The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 31, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1895
Page 8
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^*«wBIP^ISwrtfw?MT > ^'^"'«;?i* s '. K.-'-w-itiPrC'*''. r<p ,*;i;^7/-^"7-*My€Wri«ss m ^»^.if»j->%^ ^IsPgilfcliB^ UBS, tnmm, tin* «w» MB A. Call, President. 1). H. Hntehins, vice-Pres. . K. Ferguson, cashier. C. D. Smith, ASS't.OfcSh. , THE FIRST NATIONAL SANK AMJOKA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $8O,OOO. THE NEWS OF THE COUNTY, Series of fead Runaways at Bancroft—Very Pleasing Crop Repoi-tSi The CASH GAPiTAL-$60,000.00. AND DIRECTORS, A.D.Clarke, Pres.. O.C. Clmbb, Vice Pres., Tlios. H. Lantry. Cashier. <;eo. L Galbralth, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, TUos, F.Cooke. Algona, lotvsi. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit "Vaults. interest JPnM for Time Deposits. Flowing Well eatdtfiHMn— The cis Breeding Ranch W. I*. Ingham. President. Theo. CiiHsciiilies, Vice President. Lewis H, Smith, Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. J /-< A tlirTAT, «nO.OOO. AL.GONA, IOWA. CAPITAL. $5O,000, domestic exchange ness transacted, . Smith, W. Wads worth. Barnet Uevlne. (t. M. Richmond, Pres. B. V. Smith, Vice Pres. A. B. Kicliraond, Oasbier. O. .f. Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, Incorporated under the laws ol thei State;pt Iowa. IOWA. _ . None but home capital Inveueu. Author- N. E. Sheridan, Mayne.O.G. Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. . ( bought and sold, and » general hanking •ctlons. Insurance written. Steamship A. B. Richmond. B. F. Smith. Samuel BANCROFT LOCALS, As Mrs. Chas. Farrow and her ,daughter-In-law were out driving a teatn last Sunday afternoon on the Union -.-slough' grade the team became unmanageable and ran away across the grade, colliding with and running over the buggy in Which Miss fiulda Barge and her friend, Miss Miller, of Brandon, Iowa, were riding. iChe girls were both thrown out and very severely bruised and cut. • -Mrs. 'Farrow Jr., clung to the lines of tho runaway team and managed to guide them so that they run oft the grade in a Circle and tho, teairi was finally stopped. The team / was a runaway team anyway, so wo are informed, and were unstife for Wotneh to drive. The buggy in which Mrs. 'Barge and Miller were riding was demolished. The latter ladles are still confined to the house but arc doing as well as can bo expected. Last Sunday as Myron Hunt and family wore out riding the horse they wore driving became frightened and throw thorn all out. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt was qulte.sevcro- IJr bruised although not to such an :extent as to cause permanent injury. ... Miss Gazelle Alcorn started .yesterday morning on her bicycle for Goldfield, la., where she will visit friends for a few days. Miss Ethel Hatch, of Whittemore, spent the Sabbath with her friend Miss Saddle Morris of tho Globe Hotel. Miss Hatch returned home on Monday. GkW.Stntth', Sentinel, H., ft. _-,-,-. Lodge Deputy,». W. Sfcith. The Installation will be conducted by Lodge Deputy G. W. Smith next Saturday evening. The Woman's Relief Corps Will glv.e .ft. supper in the .t. E. Hudson building oh Friday evening of this wetek. Supper will be served ,from T 5 o'clock until' all ard served. Everybody invite'd. Some very pleasant room* to let. Inquire of J. A. Freeh. Prof. Slfert of Algona was in the city one day last week renewing acquaintances. Superintendent Reed Was on our streets yesterday. ; / - t ' If you want gopd fire, life or accident insurance 3. A«,fetich.can fix y'Qti; out. See him. ".,'..'-" " ,' - ..' '..•''' " . ij»ueaLaM«.«!.^aiflM ttftltttt. - r$ fafiofefs ftfe bmy stack- Ing, ^Hhoftf RSdine are, threshing, (mi of 4h'e,$ho6k, butg^aln-wftsgeneralt^ ettttoo .ft), ,thf§Sh tflthxnit a thercra'gh dr?