The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1954 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1954
Page 6
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BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 1954 U.S. Firms Seek Stake in A-Power Race NBA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NBA)— Hard, cash profits are now in sight from the production of dtctricity by atomic energy. Tht sudden realization of this fact by the big U. S. firms seeking a stake in the revolutionary new power field has •tarted a sprint among them for the fat prizes awaiting those getting in on the ground floor. The unanimous belief that atomic power for homes and industry has turned the corner from an intriguing theory to a field ripe for exploitation was the keynote of a meeting here of The Atomic/Industrial forum, Inc. That belief has further backing in the Atomic Energy Commission's report to Congress that atomic development has reached the stage . where more public funds should be •pent "on constructive peacetime .«0es of the atom." * * • The forum is a non-profit organi- sation created to be a sort of clearing house for information on atomic power developments. Its membership includes the biggest corpora- tionas in America. Interviews with representatives from General Electric, Detroit-Edison, Westinghouse, Duquesne Light Co., U. S. Steel and other companies reveal general agreement on the following details of nuclear power plants: Public fear, plus some slight real danger that an accident could spread radiation pollution in the neighborhood of a plant, will govern their location within an area. Atomic plants can't be located too far from the customers because the cost of moving the electricity along power lines is very high. So the first private A-plants at least will have to be located outside of large cities, removed from large population areas. * » * The water needs of an atomic plant are no greater than those of an ordinary power plant, contrary to general belief, so that locating them near a river or large body of water is not a consideration. As far as physical appearance goes they are likely to be one of Iferee general types. The section of the plant which contains the nuclear reactor will have to be shielded by a giant concrete box. It's possible for this to be above ground, or buried for additional shielding. It's also possible that some radical protective structure like the giant sphere which covers GE's submarine reactor at West Milton, K. Y., might be built over the heart of the plant. Wastes which result from the burning of the original atomic fuel FIRST ATOMIC POWER PLANT, shown here Atomic Energy in a preliminary artist's sketch, is to be built at Co. Shippingport, Pa., as a joint project of the U. S. GIANT STEEL SPHERE over submarine atomic power reactor at West Milton, N. Y., might also protect private A-power plant. U.S. Steel To Answer Union Bids PITTSBBRGK (/Pi — Top nego- HaTws of U. S. Steel Corp. and the CIO United Steelworkers gathered today for a meeting at which the company expected to answer the union's contract demands. The union i« seeking an unspecified wage boost for the men who average between *2.14 and $2.24 an hour. In addition, the union is requesting a guaranteed annual wage, improved pension and hospitalization programs and other contract changes. Although today's talks concern only TJ. S. Steel, aH the basic steel industry ic keeping a close watch on the negotiations. All told there are some 600,000 USW members employed in basic steel. In past years ¥. S. Steel has .usually set the pace for all steel companies. Negotiations began May 18. recessing within a short time so the company could study union demands. Basic steel contracts exspire June 30. could be a very valuable by-product of the plant. They could be purified for re-use in the plant. They could be turned into any number of isotopes for medical and research purposes. • * • A by-product called caesium, for instance, is an excellent substitute for X-ray. Some experts claim that the wastes from an A-plant could be used for the heating of large buildings in the area. Closer to a practical idea is their use in the preserving of foods. Atomic food preserving industries quite likely might grow up around atomic power plants. I No matter what is done with the; wastes, they do have to be taken j care of in some elaborate Hianner' to protect the area. As a result it's probable that every atomic power plant will be surrounded by clusters of subsidiary plants handling the wastes or producing by-products. The first central station atomic power plant will be built at Shippingport, Pa., near Pittsburgh, as a joint project of the Atomic Energy Commission and the Duquesne Light Co. But the first private profit-making A-plants will be located in areas of the country which are remote Jap Ship Detects Strong TOKYO (£*)—A Japanese radioactivity test ship detected strong aigns of contamination last night south of the U. S. H-bomb test area »t Bikini, Kyodo news agency reported today. Radioactivity was found in the fish, rain and seawater tested by the Shunkotsu Maru nearly 500 miles due south of Bikini. HE'LL NEVER FORGET- Chi* Sft Jules Beret, veteran Of «* Di« Bien Phi battle, dijpitji tht flat of tht 4tb Company, dtftattd in the bitttr •fM for tht Indo-Chini for- Urn Btrat imuffltd tbt •UaftM* t» frttdom, hiddto btntatb hk belt, whtn bt was " HItfl! TJMTS 4 SMALL SIZE HOUSf" \\ihii\n WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER This MM suptr-powtrtd