Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1966 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1966
Page 13
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Algeria Konuth (ountv THURSDAY, DEC ft, 1966 - ALOONA, IOWA -L Lawrence MillftM, who «mc by pkmj from Japan tot the hoU- days. Their daughter, Vicki will matry DAvid Sletiscl, Scbnect- ady, N, Y , Dec. 29 at the Luth- church ift iUiftnetftede, ' eran N, STIVE McQUEEN STARS AS "NtVADA SMITH" STARTING FRIDAY AT THI ALOONA TH1ATRI THIS BUSINESS OF having a photo on the drivers license has the Old Goat a bit \Voitied. In the first place they always have a picture of an old man in the Old Goat's case instead of a youmg handsome strong athletic type the Old Goat thinks he is. Of course he knows better, but to destroy even the little bjit of fooling the Old Goat gives himself just isn't cricket. In the first place the darned picture would probably turn out like a passport shot where they stand one up in a corner, shoot and don't even mention'to look at the birdie 1 . In'fact there's no birdie. * # * * * HEY NOW! Life in the big city of Minneapolis may bo getting brighter now they have a slum clearance project up there. Seems a doll got herself in the mood, put on panties and • bra, and coated herself with golden paint and paraded up and down the avenue in the outfit as the Golden Girl, Made quite a sensation too until the narrow - minded gendarmes tossed her in pokey for conducting herself indecently. This is a bit difficult to understand for there was no indecent exposure. The arrest was not what she did but what her attire caused the males ogling her to think. In other words the police in the twincities are a judge of what a person is thinking. If a person can get tossed into pokey for what he ii thinking the Old Goat is going to give that place a wide berth. Brian Keith and Steve McQueen are co-starred in Joseph E. Levine's epic western "Nevada Smith," based on the character created for "The Carpetbaggers" by Harold Bobbins, The Solar Production and Paramount Pictures release opens Friday at the Algona Theatre in color and Panavision. , ; , ;, BIG NAME SHOWS on the telly a,rc by their very na.ture doomed to eventual cancellation. The trouble is the big man soon thinks the whole (tanged shows depends on '.his'-' baing in the forefront every minute Danny Kaye, Gary. Moore, and now even >:Red Skelton,; seem' to think the public is enchanted a their each and every move They really just get tired of them. Even laughable Ed Sullivan is now horning in on the act with that stupid Italian mouse. Usually Ed contents himself with introducing the burlecue but lately he seems to think he really amounts to something. Of course, these gents, on hearing the Old Goat's opinion of them will cry all the way to the bank. 1 * * * * * THE ONLY GENIUS the movie dniustry ever had died with Walt Disney. Only he of all the Hollywood glamour- pusses kept his , head and transferred to the screen enjoyable and happy pictures. He wanted no part of the horror or sexpot stuff. His vill- ians were really pretty nice misguided guys in the end and his heroes were authentic and his heroines were not only good looking but were women. Tha characteristics of the human race were often happily lampooned in his cartoons but the portrayal was kind instead of deadly. His Disneyland is a place for adults to renew their feeling the world is OK as they felt in their youth, A Walt Disney picture was one you could take the kids to and know it would be all right even though it was not a kiddie picture—except for the kid still left in a lot of old people. The world will miss him, for he truly was a world-wide figure—not of the sword, but ' —Thursday Complete program begins: 7:00 p.m. "Goldfinger" 7: 14 p.m. Dr. No" 9:07 p.m. —Friday Thru Tuesday Complete program begins: 7:00 p.m. "Nevada Smith" 7:41 p.m. —Saturday Kiddie Matinee Complete program begins: 1:00 p.m. "Misty" 1:30 p.m. — Sunday — Christmas Day Complete program begins: 1:30 -4:21 -7: 11 p.m.. "Nevada Smith" 2:11 -'5:01 7:52 p.m. — Monday — Special Matinee Complete program begins: 1:30 p.m. Nevada Smith" 2: 11 p.m. ,< — Wednesday Matinee Complete program begins: 1:30 p.m. "Winchester 73" 2:06 p.m. — Wednesday .