- ' " "" ' " fMud fee«S5Ssa*f y to take fael to tee at teepgtidence for tfeatme'nl The hits- bamd ftftfl -two sons ftfp left to .foeaf this double be-reateiaent.. .• * 1ftg. 6 .. • , . ., ; < Mr. Smith fybm Ledyard came dow'h"on at ,Tas. Springfield. , JuLY' SD.-^-The hew elevators at'Ledyard are almost completed. Ed. Sanders, tierm Wood, Nettie Wood and Keillle Anderson went at'Chain Lakes last Saturday. ; : •> A good many chickens are dying this summer. Sam Moore and Wilson are haying in this nelghboorhood. The latter is pressing hay also. ; Ed. Dolllver is busy hunting a man for harvest. Harvest hands seem to be scarce when you want one, or else they don't want to work. Mr. and Mrs. G. G. ; Owens, of Blue Earth, and Mrs. Fred Dolliver ate visits Ing their sister, Mrs. Ed. bolliver. Almost every farm in this he'ighboor- hood has a flowing well, which ts cool for this weather. . V DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. i L D LANDS. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate,- Loans,and Insuranee. The foundations and sills aro laid for 0. L. Harper's new residence.. J. C. Stahl has bought the 13ft.'.binder, that has been on exhibition at; A. Mayer & Co.'s ware house and says that it does tine work. . • ; ;," 0. L. Harper has a new set of photos on exhibition in his revolving exhibitor on the corner and the work will compare favorably with my in this part of Iowa., Arthur Claree and family left here for alvislt with friends in California last week. F. C. Fuller, of Buffalo Forks, has runt- ed the A. Smith residence and will , run. a threshing outfit in these parts during the fall. Mrs. John Swansea and Mrs. August Johnson are visiting relatives and friends at Altra and Ottumwa, Iowa. Miss Caroline Wesley and Miss Minnie Sorensen , will attend the M. E. camp meeting at Livermore, la. ' Fredrick Wladarz .who lives W9«,t of town has fallen heir to quite a lot of cash by the .death of his father who was a phy- Swea City. . SWEA CITY,' JULY 27.—N. Can field and family drove out to Ruthvon Sunday for a few days visit with a brother. / . The telephone poles are all up between hero and Bancroft, also between, here ..and Armstrong;.-The wires will ,bq ; put up nextweok. ; ....•: ; .' >/;•:' '••••• Bartholomew, has relatives from Waterloo visiting him. Mf*. and Mrs. i.'B'.'Hofins Vnteftaln-etf a pleasant company Sunday. The gentleman from Delaware C&tinty that bought the Jno. Beeo" quarter, has bought the old Winkle' fafta owned by \V. L, Joslytu W. ft Bailey had the misfortune to lose one of his fine Cleveland bays last week*, frogs got after the colts ih the pasture at flight and this one got cut oh the wire causing its death. We hope Mr., Bailey may receive a part of the dog-tax id help, him pay for his loss. This breaks tip 'his team, as he had only the two Cieveta<iut. Bays. -' -• .-••' - ••••• • •" ; : "•'•' Albert Wheeler has been quite sifek,.-but was recovering when he strained his back by lifting a heavy milk can, and is at present laid ttp> for repairs* P, N. Sarchett has recently put tip a windmill and set of scales. • Donald Henley sports a fine young cart rlage team of which any young man might Well be proud, Gertie Wheeler is at the Presbyterian Hospltalln Chicago. T. M. Bilisborough goes to Missouri this week on a prospecting tour. Old Mr. and Ms, Bailey have returned: homo from a two weeks visit on the Black CatandBurt. Ralph Henley is haying up at Ledyard. Mrs. A. D. Barr is confined to her bed and has been since the 2d of' July. Her many friends extend her sympathy. Word received from Mrs. Frank Wilson, at Sycamore, Ills.,,states a very.poor state of health. . All are sorry to heat-It, Jas.; Andrews has bought the. Wm.' .Ward place near AVe'sIey. -. :. ; . ',c .