The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1895
Page 8
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Wr^-K'Tv^P^if-^'" V f ^f-lflKl •"^ T ^^*\j-t * ifv vrj;'* "'^ * ' v "' *' J "• f ' -* *^ "fc p '•*--! I 1 " * 4- "" " i** * **" " c " ' ~ '* l *" * na ^ '* ,^ > •, -: v ' ^ . '-••/; '-" * *-. >".,,-' BUMS, M3TRiCT5~ LISDS, LOABS AKD IRSURilCH Ambrose A. Call, HntcMns, Vice-lYes. Wm.K. Pei'gnson, Cishier. (\ D. Smith, Ass't.c&sh. NATIONAL SANK THE NEWS OF THE COUNTY, ALtUXNA, IOWA. f $30,000* h> lonn n* r.vs/mable rntft* to pftrtle* "who ftirnisli flrftt-clnss Rfccntlty M H lit..oiVtn" S. A. Fei-RttSon, Philip Uortveiler, K. H. ~» esper, -•-••' -• -- - fl, speneef, Wm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—S5O.OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS,* A. V). Clarke, Vres.. C!.C. Clmbli. Tier J'rus.. Tliiis. II. Lnutiy. Oco L (.iHllirHiM Frcil M. Jibit i'. Myron Suliem'ii. Tims. F.Cookc. Algona, town, GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults, Interest J'alrt fir Time Pova.-its. Swea City Base Ballists Wirt a Great Victory Over the Armstrong Players. the Death of Cornelius Cannon.—The Steady March of Settlement and Improvement. H. TJieo. Lewis II. Pro?! lent. Vice in ti\, Cashier . tors-W. U. I nvth, Hani"'! roiu-raihiwsol lo\v«. Deposits •htVIH! cold. Collection*! made prompt ..-.> tickets to or from tl.e old count nn3._sol $;H>,O OO. R. M. Uictminml, Pres. ' Suillh, \"ll'0 I')'!' A. H. money loaned. loi-i>ij;ii and nl a fienci'iil linnunii; tiiisi- ; 1 invest 1'"'' •-• c. .1. , Ass't, Cash. Jncorporatti unit.'!' Ized capital,.?r>o,o<!». business] trance! ou. tickets to and from Kn DIHEOTOttS—ft, :-T Mavne.O. K. Mallnry, 'p<- IOWA. , A f , None but home capital inverted. Author' sold, and a ^general banking .'It VNOBOPT, the State of Iowa. I domestic excliange Dougui.ii.. , v fiiUon given to collections. Insurance written. Sheridan, A. B. Kicnniond. J*. F. Smith. Samuel stearnsmp : .oiid. N. E. siu.'iidaii. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES stracts of Title. Our b'joH are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever wr inV 1 n word lilt I cm Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost von no more than poor. "Bring your work to us and you may "8 'S£^^^^ HAY & RIOE Algona, Io\va. be Opera Hot.:so Block. BANCROFT LOCALS. Swca City and (Jermnnia played a closo game of ball last Saturday.. Score 11 to 13 in favor of Germaiiia. Tho Bancroft ball boys would like to have the Ledyard boys comedown and play a return rcamn lor the one played some, lime ago. They will play for fun, tnonoy or marbles. Come down and give us a game hoys. The kid nines of P.ancroft and Hurt played a game on the, Bancroft diamond lastSaturday and the m>rc was 19 to 18 in favor of our buy.-.. The kids play good ball. C. .1. Lenaiider attended a shooting tournament lit St. Peter, Minn.. last>veek. B. F.CroseandC. C. Samson had business in Bancroftlantweak. The Woman's Relief Corps took in S.I!) at their supper last Friday evening. Good. Nels Kesscl and his hired man had some, difficulty and it came to blows and the hired man came out second best. The hired man had Mr. Kessel arrested and Squire Austin imposed a tine of P2r> and eosts last Monday. liev. C. 11. Moxio in-cached at the Baptist church last Sabbath morning and evening. He hart fairly good audiences that seemed pleased with his sermon?, licv. Moxie is from Ilawarden, la. Rev. Edwin 0. Vine, of West Union, Ta. will occupy the Baptist pulpit both marn- ing and evening next Sunday and he will also co-ndnet the prayer meeting tomorrow evening. The Exchange Bank front is nearly completed and that it improves the appearance oi' that corner goes without saying. Guy Taylor and lady witnessed the ball game hero Monday. C. C. Call kept the score for the Woodward boys here last Monday. Marcus Peterson has a bran new Crawford bicycle, the only one of its kind in town and it is a dandy. J. A. Winkle reports that now oats are very heavy, that 50 bushel machines measure are going from 71 to 74 bushels by weight. No country beats this. Nick Farrow measured two acres of his wheat land and