lir conditioner is the btflittt capacity, most atfvanctd window ynit Mthimarttttodiy. Installs as quickly and tatity K smiltir capacity r*o« air conditions and rcquius no watir •tMoetieis—it's tntirtfy sttf contained. tNd 1,000 spirt ftit (tkaf s stveral tenjt room) Mta 1*01111 CMditiou. MSWO*i AC'MM» VMTIX ClftCVUTMN Vornodft'i ex<lu»iv« 'com- plet»ly direclionol" oif o/cu- lotara givt complete drofl-lrec circulotion with penetration up to 30 U«t. ond eliminate "ipoi tooling." AUTOMATIC PUJN-BUTTON CONTROLS No dioH to turn, no lids to lid no knob* to pu»r» or pull "IVER 6,000,000 SATISFIED USERS OF VORNADO COOLING APPLIANCES" Wt Also Have A Few Window Units For As Low As 59 95 UP BILL'S REFRIGERATION SERVICE Ftrm.rly BROFF REFRIGERATION CO. 2337 lirch Phont 3-6986 Commission and Duquesne Light from sources of cheap coal. This means that New England, or part of the Northwest which don't have cheap hydro-electric power will be the first sections of the country getting privately-owned atomic power plants. Alton Donnell, of Detroit-Edison, says Southern Michigan is a possible site for an atomic power plant, for this economic reason. * * * Areas in the nation getting the cheapest electricity from conventional sources will oe the last to get atomic plants. The most dramatic presentation at the forum was made by Francis K. McCune, general manager of GE's Atomic Products Division. He said flatly that his firm had the design and cost figures on two types of reactors which "will generate electricity at competitive costs, possibly within five, certainly within 10, years." His figures are based on a plant which could serve a city of about 200,000 persons. The cost of the initial nuclear fuel, he estimates, might be as high as $40.000,000. But the cost of the electricity over the long run could be 6.7 mills per kilowatt hour as compared to 6.9 mills for electricity produced by some coal plants today. 'I Love Lucy' Still Leads Quiet Joe Friday in TV Popularity By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (*>—I Love Lucy is starting its fourth year of laugh- provoking programs and shows no signs of slackening its pace as the No. 1 TV show of the nation. On most audience ratings, carrot-topped Lucille Ball has been able to nose out tight-lipped Joe Friday of Dragnet. Her supremacy in the surveys has been aping on almost since the series started. Having witnessed the inception of the show, I dropped by the set to view proceedings when the players started their first show for the fourth season. It will be seen next September. Lucy was up to her usual shenanigans, sitting on a ledge outside the apartment while Ricky and thft Mertzes hunted for her. No Changes The show did not appear to have changed in its three years of prosperity. There was the same frantic movement of three cameras and crewmen to get everything rehearsed for the evening performance. There was the same earnest cooperation and striving for perfection. One thing that distinguishes I Love Lucy (and Dragnet too) from its competitors is its complete professionalism. The laughs may hot always be there when expected, but everything is done with expert craftsmanship. I asked Lucille how long she thought the show could continue. "It's a mystery to me," she replied. "We have no worries as long as the writers (Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh, Bob Carfoll Jr.) keep coming up with such fabulous scripts. They're amazing." There had been a report that the show would use more guest stars. Recent members of the cast have been Tennessee Ernie and golfer Jimmy Demaret. Lucille said they had no plans for more guests— "unless they -are as fabulous as Tennessee Ernie." "The Long, Long Trailer." which Lucille and Desi Arnaz made last summer was a. hit, and I asked if they planned any more movies. "Not this summer," Lucille replied. "We're going to Del Mar for two months after we do five shows for next season. If we did a picture, it would leave us no time off." SOAPY—This modernistic rendition of "Refugees" woo Maryellen Van Derziel first prize in the annual soap sculpture competition in New York City. A 17-year-old high school student from Detroit Mich., she won out over thousands of entries from ail over the nation. The Delaware River forms a natural boundary for parts of four eastern states: Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. There are 2796 known languages in the world. Work, Sleep, Play In Comfort Without Nagging Backache Nagjtins: backache, loss of pep and encriTT, headaches and dizziness may b* due to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors say srood kidney function is very important to good health. When »ome everyday condition, such as stress and strain, causes this important function, to slow down, many folks suffer nagging backache—feel miserable. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may cause getting up nights or frequent passages. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Doan's Pills—a mild diuretic. Used successfully by millions for over 50 years. It's amazing how many times Doan's give happy relief from these discomforts—help the 15 miles of kidney tub« and filters flush out waste. Get Doan's Pills todayl Widow of Pakistan's Premier Named Envoy THE HAGUE, Netherlands The Begun Lilquat All Khan, widow of Pakistan's first Premier, has been selected as her nation's ambassador to the Netherlands. She will be the first woman ever to represent a Moslem country in a national capital. 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