• ; Tk* JPrattcis Pdlahtt t)niita itaitch BAftOBp* 1 *, Jtn,¥ 27.—James Francis, from Kirkwdpd, Ill'inpis, has established . himself on a farm four miles north of this plaicethis Season and has stocked tho pl&cewlth some,of the finest Polf.nd- Chtnft 1 porkers that ever graced a Sossuth cotuity lehdscape.' Mr. Francis has beem aoiepensWe'P'olaiiidiChiha breeder ffOM Vfca,y"t>ack f and he'iias simply transferred his breeding operations from Illinois to the sweiUhg prairies of Kossuth. His animals are all registered and are bred from the fittest'stock itt the land, the head of his held, b6ihg ; "W. D.'s Last Look i?,03? A.*',. Thfr co-mltig of Mr. Francis will bo an im^ nso kdvahtageto'.this neighborhood, wh&ro every farmer is interested in the improvement of his herd, knowing that the most profitable line of manufacture In this'country Is tho conversion of corn into. pork. '..'. Other animals in Mr. Francis' herd are: Gen.. Jackson, 11893 3i, bred by Park H. Hammoixd t .6noida,ill., tJ.S. All Right, ,70,862, J. x. Van Winkle WSGG, G. Wlikes 4th, ?0804, Queen Esther, TOSoS, Cora Belle 4th, 20794, and Roso 3rd, 2353. . . Blue Earth valley. Si'iuNSFiFLD TOWNSHIP, JULY 37.—A good many flowing wells are opening up for business this season in the Blue Earth Valley, and they are'adding thousands of- dollars to tho value of our farms. It looks as though every body could have a flowing well everywhere on the head waters ol the Blue Earth river, and the. average depth at which they are found is only about sixty-five feet. S. N. Cohoou, In Hebron township, struck a good flow re- Miss.LllUe Ranks Is. up ;from. Algona visiting at'the home of her brother, O. D. < Ranks. • ... - •;'.•••>•,-. , Miss Bessie Anderson • who is: attending the Normal at Algona, is homo for a few days. ',- • •-..••.•':••"••'•• The crops around Swea City (except hay) nnver looked better at this time of the year. Corn and flax look promising, oats are nearly all In the shock, a small quanity has been threshedand ; weighs 40 Ibs.ito the bushel. The hew Baptist church is nearly completed and will bo ready for' occupancy when tho painting is done inside and'seats put in. . . Johnson'& Pearson have sold sixteen McCormick-binders this season. . ; Mr. Ellis, our tonsorial artist, is now located in his new shop, which is heat and airy, a great improvement over his for- imor location. .. - . Not Necessary T Ma «ssary to send your money east when you get you will never know at wnat lactory ^ made and when you should need repairs you may Sbrabletogetthem. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— WINKEL PATS THE FREIGHT. J. B. "V713STKIH1J-.. is the Time to Insure! • • « • 9 BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS : All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-], A, Freeh, Prop, THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOB CONSIDERATION: _ ,. HK OFFKUS vimipau 3 . J4,000,000.00 Aetna, Hartford.. ,.2000,000.00 Phoenix, Hartford l'000,000.00 Continental, JS. i.• • • • ' / 500,000,00 Fire Association, Philu .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'....... 1,000,000.00 500,000,00 300,000.00 flockford, Rockforcl • • • • • goo.'ooo.'oo st,ii.ta. Dos Mollies .'" i ' Cash Capital. Assets ^10,847,816,36 5,588,058.00 6,754,908.00 5,191,055.00 2,245,353,00 1,863,697.00 1,021,537,00 463,314,00 ,10,150,000 paid in death lo^es. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident InsuranceCo.. '...i..'.... ; -; - - ^^,^077,586.08 Wo believB this is as good a and we your patronage. statement-as can be mado by any agency in the land; sican in Hungary, Europe. Misses Alice and Maybelle Johnson returned from their visit to Red Wing Minn, on Monday last. Two fine new porches have been added to the residence occupied bs H. C. Utley thereby much improving its appearance. Rev. T. S. Cole is attending the M.