-,. .'Complete program,,begins: 7:30 p.m. "Bellboy" 7:44 "Visit To Small Planet" 9:01 Mrs. A. J. weekend at Eason spent Nevada i> at th. her daughter's home, Mr. and Mrs. James Potter and family. The grandson, M'.fke, is making; a splendid recovery from his leg surgery. Mrs. Helen Putstuck accompanied her daughter and son Ln-law, the Milton Bilyeus to Colorado last .week. They visited a son and brother James at Canon City and John at Denver. Another son, Gerald has recently moved from Colorado to Rockford, 111, where he has employment with the same company, Sunstrand. SPEAKS AT HIGH SCHOOL Clay Warren, Midshipman 2/C of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., spoke to a group of interested students a the Algona high school Monday Dec._; 19 JromV:ft;30 tQ;.0:3Q., H is originally from Rtngsted. RuthHa»e,of Burt, 48, dies at Iowa City Burt—Ruth Hasse, 48, died Saturday, Dec. 17 at Iowa Cily after a two year illness. Ruth, daughter of the late Emil Hasses, was born Sept 13, 1918, at Emmetsburg. She graduated in 1937 from'Fenton High School and attended the university at Iowa City and became a graduate nurse: She Was a supervisor 'at university, hospital when she became ill two years ago. She was a resident of Iowa City. ' < In early days of nursing she was school nurse at Emmetsburg, and also employed at St. Ann hospital, Algona, going back to Iowa City in 1952. Survivors are: Alvina, Albert and Paul Hasse, Burt, Caroline, Mrs. 'Paul Clausen, Ossea, Minn., Esther, Mrs. Wendell Christensen, Wesley, John Hasse, Jackson, Minn., Emil Hasse, Fairmont, Minn. • Her mother died in 1946 and her father in 1964. Funeral services ', wejre held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at St;; John|s jutheran church with .burial in 3urt Township cemetery. / , ' Capt. David Christensen came Saturday for the holidays with his mother, Mrs. Jiamias Christensein. He is. with the Marines temporarily located at Glencoe Naval Air station in Georgia. Betty Christensen, Tulsa, Okla., will also spand several days at home'. ; Mrs. L. C. Williams, Welcome, inn., the Norman MutcihtJJs, Des Moines, the Keith Mitchells Chicago, and Judy, Iowa City were weekend guests at Dohala Mitchell's for the wedding ol Jane Mitchell and Norton Boyd The Ed Fredricksons went-to Fort Dodge Monday to meet Vicki Miller, who came by plans from Runnemede, N. J. to visit during her Gnristams vacation at the J, L. Millers aru Ed Fredricksons. The J .L. Millers Minneapolis Dec. 20 to The Methodist Sunday school gave a Christmas program Dec. 21 at Burt Methodist church. The Presbyterian Sunday school Christmas program will be given Thursday at 7:30 p.m. The public is-invited. The Union Candlelight Service will be held Christmas Eve, Dec. 24 at the Presbyterian church at 7 o'clock. There will be special music. The Junior and Senior UPY and the MYF met at 6 p.m. Dec. 18 at the Presbyterian church for caroling. There were 40 in the group that sang Christmas carols at the Rest Homes and also for shut-ins. This was fol lowed by a chili supper at the Presbyterian church. Chaper fed on the telephone to M». Emma Grooms at Oed*r Rapids. She is a sister of the Ute Louis and Charles Scott. Hie Jay Aliens, Chicago, will live in the lite Lily BurtKofcke bungalow. < The Dean Andrews met their daughter Pamela, Los Angeles, Calu., early Friday at Minneapolis air part, who? came home tor the Christmas vacation. Burt school will be at 2:30 p. m- Thursday for Christmas vacation and resume Jan. 3, - \.v,H>;."'^"'" ;• -•: The Lyle Meiers attended the Christmas party at the Johnson House, Dec. i7 sponsored by Schuita Bros. There •w ! ere 3s* present. Alter the dinner 500 was played. , , The Rudy Kautzkys, Fort Dodge, spent Dec. 18 with Mrs, A. H. Meinzer. v.They had dinner at the Cunningham Tea Room. Mrs. Helen Johnson and Milo Gronbachs, , Jftmwr cidts, Dem 6if? Black, who is ifi toegwi tt nlftg teeewWf, t| Adiif AFB in radar department. The SUflley Blacks will sp«rkl Christmas in Humboldt at Gene PedetseflS. •' * BUR,? eon! CHRISTMAS PARTY The Bast End Grocery Christ- ., - — — -— v> . mas party was held Sunday eve* and thete was a gift exchange, A -. t( 1 r ^ . the Ed Cyndi, Keith ttrtiriii ArroWoocL OUt-af Were T6d>ahti Mo Cefttei» ones were Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Calbreath and the Jerry Wien ers. i'here