will preach at the Congregational on Sunday morning* any dent', and A. J r) Eirchard is the secretary ;of tbe Veterans' Association. '.Miss Fanny Bicbards, who made a fine speech at the institute opening, and who is one of the fading teachers of the county, has accepted a position as sales lady in Jas, Taylor's store, A. M, & G, M,, Johnson are having a great demand foy the Elgin' wjn'd-mill, Tney are.tnis week working in tUpBurt neighborhood, putting in there -eight .wind-milla witnio a radius of two miles—all Elginsy Who can beat this? /Ladies of Congregational church will meet witli Mrs, R, J, Hunt Thursday, An.g« J§, at'$ p. WM for tbe study %raW$P9. Subject, The .Work $ 'm 'A^en9^B'Bo§rd Itf Turkey, Latest ,NJWS: ^'om; ^gisstOR Fjgldl -by^-tbe. r*T 1 —ry^r iff »J-T— ^M» ip >T ^" ll * ! *y T«"fT **-"* "» f intense guflenng' \ 'F. 8. Nortott's, new, residence is up m ja is «neioae4, and JB betog t>uabea' towards, completion, It will, make a jbandjoffl§ appearance, • son has beeiy withQit fevw fpi &9"?A?£J**y* e ^ 8 lW?..i m PfPViBff . i.. IQW, pwp febe mprn.i«g§ ao4 hay§ beep gpl; and OR tbe day, scUo.ol >vjll jnglQO tt| Jhe Sbur }cj cyeum ^^ysasm -Tttf^fc <. • eo« Stelt?e,r, wbo wa;s: arre§ted for- assault on Heatb at B«rt ' last spring, has bge n bound over to the -district court, Wbatw,iljbe done 'witb bim ^rjll probably -depend, very largely upon ,wb^t is done with Heatb, as tbe provp* oatian js always giYe great weigbt in escursiota to Clear Lale was not yery weU,patrpni^4 h y A igO' na people, tot tboee atteoaiujs repprt .sica.1 pro* ram, was W»l9» P^- tbe f apiliWes ords, of the state to take command of the Second brigade encampment at Wav* erly. which is to begin on the 18th inst. and last until the 25th. Urig. Gen. Rule is ill with rheumatism and cannot be present. This will place Lieut. Col. Humphrey, of Sioux City, in command of the Fourth regiment, and will necessitate other temporary changes in the field and staff. There was quite a gathering of Swedish Lutheran preachers in Algona last week, representing the North Sioux City district. The meeting continued from Monday till Wednesday, and the following named were present: liev's. G. A. Ostergreen and A. G. Englund, of Marathon, C. L. Backstrom, Laurens,A. Road, Spencer, Kr. Rosenthal, Ft/Dodge, O. A. Landell, Swea, and Axel Elfstromj Algona. • .< Prof. Gilehrist's lecture, last Thurs-. day evening, in which he gave his ideas in regard to the school of A. D. 2,000, or his ideal school system, was instructive a ,d suggestive. If he were to elaborate a school system attention would-be paid to better grading of pu- p.ijd Tn, country 'schools. He would : have a central high. school in every township, and he would have the little 1 children brought together by some means for special instruction and training. ,' .;..'' The A. O. U. W. leaders made a, determined but ineffectual attempt to secure an excursion train to Spirit Lake for tomorrow. They were inyit-, ed by the Milwaukee officials to guarantee 8303, and they preferred to charter atrain and run it for the fares fo'r 8326. The company -could not be heard from till yesterday, morning when they accepted, but it was too late to work up the excursion. It is not leared whether any will go from Algona, ; The.plague of work horses these days are the swarms of flies that follow and torment them. At the Iowa station the if olio wing preparation applied once everyiifour or'five days has proven quite 'satisfactory in, keeping .tile flies off of stoqk: jPine t'ar 'and fish oil, equal parts, : an'd & f $er cent '61 carbolic acid iccided; mix well ari'd'^apply with a swab td"the back, crops, Jioabs and affected- parts The preparation is not .expensive and saves stock mnch;'annoyance ,a'nd w;or- ry. • ' ' ! 