The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1953 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1953
Page 4
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PAGE FOURTEEN BI.YTHEVTI.t E (ARK.) COWMER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER, 24, 1!)53 W/se Buying, Roasting Assures Good Turkey By GAYNOH MADDOX NEA" Food and Markets KdUnr The Thanksgiving turkey is major event in the eating year. I must be plump, tender and juic.\ Wise buying and careful pre-roas ing preparations will give the won derful results you hope for, Beth Bailey McLean, co-autho of the new "The Complete Mea Cookbook," gives us this advice. How to buy: The broaribreaste hen turkeys 8 to 15 pounds have Jot of white meat. Tom turkey 13 to 25 pounds, are excellent fo large groups. Broiler-fryers. Bpe dally grown, weigh 2 to 10 pounds Quality and styles: Both hen fin torn turkeys may be top quality a designated by a packer's brand o government grade. Turkeys are sold fresh or frozen, dressed o ready to cook. Top quality frozen veady-lo-cook turkeys have the tendons removec from the drumsticks to make carv ing easier. If a dressed turkey is purchased, ask the dealer to pul the tendons and clean the bird BO it is ready to cook. Amount to buy: \% to ?i pouru ready-to-cook weight per serving Plan on second servings and left overs. A 12-pound ready-to-cook bird can easily serve 8 people. Frozen ready-to-cook turkeys; Thaw in the original moisture- proof wrapping in the refrigerator 2 to 3 days. Or thaw the unwrapped bird in a pan set under cold running water 4 to 6 hours. Use 24 hours after thawing. Unfrozen ready-to-cook turkeys: Keep in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F. or less. Use within 2 dnys of purchase. The turkey: Clean the turkey and remove any pinfeathers with tweezers or a paring knife. Wash the turkey inside and out under cold running water. For turkey-roasting advice, we asked our Chicago friend, Kathryn B, Niles, for her best method. Miss Niles is home economics director of The Poultry and Egg National Board. Here is her reply, To Truss: Fasten the neck skin to the back with skewers. Bring whig tips onto the back. Close abdominal opening with skewers and cord. Tie drumsticks to tail. A skewer above or through the tail helps to hold this cord in place. If there is a bridge of skin at abdominal opening, push drumsticks underneath this bridge. To roast turkey: Brush skin of bird with cooking tat. Place bird, breast up, on a rack at least '/ 2 - 3nch high in a shallow, open pan. If a meat thermometer is used, insert in center of thigh muscle adjoining the body cavity. Lay piece of aluminum foil over the bird. Pinch the foil at the drumstick and brcnsl ends. Leave the cap loose over the top and sit the sides. The turkey may be cov ered with fat-moistened chec'.so- clqth, large enough to cover the top and dnipe down on nil sides. Aluminum foil or cloth helps in uniform browning. Basting is unnecessary. Place in preheated slow oven (325 degrees F.). Do not soar. Do not add water. Do not cover. If cheesecloth dries during cooking, moisten with drippings in the bottom of (he pan. Internal tcmpenUure should be between 190 and 195 degrees in 325-degree F. oven. Timetable Total Roasting Ready to Cook Weight 6 to 8 10 to 12 16 to 18 20 to 24 Time in Hours Stuffed Bird 3% to 4'i 4 U. to 5 G to 6i' a 7V-! to 9 Precarious Town The copper mining town of Jerome, Ariz., hangs so precariously on the side of a mountain that many householders can lean out their kitchen windows nncl strike a match on their neighbor's chimney. There are more than 11,000 lakes n Minnesota. Spareribs, Rice Go 'Oriental' Soy Sauce Gives Them a Distinct Japanese Flavor By (1AVNOR MADHOX NEA Food and Markets Kdltor From Mrs. Terry Hnyashi of Berkeley, Calif., nn American of Japanese descent, comes tills recipe for oriental spareribs and rice. Mother of twin .sons and two daughters and wife of a dentist, she knows how to feed her family well. Sjwrerlhs and Oriental Rice (Makes 1 servings) Three pounds spareribs cut into 2 or 3 rib portions, 1-3 cup soy sauce, !