threshed the grain from it last Monday and the wheat went 44 bushels to the acre. He also had cats that threshed 78 bushels machine meas- 00 tola, theOct-mante nlnfe had fc hired battery from Forest City and other bor* rowed crack players, together with sofno rocky decisions from the umpire against Swea was too miich for oar boys. A return game will be played In Swea City between the same nines In the near future. The, B. C. R. £ N. have put on a new freight train. It leaves Swea going vast att:33 a. m. going west at 1:2:13 at night and carries passengers. O. S. Cooloy has had a lay olT this week on account of sickness. C. A. and Frank Johnson were Algona visitors Thursday. The ho n tors are OUT, with their guns and dog3. They ;uv pretty bold ,t.» shoot chickens on a man's farm ivgaidl, 1 s of tho chicken law. Mr. R. Scott, of Del a van, and Mr. SWcnt. of Fairmont, were calling on fid TJolliverlnst Wednesday and took two little hounds homo with them. If you wish a good grey hound call on Ed. Dolliver: they catch thc'jack-rabblt'cvery time. Willie Johnson is under bonds for knifing Will Nauman. Air. and Mrs. Fi-ed Dolliver wore visiting friends south of Lodyard last Sunday. Hauim. Aug. -).—The hum of the thresher is heard in the land and grain is yielding well. Crops of all kinds arc looking well. Hay. hay, hay! and of splendid quality. Mr. Howard, the Corwith hay dealer, was on our streets last week, looking after his interests here. Ed. Will and family, from Chicago, are visiting his father and many friends here. A. A. Crosc and daughter, Gertie, attended the camp meeting at Liv-ermore on Saturday and Sunday and report a good time. He says he got to shako hands with ,!. 1'. Dolliver. Abstracts 74 bushels weighed out the scales. Who can boat Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. ^ i,au,^ yon a nice new five-drawer be.WHIR M chine at 120, a still better one at $25, so it is not nee eesaiy to send your money east to get a machine tliat when you get you will never know at what lactory n is made, and when you should need repairs yon ma j not l)e able to get them. It, also, is not nec<^;ivy to think about the freight, for— PA YS THE FREIGHT. J. B. ,U;HTNING AH kiu.l- •> O O O 0 AND TORNADO SEASON rninre so Til!' A, Frecli, Prop, HK Aetna, Hartford Phoenix, Hartford Continental, N. Y Fire Association, I-'hila Hanover, N. Y Northwestern National, !\lilwu;> Rocki'ord, Rockford State. Des Moines '.NIKS rOU CO:>'Sir>EKATlOX: Cash Capital. $-1,000,000.00 S,000,(X)0.00 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 200,000.00 200,000.00 .urc and the bushels on that? The many friends of Frank Miller the Germauia druggist sympathize with him in the death of his little daughter. The funeral was held yesterday. Editors Grow and Amburn, of Germanis^ witnessed our ball game here Monday. Chas. Zander had the misfortune to severely cut his hand with a meat ax last Monday and he will be unable to use his hiii:d for some time. Vi--s Gazelle Alcorn returned from her irip lu Goldfield, Iowa, last Monday. On'. 1 dealers are paying 14 and 15 cents a bushel for new oats. It you want to buy land or town prop- en v nee J. A. Freeh. He has a large list. IU'H'.-O writes all kinds of iirst class in. Die.U has sold his billiard hall to •• :u!:',('r.«, who will conduct it in the .. ;!,-• u-jk possession Aug. 1st. Mi\ !•,;• nn: (i. oided what ho will do yet, :.M-:- i.ii- \\ visit at his old home at i •. .iijiuil ball team from Wood;.;•,. ;i;:.i is traveling over tho I'liiyin:,' bull wanted a game with -.TOIL lutim last Monday ami their •;;. was promptly accepted al- our boys hardly expected to win. lie !-roved a very closo acd iuter- •ind the visitors won by a More The sumo team played the Al,, oru-i-day and ti largo number :i wont clown to see tho game. wa- : 7 to 12 in Algona's favor. i and Swea City will cross bats iK-i-oi't diamond tomorrow and our ix.ys expert to take a link of conceit out of i hem even if'they do have an ex- profe'-sioiml pitcher. E.U.