Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 19, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1966
Page 6
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(low*) ADVANCE MONDAY, DEC. Hi, nflf TOftM AMofilAtlon of fflvMfl'MR* CfwM 0. t d«n't tuppote I'm abttt, but, I've taken quite a beating •ft ttoeki thi» year. My broker •ay» I should, take a lax IMS on Mine of them before, the end of the year arid buy other stock*. It he iust hungry for eomrhls- should I listen to his 6r advlct? t'A. Your broker has a point, 1'tn^ttot suggesting that you "willy nilly" sell every, share on which .you have taken a loss this .year. (I don't think your broker is suggesting that, either.). Right now, however, is a good time to, review your portfolio. Take a hard look at'Stocks on .-which you show a .loss and try /;to determine .what their prospects are;for next year. If they,are continuing to increase sales and earnings, hang onto them, even if . their price , is down. , v , , , ,, On the.,oither .hand, if.theiir sales and .earnings are declining, and ,4f you have another Stock in, mind that shows earnings ,, and , sales growth righ,1 ter off if you. sell, taking your tax loss before the end of the year, and buy the, second stock You stand to profit in two ways first, by having a tax writeoff on a stock that likely is going nowhere; and two, by putting your money where is stands the best chance of increasing in val ue. You, realize of course, tha no' matter how carefully you reason, there is no guarantee 0. Jive year* ago we bought $10,000 front-load mutual plan. We paid $200 it first and hen paid $100 >i month for five months, with a total of $700 invested. My husband Was irket when we found out that less han $400 of the $700 had been nvested, so he refuted to eon tinuo. to pay. WO still own the fund. What should we do? A. Seems to me your husibant should have inquired just wha 'front 'load" meant before he bought. 'Plainly and simply, our expectations nto realities. develop gresfttve, well managed compart- es." That's fine; but how can a once-in-a-while investor, tell whieh ones are really will man' aged? Ellen Williamson, in her humorous tout helpful fc'ook, "Wall Street Made feasy," says she was told, in answer to th,is question, 'Get drunk with the president." Fortunately f or. • thok; of us unable or unwilling to accom plish this, there are other; ways to check up oil mariageiti^riit. I'd say. get hold of the latest annual report, or better yet, tile an«iual reports for sev show sales year? eral years past, Do, they a consistant increase in and profits, year afyer means that about half of total commissions on the it your $10,000 were to be paid in the first year. As more than 40 per cent of what matters stand right now. you paid salesman's have gone for the commissions. If you One good year of sales growth might not mean much - y there might be some luck involved But you cari/ pretty Well gener alize that a company that is con siistanitly growing ; is V in good hands. ' , Compare the companies pre tax profit margin on sales with Hhait of it's competitors. If it higher, than it's competitors, th management is probably 'batter Do the same thing with th "percent earned on investec capital!" These comparisons are better guides ot the President's management ability than, is his personality. " resume the payments, you'll pay less and less in commissions and more' will 'be working for you as an investment. During the last four years when you madia no payments you lost out on 'a chance to buy the fund's shares at a .price lower than it is today. Too late to do any thing "about that now; but if you're in, a position to invest now, why not resume the plan in which you already have a stake? , .0. I keep reading about desirability of investing in the fasten Star > ^ ^"_f ', if,'. , t '<>. 'I at Burt nami i » • new officers w laugh if, lluy L&e's, tfoe John f Vfcki, Salt Anton ' — fiasfcfti Star meit Swea Eagle Mrs. Kenneth Brents 13, eight Past 'Marshalls anid six Past Sentinels were honored. An amendment to the bylaws to raise the dues to $5 per year effective Jan., 1968 was in fav or. Officers elected for the new year to ba ins.ta.lled Jan 17 are: Worthy Matron, Shirley Amesbury; Worthy Patron, Clark Miller; Associate Matron, Esther Hilton; Associate Patron, Har la.h Blanch ard; Con<!