-j to !-3 cup fiUKiir, 1 clove garlic, minced; I teaspoon Halt, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1 1-3 cups packaged pre-cooked rice, t J / 2 cups writer, |0 teaspoon salt, '/j cup sliced almonds, 2 tablespoons butter, 3 tablespoons currants. Place spareribs in bowl or glass dish. Combine soy sauce, sugar garlic, 1 teaspoon salt, and Ringer Pour over ribs, turning the ribs to coiU all sides. Cover and place in refrigerator. Allow to marinate 15 to 18 hours. Turn ribs occasionally and haste with the soy sauce mixture. Bake spareribs In slow oven (325 decrees F.) about l\'- £ hours, or until done. Baste occasionally with soy sauce mixture, adding hot water to pan if necessary. Turn ribs to brown both sides. Meanwhile, combine rice, water, ,nd Vu teaspoon salt in saucepan. Mix just until all rice is moistened. Bring quickly to a boll over high ; lent, uncovered, fluffing rice gent- I ly once or twice with a fork. (Do I not stir.) Cover and remove from Pear Recipes Provide Many Winter Salads By CUCII.V BKOWNSTONK Associated Press Food (editor SAV THANKS for pears when you nrc preparing winter .salads. U. Let stand 10 minutes. Saute almonds in butter until golden brown. Souk currants in hot water to cover for 2 minutes; drain. Add almonds and butler and currants to the hot rice, mixing lightly with a fork. Arrange spareribs and rice on platter. Serve with additional .soy sauce. WEAK BLOOD signs Build Strong Blood Fait With Iran-Rich Pop-TI-Kon—tho Tonic with Proved Blood-Building Powo? BE A NEW, VITAL URN; WOMJUV! THK RESULTS PKP-TI-KON GIVES: Which dnnger sinus do you haw? Build up your weak blood! Put now strength in your tired logs and body. Enjoy your food. Sleep fiku a top." Take powerful new pyp-'rt-Kon ntid get builtiiny substances y o u n u c (I to h f! Htrong, vigorous, alive! This Rrcat tonic plvi-'.s you 20 times • ; , iii»c!n*mld* and two minerals! Produces stroiiK rod lilomi thai Is sent to your vital Innnr organs, to every part of your body. Don't KO on feeling old. tired, losing sleep, surfcrlnR ncrvoua- ness, dizzy spells, poor digestion due to lack of iron and Bi, not organic conditions. Take Pttp-Tl-Kon daily, like thou- .•mnd.1. Only $1.25 at drug counters. "Alan, I'm Really Uvln'l" MOltf-Folger's (MSfiWTf ^f ««^£^i£«S83aS«S5<«»««s<«<"-—' • \: Fora Coffee TasfeTfirilf Now you'll know a new kind of coffee enjoyment. For now the Folger people have developed an exclusive new process that captures the true flavor of fine Mountain Grown coffees in wonderful new Folger's Instant Coffee. Try Folger's Instant Coffee and be among the first to discover the pleasure of coffee made this new way. You can get it at your grocer's now. Five Reasons You'll Prefer 100% Pure New Folger's Instant Coffee 1. Mountain Grown Coffee/ All the superb goodness and character of the finest Mountain Grown coTee you ever tasted. 2. Perfect Coffee Every Time! Your fame as a cook will grow—for with Folger's Instant you'll never have a failure. 