-M-: TOWNSHIP, An:;. .V- 13d. Carroll has hi;j now house about completed, aud it is a large and handsome one. Mr. Carroll eoiun here, from Lyon county last spring, and Is now getting comfortably settled on his place. Morris Kisenhut and other neighbors aro from the same county. Cornelius; Cannon, who resided on a farm a few miles northeast of Armstrong, in this township, died Friday 'night of paralysis. lie was stricken several months ago. lie was an early settler and had lived here, about a quarter of a century. He was the father of llcv. Cornelius Cannon. Jr., an old teacher in the county and now a minister. He was nearly 70 years of age. His funeral was held today at 4 o'clock. J. W. IJroaclwell, who cumo here from Pocahontas county last spring, has been raising some bfg crops on one of the Lar- rabeo farms, but will build on his own farm this fall. He is an old teacher aud will be a lirst class citizen. Norman and Edw. Anderson have just started out with their their thresher. E. J. Nichols, of Eagle Lake, says one of his neighbors reports a yield of 70 bushels of wheat from two acres. Scott and Kolloy are putting up lots of hay aud are opening their now farm. They have built a house and barn. S. M. Johnson went to Algona Monday, to take his daughter, Miss Selma Johnson, to the Instatutc. Theo. ArnL-rson went down with his sister. Eagle Lake, Capt. Jcanson's pride, is dry and grown up to reeds and rushes. Schweig lake is also dry and hay i- U- ing cut from its bed. Sciiecti. SKNECA, August 3.—W. B. Zahllcr, who located on his Sonccf. township farm last spring, has erected some building which would do credit to any place in Iowa. His residence,, barn and outbuildings aro large, well built and handsomely painted up. and make a fine appearance. Henry Warner has a mare two years old In April, which weighed 1.010 pounds today. It Is a very well proportioned and solidly built animal, and one to be proud of. It ought to go to the county fair. By tlio way, Mr. Warner's name a ; ; Son- oca township's republican committeeiuan is printed "Harrison'' iii'tho REPUUJ.ICATT. Harrison Warner i< another good republican who lives in ritiiij Creek township, but Henry Warner calls the caucuses for Seneca. The cre.aiiviry is doing good work these days. It takos in about :;o,of)0 pounds on Mondays and 1,8.(KM on every other day. Seneca has a great ,--iunv of llax this year. There aro stretches of it in all directions as far a- 1 the eye c;tn reach, nut invariably the crop is beautiful to son The fanners aro to be congratulated upoi the high price of the, seed. All crops in this neighborhood aro gooi and farming prospects were never better. IH^DEli AP£Af tt N>ls Alfred ftelfton Jdfn Over :ititl Killed. —3T.v»tfitJ' tit thfi ])cii1h v/ill Xt't-M- lie Sbltfcifl—A Jfoi>!o >.ouna life. BANCROFT, Aug. fi.—Last, Friday after- ioon Nels Nelson w'ats not feeling well and, delayed going to the harvest field until about 3 o'clock and then went to cut some flax on Winket's land north of town. Ho did not return at the usual time in tho evening* and his brother Andrew was sent out to see what the trouble was. but ho only found the team. A search party was scut out and Nels was found lying face downward in the track of the binder, cold In death, the maih wheel having crushed his back, shoulders and head. The next morning Coroner Morse and a jury decided that death was caused by being accl- clently run over by a self binder, although some think that he may have been dead, unconscious, or asleep at the time tho .tinder ran over him. The horses circled around eight times and iu one of their circular movements ran over him lengthwise. Sonio also think that he was pulling the, (lax out of the machine, when run over, on account of its clogging, as it had- been clogging before, but no on.' can tell exactly how it happened. Nel--. was the only support of his widowed mother and eight brothers and sisters an»l he was a young man of great, industry, steadiness and strict honesty. His great porr'onal worth was testified u> by the large congregation at his funeral, n.< it. wa-< one of the largest ever seen here. lie, was to have been married to an estimable youn:; la'.ly in the near future. The family of the deceased havi! the deep sympathy of all th' 1 . people. Xel.. Hoby. BANCROFT VS. BLUK J1YRTII in 15-K. yi'iii- •'</• the iiiii inul cU \v i ,'ili'it.;! Nolson was born in O-itru !.')ii<\ Swollen, on Pebriulry -I. l»W. ... \viiii tils ])!ii 1 unt.K to Bancroft, lov.'n, ill; I'uUior, Olo Olson, died about n. .; :;,!,-! .jineO'liiit time lie Juis been n :•(!