were 42 Girl Scouts, Brownies, Junior Scouts and Cadets who went caroling Dec. 20 after school to homes of shut-ins and to the Rest Homes in Burt. Mrs. Louis Scott was hostess Dec. 18 at a family Christmas dinner at Cunninghams Tea .Room. Guests were the Michael Scotts and Armande, Bernard GiffordSj Mrs. Celia Scolt, and Jay Aliens, Chicago. They talk- Johnson spent pec. 18 in Mankato at Dean Reeds, the Arlin Jdhnsons, Minneapolis, were also guests. '''•, :"'. Ine Dwayne Nelsons' moved last week to the Charles Lappe home on Main street Which tney have purchased. An early Christmas dinner was held Dec. 17 at Stanley blacks. Present were, the Perry St. Johns, Minneapolis, Gene Pedersens; and Jena, Humboldt the Lewis Franzens, Titonka Eugene Wolfs, Bancroft, Esther Otto, Algona. All were home but INTRODUOIN8 The Exciters From St. Joe APPEARING Friday, Dec. 23rd AT The PINE ROOM (HOTEL ALGONA) *••? •o t»o, Christmas spirit is °^ singing out aH over the land. Wt add our voict^ wishing you and yoors the finest of holidays! Have tht Mtrritst Christmas yttl ENDS THURSDAY, DEC. 22 SEAN CONNERY GOLDFINGER SAN CONNERY DT.NO 1 ' w !!!.' mm Hran '.'WtUMDITI FRIDAY — SATURDAY — SUNDAY — MONDAY — TUESDAY , DEC. 23-24-25-26-27 Now a name... soon a legend. JOSEPH LIEVINE nunti SUPERIOR "400" STATION ALGONA, IOWA ^ SERVICEMEN pure ^^^ ... * Roger G. Baker USS BROWNSON (DD 868) (FHTNC) Dec. 12— MacMnii-jt's Mate Fireman Roger E. Baker, JSN, son of the A. L. Bakers, Lone Rock, is a crewmember abojrd the destroyer USS Brownson, with the SBvenitla Fleet in the Western Pacific supporting operation in South- cast Asia. The Brownson is attached to Destroyer Squadron- 20, homeported at Newport, R. I. His squadron left Newport early in October, passed thru the Panama Canal and visited Pearl Harbor bstfore joining the Seventh Fleet in November. LIVING NATIVITY Fenton— The final "Living Nativity" scene oi the St. John's Walthar League will be given this Thursday night with performances at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m The public is invited, and lunch will be teerved in the church basement. or a M/UDEN KHTH SUZANNE \ SSSf. ':! DAY CONTINUOUS SHOWING CHRlbl STARTING AT 1:30 P.M. SPECIAL MATINEE MONDAY, DEC 26—1:30 P.M. and can't get these options PHOOEY TO these «ob sisters Who are getting all excited in anticipation that Luci is in an expectant situation. In the Old Goat's opinion it's no one's business except hers and her husband's and maybe the grandpar outs. To drag out this kind of auspeinse is a poor kind of journalism and is in darmed poor taste. # # * THE OtO GOAT isn't wasting any tears over the troubles ol Hofjfa and Hariem's gift, to the nation, Adam Clayton Powell If congress kicks the latter oul he won't be misse^ much, ant if Hoffa goes to pokey WQ fine out what those frieiujs of his cm do when he's rwft top dog He'll prohebly get tiie sajiie tro9.tnient fte gave to Ms pred ecessor when 'tlj© latter go) caugihjt wiitJi his ftogers in, §iye till. •>"'• May //ie /rue spirit of Chrisfmas enter your this yeqr. ELBERrS MILEMi SERVICE , Ipwa Because if you want all these features in one car, you've got to want a '67 Ford. Your Ford Dealer can give you the uncensored story. But here's an idea of what Ford offers. SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission really gives you two shifts in one. It shifts automatically or lets you shift manually. That way you can pick the right gear to suit road conditions or just shift for fim (standard on XL and LTD). Convenience Control Panel reminds you to fasten seat belts, warns you if a door is ajar or fuel is low. The strongest, quietest, best built Fords in history offer you a variety of exclusive features to make your driving easier and more enjoyable. Like doors that lock automatically and Comfort-Stream Ventilation that exhausts stale air with windows closed. Add to this Ford's durability and famous quiet ride, and you've got a lot of good reasons to visit your Ford Dealer before you buy any new car. Quieter because it's stronger. ..stronger because it's better built FORD TAYLOR MOTOR CO. 390 |A$T STATi ITRiiT FREE SHOW TALL PAUL'S KIDS DAY WEPNfSQAY, PEC. 28— 1:30 P.M. "WINCHESTER 73" PLUS 4 CARTOONS STARTS WEPNESPAY, PEC 28

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