The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 14, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1895
Page 3
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NOT ttffifl ME SILVER or THE iQWA "SOUND DECLARE MONEY." Chicftgo Hcflgfet pOR i Ftunitf of ] The Smith family will got to the front Tlv in-west plunger of note on the wiwtpri • i turf is u board of tradn man of thr.t nair.« the *l«ht H«lft t* th* SUV** Men tVM, ; who owns Pc.u-1 y.,«g and oth,v thurcu?,, FORTUNE. She wti-i •• noath tho tn and !>•:• ..!'-• 1 on n . un.l l:t-. M* large shipment of STEP-LADDERS Sromlnated tnt able Atid Cheap in price. Cotne them at Norton's Lumber Yard. IN n tJ*i 1 *i r* £i f 1 V'i Vt°1 ll £?*I*OOiVi S1H h' |J 11 * f^ . " t ~* *"Y 4 4*ii \~\ 4"li "I*O1"115*11 "to ificl T'l Ju I tl * * withont 8 S^fith aniiex Bleeping onra to Lo> geles, leaving Chicago daily via DAYS ed in din- ancl [•aiicteco An- THE North - Western Line rout tourist tickets, ^^^"^"^fl^Jt y dEP RY ie LOW° RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. .CHICAGO & NORTH --WESTERN R'Y. Mount «*hor—Bt*t«» for * A U ___f^YiP> MAUSHALLtOWN, la., Atlg. 8 '-"y"° tf the most notable state conventions hi the history of the Iowa Democfacy closed in this city last evening. Since Monday there has been a bitter Sttife between the two opposing elements 01 the patty-one contending for a tidtet mid plat' or m on a "sound money oasis, the other clamoring for free coinage without waiting for an i^ 6 ™?" 0 ^ agreement. From start to finishL the white metal contingent did neatly all the talking, on the street, in hotel lob* hies, at various headquarters, in committee rooms, cancnssea and finally on the floor of the convention. By an apparently fortuitous incident the silver men "had a fine chance to esprit their views in convention hall during the afternoon, from the fact that the resolutions committee Got Itito n Wtiuig'e on the financial plank that kept them 111 the committee room till nearly 4 o'clock, the currency resolution being overhauled and reconstructed two or three times before an agreement was reached, and the majority making persistent, effort to avert the introduction of the minority report. During this interval the convention did nothing but listen to free gilver speeches by- radical white metal champions. Ahe controversy grew warm and bitter, and when the minority report favoring free coir ago was introduced another pro- ru-'tlp [.ii'-'. -\ It," !:•• n>".n ch nlilv GREAT VALUE WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. brcds. A few wirks ago Iio wn<! crudi'-oil with winning frln.ODrt on Pearl Song. Tho Chicago Dully Racing Form, of which Trunk Brunell is tho editor, tells of Smith's Intp^t winning: . . t • "Charliivf'mlth made nnotlierof Ins big conns with Buckwa and Chnnt at Liitonia Snttirdnv. Ho landed $28,000 or so on Pearl Song at Louisville and loft here on Fridiivon'n, call from Charley Hughes, his (minor. Ho hold a consultation with and Martin afc Cincinnati Satur- ilay'morning and decided to bet a lot of money on (he pair at evens or better. Commissions wcro sont to ull tho pool- cast and west, and Smith and his commi^ioners got on ?7,800 in the Laton ia. rlnjt afc from &A to 1 to oven money. '•After'tho racn Mr. Smith paid: 'I have betmo:-u money on this race than lover bet in my life. I brought §10,000 hero with me to go in tho ring mid got most" ot it on. I sent away $15,000 to various poolrooms, but have not yofc heard how much of it went on. I gave instructions not to lake worse than even money. If it nil went on, I won in tho neighborhood of £40 000 I had my agents in (ivory poolroom in the country. I sent 85,000 to New York und 92,500 to Baltimore. I had agents at Memphis, New Orleans, Louisville, Dallas, Buffalo, St. Asaph, and, in fact, at every point where I know there was a poolroom that handled the Latonm rnees. New Orleans is the only point where I didn't get on all the inoney I sent. My n,'ient wired mo that ho could only place §800 of the amount I gave him.' ' iir.tlv, and M twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family papei ot fhe United States It is a National Family Paper, and Rives the United Matesit tbe eyents ot ics Its Home and Society columns command the Sot vM "s and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhanstn'e. O^ 9^AR p OR QN LY $ 1 -85, CASH IN ADVANCE. |The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50.] SUllSCKIt'TIONS HAY 11KGIN-AT ANY TIME. Addi-ess all orders to ^.