|notirei3S, Karon Da vies; Associate Con ductress, Bertha Newbrougji, Secretary, Mabelline LaVitad Treasurer, Lsfie-McMullin. A Christmas lunch was sery ed byN the rQuentin BjUstromis Wayne Dugans, and Mrs, Betty Miller, with a gilt exchange The next regular moetiing is Jan, 10 with a pot luck 6:30 supper. CIRCLES HAVE PARTIES Circles of the W.S.C.S fhad Christmas meetings a week ear: ly and Dec. 14. There were 20 members and 4 guests at Gladys Circle ait Lefie McMullen's, as- Bed W, Mass., Mfi's* feat fesitf f\ ., , ,' The - ftefflfcrd LeepSts" < s$Mt time in WaSihihgtdft with theif sons, the Bill and Caryl . Guests Tuesday at Robert Sarehet'a for birthdays of- year old Lisa Sarchet.and Robert Sarchet, were the Kenneth Sarchets, Roy Sarchets, Je&de Sarohet, and Dick Sarohets and Lisa. A pre-Christmas dinner was held Dec. 15 at F. C. Sodeirbargs. Guests were Mrs. Charlotte Habeger, Lulu, Hawco-U. an:d . Saturday Mrs. Mervin, Johnson and children, Mrs. Terry Johnson, visited the David Hankins, Ben Wibbems and Nels Godfredsons, at Algols. The Cecil Thoresons attended the music festival at Ames, Sunday. Their son Paul ,was in the ctarus. isted by Lydia Christmas gift of Manus. A money was POINSETTAS HARRISON'S VMIETY You are cordially invited to visit our sent to the Missionary Edward Brown, in Peru. The Christmas program was in charge of Mary Sarchet and Lorraine Gampney. Christmas carol singing was led by Karen Davies. Janice Circle had a pot luck supp.ar for Circle members at Esther Hilton's with 10 members present. A colleptiibn was takfah and s.°>nt to the Hill Crek Home in Du- buquie. Shirley Circle me tat Beth Miller's, assisted by Velma Cook arid Elsie Winter. A Christmas skit with Mary Jeain Andrews, Hazel and Ethel Smith in costume, was given. A collection was semit to Hill Crest Home in Dubuque. The next meeting for this Circle will be an all day serving mealing at the church in January. All Circles saved coffee coupons and cancelled stamps. Arthur Holding and Curtis Holding visited here last we^k They were on way to visit the Archie Holding's in Florida. A and B club met Dec. 13 at Leonia Lacy's. .> The annual Felco. bainque was held in Whittemors at 7:30 p.m., Dec.: 13 and attending from Burt were the J. L. Millers Sslina Clifton, Mrs. C. M Gross, the Melvin Johnsons am Glenn Teeters. Tom, 3, son of the^Kulan Sohullers, Titonka, spent sever al days last week with hi» grandparents, the Bar! Ackermans. Hejhad; baen a patienit a few days in the Buffalo Center hospital with pn eumonia but has fully recovered. '•The Alvin Baumgards and Joyce spent a recent weekend in Indianola- with the Jerry Millerf, Esthervilie, -Aftd Irs. Walter Steward plan to vis- t Karen, . ^ Holders made by group for Home residents Swea Eagle—The VFW AlJX iliary met recently at the Post home and made napkin holders for residents of the Lakeview Methodist Home at Fairmont, Richard ; Calif, went tb r^drt td - Air ftista, Vtiuttft s.i!ter a mortth '..with his,^ parents, the R. I,.* fronii Mininea,polis, and vi$- Barbsrs Point, HaWaiii The R;<S. Mathers, Bllen and Richard, flew to , Providence, R. L., from Minneapolis, and visited with, another son, the Allan Deans- at North Kingstown, R. I. He Is' with 'the Navy Sea Bees. The Mathers were gone ix days. ' , ** The Arthur Kracht, R. S. Mather, and' Mike Grabiartow- families were Sunday visit- Gubbels. The Howard Salisburys had , their 40th wedding Sunday. The anniversary date was DEC. 14. Eleven members andi T three guests' attended Fidelis club Dec. 13 at Lulu Hawoott's with Mabel Campney, co-host:i:i3. Roll call was an original poscm.. Members sang Christmas ' canals and had a gift exchange. There will bs no mesting in January. Mrs. . Florsnee: Bagby is visit ing at the Clifford Abbases in o3s Lake, Minn. , . The Walter Stewards want to Madrid recently and then went with the Roger Stewards to Iowa City to visit Karen Staw- Eiid-Bringmain, patiewt at Mercy hospotal since her acoidiS'nt She will have to be in traction six weeks becaiiiS-a of a neat Minn. The holders were of red, green and white felt, trimmed with sequins, fashioned to re* nsmble poinsetas. Tr 'oop 405 of the Girl Scouts, sponsored by the Auxiliary, finished the project, making 10 more holders and putting napkins in, them. Fourteen auxiliary memibcirs worked on the 75 napkin holders, with the whole project totaling 85. Workers were Mrs. Vera