3->' : : :: '•' ' ••" •' .'•.•; '"'"'"' !'• There was no Prote'stant churcn sdr- ( town -Sunday morning other than that at the .Baptist church. Rev; Kennedy being at the Livermore camp- meeting, and Mr. Stevens was greeted iby a crowded congregation on the first Sunday/after his return.from his vacation in the east, members of other con-; 'gregatiio'ns being in the habit of atten- :ding hds church when they can do it withoujJ;, absenting : tnemselves from their pvyn. Mr!, Stevens will not .resume his evening services until September. "''Bicyclists aid base ballists .will be interested in the meet at Rolfe >on Augu8t(21 and 23; Some of the -best amatqur ball clubs in , the state have been engaged and there will be a game of balreach afternoon for a'purse of $50. fl'here will also be eight" bicycle races-3one fiyje mile race, and the' oth- -ferbal^(mile and-mile races—for which p' $160 are offered- Reduced-'rates on the railroads. Pro- grams'taay be ha4 by addressing Ward Ferguson, Rolfe, Iowa. With the departure of D, M. Evans, assistant secretaiy of the Algona Deposit and Loa r i Association, for-Missouri, the work of keeping' the books goes tQ,Mr. Carm, Davenport,, formerly of St,J?aul, whose qualifications for the place are unquestioned, Mr, Evans, however, was a man of fine business ability, and popular with all who knew him, and bis departure will.ibe sincerely regretted- Mr. Matsop has been an actively useful citizen of'Algo- na for many years, and his place will be very hard to fill, He is. a man of genuine public spirit and will be high' ly appreciated wherever he may go, When Rev. O. A, Stevens, pastor of the Baptist church, went east, he found it more-'convenjent to attend the Bos ton Convention of the Christian En deavor societies than Baltimore convention of the Baptist Young - People's Union, and like the sensible man tbat he is be attended the former, The Ai* gona Qbrlstian Endeavorers had no d,ele v gats at.tbe, Boston meeting, wbjcb thing tfiat he should be invited -to tell them ajjout tbe convention and- the most natural and fraternal thing that lie ' should assent to tbat program, which he has done, On - Sand»y evening therefore, at the Congregational clujreh,- be ww give »tftUroji tbe Boston' conYention, at the ujmar hour of service, There will 1 - ' ' specialty Pf ra« fak ttwftUg? ,w*>e «f» *8°k 'at"bMc(f8.up \Y $W*WWl&y3i$* ^ ' r J * »**»> WP *»M'**«***W *' «™-«w ,»x £f/ v r/' - '-""' i'.'~ ffi^^/*?J*4Jf., '" ^a^&& t1 \ -j., &*>:l^ STORT OF THE ..INSTITUTE. A Pronounced Success in All Departments, — What 'the Instructors are Doing. . Pleasing Variation from the Lecture Course Last Evening—T*rie DailjrPro- grarn and Coming Lectures! The first Week of the Institute' was a Denounced success; and in triarty of ts features it was an imprdVdment upon all previous sessions. Miss ! « ! EVa : B. Crowe's classes in prim,ars r ,me.thodB lave been attended,"by always interested listeners. Miss Crowe "is recpg- nizeh as one of the best primary teachers in Chicago, and it was ? a lucky hit to secure her. Interest has been augmented by a "practice class" of little ones. ••••'•'••••••• • ' Prof, Gilchfist's work on "Child Study" has been introduced here for ;he first time in this Institute, and the. Professor's room is alwaj s crowded by those eager to hear: The study is really one in psychology as applied specially to the child's mind. ...Prof. A. W. Rich of the State Normal School has the arithmetic classes, and the work that is being done is of the ; highest order. His methods are new and original. ..