^«.i» T-.I-r-n I r>I Ir\ A M THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN YORK' WEEKLY TEl will be mailed to you. OEO. W. BEST, •i of THE NEW OF /FEMALE DISEASESV lonzed silver discussion was precipitated and for awhile the proceedings were tumultuous. The final roll call on tho resolutions showed the white metal men defeated by a vote of to 420^. A large number of free sil ver delegates immediately left the hall, not waiting for the nominations. Bnbb Named for Governor. The state ticket was then nominated as follows: For governor, Judge W. I. Babb, Mount Pleasant. Lieutenant governor. S. L. Bestow, Chariton. . Superintendent of public instruction, Lyman B. Parshall, Maquoketa. Railroad commissioner, Colonel George James, Dubuque. Supreme judge, Senator Thomas Harper, Des Moinea. Jud"e Babb made a brief speech ot acceptance, in which he said he only accepted because of repeated urging and his devotion to the party and its interests in the state in which he was born and raised. It is understood that Bestow will not accept the lieutenant governorship nomination. He is a strong free coin age man. Favors "Sound Money. The financial plank of the platform is as follows: ., "We hold to the use of both gold and.sil- ver as the standard money of the country and to coin both gold and silver without discrimination against either metal or charge for mintage; but the dollar unit of coinage of both metals must be of equal intrinsic and exchangeable value, or be adjusted by international agreement or by such safeguards of legislation as shall insure the maintenance of the parity of the two metals and the equal power of every dollar at all times in the payment of debts and we demand that the paper currency shall be kept at par with and redeemable in such coin. We insist upon this policy as especially necessary for the protection of farmers and laboring classes, the first and most defenseless victims ot unstable money and fluctuating currency. The platform condemns .the mulct law at present in force in Iowa and favors a high license law. SILVERITES WIN, Mow We Scorn Titles. "No wo don't go much on titles in this country," said the American proudly. "Wclottvo all that foolishness to you people across tho water. Wo don't care for them over hero. As Judge Muldoon once said"— "Who is he?" asked tho Englishman. "Why, he's a lawyer. You see he' — Of what court is he a judge?" "None just now, but I think ho wa3 a justice of 'tho peace 10 or 15 years ago. But, as I was about to say, he was talking to Colonel Alleuson when"— "In tho army, I suppose," interrupted tho Englishman. "Not exactly. I believe he was on the staff of tho chief marshal in a Fourth of July parade once or twice, but that lias nothing to do with the story. Ho and the judge wore talking, when Captain Bll- burger camo up." "Militia captain?" "No; oh, no. He was captain of our precinct Democratic marching club a few years ago Well, he recalled a remark made by Governor Gulliver a short time before, and"— "Governor of what state? "Hang it all! What's the matter with you? He's not governor of-any state now. Ho was a lieutenant governor some time in tho seventies, and one of those bluff old fellows who hate all foolishness. He made a speech on tho absurdity of titles once, and when the captain recalled it tho judge exclaimed, 'Thank heaven, wo have no titled aristocracy here!' And I agree with him Wo don't think much of titles. 'No " said tho Englishman thoughtfully. "You appear to be very free with ,thom."