•:,• mid .support i)! 1 his mother iii. bi others und sister.- find lie lie lias ! liunt and buuu economical, and by and Buffalo Fork. BUFFALO Fomc, Aug. 5, 1895.—Mr. Mrs. W. P. Gicldings, of Wesley, visited at Fred Eingsdorf's Saturday aud Sunday. C. D. Smith, of Algona, spent a few days at Mr. Eddy's last week. A little daughter was born to Mr. aud Mrs. Fred Reibsamen August 2nd. Miss Zarbel, of Chicago, and Miss Hanna, of Lu Verne, are the guests of Miss Helen Eddy. The L. M. S. gave a lawn social at F. J. Fowler's last Friday evening. Proceeds 55.00. A 12 pound girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Randall July 31st. About a dozen of our young people went to surprise Mr. and Mr.?. T. P. Reibsamen last Saturday evening. A very pleasant time was enjoyed by all. v>.-. \\ co mi I lie'.! chill thr.;; The I'sri; of'.; go:;; 01 '.', ThOM. Uan on the oft Il!\ll Team IVliia n *>.••< iik-d A'io- tory Over IJluc Knrth and Her Iiuporl- cit Vlnycv*.—Score 3" to 7. The Bancroft ball club was invited to go to Blue Earth City to play a match game of ball with the team from that city Friday last aud they accepted the invitation and went up and taught the Minnesotans how ball is played in prohibition Iowa. Blue Earth had imported a catch cr from St. Paul and a pitcher from Pipestone, besides another pitcher they had hired by the month, and a third baseman from Pilot Grove. Bancroft imported the Winnebago battery, AVasgatt and Baker, and Eells, of LnVerno. The game was a tin-rifle cannonade as far as our boys were concerned, our team hitting the crack pitcher's delivery for a total of 43 bases and spoiling a new ball and bat. On the other side Blue Earth only earned one hit, but the. Bancroft pitcher took pity on them and a few over the platt: and let them make six scores. Our boys w( re royally treated up there and there was no kicking about decisions, and no bulldozing attempted. The Blue Earth boys have as fine a diamond as can be found in any large city. The Blue Earth boys contributed S25 to the Bancroft hall treasury and our boys came homo late, or rather early, feeling well satisfied with their victory over southern Minnesota. The following is the score; Blue Earth—0 01013002—7 Bancroft— S 4 3 3 5 1 0 0 J —23 Umpire for Bancroft, J. Sheridan; for Blue Earth, F. Weiler. Two base hits, Bancroft 9; Blue Earth 2. Three base hits. Blue Earth 2. Struck-out by Blue Earth pilchers, 5; by Bancroft pitcher, 0. Left on bases. Bancroft"; Blue Earth 7. Hit by pitcher, Bine Earth 1, Brncroft 2. Bases on balls received by Bancroft 4; by Blue Earth 1. Time of game, 3:3."). g'ooii inn iii>gome-ill lias alwuys kept the family co'iii'iji-t able.. Tho deceased was a ir.em- boroi' tin' Bancroft Swedish Lutheran (.-linreii evei'slnce its organization in 1S87, 11 ml for throe yours ho was one of Its Trustees, and for two years was its Tr.asuror. His pastor bears witness that he was a very faithful ami Influential member. Tlio fun- oi'ul took pluco from the clmrch last Sunday at 2 o'clock. The church Inul been elaborately and tastefully decorated and tho cong-rofftttion was so large-that all could not enter the church. Kov. A. Elfstrom. of Alg-ona, pi-cached the sermon from Luke 12:4). in the Swocdish language. Those understand luff the language say thut the sermon was very ii])pi-oprhito and touching. About 00 teams followed tho remains to the Hano-.'oft t-oinctoi-jvwlioro dust wa:s committed to dust after tho beautiful ritual of tho. uvL-h of Mai-tin Luther. Peace to tlio nshosi of bravo Nel;;. Bancroft Creamery Incorporated State Register: Tho Bancroft Co-Operative Creamery Company was incorporated under the state laws yesterday, to carry on a general creamery business at Bancroft, in Kossuth counry. The capital stock authorized is $3,000. . Articles are signed by W.-'Vv". Alcorn, J. B. Cariy E. C. Anderson, F. A. Bronson, C. C. McLaughlin, G. F. Holloway, A. N. Leonard and A. Magee. .HI,'' r Harrison. HAIUUSON, Aug. 3.