The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1953
Page 3
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»AGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE fARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER, 24, 1958 Trieste Explosion Would Put Greece, Turkey on the Spot By PAUL IIUIiMUSKS ATHENS (AP) — What will Greece and Turkey d if Italy and Yugoslavia plunge into an all-out brawl ove Trieste? diplomatic' her. Official Italian governmen and church circles in Rome sal 1 The Question is brain twister. Here's why. Greece and Turkey are partners ! Marshal nto was getting allies to •Kith Yugoslavia in the Balkan de-1 gi'tlicv to strengthen his hand to Sense alliance They are also linked I the Trieste dispute and for his feur to Italy by NATO. Yugoslavia is not. Early this year, Greek government circles spoke ambitiously of offering Greece's services as 'mediator" if any dispute arose between Italy and Yugoslavia. When the chance came, Greece preferred not to intervene. Turkey is following suit. The three member governments of the Balkan alliance are setting with the Roman Catholic Church, Nevertheless, Greek Premier Al exandcr Papagos invited the Ital inns to enter the pact, an invita lion renewed when former Italian Premier Aicide de Gaspcrl visited Greece last January, a month be fore the pact was signed. The Italians, however, are un willing to make any binding agree menls with the Yugoslavs until the Trieste and church issues arc Bet [ tied. up a secretariat to pool common efforts against possible Red aggression. A military pact binding Greece, Yugoslavia and Turkey may be negotiated to implement the political agreement. Nobody has Ventured to say what the roles of Greece and Tur- , key would be in the event, of ^\[}f &A ft ml ft armed attack by Italy against'Yu- Wl /yltff Iff tl goslavia, or vice versa. The Balkan friendship pact could i .. f. i /V/^0/7 JJ}QQKS • Q turn into something mutually embarrassing. Last winter when the three Balkan allies were negotiating the pact, Italy charged Yugoslavia planned to use the alliance against "June Haver Shows Up at Zanuck Dinner HOLLYWOOD (* — A dinner honoring Darryl-F. Zanuck provided | tiohs. MANILA (# — U. S. Vice President Nixon told an audience oi 50,000 cheering youths yesterday the "young people in Asia are on the march and will decide the future o£ the world." In his only public speech on a four-day visit to the Philippines, he said that while the world coii- flict today is military and economic, the most significant battle "is a battle for the minds, hearts and souls of men. Who wins that battle will rule the peoples of the world. 'In the Philippines you have made your choice on the side of free nations as against slave na- the occasion for June Haver's first public appearance since she left a Kansas convent. The Screen Producers Guild presented its Milestone Award Sunday night to Zanuck, production head of Twentieth Century-Fox Studios. Miss Haver was among the 700 filmland notables who attended. Miss Haver returned earlier this year from a Catholic convent at Xavier.i Kan., saying ill health j Nixon paid tribtue to Ramon Magsaysay, President-elect of the Philippines, as an "humble man who will dedicate his life In developing a strong, free government." Nixon's on his way home from his world tour, He will visit Ceylon next weekendi j Newspaper Resumes forced her to give up religious life. Work after Blaze She was attired in a smart evening gown and her hair was again the platinum hue she Wore in films. During her stay at the convent she had allowed her hair to return to its natural brown. She has no present plans to resume her film career, however, she told a reporter. "Actually really don't know what Pin to do," she said. President Honored With Award WASHINGTON (/Pi — President Eisenhower received an award for "enrichment of America's heritage of freedom" when he spoke last night at the 40th anniversary dinner of the Anti-Defamation. League of B'nai B'rith. The presentation by League President Henry Edward Slutltz of New York climaxed a four-day meeting. MARTINSBURG, W. Va. ((PI—The MarUnsburj; Journal, wUh its record of unbroken publication of fi 45-year period intact, moved back home yesterday. Editor Gilbert McKown said the of a couple of typesetting * j machines made it possible for the k newspaper to get buck into operation on its home ground. The Journal was burned out of Its plant last Thursday by a $100,000 fire. It continued publishing through the cooperation of the Jefferson Republican at Ransom, W. Va., and the Herald-Mail Publishing Co. at Hagerstown. Md. Private Capital Not Out of Power Picture-McKay WASHINGTON W) — Secertary of the Interior McKay says he expects some more private capital to enter the utilities field, but he sees no possibility of private power moving in to become the only distributor of electricity through the Rural Electrification' Administration. "We like for everyone to work. ... to keep up with the demand of power," he said on CBS television program. As for reports that Midwest farmers were apprehensive that private power would become the only source of electricity, he commented: "These people have been agitated by certain people going around and holding meetings and telling these stories . . . The administration will be out there answering some of these things some of these days if we can get around to it." We Repoir All Makes of Oil Heaters Hubbard Hardware Phone 2015 WILSON CHEKKLEADERS — Shirley Johnson, Annie Jane Smith, Carole Whitaker, Carolyn Cotner and Reta Wright (from left to right) were cheerleaders for Wilson's Bu football season. (Photo by lldogs during the 1953 A. E. Clark) Anthony Quinn: Lost Money and Won an Oscar Birds ruffle their coats in winter in order to entangle air between (lie feathers. Since air is a poor conductor of heat, those air-filled spaces help the bird to retain Its body heat. B>* BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD W>j—Anthony lulnn might