—Chicago Post.' I can't, u-.ul, Uigut last. " yet you sny you love mo." "I'm sorry, John—awfully sorry—hut you must undorstnud now that it's final. I have told you my reasons for the refusal, and you must see they are good reasons. And.'ns for the love, 1 don't feel any of that hvsteric and overpowering passion that the story books tell about, but I love you." "Humph!" "Indeed I do. But just look, rveitnei you nor I have n dollar, and we are both orphans without prospects." "1 can make inoney, Kate." "I don't believe it " " You ought to give mo a chance, Kitty. It's not fair. Walt a year and only give me a grain of hope, and I'll prove to you what I can do." ,,.,., , i "It's of no use whatever," said the girl firmly. "You can't ninke money. You In von't got the gift. You're not thrifty. No, I won't wait at all. I won't delude vou wh-h even a grain of hope. In fact, 1 have decided to put n speedy end to this nonsense. I nin going a\vay-off to the citv to seek iny fortune, John, and if I m lucky"—and she laughed n little sadly— "I shouldn't mind to send for you to come and share my fortune with me." The young man's face flushed. " i r ou'vo got a very poor opinion of me, "How hard you make It for both of us!" she exclaimed.' "But listen, John. If I should marry you and hard times camo upon us, as they would surely come, poverty and humiliation and grim and grimy want and desolation, I should hate you, John And you would perhaps take to drink or commit suicide. Oh, it's toe tragic! It would bo sinful to tempt fate * '"I^didn't think of till that," ho said bro- kenlv "I only knew that I loved you. "And now, John, dear, dear John, good- by," she said, rising. "Lot us part Ho turned and caught her passionately in his arms tuul covered her face with kisses swearing that ho would never let her AND DRILLING. UV hnve machinery of all «t/es tot botfngo* ilrillttifr '.veil* Wnter iruaranteca or ' no pay. Cull on or addre«1, GALLtON BROS., Bancroft, la* v3 WANTED SALESMEN. Local mut TMvfetlftfc A ffoorl cluinre-! Don't rni-Mt' Yon need nou:i|> to ivprcient ti rellnMt* ni-m that warm in <mtr«er> "touk flr-jt cla^ aii'l true to ntimi- tVOUK ALT, tHK VfcAtt. afid "ocirl ij-iv weekly. Our famous Mirme tonka Apple' f* warranted until It produce* * luishel of frill t < >nr Pi<orl Pi it Unwelllev- e-rvwliorc State Mjre. L. L MAY & COt s St. Paul* Mmn. Mid .Sfii 4HR1YAL and DEPARTURE of THAWS CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST I'AtrL, LOCAL T11A1K EAST. No. No. Nn. X.i. No. N.I. V". NCP. a passenger ..................... 10 :'22 a " " vl m 4 passenger .................. Ti; freight carries passengers 114 fiviirU t'iUTie.* passengers. aoiN" WEST. 1 passenger ............ 8 passenger .......... si"> ;i fight carries passengers. 71 freight rarriei passenjiei.«, ii.'t freight cnriies jirssengers :04 p to P :%i p Dl 1 :45 p HI , :< :(,s n na 4 :24 p m s .?,o a ttt t', :40 |i tn 11:5f> a m & North westerii U'y. ^OH^:i^ AND WEST. K relit t. x :i« a in :'. ::(2 p nl ;i :30 i* 111 ' :45 B ttl OOINO SOUTH AMi KAHT. Ffelstht Freight ....... •••• - 1'iissentrer-. ari ive in ClucaKu 7 a in a. in. Arrive in Oes Mo'.ties 7 :5(i ;n«l 1 in. :12 p IU :d t pm .:M u m :'2 p iu atul !> I :30 p- go Any afflicted woman can adopt tbls simple «Home Trwatmeiit" without (subrouting to an hnmil- i fating examination or consulting I A doctor. COST OF TREATMENT. I Bottle McElree'sWineofCardul, $1,00 I PkgJiiedferd's Black Draught, ,25 Total Cost, - $1,25 A J2B page book, bound tn cloth, fllvlng J eompWIn" truetloM lor successfurhome treatment of female diseases will be mailed to anyJa<Jy on ryy&t ^'fiT - M Rev, wi Ay «¥•••«*• «--» — , St. ElmP, Tsnn. i(t /i, f THE Most P$*r Jtepiujtam Newspaper of the West i ^^^li^^MP^ CTrctfhrtuffl; <•' V »;•»*.' s?>.,*..* i^.»;"7- - "*•'. .; r ,. T T;^r,-«6.-;< > v ""*^ L '' AA . , ..:',..•. rVAH-.V'/ivlthftult.fSundav)..::... *« Missouri Darnooratio Convention Declares for Fr«e Cotnajje at 10 to 1. PBBTLB SPRINGS, Mo., Aug. 7-Free silver has conquered in Missouri, as it did iu Illinois, and the fears expressed that there would be strife and turmoil in the convention were not borne out by facts. The so-called gold or sound money adherents were so overwhelmed by the superior generalship and numerical strength of the free silver leaders and forces that they made but a very faint effort to stay the onslaught' of the white metal adherents, Mr, Bland said, in opening the convention, that the Democrats of Missouri had assembled to adopt resolutions for the Free Coinage of Silver, to select a state committee which wa? in sympathy with tfce popular will, ana how well the prophecy WAS carried out the result of ttw cpnvenfcon tells. Th§ report of the committee