The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1895
Page 5
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THE IOWA, WiSdJfESDAY, AttGUST t 1805. We will instigate from which, to select, and we are going i-i GLOSS IT OUT AT LESS VHA.JST HALF PRICE. some papers as low as 3c per roll. Evary roll of paper in the house will be sold at a bargain ill offer our entire stock of Wall Paper at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. It will pay you to in ate. We are actually almost giving away our entire line. Bsnieniber ours is the lar^Dt ;rfcoo] irhich to select, and we are aroint !;•) GL03E IT OUT AT LESS VHAjST HALF PTRTCTin V 3 "n ^,,-:*-. m- k PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY M. r. HAGGAIU). G. F. I'TCKK. llog-g-ard & Peek, Successors to .TONES & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTA TE, COLLECTIONS. ALGOXA, - --- 1OTVA. A. D. Clarke & Co., FAR IF. LO. I ;\'.S. Hour Stulu liank. 1A. Geo. C. Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For Information In nignnl io liinrt.s in Northwestern 'fowiifvrnti) loliim. State street, AI-flONA, IOWA. GKO. 13. CT-AHKK, Clarke & ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ALGOiNA, IOWA. Geo. B. Cloud, (Successor to V>'. 13. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. Oftloo over Kossuth County State Bank. Sullivan & McMalum, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflco Block. ALGOiJA, IOWA. E. V. Swettmg, ATTORNEY AT LAW, >u Money to loan. ALQONA.IOWA. J. I,. BONAB. H. H. FELLOWS. Bdiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive attention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algona Stale Bank Brag-. Branch office at _„.,,,. Wesley, Iowa. AIAJONA, IOWA. Daiison & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Offluo in Gardner •Oowles' new building. AXGONA, IOWA. S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance, Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrisclilllcs' Store. ALGONA, IA, L. K. Garfield, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. ALGONA, IOWA. M. J. Kenefick, M. D., Over Taylor's Store, AI.GONA, - - IOWA. J, M. Pride, TC D., OvorPostofflce, AIXJONA, IOWA, DP, It, A. Slieotz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Peals iu Paints, Oijs, Books, Povf ujneries, EtQ. -Ccr, State and Thorjngtoji. AL.GONA, IA, DENTIST, A/L, Hist, P, J>. S., anaesthetic foi- deadening; .palu in when extracting toeuta, ALGQNA. 0, QJasler, P, ». 8, AL ROOMS, Algoua Bl-ate Bank, S^eiul Qfteiitlcm given ty «iv{ t((jf Most of " St^sUw-t- 'r. .-V.K'r, •n-tfe Save this Coupon, it is © o Purchase of -IF PRESENTED- l.OO, &&K. Hudson, We want to see o- If you read this corner Foundry and Machine Shop, MULLICA& OHNSTEDT, Props. Wo do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass castings and boiler-woj'k done on short notice. MOWERS AND BINDERS OF At/L KINDS REPAIRED. We are herejxvstfiy. Shop east-of Rutherford House. . " orders promptly attended. •. i • . MULL.IOA & OHNSTEDT, Aigoua, io\\-a. Brownie Overalls at the New England. The vary latest fad, DUilDAliL & CO. LOCAL MENTIONS. Watermelons were down as low as ten cents apiece last week. The brick work on the four-front block was begun yesterday morning. There were many Algona visitors to the Livermore campmeeting on Sun* day. Mr. and Mrs. Altwegg were blest with a healthy pair of twins the first of the week. llov. Davidson's symptoms have been more encouraging tor , the past fow days. Keep in mind the date of the county fair. It comes the first three days in October. The ladies will serve supper at the Congregational church Thursday evening this week at 6 o'clock, Attention is called to the IUSPUBLI- CAN'S complete Chicago and other mav- ket reports in the news columns. The Algona "Kid" nine played ball at Wesley Wednesday and were defeated, the score standing 17 to 25, S?he Algona Ball Club were defeated j at ^ijgje Grove last Friday, They say the umpire was rank in his decision, NelB karson, the' Northwestern section bops, has