-..E. camp meeting at Livermore, la. Mr. and Mrs. James Hofius, of Buffalo Center, were in the city visiting relatives and friends last Friday and Saturday. Miss Etta Johnson will conclude her visit to Red AVing Minn, and return home the last of the week. . John B. Johnson and family have moved into their new home in tho north part of town lately, W. V. Wills.made a flying' business trip to Jefferson, Iowa, last Tuesday and returned on Thursday last. J. A. Campbell returned from his trip to Eldora, la. yesterday morning, . The J. E. Hudson and A. .Fursteuberg buildings are being rapidly pushed to completion as is also the building of the Exchange Badk. So many improvements give Bancroft ti very live appeaoanco, Dr. C. M. C. Walters has received his commission as a registered pharmacist. Andrew Smith was down from Winnebago City the first two days of the week. The Germania ball club camo over a week ago yesterday and rather surprised our boys and caught them napping with several of their players out of town b'ut our boys braced up and picked up u nine and boat the aggregation to the tune of 13 to 10. Among the features of tho game was the fine all round playing of Editor Grow and the rank decisions of tho umpire. Come over again boys. That Ledyard editor has broken .his halter but tho boy editor of Gorma.nia can corral him every time, H, Austin is putting up » new school Burt. BUIIT, July 30.—Col. Sessions Was on our streets Monday, • SEXTON% JULY -27.—Miss Delia. Hayes, 'who has been attending 'the summer •school'in Algona, is spending a'> Week ,at home.before going to the'iHs'tliUite. Joe Hager arrived in town Friday from. Token Creek, Wisconsin. Ho will run a steam thresher this summer. .. . : E. E. .Fltch and familv have entertained. Dr. N. A. Baker, of Dos Moines-,, the past week. . C. L. Lund Is. making great improvements on his town property here;. It w.ill be a very desirable house when- completed. Joe Murphy, late with Kirkhart's circus, left thorn at Algona and is now pressing hay for Grim Bros. Misses Flora Hathaway, of Milwaukee, and Annabel Hedrick visited at : F, R. Hedrick's last week. ; : •/."• C. L. Hager spent the first of the week in Spencer transacting business with Bender Bros. ' Mrs. C. L. Hagar, who has been-quite ill, is on the road to recovery. . Dr. Trlbon is attending her. '..:'• A new girl has arrived in tb* family- 0 Jno, Immerfall. • cently at that depth, arid Peter LaDuke, of the same township, tapped one at the same level.. It .throws a stream of water aS big as a man's, wrist and with' such force as to knock a tin cup from the hand. Supervisor Burton, of Harrison township, found his flow at seventy feet.;. It is one of tiie.blggest flowing wells iii this country of big weJJs. ;JA.. W. Shepardson is an-- orher very iucky man; in the flowing well Jne, -. '-- ••• .-:.••••-- ••" • All tho Blue Earth River Valley has wonderful crops this year. The wheat, iarvest Is'coming 6n now,'and some farmers look for 35 bushels to the-acre, and no-body under 30.' ..It takes 3 to 5 pounds of: binder twine to the aero, and the binders, can' hardly do the work, though the grain- stands up well. Though there is the- heaviest kind of w'heat and oats none of either is •lodged. The oats will turn out as handsomely qs the wheat,' and if the thieshlngof Geo, Vrooman/is any indication of how the crop is going to average- upihero will be no excuse .for poor horses in this neighborhood; Mr.. Vrooman, of Hebron township, threshed 268 bushels of Oats.from 2% acres, and: It was machine- measure. toO..- It weighs out over 10O bushelsitotho acre. ,!•,,, • -.'.. .Mr. Bassett, of Sterling,111., is here visiting ills daughter, Mrs. McWhorter. Mr. Bass t ett is in the newspaper business at Sterling. ' : ,'"'' ' •' ''.. •' The M. E. Church has boon made beautiful by fresh paint. '.,-'. Threshing has begun. ..'