Q» permanent; prganiaatioq, wWofc praottwHy ,f no . w l under the o}d cpmmittee, was adopted with but one or twp dissenting votes, and the resolution^ for free and ited coinage »fc 16 to H W foreign wtiw,*woK Found the Missing Word. A hotel clerk told this story: Three men from the country camo into tho hotel and registered for lodging, and a few minutes later two of them wont out to see the town. "I will stay here," said the third, "and look at things, "and he took a seat near the door. At 10 o'clock, a half hour later, the man who was left went up to tho clerk. "I want to remain," said ho. "All right, sir," answered the clerk. Tho man stood and looked at the clerk and finally wont back to his chair near the door. , ' Ho sat still another hour and returned to the desk, "If you please, I'll remain, he said., ;..'• "That's all right, sir," was the response. •'We hope you'll bo with us some time. Tho man hesitated and went back to his ° It was away after midnight when he went up to tho clerk for the third time. ''I think I' 11 remain,' sir,'' ho said. ': "Wo have no objections," answered the man behind the desk. _ The guest did not go back to his chair, however, but stood still. Shortly afterward another guest came up and asked the clerk for his key, "and I'll retire"— "Retire! Retire! That's tho word I've been trying to think of for three hours. For heaven's sake lot mo retire," interrupted the man who had so desired to re* main, and he was at last happy.—Louisville Courier-Journal. 'v.'" '•»/»»• t*.*"<-' TERMS' BY M < T i v • J" 1 C * ""^ * ** f !T*Vr~*'"'" IJ »~' fBr >? r f" ™ "** i' " & £. iR^v^w^MfiMiiWfM'"^.'..''--'-!! 109 PMkV (wjh*^uodpy),? ;>.,,,,,, $»• , per year tty * Ocean \$\ "«Mi'-«Mi•»«•« »w« ?•<«"'«'•" ' » < S A jpo'BY,f!ntiQ». „,.,.., ae^qtoA tQ nominate' favorable to rilYW to tlw DemPQPfttiP OQBYffltoQR ffl ' TJj6 Wfcekly Ifltf J* Qe$an AS A FAWiY FAPIR^/HimBteNUUn BY ^ * /% <. * _ . . . . .•**'_«_ _H'A|.A JnHmllk/ I I No Thieves In the House, "When I was a member of the general assembly, the Sixty-ninth," said Major •William M. Day, "every funny thing that over occurred was attributed to John Roopey, tho statesman from Cincinnati. You remember tho story he told on himself He hftd returned from his arduous duties to spend a Sunday at home, and during tho night a noise alarmed his wire. 'Get up, John, 1 she cried, 'there are thieves in the house.' ., ' '"You »ro mistaken, my dear, saw Jpho complacently, wiling over. 'No thieves in the house. They're all in the senate.' • • "When, tbe regular session haa been completed and we were »11 ready to our ftdnUrlns constituencies, ,., who was at the iiwd of the raifroaa cpw " rhieh Rogpey alsorbjcl toe hop member, happened,''.*?' ftssfc <i did ypw set ifhe dough?' IB i«gt sold a carload of hpe;s>' yf plied GW carelessly, ' > . "John hesitaW just a moment. <J P« ^?f«»^|^ 0 g g! ' h e suflawJy *$*! wnptewl*. w^ewM,"- For a moment she drank in his caresses. Then, more angry with herself than with him, she pushed him back. "Leave me," she said. "I will never speak to you again." ,1, * * * * * * It was late in the afternoon of a summer Sunday, and tho park was filled with tho usual restless and motley throng—gay ladies in gay turnouts, toil worn work- ingmonwith their wives, babies rolling under tho trees, troops of bicyclers whirling along tho graveled ways, maidens, shy and sweet; lovers whispering divine nonsense into eager cars—all the breath and blood and brain and bone of tho great city stretching itself out for an hour's rest and enjoyment. • A young maiden, standing alone by tho shore of the lake, looked wearily at the stream of life that flowed by her. What did it matter to one of all that throng H she hungered for sympathy and companionship? How much alone and how lonely she felt! , , A little farther down a young man stood and he gazed, not at tho boats, nor at the water, but at the girl who seemed so for °"It looks like her," he murmured. "Older and whiter and thinner, yet sc much like her—as she might have looked after sickness." ' ' He came closer, and tho girl turned about, facing him. "John!" "Kitty!" - t • , It seemed a lame greeting. They clasped hands. Each looked at the other, thinking of tho day they parted beneath the trees, uncertain as to how their friendship should be renewed. "Have you been sick, Kitty? "No; do I look dilapidated?" "You look pale," ho said gravely. "Has the city treated you unkindly?''