>. Prof. Young, of Pipestone, Minne- •lota, has history and civil government. Supt. Reed says Prof. Young is one of the ( grandest men living, and his teaching' is more'than the books teach, because he has such a noble soul within him. Prof .Young's work ends with this week, and'he goes from here to Emmetsburg. •.-..-.. Sup.t. Reed has a few minutes every morning when,he expounds school law &tid answers any questions that may be propounded. He has a question box in which te'ac^'fers may place their queries. • The "''questions cover every dispute likely tb arise..* ••">•'• ••:- M • •••- L : 'Ndxt week D 1 .-RV Augsburg,' of 'Salt Lake Cityjtand-Miss Lucia Gale' Barber, of Cedar Bapids; will be-added to the'Corps of instructors, the former taking drawing, .and Miss Barber -presenting voice culture. Miss Barber «is- very well known to the teachers of Kossuth and is very popular. The program for last night, as originally planned; Was a lecture by Capt. Carlo -Schwaff,.on "The Sir John Franklin • .Belief - Expedition," but Capt. Schwaff's lecture bureau a few days since notified Supt. Reed that the engagement was cancelled, and by a rare piece of good fortune he was able to'fill the evening with a musical pro- gra'm by the Carolina Colored 'Concert Company. There was the usual crowded,: audience, and the music rendered was altogether worthy of the occasion. The .lecture for tomorrow night is to be by Prof. E. B. Swift, ,of Rochester, N. Y. It will be a scientific lecture On'"The Wonders of the Microscope and Telescope." The lecture • for Tuesday evening 1 next will be a "Chalk Talk," by Prof. Augsburg, and "Heads and Faces" Will be the special topic. •, The elPsing exercises for the present week will be at the It Congregational church on Friday afternoon from 2 to 3, .The chief feature will be a lecture on, 'K)ur Heritage," by- Prof. Rich. This will be followed by Prpf. 1 Young's closing words to' the Institute,. ,' val- at- r INSTITUTE . The work-of. the Institute is uable that ^several ladies- of outside of the teaching force, are tending regularly and taking part. ' Mrs. EstellaBeed, wife of the Superintendent, has charge of the finances and some minor matters. A number ofteachers drive 4n from the country 'every morning and return at night, Some come as far as 6 to 8 miles, '- *> The soliopj board granted the Institute the ,use of the school flag, and the emblem 1 of 'Jiberty and union floats over the sebgpl house every fine day, Jfcjsn.ottcej.bjejhat th§ instructors worktb>' tea^berjjjiQ havd that they- d,o noon and recess, flu PERSONAL MENTION, Mayor Bicbards, of Burt, was in AI- gona Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Winkel spetit Sunday at Livermore. Albert Patterson is up from Bfairs- bUrg for a few days. Mrs. May Stinson and children are- visiting in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Doxsee attended the Clear Lake Musical festival. James Patterson and wife returned- . home from their eastern trip Saturday. morning. / Dr. and Mrs. F. E. V. Shore,. of Des-Moines, are in Algona this week visiting old friends. '"'Mr. Samuels, of the Normal School,- ', left for Des Moines last evening for- si stay of about ten days. Prof. Lilly is still at Garner. 'He will close his work there this, week and t will be at home Saturday. Mrs. Tiss, of CorWith, came. over- Sunday evening, for a visit 'with h&r daughter, Mrs/I. M. Finnell. •> * Miss Lee Bonnell, Of . Blue Eartb t , Minn., is visiting her sister, the wife.