Andersen, Mrs. Amery Carlson, hospital chairman, Mrs. Irvin Johnson, Mrs. Earl Kvams dale, Mrs. Ed Berggren, Mrs, Bruce Graham, Mrs, Carlos Engelby, Mrs. Harold Fischer, Mrs. to'bert Holm, Mrs. Wallace fohnson, Mrs. Earl, Berg, Mrs Cenneth Brones, Mrs. Ed Blair nd Mrs. Norine Danielson, Mrs Jerg and Mrs. Kvamsdale were hostesses. The Darrel Bishops sipent the weekend in Minneaipoh's. Cani,er- on and Carmen spent the time with grandparenits, the Rev.' S. Hammers. Humboldt, & Camie spent the tims with grandparents, the Dillard Bishoips. The Paul Wiechmanns had as guests Sunday Mrs. Harriet Pat- COMPLETES COURSE Mairine Private First Class Richard Eilders, son of the Arvr in EJlders, Burt, has graduated from .the aviation structural HVT draulic course at the naval aiir technical training ^center, Mt phis. During the 8 week course he studied "basic"hydra'tili6s v '>ttd componets and hydraulic sys- em tro'able shooting and operational : . maintenance. It includ-i ed staibility and contrcl of a'.r-i craft, safety precautions, initro-j duotion to hydraulic trouble ] shooting and inspection of land-; Jig geiar, also coimpileted two ', weafcs at the aviation familiarization school and four weeks in mechanical fundamentals. and back injury. If the weather is favorable -this weekend the , . 11 Strong, for tier birthday, A .niece, ,'fcrdte , Wheaton, Mittfi, hte been «. Mrs, Fred C. Newlin'g for two weeks, arid plaits Ul wdehded , visit there. She is Visiting ottrtf relaMVes ift tfod Uto'Jto* including the Glen, ClarKs, ttt& ttted C,'tf§wliti attd Paulline, artd Miss Montonye were recent caller* at &ur t Roalson B, Fairmont. The Walter Magnusetis were Weekend visitors at Art Peterson's, Clifford Pedersen's, and their daughter, Sharon's, Minneapolis. ' , The -Truman Johnsons attended the annual pioneer dinner at ors " at Paul , Wegner's, Arm- Mason City Friday. »4*»tWW«K^^ terson and Dourghtys, Hanna, and Dcrana, the Jtirry Milford, Ronnie Mrs. Wendell Ditsworth and Children. . The Ormal Guinns attended, the Christmas concert at Mankato Dec. 1. Theiir daughter .Pat attends college there, and is a member of the Girls glee club and Sextet. The Johniie W. Tobins and Maroia were Sunday guests at Frank Sipear's, Sherburn, Minn The Cecil Thoresons called at Ted Hilbert's, LuVerne on the way home from Ames, and were BANQUET IS PLANNED U and,I Circle met Dec. 13 at! Maxine Angus's with Frances Dittmer, co-hostess for the annual pot luck Christmas lunch-; eon at 12:30 noon. There was a 50c gift exchange and exchange of homemade cookies and candy. Plans were mede for the annual banquet Jan. 10 at Marion Westh'ng's. This will ba a planned menu. Members received , program books. Adalla Ulses is president; Ruth Patterson, vice; Isabel Sabin, sec.- treas. Flower committee is Evelyn Angus and Hazel Lajrson. and book committee is Naomi Junkermeier, Verna Schwietert, Magdalene Ortman, CANDIBS WE HAVE THE LARGEST DISPLAY OF J NEW COLOR TV and STEREO IN THE AREA This picture shows only PART/ of the display of color TV sets and Stereo consoles at the HAMILTON TV in Wesley. We now have a new display room. It is a 24x66' display area that is completely new. : ; Come over tp Wasley today and pick out your RCA VICTOR unit. Over 30 Color TV sets to choose from. •~r-K!!P».Wty-»'*g" Diamond Room and view the finest collection of diamonds in this area, priced from $ 39 to $ 350 , . . Relax in privacy and comfort and let i|s show you our beautiful diamonds this Christmas! Your credit if good at Rusk's . . No down payment . 18 months to pay , . . Discounts given for cash. Rusk Drug & Jewelry DECORATING CONTEST BuTt Lions Club will again sponsor the annual home decor, ating contest this Christmas, 1st prize, $10; 2nd, $5; 3rd, $3; and 4th, $2. The S. R. Parsons left Friday to visit relatives, in Texas and Massachusetts. They visited their daughter, Barbara, the Ray Pvoraks and twin* at Ar^ lington, Texas, then to their THOMAS FUNERAL GHAPEL PINTON Embalmers »nd Funeral Directors . : Wgw,;.^. 111,1411.1 14 HOyi SitViCI Referred T<* With RING5TIP PMQNf S: N., IQ01 ^114-1970 sweetest GIFT under the tree! ASSORTED CHOCOLATES 1 Ib. $1.70 2 Ibs. $3.35 3 Ibs. $5.00 5 Ibs. $8,00 UTTLE AMBASSADORS,., finest miniature chocolates 1 Ib, $2.25 2 Ibs, $4.50 IV? Ibs. $2.60 2V4 Ibs. $3.75 THSQIFTIQX., bytter HAMILTON TV

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