3. So Easy! So Thrifty! Make it quickly and neatly for your entire family—no waste colfee —no grounds to get rid of. 4. Sparkling Clear Coffee/ Folder's pure flavor nugget.8 givo you brilliant cotTee —with no sediment and no cloudiness. 5. Tru« Flavor Essence/ Folger's Instant Coffee is the concentrated essence of perfectly brewed— 100% pure— coffee. offee Ru.sset-skinncd Banes and the yellow-green Anjou or Cornice all offer sweet jiUce, creamy texture and delicate flavor to pair with greens and dressing. If your family likes fruit salnds with u sweet dressing, you nny want to try this new recipe. POINSKTTIA I-EAR SALAD Ingredients: 3 ripe pears ( o Anjou or Cornice), lemon or orange juice, 1 cup creamstyle cottage cheese, >:, cup sliced dales, 2 tablespoons chopped nutmeats, lettuce, maraschino cherries, parsley, Seven Minute Salad Dressing. Method: Wash and dry pears; slice Into eighths. Dip Into lemon or or- Huge juice to prevent darkening. Mix cottage cheese, dutes and nuts. Line three salad plates with lettuce. Mound !/ 3 cup of the cottage cheese mixture in the center of each plate. Circle mounds with pear slices, cut side up and pointing out. Garnish with maraschino cherries and sprigs of parsley. Serve with Seven Minute Salad Dressing. SKVKN MlNim*: SALAD DRESSING Ingredients: ','2 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon light corn syrup, 1 egg white, I tablespoon, water, 1 teaspoon grated orange rind, '/a cup mayon- i naise-type salad dressing, \(\ teaspoon vanilla.' Method: Mix sugar, corn .syrup, egg white and water together in , top of double boiler. Place over boiling water and beat with rotary 'betiter for 5 to 7 minutes or until vanilla. Serve with Polnsettla Pear Salad. Makes 2 cups dressing. Stove in covered container In refrigerator, to be used, as needed. Not until 1961 will there be another February without a full r MOTHERS Buy it ioday. World's largest Selling Aspirin For Children MOW/ • MW. »f> nondrop for chlfdrm. ConUIns nao-iyn«phr!nt. 59c, Me llm. moon. Last time this was true was in 1934, prior to that 1915 and 1866. Personal To Women With Nagging Backache Naif Kin* backiche, IOH of pep »nd •n*r«r, headache* and dlzzlneH m»y be du« to •lowdown of kidney function. Doctors »jr good kidney function is very important to good health. When «orae everyday condition, iuch ES streHfl and attain. cau«B this important function to»lowilown,m»nyfoUc8fluff«rn«- Kinn backache-feel miserable. Minor bladder irrf tations due to cold or wrong oi«t may; cause KettiiiK up nighUorf re(iuentp*a«age».' Don't neglect your ki4n«ys if these conditions bother you. Try Doan'fl Pillfl-a mild diuretic. Uacd successfully by milliona for over 60 years. It'fl amazing how many time* Doan'a eive happy relief from these discom- forta-helpthelSmilcaof kidney tub«and filters flush out waste. Get Doan'a Pilis today I TURKEYS FRESH DRESSED — DOUBLE BREASTED * TCA4/ Save Your Green Register Tape (or Free Character Do PRICES GOOD ALL WEEK All Betty Crocker CAKE MIXES 3«- 5 1.00 Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce CAN 15 C Large Fresh Dressed Ib. 49< Swifts Premium Chuck Ib. 39 Lean Tender PORK STEAK ,49 The Best T-Bone STEAK .59 ,49 Tray Packed Sliced BACO SWANSDOWN CAKEFLI UHBY's! y();i CAN' MOUNTAIN GROWN! CAKEFLQUR ^ 450 each 100 can 100 pkg. 1/0 150 PUMPKIN CANNED BISCUITS MAKER'S COCOANUT FHKSH COCOANUTS .each LARGE CELE LARGE CELERY ,,150 LETTUCE h «,J00 FRESH CRANBERRIES ,,,250 NO.l SWEET POTATOES lb 100 LARGE GRAPEFRUIT cach 50 RICHARDSON'S mmm THE COMMUNITY CHEST WAY IS THE AMERICAN WAY — GIVE TODAY

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