- of County Auditor Calkins. , Christian Dau and wife, of Union^ township, were among the people who* enjoyed Sunday at Clear Lake. ' Wm. Leui, of Postville, who was- vis-- iting his half sister; Mts. Kate Starr,, returned home Wednesday, evening; Mrs. J-. Utlay and daughter Lilliaiv of Priestpn, Minneasota, visited .Auditor and Mrs. F. D. Calkins last week. Bev. Q'. A. Stevens arrived home- from the east Wednesday evening. He- resumed preaching services at the Bap- '. tist church on Sunday. M. Baraslou, of Bancroft, and* Ernest Bacon, of Burt, visited in Algona \Vhiie enfoute for hoine from, the- senatorial convention. Charles S. Blanchard, formerly o£' Algona but now. of Elmore-wasintown^ > Monday. Mr. Blanchard is doing a^ fine; business' in hi's.ngw homei- -' Mi^sLlilu Clarke, ^tiie aCcoinpliaW*; .\ daughter, p| Gfio,, J3*,Clarke" r , .will be • a^, , r Minnesota^'Sta'te' 'University s,tuderitO the coming year, 'it : is understood- •' '•'; Mrs/A. J. Lee/returned to her Dome'; \ n Wood ward Monday, after an ex- ' ' ;ende.d..yisit of about seven^weekswitlv her parents, Mr. and M^s. G. JI. Lam.~on.: Fred Sto'ckwell.came in ; on the ex- sursion trai'n from Clear Lake Sunday-^ evening. He is out in' the interest ofi!" 'D. M. Qsborn Machine Co., but wilto 1 stopilohg enough in this vicinity to>; visit hig parents and friends. ' ' t ,' J. W,' Sullivan and wife ace visiting" at Mr: Suljiyan's."old home near. I6V» Dity. Judge says he in'telidsto "make' aay" and that he used to' Uave a gr«6t*. reputation for slacking ju. that past of r ,he country. ' t ' , • , Mr. <^. Bogers,!of Manchester, lowa^. was visiting J. H; McNall last week:, ." Mr. Bo'gers is a cousin of Mr. MciJtall' and is 86 years of, age,v though quite ac-' *• ;ive and given to 7 travel. He is » Bat— , ive of Connecticut, , . ' , ^ Miss Annie Leui, wio was , Mr. and Mrs. M. Starr ^'Igft lome at Postville on'Mondaipi ' "ng to visit friends at - Garner 1 -ob- way. Her sister Caroline i departs home the last of the^eek. . Mr. and Mrs. Frajnk Nicoulin!s three" daughters came up -from, Mason City Monday. Miss Myrtle ha$ been "visiK- ;ng with her sisters, Mrs, B^ndall &»* Mrs. Quinlan, for several weeks,'' an* '.hey returned to the parental* roof withu ier. Miss Zoa Wartman wilt go tp Chicago in a few days and will not r.etuwi" for several weeks. She has- bad a lai?gfr- class in music and has been very sup* cessful in jr«piring in them- a deep ip- terest. She" expects to resqnae-. \\$$ classes on return home, Prof. Frank Slagle waaatMas'on Cityf and Clear Lake last week. He attend-ed the Musical festival at the latter ' place, returning to Algona Monday r' Prof, Slagle goes to Strawberry, Pojnl, again the coming yeap, baying re'ejgcted to take charge of t there. •-• -.••*-- <•; «;^ claim jn ? «.an . • institute' before so much, wp doqe in the s,ame space of time; • Tbeve js 09 polities in tUe Institute, Suptu B«e<i4oeg'not know whether he will be » candW»te ov^ot-fo^rerjomi" nation, anj the subject is one or which e is perfect J|berty tptWnfc pa ao _. M^fl*flFj|'5=W™%KflLTBKHS* * 1 ^Bfi9JW*!p¥^pff ftflWfflft Vj'j^^P^RwRnMv iW^"i/ 'C^^lvS'iVl I^A^]^^Kpp'&,r \^^!T W H i $m "'. ^ visiting; for per iutend- the- for' r*,,r\ r * f • T „ W •"•. *^. **.-, ^."tf-Vi » ,^ ' ^^.J QiQl .V , I. I* » 3 ^ ,i^ -t*W , ^ ^ Banq^t't TNuIsljWJ. i ytit^'Wm^M ^^^m^.A^^^^^^^iS^ me 4Sn!g?ueBcray -for-tv vlsitfWithjnaffi&svS^i P'-« eu v former and Attorney friends in this t B, W, Haggard wbo succeeds , .. .. law business at Algooa, were , us U JQofejng- >ypl '^mM > enjpygtfthe trip Y«Rf

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