not have won last ear's supporting actor Oscar if c hadn't lost a lot of money a ew years ago. Sound strange? To understand ic story you have to know some- ilng about Tony's career. He started out in the movies 1th contracts to Paramount and ion Warners. But neither studio ould quite figure out what to do 1th him. The guy was too ver- itile; he didn't fit the leading- an pattern. He continued mak- g a good living by playing char- cter parts, but he wasn't saUs- ed, ' 'I knew I could continue with ijat I was doing," he remarked, jut I wasn't getting ahead in business. I decided to learn 1 I could about acting." Three Flops And so he moved East with his inily—he's married to Cecil B. Mille's daughter Katherlne. His •st try at the legit was "Gen' eman From Athens," a flop, bu at didn't discourage him. Pro icer Irene Sclznlck liked him in and offered him the Marlon anclo role in the road company "A Streetcar Named Desire." "I toured in the play for two ears," he recalled. "After that I did two more plays, both flops I took a real financial beating For two years after ward, I was liaying off $500 a week to make up for what I lost." But the investment putd off in 'tfpld,.-both the cashable kind anc tho~ gold-plated Academy Aware (for ""Viva Zapata!"). He has al ready made five pictures this year and is still going strong. At pres- EXCLUSIVELY YOURS WHEN YOU BUY EARLY TIMES Especially designed for America's leading premium straight whisky* It's completely new, delightfully different. So beautiful, so colorful, the 3-D "Decorum;!* 1 Gift Hox is all dressed up and ready for holiday laving. Don My wonderful, bt'cau.M* it ronlains America's lr;nlinii premium straight whisky. Buy an Early Times 3-D "Uecoramu," today! *OUTS£US All OTHER STRAIGHT WHISKIES AT OR ABOVE ITS PRICE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT IOUHBDN WHISKY • EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY, LOUISVILLE I; KENTUCKY • U PBOOf ent he is playing a Mickey Spil<- lane hero in "The Long Wait," his first modern dress picture In some time. Always Busy "I've had to learn the English language all over again," said Tony, who has lived here most of his life. "I've played a Mexican in the last few pictures in Hollywood. I just came back from making three in Italy. In one, I spoke English with a Sicilian accent. In another, I talked Italian. The other was 'Ulysses," in which I had to talk with a Greek accent." Tony has been working at a furious pace, but he seems to thrive on it. 'I wouldn't know what to do If; I weren't busy," he explained, j "Why, in Italy I was doing three i pictures at the same time. And when I came home at nipht I went to work on a novel! But I never felt better. I lost my excess weight and I felt strong as j an ox. My wife understands. She I knows that I'd go nuts if I didn't) keep busy with a lot of things." ' STAMP COLLECTORS Send for Free Premiums and Fine Approvals. SOUTHERN STAMPSHOP Box 1165 Memphis, Tenn. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL \VOKK Guaranteed Grovers Body & Radiator Shop 508 Cl. Lake Are. Pho. 6981 Guns, Firecrackers Used to Rout Birds SAN ANTONIO, Tex. tfl — Police used guns and firecrackers yesterday in the final stage of a three-day drive to fell, or shoo, hordes of squawking blackbirds infesting city park. Two officers who started firing away Saturday bagged some 6,000 birds over the weekend. Yesterday, men with firecrackers were stationed in buildings around the park to keep the birds Irorn flitting to safety. The Bermuda Island* »rt th« oldest sell-governing colony In the British Empire, Its represent»tlv« government dating from 1612. A» a legislative body, the Bermuda House of Assembly Is second in age only to the House of Common*. riCTIMS Offered Filler KtMFrwPm A incltl Enteric Co«UJ TiM«t. Quick. £ fntol blood itmnt from intwtfnc*. Will not nauaente. Jteduccv urlo »cl4 giving quick, loneer lasting relief to dwp. M,! "° C *' * tnui ° t ApR - Pll ' n "*"* "klRBY DRUG STORES ^ You gel Ihii IMPORTED "ROYAL KIRMAN" ORIENTAL DESION IUOI *24" vol.. You get (his a«w LE W YT Th« "No Dust Bog lo Empty" Vacuum Cleaner **«*» -MJJfMJ^'" Only lewyl's No. SO Carpet Nozite gives yoa R. C. FARR WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Philheat Fuel Oil 'Super Safe' H. D. Premium Motor Oil "66" Petroleum Products & Lee Tires Phone 400 RAILROAD ST. Phone 4567 Blytheville, Ark. 4567 "Serving This Area For Over 20 Years" toy. WIDE-ANGLE SUCTION I PIIE-COMBING ACTION! For threads, eat end dog ba'irtl RUG-BRUSHING ACTION! O DEEP-CLEANING SUCTION! (on fcacl ilrnte) i Roiatei—reochei wolt-lo- • NO EXTRAS TO BUT! Coma»i / / wall from center o I room I wilh oil lools for cleaning dottf- /5///C * lo-«iling! UmJ • , NO duu bog lo emply * Ouiet -no roar • No leaking duitl THIS WEEK ONLY! HURRY—SAVE $24.95! Adams Appliance Co., Inc. 206-08 W. Main J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Ph. 2071 new 1954 Studebakers THE NEW AMERICAN CARS THAT ARE SETTING THE STYLE FOR THE WORLD Mw sedans/Mw sports models/Mw station wagons/ o America's smartest color-styled interiors...superbly appointed! T HEY arc lii-rc right now for you to see—the new and cxritin»Iy colorful 195<1 Stmlehakers! These sensational new cars linn" you motoring's hcsi in quality and engineering—outstanding operating economy —low-swung, road- bugging safety! The moderately priced new 1954 Sludchaker line includes hig, roomy, luxurious, long-wheelliasc sedans ... sleek, racy-lookin" sporis coupes and hard-tops.." dramatic Conestoga Slntion wagons. Come in right away and see our showing of new 195-1 Studehakcrs —smartly color-styled inside and outside—new Commander V-8s — new-Champions in the lowest price field. Come in and try out the world's most out-ahead car—a new 1954 Sludehakcr—a style star—a safety star—a gas economy stand-outl CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Railroad & Ash Streets W. D. "Bill" Chomblin, Owner Phone 6888

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