been up at Ul.paore with his pjon, lately, putting in side twsks. Tb«re will be a meeting of the ladies of the A, L, A, in the Reading Boom XMday at 7 p. w. There will be u program. Mr, E. p, MoElroy filled the Congregational pulpit (Sunday wovoiug, preaching another of his excellent ear- has been from a vei-y severe attack of typhoi,-; malarial lever. His condition bus The institute was & Jft\vn social at T« Conner's Monday evening whjeji was Itjrgejy was we|l re inches of rainfall. There were five thunder storms, it hailed twice, and there was a light frost on the 9th. The Milwaukee company will run a train to Clear Lake on Sunday to accommodate such as desires to attend the musical festival, which is now in progress. It looks u trifle ominous for town owners of horses and cows when wilil hay is selling on the streets in August at $5,00 a ton, which was yesterday's quotation. A missionary convention of Swedish Lutheran ministers is in progress in Algona, A number of able ministers of the denomination are here from abroad. Mayor Haggard thinks that those who write to him about violations of the gambling laws should sign their iiamee. That is not such an unreasonable thing to ask, either, The finishing work on Geo. 0, Call's office has been dono, and it is ono of the finest in this neighorhood, New furniture is to be put in before the owner shall call it complete. A company q£ railroad surveyors have been doing preliminary work in the neighborhood of Algoim during the past few days, They are understood to represent the Chicago and Great Western, and to be looking up u route northwest for the Clarion C, W, Sarpbett canm down from Bancroft Saturday to wove his family to that place, where Jiejs engaged in p oJ'- business, Mr. Bavclietf hjs Lad some thought of going to' Missouri, but last week he bought an eighty of wild at Eagle land J\GM Bancroft, TUeve will be big ,. Grove tUjs week an4 Agsot Vespev saya tljat the evening apcQcamodfttion will be UeW tbeve TJmrgd^y, Jtyjcjay ao4 s^tura^y Bigbte until the (Jay's gpovJ; is over, fqy tbose who want to COIMQ flortl?. , • , iy:o luxving'n poviyil of dry iqyefy'i'fjyojraiWte to tlie aiul tHiresbing pp^ations pony v*aa oye^uvuing tbp anaes^ette!? used to paju}«es as possible, at present ft mpyjqg along the Ms' wopg -rw bi>- elmm jrers mfy m ' ' Laiuutli & Ililoy Juive beon running tliHir steam thresher east of town, and some heavy yields of grain are reported. 11. M. Gardner threshed over o.OOO bushels of ouls from 40 acres, Kiviiu him over 75 bushels to the acre. John Swit/er got GO bushels of barley lo the acre. In facetious mood the LuVornc News says: Algomi now proposes to do Northern Iowa with a base ball learn 'with wheels/ It would seem an easy matter for Algona to do this as she is plentifully supplied with material, about every, other man in Algona 'has wheels.' Authentic reports arc to thu effect lliut Landlord Tc'inuuit caught a 111 pound pickerel in the river last week. It snatched tlio polo out of his hands, but Mr. Helmut jumped in and got a fresh hold and hung on till he landed his catch. The lish was oj feet long and is the biggest ever caught in this neighborhood. Word comes from E. 13. Butler's sylvan retreat in the wild woods of Minnesota that tho lish are biting with Kreat avidity. They like the bait and are not afraid of the hook. They neb to the front so fast that it makes Mr. Butler tired to pull them out and ho catches more every day than he can carry. The strain is such that he will come home next week. While drilling a well on his place, about three uniles northeast of Algona, last week, Leonard Holm struck a chalky deposit at a depth of 70 feet. It was soft on the top and the drill penetrated the strata to a depth of thirty feet, when the substance became too hard to drill and the well was given up, at a depth of 100 feet. What the deposit is is not known. It is perfectly white and is easily pulverizable, is line grained but gritty, it is tasteless. .A sample has been sent to Prof. Samuel Calvin, of the) Stale