—Stacking oats id the order of the day. Farmers are preparing for threshing to begin next week. Mrs. T. Hasting and daughter Liz/:ie were in Bancroft Tuesday. , Rev. Walker preached in the Hartzcl school house last Sabbath and delivered a good sermon. The Sabbath school at that place is in a nourishing condition, with Mr. Hasting as superintendent. School district number 3 will have a new school house in the near future. Ledyard looks more like a place of business since the new elevators have, been erected. Mr. O. Westfall, formerly of Indiana, visited F. M. Slyter this week. Mr, W. thl nks Kossuth is good enough for him. The Best Crops on Record. Bancroft Register: North Kossuth never had such bright prospects for abundant harvests as in this good year, 1S95, We predict that more acres of land will be, put under the plow and more buildings erected the coming year than in any three previous years. North Kossuth is 6. K. In connection with the above wo note our local dealers have sold, ' to date, 73 binders and 40 mowers and other machinery in proportion. 5,588,058. CO l).754,UOS.l«) 5,19.1,055.00 , I,(«l,5ri7.00 403.2H.OO LIFE. 107,000.00 Cash- surplus, 810,150,000, MASSACIITSETTS BENEFIT insurance in force, &W.OOO: 1* paid in dealh losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co .4,11 We believe this is as good a as can be made by any agency in the land and we solicit your patronage. Assets, 843,1177,589.08 The Republican and State Register, , $1,85 The Republican and Inter Ocean, . , $1,85 The Republican and N, t Tribune, , $1,85 Swea City. KWI-..V CITY, Aug.:',.—The Swea City and Armstrong base ball clubs have again met n mortal combat with the usual result of i victory for Swea City, the score staud- ng 0 to 33. The Armstrong club has been srowir.g so lougiand so loud and so lustily that the result was a great surprise to Armstrong. The Swea City nine wear their laurels with their accustomed mod-sty and sigh for more worlds to conquer. Miss Winkle, of Algona, is visiting her friend, Mrs. A. J. Chronholm. Work has been begun on Dr. Sauuders now building. It will be quite roomy when fimshed.having accommodations for three families, besides the office and consultation room, and will be a much needed addition to the town. Mrs. C. A. Johnson i* on the sick list. There is some talk among the Odd Fellows of erecting a hall in which to hold their mysterious revels, their present quarters being.the school house hall. Ed. Anderson has just returned from a short outing ftt Spirit Lake. Ho made;the journey on his wheel. Ed. is becoming an expert wheelman. ' Mrs. Peot wa,s called suddenly to her homo at Troy lylills by tb,o serious illness of her mother. She left Wednesday to be gone indclinitely. Dr. and' SJr* Fry wore ,up from Gor» mania the first of the week visiting at the home J. A- Pronholin. Swca and (Jwmaaift ball clubs played a gamo at Gerinania Saturday witJi u vlo- lory for aermawta, the score standing 13 Plum Creek, PLUM CKKKK, Aug. 1,—Harvesting is about done, in this locality, and some aro going at stacking now. The shocks standing around in the fields indicate that tho old threshing machine will have a busy time. Old Kossuth has just covered herself with glory so far this year, The hail last Thursday evening knocked down some oats for Wiu- Hugh. He thinks the damage will reach about Sioo. Others report slight damage. H, Warner is raising his hay barn and will soon have it completed. S. G. Maine reports corn ten feet high. Spmeofthe folks around hove do not care It tlicy do break, their nocks, as they got some of the sticking plaster that a street vender sold and it will mend broken things so they will be stronger than when NJ3WS PAIIAGIIAPHS.