.. ,. G. R. Wlghtman heen fishing and.hunt- 1 ing of late! Of course there is no'harm. in that. . . .' • . . ' . • • •'-, Thos. Flnnell came up from Algona today to help Andrews and Schryyer.thresh. Richard Starr, Willie Palmer and Cyril Hay rode up from Algonn on their cycles Saturday. Harrison. IlAiuusoNTwp., July 27-^-F. M. Slyter, one of Indiana's forty-year-old boys, who purchased .a fine farm of the Dunlaps anc ! NEWS .PARAGRAPHS. Wesley Reporter: Nels. M,-.,Johnson sold the first load of oats Tuesday to -the Hunting Co. since they have'been In their new elevator. ' . . Wesley has increased her grain elevator capacity 60,000 bushels this year. She lias two now elevators which hold 30,000 bushels each. They are fine ones. Swea City Herald: Elon Anderson and 0 Aegbert Olson have purchased a now Minnesota Chief thresher and expect -to. break it in at August Mieh's' place this week....... C. F. Bukeris bulldingabarn 16x28 feet on his lot. He has one of the finest residence lots in town aiid we presume his ne>;t improvement will be' a house in keeping with tho rest of tlie 'premises. Buys Him Another Farm. Ledyard "Leader:, 'Last week Julius Pleth, the active, land dealer, solda.quart- er section of land to fix-County .Attorney Josyln for 83!>.00;per', acre. .The land ia bought as a speculation.'. Mr. Pleth is chock full of good landbargains and farseeing men are picking them up. eouse east of town. J3- Be Republican and State Register, The Republican and'lflter Ocean, llie Republican and N, I, Tribune, $1,85 $1,85 $1,85 Rev. Smith preached at tho M, church last Sunday morning and evening during the absence of Rev. T. S. Cole. W. V. Wills will preach next Sunday, Regular Communication of Progressive Lodge A, F. and A. M. tonight. j ft s. Whalon and Dr. Walters visited the Swea City lodge of I, 0. 0, F. last Monday evening and report a pleasant time. ••: Miss Mary Bemls, of Austin, Miun., has been visiting her brother, Pentist Bemis, forftbouita week past and will return yome today. Pr, Bemls ha* almost ye* covered from the rheumatism. Our well drillers »ro a.11 very busy located on it in March, saysi'he is wel pleased with the country and will not hesitate in recommending the soil of Kossuth to Indiana friends, . ...,.' T. Harting is quite feeble, having been in poor health for the past three months, but at present he is some better. A large prairie wolf was seen trotting across the prairie leisurely Wednesday evening,' ' C. Hartzell threshed his crop of barley on Monday last. It made a good yield. D. Richie Js the possessor of a fine new flowing well which adds much to the valne and convenience of his homo, , ,. W. Welfare is putting up a large.quanti ty of hay, We do not think It possible foi stock to suffer on account of a shortage of feed for the winter, . . F, M. Strter, on the west side, is build ing a good and substantial granary. Ledyard i# preparing to handle a largo quanity of grain this fall, James Bagley met with a very painful accident one day last week. His second linger caught in the cog wheels of his thresher, and the end of it was taken off, The farmers are very ranch pleased with the condition of the growing corn and flax. They have good prospects for' a good crop of both, DThe Leader tells )iow Ledyard rids her- ; Bancroft self of .tramps:.... Mayor , Dunlap bought ickets for three poor, persons, to. Friday. They were verv grateful to the mayor, whether the :people ;of are or not, . ' LuVerne News: David Parks-retunied from Chicago Wednesday morning. Mr. p., who is blind, went there' in the hope that he could be bonefitted, but The Deadly Barb, Wesley 'Reporter: .Wednesday, Joo Studer had a fine two-year old colt cut by a barb wire so that one of its feet was entirely ofl! and when found the poor animal was standing d'ri the stump o.f the log. ' II was immediately killed. ; ,-...