University for identification. Mr. Holm has a well on the place G5 feet in depth, and no such formation was encountered in sinking it, so it is not believed that the find is more than a pocket. ;'• The .REPUBLICAN'S forecast of the 'democratic county convention, held here last Wednesday, was so trite to life that little needs to he added but the names of the delegates to the state convention, which are Phil. Dorweiler, J.J. Wilson, J.J. Eyan, J. II. Gortner, C. L. Lund, Thos. McGovern, M. Eahm, Prank Weimer, Prank Pompe, Peter Christensen, Jas. Taylor, M. J. Keueflck. Jas. Sheridan, \V". P. Giddings,M. J. Walsh, V. Zoelle, C. V. Dunn, L. C. Smith. The county is en-, titled to nine delegates' but twice that number were elected, with power to cast half a vote each. J. W. Sullivan was re-elected county chairman. The precincts represented in the convention were the four wards of Algoua, Sherman, Whittenrre,Wesley, Prairie, Irvington, Burt, Cresco, Greenwood and Garfield. The Wesley Reporter has the following appreciative mention of the marriage of Mr. C. E. Jones and Miss Maud A. Smith, noted in these col- limns last week: The above happy event took place at the beautiful home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Smith, and was witnessed by only a few of the immediate relatives. The bride is one of Algona's best and most accomplished young ladies and has won not a little fame in musical circles throughout the state. Her amiable qualities are such that her friends are numerious and our Charles may well congratulate himself in securing such a charming bride, Mr. Jones has resided here for the past year, a-d as manager of the Bender Bfos, elevator,' has by his genial and gentlemanly bearing won the admiration and respect of all. The happy couple tookthe morning train for Sioux City and other points, but owing to pressing business that demands Mr. Jones' personal attention a more extended tour is deferred, consequently they will return by Monday and be at home to their friends in their cosy residence on Second street by Sept, 1st. The Reporter takes pleasure in extending hearty congratulations. FOUND DEATU IN A CISTERN. Fruits of all kinds IIUPSON'S, at LANGDON & OJiBAB LAKE PABK IOWA A fine programme has been arr for this most popular of Northern Jowa suojmer resorts, including lectures t>y Rev. T. PeWitt Talmage Sunday, June aoth, and Wev. Sam. P. Jones, Sunday, J illy 7Ul,9n4 Gospel meetings led by fcfie, The Desperate Deed of a Hopc- lcs~iy Crazed Woman. Mrs. Orange r.Ti:il;1or Comes Houie from lnLicpendc.:ct: Asylum to Die in a Cistern. popular divines of the nation, Qtings, band concerts and nu* merous, other attractions will be a,u.r nounged from time to time. The Manual Musical Festival >vJU b.Q held"August2il to IJth inclusive, and. WilJ'rte under tho direction -of Prof, Plerjient M. Shaw, -Chicago. Taleijt y, flpouWJ for this occnsion prom* jses IQ mafco' *it a most enjoyable v ' comn^ocUous pavilion' of erection, which city fov Mrs. Mary Jl. Minkler, wife of Orange Minkler, committed suicidi? by drowning in the family cistern early Monday morning. She h;ul been homo from the Independence insane asylum only three clays, and having betrayed ;i desire to end her life she had been closely guarded, but she slipped u\v;iy from her bed while her husband slept, made her way out of a sitle door, went Lo the back of tho house and entered the kitchen door, which waa without a lock, and pulling up the trap door to the cistern, in which was six feet of water, she pushed her body through the round opening, two feet in diameter, and all was over. When tho tragedy was enacted cannot be known. The discovery of her escape was made just at daybreak, tiud she wa.s found almost at once. The warmth had not entirely gone out of Iier body when found, and she must have committed the rash act iu the early morning. Mrs. Minkler wastiikou to Independence April third, her symptoms being those of pronounced melancholia. At the asylum she was despondent and fretful, and till hope of her