•• The Whittemoro Champion's Lotts Creek correspondent glyes Mr. Higgins, of that .neighborhood, credit for threshing out 1S30 bushels of barley from 30 acres, or (11 bushels to tho acre. Swea City is celebrating a victory won by her base ball twisters over the Armstrong aggregation last week, vhe score standing 33 toll. The sixteen months old child o.f Mrs. Miller, living near Hardy, in Humboldt county, was poisoned by. wall paper and died. " Whittemore Champiovi: A six-year-old boy of A. Ivrissin died last Saturday of diphtheria. The funeral was held on Sunday at tho Lotts Creek church, ,1-ho services being conducted by llev. Furstenau Burt Monitor: J. A. Mack ay. brother to Mrs. G, N. Patterson, is spending a few weeks here, A couple of sisters are also here. Their liouie is in Pipe Stone, Minn., but Mv. Maekay has been in New Mexico for the past year or so, where ho has relief from Asthma, but which came back to him upon his return to this country- Yenvs ago they owned tho old Campbell farm, but that was long before the birth of our town. The business men of Lu Verne hayo done a good thing in organizing a stock company for the purpose of erecting a hotel, The building will bo veneered with pressed brick, and the JJows says it will be a model of modern equipment and beauty, The amount: of capital stock subscribed is §10,000. Elmoro Eye: Our grain dealers aro pro- O, yes! If you make any iinprovoment-; oi'do any thing pf note don't tell it, 1'or it nia.y find its way into the best paper In the:county—the'RppWMQA-fif. w« mean,of course. Miss Luolla deary loft for a, visit with h,ov sister at Garner, to be gone a week or Tho hum of the threshing machine is beard in this locality, but stacking is the leading business. fc over. r. Wilson Js UP paring to handle more grain than ever this fall. The amount of grain marketed, here will be enormous, Wm. Goodrich, of Hebron has finished harvesting and he says that his grain was tho heaviest he ha« evr*r seen in that vicinity. 2S T pt So Frisky us Jip Was, Jjjmmetsburg Pomoorat: Hr, Ponder of Spencer, who ran away witl> Mvs. Coj-y, of Watevtowu, S. D., last summer, is &aW to be living in Chicago. It is reported, that ho is anxious to go back to Speueej 1 and .engage in business again aud thjt Ills first wife is anxious to have him do SP that Mrs. Cory threatens to sboot him case he leaves her. Hw is hardly/is, hearted as Ue was a y<w Alter Tlio Thistle. At a recent meeting of the Palo Alto county board of Supervisors the following resolution was adopied: Ebsolved by the board of supervisors of Palo Alto county, that tho county auditor shall at once give notice to each township clerk and trustee, also each mayor within this county, calling their attention to chapter 01, Laws of the 35th General assembly, regarding the extermination of tho Russian thistle. Struck a. Clusliev. Estuerville Vindicator: 'While drilling a live inch well on the farm of Goo. Weir, seven miles northeast of town, drillers, struck an artesian How at the depth of 140 feet last Friday evening. For the lirst hour and a half after the vein was struck nothing but air, sand'and stone came to the surface, but those came with great force, the stones buing hurled two or three hundred .foot in -the air above. Then came a -How of water that has continually increased in volume until there is now -the quantity that would escape through an inch pipe. The water is of tho samequal- ity as is usually found in drilled wells of that depth and by Monday had become almost froo from sand. The workmen have succeeded in getting the stream under control, and that without any serious diillculty, There is every indication that the well will remain a permanent flowing well. If it does it will be exceeding fortunate for Mr. Weir and will prove an invaluable Improvement to his farm. Will Be a Uveat Institution. jgmmetsburg Democrat: The benefits of the telephone have already teen realized by several of our citjzons. It is far superior to telegraphic service. Monday morning the captain of the A> goua company seat a message to Rofsell for 80c that wou.14 )U*vo cost a doj-' luv ovc-r the telegraph wires, A few days ago EV traveling man wh.o had been |u this, city was wanted Ut> Pps Moinos on sljorji notice but had loft»|oWhours, before fov the east, Tlio iwty iQoUiwg'Q}' Him phoned to Cyliiidw, but ho had loft there, The Whittemore !W» WftS called up fti}d eoqt <?>U to W9-U fcr Mffi.' He was spon, ipoated and. drove,'t9 &\g<w$ reaching the - <jeppt iu tim'e for the train going to its

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