. "It has given mo my fortune, John. "I am glad to hear it, glad Indeed." "Yes," she said, with a nervous little laugh, "look at this dross, John, and at this last year's hat and at these shabby boots. They tell the story I might be only too glad to conceal." "Why, I thought you wore in the very height of tho stylo," ho exclaimed. "I am sure I never saw you so handsome. There was a look of glad pleasure in her eyes at this praise, but she shook her head. "I'm a failure in this big town, John. And that's tho fortune I found." '' Mine is no better. I have boon hero a vear now, and my career has proved the truth of your prediction. When you refused me that time, Kitty, you were a fortunate girl." , "Do I look fortunate, John?" she asked S ° "You look like an angel," he said and looked as if ho believed it. "But you, you," and with critical gayety she surveyed him from head to foot, "you are well dressed, sir. You have a watch and a diamond and patent leather shoes. Why, John, I declare, you are a regular swell!" *<I get US a, week," ho said, laughing. "Think of it, and I only get $5, Twelve dollars a. week! Why, John, I tell you that's riches." "You wouldn't advise a man to marry on it, would you, Kate?" he asked, trying to look iiii her eyes. g}ie turned her head away a»d pre SIMPLIFIED ELOCUTION. A no\\ book, bearing the ubovi-titlf, by Edwin (lordon Lnwivnei'. ti-iu-hcr of elo- •utionuiuldiroctorof thp Law rune" School of Acting, hii* just b"i-n isMii-tl. Simplih- i>d Elocution if- n coni|irel» i n"Ivu s-y-tem of vocal and physical cymnustics: itcontaina explicit instructions for tho cultivation or tin 1 spoaKMntf voice and irojUins directions for the production of bivath, hound and speech, and a thorough explanation of the niusclpj- and organs employed: rules for articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery: postures and movements of the fcpi. body, arms, head, eyes, etc. To the treatise is added a Complete Speaker, consisting of selections in poetry, and prose suitable for recitation, the author says In his introduction, 'are not chosen on account of their newness, but from their intrinsic merit and their adaptability as exorcise*." ThP work is designed for the o-pecial USP of teachers, actors, students, colleges, schools and all those who wish tn perfect hemselvcs in the noble art of expressio n. The book, which contains 23') pages, H landsomely bound in cloth and gold, and vill bpsent«eiurplv pncked on receipt of •<1. postage five. (New York: published the author, too West -I'.'d street.) ,>> w< 8 Publisher's Notice. For the convenience of UFA'u BLIP ABr, subscribers whose place of doing -business is in some other town in the county than Algona, an arrangement ,.has ^ been made by the publisher whereby 56 ' payments on subscription to the paperi may be made at any one of the following named banks: . ! BANCROFT—Farmer^ 1 and Traders' Savings Bank. BURT—The Burt Bank. WHITTEMORE—, Whittemore State' Bank, WESLEY—Wesley State Bank. LED YARD—State Bank of Ledyard. GERMANIA—State Bank of G-ermnnia SWEA CITY—Sweii City Bank. ELMORE—Elmore Exchange Bank- , Subscribers paying i'or the year in advance can avail tLemselves of our lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. This arrangement is made with 9t view to accommodating any who may find it more convenient to pay their subscription at .their home bank. All business coming "through these bankf will be given prompt attention. YOU CAN SAVEDNE1 By availing yourself of the low r^t§ quoted in this • • -' J- CLUBBING! t. > * Wt* [ and, Intq' Ocean .,..,,. " State Register,.,. pffi^erpof tho Jfatlqpal acfo»r$ rt> J '•"'-' r i v i that, KateP" he «AJ know two young people wjio live - ~ "-on |10, w -sljefaW Bbyly,.. «««=° we t r y M>i Kfv* Q? » he f,*j don't >said, "I have beeniTprovulgirV'awl there weye tews inbejjeyos, "tut I have fQwnd'outi JIQW you, John, and News, , have peon go -*v\Y»8 in Perth," writes T ._ _ T , „ will,.the novelist, "that, pwsJiog over.* Sfcl»i^ s r"" i' ,i r,i SKL*

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