-. W. J. Burton For Snpervisoi:. Ledyard. Leader: . Without knowing how W. J. BurtQn feels about it, it -occurs to us that,he s,hould cansent to stand-as- a candidate for re-uomlnation and re-election. He is a careful,- conservative man who is competent and well liked among the people and'no whore so much as where he is best known. There is a demand for Mr, Burton's further services'on tho board and wo hope to see him re-nominated. we Swea City Connected^ Herald: J. G. Graham and wife were „„„ . up from Bancroft yesterday. Mr. G. wa& sorry to say ho found no encouragement. I j 00 ^ Jng a j ter t j ie t e j e phone line In this Elmore Eye: The Burllngtpn .railway p) ace . it is not yet decided where the has commenced laying its now line from central offlpe will be, but the drug store is Garner, Iowa, to Fovest Cl.ty, From there the most likely place. it will be laid across Kossuth county * ~~ , uoSwest and connect with the main line, Snake Roosted Hlgli. Will the new lino strike'El'more.. , Wesley Reporter: Last Monday morn- D F Coyle, oneof Humboldt; county's h ng as Mrs. Ralph Tryon went into the ^•ominent attorneys, has Fort summer kitchen to start a (ire she reached Dodge where ho wiil continue ta practise up to a shelf about five feet high, ^ , f ,i n • *lia »wa + «ilina ni'A Irnnf nnrl WftS h the matches are kept and was horrified JUIA- so,— Frank Bailey Another clerk. Jn other words, Jts a, girl, Frank tbinUs Jp a few years it will bo prepared to do any kind of mercantile busl« P well drilling list, started thoir steam f he otBeers electe4 $t the l^st are a? follows: C. T-, Jft§- ColemW; Y- T., Mrs. E- B- ©fay! Chaplain, Mrs, J, Y, " Sep'y, Emma H. Smith? PK. 1. Gray; Treasurer, C, F. Yeb^l noss. Mr. Lohse is on M Newel Bros, have thresher, an4 A, Moore has vented which he will run. J, B. Winkel, of Algona, was on our streets la,st week. Mr- and Mrs- Ailing from CWna, Ua<J a SWi meeting tn German M- ^. ph^oU, The crowd well pleased- Theo Hft&se bad quite ing from bis bav n is so lie can, get arow4 .. . Fenton's second, »}ne aft 4FaH'wm'9 QftolUbearitQnhew^ won Arrangements have been consummated for the reopening of Humboldt college, under the management of Messrs, Peter- spn and Eoroll. A now .dormitory, is soon to be built and the old building will be re? paired, A, ; B, CUauvet, father of Mrs, Margaret L. Adams, wife of the odHor of the Hum-- boldt Independent, died at the latters roi» Idence, July 19, .and his funeral occurred jn Tuesday of last week. There was A argo representation of members, of 044 Allows 1 lodges at$4 prominenfcitizens. Q| ieighbor counties present to 4o honor to is memory. Buffalo Center Tribune: Wallace, the little eigUH'ear old son of p. S, Pempsey, ^Yfts stan4lng ^PP clqso to a Ipa4 of hay y§stor4ay aftevnoou w}\en an ol4er brptb,' w wbo 414 not know be was there', t^vsny ofl 9s pitckfqrk, The fork entore4tbesi4s gf the fcQY's' boa4 fav enougb to cQosi4eraWe fQrce Jo extracMt.' lie was }mm.§4ia1>ely to'fiuf bt to \swn to a 4opto: who Aresse.4 W* wpim4s, Jt ,i? bop&4 tbft RO serious ypsijUs will , „ fftll when her hand came in contact witb a cold, slimy serpent, As the lady is in 4el*- Jcftte bealtb the shock for the time was quite severe, Mr, Tryon 4(spatcbe4 bis,; snakeship in sbort o»-4er, It'was a larg,^ potte4a44er, but how it reached belf is a mystery as there is nothing straight boards from the ground up, 1 Since then Mr. Tryon says J^e bas killed two large, black snakes on the place, samer; thing be never saw on bi$ farm before. [,\- , LASS BXOTOIOK8, '' >:t On July 13,17,93 ana 8§ §peoj»l cuvgiow yat§§ will be naaae tQ J>. July , ana 3$ will l>« liouprea for •

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