recovery was abandoned. SJie was anxious to return home and it was thought safe to gratify her wish. Mr. Minkler arriyed home with her on Tuesday preceding her suicide. She was anxious to see her children, and greeted them affectionately when she met them, but she she did not talk to them or to anyone. She once asked if the riyer was high, and again whether there was much water in the cistern. She had without question deterrninedto die, and there is no probability that the execution of her purpose could be long prevented. She was born in Michigan and came here with her father. Thorn Council, whoso farm covered the present town site of Bancroft. She was married to Mr. Minkler as his third wife 28 years ago. the ceremony being performed by A. D. Clarke, and she is the mother of five of Mr. Minkler's seventeen children, the eldest of which is the wife of DeForest Driver, of Burt, The deceased was 57 years of age. Her life was without reproach. The funeral was on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock, the service being conducted by Rev. Kennedy of the M. E. church, of which she was a membei. Hams and smoked meats at Langdon & Hudson's, We have a nice line of Toilet Soaps. LANGDON & HUDSON. Is nop fair ptey. Nor is two to a fair wager when we bet that if you read the firsteft^pter of QUF new Serial Mystery BEAT THE »;";•; i-'Sri3TON. ' I ,ii, i j](i :::! mi?ch S'jjona :;;•- • itn- ;,. ..-,., a -ic. but Our Bali Eoys J".'..: i ' Scor o." : . A gOOd SJCTid C.'i'i -., - ; fair grounds yef.!( ; r'i;r . , talkedof ball g;m3;: i -• and ti professio ';'.! i-,mn\ der the name of Woi.)d',v: very close and in'.HroKt!; / of course our boy.; won to the tune of 12 to 7, and had ;m Jnuing to spare. The Wo'idwaru ! put up a good ganic at the slart but v.v.w uai, in it at tho tinish. There v. cro very l'e r v GITOJ'S on either sidf, jin.l !h:- v'sitors !i;i<l to acknowledge th.ii \v There nro gann'ii w Emmetsburg JiixJ "T the tapis ;ind our !;o- all alike. <ouM pin/ l.jill. .'i T(;;)g]o i.'rove, ; niroi)eys" ! on .vii! serve them AtStudley's PhaniKH'.y you can t;ee un elcgii'il new line of AVall Paper. ' ' Cowles Block, Algona. Do you want a nice, dinner with little cost of time and (ire? Call at the Opera, HVuiie Grocery. Try Caramel Coffee, loc Ib. DON & HUDSON. LANG- Yankee Boiled Wheat at the Opera, House Grocery. SAWED IN TWO. Was It Accidental?—A Buzz Saw Does Its \Vork. Last Saturday at J. A. Hamilton & Co.'s yard, about fii'ty cords of dry bard and soft wood were sawed up. It Is the finest summer wood out and costs but $1.50 per cord, delivered to auy part of the city. Order what you want at once as it will not last long. J; A. IlAMjr/rotf & Co. Watclies'-"«ml Jewelry Atabout-pne-hal'f.the usual 1 -price, at E. G. BOAYYEII'S. • '•" ! *®i That 10e table of canned goods is the- attractiou at Walker Bros . — 18tf Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your Life Away. Is tho truthful, startling tii-Ie of n book about No-To-Eac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco batit euro that, braces up ni- cotiiilzecl nerves, eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak men gain strength, vigor and manhood. /You run no physical or financial risk, as No-To-Hac is sold by F. W. DINGLEY under a guarantee to cure or money refunded. Book fiee. Address Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. G. C. SHELLEY. -AT THE- Is now ready for orders iti tho lino ol' MOHIU. A monts, Heiid Stouos uiifl nil <le&crlptious oU . f>, S?JS OU5l 'Xyf 0 -V k> s e<? him. attlioOld Stupd , /Aa ' fCfl m , bofoj-o fe'Ivinfe' your oc G, 0. SHELLEY, Sole Proprietor, Bast of J, B, Wlnjcel's offloo. PSEWALL, •" PAINTER 11 ^ •find PAPER-lfANGJSB. Postal cav4 . Wlf ' orders promp'lvntt<mdefl to. ,' ,\**d (' i)ri£J1iVlVA r T.T. .' .(.V3H F, L, Harness and Hanwss - 1\ ft /*\ 1^ T IVI t- J FN ITI \Jr 4 ™ l " dealer Ju, ,^' "1i .. IQWA, •' ;.^|^ 'T!""---"!"' • )• p, • ;• jfM-ji Wp^" l *^ On , ,, •; ir^f'.v^ff . y^yygg " '

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